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WA Delegate (non-executive): The State of Telgan (elected 20 days ago)

Founder: The ✪ Star-Studded Eudaemonium ✪ of Dr George

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We are the #1 region in NationStates for approaching life rationally without unfounded assumptions.
KEYWORDS: Peace,Justice,Democracy,Tolerance,Fellowship and Friendship,Fun,Questioning authority

Region Founded 10 February 2005.
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Ambassador exchange with:Free States of Gaia,Haiku,Forest,Gay,Futaba Aoi,Atheist Empire,Hippy Haven,Scandinavia,The United States of Europe,Nudist Dreamland,Free Thought,The Bad Place,New Europe,Wonderful Paradise,Ulthar,The Maritimes,Canada.
Featured Region on 21 July 2009.
We first reached 100 members on 23 June 2014.
We first were ranked in the 100 largest regions in NS on 30 July 2014.

Please endorse our WA Delegate: Telgan.

Embassies: The Skeleton Army, Ulthar, The United States of Europe, Forest, Futaba Aoi, Circle of Badularity, Scandinavia, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, Haiku, Free States of Gaia, The Bad Place, Nudist Dreamland, 10000 Islands, Free Thought, Gay, Kittens Sanctuary, and 37 others.A Liberal Haven, New Europe, California, The Exodus, Democrats, Argentina, Israel, India, The Respected Realms, Atheist Empire, New Coalition of Nations, The House at Pooh Corner, Hippy Haven, The Maritimes, United States of America, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Secularia, Deutschland, Merry Christmas, Coffee House, The Darwin Allied Republics, Louisiana Alliance x Alliance Louisiane, New York, The SOP, Lower Canada, Land of Israel, Gay Equality, Interstellar Union, The Local Supermarket, Spectrasonic, Groland, Muffins and other Baked Goods, The Rose Garden, Canada, Star Trek, Ivory Tower, and desert.

Tags: Independent, Enormous, Liberal, Offsite Forums, Social, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: High

Philosophy 115 contains 135 nations, the 74th most in the world.


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The Largest Populations in Philosophy 115

The following nations have the greatest number of citizens.

As a region, Philosophy 115 is ranked 54th in the world for Largest Populations.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Pale Blue Dot of Terra AmoreAnarchy“It's a fiendish thingy!”
2.The ☆Star-Spangled Juggernaut☆ of New Old New New YorkCivil Rights Lovefest“Setting the pace since 5 June 2004.”
3.The ✪ Star-Studded Eudaemonium ✪ of Dr GeorgeCivil Rights Lovefest“I'm a bright--are you?”
4.The Colony of Pointe-aux-CoquesLeft-wing Utopia“Un jour ce sera notre tour.”
5.The Peripatetic States of The OrganonistsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Neither profligate, nor devoid of sensibility”
6.The Atheist Empire Ambassador of Superior IntelligenceCorrupt Dictatorship“Eternal Peace, Wealth and Progress by HIS Intelligence!”
7.The Snow Crash Dystopia of AnarchocapitalistanCapitalizt“ No State '' No God '' No Leader '' No Law”
8.The Buffalo Ranch Potato Chips of SaleiriDemocratic Socialists“The feast of a thousand beasts is begun!”
9.The Dirty Little Secret of HighPlainsDrifterCompulsory Consumerist State“I'd love to oblige you, but a man's got to get his rest”
10.The Basement Dwelling of The Profligate SonAnarchy“ tickets to a crap game”
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Regional Poll • What shall we do about the upcoming zombie invasion?

Poll called by The ✪ Star-Studded Eudaemonium ✪ of Dr George

Voting opened 2 days 22 hours ago and will close in 4 days. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “What Godzilla foe or friend would you rather be?”

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Philosophy 115 Regional Message Board

The majority of us should research cures. A few of you with larger armies may want to fight them. The key to survival is START EARLY, as close to the beginning of the invasion as possible. If you sleep through the first 8-12 hours of it, you will wake up to a nation that is 99.8% dead or undead. The earlier you start researching, the earlier you can develop cure missiles.

AND FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, do NOT chuck your zombies over the border into another nation in the region. Remember, this is a regional contest, so spreading the infection only makes matters worse.

Highest Drug Use

top 1000: Nacheg (congrats on your first rating!)

bottom 1000: no one


Welcome to P115, Polish Papal State, Ahelp Secrapity, and Panunitica!

The beginning of zombie apocalypse - Thu, 30 Oct 2014 22:00:00 GMT

It may help somebody

Largest Populations

top 1000: Terra Amore

bottom 1000: Panunitica and Ahelp Secrapity. Congrats on your first rankings, you two! :)


RIP, Aquarian Domain.

This list is actually quite critical in our efforts to resist the zombie invasion. Nations with cure missiles should first aim them at Terra Amore, NONNY, and me, the nations with over 20,000,000,000 and thus the largest gross number of zombies--they will be most effective there. Secondarily, shoot your cure missiles at the rather longer list of nations over 10,000,000,000. Finally, shoot them at the smaller nations with the highest number of zombies. It is critical we start our efforts as quickly as possible after

--Thu, 30 Oct 2014 22:00:00 GMT--

to root out the zombies before they get a foothold in our nations!

The Republic of Alubinia wrote:page=dispatch/id=316963
It may help somebody

So annoying with redactions... here's a transcript without.


If you are receiving this message the outbreak has begun. Initial containment efforts have been relatively successful, however all models indicate less than two weeks until the outbreak reaches a tipping point. Trillions may die.

The virus causes rapid "zombification" and is extremely virulent. [Redacted] proposes 3 national approaches to the outbreak:

1. Cure - there is currently no cure. Dedicating national efforts to cure will slow the infection rates across the region based on population, allows launching cure missiles against other nations converting undead into survivors. The amount converted is based on infected population, and it is considered a priority to target large nations.
2. Kill - Dedicates national effort to exterminating zombies within your nation, and allows sending "kill squads" into other nations to exterminate undead. DO NOT USE ON OTHER NATIONS ATTEMPTING TO CURE OR KILL.
3. Embrace - DO NOT ENACT. Embracing the apocalypse and causing rapid spread of the virus to your population ... Allows organized hordes to invade other nations infecting its population further. Attempting to cure these nations may prove futile.

[Redacted] provides the following strategies to surviving the outbreak:
a. If an infected nation contains large numbers of undead for extended periods they will starve and die.
b. Continual support of a selected approach will allow the development of more advanced cure missiles and kill squads.
c. Switching your focus will allow development of its respective path while maintaining previous superweapons. Undead populations will contribute to the formation of hordes.
d. [Redacted - probably no content]
e. Exterminating undead of embracing nations will eliminate their ability to infect other nations.
f. All cure nations will contribute to a regional cure. If completed, it will cure all undead in the region.
g. Superweapons have a greater impact on a larger target population. Large, high infection take precedence over those with low infections.


Reactions always make me nervous. I suspect there's critical and possibly contrary information behind those struck out lines.

Tip- Don't shoot nations that are actively shooting missiles or their missiles won't work.

RIP, Sam I am. He ate green eggs and ham. ;)

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