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Welcome to the Global Right Alliance!

ATTENTION! Go check out Linkour forum now to get involved! Pop in to our regional Linkchat room, too! We're currently discussing positions and new government forms!

Please endorse Bodegraven, your World Assembly Delegate.

Internal Affairs Minister: The Sovereign Liberties of Soverties
Foreign Affairs Minister: The Community of Joe Bobs
GRADF High General: The Green Machine of of Jonewestia
Speaker of the People's Assembly: The Supreme Imperial Grand Duchy of Old Zertaxia

Founding member of the LinkFounderless Regions Alliance.

We are eternally at war with Falconias.

And remember kiddies, the Global Right Alliance motto is Friendliness and Tranquility!

Embassies: 10000 Islands, Gay Equality, the Rejected Realms, Gay, Atlantis, North Pacific, The FRA, Caprecia, Liberty Alliance, Yggdrasil, Equilism, Canada, New Warsaw Pact, NeoConfederate States of America, Confederation of Nations, Middle Earth, and 4 others.Spiritus, Texas, Capitalist Paradise, and Aura Hyperia.

The embassy with Aura Hyperia is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 18 hours.

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Regional Power: High

Global Right Alliance contains 114 nations, the 94th most in the world.


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The Highest Drug Use in Global Right Alliance

World Census experts sampled many cakes of dubious content to determine which nations' citizens consume the most recreational drugs.

As a region, Global Right Alliance is ranked 6,269th in the world for Highest Drug Use.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Democratic Republic of Mexico_IIVWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“Remember UI!I see no reason why we should ever forget.”
2.The Democratic States of Ann WilkesLeft-wing Utopia“Spe confidimus”
3.The Confederacy of Millenmar EreseLeft-wing Utopia“To Each According To Their Right”
4.The Democratic Republic of The Borman StatesScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Peace and Unity”
5.The Green Machine of of JonewestiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Meh”
6.The Empire of DahangoCorrupt Dictatorship“Meh, this is alright.”
7.The Nomadic Peoples of SpurdoniaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“All is ebin - ebin is all”
8.The Democratic Republic of InahsLeft-wing Utopia“With Freedom Comes War”
9.The People's Republic of KrasnaSlavLibertarian Police State“Proletarians of the World, Unite!”
10.The Colony of Libertia et justitaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Unite, Serve, Protect, and Justice! ”
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Global Right Alliance Regional Message Board

I'll let you know when you can.

you can post there now

Democratic Centralist Party: Sound
The new party called Democratic Centralist Party has many other focuses then the Cosmopolitan People's Party. To ensure that the people's rights and sovereignty we have modified it for the people of Global Right Alliance.

1.1- We already have one party and that's it. Nothing else. The creation of this party is a great one, but the region I believe has over-scaled or added too many political causes without an opposite side to retain it to the region. In order to control this I have proposed a new party called the Democratic Centralist Party. The basic form of this party is the create equal balance to the political power. Having just this one party that supports the citizens of this region leaves a lot other type of political forms out.

1.2- The party shouldn't be to hard to figure out.

i. The Centralist in the name means the government has power over the region.

ii. The Democratic part means that it still gives the citizens rights and let them vote for what they want instead of following orders without sovereignty.

So the Democratic Centralist Party will create a party that will mainly focus on our central government while still able to give our citizens the rights and sovereignty they deserve.

1.3- under the rule of a Democratic Centralist the government is able to create proposals to keep the citizens and members from having to create them. The government may create one but the citizens that are not part of this cannot propose any proposals. To equal things out we have created the idea to let the citizens at least vote for what they want to happen and what not to happen. Thus they may choose what the government offers them. We already ask for the thing that the government does and doesn't want. So why not have a government choose what they want and let the citizens decide what they have offered?


We still will welcome new political parties that come into play. Until then we will continue to create new ways to help our party. The Democratic Centralist Party is here to give our government a chance to be part of us. But in my view it is a way to balance everything out. And we will still be welcoming new citizens into the party.

Made 4/24/14 at 8:06 P.M. Eastern Time.

The Federal Republic of Zlevecky

The Democratic Centralist Party is open to any citizen who is looking for a political roll and a try to introduce more of Government power with yet citizen and member's powers added.

Zlevecky, you can post that in the Political Party Plaza, so everyone on the forum can see it, if you want to start a new party. Party creation actually requires forum membership, so that would be the best way to go...

I've created one Old Zman. But what do you mean by "form membership" don't you need just a citizenship?

The Supreme Imperial Grand Duchy of Old Zertaxia wrote:Zlevecky, you can post that in the Political Party Plaza, so everyone on the forum can see it, if you want to start a new party. Party creation actually requires forum membership, so that would be the best way to go...

Would you like to join the party?

Sign up for the Democratic Centralist Party here

The Sovereign Liberties of Soverties wrote:both of you are in. we have an ongoing vote as well here

and to that end, we only have one political party available to sign up for right now, which you are both welcome to join here

We have Two

Zlevecky, in regards to citizenship, you have to register for citizenship on the forum, so yes, signing into the forum is required to be a citizen. It's also where all the votes in the People's Assembly takes place.

For all residents of the GRA who are unfamiliar with the government, we have a direct democracy. Every citizen is titled a 'Citizen Legislator', and every citizen votes on any law passed, and anyone can propose a new law. The government is appointed by the Speaker, who is chosen by Citizens, and can be removed at any time by a vote of no confidence in the People's Assembly. We are currently debating having the People's Assembly also act as a judicial court.

Any questions, feel free to ask!

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