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The oldest Council of the World Assembly, the General Assembly concerns itself with international law. Its resolutions are applied immediately upon passing in all WA member nations.

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War Crimes Tribunal

A resolution to improve world security by boosting police and military budgets.

Category: International Security

Strength: Significant

Proposed by: Chester Pearson

Description: The World Assembly,

RECOGNIZING that war crimes are crimes against humanity,

DECLARING that war crimes are so heinous that the international community as a whole has the responsibility to bring to justice those who are guilty of such crimes,

CONVINCED about the potential abuses of power associated with granting jurisdiction over war crimes to individual nations,

The General Assembly,

  1. Hereby creates the International War Crimes Tribunal (IWCT) tasks it with the following mandate:

    1. To investigate persons suspected of war crimes,

    2. To issue arrest warrants for persons suspected of war crimes if investigations deem the evidence is compelling enough to warrant indictment,

    3. To work with member nations in the trial of suspected war criminals indicted by the International War Crimes Tribunal within their jurisdiction, according to the principals of fairness and impartiality in trials endorsed by the World Assembly.

  2. Compels members to execute warrants issued by the IWTC,

  3. Mandates that members pursue the extradition of persons wanted for war crimes, not under their jurisdictions by all legal means,

  4. Demands member nations that are incapacitated or otherwise incapable of trying and detaining individuals suspected or convicted of war crimes extradite those individuals to a member state capable of or trying and incarcerating those individuals, according to the principals of fairness and impartiality in trials endorsed by the World Assembly.

Co-Authored by: Separatist Peoples

Votes For: 4,666 (41%)

Votes Against: 6,736 (59%)

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Voting Ends: in 21 hours

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The General Assembly resolution Repeal "Marine Debris Accord" was passed 9,574 votes to 2,447.

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by Max Barry

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