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5.The Free Land of XuuebaranScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Your world is your own.”
6.The Free Land of WaluiginiaCivil Rights Lovefest“It isn't illegal if you don't get caught”
7.The Empire of AnnianLeft-wing Utopia“Strength Through Freedom”
8.The Sweet Tooth of The Serbian EmpireLeft-Leaning College State“Saya, go get me the candy!”
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Eientei Gensokyo Regional Message Board

Eldikar wrote:I’m not actually here. It’s an illusion


The Scarlet Estate wrote:From the screen which used to display just Emily is now Emily having a conversation with one of her allies.

(All flashbacks are mostly all written in RP in 2016. The Emily parts, however, are written some hours ago to add more depth, since it is HER flashbacks.)

Shandris looks uncomfortable at Emily. "Why is it that you hate Outsiders so much?"

"I thought you already understood ..." Emily stares at Shandris.

Shandris sits down. "Tell me and explain."

Emily looks to the ground. "Very well."

Varel raises his hammer to attack Twisted Surime, trying to kill her. However, Davide jumps at Varel and kicks him away from Surime, saving her life. Then, Image and Erik both jumped to Surime as well. Davide looks back at Varel and stares at him angry. "Aghh..." Said Surime.

"Enough." Said N. Gin, Erik's friend. He locks on at Davide. Davide looks confused at N. Gin. He has no words for it.

"Lay a finger on her and i'll unload the whole pod on you." Said N. Gin.

Davide looks mad at N. Gin and thinks. "You dare to keep me away from my lover?"

"Mistress! Image! Are you alright?!" Said Lancelot. Lancelot secures both Surime and Image Yumi stands, supporting the dimension with her energy.

"Who's side are you on?" Said Davide.

"We are here to return her, not kill her." Said N. Gin.

"I didn't even ATTACK HER..." Said Davide. "What the HELL are you talking about?!"

"For safe measure, you were about to attack." Said N. Gin.

"Image would you like me to heal you?" Said Varel.

"Thank you dwarf..." Said Image.

Davide looks very angry. "Next time, i'll leave you all to die..."

"Everyone, please, be silent." Said Lancelot.

"SHUT UP LANCELOT." Said Davide.

"Are you alright" Said Erik.

"Davide go home" Said Varel.

"Ahhhh..." Said Surime. she falls unconscious.

"She's alright, vital signs are stable, she's just unconscious" Said N. Gin.

Davide looks at Surime, then looks at Varel and N. Grin. He tears up and walks away. Davide talks quietly. "All of you stay out of my family..." Davide teleports away.

"Your Father got betrayed because he saved his lover?" Said Shandris.

"He was giving his life to save her... Only to be back stabbed by the Outsiders..." Said Emily. "This turned him suicidal. He loved Surime so much, only to be... You know."

Barrier re-activates over Gensokyo, nobody is able to enter. Davide walks into the cherry blossom park and sits beneath a tree. He takes out his poisoned sword and stabs himself then dies.

Roach is a voice "Davide?" Davide does not die however, as Soul Link with Surime is still active. He is revived through purple light. Davide stabs himself again.

"... Live...." Said a voice. Davide stares at grass and stabs more. He keeps being revived. Davide stabs more more more more. "Stop it... my dear.."

Davide yells "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!"

"Come to Enigma.. i want to talk to you..." Said a voice.

"Ha! Force me! You're not getting me there..." Said Davide.

"That's disappointing.. that is nothing like you.." Said a voice.

"Well too bad i already got threatened for blocking Varel's attack. Maybe i should have let him hit you. Now go away. Stupid ghost..." Said Davide.

"It is me.. Davide.." Said the voice.

"I DON'T CARE!" Yelled Davide.

"The Enigma Palace is empty now.. i may create a portal for you.." Said Surime.

"I'm not going there..." Said Davide.

"Meet me at the fountain of life... tell Sariel you're there to talk to me... Until then.. my dear..." The voice disappears and creates a portal in front of Davide. Davide stares ... and turns around staring at the tree.

"You're dead... You're all dead... All of you..." Said Davide. The portal is still active. "I will not... Come there... You have all crossed the line this time."

Roach is a voice. "You do realise that was Surime, correct?"

"I know ... Go away, Roach ... You're also on my dead list ..." Said Davide.

Roach is a voice "Ha, Alright then."

"The Scarlet Dominion doesn't need traitorous allies..." Said Davide.

"And this is your love?" Said a voice.

"Hah, I don't understand this guy, sis, do you?" Said another voice. The voices come from behind the tree.

Roach is a voice. "Because I am definatly a Traitor.<time>" </time>Davide stands up and walks behind the tree unsheathing his sword.

"Seriously, what's your problem." Said a voice.

"We're not here to fight.." The two shadows behind the tree walk out and are revealed to be Yuki and Mai.

"You're not allowed to be here!" Said Davide.

"What has gotten into you.." Said Yuki.

"Why do you want to fight us..?" Said Mai.


"Bifrost!" Said Mai. She Freezes the sword turning it into a heavy icicle. Davide throws it at them.

"Flame Barrier!" Said Yuki. places a fire barrier around them. Davide activates barrier and walks into the fire barrier. "Hey you angry kid, stop fighting for stupid reasons."

"We want no harm.." Said Mai. Davide pokes Mai. "Eh?" Mai blushes.

"Errr.. what are you doing?" Said Yuki.

Davide grabs Mai's throat and starts to strangulate her.

"You... Burning Touch!" Said Yuki. with her hand in flames she touches Davide's clothes that start taking fire. Davide doesn't care as he already stabbed himself enough. Mai is freed from the hand and they both fly up. "Damn you're such a butthurt, so boring to play with, meeeeeeh!"

"What a meanie..." Said Mai. They fly away.

"YOU DESERVE WORSE THAN DEATH!" Yelled Davide. Davide starts to lay on the ground again. The portal is STILL active. Through the portal you can see Surime floating atop the fountain. Davide is on the other side of the tree. "You will all pay.... You will all burn..."

"What has the world done of so bad to you..?" Said Surime's voice.

"... You're all against The Scarlet Dominion... All of you..." Said Davide.

Roach is a voice "He's became very...VERY, Paranoid of everyone, an' everything."

"You are wrong.. i was observing the first moment Image met you with your dominion.. you were the one against him.. You are not the Davide I once loved... What happened to you..?" Said Surime.

"Go away..." Said Davide.

"Still evading reason..? Very well, call me when you're in need.." Said Surime.


Roach is a voice. "All Bark, no Bite."

"You will have the bite soon.... You pathetic filthy wretch..." Said Davide.

Roach Laughs. "Come on then."

"You're all dead..." Davide crawls up against the tree.

"Your Father... Really tried to get himself killed didn't he? Yet Surime didn't allow him to die, she sounds like she still loved him."

"She may still have loved him, but she was blind to see what was going on with my Father, how he felt, how all of us felt. She cared more about the Outsiders than us. My Family wasn't going to stand for this and invaded Sanguinesti..." Said Emily.

In Erik's Gensokyo, Fairies and Rabbits jump out of portals and places anti-air all over the place. Also Space ships fly around to secure the area, both on the planet and in orbit.

"Hey what the?!" Said Rose. Erik, Remilia, Sachiko, and Rose are all out in front of the castle, seeing the massive armada that's invading.

Roach Teleports in "Spaceships, Scarlet Dominion ones at that..." Roach Sighs.

Erik of Izalith arrives as well "Oh my......" Said Erik of Izalith.

"Oh my indeed." Said Solas.

Varel appears. "Hello. Woah. Can i kill em?"

Roach Is a voice "Spaceshipsss. They are in Space. You are on the Ground."

"Yes. But i can fly" Said Varel.

"And suffocate in the Depths of Space?" Said Roach.

"No" Said Varel.

"Where there is nothing." Said Roach.

"Helm is enchanted." Said Varel.The helmet shuts down and the eyes start glowing.

"That's not enchanted, that's Mechanical Engineering." Said Roach.

"No. Magic. It's enchanted." Said Varel.

"...Its Mechanical." Said Roach.

"Nope." Said Varel. A blast of golden light shoots in the air out of the eyes. "Yeah. You be silent. So can i? ROACH. Can i kill them. Hello? ROACH. Where is he? Fine. I will." Jumps into the air and flies up to the highest height of Erik's Castle. "Hmm. Maybe. Maybe not. Nah" Varel Dives straight into the ground and Disappears.

The Space ships floating in orbit start to bomb the planet. Portals open, Fairies, Rabbits and Tanks come out and starts to open fire on everyone resisting

"Fairies! arm yourselves! arm yourselves with guns! Said Fairies. "Destroy the enemy anti-scarlet dominion armies! Fight for our fairy land! Carry the flag of The Scarlet Dominion in every battle we fight! From the ruins of our former enemies will rise, the Free Family of The Fairies and Rabbits!..."

In front of the fairies, a huge dust storm wall blocks the way. Enigma Knights, led by Lancelot, appear from the dust storm. "Scarlet Dominion!! You shall fall this time!!!" Said Lancelot.

"The Dominion never falls." Said Reisen.

"JUDGEMENT SHIELD! DEPLOY!!" Said Lancelot. Lancelot sets his shield. Space ships start to bombard The Enigma army.

"JUDGEMENT SHIELD! WARRIOR'S SPIRIT!" Said Lancelot. Enigma Knights' armor and weapons become enchanted.

"Hah." Said Reisen.

Behind the Enigma knights Gatling batteries appear, a new creation of Surime that shoots anti-matter Danmaku at a fast fire rate. "GATLINGS!!! READY!!! FIRE!!!!!!" Said Lancelot. All Anti-air that The Dominion places on the ground turn at Enigma instead and starts to shoot. The gatlings start firing at the space ships. "CHAAAAAAAARGE!!!!!!!" All the Enigma Knights start rushing in while battle-crying. They start slicing fairies down in packs. The Fairies start to rush as well. They blow themselves up at the Knights. Some of them get blown up but the others mitigate the damage with their shields "BATTLE TACTICS!!! SPEARMEN!!!" All Enigma Knights' weapons turn into spears instead of swords. They start fighting like spartans. Rabbits, wearing their high tech battle armor starts rapid firing at the knights. Tanks start to fire at the Knights as well "DEFENSIVE LINE!! NONE SHALL FALL!!!" The Enigma Knights get into a line formation and start only blocking. "BATTLE TACTICS!!! HARPOONS AT THE READY!!!" The Enigma Knights' spears turn into explosive harpoon guns. Meanwhile, at the tanks side, they start blowing up one by one by an unknown enemy. You can sense a phantom jumping from one to another. Meanwhile behind the Enigma Knights Alice Margatroid flies up with her Shanghai dolls ready.

"Fire!!" Said Alice. The Shanghai dolls shoot lasers at the fairies on the ground, bombarding and killing masses. The Fairies get scared and run away.

The Enigma Knights cheer. "Hoo-ah!!! Hoo-ah!!!!"

"No time for cheering men!" Said Lancelot. More Fairies come out of portals and start shooting at the knights again. "We have a bigger threat!" Lancelot looks up. The Knights start blocking the shots with their obsidian shields, but they can't move. The Space ships obviously shoot from the top at the knights. The Enigma Knights are having losses. On a spaceship, Surime appears with two black anti matter claws and starts going to every room tearing everything around apart. Image rescues Surime before she gets blown up, the Scarlet Dominion tanks are destroyed.

"That was close.." Said Image.

"My thanks." Said Surime.

"Let's go" Image looks up. They both jump on each battleship trying to cut the cannons out.

"Forget Enigma, tear the planet apart!" Said Reisen.

Yumi appears behind Reisen. "Not so fast!" Yumi kicks Reisen from behind.

Reisen growls. "Grrr..." Yumi spawns daggers around her. She invites Reisen to a duel. "Spell card... Farsight 'In the Red Moonlight'" Said Reisen.

"I will show you, my misery.." Said Yumi. Reisen Unleashes waves of madness, throwing the enemy into utter mental chaos, unable to tell where Reisen is. "Arghh.. You will not get away!" Reisen stabs Yumi.

"Ahahahaha...." Laughs Reisen.

"Ghh..." Yumi Embraces Reisen. All the daggers start flying towards Reisen. "If i go down, you'll go down with me." They collide with Reisen and impale her to Yumi. Reisen spits blood. Reisen's eyes start to glow. Reisen Attacks with the insanity wavelength directly ahead. Since it's much like a so-called laser attack, it has high penetration ability. "If I shall not hear, so be it." Yumi slides a finger on her eyes and they become glowing yellow. Yumi does not hear anymore. Reisen points her finger at Yumi's head and starts to fire bullets. Yumi takes all the damage. Reisen's hand is injured by a black anti matter claw. Reisen screams.

"Yumi?! Are you alright?" Said Surime.

Yumi slides a finger through her eyes. "May I hear again."

"Yumi!" Said Surime.

"Mistress.. I'm alright.. I'm.. just... tired.." Said Yumi.

"Don't push yourself so hard!" Said Surime.

Surime faces Reisen. "You..."

"Ultraviolet Field..." Said Reisen. Surime's wings start to spread. Reisen Releases a wavelength that disturb's the enemy's consciousness. They'll see things that aren't there. However, virtual bullets have real effects. Surime absorbs the bullets into darkness. Surime starts gaining a dark aura. Surime's eyes start glowing red. "Grrrr.."

"DIEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!" Surime runs to reisen like a infuriated beast with her claws. Reisen jumps near the knights and throws something on the ground. A drug that reacts with air and becomes gas. Since the gas is heavier than air, it sticks to the ground and sucks life out of opponents. Reisen herself has taken the antidote already. The Knights shoot harpoon guns at Reisen. Reisen Places a wavelength conversion field around her. Anyone who enters it has their vision disturbed and will be unable to hit with projectiles. All the harpoons miss Reisen.

"RELOAD!!" Yelled Lancelot. Reisen takes out some grenades and throws it at the knights. Some Enigma Knights fall while the others block the grenade "MEN!! CLEAR THE PATH!!" The Enigma Knights quickly scatter. More Tanks roll out of the portals together with Rabbits. "GATLINGS!! FIRE!!!" All gatlings are pointed at Reisen and they start firing at her. It's a full-screen amount of bullets. Reisen gets hit and falls on the ground.

Yumi, although injured, gets back up and starts attacking the tanks. Surime stands on top of Reisen. Threatening her with a claw. "Stop this act immediately and I shall spare you!" Said Surime. Rabbits point their guns at Surime and fire. Surime gets knocked away.

"There... Shall be! PEACE FOR THE DOMINION! And there shall be no peace so long all of you exist!" Said Reisen.

Surime stands up and recovers "... Lunatics.... I hate you..." More Dominion portals open, with reinforcements.

A huge banner-size portal opens behind the Enigma Knights. A huge reinforcement arrives. But you start to notice..That is not it.. The Remaining space ships fire at the reinforcements. The rest of the soldiers are not the uniforms you recognize. They are plate-armored and one of their captains' armor is gold-plated. "We are Eden! We are Void! BY THE COMMAND OF OUR GODDESS, WE SHALL PURGE THE EVIL!!!! PALADINS OF LIGHT!! WE HAVE ARRIVED!!" Said Eden Captain. They raise their battle-hammers and cheer.

"You are the evil ones!" Yelled Reisen. From the Portal comes out a flying diva. "We shall not let you bring us down to the wrong path!"

"Eden has arrived! Enigma, we are here to assist you!" Said Anima

"All Universes shall never fall! To you!" Said Reisen.

"Anima?! But why?!" Said Surime.

"Surime, I shall not allow this person to turn everything to dust." Said Anima.

"You have bravely run to your dead." Said a voice.

"After hearing his goals, I cannot but intervene." Said Anima. Anima spreads her arms in a cross-manner. A huge wall of white portals appear.

"Aghhh..." Said Surime. Surime stands up and looks at the Dominion. "Dominion! Hear me out! I do not wish for your destruction, so I warn you, please pull back while you can!! I do not wish for many fairies to perish in this very moment!"

"So you can continue throwing all of into the dark path!? Never!" Said a voice.

"......What is a 'dark path' to you..........?" Said Surime. her eyes glow red and she glares at Reisen.

Reisen then looks at Davide behind her. "The path that all of you are taking. The path that will destroy us all." Said Davide.

Roach Is a voice "Did I just hear 'destroy us all' and 'Banner' not in the same sentence?!"

"If we stand together! We will all survive!" Said Lancelot.

Davide is out of breath and very angry. "If only. You listen to me. For once. All of you."

Image lands and exits his phantom form in a landing position. "Say it." Said Surime.

"Soon. We must assault the core. The Core of pretty much everything. If The Banner destroys that we will... well... Be all dead. Everything will." Said Davide.

"Why should we assault it then? We should defend it" Said Surime.

"Because... There is no way to it now. Not yet." Said Davide.

"Why are you attacking everything and wasting your time while you could be diplomatic and sort this out together." Said Surime.

"I hate diplomatic stuff. Thats boring." Said Davide.


"I also still hate you all." Said Davide.

"Save your hate for later. We have more important things to do." Said Image.

"I did not allow you to speak, Image." Said Davide.

"I do not care. Enigma Knights, this is a direct order, return to Enigma at once." Said Image.

"Image, opening your mouth again and we shall open fire." Said Davide.

"Let him speak Davide!" Said Surime.

"I shall not." Said Davide.

"This is diplomacy! That is why nobody loves you!" Said Surime.

Roach is a voice "You mean Open, Davide"

"I do not speak diplomatic with someone who almost ruined Enigma." Said Davide.

"He is the reason I'm here, so shut it." Said Surime.

"Ah, so he saved you alone did he?" Said Davide.

"I have more important things to do than dealing with your baby fairies." Said Surime.

"Erik didn't save you?" Said Davide.

Roach is a voice "Jesus Christ, Get on with it!"

"Neither did i? Not Varel? Only him? huh?" Said Davide.

"Enigma and Erik. As well as Varel." Said Surime. Davide Looks mad. "All you did was disrupt the returnal ritual."


"You saved me?" Said Surime. Davide nods very slowly ...

"... Thank you.." Surime looks guilty. "Enigma Knights.. assemble, we are getting out of here.." Surime walks towards Davide. She removes her claws. She tries to hug his spirit. Davide hugs back. "Thank you.. so much.. And.. I'm sorry.."

"Your family invaded Sanguinesti for revenge of their betrayal against you?" Said Shandris.

Emily nods. "Yes. They deserved it. That moment had forever scarred my Father and my Family. My Father was broken. He even fell to Banner corruption."

Davide steps out of a portal. "Ah.... Gensokyo..." Waves of Demons and Undead scatter out of the portals destroying everything they see.

Roach is a voice. "Davide, recall your minions at once."

"Spare me your annoying voice, Roach..." Said Davide.

Roach is a voice. "You are going to destroy the thing you created yourself?!"

"Fool.... Surime created this Gensokyo together with me after my Master destroyed it." Said Davide.

Roach is a voice. "You created YOUR Dominion, your the Fool who let The Banner corrupt you."

Davide smirks. "The Dominion is no longer on this world." Davide raises his hand. The sky gets torn open.

Roach is a voice. "Proof, I require it." Huge fire balls crash onto the planet.

"I'll never hurt my family." Said Davide.

Roach is a voice. "You are corrupted by The Banner, you'd do anything to stay on their good-side, unless you want Death."

The ground shows cracks. "Heh..." Said Davide.

Roach is a voice. "You have changed. How have you changed, you may ask youself? Well, for One, you've turned Power-Hungry. Second, you would turn to The Banner for help rather than your own Nation. Third, You believe Everyone is an Enemy, when nobody has done anything to provoke you." Davide hand turns into a fist. "TELL ME YOUR REASONING BEHIND YOUR CHOICES! Brain Dead, mind filled with Rage, won't be able to get through to him... What a joke."

"People of Gensokyo, i allow you to pick your side. But in the end, you will be mine, one way or another." Said Davide. Fire bursts out of the ground.

"But your Father is no longer Banner Corrupted, did he set himself free?" Said Shandris.

"I don't know if he did it himself or if my stepmother Surime freed him." Said Emily. "However, he was still very suicidal."

Surime and Image land. Solas faceplants in the ground. "FAKING PORTALS" Said Solas.

Davide is trying really hard to not tear up. "ummmm... I want my Fairies to be here aswell. And my followers." Solas sits and enjoys the beauty of the surrounding area.

"Go ahead." Said Surime. Surime looks very sad and Image is hiding his face with his hood to not show his emotions. Davide walks to a nearby tree.

A portal opens and Lancelot lands. "I am sorry for being late. Greetings Davide, I'm sorry that you took this decision."

"You better be stocked up on harpoons when i'm gone ... OR MY SPIRIT WILL HAUNT YOU LANCELOT. FOREVER." Said Davide.

"Hahahaha, the explosive harpoon guns are locked and loaded, Sir!" Said Lancelot.

"Good ..." Said Davide.

Roach leans against a tree. "And I thought you were going Shark huntin' with those."

A squad of Elite Enigma Knights warp in behind Lancelot, they have very beautiful ornamented armor in obsidian and titanium. "Hey, don't you forget us!"

"I'm still waiting for you to call for my Fairies and Followers." Said Davide.

"Oh, I'll carry over this request then." Surime spreads her arms and creates a huge portal from Dominion World to Gensokyo. Along with fairies, Yumi, Sara, Yuki & Mai, Louise and other people also enter.

"Everyone is here." Said Surime.

"are you sure? What about my followers?~" Said Davide.

"Yumi told them right now, they should be arriving soon." Said Surime. The Dominion followers enter through the portal.

"By the way, hold onto Sanae. Before she suddenly heals me to life with some herb or something." Said Davide.

"I've already set up an anti-magic barrier around this area. All Magic has been disabled." Said Yumi. "Except, ofcourse, Image's and Surime's."

The Enigma people gather behind Surime. "Before we commence, I have an announcement to make." Said Surime.

"Gensokyo, Enigma, Void and beyond, I enchant you with the darkness of my heart, and shalt grant my allegiance and power to you... Enigma, thou hast been my creation, thou followed me everyplace, thou habest been my vessel and treasure for decades. Ye shalt obey my commands again and ye shalt rise from darkness once again! Gensokyo, thou hast been saved by me, recreated through the void of my soul, thus I am returned in time of need. Though unfortunate, in this period of time I wast consumed by the darkness awakened, however I will not let anything fall into darkness again! Followers of The Scarlet Dominion, I grant ye luck and prosperity for all your future leaders and rulers! I evoke the council of gods to observe this important event to be recorded in all history of dimensions!!" Said Surime. Three platforms appear floating behind Surime. The three gods, Yatagarasu, A Fire Phoenix, Tsukuyomi, A Moon Diva and Susanoo, A Thundersteel Samurai; appear on the platforms.

"Very well, Godess of Creation! We shall watch!" Said Yatagarasu.

"This is unusual..." Said Tsukuyomi.

"We accept your evocation!" Said Susanoo.

"This is a bit much Surime." Said Solas.

Susanoo stands with his arms crossed and his katana holstered. "No, it is just the right amount." Said Surime.

"Davide, a word to you." Said Surime.

"A word to me?" Said Davide.

"Yes, speak for your people!" Said Surime.

"What do i say..." Said Davide. Everyone waits in silence.

"a speech she means, say anything to your 'people'" Said Solas. Davide shakes his head. "Come on Davide." Davide takes out his sword. Image knows what's going on and starts reaching out for his Soul Reaper through his coat. Davide stabs himself and falls on his knees. Image draws his Soul Reaper and aims at Davide.

"I love you Davide.. Now... Goodbye.." Said Surime.

Davide breathes heavily and tears up.

"Activating Reaping Abilities... Ready." Said Image. The Soul Reaper is loaded.

Davide cries a bit "I was always afraid of this..." Blood spills out. Enigma watches in sorrow.

a tear falls from Solas his right eye. "Goodbye Davide....Maybe we an be another world..."

Davide stops breathing and falls over. "Reap, Soul Absorption." Said Image. Image fires while looking down in prayer. "Requiescat in Pace." Davide's soul gets absorbed by the Soul Reaper. The soul has been absorbed. "Rest in Peace, Davide Scarlet. Leader and founder of The Scarlet Dominion. The Overseer and Utopia creator of Fairies of Gensokyo. Witness his glory!" He raises his pistol up. "As many crimes as he has made, as many sins as he had accomplished, He redeemed himself! Fairies! Follow your Leader's examples! Do not falter! Do not commit the same mistakes as him! That is all I have to say." He walks back into the audience.

"Well.. It seems he has departed." Said Surime.

"Let me guess, he came back?" Said Shandris.

"Yes. His soul was restless so he went to Surime in Enigma who brought him back alive. However, that wasn't his last death. He will later die multiple times which messes with his mental health more and more. He even called The Admin to restore Gensokyo once more. However, Varel has been haunting my family for a long time now. My Father kept killing himself because nobody helped our family against Varel. They were all blind fools... All of them..." Said Emily.

In Dominion World, Young Emily is playing and flying around with her Fairy Sisters. Then they see a large group of people gathering. "Why are they all here?" Said Emily.

"I don't know! Lets check it out!" Said a Fairy. They land near the group of people.

"Varel claimed that his Dwarves are everywhere! In Enigma and in Dominion World!" Said a Moon Rabbit. A huge huge huge HUGE army gets ready to exterminate every single dwarf they see. alarms go off around the world And everyone starts to look for holes. They start digging. "Reisen, we can't find the dwarves here."

Reisen nods. "Get the portals ready!"

"Ok. So." Said Varel.

"It's a dwarf! Kill him!" Said A Moon Rabbit.

"Heh." Said Varel.

"Cute things" Said Ace on Varel's side.

Varel grasps his right Hand and a Handle appears. "They are arent they."

"You shall learn your place! Invaders!" Said Fairies. Ace grabs the handle and activates the Katana. Fairies spread their arms and unleash bullet hell. Varel activates the Huge glowing Axe. He hits the bullets away. Ace's new cloak protects me from the bullets. A couple hit Varel bouncing off his armor.

"THATS ENOUGH. Nobody will INVADE the Dominion EVER AGAIN." Yelled Reisen.

"HAH. Reisen." Said Varel. He starts walking at Reisen.

The sky gets covered in bullets and it just starts raining down bullets.

Varel's helm flips into Defence mode. "Ok." He keeps walking at Reisen. Ace cuts down a few fairies.

"Reisen!" Yelled Emily.

Varel swings his Axe slicing Reisen in two. Reisen Dies. "Oh What? I didn't think this thing was that cool! Oh. Davide wont like this though. Hmm. Ace." Said Varel.

"yes?" Said Ace.

"What should we do?" Said Varel.

"Run? or maybe No witnesses?" Said Ace.

"I like the no witnesses." Said Varel.

"Yay!" Said Ace. Varel and Ace starts killing everything in sight.

Everyone runs and flies away in panic from Varel and Ace. Emily and her friends stare at Varel and Ace scared. Youmu lands next to Emily and touches her shoulder. "Emily! You and your Sisters must go! Now!"

"I'm scared!" Said Emily looking up to Youmu.

Youmu calls a Moon Rabbit to them. "Please! Take Emily and her Sisters with you!"

The Moon Rabbit nods. "Come on!" She grabs Emily's hand while Emily and the others are holding the hands of each other.

Something runs by Varel VERY fast. "Hello." Said Varel.

"oh fak..." Said Ace.

"Huh? You kiss your mother with that mouth?" Said Varel.

"SPELL CARD! INSIGHTFUL SWORD!" Said Youmu. Youmu stops direct attacks with Hakurouken and cuts down Varel with Roukanken.

"Youmu." Varel dodges the attack fast. "Hmm. Oh You! I forgot who you were for a sec! Gosh. Ace. Spnow!"

"Ok!" Said Ace. Ace attacks Youmu. Youmu starts rushing in to cut the enemy, suspend them in midair and dance around them, attacking repatedly. Power is high and Youmu temporarily invincible, attacking and defending perfectly at the same time.

Ace coughs a little bit of blood. "HELP!" Varel heals Ace with three words. Youmu gets attacked with the Light Axe. Youmu blocks the attack. It goes through the Sword due the it being a lightsaber. She ducks and stabs Varel. Ace drops to the ground. Varel deflects it with Dagger which came out of no-where. He jumps back toward Ace. Heals him again

"Oh god... Reisen..." Said Sanae. Ace gets up, and casts a spell to shield them from any attacks for a short time.

"Who's that?" Said Varel.

"You MONSTERS! The Dominion will never fall!" Yelled Sanae.

"I mean. Your little pet did." Said Varel.

"And a few hundred Fairies died as well..." Said Ace.

"Yeah. The Dominion is weak as fak." Said Varel.

Emily and her group runs through a forest. "What is Youmu doing?" Said Emily.

"Youmu is fighting off the invaders! We must run away from them as far as we can!" Said the Moon Rabbit.

A piecingly LOUD and bassey gunshot rings out in the distance. Emily and the Fairies got startled. "AAh!" Said a Fairy scared.

"I still have scars from Varel's attack of that day." Said Reisen.

"W-why would Varel do such a thing?" Said Shandris.

"Because he is a monster and sadistic. He finds pleasure in torturing and slaughtering my family." Said Emily. "Let us go Outside again and fight off The Banner."

Youmu walks up to Davide in Gensokyo. "Davide, i got grim news."

Davide stops playing with the Fairies, Rabbits and Florans. "What is it?"

"The Interdimensional Federation just destroyed New Gensokyo." Said Youmu.

"... They what?..." Said Davide. Emily looks at her Father and Youmu. Emily recently got taken hostage by Remilia with Erik's support. Now they destroyed whole of New Gensokyo with every single person on it.

Shandris fires arrows at Banner Minions, killing them while Emily cuts them down. They stand before a pile of corpses of Emily's fallen Sisters. Emily tears up a bit. Shandris looks at Emily. "I am sorry." Said Shandris. Emily looks up to the sky.

"You know. When they launch the missile and I open this portal there will be no escape... It will be just like New Gensokyo. Gone. No land no nothing! Just bring your leader so we can talk!"

The Dominion start singing "Fairies! Rabbits! Arm yourselves! Arm yourselves with guns! Slaughter the enemies of our family! Protect our Fairy land!" They all fire at Varel.

"ENEMY SINGULAR ONE." Said Varel. "Varel gets blasted. "FIRE."

Davide stares with Dominion reinforcements. The portal opens and a fakin big missile appears "AIM AT THE MISSILE!" Said Davide. EVERYONE FIRES.

"Davide!" Said Varel. "Its to late buddy! You know you could just have talked to me."

"Surime ... If you're listening ... you better help us..." Said Davide.

"Davide. I can just blow it up if you want" Said Varel.

"I WILL SLIT YOUR THROAT! DO YOU HEAR ME? DWARF?! I WILL HAVE YOUR KIND EXTERMINATED!... EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!..." Yelled Davide. Emily is standing near a tree looking at her Father and Varel. She sees the missile in the sky.

"You will just die. Its ok." Said Varel.

"I'LL SEE MAL'QUR! SPLIT INTO TWO!... I'LL SWEAR THIS, DWARF!.." Yelled Davide. "Even if we do die today! You won't escape us in the after life!"

"Hah." Varel Laughs. "You all will be in HAMMER. This is a Hammer bomb! Aka, a trap bomb. It will trap your soul in Hammer. All of em!"

Davide thinks "It will probably trap the entire world in Hammer.."

"No." Said Varel.


"Unless Gensokyo has a soul." Said Varel. The Dominion all fire at Varel. Varel takes the bullets and he is damaged. They continue to fire.

"Davide. Just die." Said Varel.

Davide Laughs. "Oh Varel~ I have died many many many times~ You know that~"

"You wont die in Hammer. It is a prison." Said Varel.

Davide opens a portal to Enigma. "Run to the portal!" Yelled Davide. Davide points to the Portal. Dominion people run to the portal to Enigma. Varel laughs.

Davide keeps hoping Surime would appear. Sirens go off ... and they attempt to open another portal to Enigma. Varel attempts to stop them. A blast of magic explodes.

Emily stops in front of the portal and looks back at her Father. "Papa!" Yelled Emily.

A blast wave hits her Father and others running for the portal. Emily can see the souls of the people near the blast wave being sucked out of their body and into the explosion. The corpses fall over and gets swallowed by the explosion. Emily gets pushed into the portal by a L.E.D.R Rabbit who's soul then immediately gets sucked into the blast wave. The portal closes. The explosion surrounds the whole of Gensokyo. The ground is destroyed and All living souls are transported inside of Hammer.

Read dispatch

Oh wow.. I remember myself saying you maybe had a "little trust problem" before I read this. Understatement of the month. I still don't understand most of it, but I know Varel did terrible things..
However, I did still find this amusing:
"Why are you attacking everything and wasting your time while you could be diplomatic and sort this out together." Said Surime.
"I hate diplomatic stuff. That's boring." Said Davide.
-Princess River

Something Whatsitsname wrote:
-Princess River

Flora giggles about what Princess River said about her mother.

Something Whatsitsname wrote:Oh wow.. I remember myself saying you maybe had a "little trust problem" before I read this. Understatement of the month. I still don't understand most of it, but I know Varel did terrible things..
However, I did still find this amusing:
"Why are you attacking everything and wasting your time while you could be diplomatic and sort this out together." Said Surime.
"I hate diplomatic stuff. That's boring." Said Davide.
-Princess River

(There is much more where that came from xD)

Hello everyone. Iím just sort of looking for a region for this nation and this seemed to be an interesting choice.

Hello everyone!
tips hat to United Cult of Britain and Something Whatsitsname

It's that time again. After allegations in my long standing region, I left. I founded a new region! Yep! The United Socialist States of Usban, or just plain Usban for short. I could use some help growing my region, and making the Facebook entry appealing to the eye. I do hope we can put something that happened a year ago behind us. Let me know of you'd be willing to help me out. Thanks!

Diplomatic Office of Pedigo wrote:Hello everyone!
tips hat to United Cult of Britain and Something Whatsitsname

It's that time again. After allegations in my long standing region, I left. I founded a new region! Yep! The United Socialist States of Usban, or just plain Usban for short. I could use some help growing my region, and making the Facebook entry appealing to the eye. I do hope we can put something that happened a year ago behind us. Let me know of you'd be willing to help me out. Thanks!

Oh great. Pedigo, not again! Shoo! You're not wanted here! And I don't care what you say, that is recruiting! And it wasn't a year ago, it was about March. I didn't exist a year ago. You made a mistake and enemies here, and you can't just come back and recruit after all you've done! *grabs Pedigo's hat and throws it away*

Kyoki Chudoku Ningyo wrote:Hello everyone. Iím just sort of looking for a region for this nation and this seemed to be an interesting choice.

*calms down a bit* Oh hello! I can remember, I was exactly in your shoes about six months ago. Looking for a fun region, not sure if this was the one. However, you may notice that I'm still in this region after six months. Hmm.. Oh! I know! I'll describe the region to you:
Eientei Gensokyo (don't worry, you learn how to spell it right:) is a fun region for just about everyone. The rp style is pretty relaxed as you may have noticed, however it's not a spamfest, thank the moons, as you also may have noticed. There are dragons, Holy Arch Demons, foxes, cultists, and much more. I'm curious, who/what are you?
-Princess River

Diplomatic Office of Pedigo wrote:Hello everyone!
tips hat to United Cult of Britain and Something Whatsitsname

It's that time again. After allegations in my long standing region, I left. I founded a new region! Yep! The United Socialist States of Usban, or just plain Usban for short. I could use some help growing my region, and making the Facebook entry appealing to the eye. I do hope we can put something that happened a year ago behind us. Let me know of you'd be willing to help me out. Thanks! we go...

The Makai Lands wrote:Flora giggles about what Princess River said about her mother.


United Cult of Britain we go...

-Princess River

Something Whatsitsname wrote:*smiles*
-Princess River

I used to be part of Usban as Supreme General.

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