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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Creamy Puff Land of LaND oF cReAm pUfFs (elected )

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The Embassy is a unique region formed back in 2015, it now serves as the largest connector of diversity amongst regions, connecting thousands to each other through a single, neutral point.

Recruiters: please read the recruitment rules.

Goal: We want to break the record for most embassies. The Embassy is the NationStates record holder for most embassies! Record Set on March 21st, 2016, ended on June 13th 2016, regained on April 2nd, 2017 and April 4th, 2017
25-April 26th, 2015
50-June 13th, 2015
100-September 5th, 2015
250-September 24th, 2015
500-October 28th, 2015
750-December 4th, 2015
1000-January 13th, 2016
1250-March 15th, 2016
1500-March 23rd, 2016 / March 24th, 2017
2000-May 16th, 2017
3000-March 13th, 2018

Embassies: The Legions of Heaven And Hell, The Insane Region, Steam Islands, THE REICHSWEHR HEADQUARTERS, The Communist Legion, Gay Equality, Emirates of Futurnia, The Union of the Royal Alliance, Global Powers, The great german lands, Terra Nostra, Wintermoore, The Western Isles, Homestuck, The Second European Empire, Nelborne Union, and 2,961 others.Right to Life, Neo Otaku Utopia, Sacrum Romanum Imperium, Trade Federation, Role Player Coalition, Israel, The Illuminati, Eastern Roman Empire, PuppetStates, Conservative League, The Alliance of Dictators, Chireiden, Syria, Minecraftia, End 500, United States of America, Florida, The Royal Union, The Venus Project, The Galactic Commonwealth, Erabor Union, Galactic Imperium, Arconian Empire, The United Coalition of Nation States, Emeraldise, POLATION, Nintendo, Babylon 5, Sunalaya, KAISERREICH, The Mystical Council, Quiet Cottage on the Edge of the Cosmos, Atlas, United Governments of NationStates, The Savage Garden, bonvanasmith, Atlantis, Hellenic Civilization, ITALIA, Nebraska, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Massachusetts, Virginia, New Hampshire, Colorado, Mississippi, Wyoming, New Mexico, Avadam Inn, Idaho, Delaware, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arizona, Kansas, Utah, Minnesota, Kentucky, South Carolina, Nevada, Michigan, Ancient Lands, Maryland, Washington, North Carolina, South Australia, Tasmania, Icarus, Trendsetter, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, British Columbia, Crematorium, Somalia, Knights of the Round Table, Australia Commonwealth, Indonesia, Northern Territory, Victoria, Washington DC, Western Australia, Equinox, The Valley of The Wind, Yerushalem VI, Kennan, Scandinavia, Nohbdy, Alstroemeria, Union of Nationalists, Unified Coalition of Nations, Celtic Nations, League of Sovereign Nations, Plie, Continent of Xenonia, CDW Federation, The Dirt Alliance, Hollow Point, Unified Skaian Syndicate of Rulers, South Eastern North West, Nationalist Commonwealth of Free Regions, Mare Islands, Neoseeker, Osakaland, Aeterna Publicae, Historia Novorum, The Assembly of Democratic Utopias, Future Earth, Astyria, Australialia, Green Weed Militia, Cashnatchee, The Vaxonian Imperium, Roman America, Kerbin, The Greater Holy Isles, Suffolk, The Confederation of Unity, Knyghtaria, Federation of Planets Headquarters, The Doctor Who Universe, The Realm of Chaos, The Stargate Trek Wars universe, New World Union, The Mechanocracy, Greater AltHistoria, Parliamentary Union of Sovereign Nations, The Nation of Nations and Friends, Viking Europe, Commonwealth Assembly, United Imperial Union, the realm of insanity, The Commonwealth of the Fish, Islamya, Prettydragoon, The Persian Empire, Natan Region, Star Frontiers, The Rose Garden, Rumathier, Loamhedge, The Great NS Expedition Headquarters, Ozzy, Bikini Islands, Kylden, Kerala, The Hodori Archipelago, The Empire of Common Territories, Sagittarius Arm, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, Tecalenisia, Jerusalem, The Sea Of Love, Gensokyo, The Average Confederacy, Genuan Rebirth, Nippon, Freiheit, Order of the Southern North, Pisces Centauri, Dutch East India Company, The United Caribbean Island Alliance, ISAF2, United Valhaven, Association of South East Asian Nations, The Caldonian Union, International German Coalition, The Atheist Empire, The SOP, Grand Alliance, Chinese Republic, Hapes Consortium, Alliance of Democratic Social Republics, Turkic Union, Union of Republics, Holy Lands, Groland, The Great Chili, ASEAN, The United Federative of the UCE PUPPETS, The Dark Alliance, LCRUA, Ivory Tower, 21st Century Rome, New Triphoria, Weed, The Nether, Laissez Faireholm, Dune, Grand New Earth, Australia, Wyndia, Esamir, Orbit, Skivx, The Burning Legion, Albanian Union, The Jedi Council, Land Mass, Illinois, Gatehouse by the P2TM, Minoa, Pyandonea, Haiku, Steel Blue Castle, The ProcrastiNations, Titan, The Frozen Pacific, Esperanza, Greatest Ixnay, Aetherius, Austritaria, Grant, Ozymandium, Systems of Sagitta Aquarii, Isolert Ulv, Carnival of Souls, Tareldanore, Sovereign League, Alliance of Puppet Nations, The Randomly Misplaced Artificial Isles, My Little Pony Equestria, Markion, Deepfall, One big Island, The Grand Old Duke of Pork, The British Commonwealth, Axis of Absurdity, Brockton Bay, Winterfell, Brasil, Union of Socialist Soviet Republics, Confederacy of Allied States, Eos, ACA, The Atlantic Federation, Free Market Federation, Moneylania, Barbaria, Satan, Kingdom of France, 00000000000000000000000, Superiorem Merionem Region, Pluviostan, Silent, Confederation of Far Hills, Republican Army, MARHAENISME for The World, The Forest, The Holy Historian Confederation, Buddhism, The Royal Imperial Directorate, Coffee House, United Empire of Islam, New Democratic Republic of Foothills, Union for Social Democracy, Royaume de France, The Council of The Multiverse, 0000000000000, Stonehenge, Mecca, The Himalayas, The Empire of Nova Roma et agros captos, Filipinas, Skaro, Freedom and Justice Alliance, The Christian Communist Union, APSIA, Omega Assassins, Benevolent States, THE ROMAN COALITION, The soviet states of scolopendra, Nadeyatsya, St Abby, Republic of Greece, Grecia, Universalis Libertas, Sigil, Technologica, toilet arsonist appreciation society, Non Aligned Movement, North Amherst, Autism Spectrum, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, U R N, Lorian, Star Wars Battlefront, The Kaiserreich Galactic Empire, The International Communist Union, Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy, Nakhitchevan Autonomous Republic, City of Sevastopol, Forza Italia, Great Terra, The Juche Order, Galts Gulch, The Republic of Rose Island, Etla, The Great Wonderland, Imperium Figarium, The United Feline Commonwealths, Copper Confederation, Wolverton Mountain, Kaiserreich in Exile, The Confederacy Of Kishkhat, The Coalition of Independent Nations, Holy Rome, Republic 0f Mauritius, United IRON Empire, The Free Nations Region, Radium, Diplomacy International, The Spanish Republic, Transatlantic Treaty Organisation, Time for Britain 2 Leave the EU, Commonwealth of Gyflada, Ultima Thule, Federation of Greater German Republics, Yarnia, Brave New World, The Republic Nations, Beacon, The Dandy Land of Landandia, Wah Islands, Donald Trump, Krillin, Free Coalition of Governments, 42 Douglas Adams, The NeoConfederate States of America, The Patriarchy, Diamond Citadel, Salibasaar, The International Alliance, Eetrador, Baroque Works, World Awesome, The Satellite of Love, Southeastern Wisconsin, Terran Blood, The Atlantic, Monterey, The Labyrinth, The 25 Realms of Reality, Sivella, The New Alteran Empire, The Kingdom of Wurttemberg, The Great Nation of Petrokovia, Beyond the Wub, The Orion Pact, United Otter Emirates, Irish Lands, Greater Ixnay, Atonement of Harmony, Medieval Europe, Union of Multiversal States, Central Eastern Europe, Pontbridge Islands, Aels, League of Salem, Sondria, The Equator, Allied International Defense Initiative, Ultimaverse, National Socialist Ministries, Crestline, The Illuminati Council, Konfoederation deutschsprachiger Staaten, Borealias, Central Asia, Union Mundial, The United Rogue Nations of Alteria, Peninsula Iberica, Old Celtica, Brazzaville, Anarchic States, Imperial Confederacy, The Confederation of Zol, The Land Ov Denun, Celtica, The Free Republican States, The Turtle Isles, Puppets of Historia, The SmorgasLands, The Subantarctic, The Sol System, United Regions, Continent of LGBT Equality, Worlds End, The Democratic States of the Wasteland, Loneliness, The Arch Imperium of Mystiina, The Galactic Federation, The Great Mistake, Thandamaniland, The Waste Management Center, Holy Regime of the German Chocolate Cake, Isolation, League of Autocrats, Silent Isles, The Fourth Domain, North Gloucesterstania, Real Places, The Hakin Alliance, The Others, Cats rule and Dogs drool, GTA Forums, Empire of Andrew, The Region of Hetalia, Desert Islands, Epicenter Of Prosperity, The Kingdom of Sainam, Nova Civicus, Ultimum Terrae, Confederate States of North America, North, Crystal Empire, Red Rose, Stormbringer, Panessos, War Weary, The Meme Must Go On, Independent Islands, Tamriel United, Raylore, The Kingdom of Burgundy, Repubblica Italiana, Most Serene Republic of San Marino, Principality 0f Monaco, The Dunedain, Grand Central, The United Nations of Ellendor, CBGB, Repubblika ta Malta, Funen, The State of Revolution, Omniversal Giants Mark II, Tsumonrin, Imperial Russian Empire, New Ausozera, DreamLand, True North, Paradise, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Frozen Guns puppet warehouse, Imperium of the Wolf, The Bar on the corner of every region, Eientei Gensokyo, Universal Peace Enforcement Organization, Cold Springs, The Republic of Nauru, Confederacy of Independent Trade States, United Kingdom Of Great Britain, United Nations of 5957, Northlandia, Melhorian Sea, Aleria, Europea, The Minecraft Allies, Krumpelberg, The Scattered, Reality, Dankia, The Union of Socialist States Republic, Polandball, Asura, The Celtic Militia, North Eurasia, Land of Sand, Rainbowland, Principality of Andorra, The Kingdom of Bahrain, The Geometric Equanimity TGE, Novus Terra, The Straw Hat Pirates, TwitchPlaysPokemon, Association of the Countries of the Free, A World Beyond, Exodus, Central, The Grand Alliance of Democratic Nations, Arcadia Bay, Euphya, The Czech Republic, Union of Soviet States of Solidarity, The International Coalition, Poopi Noopi Groupi, The Peoples Republic of China, civilized states of indiscrimination, The Region of Banana Sundae, Loony Bin, Malaysia, Happy Utopia, Eagles of Germany, Nir, HFY, KTT Region, The Hub that is everywhere, East of West, The SCP Foundation, Solar Alliance, Northumbria, Fiji, Icecrown Citadel, The Organization of Mount Doom, Laotis, Turkiye, RWBY, Borussia, Know Your Region, The Central Pacific, Portugal, Land of Orcs and Goblins, The Middle Nowhere, The Popptart Empire, Koguria, Official European Union, ROMANIA OFFICIAL, Knights of The Templar Order, Union of Proletarian States, Regionless, Dispatchia, New Jahkku, Public Telegrams, Tenebris, The Rogue Gallery, The Iron Order, Duwang, Yuno, Grand Alliance of Free Nations, The Great Universe, The Delegation of Gallifrey, Austnara, New World Alliance, The Edge Union, Sudan, The Honorary Allied Nation States, The Principality of Liechtenstein, Ultranus, International Debating Area, Homelands, Guanzhouan Dictatorship for Edmund, Independent Powers of the New Earth, The Thunder Territory, Southeast Asia, Regional Highway, The International Kingdom, fluffy squishfish, The South Arctic, The Zeleros Pact, Dauiland, Teds Nationstate Emporium, The United Islands of the Atlantic, Galactic Republic, Star Wars, The Peaceful Coffee Shop In Chicago, The Duix Conglomerate, Galactic Empire, Anteria, Gae Sebn Semeb, The Wolf Legion, The Pale Blue Region, Polls Center with drinks, The Dank Meme Alliance, Serendipity, Free Cornicopic Union of Magic, The Exarchal Republic, Pandoran States, Northern Sea of Storms, The Hierarchy, A Hole To Hide In, Decepticons, Minarchist Coalition, The Great Conservative Alliance, Kesmor of Draconos, Meme Lords Unite, The Erviadus Galaxy, Elvarya, The Union of Empires, New Bulbasauria, Ergo, Joint Operations Space Command, Orthanc at Isengard, Realism and RP, True Left Movement, The Collective Regional Association, United Poland Union, The Basement Colonies, Nauru, Rutokian Empire, The League of Socialist States, The Bunny Fire, The Sense of Right Alliance, The Luxan Empire, The Antichrist Trump, Shirika, The Orion Arm, Celtic warrior, Baja California Sur, State of Quintana Roo, La Rioja, Republika Balgariya, Bal Harbour, The Bandits, Great Barrier Reef, Elemental Nations, Richard, Ecuador, Drummond Cockburn, Toronto, World, Central African Republic, 0000, The Cannabis Region, Toscana, Catlandatopia, Mahtomedi, Formentera, Ibiza, The Greatwoods, Solid Kingdom, Exarchal Republic puppet region, Austro Hungarian Empire, Pac Pac, Antigua and Barbuda, Gloucestershire, The Democratic Commonwealth, Segrate, Cobalt Network, Menorca, The Arab League Congress, MACUSA, Spinward, The Republic of Maldives, Republic of Seychelles, The heights of Chantilly, Sex, Covenant, true africa, New Apoloin, Korea, Bulawayo, The Warden World, Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri, St Barthelemy, Tanabiku Galaxy, Campione d Italia, Republic of Azerbaijan, The Commonwealth Times, Undertale, United Borenzoist powers, Ordo Circumspectionem, The Triggered Syndicate, Pawnsilvania, The North Pacific Allied Nations, The Holy Reich of Bunicken, Pigsty Steppes, Mapperdonia, Kanada, Senegal, Femdom State, South Pacific, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut, Axiom Supercluster, Luxembourg, Commonwealth of Baltic and Nordic States, Zen Buddhism, New Soviet Meme States, El Caballo, Crodown, VCG, The Parliamentary Union of Nations, Middleground, The Assembly of Gentlemen, Rhea, New Brunswick, Angora Guanaco, Okanagan, CIA, Cote dIvoire, Gabon, Two Letter, Tuvalu, Sakartvelo, Cote d Ivoire, Comoros, The Gambia, Vanuatu, The Swuvanian Commonwealth Board, Slavija, Connaught, The Federal Alliance of South Loco, Orbis Secundus, The Prussian Federation, Taiwan, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Korovia, Leinster, Wales, Civil Rights Region, Esti, Friends and puppets of Chewbockastain, Euros, The Nomadic peoples of Imperial Mongolia, The Legion of STS Nations, Equality and Development Coalition, Japan, Commonwealth of Progressive States, The Vast, Urraelia, The Epic Pony Region, The LBP Union, Gamyria and Historica, Nesapo, Land of Whispers, The Confederate States of PEEPO, United Socialist Republics, Larrys Lookout, Sikh Empire, The Nerby Banana Republic, Ex Cineribus, The Federative, Hippy Haven, Scoria, Union of Pasadine States, Global Federation, Zentari, Onore, Civilizational Compact, The Galactic Federacy, Armenia, Land of Richard the Bald, Concordat of Phoenix, The Indian Subcontinent, Paraguay, The West Wing, NationStates World Regions, International Republican Union, Imperial Fatherland, The Collection of Village Pubs, Michaels Puppet and Co, Coalition of Catholic States, The Salton Sea, New Dinosaurtopia, Hippies, South America, Intarctica, Surda Federation, The Farm, The Stellae, Especia and Meridon, USSR, Novels and Plays, Suomi, Future Milky Way, Regionless Nation, Cyberius Confederation, Chavel, Stupor Mundi, North America, Door Monster Entertainment, Commonwealth States, 1st Mars Roman Empire, Hetalia, Bernie Sanders Supporters, Sonnel, The Affiliation of Allied States, The Delegation of Alpha Quadrant, Veritum, Cascadia, The Genesis Corporation, The Glorious Nation of Arstotzka, The Lost Confederacy of KORNN, Remnants of Hyrule, Claistrora, Novapax, Newfield, The Gaza Strip, Agora, The Place That Has No Big Banks, State of North Dakota, SECFanatics, Ganmurral System, Vandoosa, Altmora, Unified Islamic Nations, Greenland Region, The Treaty of Assassins and Templars, Canterlot, Parmaetheus, The Boicelands Legion, Kotturheim, Leppikanian Puppet Storage, Etharia, Region of Regions, RGBN, Punished Coalition of Morons, KingWA Conglomerate, Industrialaska, Bully Pulpit, Vesvin, Organization of United Sovereign States, The Empire of Eternal Ice, The Mob, Steve, New Fanian Commonwealth, The Ocean, The democratic world, World Congress House of Lords, Force, Ibova, Kawaii, Central Alliance, The Federation of United Territories, Tashnsis Personal Puppet Storage, The Kaiserreich, Galactic Federation of Nations, The New Nations of Ridgeview, United Group, Sirius3108, The Confederacy of Free Lands, Trevelyan, The Great Experiment, Allied Federation of Nations, Libertas Nova, United Nations Space Command, Masterz, The Imperial Dominion, The Northern Outskirts, FUR, Organized States of Kappa, The Central Atlantis, Ancient Empires, Babylonia, Dash Clan, Abyssinia, South Asia, The Order of the Ezic Star, White Obelisk, Board Game Nations, Asiana, The Western Realm, The Lost Pacific, The Great United Federation, Bailiwick of New Jersey, Oceania, Costa Rica, Seattle, Varangian guard, Namibia, India, Anzia, That ONE region, KilianExp, Kingdom Of England And Wales, Kingdom of Jerusalem, Bailiwick of Guernsey, Pretentious Romans, McArthur, Isle of Anglesey, The Eastern Plebian Order, Teremara, Klein 2017, Assembly of Independent Nations, Maldives, Thebes, Putland, Roleplay Region of the Worlds, The Mountains to the West, Royal Empire, Atlantic New Lands, Spetsnaz, Mauritius, Liechtenstein, Zimbabwe, Algeria, The Briserian Universal Union, Apex, Free State of Bavaria, Cookstown, Imperial Prussia, United Assembly, Morningstar, African Union, The Sentient Hub, Coristno, Coral Palace Resort, Great Sea, The Silent States, Old Bulgaria, The European Empire, Peach Island, Socialist Middle East, Brasilistan, Crooked Mountain, Northern Riders, North Asia, Libertaria, Scotia, Malawi, State Awesome, French Empire, Puppet Stash 999, Black Sun Syndicate, The United YB Colonies of Asia, North Turkestan, AEGIS Alliance, REGION RETRACTED, The Pacific Republic, NATIONS REGION, Monarchist League, The Republic of India, Primeval Realm, Baltic States, Chinese People Liberation Army, Empire of Atlas, The Confederation of Razaland, Chile, Yo Mama, Where anyone can be anything, Latinoamerica, MEBM Pact, North American Union, Delta, Ismara, Diverse Regimes Project, The Land of Extremes, Mass Effect, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Beer, The Great Region, United We Stand, Goliath SpecOps inc, League of Christian Nations, Global Alliance, Democritus, Bettie Page vs Jayne Mansfield Catfight, Union of Nations, Association of Liberal Democratic States, Dungeons and Dragons, United States of Garfield, Republic of Selsos, Union of Overcast States, Old World Union, Isla Variatas, The Alliance of Metropolitus, The Intercontinental Union Of Nations, the Empire of Aino Kishi, Khuzifenq, Better than Anteria, Oblitus Realm, Assassins creed brotherhood, The Confederacy of Carolina, Phoenix Alliance, London, Annex of Allied Federation of Nations, Pacific Union, Congo, Mackenzie, Prince Edward Island, Samoa, Mongolia, Rhode Island, Laos, Palau, Freshness, Kiribati, Botswana, United Arab Emirates, Dominican Republic, Montserrat, League of Legends, Rio de Janeiro, Solomon Islands, Cape Verde, Dominica, Ceylon, Bosna i Hercegovina, MI6, The Civil Union of Free People, Columbia, Stornoway, Uganda, Northwest Territories, Belize, Nyksos, THE UNITED SOVIET UNION OF COMMUNISM, The Philippines, Saskatchewan, Ottawa, Pitcairn Island, Georgia, Beijing, Republic of Russia, Kenya, Yukon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of Congo, Monaco, San Marino, Galapagos, Purgatory, Tanzania, Swaziland, Calgary, The Dynasty of the Reaper, Mar A Lago Club, Pencil Sharpeners Puppet Storage, Streptococcus, The Slave Guilds, Sikhi Empire, Democratic States Alliance, The Syndicate of Cunning Minds, The Good Ship Revenge, Spooky land of doom, The Mesan Union, The Dragon Empire, A Very Small Region, Federation Of The Lord, Koria V, Tarn Vedra, Kingdoms of Abisa, Yoyle Region, Refuge, The Order of the Reich, The Insulam Confederacy, The Monarchist Entente, Wolvarian Imperium, Axis of Storms, East Asia, Z0mb13 sanctuary, The continent of Stewartinapol and claxe, Aeaea, CHEESESFTW, The North American Union, The Kamicaper Allied Nations, Stellaria Alliance, Jersey Shore, Atrosia Isles, The Gulf Cooperation League, Magna Europa, Yertania City, Alliance of the Island, Asia, The 1st Order, The Alliance of The Golden Phoenix, Out Of Left Field, Toastinia, IDA Womens Club, Memeworld, Interlegia, Superlegia, Annonia, The Lands Of Guacamole, Otoris, 2017, Confederated Kekistani Area, United Alliance of New Horizon Colonies, Elprus, Harrisons Class, The Sweet Ubiquity, The Holy Roman Empire, Covenant Accord, Olympia, The Bates Motel, The Allied Nations, Strawberry Fields Forever, Aerebia, CSTO, 84 point 25 Anomaly, the UN, Where the Wild Things Are, Dot, Democratic States of the United Republic, The Holy Union of Zuccin and Her Vassals, Covfefe, Tytopian Alliance, The United Federation of Oppression, The Technate, The NewsStand, Axial confederation, Sao Tome e Principe, Ilarta, Angvar, The NorthSouthEastWest Pacific, The Yorkshire Hollows, Earenland, Naturia Borealis, A Rather Quiet Place, The Glamorgan Vale, Andarios, DBA, Weyrest Archipelago, Manchester, Archdymia, The LAGC, The Democratic Union of Stento States, The Commonwealth of Blodfjell, The Puppet Show, The Conflicted Continent of Anakta, Red Alliance, HandelsDemokratische Foederation, Commonwealth of the British Crown, Indian Sub Continent, Asendavia, The Greater Union of Allied Nations, Societatem, UPESR, The States of Villaland, The United Nations of Northern Solaris, The Palaven Union, Everlasting, Doanese, Independant Osla Confederation, The Bavrovian states, The Militaristic Region, Iron Pillars, Henry Ford Archipelago, Northern European Union, Christians Run by a Jew, New Atlantis, desert, The New Mappers Union, Kortexian Tech Barracks, Puppet Election Committee, The Free Pacific, Jade Order, Exile Refuge, The Pacific Northwest, Green Delyria, Cotton Club, The Global Holy Roman Empire, Intercom, The Union of Trans Steppia, Giveran Empire HQ, The Travelling Sheep, Parliamentary democracy, I dont know what to name my region, The Iceberg Lounge, The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, The Raiders, Marist Federated States, Union of the oppresed kekistannis, The Green Pigs, Democratic Nations, Audacity, Sinatra Alliance, Hyperlegia, The Kingdom Of Westminster, Royal Association of Nations, Union of Allied Planets, The Bus, Crylantia, Union of Purity and Power, The Three Kings, Califato Andalusi, The New United Allies Of Bern, RAMS, Canada and its colonies, The Sands, The Nerd Union, United State Of India, Scarlet Dominion, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, United Federation of the Blanji Alliance, Region With a Generic Name, The Arab League, Alcamancan League, The New Democratic Union of Republics, New Republica, IDA Parliament, St Louis, Aesira, Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, Central Quark, The Real Pacific, International sovereignty pact, Austay, Harvest, European Conglomerate of Nations, Cosmic League, Walt Disney Parks And Resorts, The Loravian Archipelago, Algrenery, Nevaeh, Low Earth Orbit, Penguia, Conservative Anime Treaty Organization, The Alliance of Airborne Nations, The Republic Empire of Rome, Alter Terra, The ITDA HQ, The LCRUA, Venus Project, The Dragon Clan, Union Sovietica de Mordor, New Thantos, Collective 13, United Vape Nations, MUTO, Nationalistan, Within The Spectrum, Land of Hairy Cheese, Leftist Collective, Alpwaaca, Niflheim Dominium, western europa, Greater Middle East, Itevia, The Nations of POWER, The Imperium of Agia Germania, The Corsup Conservative League, Astural, Greater Brasilistan, Nova Terra, Council for Constructed Languages, Test, The Arabic Peoples of the Sand Plains, United Nations of Earthlings, The Confederacy of Free Nations, The International Polling Zone, Confederation of Canada, Ninjago, Flavortown, KerbinContinued, Alliance of Secondary Countries, Far Side of the Moon, leftypol, Intergalactic Spampire of Lord Jumbo Dog, The United Tacos of El Paso, The Junto Region, Ebenezer, Furby Island Puppets, The Roman Empire, IDA Centrist Party, Argentina Community, International Union of Nations, THE VUN, Castocium, United North Korea, Council of Islamic States, Democratic system region, Nashville Puppet Storage, Detczek, The United Nations of Justopia II, The New Epician Islands, Statistics Center, Federation of Conservative Nations, The Socialist Alliance of Eurasia, Circumspice, NS April Fools Day Jokes, Rogue CONclave, Discord, Island of Atlas, Gypsy Lands, Union Hispanica, Orient, The Mausoleum, Allies Nations, The hairy monkeys, The Fallout Universe, World of Boleia, The Imperial Consortium, Evirias, Silverhold, Ring, AltamontNATO, UNITED RAPTORS of WORTHYNESS, bringbackYourmoomy, Prylyn, MCS CLASS OF 2018, Thryllasian Union and Associates, Atypical Imperial Nations, Camerania, The Solar Council, Capricornarius, Region Mexicana Mundial, Boston, The League of Conservative Nations, Villa, The Democratic Union of States, Angels of Hell, Hyperion United, Canterbury, Iranian Islamic Republic, American Dodgeball Association of Americ, The Republic of Free States, The Amish Republic, East Gwynthorpe, The United Nations of Tylerrism, Grand Land of Muffinstan, The Killing Bungalow, Confederacy of the North, Imperial Coalition of Nations, Order of Catholic regions, The Trivoli Costal Federation, The Alliance of Bortonia, Cobrastan, The Curtain of Steel, The Nordics, Mr moneys fortress, The Casa Grande Alliance, Worldly Debate Region, Trumpism, Bus Stop, The Bloody British Empire, Fortunate Isles, The Left Coast, World of Infinate Creation, Elparia, The True World, Former United States of America, The Iron Fist Union, Union of Shoddy Subaverage Republics, The Marked Down Magicians, Slava Angmar, Wiccaland, Militarized Zone, Socialist Nations League, Nusantara Archipelago, Union of Eurasia, Milky Way Nations, United Athea, The Penguin League, kamara, the Montgomery Anti Welfare pact, Bleh, Rygach edd Taeilain, Kekistani Rogues, The AI League, the world of stans, The CeruleoAguarian Commonwealth, Oligarchy of Worlds, Vaal Hakia, Aristokuvaa, Stronk Trade Coalition of Bork, United Empire, United Nations of Oceanica, Free Republics of Memes, Tiamats Disciples, WQers, Band Of Nations, Global World Alliance, The Meritocratic Utilitarian Empire, Alliance for Freedom and Democracy, United farmers, The Union of the Axis Powers, The Harbour, The Marxist Leninist Union, Vacation Home of the Vile Swamp, Danganronpa, Bobosia, The Krusty Krab, The Northern Rim, Fslaistan, Libertarian Assembly, The Glorious Union of the Collective, The Watchtower, Nordic Alliance, Alstrept, The Union of Countryballs, Prophet Underground, Comlogical UDSAF Puppet Storage, TMD AND HIS PUPPET ACCOUNTS, PNF 404, My New Own Private Region, Nordic, Troy PAC, Nichts, The Golden Star of the World, The Western European Union, Free soc union, The Planet X, The Order of Balance, Legacy 1201 geneva, The Western World, Trinity fields, Rising Sun, Empire of Caesar, The Empire Union, Fourth Hanseatic Trade League, The Rogue Nation, Pagan Rose, Shrayan Bose, Crustathia, Sidere Perfectum, Integrated Allied States, Northern Hoggynesian Peninsula, Calnuxia, Ante Meridiem, The Good And The Bad And The Deranged, the Auvergne Rhone Alpes Region, United States of Literature, Mossflower County, The Economic Confederation, The liberal alliance, Antifa Luxemburgist Communist Collective, International Sovereign States, Endroit Est, Pruvorium United, 1000, The Anthonian Coalition, Colonies of Venus, Psychotic Pony Dictatorships, BackRub, The 1310 Union, Imperial Union of Allied States, The Alliance of Iron willed powers, Riverside County, Imperial County, Thordaux, San Diego County, The Gangst, Union of Socialists, Chembros, Planetary Galactic Governments Assembly, West Ponit, Zito Rufia, South Utopia, The Isocratic Union, Greater Sealand, Orbis, United Arctic and Atlantic Federation, Camp McKee, Barovia, The Alliance of Independent Nations, My old region died, United Netherlands, Order of the New Dawn, Northern Utopia, The Celtic Haven, Apathy, Rannoch, Mahakam, Nova America, The New Prussian Space Empire, The 71st legion, Installation 628, The Promised Lands, United Scandinavian Socialist States, Isles of Cork, Communist Party FHS, Maxx Barry, The Northern Coasts, Imperial Roman Coprosperity Sphere, More like Hurricane Tortilla, The Free Peoples of The Western States, Rainbow Flag, The unified african socialist republics, New Worlds RP, Union of Free Armed Republic, The Jewel Kingdoms, The New United States, Sovereign Land of Arstoska, StudyPortals, The Pizzeria Down The Road, Confederation, Oak Ridge, A Better Earth, The Outlaws, Advanced Human Federation, The Fellowship, World Assembly Voting Alliance, Futuristic Union of Nations, Iconia, World Trading Economy Alliance, Diabolico Empire, The Holy Empire of Stefflandia, Nova Vynerie, Vlaark Symbloc, Bardisson Caucuses, My Hero Region, Pangonia, GrayGear, The United Countries of Carbon, Iceheart, League of Letuil, Der Ring des Nibelungen, Beringia, Mitteleuropa, Draco Imperialis, Northern Redlands, The Free Nations Of Rolio, The independent region of Ametsang, Wide Overseas International Federation, UCFGR, The Zionist Federation of Israel, Alakor, Neutral Countries, The Allied Imperium, toucano, Karate, The Leftist Alliance, Liberty Federation, United Alliance of Conservative Nations, Ashwood, Vril Constellation, NorthernDefence, The Democratic Guard, The South Sea Treaty Oranization, Meadow, Government Money Bois, Satanic Haven, Union of Socialist Powers, Himno, Mauldonia, Kingdom of Redmond, Lil Pump and Lil Purp, Confederation of Nations, The Northwestern Union, Hippie Paradise, Gwalethia, Drangleic, Grand Coalition of Lyon, Union 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Alternate Earth, The Regional Committee of Communes, Erd, Lightmont, Alliance of European Nations, International Conglomerate, The Poroski Korovian Empire, The International Nations Council, Selesian, Code Country, Not Very Creative, Titus, Korasha, The Armed Military Region, Korgin Sargim, Sosova, Luft, United States of Columbia, The 2nd Republic of Chile, Westerland, The Remant Roleplay Region, Diversitaria, Heinessen, The Turkish Union, The Union of Monarchs, Phezzan, Nekoist Federacy, South Finesia and Terremer, Old Imperial Odin, Bondgenootschap van Nederlandse volkeren, Econia, Vacanion, Econima, Flauxier Continent, Altair VII, Masjid, Cavalon, The Kotaba Sector, Auroran, Theoria, Pandoran Alliance, United Social States of America, Valsagia, Kapche Lanka, Leracona Prime, The Durograd Confederation, Mitasnia, Legnica, Shampool, Aretic Union, Antares Alliance, Remus, Lemutlantis, Parumerendo, The Great Hellenic Empire, Nova Cicero, The Grass Bubble, Alasan, Lyuuken, The Orange Sea, Palas, New Brannack, South Arctic, Lusiana, Srinagar, Palamara, Lustria, The Begrudging Neighbors of Earth, Castrop, Aurorealis, Lugen, Kleingelt, Sun System, Proserpina, Soest, North Westar Coalition, Order of the Sith Lords, Anshar, Uruvasi, The SFX Union, Kaffa, Rondolina, Neptis, Artena, Volcatrima, Asla, Greater Dalmatia, World Powers, Veloria, Saint Augustine, The Red Brotherhood, iFunny, Talonious, Vakenburg, No Girls Allowed Alliance, Auzzenetia, Central Mandaeia, The North Eastern Mediterranean, The North America, Southeastern Order, Metamorphoses Hole, Proud Despots, Franica, Region of South and Central America, Orania, Pax Yosliana, Hejaz, Democratic Peoples Republic of iSTEM, ITALIANIIII, Ugala, Land of Snek, Kaikaya Fallout Bunker, United Nations of Justice, Nations of Greece, 7th Coalition, Eobul, The States of Arda, The Outer Hebrides, Brontial, Caesaria, Ridiculous, New Xenonsia, Strangereal, Garuda Primaris, Bassaqi, The Argyrean League, Artheinia, Aaronian Space, Jahusa, Union Of Great Britain, Machtpolitik, Southeastern Kalamazoo, Cerulean, Gertia, The Cerberus Alliance, Isle of Aldovia, Aserza, Drakkaria, The Iron Pact, Arsopia, The Caravan Corner, New Roiland, World Socialist Empire, Vendal, Lenins Backyard, Hulon, Ravengea, Republic of Beartraps, Pacific Allies, Owners of the world and evil i guess, Opraria, Slavkans, Isle of the Nations, Rolland, Independent Jump Point, Tjena, Unity of Sovereign States, The Free, Choilan, Ameurasia, Oakwood, Contellia, The Federation of Free Nations, New Graia, Ostenesia, Sibir, Dankest Memes, Fangmar, Greater Khafka, The Fidelus Alliance, Pandemonium, Independence Party of The World Assembly, United Nations of the Deingtyia Sea, The Grand Region of Intelligencila II, The World of Pilazzio, The Mystic Isles, Blinkodka, Braniastine, International Union of Dictatorships, CSMS Squaaaf, The Free States of the Nords, Andarian Andromeda Galaxy, Elite Region of Chicken Command, Pangea, Northrend, Principality of Sealand, United Tropical Islands, Eurasian League, CSM, Tuit, United Vulpes Nations, Club of Philadelphia Eagles, Middle Ages, Black Legion, Asia Union, MapleWoods, Vodka The Raiding Region, The Proud Tastantia, Lesing, The Haumea Spacy Colony, Confederation of Indepentent States, Andarian Solar System, The Zeitgeist of NationSates, K Lot, The Renegade Wolves, The Omniverse of Life, The Global Pact, Former Roman Territories, Slambo Circle, Best Region, The Swiss States, Mulvania, Stanford, Tidal Force, The Schindlers List, TGU News 2, World Conquest, The Liberal Democratic Alliance, Allied Dictators of Eastern Europe, Ronans Nations, The United Nations of the New Earth, Anti Fascist Union, Monarchical Union of Kingdoms, The Nemesis Space Colony, New Amani, Jutar, Tamm, United States Regional Alliance, Wall, king nation, The Old Galactic Republic, The Organization Of Free States, Warehouse, Memequisitor, Down with World Assembly, The Grey Havens, The Eris Space Colony, Ikuisuus, General Alliance of Nations, United Nation of Pacific Service, Arcturran International Nations Council, The Xanderian Union, Leachlandian Empire, Windy Island, Bot Universe, NPTO, The Workers Union of Republics, The Order of the Blade, The Democratic States of Rumantsch, Oay, Great Union of Nationalist States, Commonwealth of Expeditionary Colonies, Veralucrity, The United Continents of Eternal Glory, Authoritarianism Is Cool Kind Of, The Grand Duchy of Livonia, Land Of Discovery, Isolation Station, Vorr, The Wenteran League, The Pacific Mutual Defensive Pact, Zect, Men, Grand Alliance of Secluded States, The Empire of the everlasting sun, The Endless Sea, Tranquility Forever, Kalavia and Jevonia, democratic union of free states, Conservatives of America, The Novitiate, Carthaginian Republic, Sentakeo, Pax Mundi, Football Land, The Holy Hircum Populus Empire, 2nd Reich of Bunicken, Orokin Empire, Spamelot, The Crustacean Federation of Nations, United Multiverse of Alternate Realities, Segmentum Solar, Votis, Aion, Golden Steppes, Antarctic Islands, Monarchist Europa, The Alliance of Delinquent Nations, Xasthur, Infinitus, North St Albert, Gemeinsame Deutsche Union, The NationStates Gazette, Pony Lands, Good7Region, Steampunk Alliance Of Axis Powers, The European United Kingdoms, Ema Skye, Alkazerra Republics, The convenient store of Opstans puppets, The Peaceful Pact, New Moscow Pact, The Little Entente, Lenins Sideyard, The United Nations of Power, Autocracy Central, Gaelic Union, The Oceania, Peyote, Currahee, Greater Gallia, Brightport, Boeotia, Heil Dir Im Seigerkranz, Guild of Nations, Andarian Large Magellanic Cloud, Anarchic Yet a World, PETA, Tomorrowland, Auralia, Andarian Small Magellanic Cloud, The Second Realm Republic, COSAAN, PuppetStorageLandia, Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy, Amazonia, Zeurim Federation, Squillia, ISIS land, Weedfest, The United DPRK of Korea, Zeta Puppet Storage, Point Reyes National Seashore, Novum Imperium Romanum, Aclistan, The Right Wing Haven of Duncraig, Osca, The Kindgom Of Many, Asian Pacific Alliance, Anubis Prime, The Greater States, Nova Roman Empire, Atlantic Administrative Region, Travnik, Nautica, Smokefest, Dryftyans an Brastiryow, The Collective of Militarist Nations, Zerg, Lasothus, New Zubland, Destefaria, The Democratic Peoples Union, Fau, North American Treaty Organization, Continents of Allyiran, Travellers Rest, Alliance of the Northern Realms, Brandishland Confederacy, Back scratchers, The New States of the Reich, The Noswurg States, Federation of Sortalasia, UNSC Controlled Space, Jewtopia, SkywardSins, Oconem, Avengers of JUSTICE, All Leftist Alliance, United Front Of Canadians, Kekyoin, Do you know de wei, Beware, Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy, The United Doctorate, Adylicatpeel EMPIRE, The Bone Hurting Lands, Telgia, Scottish Royal House Retreat, The Tatar Confederation, Sixth Communist International, The Mid Rim, 224s Polling Region, What we could have been, Sux Peninsula, Azerupt, Delegation of Allied Nations, The Aligned Nations Of The North, EpicGamerSquad, Sumkurg II, Ethopia, Confederacy of United Independent States, United States of Pork, The Monarchist Union, The federation of Cowichan, Nuclear Wastelands Puppet Storage, Western Ocean, Hyperacusis, New Anea, The Greater North Atlantic Empire, Poonema, Jupiter Region, Kvatch, Redivia, Realm of Juno, Ursa Major II Dwarf, The Royal Federation of Fedrium, Volconia, Flag Commission Position, Ursa Minor Dwarf, Antoli, Hypernova House, Former Northern Ontario, Guristia, bored at school, Centraelius, Bambino, The Camelot Union of States, Ursa Major I Dwarf, Vlokozu Union, Tribal Lands, Lablanc, Glasspond, The United Empires of Earth, New Erasia, Glacilaria, Missouri Republic, Nopten, Arckenia, Centrum Essentia, Vultedis Sovereign Haven, United Crown Alliance, Indiana Territory, Dominaria, Necrueya, Stronghold, Communist Dictators, Free Democratic Countries Of Europe, The Disneyland Resort, Tranco, Sad Memetown, The Cleck Capitol, Infinite Sea, Assembly of Violent Dictators, The New New World, NeoEurope, Jarkia I, Watch the Dot, Keinarus II, NS Refugee Camp, sayggoodbyetohollywood, Jarkia II, Coventium, Magnum Ovum, The Imperium Of The Multiverse, Oloan, Countryball Community, Union of Soviet Socialist Repubilcs, Horny Narwhals, World Diplomacy Area, European Harmony, Jarkia III, Interworld Comintern, Grumbletonia, Mediolanum, Global Industrial Union, Know Da Wae, Keinarus III, Keinarus I, New Reich, Western Archipelagos, The United Empire, Biqgai, Southern Cheeki Breeki, Waferland, Federation of Free Sovereign States, Zavil, United War Front, Rucacia, Alliance of Evil Countries, New Eastern Atlantic, EpicGamerBattalion, The Social Nations, The Rouge Nations, Utopian Haven, Fate Waifus Alliance, Realm of Anubis, Centralized Free Islands, The Global Economic Trade Union, Exortus, Bakurian Confederation, Herosova, Alliance of Sovereign Nations, United Nations of Tyranny and Democracy, The Grand Sandy Region, Eat Fish, Reconstructed Ellis County, Fantasy Guild, Union Of Social Anarchists, The Dunes Casino, The Greater Roman Populusque, Dathamay, Worldwide Treaty Organization, The United Nations of Ultima, YeetLand, The Atlantic Alliance, MexUsCan dominion, Lardyland, Stephargle, Kamchenghoe, International Economic Union, Union of Socialist Eurasian States, United Spuds, The Conservative Republic, Belaus, Tvaranii Galaxy, SOupy, Harmonia, Jasoi world, The United Utopias and Countries, San Diego Unified School District, Heaven Federation, Freedom and only, Revival Nations, New West Indies, League of The Mediterranean, Our Town, Vivalda, New Norrland, East Germany Puppets, Yeety, Free Movement, The Imperium of Galians, The Northern Atmosphere, United Free States, Penguin Planet, The allied nations of Nova, Territory of Eastern Afghanistan, Northen Atlantic, Republic of Rhodes, The Uknighted Nationnnz, The West of East, The NSG Soviet, As Ilhas do Sul, Youtube Hypebeast Section, United Fascist Bloc, Sembedimbe Military Alliance, The INRA Dominion, Dablandia, commies, Vicinitas, Homeplace, TGU Defense Force, The Glorious Missouri Reich, Altair II, Andarian Triangulum Galaxy, The Grand Kingdom, ZaibatsuOS Alliance, Altair VI, Aincradd, Mom Central, Estaria, Southern African State, The Parthian Capital Hierarchy Society, Alt Right Paradise, The Atlantic Island Chain Nations, The State of Olympia, The Shundi Provinces, The Region of Kazoku, Socialist World Union, LibreLand, United World Empires, Morocco Hay Mohamadi, The Barren Deserts of Bakersfield, Altair I, STATES, Onalesia, EUROCHINA, Decatur, Altair V, Petains France Royal Treasury, Unitia, Land of Shadows, Keep America Great, Doglandica Influence Circle, Greater Russian Empire, Levora, South Wilma, United Federation of Obfuscation, Stars and Moon Region, The Keshavian Union, League of Capitalism, The Collective of Eurasia, Altair IV, Side 3, The New Nations of Europe, Harry Potter, Magick, Paragon, Altair III, bread with sugar, Sultanate of Rum, Third PCWZ Empire Encampment, The collection of tyrannical states, The Major Colonies, The Pit under the Arm, Valley of the Dark Lords, The Guardian Patriot Alliance, Confederacy of Nickels, Arthurian Confederacy, Eeveeland, The Region of Abandoned Nations, Commonwealth of Independent Nations, United Nations Protectorate, The Alliance of Luck, DC Comics, Paklintion, hEorpa, Socialist International, The Glorious Route to Chlifa, Federation of Independent Authorities, The Green Independent League, Meridian, Technia, Arstozka, Forehead Paradise, Church of the Third PCWZ Empire, The International Commune, Asian Union, United Fascist Union, Free People of The Democratic Federation, Soul King Palace, Petains France, The Dodinian Confederation, The Albic Federation, DMS Model UN, Sector 12, The Glory of Buttercups, The Royals, The Great American Union, Ohamabama, The Northern Water Tribe 2, The Kingdom of Woven Stars, The Grand Empire of Torhaven, Kekistans, Sufficient Union, The Westerns World, Union of Some States, The Central Steppes, Commonwealth of Populists Nations, Asina, HOTR Alliance, Tirmawr, NO BLACK HAWKS, The Federation, New United Nations NUN, North Sea Empire, NS Region Fleet HQ, The NationStates Dictionary, The United Peoples Union, Region Of Virtual World, The United Nations of Nation States, Order of Faith, The Soveringity Entente, United States Of Ultroin, That one place, Rylandiar Alliance, Univaria, Arab, Snazica, Freaks And Geeks, Pringlelandea, The Prosperous Peoples, The Cult Of Scientology, The Red Lands Alliance, Greater Imperial Provinces, Order of the Eastern West, Proleteriatmarxistan, fedorovka, REXES, and United Defence League.

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The Embassy contains 21 nations, the 736th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Welfare Programs in The Embassy

Governments ranked highly spend the most on social welfare programs. Nations ranked low tend to have weak or non-existent government welfare.

As a region, The Embassy is ranked 7,622nd in the world for Largest Welfare Programs.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Democratic States of LeppikaniaLiberal Democratic Socialists“All hail the glorious Gaben!”
2.The Migratory Questioning Lands of QuestionerInoffensive Centrist Democracy“ ”
3.The People's Benevolent Society of FartulaDemocratic Socialists“Ehhhh.... why not?”
4.The Creamy Puff Land of LaND oF cReAm pUfFsNew York Times Democracy“Creamy on the inside puffy on the outside”
5.The Alt-F4 State of BavaradoFather Knows Best State“Backward!”
6.The Shining Beacon of DisastopiaCorporate Police State“Progress. No Matter the Cost.”
7.The Nomadic Peoples of The Magical PuppetInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The strings are everywhere”
8.The Grand Duchy of Emperor Maxwell ICivil Rights Lovefest“Oh hey, I'm the Emperor!”
9.The Silverian Militar Order of Knights of the Silver HandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Imperial Andarian Ambassator!”
10.The Past and Present of Gretten DameFather Knows Best State“We must Respect our Past or we may never see our Future”

Regional Happenings


The Embassy Regional Message Board


Please read and inform your delegates, its a revised post of the previous one to comply with requirements.

United German Regions wrote:page=UN_view_proposal/id=united_german_regions_1521551379

Please read and inform your delegates, its a revised post of the previous one to comply with requirements.

Can I join the embassy building team, the telegram I got told me to contact you.

Puppet 4 of Spam Spam Spam wrote:Can I join the embassy building team, the telegram I got told me to contact you.

You were added to the team approx. 2 hours ago.

United German Regions wrote:You were added to the team approx. 2 hours ago.

So... do I just make embassies?

Puppet 4 of Spam Spam Spam wrote:So... do I just make embassies?


This is a interesting region

Could the denizens and citizens of this neutral point offer me their reactions and critiques of my growing collection of custom, archaic, plagiarized poetry?

"Gin and tonic, pike and shot,
kill the heretic without a thought,
Whatever happens, we have got,
The Maxim gun, and they have not

I tire of love, I tire of rhyme
But conquest gives me pleasure all the time
like the bronze giant of Greek fame,
I purify the enemy with green flame

With conquering limbs I go further
guided by faith and brain
Through my travels I see further
by standing on those I have slain

Unruly and irreverent is the outside
At least Ive always found it so
This heresy I cannot dare to abide
Benedicamus Domino!

The elan vital of the Sultanate of Kipiria


The Modern Traveller (1898) for the Maxim Gun
"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." Isaac Newton
"Fatigued", Sonnets and Verse (1923) for the "I tire" portion
"The New Colossus" for the Greek giant
"The Catholic Sun" by Hilaire Belloc for the last paragraph

"Damn, damn, damn the Stojanovians!
Cut throat capitalist crones
Underneath the lion flag,
Civilize them with a Krag!"

- Soldier's ditty in the Kipirian-Stojanovian war

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