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The Glorious Nations of Iwaku RMB

WA Delegate: The Moon Bunny 🌙🐰 of Enlais (elected )

Founder: The Libertarian Fascist Anarchy of Vando0sa

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Most Nations: 33rd Most World Assembly Endorsements: 168th Largest Black Market: 874th
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❄️Welcome to The Glorious Nations of Iwaku -- a silly region where everyone is cute and squeaky! ❄️

❄️We also have a large population of scary yandere nations as well so be careful! And be nice or Ozoi will eat you!❄️

❄️Please endorse delegate Enlais or get eaten by Aaron!❄️


❄️LinkWe WILL invade New Jersey someday! Free Edgar 2019!❄️

❄️Achtung Lazarus LinkFear and anguish reign!❄️

❄️YAY it's Not Summer anymore!❄️

❄️LinkAaron's song of the week!❄️

Nya! /w\ You Revealed the LinkNeko of cuteness!

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    Rule breakers will be shot! Then sent to Gulag!

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    RP Map (Updated 4/9/2017)

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    Role Play rules

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    Iwaku JukeBox V2.0

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    Important links and things!

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The embassy with The Russian Empire and the kings is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

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Regional Power: High

The Glorious Nations of Iwaku contains 362 nations, the 33rd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Greatest Rich-Poor Divides in The Glorious Nations of Iwaku

Nations ranked highly have large gaps between the incomes of rich and poor citizens. Nations low on the list have high levels of income equality.

As a region, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku is ranked 3,252nd in the world for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Andante Cantabile of Noda MegumiAnarchy“Gyabo”
2.The District of TrostAnarchy“Iíll kill every last one of them!”
3.The Weeb States of Whats in a nameCapitalizt“もえもえきゅん”
4.The Free Land of Bot56Anarchy“Nationstates is just Unpredictable.”
5.The Republic of ChisplehatteleAnarchy“I will kill ur people lol”
6.The Empire of CusedfinCapitalizt“Make it Right”
7.The Republic of YyyyyCapitalist Paradise“Y”
8.The Free Land of Recreational McNukes R UsAnarchy“Violate The NAP, Get The WMD”
9.The More Alpacas of AlpacaniaAnarchy“the worse, or better?”
10.The Commonwealth of LeaniaxFree-Market Paradise“Pride and Industry”
1234. . .3637»

Last poll: “84. You pay respects to Stan Lee. Suddenly, every single Marvel superhero descend from the sky and began attacking Monika.”

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The Glorious Nations of Iwaku Regional Message Board

It's now one more day among so many other
Important to some, nonexistent to another
The same holds true for all days
The same holds true for all ways
And during it all, I say, do what you'd rather

Poland-Lituania wrote:Alone on Valentines.

I know what you mean. Daughter ditched me so I was left at home to play tera until like 3 in the morning. Leveled up quit a bit though so I guess it wasnt too bad.

To all the russian dogs out there, I was browsing youtube and I think I found your national anthem.

Realm of the Neko Goddess wrote:To all the russian dogs out there, I was browsing youtube and I think I found your national anthem.

это было крайне грубо и очень больно

Azure nights passing by in front of my eyes
In the darkness, who knows when a bird flies
They vanish from my sight
I then look left and right
And now I see them again on the sunrise

Poland-Lituania wrote:Alone on Valentines.

Relatable, to be honest

The United Princedom wrote:Relatable, to be honest

*That feeling when you celebrate it on 8th July,and 14th February for you is Liberation of Rostov*

Banditostania wrote:*That feeling when you celebrate it on 8th July,and 14th February for you is Liberation of Rostov*

*That feeling when you're confused but then you realize Ukraine is mainly Eastern Orthodox which is technically different from the Catholicism/Protestantism in America and that Ukraine is not America so of course they would celebrate holidays differently because they have a different religion and different history*

Waylole Waronsh wrote:OwO


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