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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Commonwealth of Wesland (elected 112 days ago)

Founder: The Eudaemonium of Dr George

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We are the #1 region in NationStates for approaching life rationally without unfounded assumptions.
KEYWORDS: Peace,Justice,Democracy,Tolerance,Fellowship and Friendship,Fun,Questioning authority

Region Founded 10 February 2005.
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Ambassador exchange with:Free States of Gaia,Haiku,Forest,Gay,Futaba Aoi,Atheist Empire,Hippy Haven,Scandinavia,The United States of Europe,Nudist Dreamland,Free Thought,The Bad Place,New Europe,Wonderful Paradise,Ulthar,The Maritimes,The House at Pooh Corner.
Featured Region on 21 July 2009.
We first reached 100 members on 23 June 2014.

Please endorse our WA Delegate: Wesland.

Embassies: The Skeleton Army, Ulthar, The United States of Europe, Forest, Futaba Aoi, Circle of Badularity, desert, Scandinavia, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, Haiku, Free States of Gaia, The Bad Place, Nudist Dreamland, 10000 Islands, Free Thought, Gay, and 36 others.Kittens Sanctuary, A Liberal Haven, New Europe, California, The Exodus, Democrats, Argentina, Israel, India, The Respected Realms, Atheist Empire, New Coalition of Nations, The House at Pooh Corner, Star Trek, Hippy Haven, The Maritimes, United States of America, the West Pacific, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Secularia, Deutschland, Merry Christmas, Coffee House, The Darwin Allied Republics, the greenlands, Louisiana Alliance x Alliance Louisiane, New York, The SOP, Lower Canada, Land of Israel, Gay Equality, Interstellar Union, The Local Supermarket, Spectrasonic, Groland, and Muffins and other Baked Goods.

Tags: Independent, Enormous, Liberal, Offsite Forums, Social, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: High

Philosophy 115 contains 105 nations, the 106th most in the world.


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The Most Authoritarian in Philosophy 115

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As a region, Philosophy 115 is ranked 15,032nd in the world for Most Authoritarian.

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1.The Armed Republic of Scary Mary the Hairy FairyPsychotic Dictatorship“Fairys wear boots!”
2.The Enlightened Purgatory of NW Hell Rehab CenterPsychotic Dictatorship“The good intention capital of the world”
3.The What's In The Box of LorettastanIron Fist Consumerists“Why do you want to be called Loretta, Stan?”
4.The Confederacy of The Klingons and RomulansIron Fist Consumerists“Bow Before Our Might!”
5.The Holy Empire of Fifth JerusalemAuthoritarian Democracy“By the Power of the Ether”
6.The Colony of Rats of New YorkIron Fist Consumerists“We'll eat ANYTHING!”
7.The Nomadic Peoples of AussiestanFather Knows Best State“Tread carefully on this earth”
8.The Fae Forests of The Woodland PlagueFather Knows Best State“All for one and one for... is that a leaf! Oooh, a leaf”
9.The Free Land of Pirate KittyFather Knows Best State“Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Milk”
10.The Olde Kingdome of TarylliaFather Knows Best State“A friends eye is a good mirror”
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I've voted against the commendation. (My WA nation is not in the region.) I automatically vote against commendations where all the nominee's achievements have to do with WA resolutions. The practice of the WA elite trading commendations back and forth seems inherently corrupt and incestuous to me.

The First X-Man of New Old New New York wrote:Schiratian C., is there an upper limit, then, on how much government should order our lives? In order to protect us from terrorism, for instance, is the government justified in monitoring every move I make (and that of every other citizen and inhabitant of the country)? If yes, what if I break a smallish crime like jaywalking? or (in most of the US) a less smallish crime like buying and smoking a joint? Is the government justified in using the monitoring information it has on me to prosecute small crimes or even crimes that could land me in jail? If you say no, then where do you draw the line? And if you do say no, what about murder, armed robbery, and the rest? Wouldn't we want the government to protect us from hardened criminals as well as terrorists? It seems very mushy to me.

i guess i don't have a realistic answer to this. or maybe any kind of answer.

i personally do not believe that government should 'order our lives'. i expect the government to take the role as a teacher. if people wants safety from crimes such as terrorism, spying us and monitoring every inch of our movements, ie using surveillance, is not justifiable. the government can prevent the idea of terrorism to develop in its people's mind in the first place, through education. the government should teach its people how to foster a healthy kind of freedom, the one that liberates their mind and at the same time doesn't harm others.

what makes it unrealistic is that not everyone will respond the same way to education. people have their own minds. if they depend too much on education to ensure safety, it could lead to indoctrination, which i don't think is good. and i did not consider the possibility (or fact) that there are individuals who are not capable of conscience and remorse, and who gains pleasure from killing people and blowing up buildings.

and, can i know your answer to your own question?

The Enlightened Purgatory of NW Hell Rehab Center wrote:I've voted against the commendation. (My WA nation is not in the region.) I automatically vote against commendations where all the nominee's achievements have to do with WA resolutions. The practice of the WA elite trading commendations back and forth seems inherently corrupt and incestuous to me.

My WA nation isn't in this region either, but I didn't support the commendation for exactly this reason.


top 1000: NONNY, Xampotism

bottom 1000: Unfocused Extremism, PA Terror, NW Hell


Welcome to P115, The United Falkland Republic!

RIP, Ninjago Country.

We're developing a much higher CTE rate than we've usually had, with newbie coming in, forgetting to log back in or giving up or being preoccupied IRL. That's a characteristic of larger regions; I hope we can maintain the influx of new nations to balance (or more!) the leaving of these newish nations!

How can they say that our citizens are not among the happiest in the world? Surely the megadoses of the mood-altering drugs that are the basis of our therapies are sufficient to banish any negative emotions! Well, I guess a few more mg's wouldn't hurt...

I thought you were already well in excess of the maximum safe dosage; perhaps that's why we've had 5 nations CTE on us in the last three days or so....

The Confederacy of Schiratian Confederacy wrote:

and, can i know your answer to your own question?

Generally, I consider the government that governs the least possible while still detering domestic and foreign attacks. Logging in our best best and brightest to take care of the problems seems to me to be the best solution to intercepting terrorist attacks being planned or initiated. The current practice of logging every movement or transaction of every citizen seems to me to be excessive overkill. With so many data points to connect, connecting the dots seems virtually impossible. Limiting the data collection to targeted known or suspected criminals seems much more effective that doing it for everyone. It seems to me that tax dollars are best spent on educating the young, addressing the needs of the sick and disabled, and protecting all of us from foreign and domestic enemies should be the core of the governmental interests.

There are muffins and mimosas on the porch of the embassy, should anyone want some. Also hugs.

I guess my primitive people in Fifth Jerusalem enjoy being told to be happy.

Veritaria in vino veritas ^_^

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