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Osiris is a Restorer. Returning nations are refounded here.

WA Delegate: The Rodentine Seer of Malphe II (elected )

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Most Nations: 6th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 465th Largest Black Market: 1,944th
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Welcome to Osiris, home of the Osiris Fraternal Order!
Something still stirs...

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Endorse the Pharaoh Malphe II, Heir Apparent Arkadia, and our Guardians Resentine, Tethys 13, & Dragonian Alliance.

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  • 18.3.23 Osiris fetters the chaos serpent in observance of Saint Patrick's Day.

  • 25.3.23 The Sekhmet Legion has withdrawn from England after a successful occupation. LinkSign up!

  • 23.4.23 Issue 25 of the Osiris Oracle has been published! Read it here!

  • 14.5.23 The new Sekhmet Reserves program has just been released! Learn more here!

Congratulations to Regional Message Board Contributor All Mummified Things!

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    📰 The Osiris Oracle Issue 25: A New Frontier

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    The Sekhmet Reserves

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    The Rat Reforms Entry 02: Forum Reorganization

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    The Golden Book of Ma'at

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    The Reddened Book of Ma'at

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    The Paled Book of Ma'at

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Regional Power: Very High

Osiris contains 10,359 nations, the 6th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Rebellious Youth in Osiris

World Census observers counted the number of times their car stereo was stolen from outside fast food stores to determine which nations have relatively high levels of youth-related crime.

As a region, Osiris is ranked 20,792nd in the world for Most Rebellious Youth.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Largely Ungoverned Territory of OneiroLiberal Democratic Socialists“Posession is imprisonment.”
2.The Commonwealth of CyleiaAnarchy“Strength through Unity”
3.The United Anarchy of CrianusiaDemocratic Socialists“O exon ota akoueto”
4.The Anarchist Federation of ThrelizdunLeft-wing Utopia“Liberation, Solidarity, Ecology”
5.The Cobalt Skies of TiltpaLeft-wing Utopia“Everyone is insane to a degree.”
6.The Stardew Valley Rainbow of TrashsylvaniaCapitalizt“You can't have a rainbow without a little rain :-)”
7.The Northern Hinterland of TeaberryLeft-Leaning College State“Pithy Latin phrase.”
8.The Empire of KazafbajistanLeft-Leaning College State“Let your vision be world embracing”
9.The Federation of HickssylvaniaAnarchy“Sovereignty and Liberty”
10.The Boarderlands of ChamporaCivil Rights Lovefest“Out of the Waste Grows Unity”
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Osiris Regional Message Board

Tethys 13 wrote:Question of the Day:

What is your favourite fruit?

Strawberries and probably after that lemons.

Pridelantic people wrote:never had anchovies, hate mushrooms with a passion

Anchovies is a salty fish,if you like salty things you might like them..

Tethys 13 wrote:Question of the Day:

What is your favourite fruit?

I might use this idea for one of my NS mega fun polls..

Osiris Jukebox - 05/28/23

Thanks to Cretanja for this submission! Remember to check out the Google form in the footer if you want a song in the Jukebox!

Osiris Jukebox spreadsheet:
Want a song featured in the jukebox? Check out the suggestion form here:

All Mummified Things wrote:Lemons? I think we need more context. Like, a slice of lemon in a gin and tonic? Or squeezed on some fish? Or do you just bite into one like it's an orange?

Oh yea - all that, hehe.
I really love lemons. I cut them up into wedges and eat them like oranges, though, I have cut way back; I have since became concerned for the enamel of my teeth. And toothless Cret is not something I want… yet, at this age. 😅

To get my lemon fix now-a-days, I buy squeezed lemon juice. I only drink a little at a time for a treat, and only through a straw. And am extra careful to rinse my mouth with water directly afterward.

…unless I’m at a restaurant. Then I order ice water with lemons on the side, hehe; the only time I break my no-lemon rule. ( I snack on the lemon wedges before our meal arrives. )

I used to eat lemons, like, every day. So this is a real improvement. I’ve went from lemon obsession, to Salt-&-Vinegar Chips obsession, to now TAKIS obsession.

Tethys 13 wrote:Question of the Day:

What is your favourite fruit?


Do you like chaos and destruction?

Do you want to take over regions?

Join the Sekhmet Legion!

The Sekhmet Legion is the Osiran military, and new volunteers are always welcome to join it!

More information can be found in this dispatch:

The Sekhmet Legion

The High Command
Pharaoh: Malphe II
Heir Apparent: Arkadia Universalis
Moshir: Wascoitan
Deputy Moshir: Big Boyz

About the High Command

The Pharaoh is head of state in the Osiris Fraternal Order. She holds the World Assembly Delegate seat and oversees all matters.

The Heir Apparent is the next person who will become Pharaoh. The Heir Apparent is appointed by the Pharaoh and confirmed by a vote. The Heir Apparent is also responsible to hold the second most WA endorsements in the region.

The leader of the Sekhmet Legion is the Moshir, who is appointed by the Pharaoh.

The Deputy Moshir is the second highest rank in the Sekhmet Legion. This position is filled by appointment by the Pharaoh and/or Moshir.

The Purpose of the Sekhmet Legion

The Sekhmet Legion is the military force of the Osiris Fraternal Order. It consists of citizens of Osiris who have volunteered to serve their region.

The Sekhmet Legion is responsible for ensuring the security of Osiris, for carrying out military operations in the interests of Osiris and for assisting the allies of Osiris when needed.

Why Enlist?

The Sekhmet Legion has two goals: Be the most efficient GCR military in NationStates and be the most fun military you can be in. We want to make sure we accomplish those goals and we want to have a blast doing it! If you want to serve your region, be involved in raiding, or just want to have a blast, the Sekhmet Legion is for you!

How to Enlist

You can enlist by clicking Linkhere. The Sekhmet Legion welcomes all raiders who aren't banned from the Osiris Fraternal Order. You are welcome here! All you need to do is Linkapply for citizenship first.

You can also join the Sekhmet Reserves, without having to become a citizen:


Read dispatch

Question of the Day:

What do older people in your nation think of younger people?

Tethys 13 wrote:My answer:
That they take puns for granted having not fought wars for the right to use them, that the current trend among parents of being less specific about their child's form (and the resulting increase in non-humanoid Tethysi) is sloppy, and that they do not have the patience to make a good story.

You can submit questions at:
You can submit a factbook for the Friday focus at:

Tethys 13 wrote:Question of the Day:

What do older people in your nation think of younger people?

Elder Cretanjans view the young in a positive light - with many who were not given permission to procreate yearning for children of their own. To maintain a self-sufficient habitat in orbit around Sol, the station has had to implement many rules and regulations for who can have children, when to have children, and if that child would be beneficial to the livelihood and longevity of the station. The Sovereign reserves the right to approve or disapprove of any couple from procreating for any multitude of reasons ( though this responsibility may be delegated to the Viceroy of Population Control ).

Tethys 13 wrote:Question of the Day:

What do older people in your nation think of younger people?

Older Eridians see younger Eridians as very capable of bringing about some of the greatest things for the nation. The older Eridians also believe that their beliefs will be protected by the younger, more secular Eridians, to keep the elders beliefs as informational relics of the past, to show their own light while they existed.

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