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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The West Pacific4,119The Chocolate Loving Paradise of Darkesia
The Pacific4,025The Bunny Emperor of Krulltopia
The South Pacific3,954The Delegado do Pacífico Sul of Kringalia
The East Pacific3,858The Morrígan of Ramaeus
Lazarus3,384The Music Guru of Funkadelia
Balder3,153The Ancient Nordics Lands of Solorni
Osiris3,124The Phab Pharaoh of Cormac A Stark
The Rejected Realms3,022The Time Heist of Unibot III
10000 Islands1,027The Island Republic of Markanite
Europeia717The Mouse-a-rific Mousetastic Moderator Mousedom of Mousebumples
Albion418The Somewhat Emotional Delegate of The Royal Hapsburgs
Wintreath413The Republic of De La Malvarma
Capitalist Paradise409The Grand Duchy of Acario
The Independent Order341The Planetary Federation of Sintroa
Yggdrasil338The Glorious Prison State of South Titania
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by Max Barry

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