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The oldest Council of the World Assembly, the General Assembly concerns itself with international law. Its resolutions are applied immediately upon passing in all WA member nations.

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Nuclear Material Safeguards

A resolution to improve world security by boosting police and military budgets.

Category: International Security

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: Imperium Anglorum

Description: Affirming the right of member nations to possess nuclear weapons and to use them in the case that they are attacked by hostile forces,

Concerned that there does not yet exist any legislation to protect the manufacture of nuclear weapons from being banned by the World Assembly,

Observing that there are more than six times more non-WA nations than member nations and believing that such protections are necessary for the security of member nations,

This august World Assembly hereby:

  1. Maintains the right of member nations to manufacture and trade nuclear weapons or reactors, to possess the materials required in such manufacture, and to acquire the materials required in such manufacture;

  2. Maintains the right of member nations to have knowledge of the manufacture and trade of nuclear weapons or reactors, to possess such knowledge, and to acquire such knowledge;

  3. Mandates that member nations take all practical actions to safeguard the manufacture and knowledge spoken of in the first two clauses from the wrong hands, especially those which conspire against the stability of member nations; and

  4. Directs the Nuclear Energy Safety Commission (NESC) to ensure that nuclear materials and knowledge are secured from the wrong hands by providing funds and assistance to nations which are unable to defend their own nuclear knowledge and technology.

Votes For: 1,489 (48%)

Votes Against: 1,599 (52%)

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The General Assembly resolution "Repeal "Reproductive Freedoms"" was defeated 12,642 votes to 2,737.

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by Max Barry

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