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Regional Power: Very High

The Rejected Realms contains 3,394 nations, the 9th most in the world.


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The Largest Trout Fishing Sector in the Rejected Realms

As a region, the Rejected Realms is ranked 21st in the world for Largest Trout Fishing Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Corporate premises of RautgardCompulsory Consumerist State“Buy it, own it”
2.The Confederacy of The GogglesCorporate Police State“Deo Vindice”
3.The Kaiserreich of VolmachtiaCorporate Police State“Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn”
4.The Doomful Ma'amdom of ShirishnessIron Fist Consumerists“DOOM DOOM DOOM”
5.The Allied Corporations of Cinco ReinosCapitalist Paradise“Internet gratis!”
6.The Kind of Crap That Comes Out of AnsgardCorporate Police State“Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again.”
7.The Holy Divine Feheur of Retarded SklavenCorporate Police State“Near-dead Euthanasia Manditory”
8.The United States of The Catham IslandsCompulsory Consumerist State“For God, People, Nature, and Country”
9.The Megacorporation of VossCorpCorporate Police State“Greed is good.”
10.The Five Clans of Kel-ThuzadCorporate Police State“Never surrender”
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Cure me.

My nation has become overrun with zombies again. Anyone care to help cure me?

They are going to kill you now. No one who can cure is on.

Uni encouraged the writers of The Rejected Times to write something for Halloween. That said, here's my little ghost story.

The Horrible Secret of The Sauce

October 31, 2014 was a regular day for The Rejected Realms renowned restaurant, Kandarin's BBQ & Grill...for now. Sedge stopped by while processing some spammers, flame baiters and all around rule breakers. However, the sheer volume of rule breakers he was processing had given off harmful radiation. Radiation which Sedge had been unknowingly exposed too. Sedge ordered his food to-go, paid and tipped his waiter then left, unaware of the chain of events he would unleash on The Rejected Realms. The money he'd paid with, teaming with radiation, now spread to his waiter and the manager. As soon as it reached the manager, it begun to spread to the rest of the staff. The cook, now exposed, finished making Kandarin's secret sauce and prepared the next order for Frattastan. Unaware of the danger sitting in front of him, Frattastan looked to his waiter,

"Thank you." smiling as he bit into his triple-stacked bacon cheeseburger. Frattastan's burger, drenched in secret sauce, was a ticking time bomb. The more he ingested, the more saturated with harmful radiation his body would become.

Later that night, Frattastan was at home when he began to feel nauseous. He took some over-the-counter pills and thought nothing of it. Unfortunately for him, the pills he took would have no effect. His conditioned worsened as he began vomiting. At first it was just vomit, but then he began vomiting blood. At this point, he picked up his cellphone, dialed 911 and could only stifle his vomit long enough to utter 2 words in a weakened tone,

"Help me...." Emergency services arrived and took him to Rejected General Hospital. Not long after arriving, he began to vomit a black, sludge-like substance instead of blood. Unibot, delegate of The Rejected Realms, was notified of Frattastan's strange condition,

"Quarantine him. Lockdown the hospital and redirect all future patients to Rejected Mercy. Nobody leaves the hospital, by order of The Rejected Realms government." Unibot hung up the phone in his office, with a stern look on his face "What is this...?"

Calls were coming in from all over The Rejected Realms, citizens from every corner were experiencing the same symptoms. They were all taken to Rejected General Hospital. Doctors began asking patients where they'd been that day and what they'd done. Epidemists were called in from all over The Rejected Realms to determine the cause and the source of this contagion. Crazygirl, the Chief Administrator at Rejected General, was asked to check on Frattastan, now referred to as Patient 0, because they did not have enough staff on hand to keep up. The entire building was erratic. Crazygirl entered Patient 0's room, only to find that he was not in his hospital bed. He was nowhere to be found. Just as she was about to leave, a black sludge dripped onto her shoulder from above. She froze, then slowly looked up and shrieked in terror as Frattastan dropped from an air duct on the ceiling, regurgitating the same black sludge all over her face. It had, at that point, entered her body. She became infected by it and it progressed remarkably fast, almost instanteously changing her. Several staff nearby heard her and rushed to Patient 0's room, only to find a puddle of black sludge on the floor and an open air duct. Panic took over immediately as the staff crowded the elevators, passing the weight limit to which it could handle. The elevators crashed to the bottom having dropped 12 floors. There were no survivors. The fires set off the sprinkler system and fire alarm. The fire department and police, now notified, rushed to the scene.

Unibot was notified and attempted to contact Crazygirl. There was no response. He tried every extension he had on-hand, but nobody picked up. At this point, he called Police Chief Guy and ordered him to set up a blockade around Rejected General Hospital and to shoot anyone that exits the building. As ordered, he did just that. Former patients rushed out, uttering inhuman noises. The blockade was overrun by the infected and, by the end of the squirmish, the number infected had risen. Worse than that, they had escaped into the rest of the region. Unibot lost contact with Guy and the rest of the police. He feared the worst and so, he called Wopruthien, the last commander of The RRA that, to his knowledge, was still alive. He informed him of the situation. Wopruthien, disheartened, but not discouraged, responded,

"The RRA will eliminate this threat from our region-" Unibot interrupted

"There is one thing though. The Rejected Realms has just 1 epidemist left, Christian Democrats. It is imperative that you get him to safety. Without him, we can never produce a cure. He's currently located at his office, but his safety is not guaranteed there. As for me, don't worry. The doors are large and heavy. They'll never get in." Wopruthien loaded his gun,

"I understand sir." The RRA, assembled and briefed on their mission, moved out, not knowing what to expect. So, in the dark, they moved through the streets towards the office of World Assembly Affairs. Homes were broken into, citizens dragged out of their homes, infected so they could continue the cycle. Unfortunately, their objective was Christian Democrats, so there was no time to save passersby. The APC's and humvees rushed down the streets, moving across town until finally, after much gunfire, they reached the office of World Assembly Affairs. It was silent, they'd hoped it was not too late. Wopruthien ordered most of the RRA soldiers to stand guard outside. He took a small group with him as he entered the office, slowly and silently they moved through the building. Nothing was broken, dishelved or knocked over. They arrived at the top floor, to Christian Democrats office. They saw no one, at first. Just as Wopruthien was about to report his death, Christian Democrats jumped out from under his desk and shouted,

"Wait-" one of the soldiers shot in his direction, startled. Luckily he missed.

"Stand down soldier!" He stood up from behind his desk again,

"Don't shoot, I'm not one of them!" Wopruthien radio'd in,

"Christian Democrats is alive, we have him and are escorting him to Unibot-" Christian Democrats pleaded,

"We can't! We have to go to Kandarin's BBQ & Grill, before it's too late!" Wopruthien grabbed him by the collar of his shirt,

"Look, I like a good burger as much as the next guy, but my men are in danger and this region is tearing itself apart! So you better have a damn good reason for this!" Christian Democrats gave him a serious look,

"It's the only way to find the cure!" Wopruthien looked dumbfounded,

"What on earth are you talking about!? You've lost it haven't you?"

"No, it's the truth!" said Christian Democrats.

"I have the report from Rejected General Hospital. It was sent to me earlier today. After going through it I found that every patient had one thing in common. They all ate a burger from Kandarin's BBQ & Grill just a few hours before their symptoms occurred. It has to be the source! More than that, the tests run on each patient revealed that they were all frequent rule breakers on the NationStates forum. The odd thing is, we know Frattastan does no such thing. So whatever this virus is, this is related."

"Odd indeed. This all sounds really weird and unlikely, but it's all we got." said Wopruthien. He radio'd in again,

"This is Wopruthien. Change of plans. Christian Democrats says he knows where the source of the infection is. We're heading to Kandarin's BBQ & Grill now."

"I hope you know what you're doing. Take care. The future of The Rejected Realms is in your hands." Unibot responded. Wopruthien looked to Christian Democrats and said,

"Me too sir." At that moment, a soldier radio'd in from outside the office,

"Sir! There's a large group of them heading this way! ETA is 4 minutes! We gotta move now!" Wopruthien, Christian Democrats and the soldiers with him rushed outside and into the APC. What they saw when they got outside was horrific. Hundreds of infected, rushing towards them. Wopruthien yelled into his radio,

"Get us to Kandarin's BBQ & Grill! Make sure you lose these things first!" The drivers floored it, heading east, hoping to go around the large group. Speeding down the road, they encountered part of the group, which split off in their direction. Running right into them, the vehicles smashed through, splattering body parts and sludge all over. The mass of infected was so great that the vehicles came to a complete stop. They were surrounded.
This concludes part 1 of The Horrible Secret of The Sauce. What will happen to them? Will their be a cure? Will The Rejected Realms return to normalcy? Find out next year, happy Halloween fellow rejects!

The Ghostly Empire of Ryno wrote:They are going to kill you now. No one who can cure is on.

Well crap. RIP to your nation as well.

It's over!

Who else survived the zombie apocalypse? About 33% of my population survived.

0.17% survived. Yay.

9.19%, rebuilding civilizations from mineshafts. Or something.

70% of my people lived!

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