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Repeal "Commend The NationStates Community"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: SC#86

Proposed by: Venico

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #86: Commend The NationStates Community shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The Security Council,

ACKNOWLEDGING that a number of nations worked together on April 1 2012 in order to compile a majority of shares in the company NationStates,

APPLAUDING that these nations could cooperate in such a way,

POINTING OUT that The NationStates Community was commended for a singular event,

CONCERNED that this nation has not done much of note beyond this event,

ASSERTING that The NationStates Community has not performed any world changing activities, nor have the actions of this nation affected the world or World Assembly at large,

APPALLED that the nations supporting The NationStates Community attacked regions and nations who held out from contributing their shares, most notably the attacks on Texas,

BELIEVING this nation performed no great service with their actions nor were they unique in their endeavor of consolidating and gathering stocks,

FINDING the merits of SC#86 entirely lacking and The NationStates Community not worthy of being commended by this council,


Votes For: 3,341 (93%)

Votes Against: 250 (7%)

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Voting Ends: in 3 days 16 hours

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The Security Council resolution Commend 1 Infinite Loop was passed 7,424 votes to 2,201.

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Proposals are suggestions for resolutions. Any WA member nation with at least two endorsements may make a proposal, which, if it gains the necessary support, will become a resolution.

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by Max Barry

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