The Regions

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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Eurasian Socialist Union97The Progressive Meritocracy of PROE
Military Intelligence Section Six97The Republic of The Israel Jews
Illuminati91The Imperial Grand Chancellory of SaintsEmpire
International Democratic Union94The Lusophonic Disappointment of Sciongrad
Portugal91The Federation of Aldonin
The Crown Federation of Recon93The Crown Empire of Korosov
Equestria91The United Utopia of Untspah
Alternate History World92The Empire of Hanchu
Changes in Latitudes Changes in Attitude90--None--
Black Mesa Islands90The Infinitesimal Decimals of Johto and Kanto
Geopolity89The United States of Imperial Eagle
Atlantian Oceania86The Free Kingdom of Falcania
The New Commonwealth Society86The Free Confederacy of Cumberlanda
Atlas86The Sozialrepublik of Confederacy of Bavarian States
Historia Novorum84The Infalliable Republic of Morevonia
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by Max Barry

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