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-WIP- Government of Eientei Gensokyo

Government of Eientei Gensokyo
The government of Eientei Gensokyo uses an appointed Council that fulfils the regional and foreign duties of the government. The founder of Eientei Gensokyo, The 🌑 Dark Moon Princess 🌑 of Kaguya Hime, provides her grace to the World Assembly Delegate, who retains their executive powers as long as they work in the interests of the region. The World Assembly Delegate appoints the regional officers and divides their tasks. It is highly recommended to discuss within the region what the overall goals should be, and what the wishes of its nations are.
Current Government
Founder & Moon Princess
~ Dark Princess Kaguya Hime ~
Delegate & Wise Youkai
~ Wise Wolf Holo of Tostandia ~

Holy Monarch of Absolution
~ Anarcho-Monarchist Mocha ~
Observer of Intergalactic Law
~ The Armada of the Refuge ~
Princess of the East
~ The Misfortune of Hina Kagiyama ~
Pokemon Trainer
~ Dark-type gym of Grimmechania ~

Want to get involved?
Send a telegram to The delegate of Eientei Gensokyo, Tostandia, or Linkjoin the Alstroemerian Discord and send a message to Boro#1111, share your ideas for the region and we'll see what we can do together!

The Wise Wolf Holo of Tostandia