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"India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only."

-Mark Twain

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India contains 47 nations, the 243rd most in the world.

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The Shortest Average Lifespan in India

Citizens of nations ranked highly tend to die earlier, whether from poor health, crime, accident, or government encouragement.

As a region, India is ranked 16,430th in the world for Shortest Average Lifespan.

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Regional Poll • Chinese economy is like a castle built on sand and will end worse than how Germany ended it after WW1. Agree or not.

The Assassin Den of Kolkatta wrote:Today, China has the worlds biggest population. Boasting- One of the youngest. But, after 50 years, will the age of it's population not increase and at that time will not it be one of the oldest? after all how long will the economy built by manufacturing duplicate plastic stuff will survive? - Kikrosta

Voting opened 20 hours ago and will close in 2 days 3 hours. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

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I missed you too friend. Welcome back again


Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,
Welcome to the World One Weekly News-

World One Megalopolis: After a 7 month long procedure in the country finished, citizens finally showed whome they wanted to be the president after Golapola Tripolaz was replaced by Alende Shinxaw. The New president has promised radical reforms in Education, Military and has promised to boost economy and give more power in the hands of people.

World One Megalopolis: The DRDO (Defence Research and Dominating Ordinance) of Kikrosta. "This Space weapon is not just another orbital nuke developed by the country, its much much more" reported DRDO chief Mr. Ahdjdgjebsl Gdjndjjswaja.

World One Megalopolis : A quake measuring 8.9 on the ritcher scale was reported in the northern Kikrosta. A total loss of $30 million (12 million INRS) and 0 casualties were reported. A few factories were destroyed but the new govt. promises 100% aid. The region is expected to become normal again in a few days. The world's best Disaster management team- The World One Relief reacted and so beautifully and swiftly that it deserves an "Oscar". Some foreigners said.
That's all for this week. Stay tuned till next week for more news. Take care of yourself.

Nirupama and King Ahoka
World One Megalopolis : The Shinxaw Government has strongly reacted to the recent Deal signed by Pakistan and China. The Kikrostian Government, has imposed multiple sanctions on the goods being imported from Chinese countries.
The Sanctions are-
* All Chinese goods entering territory would be charged heavy taxes - 48% of MRP + 12% of MRP Territorial
* They would also now would have to pay their own Transport (earlier, chinese goods had transport waiver coz govt. used to transport their good further into the country after accepting around 10% of MRP as total tax)
*Last but the most powerful medium-people. The Shinxaw govt. has "advised" the population not to buy chinese products as they "unsatisfy the Indian needs."

King Ahoka

Earthquake being reported since 48 hours in Nepal and northern India... I hope all of you are safe.


Yes I think there was a tremor in Kochi too.
Hope all of you are safe.

Nirupama and King Ahoka

The Secular Democratic Republic of Dharmarajya wrote:Earthquake being reported since 48 hours in Nepal and northern India... I hope all of you are safe.

I read that it killed some mountain climbers on Everest, here's to hoping they can rescue the rest.

I heard that it reached Kolkata, where my family is. Apparently there was a crack on a flyover.

Lets like not fix that-Indian Government

In relation to the Poll:
The entire world's population is growing so I don't understand what The Federal Republic of Kikrosta is saying.

The Assassin Den of Kolkatta wrote:In relation to the Poll:
The entire world's population is growing so I don't understand what The Federal Republic of Kikrosta is saying.

After 50 years, will the world's population grow at the same rate?
Take Japan for example, once the WW was over it emerged as one of the biggest player in economy and technology. At that time, roughly around 6.7% rate.

Today, average population age is around 67 and economy is at -3.5%. I see a doom for them in some next 40 yrs.

But just imagine a country like China whose economic rate is already slowing down from 9% in 2010 to 7.2% in 2015 and is expected to further slow down and with a population of 2 billion, I dont think the growth rate of populaation will remain the same. As matter of fact, India is set to overtake it in 2030 or earlier.
After half a century, from now, since the pop grth rates are going to slow down, the average age of the billions is set to shoot up.
Now, an immensly old population with no money us certainly a huge disaster. I see a doom for them too inbthe next century.

Doom doesnt mean it will be a burial ground suddenly but,,,,,, you know

Anyways to Kolkkata, I must say that your post partially contradicts the fact. Population is growing but the rate is slowing down immensly. So, in next coming decades, it might totaly contradict you.

King Ahoka

[quote]Following recent reports, investigations have revealed that both The Black Riders and The Land Of Kings And Emperors have been using an illegal recruitment script, and as such both regions have been banned from all telegram recruiting for 3 months.

Telegram recruiting offers recruiters three channels: TG Stamps (which you have to buy), API (which you can use scripts for), and Manual (sending 1-to-1 TGs in-game, with or without a TG template). These are balanced so that Manual recruiters aren't squeezed out by Stamp buyers and API bots: in practical terms, this means that recruitment messages sent Manually tend arrive a bit faster than via Stamps and the API, because there are fewer of them.

It is absolutely prohibited by the Script Rules to use a script to fake manual recruitment, and the only reason for doing so is to cheat the game and disadvantage legitimate recruiters.

Both The Black Riders and The Land of Kings and Emperors have been using an illegal script that faked Manual recruitment for a sustained period of time. This script was developed with the DOS player Anur-Sanur/Frak.

As punishment, both The Black Riders and The Land of Kings and Emperors have been banned from all telegram recruiting for a period of 3 months. This includes recruiting via API, manual telegrams and stamps*. The punishment has been enacted already by the administrators and starts today. Any attempt to evade this block (for example by recruiting for 'proxy regions') will result in an extension of the block by 1 month per attempt, as well as severe punishment for all players involved.

The player 'Bob Moran' has had all his nations deleted as punishment for using this script and for working with the DOS player Anur-Sanur/Frak, and we are currently considering DOS status for him as well. Bob Moran is recommended to contact us as soon as possible to explain his actions, and to post a public apology for his rules violations, or he will not be allowed to continue to use this site.

If you have questions, they may be asked in this thread. As ever, gloating is prohibited and will result in warnings.

*The Black Riders currently have a Stamp recruitment TG in the queue; this will be allowed to run its course, which should be done in approximately 2-3 days.[/quote]
TBR has officially been taken over due to their founder being gone.

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