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RegionNationsWA Delegate
European Union99The Democratic Republic of Occoron
Cascadia98The Empire of The Lorians
Midgetovia201497The Democratic Republic of The Big-Park
The United Northern Countries96The Roman Empire of Bradlia
The United Kingdom of the Netherlands96The United Kingdom of Evreland
Right to Life94The Theocracy of Aawia
Neil Nation92The Fascist State of Liberating Josh
Portugal90The Gold Faucet of Tiago Silva
The Commonwealth of Crowns89The Empire of BORDURIAA WA NATION
Professor Hells Bot World88--None--
Kantrias88The Republic of StanislavN
The Moon87The Pinktastic Coffee Loving Grand Dutchy Queendom of the Most Magnificent Moddess of Crazy girl
Nazi Europa90The Confederacy of Chicken Cutlet
Alliance of Catholic Nations84The Catholic Democracy of Lord solaris
The Great American Union86The Grand Duchy of Terrelis
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