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Welcome to glorious Elparia!

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Elparia contains 28 nations, the 610th most in the world.

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The Best Weather in Elparia

The following nations were determined to have the best all-round weather.

As a region, Elparia is ranked 4,390th in the world for Best Weather.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Nationalist Republic of CorusconiaCorrupt Dictatorship“Magna Virtuis Terram”
2.The Unitary States of ChuukangoScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Dirigo”
3.The Holy Empire of The NylePsychotic Dictatorship“For Pharaoh and Fatherland”
4.The Empire of CrotinInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The Earth shows the past and the stars show the future.”
5.The Commonwealth of Elparia FounderLiberal Democratic Socialists“Gallifrey + Rossferry = Elparia.”
6.The United States of Imperialist TrekaFather Knows Best State“Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox”
7.The Confederacy of AquiasInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Weave Trust with Trust”
8.The Kingdom of AesidiaDemocratic Socialists“Lead by our history, leading our future”
9.The People's Republic of QuangsuhPsychotic Dictatorship“Glory to the people, Nation and Leader!”
10.The Republic of DogarakaLeft-wing Utopia“By The People For The People”

Regional Happenings


Elparia Regional Message Board

Entarian Statement!
The Entarian Government has issued a statement condemning the actions of Minachia, accusing it of 'Overtly authoritarian actions', and calling on them to release Senator Antonius Varnescu.

First Obungundan Trade Organization

Based in Dinowda, Obungunda’s first Trade Organization has been established, serving as an umbrella group for the local business community. Founded by Mohaumod Abdi Ali, the Organization is to be called the Obungundan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI).

Membership is also available to international investors.

Meanwhile, Khamar Ahmed, an infamous warlord in Obungunda responsible for the recruitment of hundreds of child soldiers in the countryside, has been arrested today, captured by a joint team of Obungundan and Aesidian operatives in a brief skirmish.

Without his leadership, his assets are seized and his armies begin to disband or go into exile, those of which lacked much discipline to begin with.

Update on the Affairs of Comrade Brother Hao
Upon returning from his orbit in space, Comrade Brother Hao thanks AstroTreka for helping him officially become the first world leader to enter space. Tensions are rising as Hao's prolonged stay in Treka accompanied with the sudden drop in public opinion in Quangsuh has caused his security detachment some concern, pushing for Hao to move on with his visit to Corusconia, before he finally moves on to Minachia to sign trade and defense treaties.

Total Removal of the QPLA from Selaria!
After most of the stationed forces inside of Wadiya returned back to Quangsuh after its eviction at the creation of the new nation, however some small peacekeeping force remained behind to monitor the border between Wadiya and Kemet to insure the treaty signed between Quangsuh, Kemet and Wadiya was respected. However today, the State Tangshi has announced that it will be withdrawing all militaty forces from the continent, including these peacekeepers and offshore naval vessels.

Completion of Brother Hao's Resort
After months of highly concentrated construction the entire resort complex on Brother Hao's private island located in the Hardwick Island chain has been completed, along with a full casino, pools, beaches, restaurants and a conference center designed for meetings between world leaders. The total amount spent on the island out of Brother Hao's personal pocket has not yet been disclosed but is estimated to be between $1.6- $1.9 billion TSD. Comrade Brother Hao sends an invitation to the leaders of Essotrori, Minachia, Wadiya, Trimania, Aesidia, Corusconia, Zion and Arells to attend or send a representative to the island to partake in festivities celebrating the islands completion, and the continuation of cooperation between leading nations of Elparia.

Aladeen Accepts brother Hao's Offer
Admiral General Aladeen, supreme leader of the legitimate nation of Wadiya congratulated Hao on the completion of resort, as well as accepting the invitation to attend the celebration with Aladeen himself attending the event.

Acceptance, sort of.
Pierre sends a letter back to Hao.
"Comrade Brother Hao of Quangsuh,

I congratulate you on your new resort but inquire as to the nature of my visitation. At the moment, this letter is a formal request to send a trusted advisor in my place to oversee and represent my kingdom. Please do not take this as a sign of disrespect, but I have other matters that call me away from the pleasure of a stay at a luxury resort.

Yours, ever grateful for the invitation,
King Pierre II, Duke of Maginot"

The letter is hand-delivered and enclosed with a wax seal that is stamped with the official seal of the king.

A New Congress

With the 77th anniversary of the revolution behind them, the party has decided to hold the 77th Congress of the Communist Parties early. Many view this with keen interest as with the rising popularity of the syndicalist party could very well possibly shift some of Konzasks policies, especially regarding to unions, and how currently they're state controlled. Others also expect the Left Wing Nationalists to come on a lot harder this year, as well with the KCP doubling down. No one can reliably predict the results of what the congress will be but many know it very well could shift Konzask policy, either further to the Libertarian Left or Authoritarian Left. Considering how Konzask is considerably liberal for a Marxist Leninist State most expect the former, or no change at all.

The Emperor accepts Brother Hao’s Invitation

Emperor Octavius has sent a letter accepting Quangsui President Hao’s invitation to send a representative to attend:

“Dear Mr. President,

You have my congratulations on the completion of your resort and my sincere thanks for your invitation. However, I am currently preoccupied with present events in my country, and a vacation for myself - while perhaps greatly beneficial to my psyche! - would be ill-advised. Instead, I will send my brother, the Most Noble Lord Tiberius, as my personal representative. I hope this will suffice for my absence.

Octavius Imp Aug
HAM The Emperor”

Minachian Businessmen seek Investment in Obungunda

Several Minachian CEOs and company presidents have expressed an interest in cooperating with the OCCI and the Future Selaria Collective, among them including bankers interested in issuing loans to Ohungundan businesses as well as manufacturers interested in supporting the development of Obungundan industry. One CEO stated “It’s clear that Obungunda is a rapidly growing economy, we’d be foolish not to help it do that.”

The Senate Approves the Emperor’s Reforms

The Senate today approved 197-103 to approve the Emperor’s approved constitutional reforms, after several weeks of deliberation and amendments and despite continued opposition both inside and outside the Curia. Plans are now being made for a plebiscite to be held in the coming months to approve them by popular vote. In response, protests and rioting have again spiked in intensity but violence continues to be suppressed by police.

As for Senator Antonius Varnescu - who was arrested last week for inciting rebellion against the State and for cooperation with the Konzaskan Communist Party - he is set to be put on trial tomorrow, and will likely be allowed to make a public statement then.

In response to Minachia and New Trimainia
Brother Hao thanks the responses for the invitation he sent to the world leaders of Elparia. In response to questions asked by New Trimainia Hao responds through a letter that "it is not just the celebration of the resort, but as a symbol, a declaration that Quangsuh is ready to begin diplomacy with the world and work to better relations with all countries, even those that have quarrel with the emerging power of the PRQS". Comrade Brother Hao also made a public speech today addressing the global stage, apologizing for the seemingly expansionist policies and actions of Quangsuh, explaining that they were only 'growing pains' and will be rectified once the PRQS has reached its goals of secured sovereignty, economic independence and social stability.

The QPLA move into New Russia!
Some 12,000 members of the QPLA 'Mobile Infantry' will be deployed on the eastern shores of mainland Berinsky into the land under Quangsui mandate. These troops are under current orders to reinforce the borders surrounding the mandated area, while eventually linking up with a sizable amassed force of some 60,000 QPLA, Mobile Infantry and QSSG units, for the inevitable push into the rest of the remains of New Russia.

The Trial of Senator Varnescu

Criminal proceedings began against Senator Antonius Varnescu yesterday, under charges of treason, sedition, and conspiracy with a hostile foreign power. Before being brought before an Imperial judge, Varnescu was allowed to address the public, where he stated his intention to “contend, dispute, and resist” the trial at every opportunity. Today, however, the prosecution unveiled damning evidence against the Senator which implicated him in a “plot, initiated by the Konzaskan Communist Party, to destabilize the Empire politically,” including private communication seized from Varnescu’s home and mobile device, and while the defense has predictably claimed the evidence to be fabricated, it is undeniable that Varenscu’s comments on the wave of protests across Minachia were meant to incite violence and even rebellion against the Republic. Meanwhile, as the evidence continues to be examined in court, the Senate has moved to suspend Varnescu’s place in the chamber, and there has been yet another wave of outrage from Varnescu’s supporters, calling the trial a sham and demanding the Senator’s release and the dismissal of all charges.

Essotori condones Minachia!

In response to the arrest of Senator Antonius Varnescu, Essotori has condoned the actions of Imperial State Police, and the Emperor himself. This is not suprising, given Essotori's moves towards friendship with Minachia. It also signals the regime's pragmatic foreign policy, as the Trekan election approaches. The Foreign Minister Lysander Rhodes declared

"The Nozerod congratulates the Minachian Administration for it's firm actions in service of civility and the moral order, in arresting subversive terrorists. The Most Loyal Government of Essotori looks forward to a mutually beneficial relationship."

These words are being backed up with action, as the Eugrelan National Army, described as 'A militia of conscripts and criminals' by Essotori's detractors, has been scaled back and reformed. No longer does the National Army rely on mass mobilisation, instead, the National Army will be brought into line with Essotori military doctrine, well indoctrinated, smaller formations based around artillery and zeal. This will involve demilitarisation on Eugrela, allowing for greater peace. The Ascendancy has completed the first round of reconstruction, being Eugrelan churches, homes and homeless shelters for those after the war. Phase two has been initiated already, which will allow for further industrialisation, and a large scale expansion of Ascendancy-wide financial links activity.
The Minachian embassy in Radonstinatle has been refurbished, designated a Tier One Embassy, given a dramatic upgrade and moved closer to the Palace of Origin, paved with gold as a gesture of friendship. This honour was only provided to Treka and Kemet previously, and highlights a dramatic shift in policy.

'The Great East'
Quangsuh is central to Essotori's foreign policy. The People's Republic is a critical partner in technology and investment. As such, Essotori tends to side with them in regards to foreign affairs. The war in Nurasolavsk has prompted the Ascendancy to use the failed state as a target practice arena for promulgation of the Tribella, or the Nozerod Cult, as well as humanitarian efforts. Broadly, the Ascendancy supports Quangsuh, and seeks to target Konzask's growing influence and power. Quangsuh is a natural ally, but must be chastised by the EZAEB (Essotori Zhinsui Economic and Advisory Board). Rampant corruption and black hole investments have been noticed by the Board, and have invested in themselves the ability to directly invest funding into native projects. This should increase economic sustainability, but also Essotori's power. Essotori considers this action moral, and in the best interests of both nations. Lysander commented directly on Konzask's involvement in Selaria, and in it's constant attempts to spread Marxism, stating that "The actions of Konzask stand in direct opposition to natural authority, and must be resisted. Essotori will provide the bedrock of resistance to Konzask and it's toxic ideology."

Commenting on Brother Hao's invitation, Rhodes has approved the invitation, and stated that the Supreme King of Essotori will be in attendance.

"Brother Hao, in service of the Nozerod, and with the Ascended One's gratitude, the Supreme King of Essotori shall be in attendance at your Island, bless his name. The Nozerod expresses friendship and a wish for peace between the Mother Country and Zhinsui (Quangsuh). May you reign long and graciously."

Selarian Affairs
Suntterland's Governor General Jeffrey Leonard has arranged a meeting with Admiral General Aladeen, hoping to increase Essotori's power on the continent. It has been theorised by those in the Essotori bureaucratic network that the Governor General is interested in establishing favourable trade ties to acquire rare minerals. The Governor General has started to unify Suntterland's taxation rates across the Duchy, and launching large scale corruption probes into his own administration. This has drawn the ire of the Suntterland Council, whom elected Leonard to the position of Governor General. Both sides are appealing to the national government for support and legitimacy, after Leonard refused to back down and resign. Leonard has stated his belief that the Council is in league with foreign usurpers and merchants, who seek only to infiltrate and destroy righteous authority in the Duchy.

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