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Liberate Eternal Scholars

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation

Nominee (region): Eternal Scholars

Proposed by: Tim Stark

Description: The Security Council,

Recognizing that Eternal Scholars was forcefully invaded by Nazi and Fascist forces lead by Nazi Europa,

Understanding that prior to this invasion, Eternal Scholars was a peaceful region led by a native World Assembly Delegate,

Appalled by Nazi Europa's closure of native embassies, forceful construction of embassies with other Fascist regions, and intent to, as evidenced by its numerous trophy regions, remove all natives and re-create the region in their own image,

Noting the recent implementation of hidden border control measures, unknown to natives, which have prevented the free passage of nations into the region,

Stressing the importance of regions and nations working as a unified world against forces such as Nazi Europa,

Believing that only Security Council intervention can at this point enable for the region to be freed from its oppressors,

Hereby Liberates Eternal Scholars.

Votes For: 5,271 (93%)

Votes Against: 380 (7%)

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Voting Ends:

Debate this resolution in the Security Council forum.

Last Decision

The Security Council resolution Repeal "Condemn the Pacific" was passed 13,195 votes to 2,344.

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Proposals are suggestions for resolutions. Any WA member nation with at least two endorsements may make a proposal, which, if it gains the necessary support, will become a resolution.

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by Max Barry

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