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Texas, founded in 2002, is a large, proud, friendly region where freedom is one of its greatest resources. It is home to many diverse nations. Texas has a Government, Constitution, and Elections. Come on down!

Lieutenant Governor - The Gigantic Frozen Igloo of Studly Penguins
Secretary of State - The Holy Empire of Richard
Secretary of Defense - The Federation of Amandil
Secretary of WA Affairs - The No Man's Land of No TV and No Beer

Submit diplomacy requests to the Secretary of State. No one-nation regions, no new regions, and no raiders or friends of raiders.
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Embassies: Wysteria, The Heartland, 10000 Islands, Canada, Yggdrasil, Antarctic Oasis, Monkey Island, Liberty Alliance, North Pacific, The Black Market, Kittens Sanctuary, Malibu Islands, Ulthar, Global Right Alliance, Spiritus, Renegade Islands Alliance, and 5 others.Nasicournia, The Exodus, Gay, Forest, and Philosophy 115.

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Regional Power: Very High

Texas contains 235 nations, the 45th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Armed in Texas

World Census experts took their lives into their hands in order to ascertain the average number of weapons per citizen.

As a region, Texas is ranked 11,900th in the world for Most Armed.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Modified Acceleration Engine of HotRodiaAnarchy“Live Free or Drive Hard”
2.The Fuel-Injected Federation of Texan HotroddersWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“Timing is Key!”
3.The Incorporated NationStates of NewTexasWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“Home of Big Tex!”
4.The Holy Empire of DogbreathistanCapitalist Paradise“Nation created for the TNP purge 3MAR2010”
5.The Foamy Frontiersmen of The Cappuccino CowboyCapitalist Paradise“This motto for hire.”
6.The Holy Green Lizard of Godzillas TokyoAnarchy“Ambassador from Gay”
7.The Pirate League of MocanaquaWA MemberLeft-Leaning College State“No Prey, No Pay ”
8.The Gigantic Frozen Igloo of Studly PenguinsWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“If it doesn't matter who wins or loses; why keep score?”
9.The Allied States of AmandilTwoWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“ ”
10.The National Corporation of VoldaniaCapitalist Paradise“What luck for the rulers that men do not think.”
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Last poll: “A Pizza Predicament in Texas?”

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Texas Regional Message Board

The Incorporated NationStates of NewTexas wrote:***** Texas Saturday Breakfast *****
YaHootie! It is Saturday breakfast time again! Since today is the Red River Shootout between Texas and Oklahoma, we will be serving State Fair Breakfast! Mind you, this is not "normal" breakfast fare and should probably be eaten for breakfast only once a year. And today is that day! We will start off with this year's Best Tasting Award winner - Fernie's Holy Moly Carrot Cake! Sweeet! We don't even know how to start to describe this yumminator. It is fresh, homemade carrot cake chock full of plump, juicy raisins and crunchy julienned carrots wrapped in sweet cinnamon swirl bread, rolled in cream cheese, dipped in panko bread crumbs and graham cracker crumbs, deep-fried and served with a drizzle of cream cheese frosting, a light dusting of powdered sugar and caramel macchiato cream dipping sauce! Holy Moly Fernie! This is good eats! Back by popular demand, as an accompaniment to the butter sculptures of everyone from Barack to Darth Vader to Mount Rushmore, we have Deep Fried Butter! Yes, you read right, deep fried sweet Texas creamery butter - an entire half stick of butter hand-dipped in a super cinnamon-y batter, deep fried and drizzled with a super-sweet sugar glaze. It is almost like a donut oozing with butter! Paula Deen, eat your heart out! Are you more of a Pop Tart person? We have Deep Fried Pop Tarts! Yeppers! We have them in S'Mores, Strawberry and Brown Sugar Cinnamon, all hand-dipped in their own special batter and drizzled with your choice of special sauce - chocolate, caramel, strawberry, banana, or, just super sweet donut glaze! Is all that a little too sweet for you? Well, try our Deep Fried Chicken and Waffle! This is a chicken breast, shoved on a stick, dipped in waffle batter, deep fried until golden brown and lightly drizzled with genuine Canadian Maple Syrup and lightly dusted with powdered sugar! Oh Yeah! Still not healthy enough for you? Ok, we have fruit. <snicker, snicker> For the health conscious, we will be serving Deep Fried Peaches & Cream! We take Texas sweet, juicy peaches, coat them in a delicious batter of cinnamon, ginger, coconut and graham cracker crumbs, fry them up and serve them up with a big ol' ball of vanilla ice cream for dipping! Need a little zing in your step? New for this year, we have Deep Fried Sriracha Balls! What is it? Shredded chicken, corn, green chilies, tomatoes and Sriracha hot sauce rolled into balls, coated with tortilla chips and fried! One of this year's runner-up award winners is the Chicken Fried Lobster with Champagne Gravy. Woot! This is the first time ever lobster has been served at the State Fair. It is an entire lobster tail, breaded and deep fried to perfection. This little buddy is served with a yummy sauce of lemon, butter and champagne! Man, talk about upscale-on-a-stick! We are steppin' now. And, we even have a new Texas tradition in the making, the Deep-fried Texas Bluebonnet! This deep fried sucker is a blueberry muffin filled with cream cheese, blueberries and morsels of white chocolate, fried and topped with whipped cream and blueberry glaze! Oh yeah! Can you feel your arteries hardening yet? We could go on with more offerings, but the NewTexas Surgeon General has informed us that all that is quite enough. We may have to continue this again next week. No Juice Bar today - that is just too dingdangged healthy! Of course, The Never Ending Urn of Coffee is full and ready to help you wash it all down. Texas coffee doesn't get much better. Enjoy Texas! You know you want to!

***** Texas Chat Reminder *****

The Texas Weekly Chat Session will be Saturday (TODAY) at High Noon Texas Time (CDT) ***Saturday***. And, if you can't be there right at Noon, that is Ok, Texas Chat usually runs 3, 4, 5 hours with some Chats running as high as 7 or 8 hours.

We have an all new Chat Site this year that is much better than the old one. It is here if you want to go straight there: http://texasregion.net/blab70/login.php This is a great opportunity for nations old and new to Texas to find out what is going on! We chat, we debate, we talk about the weather, we talk about stuff we like, stuff we hate, random stuff and more stuff. But, it is never stuffy. Usually, it is about meeting your fellow Texans and talking about the latest and most interesting stuff in NationStates at the moment. But then again, sometimes NationStates does not even come up. It is wide-open chatting with peeps from around The World both IRL and NS. It is Texans, EuroTexans, WannabeTexans, ex-Texans and Friends of Texans. We have it all and all are welcome. Texas Chat, 560 weeks and running! For the math-challenged, that is over 11 years! Check it out! Good stuff!

All week I've said to myself "I'm going to get on the Texas chat this week. I will do it!". But I got news on Friday that the Army needs to fill one more spot of the 4 Engineer's needed for the 4th ID stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I'll try and get on next week. Oh and here's something you'll like, tex. I joined the WA. :P


The Fighting Texas aggie of Marksvill wrote:All week I've said to myself "I'm going to get on the Texas chat this week. I will do it!". But I got news on Friday that the Army needs to fill one more spot of the 4 Engineer's needed for the 4th ID stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I'll try and get on next week. Oh and here's something you'll like, tex. I joined the WA. :P

Hey Marks my younger cousin is in Fort Carson and he's also an engineer you may run into him when you get their or you might have already seen him. Oh and how bout them Aggies #9 in the nation.

The Holy Green Lizard of Godzillas Tokyo wrote:I have 14.258 billion Godzillasaurians--and I'm an ambassador.


The Holy Green Lizard of Godzillas Tokyo wrote:I have 14.258 billion Godzillasaurians--and I'm an ambassador.

No, I think that's just for how many forum posts you make.


Since the most recently released AP Top 25 looks like some stupid non- Power 5 mess, I think I should make my own version the straighten out the errors the AP poll made.

AP Top 25: http://collegefootball.ap.org/poll

Behold! My College Football Top 25!
1: Ohio State: Ohio State looked better than they have in most of their games this season versus Maryland. Giving up 28 Points isn't exactly a big win, but it's big enough for Ohio State to stay #1 in this rank. AP Poll Rank: 1

2: Utah: What a legendary win against 23 California. Pretty nice win, Utes defense looked great, and I feel they should be rewarded way more than one spot for it. AP Poll Rank: 4

3: Baylor: Baylor absolutely smashed a winless Kansas Squad. They are not ranked. A win and good performance from Baylor, but it makes no sense to move them up in the ranks. We learned nothing from this game. AP Poll Rank: 2

4: Clemson: Clemson got a nice 43-24 Win over a once Ranked 2-4 Georgia Tech team. They had a nice performance. I think the AP Poll is strongly underrating the Clemson Tigers. AP Poll Rank: 5

5: Texas Christian: I understand moving down TCU. They didn't look at the top of their game, but rallied back in the 2nd half to win anyway. I think the win saves their spot, but they are at the very edge of my top 25. AP Poll Rank: 3

6: Louisiana State: This is one of the few spots I actually like where the AP Poll places them. LSU won over South Carolina, so I am leaving them put in my rankings. AP Poll Rank: 6

7: Florida: Florida dominated a 4-2 Missouri team with great offensive play and stellar defense. They looked like the best team in the country, but let's move them up a little and see if they improve. AP Poll Rank: 8

8: Michigan State: And Finally, we see Michigan State, the team that nearly lost to Rutgers because of one play. Michigan State looked like a wreck. They should remain here for now. AP Poll Rank: 7

9: Michigan: Obviously, I look like a idiot for this ranking, but they Shut out a Top 15 Squad. They honestly needed to be rewarded more for it, this being Michigan's third straight shutout. AP Poll Rank: 12

10: Texas A&M: I may be showing hate here for moving the good 'ol Aggies down 2 spots this week (sorry Gig em Aggies) but Texas A&M didn't play this week (literally, they didn't have a game) and several other teams looked better. AP Poll Rank: 9

11: Florida State: Florida State and Alabama were in my mind when I thought of this spot, and Florida State looked much more solid in there game than Alabama did in there's. AP Poll Rank: 11

12: Alabama: See #11 (Florida State). Alabama didn't perform as solidly as Florida State did, and that cost Alabama the 11th spot in my rankings. AP Poll Rank: 10

13: Stanford: We don't really have a sample size for Stanford this week, so Just keep them in a spot they will like. AP Poll Rank: 15

14: Ole Miss: Alright, making Ole Miss move up one spot for beating some lowly school that will never be good at football 52-3 Makes no sense. Similar to Baylor, we didn't learn anything from this matchup. AP Poll Rank: 13

15: Notre Dame: I had trouble choosing between Notre Dame and Oklahoma State for this spot, but looking at the box scores of there matchups, this became pretty easy: Oklahoma State went into OT, Notre Dame however, did not against one of the best Navy teams we have seen in years. AP Poll Rank: 14

16: Oklahoma State: I like where Oklahoma State was placed, the thing that kept them from being 15th or maybe even 14th was their game against West Virginia going into OT. AP Poll Rank: 16

17: California- Los Angeles (UCLA): No game played by UCLA, let's keep them as stagnant as possible. AP Poll Rank: 18

18: Iowa: Nice win after beating once ranked Wisconsin, and next we have the Illini of Illinois, which failed to survive Iowa- but only by 9. The win is enough to move Iowa up some, but I wouldn't consider them for the top 15 just yet. AP Poll Rank: 17

19: Penn State: Penn State, welcome to the top 25! Penn State is 5-1 despite a shaky O-Line. Hackenburg has looked nice, and they smashed a team that narrowly lost to Ohio State, the (now) 4-2 Indiana Hoosiers. AP Poll Rank: NR

20: Arizona: I didn't like my Options at #20, so I figured I should bring a new team into the Mix. Let's welcome 4-2 Arizona to the Top 25! Arizona has played Bad in Pac-12 Play but has been good otherwise. AP Poll Rank: NR

21: Texas Tech: I still don't really like what I have left, so let's place a new team in. I took a look, and I thought Texas Tech would be pretty good to put in. TT is 4-2, both losses coming in interconference play, but they were playing good teams. AP Poll Rank: NR

22: Duke: Duke just suffered their first loss- and are now 5-1, but this so should have happened last week. Let's put in Duke at #22, and I really like this spot. AP Poll Rank: 25

23: Northwestern N'Western Wildcat fans, feel very fortunate your team is Ranked right now. I am barely leaving them ranked. What a disappointing performance from Northwestern. They gave up 38 Points to a Michigan team and failed to score something for themselves. What a shame, they deserved to be a bit lower than their AP rank. AP Poll Rank: 20

24: Boise State: Perhaps the Biggest Question Mark was Moving Boise State up 4 spots for routing a 2-4 team that fell just short of a Bowl Game. Colorado State is clearly different from last year, and I don't think Boise State should be rewarded 4 Spots for beating them. AP Poll Rank: 21

25: Toledo: I was down to putting the next best Non Power 5 team here, and I was down to Toledo or Houston: Toledo had a bigger margin of victory, looked more impressive. Doesn't help that Houston gave up 27 to Southern Methodist. AP Poll Rank: 22

Notables removed from my Top 25: Oklahoma (19), Houston (24)

Teams in Bold are ranks I kept the same, and underlined picks are picks that I picked differently from the AP Poll.

Republic of The Free South

The Heartland is today's featured region, are they the first of the Triumvirate to be featured?

The Galactic Empire of Gig em Aggies wrote:Hey Marks my younger cousin is in Fort Carson and he's also an engineer you may run into him when you get their or you might have already seen him. Oh and how bout them Aggies #9 in the nation.

Cool. yeah, the Aggies are playing better then everyone thought they would be. Which is great.


The Fighting Texas aggie of Marksvill wrote:Cool. yeah, the Aggies are playing better then everyone thought they would be. Which is great.

I ranked them #10 in my own top 25 poll a few posts up.

The Rogue Nation of IndoWAstan wrote:I ranked them #10 in my own top 25 poll a few posts up.

Well Bamas #10 so what's that tell you their partner. Lol

The Galactic Empire of Gig em Aggies wrote:Well Bamas #10 so what's that tell you their partner. Lol

I made my own rankings. Bama is #12.

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