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Repeal "Condemn the Pacific"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: SC#177

Proposed by: Cormactopia II

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #177: Condemn the Pacific shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The Security Council:

Acknowledging that the Pacific Order, formerly known as the New Pacific Order (NPO), the regional government against which the charges of SC#177 were made, continues to govern The Pacific;

Recognizing, however, that under the leadership of Pierconium, the Pacific Order has issued a public apology for past wrongdoing against other regions, most recently including its involvement in the 2015 conflict in Lazarus;

Recalling that senior nations involved in the Lazarus conflict have been expelled from leadership positions in the Pacific Order, and in several cases expelled from the Pacific Order altogether, by Pierconium;

Noting that the Pacific Order has conducted its affairs with other regions in a responsible and respectful manner in the year since condemnation of The Pacific;

Citing the precedent set by SC#71: Repeal "Condemn Unknown," in which the resolution of condemnation against Unknown for much greater offenses than those committed by The Pacific was repealed, following a change in both leadership and behavior in Unknown similar to that which has occurred in The Pacific;

Respecting the ideological and political diversity that characterizes regional governments chosen by their regional populations throughout the world, and recognizing the sovereign right of these regional populations to self-determination in selecting their forms of government;

Observing that, contrary to the claims made by SC#177, the regional government of The Pacific has enjoyed the support of its regional population for more than a decade, and that many nations actively involved in The Pacific's regional affairs find the long-term stability provided by the Pacific Order conducive to national, international, and regional development, rather than finding it oppressive;

Asserting that the attempt made by SC#177 to impose foreign ideological and political proclivities on the regional population of The Pacific is imperialistic in nature, disrespecting the sovereign right of the nations of The Pacific to choose their regional form of government; and

Repudiating the imperialistic approach undertaken by SC#177, to spread interregional peace and goodwill through rigid conformity and uniformity rather than through mutual respect and tolerance, as inconsistent with the values and aims of this Security Council:

Hereby Repeals SC#177: Condemn The Pacific.

Votes For: 6,315 (34%)

Votes Against: 12,006 (66%)

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Voting Ends:

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by Max Barry

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