10000 Islands RMB 10000 Islands was Commended by Security Council Resolution # 30

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Island Republic of Markanite (elected 3 days 11 hours ago)

Founder: The United States of Grub

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Founded in 2003!
Welcome to the 10000 Islands! We are a picturesque archipelago of islands renowned for our white-sand beaches and blue-green waves. This region is not only a prosperous center of culture & trade, but also a well-armed defense territory.

We warmly invite you to join our forum located LinkHERE using the name of your nation to register.

We are also home to "TITO" - Ten thousand Islands Treaty Organization - and have over 2000 successful missions to date! We stand against the bullies and thugs of this game. If you want to help us fight against the evil in NationStates, join us on our mission!

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Please endorse our new Delegate, The Island Republic of Markanite!

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Embassies: Texas, Yggdrasil, Urbanites, Liberty Alliance, France, Chicago, European Union, Global Right Alliance, Philosophy 115, Nederland, India, Democrats, ITALIA, Atrigeas, The East Pacific, Mordor, and 7 others.Deutschland, the Rejected Realms, Lazarus, Wysteria, Renegade Islands Alliance, Valhalla, and Canada.

Tags: Democratic, Capitalist, Offsite Forums, Defender, Game Player, Map, Featured, Commended, Gargantuan, and Regional Government.

Regional Power: Extremely High

10000 Islands contains 968 nations, the 11th most in the world.


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The Largest Trout Fishing Sector in 10000 Islands

As a region, 10000 Islands is ranked 17,069th in the world for Largest Trout Fishing Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Big Bull of WoonsocketFather Knows Best State“10,000 Islands - the Island Paradise!”
2.The United States of Earth FederationWA MemberCapitalist Paradise“STOP RUSSIAN INVASION OF UKRAINE”
3.The Serian People's Protectorate of Praetoria NovaIron Fist Consumerists“Shielding The Many”
4.The Vanishing Isles of HasureiWA MemberBenevolent Dictatorship“We Remember”
5.The OVERLORD Kingdom of FirstariaPsychotic Dictatorship“Porca Peste!”
6.The Kingdom of The SteppeCivil Rights Lovefest“Cum Deo pro Patria et Libertate”
7.The OmniConsumer zombies of CerberionCorporate Police State“My zombies are the dust beneath my feet.”
8.The Void of DustwindWA MemberCompulsory Consumerist State“You live, you suffer, you die”
9.The The fluffy wooly curly modly bleating sheepies of The BlaatschapenAnarchy“I'm wooling to go out on a lamb”
10.The Constitutional Monarchy of The Alright Nation of Karl PilkingtonCorporate Police State“Stop looking at the walls, look out the window”
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Last poll: “Do you own any shares of Immigration stock?”

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10000 Islands Regional Message Board

If I may emphasize just how barely it was: that last game (against the top team, Sydney) was only won by three points. Richmond won by less than a goal (an AFL goal is 6 points for you non-Aussies).

The One Who Should Be Most Armed of Free Guns For All wrote:If I may emphasize just how barely it was: that last game (against the top team, Sydney) was only won by three points. Richmond won by less than a goal (an AFL goal is 6 points for you non-Aussies).

Mm, AFL what does that stand for also I'm thinking about moving to either Australia or England how good is Australia?

AFL: Australian Football League.

Oh, so it's it played like American Football?

Not really. For one thing, AFL players rarely even have a mouth guard, let alone any other protective gear. The rules are quite different too, but I think the sheer number of differences would take too long to list here.

Oh, mm I'm more into cross country, but I do like watching football

Good Morning Islanders. Itís your friendly neighborhood XKI Lottery checking in to let you know that no one won the jackpot in the Big Draw game last night, which brings this coming Friday nightís Jackpot to a humongous 230,000 Tacos! Now, where else can you win big mullah like that, eh? To get in the game and grab your share of easy tacos, just go check out the rules and lay down your wagers in the forum at: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/27100/xki-lottery?page=1
And if you join our forum and have less than 1,000 tacos in your account, the lottery will give you a one-time free-play of 8 free tickets in the BD Jackpot game, as well as 3 tickets in our Guaranteed Win game. Thatís a pretty good deal, so just read up on the rules and post your free numbers in the above thread. Nothing like becoming an instant member of the 10000 Island nouveau riche. :)

And speaking of the Guaranteed Win drawing, Louisistan held all 3 winning tickets last night in that game to pocket a cool 5,450 Tacos. That random number generator of his may have to be banned as it produced two of his winning numbers. ;)

Finally, but certainly not least, a BIG shout out goes to our Taco Island Mayor Aersoldorf, who donated 100,000 Tacos to the lottery last week. Thank you, Mr. Mayor! We will be offering a new contest to honor Hizzonerís generous donation in the near future. Be sure and watch for it.

Have a great weekend everyone. Hope to see you win big in the lottery this coming Friday night.

Social Justice

What comes to mind when you read these two words?

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the random post but I've put up the discussion for the new SC resolution:

Everyone check it out and share your opinion :)

The Constitutional Monarchy of Northern Arcadian Empire wrote:Oh, so it's it played like American Football?

I thought it was more like rugby but with different rules and play style.

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