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Forest welcomes all nations, especially those concerned with the environment.

“The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.”
~John Muir

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Embassies: Philosophy 115, California, Hippy Haven, Yggdrasil, Eladen, Ecotopia, The Hill, Groland, Futaba Aoi, International Democratic Union, Antarctica, Winterfell, Sunalaya, Antarctic Oasis, and Texas.

Tags: Casual, Large, Map, Eco-friendly, Featured, Pacifist, Multi-Species, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: High

Forest contains 78 nations, the 150th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Pacifist in Forest

Nations ranked highly pursue diplomatic solutions rather than military ones in the international arena, have small or nonexistent militaries, and peace-loving citizens.

As a region, Forest is ranked 238th in the world for Most Pacifist.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Rainforest Communities of ErrinunderaCivil Rights Lovefest“Please leave meat, leather, guns & cars in bin provided”
2.The CUP-Eladeni Isocracy of Liberal LiberalsLeft-wing Utopia“Can't we all just get along? Eladen Rep”
3.The Lovebombs you came to expect of Lompe Steen HAHADemocratic Socialists“stroaln hvelc Vreendscapr & hvoarhedrang hvelc Freadicr”
4.The Empire of MurfloniaLiberal Democratic Socialists“If it's not dead, don't steal it's watch”
5.The Lost Utopia of Santa JoannaWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“Trust can be so easily broken”
6.The Eco-Republic of MozworldDemocratic Socialists“Dream not of today”
7.The Great Pine Forest of KarockInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Sure, whatever...Go For It”
8.The Republic of CoolDaynaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Make it so”
9.The Pristine Wilderness of Yeldan Nature PreserveDemocratic Socialists“Let us return to the trees, my brothers!”
10.The Mirage Island of ValenverioNew York Times Democracy“Bask in the chaos and seek proof of your existence.”
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Forest Regional Message Board

I would love to help out any way that I can. I feel that I may not be a good fit for foreign affairs, in part because it is one area of NS that I have little knowledge of yet, but I do hope you are receiving interest from nations more qualified.

There is an area that I feel I could be of great use. It is a delicate point, as I do not wish my saying this to be regarded as proposing an ousting, nor as criticism of current practices. That is: cartography. As we near the one-year anniversary of the last noted update of the regional map, I would like to offer to help revive the office of cartography, only, of course, with the approval of the leadership and current cartographer(s). I have no desire to see the position vacated with any reluctance. I simply want to throw in my résumé of sorts for future consideration. I understand that regularly updating a regional map is no small responsibility and there are many things that can (and should) take priority over it. If it has become too great a burden, I am willing and able to take that responsibility.

Here is my case:
I log in to NS daily, and geography and cartography have been interests of mine since I was a teenager (I am now in my 30s). I also have some experience in digital art and the creation of fictional maps. If given the opportunity, I would reach out to the authors of Forest's current map to learn its history and assure that the authors' vision and legacy is preserved. I would research other regional maps here at NS for new ideas and best practices, and I would only enrich the map in ways that I feel do not conflict with the original vision.

I believe that Forest could easily have one of the best regional maps on NS. And I believe the map could be one of Forest's greatest assets, contributing to its future growth and stability as a community, under the caveat that it is updated with some frequency. The Map tag itself was enough to put Forest on my radar and it is unlikely that I am alone in that. I propose that I could maintain map updates at least twice a month and possibly as often as weekly.

Again, I must emphasize that this post is only to offer my services, not demand that they be used. :) I do not wish to step on any toes. I sincerely would love to be useful here, and I know this to be an area in which I can be.

Ransium, Nonus The Hobo, Archenomia, PeppsiLand, and 2 othersMetroqolia, and Frieden-und Freudenland

The Most Serene Republic of Bruination wrote:The Map tag itself was enough to put Forest on my radar and it is unlikely that I am alone in that.

Well you're probably right there. We do keep getting new residents here asking about the map and if they can get on it. Appearing on the map does give a nation more of a sense of belonging.

Santa Joanna has always done the maps (with Ransium's help on one of them) but he has been rather busy of late. He might like to turn over the responsibility or receive help on them. Hopefully me mentioning him will direct his attention down here next time he logs in.

Esterild, Nonus The Hobo, and Frieden-und Freudenland

Thank you for bringing this up. The lack of updated regional map is a rather large issue IMO, and The Most Serene Republic of Bruination's offer is quite kind and I think would be a huge potential upside to Forest. But The Eco-Republic of Mozworld is correct in that The Lost Utopia of Santa Joanna has always done the maps. I sent a tg to Santa Joanna sharing my concern with the lack of update maps about a month ago, and he sort of responded in his last post on the RMB about the maps needing to be updated.

So I think the lack of updated map is a detriment to Forest currently, and having a year old map in our factbook does not communicate a good message about Forest at all. A map which was updated frequently with a responsive map maker that could accommodate nations requests within the rules of the map would be a huge plus to Forest. I do not however, want to unceremoniously replace Santa Joanna, however. He is a nation that's been around for a while and has made large contributions to Forest in the past. I'm hoping some sort of agreement could be reached between Bruination and Santa Joanna that would be agreeable to both nations. Hopefully, my and Mozworld's summoning will prompt them to post next time they're on. If we don't hear from them in a month or so please bring this up again Bruination and I will reassess the situation.

There are, by the way, several traditional rules to the map. I can go over them but I would prefer if Santa Joanna did.

PS Bruination: UCLA grad?

Esterild and Nonus The Hobo

No, I just like bears and liked the juxtaposition of nation, ruination, and bruin. :)

I'm glad at the very least that a dialogue has started about the map.

I have read as many posts as possible on the RMB about the map since it was started in 2012 (going to each page and doing Ctrl-F "map"). I even found working links to many (but not all) of the older maps, so I have a good idea of how it changes over time. I will study those changes further while waiting to hear from Santa Joanna.

I see that on Dec. 4, 2013, SJ said:

The Lost Utopia of Santa Joanna wrote:I resign from my role in cartography and recruitment. I lost my motivation for that, but it would be great if somebody else wanted to continue the cartographical tradition and update the map from time to time.

...followed on Dec. 11, 2013 by:

The Lost Utopia of Santa Joanna wrote:Guys, I'm going to publish an updated map today or tomorrow. I changed my mind. Seeing the vast interest in this subject, I think that the updating the map isn't such a worthless case as it seemed to me, and I can take care of it again. If Basking Turtles want to, they can take care of choropleth maps and graphs.

It seems there were only 2 map updates since then -- the Dec. 2013 he mentioned was upcoming, and the Sep. 2014 one. I can see that SJ was torn about resigning or keeping the role, and that says to me that he enjoyed making these maps but just couldn't continue. So I would definitely make it a priority to preserve his legacy.

Some more thoughts/ideas/questions for Santa Joanna:

1) I would love to hear details on the decisions and process used for updating/changing the map, particularly whether some of the traditional rules or parts of the process have proven to be too problematic, frustrating, or time-consuming, possibly contributing to the update infrequency. I'd be glad to brainstorm solutions to streamline updates to the map.

2) A year-long update gap might be the perfect time to revamp the map in a way that would be too abrupt otherwise. Like the dawn of a new era. Forest Map 2.0. To get to more questions/thoughts about how much to change, I'm curious whether you're open to representing time-in-the-region and/or population size in any other way besides longitude and land area that might be easier to deal with, whether it's font, symbols, colors, etc.? Not necessary, just curious. That's kind of the biggest question, so the one to start with.

3) At the very least, I would love to preserve the shapes of the nations and all the traditional rules but transfer them into a new style of a higher quality and higher resolution, taking it from its Paint origins to a more Photoshop/Illustrator era. I should add that I'm not only a map lover, but anything artistic is right up my alley, so it would be largely about aesthetics for me. I would also be mindful to make it accessible to anyone else working on the map or derivatives of it -- for a start, I prefer to use free, open-source software like GIMP that anyone can also download and use themselves.

4) Unfortunately, I tried to like working with GIS, but one (possibly poorly-taught) course in it soured me out on it, so I don't think I'm the man for going the GIS route.

5) One quick idea is that info about the map and its rules should be somewhere in the WFE, as very few people will go way back through the RMB like I did. The uniqueness of its longitudinal timeline should be highlighted in words for all to see. It is really a neat feature and could be a draw for prospective nations. Similarly, it would be nice to see an archive of the past maps, as Santa Joanna put a lot of work into them for them to be just sort of lost out there.

6) Another idea is requiring a minimum amount of time (to be determined) for a nation to have been in the region in order to be included on the map. This mostly matters for a frequently updated map, but I feel that it would have 2 good results: a) it could help give cartographer(s) less work, because they don't deal with nations that come and go quickly; and b) it would give a slight bit of prestige to being placed on the map, a sort of incentive to/achievement for sticking around.

7) I see there used to be a Regional Cartography Office nation with access from helpers, but there were problems getting volunteers to actually follow through with anything they said they'd do. That's a shame. I have no intention of being yet another one of those.

Anyway, sorry for the long posts filling the RMB now! I'll try to keep them short from here on, until SJ enters the dialogue. Thanks for your replies!

Nonus The Hobo

There is a map?

Nonus The Hobo

Yes, there's a link to it in the "World Factbook Entry" section towards the top of this page.

Nonus The Hobo and Metroqolia

An updated map would be neat. i have grown since its last update. as has the forest.

Metroqolia and Frieden-und Freudenland

Bears, bears, and more bears! I'm loving this!

Nonus The Hobo and Bruination

Hey, according to today's world census report Forest is ranked 238th in the world for Most Pacifist! Great!

And what's more impressive is that most of the regions higher than us only have one nation in them. The largest region higher than us has only 10 nations.

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