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WA Delegate: The Kingdom of North East Somerset (elected )

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Most Nations: 9th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 617th Largest Black Market: 1,518th
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Welcome to the Realm of Balder!

Nations are asked to join the World Assembly and endorse King North East Somerset, Crown Prince Onder Kelkia and Princes Alvalero and Fooooooooo.

The endorsement limit (cap) is currently 15. See here for further information on endorsement allowances.

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Regional Power: Very High

Balder contains 5,685 nations, the 9th most in the world.

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The Most Inclusive in Balder

WA analysts ranked nations based on whether all citizens were commonly treated as equally valuable members of society.

As a region, Balder is ranked 5,521st in the world for Most Inclusive.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United Departments of The English RegionsCivil Rights Lovefest“L'espoir nous lie, capitalisme nous unit”
2.The Social Democratic Federation of DemotekDemocratic Socialists“Strength by will and rule by compassion”
3.The Empire of The Unified CollectiveLeft-wing Utopia“Assimilation or Extinction are your only options.”
4.The Enlightened Absolutist State of Iechyd DaLeft-wing Utopia“'Mochel dan yr ambarel a cherdded fel brenhines”
5.The Union of Haven of libertyCivil Rights Lovefest“Help will always be given to those in need”
6.The Lucky Federation of AelyriaNew York Times Democracy“Through wisdom, unity, and honor, we create peace”
7.The Confederated Communes of PanthrosScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Socialize! Democratize! Localize!”
8.The Socialist Republic of CraigsgradDemocratic Socialists“Death to fascism”
9.The Commonwealth of CalloarCivil Rights Lovefest“For all that we cherish, we serve in Glory.”
10.The Nikopol Empire and Archoncy of ThamaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Adversus Solem ne Loquitor”
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Balder Regional Message Board

Aelyria wrote:Probably going to sound like a broken record now but I ran the numbers on this current SC WA vote. 29.6% of all votes have been cast by just 10 players, and 37.6% have been cast by just the top 20. Accounting for things like early bias and bandwagon effect, I'm fairly confident in saying that, if the 10 largest nations by WA vote count agreed on a common course of action, they would reliably control the chamber unless literally thousands of others coordinated against them. And that's something I find abhorrent. It's not democratic, it's practically oligarchic.

Stuff like this is a part of the reason I left the WA (the other part is that I'm half certain that I'm already failing to comply with, like, half the resolutions).

There are really 3 ways to deal with this: Complain to technical (though I'm certain somebody already has), withdraw from WA participation (I did that, though one could argue doing that is giving up and letting a bad system continue), or follow the advice of this dispatch (Yes, I know that the source is one you'd usually do well to take the perspectives of with a grain of salt, but it's still an interesting argument)

Post by Letzte Totenkopf Brigade suppressed by Alvalero.


I am here to report that suspiscious activity is occurring in KAISERREICH, Montealba, and Driselbia.

These activities appear to be symptoms of ultranationalism and fascism. War chanting in the RMB, open hostility towards regions of different national classification/focus, and unwavering unanimity in their regional ideology. It is notable that Montealba and Driselbia are regions which are directly aligned with KAISERREICH, a region which has been liberated recently for suspected radicalism and fascist sentiments behind closed doors and under the guise of Monarchism/so-called "Anarcho-Monarchism."

Stay vigilant with these, friends.The Wolf Clan invaders have been targeting these regions in the hopes of exposing the ignorant nations within the KAISERREICH of its inherent toxicity and violation of the sanctity of human liberties.

-A spy for righteous justice.

Hallo ^_^

I just got back from Easter Vigil service.
Allelulia! Christ is risen tomorrow morning. Alleluia! We are redeemed! Alleluia! Lent is over!

God bless you all!

Letzte Totenkopf Brigade wrote:Snip.

Take your advertisements elsewhere. The Realm of Balder is not interested in working with those who do not conduct diplomacy in a reasonable manner. Do not come back.

Various Excuses wrote:96% of statistics are made up. Or is that 58%?

That's anti-intellectualist dismissal of the hard work of others. If you don't like the facts the statistics represent, say so. If you disagree with the statistics, make your own calculations and disprove the wrong ones. Claiming that statistics are irrelevant when a poster has made a legitimate point is taking the coward's way out.

Greetings everyone! How are you all doing on this fine Easter Sunday?

Sarntia wrote:That's anti-intellectualist dismissal of the hard work of others. If you don't like the facts the statistics represent, say so. If you disagree with the statistics, make your own calculations and disprove the wrong ones. Claiming that statistics are irrelevant when a poster has made a legitimate point is taking the coward's way out.

And worse still, on top of those issues, it misses a much greater problem by focusing on a rather small one. That is, people all too often lie with factually correct stats. Because data analysis and presentation are hugely important for understanding what any statistical data actually means. Don't distrust statistics merely because they're statistics. Distrust them because their presentation can be deeply misleading--even when the people reporting this information are genuinely trying to be honest. Look up Simpson's Paradox (which technically isn't a paradox, just an incongruity, but "paradox" is catchier) for a common example, e.g. where a real university looked like it was horribly male-favoring sexist for graduate-level admissions in the aggregate, but for each and every department individually, it favored women over men by a substantial margin--the real sexism was in what women had been taught (by society) to apply for, more or less, rather than in anything sexist the university itself was doing. But learning this requires extremely careful and self-evaluative analysis of data, which a lot of people don't feel like putting the effort into, or worse, have a genuine incentive not to.

I hope everyone is having a happy Easter!! :DD

I hope everyone had a happy Easter dinner!

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