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WA Delegate (non-executive): The State of Telgan (elected 150 days ago)

Founder: The Holy Purple Eudaemonium of Dr George

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We are the #1 region in NationStates for approaching life rationally without unfounded assumptions.
KEYWORDS: Tolerance,Fellowship and Friendship,Fun,Questioning authority

Region Founded 10 February 2005.
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Ambassador exchange with:Free States of Gaia,Haiku,Forest,Gay,Futaba Aoi,The Atheist Empire,Hippy Haven,Scandinavia,Nudist Dreamland,Free Thought,The Bad Place,New Europe,Wonderful Paradise,Ulthar,The Maritimes,Canada.
Featured Region on 21 July 2009.
We first reached 100 members on 23 June 2014; we first were ranked in the 100 largest regions in NS on 30 July 2014.

We do not make embassies with regions containing fewer than 10 distinct nations or younger than 1 month.

Embassies: The Skeleton Army, Ulthar, The United States of Europe, Forest, Futaba Aoi, Circle of Badularity, Scandinavia, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, Haiku, Free States of Gaia, The Bad Place, Nudist Dreamland, 10000 Islands, Free Thought, Gay, Kittens Sanctuary, and 42 others.A Liberal Haven, New Europe, California, The Exodus, Argentina, Israel, India, The Respected Realms, New Coalition of Nations, The House at Pooh Corner, Hippy Haven, The Maritimes, United States of America, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Secularia, Deutschland, Merry Christmas, The Darwin Allied Republics, Louisiana Alliance x Alliance Louisiane, New York, The SOP, Lower Canada, Gay Equality, The Local Supermarket, Spectrasonic, Groland, Muffins and other Baked Goods, The Rose Garden, Canada, Star Trek, Ivory Tower, Animal House, desert, Westphalia, Alliance of Technates, The Legions of Heaven And Hell, The Atheist Empire, The New Study Group, My Pants, The Sea Of Love, Eladen, and The Pacifican Union.

Tags: Independent, Enormous, Liberal, Offsite Forums, Social, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: High

Philosophy 115 contains 176 nations, the 59th most in the world.


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The Largest Manufacturing Sector in Philosophy 115

As a region, Philosophy 115 is ranked 18th in the world for Largest Manufacturing Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Machiavellian Master Race of MicroGlupCorporate Police State“Concrete and Cheese”
2.The Magnificent Master Race of Red SkywalkerCorporate Police State“DoNuts before Dishonour”
3.The Mighty Master Race of MacroGlupCorporate Police State“In Chef's Hands we Place Our Plate”
4.The Militant Master Race of Indiscretions MumWA MemberCompulsory Consumerist State“Sponsor this Space”
5.The Corporate Dictatorship of Postapocalyptic TerrorCompulsory Consumerist State“Arisen from ruins - Into an era of Glory!”
6.The Gambler's Anonymous of Hoosier DaddiesAnarchy“Diamonds are wild!”
7.The Pale Blue Dot of Terra AmoreAnarchy“It's a fiendish thingy!”
8.The Technocrati Thing of Techno-TitaniaCorporate Bordello“Building Tomorrow Begins Today”
9.The Snow Crash Dystopia of AnarchocapitalistanAnarchy“ No State '' No God '' No Leader '' No Law”
10.The Monstrous Republic of TeenyWeenyNewGlupCorporate Police State“Profit before People”
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Regional Poll • Jesus of Nazareth is/was

The Holy Purple Eudaemonium of Dr George wrote:(poll suggested by NW Hell)

Voting opened 5 days ago and will close in 1 day 6 hours. Open to all nations. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

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top 100: MicroGlup, Red Skywalker, MacroGlup, Postapocalyptic Terror
top 1009: Anarch, Hoosier, T-T, NONNY, Tera Amore

bottom 100: @NW+Hell_Rehab_Center
bottom 1000: Superior-I


Welcome to P115, The Democratic Free-Reson Republic

RIP. Rebolus (and Leonard Nimoy)

It is St David's Day - anyone here Welsh?

Since we just had Most Primitive, I won't repeat the ranking.

Welcome to P115, Incheoniyo and Tuvaltastan!

RIP, Ricelands.

I have voted AGAINST Wartime Looting and Pillage resolution. I do see where the resolution us coming from, in a sense. But I will not be supporting it. The argument is not good enough or really ethical enough.

The region as a whole, currently has voted in favour of it (3 - 2 in favour). The vote cycle is still early so this may change.

Please debate the issue on the RMB.

I am particularly disturbed by the opening description:

Noting the necessity of military conflict and the violence and destruction that often follows;

Seeking to protect civilians who find themselves caught in a situation they arenít responsible for, and;

Striving for a fair balance between strategic considerations and civilian lives;

i.e. "War is terrible, but necessary, so let's make it a little nicer" and "looting is terrible, but necessary, so let's make it a little nicer, too."

Perhaps the author concluded that an outright ban on pillaging and looting would not pass the WA (which is probably right), that it would be preferable to prevent some of the worst of abuses to protect the civilian population. I'm reasonably sure that such would have the unintended consequence of making the decision of going to war much easier to make. If I had a vote, I'd vote against, too.

I have just voted against - very poorly worded indeed!

They can limit their war making capacity all they want. It doesn't affect me or my pirates.

Ok. We got 7" snow by me. I am out shoveling at night. Sweating bullets. I am about halfway done with my driveway. The whole time a lady in her car is sitting in middle of road. The car is perpendicular to road. It is a small road. She is just chatting on her mobile.

A plow comes up the street. She asks me if she can park in my driveway until plow leaves. There are three other driveways she can go in besides the one she is blocking and mine. But she would have to back up the hill. This isn't easy for her since she didn't really clean her car off good.

I tell her no. She says just until the plow leaves. I tell her i am not shoveling snow out here because it is convenient for me. Back up. Instead she pulls off a little right in front of my driveway so the plow can squeak by. Thankfully I already shoveled that area because I don't want the plow to make it any heavier than the snow already was.

Lady said i was rude. Proceeded to park in another driveway that isn't shoveled. An old guy lives there and shovels his own driveway.

The kicker is there is a driveway for the house she was visiting. The other tenant isn't home so she didn't want to block the driveway. I realized after that she was actually waiting for me to finish so she can park in my driveway.

Question 1: what do you think of that?

Question two: people park in my driveway quite often since I live near the city. Often I open my garage door only to find a car blocking me. Most times they are in the car idling. Sometimes I have to knock on people's doors to find person.

My question is: do you think it is ok that I have to ask permission to leave my own house?

I thank you for my welcome. I may not frequently be active, as this is not my main nation.

The United Socialist States of Sweet Jazz wrote:I thank you for my welcome. I may not frequently be active, as this is not my main nation.

Very well then, we've learned enough. Remove his mandibles.

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