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Condemn The Dourian Embassy

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: The Dourian Embassy

Proposed by: SkyDip

Description: The Security Council,

PREFACING the arguments herein with the adeptly-labeled polarizing nature of The Benevolent Dictatorship of The Dourian Embassy, but firmly believing that The Dourian Embassy has caused much more strife and ill-will in the world than positive effects,

BELIEVING that through multiple repeals of World Assembly statutes, The Dourian Embassy has impressed a hard-line ideology of National Sovereignty upon the General Assembly that fundamentally undermines the purpose and goals of the World Assembly,

ENUMERATING some repeals authored by The Dourian Embassy and their effects:

  • GAR#11, Repeal "The Right to a Fair Trial" in which The Dourian Embassy summarily struck down WA legislation guaranteeing WA member nations an essential judicial right

  • GAR#225, Repeal "Assitance Givers Protection" wherein The Dourian Embassy argues on the basis of "poor writing" and "unnecessarily [tying] the hands of nations," further promoting a National Sovereignty theory and practice onto the World Assembly

  • GAR#269, Repeal "Against Corruption," perhaps the most noticeable repeal to date by The Dourian Embassy, which sought to prevent, on a WA scale, corruption in government

NOTING that The Dourian Embassy orchestrated a massive coup in Osiris after a new Delegate was lawfully elected, and went on to forcibly eject more than 2,000 nations from the region without proper cause, as well as suppress the free speech of the native community,

FURTHER NOTING that during this coup, The Dourian Embassy labeled Osiris a protectorate of Gatesville, a noted anti-World Assembly region bent on the destruction of these councils,

DISTURBED by the admissions of The Dourian Embassy that the coup of Osiris was done for simple amusement and a desire to cause long-term damage to the region,

DENOUNCING The Dourian Embassy and their work "Liberate St Abbaddon," in which The Dourian Embassy underhandedly used an anonymous satellite nation to speed an unnecessary proposal through the Security Council with the intent to garner swift defender sympathies and votes,

DISTRAUGHT that "Liberate St Abbaddon" was a further ruse, proposed only to make a mockery of this esteemed council and those partaking in it in coordination with those occupying St Abbaddon at the time,

REVILING the manner in which The Dourian Embassy underhandedly clogged the Security Council queue with proposals that were never meant to be taken seriously, and then pulled said proposals so as to immediately send "Repeal "Liberate St Abbaddon"" to vote, causing many Delegates to wrongly cast their votes,

AFFIRMING that The Dourian Embassy has shown multiple facets of duplicity, extremism, and casual disregard for the World Assembly and its guiding principles,

HEREBY CONDEMNS The Benevolent Dictatorship of The Dourian Embassy

Votes For: 4,504 (57%)

Votes Against: 3,438 (43%)

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Voting Ends: in 2 days 9 hours

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The Security Council resolution Repeal "Liberate South Pacific" was passed 9,580 votes to 965.

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by Max Barry

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