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"India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only."

-Mark Twain

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Embassies: Yggdrasil, 10000 Islands, Tibet, France, Singapore, North Africa, Scandinavia, Philippines, Antarctica, Hellenic Civilization, Poland, Russia, The Commonwealth Society, South Sudan, Syria, USSR, and 38 others.England, The Sovereign Socialist States, Africa, Democrats, Israel, European Union, Argentina, Philosophy 115, San Francisco Bay Area, Occitania, Central Eastern Europe, The Ascendancy, United Alliance Of Nations, Iran, Central Pacific Empire, Hinduism, Brasil, Coalition of Catholic States, Kingdom of Norway, The FRA, Valhalla, The Commonwealth of Crowns, Old World Union, Portugal, Leninist Russia, Romania, China, Union of Free States, League of Christian Nations, Community of Independent Nations, Hong Kong, Japan, United Empire of Islam, Land of Israel, The Republic of India, The Federation of Dethklok 1000, Iraq, and FIGHT BACK.

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Regional Power: Moderate

India contains 29 nations, the 378th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Least Corrupt Governments in India

World Census officials visited a range of government departments and recorded how frequently bribes were required to complete simple administrative requests.

As a region, India is ranked 5,640th in the world for Least Corrupt Governments.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United Tribes of SonnveldWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“OM Bharata Vrika”
2.The Constitutional Anarchy of ChalakudyWA MemberLeft-Leaning College State“Wake up India, enlighten the world”
3.The Democratic Republic of FreesiaallWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“In our hearts we trust”
4.The Republic of EluruDemocratic Socialists“WORSHIP HUMANITY, IT GIVES PEACE. ”
5.The Community of NirupamaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Home at last”
6.The Queendom of Mythic AnankeLeft-Leaning College State“Delegate of 10000 Islands”
7.The Republic of SophistryInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Truth and lies equally build wisdom.”
8.The Democratic Republic of States Of Ordered ChaosInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Meh”
9.The State of TripuraCapitalist Paradise“Unity”
10.The Republic of BexleyCapitalist Paradise“Boldly and Rightly”
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And very well said Nirupama.

The FYUP at Delhi University has been under debate with the tussle between the UGC and DU increasing with each passing day.Let us know what you think of the Four Year Programme in our poll and feel free to post your views here.

This is the national debate for the week.

Let's Take Down Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

It's a region that's an homage to the most evil terrorist organization in the real world today, and its membership list is full of people who sympathize with same.
We should consider taking them down that region a righteous public service to NationStates, the Internet, and the world.
And I've read a lot of comments posted by a lot of people talking about how much they hate ISIL.
However, I've seen shamefully little action towards eliminating the terrorists' presence here.

So let's fix that.
Let's build a coalition and take these guys out.

Let's make it clear to them that there's no place in the world, or on the Internet, where they can be safe.

If you're interested, telegram me from your WA nation.

Thank you very much, and DOWN WITH ISIL!

The Free Land of ISIL FAIL

thoughts and I like the new poll. Could someone educate me on this issue as I don't really know Indian Politics.

Raindrop Valley International News: 25 June 2014

Good evening and welcome to RIN, Raindrop Valley International News.

Iím Shannon Cole.

This evening, today the Vallian Patriarch has confirmed the result of Sundayís election, with Mr. Anton Elli being elected Governor General of The Holy Empire of Raindrop Valley. Mr Elli ran a fierce campaign which focused on protecting the countryís strict citizenship policies, which currently rule out full citizenship and permanent residency rights for the millions that work and study in The Holy Empire of Raindrop Valley from across the world. Mr Elli will be sworn in at Saint Peter of the Southís Piazza by the Patriarch tomorrow morning at 10am. Mr Elli also confirmed he will run in the upcoming Central Pacific Empire regional elections, taking place imminently.

Meanwhile, candidates have been racing to declare their candidature for the upcoming July-August elections, expected to be called by the Emperor within the next 24 hours. To date, the Conservative Alliance has put forward four candidates, including The Holy Empire of Raindrop Valley, The Republic of Tanga, The Kingdom of Perlamo State and The Republic of Migraton, with all three factions of the party represented. The Conservative Alliance is competing in the election on the back of improving electoral results since forming the as a single party. At the last elections, the party overtook the Liberals to become the regionís second political power.

Moving now to our India bureau, the region continues has been discussing the place of Hindus in a secular India, calling for India to be truly multidimensional and move away from Islamic and Christian chauvinism toward the Hindu majority. The region has also been called to form an alliance against ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Moving now to The Kingdom of Denmark, the region has been focusing on forum activity with a new housing scheme established in the forums, and established active members working to further attract forum activity.

RIN: News from The Holy Empire of Raindrop Valley to the world.

The Constitutional Monarchy of Kolkatta wrote:thoughts and I like the new poll. Could someone educate me on this issue as I don't really know Indian Politics.

The FYUP is a abbreviation for the Four Year Undergraduate Programme. Delhi University traditionally used to offer 3 year Honours courses in B.Com,B.Sc etc. however more recently during the UPA tenure they changed to a four year system wherein students were required to complete a four instead of three year course to obtain the degree.This was as they say done to increase the relevance and professionalism of these courses.

The student community has been very vocally against it and has demanded a rollback of this policy and this has led to multiple protests and strikes in the capital and remarks from an 'extremely capable' HRD Minister that this is not something she is 'supposed' to talk upon.

Your Views?

Raindrop Valley International News: 3 July June 2014

Good evening and welcome to RIN, Raindrop Valley International News.

Iím Shannon Cole.

In The Holy Empire of Raindrop Valley tonight, some 300,000 people have joined the candle-lit vigil for peace. The Government and Catholic Church launched the initiative to push their Ďpeaceí agenda. The Governor-General called from an immediate end to violence and bloodshed, whilst the Patriarch said governments should pursue agendas of forgiveness over revenge.

Meanwhile, the first two-month term elections have taken place, with The United Kingdom of Lentheric being declared the Prime Minister of the Central Pacific Empire. The United Kingdom of Lentheric is from the regionís Conservative Democratic Alliance, which is a non-fixated political movement. Meanwhile, the election proved a positive outcome for some and disastrous for others. The Conservative Alliance made the largest chunk of voters, whilst the Progressive Movement, who generally take over 40% of the vote, were annihilated, achieving approximately one quarter of the vote. The shift has almost evened the spread of political alliances, creating a colourful Council which a minority party Prime Minister has to work with. The agenda of the month is yet to be determined.

Moving now to our India bureau, there has been little to report to this effect with quiet times in India. The region appears to be on its knees attracting little activity and discussion. An effective government has been almost non-existent.

Moving now to The Kingdom of Denmark, the government is calling for new officers, and seeking interest of its citizens and residents to assisting the government. There has been a slow but positive response to date. The Empire of Alexander Marius Oldenburg has advised the region is mainly seeking assistance in foreign affairs, internal affairs and recruitment.

Meanwhile, the region has also experienced attempts to scalp its members, with recruitment telegrams coming from The War Torn land of Crimson Dawn. There has been no apparent departures as a result of this issue.

The Allied States of RIN Raindrop Valley International News will soon announce its next news bureau. Stay tuned.

RIN: News from The Holy Empire of Raindrop Valley to the world.

Sonnveld has no state religion, and we're proud of that. Theocracies only work if everyone agrees on one religion; that happens rarely enough. Otherwise it's slightly worse than a morass and slightly better than a disaster.
Sonnveld supports religious-spiritual neutrality in the Region of India.

hello I am marastra. The founder of Aurelia sent me here to observe this region. In which after a number if hours, the Aurelian council will decide if we should make embassies. Then I might get to be an Ambassador.

Hello and how is everyone?

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