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Commend Historia Novorum

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Historia Novorum

Proposed by: Xapili

Description: Description: The Security Council,

Observing that the nominated region is an active player in the international community;

Noting that many of the nominated region's leadership, particularly the current World Assembly Delegate The Democratic Union of North America and the Great Lakes, The Maritime Matriarchy of The New Great Roman Empire, The Republic of Cinnabarra, The Theocracy of Theravada Kampuchea, and The People's Republic of Krakozhya have long and storied histories spanning many years within NationStates;

Recognizing the ingenuity and imagination of the nominated region's visionary objectives in establishing their particular brand of public interactive regional interplay;

Admiring that the aforementioned leaders, as well as other members of the nominated region, have collectively accomplished many praiseworthy feats, including:

  • Defeating the terrorist-affiliated United Islamist Front in the Middle East after major terrorist attacks in the West

  • Repelling the avaricious advances of Korea into the Western coast of North America

  • Launching significant and successful scientific explorations into the nebulous ethereality of space

Applauding the community-oriented democratic government;

Praising the extensive efforts of said government to create a vibrant, freely communicative, and involved community;

Appreciating the atmosphere of realistic authenticity evident in the nominated region;

Remarking that unique niches such as found in the nominated region are the often-overlooked heart of the worldwide community;

Concluding that the nominated region merits an official commendation based on all of the above reasoning;

Hereby Commends: Historia Novorum

Votes For: 3,622 (28%)

Votes Against: 9,298 (72%)

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Voting Ends: in 52 minutes

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by Max Barry

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