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Commend 1 Infinite Loop

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: 1 Infinite Loop

Proposed by: Ramaeus

Description: The Security Council,

Noting that The Holy Hippopotamus of 1 Infinite Loop was delegate of The East Pacific (TEP) for three years, and founder of The Confederated East Pacific,

Understanding that 1 Infinite Loop has an exceptionally long, prominent history as delegate of TEP, ensuring stability, security and activity within TEP whilst the other Pacific regions were often embroiled in wars, in-fighting, and political upheaval and unrest,

Recognizing some of the accomplishments of 1 Infinite Loop in their capacity as delegate of TEP, notably: successfully defending TEP against two large invader armies, boosting the activity and interest in self-government of the nations of TEP, creating the first, and to this day only, regional forums of TEP, creating the first government of TEP, and the creation of an eccentric and welcoming culture and tradition,

Believing that the accomplishments stated above serve as sufficient examples of the aforementioned values of leadership that 1 Infinite Loop strove for during their time as delegate,

Further Recognizing that 1 Infinite Loop has a myriad of achievements outside of their role as delegate which have helped to free, secure and stabilize the region,

Observing that 1 Infinite Loop worked tirelessly to free TEP from “the Empire” – a group of nations that invaded, oppressed and occupied TEP for over four months,

Further Noting that 1 Infinite Loop, during “the Empire's” occupation of TEP, revealed that Lord Rahl, a high ranking member of the Empire, was spying on TEP through a puppet nation of theirs named Biyah,

Aware that revealing the status of Biyah as a puppet of Lord Rahl allowed the region's rightful stewards to be free from unwanted interference and spying, which allowed for the eventual liberation of TEP under A Slanted Black Stripe,

Applauding 1 Infinite Loop's role in the creation of The Concordat (the document which guides TEP to this day), which granted new, widespread freedom to all nations of TEP,

Further Applauding 1 Infinite Loop's role as a co-founder of the new, democratic government of TEP (which is still in existence to this day), and aware that this government has seen unprecedented activity and interest from the natives of TEP,

Concluding that 1 Infinite Loop performed admirably as delegate of TEP, protecting TEP in its infancy, creating a regional government and forum, a sense of identity and culture, and an interest in self-governance, all of which have made TEP the region it is today,

Further Believing that any nation which shapes the identity of a region as large as TEP is deserving of the highest recognition and acclaim,

Hereby Commends The Holy Hippopotamus of 1 Infinite Loop.

Votes For: 5,590 (76%)

Votes Against: 1,748 (24%)

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Voting Ends: in 1 day 23 hours

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by Max Barry

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