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Embassy Policy of Eientei Gensokyo

Embassy policy of Eientei Gensokyo

In order for an embassy request to be considered, regions:
~ Must have a population of at least 10 nations ~
~ Must not be tagged as fascist ~
~ Must have been founded at least 30 days prior to the sending of the request ~
~ Must not be an embassy collector region ~
~ Must not be a puppet storage region ~

In addition, an embassy will be retracted if:
~ The regional population dips below 10 nations ~
~ The region becomes tagged as fascist ~
~ The region becomes inactive ~

~ One of Eientei Gensokyo's allies or sister regions deems the embassy necessary to close ~
Embassies may be spared from closure if:
~ the region is one of Eientei Gensokyo's sister regions or allies ~
~ the regional community has had significant interaction with Iwaku and dips below 10 nations ~
~ the region has significant value to Eientei Gensokyo or the Alstroemerian Commonwealths ~

The government of Eientei Gensokyo, furthermore, reserves the right to close any embassy at any time for any reason not included following a period of internal discussion, should such action be deemed necessary.

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