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The East Pacific contains 8,485 nations, the 7th most in the world.

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As a region, The East Pacific is ranked 10,196th in the world for Lowest Crime Rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The People's Republic of GoodnamesarerareDemocratic Socialists“Bush sucks!”
2.The Kingdom of KaigiCorrupt Dictatorship“If you lived here, you'd be eating pie by now.”
3.The Unified Tracts of ElejamieLeft-Leaning College State“Inimicum quamvis humilem metuendem est”
4.The Greater Galactic Empire of Imperial AkatsukiPsychotic Dictatorship“The path of Justice is paved with the blood of our foes”
5.The Dominion of WessaraDemocratic Socialists“Endure Through Unity”
6.The Scritchy Furpile of Slys PawsScandinavian Liberal Paradise“What could pawssibly go wrong?”
7.The United States of Greater SomaliaLeft-wing Utopia“For my clan”
8.The Federation of United China NationDemocratic Socialists“中华民族联邦的荣耀与繁荣”
9.The Republic of Bai LungCorporate Police State“Three Principles of the People”
10.The Collective Republic of BeatrixiaDemocratic Socialists“Socialism, Liberty, Beatrice”
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Empire of Dabiristan wrote:nvm I did post.

Y’all guys can continue w/o me posting for the time being. I’ll interject here and there.

I’m more of a moderator for the zone. Y’all explore and I’ll interject with problems or if I think something is against the spirit of the zone.

How was Taparistanball?

Taparistan wrote:How was Taparistanball?

very based. It's really good

"“Should we blame these images on TV? No! Blame Brancaland!” declares angry mother Sheila Brelufski. “We should send tanks, and planes, and soldiers to the Brancalandian borders, threatening war unless they stop making this filth!”"
This put an unneccesarily big smile on my face.

Estande wrote:Emilio de Barros, the Prime Minister of the Estandér state looked at several conflicting reports of what was happening in Coraliza, war, it seemed like, but not one news organisation managed to capture its severity and how if the Kianese would lose it, they would as well. Then out of the blue, the door to his office opens, it was the esteemed General Gale, with him was more paperwork, and just at the sight of it, the Prime Minister was shaken. - "General, what seems to be the problem here?" - Gale sat down - "Prime Minister, we are having turmoil at the General Staff. Some flag officers want to go to war with Altusia, and yet I and the rest, wanted you to be calling the shots. They are few, but most of them are one of our top generals." - De Barros sat back - "Go on." - He said - "We were at an impasse at first, but we've agreed on something. Prime Minister, it is all in this document." - Gale put the paperwork on top of the Prime Minister's rosewood table, covering the news he was reading before, the Prime Minister was now alerted - "What exactly did your people agree on, General? I need the gist of it." - "We agreed on suggesting a six-month preparation period for our troops, and until then, we can plan on where they would go. " - "Preparation period for what, General?" - "War with Altusia, sir. We only require six months to be combat-ready. You just need to fill the dotted line." - "War with Altusia, General? Wouldn't that be suicide?" - "The Kianese are with us." - The Prime Minister grabbed one of his fountain pens, and began reading the piece of paper as General Gale attentively watched him and the proposal - "All right, General. I'm not promising I can do anything drastic, what with all the Parliament's anti-war fervour. But I'll try." - The Prime Minister wrote his signature on the dotted line - "Thank you, sir." - General Gale stood up, took the papers and saluted him - "You may leave." - As the door closed behind him, he let out a huge sigh, and not of relief.

In Parliament, the Liberal Party-led government proposed the plan and was met with expected uproar from the opposition but also from some of its allies. A vote was called that would decide their course of action, a close vote of 99 'yesses', 96 'nays' and five 'exemptions' lead to the proposal being accepted by Parliament and now it came into effect. As news spread about the 'six month preparation time,' anti-war protestors from the Green Party and some from the Liberal Party rallied near the Parliament building, their signs deliberately saying no to the war. They were ignored, war was the only course of action for the restoration of a democratic Altusia.



Are you fvcking serious?

The Unity Sisters wrote:eh why does that matter

because he was critcizing mine

Shavara wrote:>_>

Are you fvcking serious?

what ammo do you use for your rifles?

EstandeKianhuaShavara can I get a TL;DR of what I missed?

Does anyone want Guns?

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