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Founder: The Optimistic Eudaemonium of Dr George

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We are the #1 region in NationStates for approaching life rationally without unfounded assumptions.
KEYWORDS: Peace,Justice,Democracy,Tolerance,Fellowship and Friendship,Fun,Questioning authority

Region Founded 10 February 2005.
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Featured Region on 21 July 2009.
We first reached 100 members on 23 June 2014.
We first were ranked in the 100 largest regions in NS on 30 July 2014.

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Tags: Independent, Enormous, Liberal, Offsite Forums, Social, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: High

Philosophy 115 contains 139 nations, the 85th most in the world.


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As a region, Philosophy 115 is ranked 16,565th in the world for Largest Soda Pop Sector.

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1.The Corporate Dictatorship of Postapocalyptic TerrorCompulsory Consumerist State“Arisen from ruins - Into an era of Glory!”
2.The Snow Crash Dystopia of AnarchocapitalistanCapitalizt“ No State '' No God '' No Leader '' No Law”
3.The Technocrati Thing of Techno-TitaniaNew York Times Democracy“Building Tomorrow Begins Today”
4.The Gambler's Anonymous of Hoosier DaddiesAnarchy“Diamonds are wild!”
5.The Pale Blue Dot of Terra AmoreAnarchy“It's a fiendish thingy!”
6.The Lethal Workforce of Rutharus MinoriumCorporate Police State“Work and die.”
7.The Technopathocracy of New SeldonCompulsory Consumerist State“Nothing to Impede Progress”
8.The Holy Roman Empire of ArcimboldoAnarchy“♜♞♝♛♚♝♞♜ ♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟ ♙♙♙♙♙♙♙♙ ♖♘♗♕♔♗♘♖”
9.The Discoverian Capitalist State of VeritariaCapitalist Paradise“The Truth Is In Here...”
10.The Eudaemonium of Son of Dr GeorgeCivil Rights Lovefest“AKA Mike”
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Poll called by The Optimistic Eudaemonium of Dr George

Voting opened 10 hours ago and will close in 2 days 13 hours. Open to all nations. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

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Philosophy 115 Regional Message Board

Opinion polls get people to engage, which is excellent. The polls in my home region of Nudist Dreamland aren't always very deep - 'Do you want to live to be 100?' is the most recent - but they awake us from our slumber for, well, several moments.

In Philosophy 115, this often leads to well reasoned arguments of whole paragraphs. Good.

Nudist Dreamland has always allowed all nations to vote, but I am wary of certain big subjects. The small region of Smiley Faces has just had a poll - 'Should marijuana be legalised?' - which attracted 140 votes. That's seven times the population of the region. The 'no' side was engaging in cultural gang warfare, sending a whole region to vote, so the 'yes' side retaliated. (I took part on the 'yes' side, which was silly, but I can be at times.). 'Yes' won, and lots of nations visited Smiley Faces, but it wasn't very illuminating.

Polls can be amusing, but scary too. So much of what we think is ridiculous . For instance 42% of Americans "believe" the creationist view that 'God' suddenly invented human beings 10,000 years ago. The polls may, or may not have their place, but give me the well reasoned paragraphs anytime.

Douglas Adams made a speech at Cambridge that voices my opinion on god/s better than I ever could. "Is There An Artificial God?"

Very interesting read.

The Community of Over High wrote:Douglas Adams made a speech at Cambridge that voices my opinion on god/s better than I ever could. "Is There An Artificial God?"

Very interesting read.


It's good to be a polytheist.

I think Islam and Judaism have a point in regarding (Trinitarian) Christians as incipient polytheists.

And yes, it gets even messier with the Orthodox Christians and the filioque, which they consider an innovation, i.e. not orthodox or Orthodox.

The last two popes were very keen on reunion with the Eastern churches. I would guess such will not be the case with Francis, who isn't so keen with the East's rightist views on many fronts of the culture wars.


top 1000: PA Terror, Anarch, T-T

bottom 1000: NONNY, NW Hell, Unfocused Extremism, Superior Intelligence


Welcome to P115, Naugatuct!

RIP, Taryllia.

Soda Pop

top 1000: PA Terror, Anarch, T-T

bottom 1000: NW Hell, NONNY, Superior Intelligence

Other - A Servant of God

The Technopathocracy of New Seldon wrote:I would suggest that it is largely the Abrahamic religions - and Christianity in particular - that sees religion through the lens of belief. In the context of non-Christian religion (including pre-Christian Western beliefs, such as the religions of Greece and Rome) what matters is not belief, but practice - you are a member of a particular faith community because of what you do. What matter is not personal faith, but that the rituals are performed and that specific patterns of behavior are enacted and transmitted.

Yes. 'What do you believe in?' is not the most important question universally. Not only do different traditions have different answers, they also have different questions.


Beep beep beep. Does not compute. There seems to be too little overlap with attributes and functions of a Satan figure to point out a corresponding buddhist mythology figure. There are stories of asura, more powerful than humans, but vainglorious and violent. Asura tend to be envious and angry, thus relatively unhappy during their lifetime. There are stories of beings born in one of the hells. They suffer there temporarily, then they die yet again. Considered more relevant to humans than happier and unhappier variants grouped around it is our form of being born. Rebirth as a human being is referred to as extraordinarily rare and precious, because neither excessive bliss nor excessive agony cloud us.

There's Mara, a scary/alluring personification of hindering impulses appearing in the story of the Buddha's path to enlightenment. Mara does some tempting, but as overlap that's pretty much it. Can't see any candidate for a corresponding figure.

"My best friend" Satan is just a symbol of bad things aka evil. We are all capable of pure evil yet moste of us just do not do the action of evil. So I would think that Satan is all of us. I think of Satan as a scape goat for bad things we do or bad crap that happens. For those who belive in such a being it is a handy excuse that takes the blame off one's self. "The Devil made me do it"....

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