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Welcome to St Abbaddon!
Established as early as 1999 on forums and 2003 as a region!

・゚✧ Proud Sister Region to the Kingdom of Iris ✧・゚
Please endorse our WA Delegate S-A Oceanic and the Supreme Council of Elders to keep our region secure:
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Our region was originally founded by a group of roleplayers in 2003, and as a result we have a rich and vibrant history and lore. We are a founderless User-Created Region, putting us in a very unique minority of regions.
Forever remembering Hawkswind, and Kitsco! Beloved friends, and protectors of St Abby! Long live St Abbaddon!

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Regional Power: Moderate

St Abbaddon contains 94 nations, the 319th most in the world.

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WA analysts ranked nations based on whether all citizens were commonly treated as equally valuable members of society.

As a region, St Abbaddon is ranked 10,181st in the world for Most Inclusive.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Oceanic Mutual Associative of Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic EmpireCivil Rights Lovefest“Steadfast Bewilled Are Thee Nations of the Azure West.”
2.The Community of Nova BromeliaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Peace, Love, and Fuzzy Bunnies!”
3.The Dominion of NaturiaDemocratic Socialists“...”
4.The Imperial Monarchy of KiamaiLeft-Leaning College State“For Kiamai We Prosper.”
5.The Federal Republic of NiktobrInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Glory to St Abbaddon, her pride reborn!”
6.The Grand Principality of Hard CoastNew York Times Democracy“Land of the Coastites, Thorough and Numerous.”
7.The Diplomatic Center of Oceanic-Tang Union HeadquartersInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Tang, Draganisia, Oceania, Kreo, Enga Together!”
8.The Leuthenist Union of The Imperial Oceanic PeopleAnarchy“Glory to the State Where the People Choose Their Fate”
9.The Kingdom of Sailors MoonAnarchy“There be Monsters”
10.The Republic of WhiteshallowLeft-Leaning College State“Exceed Through Virtue and Tradition.”
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Botion wrote:hello

Welcome to the isles of St Abbaddon. What brings you here to our humble isles?

Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire wrote:Welcome to the isles of St Abbaddon. What brings you here to our humble isles?

Need a new home

Botion wrote:Need a new home

We're welcome to happy you here in this region. We can talk more about how you can become a part of our regional community by joining our Discord:
We can get any questions you may have answered and register you in as an official citizen of St Abbaddon there.

We did this meeting on discord before posting it here. There is some important lore in this one:

Brian would be brought to the Palace by the guards. He didn't resist them at all when they found him after he arrived. He was there as a friend yet most in the world still thought he was dead and for the time being he wanted to keep it that way. But this meeting was too important that he risked it even if The Empress later told his grandson Emperor David that he was there.

Brian was brought to the Royal Palace of Seoyo, the official residence of the Empress of the Imperial Monarchy of Kiamai. After a thorough search and questioning, he is brought into a conference room, where several Royal Advisors sit. At the other end of the room was the respected Empress herself, Chiyo Suzuki.

Brian was... not as formal as the rest of them. Even when he was Emperor he didn't like formalities that much. He was kinda nervous when he entered but he wasn't worried. "Hmm. Was kinda hoping we would be one on one for this... especially since most of them probably wouldn't understand what we need to talk about."

With one motion of her hand, the Empress dismissed the Royal Advisors, who immediately filed out of the room, saluting the Empress before leaving. “This must be highly delicate if it’s for my ears only.”

Brian. “No it's mainly just because I don't think they would believe me at all… but you might. Either way it depends on how much you already know about why I am here... or even who I am. Sure I was the Emperor of Draganisia before I left them... but your original Empress knew who I really was. You... look exactly like her. But so much time has passed that I am not sure if you really are her or one of her descendants?"

The Empress was not a Dragon… but she did know about them. “Flattering, we all aspire to be like the first ruler of our great Imperial Monarchy. Back to more pressing matters, I do not know the reason of your visit, but I have been told that it is extremely urgent.”

Brian decided to just give her the brutal truth. "An Ancient enemy is coming. With a fleet of Darkness Spaceships that threaten to destroy everything we know and love. I wish there was a better way for me to describe it but unfortunately there isn't."

The Empress appeared conflicted. “I see… that would be upmost troubling for the entire World, but how can I know for sure that what you speak of is truth?”

Brian's eyes would glow red a bit but he still didn’t transform. "Because... their leader is my father. What do you know about the Dragon Empire?"

Empress Chiyo would do a double take before responding. “I cannot lie, not much is known here about this Dragon Empire. Kiamai has enjoyed relative peace in isolation since unification.”

Brian thought about fully transforming but based on her reaction he decided he wouldn't unless it was necessary. "Peace is good. But even you and your people would have myths about what happened in the past... unfortunately I can say most of them are probably true. My father wants to destroy the universe and remake it as his own... unless the world unites and finds a way to stop him before that happens. I was hoping you would know about it and possibly have something that could help us... but it looks like I was wrong. “

The Empress continued. “While we do not know much about this Empire itself, the Imperial Monarchy prides itself in Self-Defense Technology. We particularly have a lot of research and equipment useful for taking dragons specifically out of action. Kiamai also continues to pride itself in the Kiamaian Space Force, our latest addition to the Imperial Military, which combats threats from space using different kinds of weapons. We have destroyed asteroids in the past using extremely powerful missiles and lasers, which could be useful.”

Brian knew about all that. It wasn't really new information for him. "Yea we actually knew a lot about this. We also knew it was defensive in nature which is why we didn't do anything to stop you. Those defenses would work against normal threats... but I fear they wouldn't even be enough to tickle one of my father's ships. Either way I didn't come here for that. All I need is your word that we would all help each other when the time comes."

The Empress thought for a moment but then agreed. “We will be there. We will take several precautions and begin developing even more powerful weapons in the meantime.”

Brian still had questions about that. “You say you don't know much about Dragons yet you know enough to create Anti-Dragon weapons. How is that possible?”

One of her advisors would then enter the room. An older woman who was with their military and was responsible for developing a lot of their weapons. She would have been the one the Empress would trust the most. “Because of her. She is my top weapon developer and a close friend.”

The woman then turned towards Brian and smiled. "Hello Brian. "

Brian was shocked. "Mother? What are you doing here?"

She answered. "My job. Creating weapons to defend Kiamai... and defeat your father." She then looked at the Empress. "I am very sorry for not telling you Brian was my son sooner... but everything else I have told you is true. Defending Kiamai will still help defend the rest of the world."

The Empress agreed. “You have served this country well and shall continue your service. Is there a reason you have entered this room?”

She then stood before both of them and told them what really happened. "To tell you both the truth. Before you can confront Galen... you must understand him. His first victims were once like you. Struggling for survival. Bolstered by hope... Until their hopes became reality.

His father Bahamut was "the Gardener", the Dragon’s deity of life. He ushered them into a golden age. For eons, the Dragon Empire prospered lead by Galen. But their god Bahamut never told them everything. He lavished them with gifts, but not with good guidance. And though they lived in paradise, they came to crave a greater purpose in the universe. They desired meaning. Structure. A "Harvester"... to shape the garden. Their scholars discovered that the Gardener shared a connection with another entity among the stars. They called her "Tiamat". She was Galen’s mother, she was the mother of all Dragons, and she wanted to give Galen the purpose he and his people desired.

They already knew much about the Light. How it could bend the laws of the universe and create life. But they came to realize that it could bring ruin... just as easily. The cosmic events Bahamut set in motion could wipe out entire civilizations in a heartbeat... without reason… or remorse. And so they saw the Light not as a source of prosperity... but of unfettered chaos.

By learning what Tiamat tought them, they came to know the Darkness. A power that was shaped by thought and consciousness itself. And in the Darkness, Galen found the means to carve away the chaos of existence. To calcify it into a Final Shape. Eternal... and Perfected.

Tiamat then attacked and tried to merge with Bahamut in an attempt to strengthen their connection to each other and their son Galen. Connected to both of them Galen would be able to reshape reality itself in his own image. But Bahamut would not allow it to happen. And so, he unleashed his wrath against Galen and the Dragon Empire in an attempt to stop him before it was too late. But in the end all it did was slow him down.

Having witnessed the truth in the Darkness, Galen and those following him used its power to transform themselves... into the salvation they craved by becoming the first Dark Dragons. They created the Black Fleet with Galen as their leader. Thus began his pursuit of the Final Shape... His campaign to impose meaning on a meaningless universe. One that is nearly at its end.”

The Empress knew she was serious about all of this. “This is all very helpful, and our top Military Officials will be notified of this new information, but how exactly do we defeat him?” She then looked at Brian. “According to you our strongest military equipment wouldn’t even as much as scratch the paint off their ships.”

Brian. "We awaken Bahamut. He is the only one strong enough to defeat Galen. I just need to find a way to open his tomb."

However his mother disagreed. "No! If Bahamut confronts Galen he will be doing exactly what he wants him to. I am close to developing weapons for our Space Forces that could destroy his ships. Stuff based on what we had before the Dragon Empire fell. I just need more time... and the materials for them."

Brian. "Will see what I can do. But I still believe he is our only chance at stopping Galen once and for all. Even if the weapons do work can you guarantee it would hold him off?"

Kao Len answered truthfully. "No. We would still lose a lot of our forces in the battle. But it's better than just doing nothing while waiting for the end."

Brian. "On that we can agree.”

The Empress looked curiously. “And what could this Bahamut do to defeat Galen? I thought the last encounter only slowed him down.”

Brian. "If Bahamut keeps running and hiding the cycle of destruction will continue and we are doomed. But if he stays and fights with us... we might have a chance. "

Kao Len. "We shall see. Go back to Rowandale and do what is necessary. I shall continue to do whatever I need to do here and make sure we are ready for whatever he throws at us."

Brian would then thank the Empress for her time. "You are a great Empress for your people. I really wish we could have met under better circumstances but when the world is at stake we have to be ready for anything. It has been an honor to meet you Empress."

The Empress smiled. “Thank you for the kind words, and we will meet once again under much better circumstances. I will be notifying top military officials in order to make proper preparations. Go in Peace, Brian of Draganisia.”

After saying goodbye to his mother as well Brian would meet with Burton on his ship in International Waters. Before heading back to Rowandale they first needed to go to New Arcadia and have a chat with the Archeologist named James Kennedy.




The Colonel climbed over the Destroyed Car and onto the Freezing Concrete, Smoke Billowed from the Towns Centre and he guessed Artillery was working its way deep into Eskovarian Lines. His theory was confirmed when he saw a Flash and Explosion smash through a nearby Coffee shop.

He took shelter in an abandoned office building, it seems the civilians had luckily evacuated to a more secure location, and given the brief occupation of Kaffin ended in the deaths of Thousands that was for the best. He hid in a small room with a painting of a mountain behind it, cowering behind the desk as Tanks rolled down the streets, he heard the echoes of Gunfire as Eskovarian and Hunter forces clashed in the streets nearby, explosions occasionally echoing throughout the town.

He quickly grabbed his phone from his pocket, luckily it was waterproof and still worked. He quickly called the General's Number and was relieved when he picked up the phone.

“Colonel?” The General asked, “You’ve been MIA For the past half hour and Eskovarian Forces are falling back across the front, what happened?”

“The Enemy overwhelmed us with superior firepower and what appears to be more advanced weaponry in a quick attack, our forces stood no chance.” The Colonel reported.

“The Hunters appear to be equipped with Very Advanced vehicles, reports of powerful artillery mixed with an unknown model of tanks are coming out of the frontlines as we speak, and I doubt we can hold another day.” The Colonel finished.

“Dear Lord help us.” The General said.

An Explosion echoed through the town, and the colonel remembered how close the enemy was.

“I Must go now, I will try to call you back later.” He said, and the Colonel hung up and bolted through the door to hopefully reach friendly frontlines

BBG-29, E.M.S ‘Thunderchild’, 46 Miles from Craitoria.

The Thunderchild wasn’t alone in her Venture, the Warship had an escort fleet and it was unlikely they would she would ever sail without one. However, almost all of the escort fleet was racing ahead. Thunderchild wasn’t slow, able to make about 32 knots or even 33 knots in good conditions, but the Destroyers and Light Cruisers of the Eskovarian navy were able to make up to 39 knots typically, and were miles ahead. She wouldn’t be able to catch up to them before they got into Gun Range, Missiles…functioned horribly in this windy and freezing weather, Despite Eskovars northern Location missiles simply weren’t built for these conditions

The Only ships near her were the Sandstorm class Destroyers, which were designed for Stealth instead of speed with their shaped hulls giving her the radar cross section of a fishing boat. The Captain had a coat on, as did everyone. As she sailed north the Air seemed to grow colder by the minute, which never was a good thing unless you were in a desert, which would be refreshing he imagined. The Only desert in Eskovar was on the main island, in the center, and it was less of a desert and more of a grassland, but its the closest they had.

“Captain, we are approaching Craitoria, estimating 45 Miles away, other escort ships are around 30 to the coastline.” The Executive officer said, the captain nodded.

“We estimate we will reach the port of Maltae in 6 hours, that's where the enemy fleet seems to have set up a blockade.” The XO told him.

“Good, how much strength does the enemy fleet have?” The Captain asked.

“It's hard to tell, based on information they seem to have mostly smaller vessels, a significant invasion force is already present on the island however.” The XO told him.

“Juicier targets for our guns.” The Captain said, resisting the unprofessional urge to laugh as he stared out at the battleship's massive guns.

“Problem is, the amount of ships…”

Eskovarian Capital of Oured

Oured was an old city turned new. In the 1890s a massive fire ravaged the city, meaning it had to be rebuilt. Rebirth, so they called it, was inevitable in Eskovaran Culture. The Concept of rebirth was that something dead would come back to life. It was not an unknown concept, Rebirth existed in more than one culture. Oured was the city of Rebirth, the proof of concept if you will.

Eskovar had many gods and Demons, Heroes and Villains in its culture and mythologies, and the Demon lord of the Nation was Jormungandr. The World Serpent. Said to wrap around Gojira, the Monster Hero and absorb his life, using it to annihilate the world. There were lots of movies, books and even video games made about the subject. Entire franchises based around the 2 Giant Titans battling. It was an old story, reborn for the modern era.

Now, Eskovar was being suffocated by an enemy that didn’t want to conquer them, but just straight up wanted them gone.

Yet the time when one is in most danger, may be the time in which they are the most dangerous

Does anyone want to change cards

The Return to Iris

After their harrowing journey through the frozen Arctic, James R. Kennedy and his exploration team finally sighted the familiar shores of Iris. The team, weary but unbroken, had endured the unforgiving cold, navigated treacherous ice fields, and now, the sight of home brought tears to many eyes. They had been tested beyond their limits, surviving with the knowledge that their discoveries could change the understanding of the Arctic forever.

As their ship, the Iris Endeavour, made its way into the port, the people of Iris gathered in droves, their faces a mix of worry and excitement. News of the team's prolonged silence had reached home, sparking fears for their safety. But now, as the ship docked, cheers and cries of relief filled the air. Families reunited in emotional embraces, while onlookers celebrated the return of their national heroes.

James R. Kennedy, stepping onto the Iris soil for the first time in months, felt a surge of pride. His team had not only survived but had also collected invaluable data and samples that promised to advance the scientific community's understanding of the Arctic's environmental and climatic patterns. Yet, as he looked around at the faces of his fellow Irisians, he knew that the most significant discovery was the resilience and unity of his team and the unwavering support of their nation.

In the days that followed, James and his team were invited to the Royal Palace, where King James I himself commended their bravery and contribution to science. The King, known for his interest in environmental conservation, listened intently as James recounted their experiences, the challenges they faced, and the implications of their findings for global climate research.

The celebration of their return extended beyond the palace, as schools, universities, and scientific institutions invited James and his team to share their knowledge and experiences. The story of their expedition became a source of inspiration, reminding the people of Iris of the importance of exploration, perseverance, and the pursuit of knowledge.

But for James, the journey was more than a scientific expedition; it was a testament to the human spirit's capacity to endure, adapt, and overcome. The challenges they faced in the Arctic had forged bonds that would last a lifetime and had taught him the true value of teamwork, determination, and the support of a nation united behind its explorers.

As he looked forward to the next adventure, James knew that the story of their Arctic expedition would be remembered not just for its scientific achievements, but for the enduring spirit of exploration that drives humanity to seek the unknown, to face the greatest challenges, and to return home, changed but unbroken.

And so, the legend of James R. Kennedy and his team became an integral part of Iris's rich tapestry of history, a beacon of hope and courage for future generations to follow.

James R. Kennedy will be coming to St Abby soon!

Hey guys, what are you doing?

Aserlandia wrote:I'm doing great thanks for asking, ready for N-day?


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