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Repeal "Commend Hobbesistan"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: SC#143

Proposed by: Funkadelia

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #143: Commend Hobbesistan shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The Security Council,

Understanding that a commendation, an official recognition from the Security Council for virtuous deeds or attributes above and beyond the typical, is arguably the highest honor bestowed on any nation for their achievements;

Regretting that Security Council Resolution #143 was passed despite the achievements of the commended nation in the resolution being inconsequential or false;

Noting that all regions highlighted within resolution SC #143 have been subject to invading forces on multiple occasions since the decree's passing, rendering the ultimate consequence of these regions on the world as collectively negligible, and further withdrawing from the arguments presented in the resolution;

Further noting that the region of Khora collapsed shortly after the assistance of The C̴̥͕͓͔̫̼ae͇̻̠͈͠k of Hobbesistan, and is frequently invaded by warfaring organizations;

Understanding that The C̴̥͕͓͔̫̼ae͇̻̠͈͠k of Hobbesistan no longer has any relation to Lazarus, and Lazarus now has new forums unrelated to the nation;

Considering that RadioNS and the Lazarene Stock Exchange existed for a short period of time, and are now defunct, and have had no lasting impact on the world whatsoever;

Shocked that The C̴̥͕͓͔̫̼ae͇̻̠͈͠k of Hobbesistan was given credit for developing the "approx" script, when the script was actually developed by the nation of The Royal Confederacy of Eluvatar at a far earlier time;

Concluding that The C̴̥͕͓͔̫̼ae͇̻̠͈͠k of Hobbesistan's contributions to the world are on the whole irrelevant or inconsequential, while good intentioned, and that one clause of the commending resolution is completely false;

Hereby Repeals SC #143, Commend The C̴̥͕͓͔̫̼ae͇̻̠͈͠k of Hobbesistan.

Co-Authored by The Always Changing Shapes of Feux.

Votes For: 5,312 (72%)

Votes Against: 2,077 (28%)

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Voting Ends: in 1 day 13 hours

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by Max Barry

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