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1.The Empire of The Starlight LandsWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Love can conquer the stars”
2.The Republic of SenshuLeft-wing Utopia“Even the stones are moved”
3.The Transhuman Commune of Celestial GrapefruitLeft-wing Utopia“Workers of the world unite! But only if you want to.”
4.The Servine Federation of MattrolankaWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“A nation for Pokémon, by Pokémon”
5.The Republic of CuillinWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Still waters run deep.”
6.The Insane Asylum of Ki BaratanWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“Equality is a right, not a privilege”
7.The Homotopian Republic of Saint-SebastianWA MemberLeft-Leaning College State“sanguinem foederis grossior aquam de vulva”
8.The Land full of Closeted CasesWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“We'll never come out! Never!”
9.The Free Land of CanduriCorrupt Dictatorship“Acta non verba”
10.The Kingdom of Have You Seen My HorseCorrupt Dictatorship“And you can leave the horse you rode in on”
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Gay Regional Message Board

The Wild Green Jungles of Fennijer wrote:I neither approve nor disapprove of creationism. I do think it is silly to try and debunk evolution, however, as the evidence is overwhelming.
When a creationist attempts to deny evolution or anything that science can explain, I simply think it shows them to be incapable of understanding that if a God or higher intelligence created 'everything', then they also created science and the laws that govern it....... or, science and the laws that govern it created the higher intelligence.

What I was trying to say in general (not directed to you) was that there is no common ground in such a debate.
There cannot be a "discussion" about evolution vs. creationism without giving religious nutjobs the recognition as serious dialog partner which they aren't, just like already explained on this regional message board.

Not that anybody here did that but as far as I know this is a thing for some regions in the US.

Sure, if you have a "critical mass" of fundamentalist in your community you have to find a way to handle the situation but you don't try to play golf on an ice hockey field... :)


Preserving Antimicrobials was passed 10,424 votes to 1,865.

Protected Status in Wartime is now up for vote. WA nations are entitled (and encouraged) to vote BOTH at the WA and on our forum, while the right to vote on the forum has been extended to each singular member of Gay (one person, one vote).

This resolution appears fairly innocuous, unless someone can find fault with it.

Welcome to Gay, Sparkler Nation!!!

The Otis-t of Otis-t of Otis-t of Otis-T wrote:Lol 18 and my dad married a creationist and told her im atheist. They invited me to their church and i went to be nice. I walked into a religious "intervention". I must say that i was surrounded by stupidity as i was bombarded with crazy claims. Her father is the pastor, and they are pentecostal to make things even more interesting. not even kidding.

What's a pentecostal?

The Cynical Empire of Bloodworth Isles wrote:What's a pentecostal?

look it up. went to church once and everyone was speaking in tongue.

The Cynical Empire of Bloodworth Isles wrote:What's a pentecostal?

A Pentecostal is a Christian who places great emphasis on gifts of the Holy Spirit, particularly speaking in tongues (technically called glossolalia); some claim that you are not an authentic Christian unless you have spoken in tongues. In glossolalia, people feel so overshadowed with joy that they burst into speech-like babbling. This phenomenon has its roots in Greek ecstatic religion and was known among very early Christians. From about the end of the first century until around the beginning of the twentieth century, glossolalia was unknown. Thus, some Christians claim not only is this speech in modern times not inspired by God, but it is inspired by the Devil or a demon/devil/evil spirit. In biblical times, it was thought to be divinely-inspired speech, for instance, everyone in a large, mixed crowd supposedly heard what the speaker was saying in their own native tongue. Modern Pentecostals also claim they are speaking in divine tongues, but usually there is no one present with the gift of "interpreting tongues," so it is apparently just random consonants, vowels, and diphthongs strung together to all of us ungifted folks. If you can control it at all, whether it be starting time, ending time, volume, whatever, you are definitely not demonstrating glossolalia; if such happens in the real world, it is completely beyond the control of the speaker. And if a Pentecostal pastor invites his congregation to do so, "Let us all now speak in tongues," you know it's fake.

I once had a BF who was a former Pentecostal. One time during sex, he suddenly burst into glossolalia. It was weird. I've heard glossolalia several times, but never anything that I would claim was inspired by God, if there even is a God. I certainly don't think my penis is divine! XD


RIP, Yersivia, Greater czecho-moravia, and Fereldanthedas. Puppet deaths are sad, but losing three distinct individuals would be even sadder.

Don't be a shy Bear! ;-)

OMG, just think of how many speaking in tongues jokes we could get out of that one wonderful story?

Where I live is culturally Spanish but geographically Africa.

The Emphatic Dreams of Justin Fashanu wrote:Where I live is culturally Spanish but geographically Africa.

The Canary Islands belong to Spain, so that's Western Europe

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