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Commend McMasterdonia

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: McMasterdonia

Proposed by: Mousebumples


RECOGNIZES The Northern Lights of McMasterdonia as a gifted diplomat, as seen during terms served as Delegate & Minister of Foreign Affairs of The North Pacific where existing alliances with Osiris & The South Pacific were reinforced. New partnerships were also established with Albion, Balder, Europeia, & The East Pacific. These diplomatic efforts fostered strong & lasting ties between the involved regions, promoted peaceful collaboration among international leaders, & strengthened the position of The North Pacific within the NationStates multiverse.

APPRECIATES McMasterdonia's skills as a military commander, noting the efforts spent working among the primary coordinators during the liberation of The South Pacific, after Milograd's coup. McMasterdonia later served as a General in the New Southern Army & assisted in revitalizing the army of The South Pacific in the coup's aftermath.

HIGHLIGHTS McMasterdonia's efforts to revive the North Pacific Army (NPA) in The North Pacific while serving as the region's Minister of Defense. McMasterdonia was one of the primary contributors to the NPA Doctrine, which is the NPA's current operating document that emphasizes minimization of collateral damage during warfare while permitting the NPA to operate both offensively & defensively in accordance with regional interests. Membership & expertise in the NPA grew significantly as a result of McMasterdonia's continued efforts, which allowed the organization to better serve The North Pacific.

LAUDS the contributions made by McMasterdonia to the security & stability of regions, such as with Australia. McMasterdonia was involved with the efforts to refound this region & also assisted in keeping the natives informed while coordinating with the Ten Thousand Island Treaty Organisation command when the region was refounded.

DETAILS, additionally, the instrumental nature of McMasterdonia's contributions to strengthen the Security Council of The North Pacific, both as Vice Delegate & as a contributing member. Through this work, the community of The North Pacific has seen reinforced security & stability.

OBSERVES McMasterdonia’s continued service as an administrator for the forums of both Balder & The North Pacific, where innovations were implemented to benefit all forum participants.

NOTES that McMasterdonia authored SCR#129 (Commend Eluvatar) & SCR#147 (Commend Astarial) & also regularly contributes to the efforts of others to draft legislation for this Assembly.

RESPECTS the longevity of McMasterdonia as WA Delegate for The North Pacific. McMasterdonia holds the record for longest continuous WAD Delegate term in the history of The North Pacific & the second-longest cumulative time served as WA Delegate. During this most recent term, McMasterdonia boasted the most endorsements of any WA Delegate within NationStates.

ADMIRES the leadership style of McMasterdonia, which has resulted in improved stability & unity within The North Pacific as a whole & has also served to provide opportunities for the development & advancement of newcomers both in The North Pacific & internationally. Those who have received mentorship & support from McMasterdonia have contributed to the multiverse in a number of ways - such as passing numerous World Assembly resolutions or serving in esteemed leadership positions, such as WA Delegate, within various notable regions.

COMMENDS The Northern Lights of McMasterdonia.

Co-Author: Renaissancistic People

Votes For: 6,699 (86%)

Votes Against: 1,081 (14%)

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Voting Ends: in 1 day 11 hours

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by Max Barry

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