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Condemn the Pacific

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: the Pacific

Proposed by: Jean Pierre Trudeau

Description: The Security Council,

Recognizing that the New Pacific Order (NPO), the regime that has ruled The Pacific for more than a decade, was founded by Francos Spain in 2003 after seizing the Delegacy of The Pacific from Thedoc with the support of invading forces, and has imposed dictatorship and tyranny on the native population of The Pacific ever since,

Rebuking the NPO for its oppressive political nature, which has included institution of a ludicrously low limit on the free exchange of support between World Assembly nations throughout NPO history, and the severe suppression of any form of dissenting speech which calls into question the actions or legitimacy of the NPO, fostering a brutal police state in which the native population has no say in the affairs of their own region,

Noting that the NPO has carried out cruel campaigns of subversion, invasion, and subjugation against other prominent regions, including fellow Pacific regions, in relentless pursuit of wholesale imperialism and cultural destruction against the communities of these regions,

Recalling the strong support of the NPO for consecutive coups d'etat led by UPS Rail and Great Bight in 2004 against the legitimate government of The North Pacific, preying upon the inactivity of much beloved former Delegate Magicality in order to bring The North Pacific under NPO hegemony,

Observing that former NPO Senators Gasponia and Karpathos supported the 2013 coup d'etat led by Milograd against the Coalition of The South Pacific, the region's democratic, legitimate government, in favor of a brutal dictatorial regime that displaced thousands of native nations from the region,

Acknowledging the brutal subjugation of Lazarus, which has seen the lawless overthrow of the People's Republic of Lazarus and the displacement of hordes of native nations in a coup d'etat executed by rogue Delegate Stujenske but orchestrated by NPO Emperor Krulltopia, Regent Feux, and former Senators A mean old man and Milograd, utilizing support from mercenary invaders attracted to support the coup with extravagant promises of power and influence,

Asserting that the actions of the NPO against the native population of The Pacific and the communities of other regions constitute an affront to regional sovereignty, self-determination, and democratic governance, and to the interregional peace and goodwill that this institution is charged with upholding,

Urging the native nations of The Pacific to demand reform from the NPO, to bring an end to its domestic tyranny and foreign imperialism, so that one day The Pacific may reconcile with the interregional community and this condemnation will no longer be necessary,

Hereby condemns The Pacific.

Co-authored by Great Brigantia, and The Stalker

Votes For: 10,415 (91%)

Votes Against: 1,023 (9%)

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Voting Ends: in 1 day 23 hours

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by Max Barry

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