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Welcome to The Pacific, the oldest region in NationStates and home of the New Pacific Order!

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  • JOIN THE WA and endorse our Delegate Aleisyr and Praetor Karenus.

  • Resident endorsement limit is 10

  • Provincial Governor endorsement limit is 20 - Find your Governor

  • All RMB recruiters will be banned on sight

  • Embassies are reserved for Feeders, Sinkers, Allies and Provinces. All others will be ignored.

  • The regional currency is the Denarius. Adoption is optional.

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Regional Power: Extremely High

The Pacific contains 7,622 nations, the 2nd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Welfare Programs in the Pacific

Governments ranked highly spend the most on social welfare programs. Nations ranked low tend to have weak or non-existent government welfare.

As a region, the Pacific is ranked 7,223rd in the world for Largest Welfare Programs.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Blue Coalition of JerrDemocratic Socialists“Ratio Ante Omni”
2.The Socialist Empire of Universal Utopian StateLiberal Democratic Socialists“Libertatem est Servitus.”
3.The Banana Republic of OatopiaLeft-wing Utopia“Butter”
4.The Empire of DragkoniaCivil Rights Lovefest“Sic Semper Tyrannis”
5.The People's Republic of StavoyeNew York Times Democracy“Progress forevermore”
6.The Pass the Grand Duchy of FredanicaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Smiles upon Dumb Animals and Fredanica”
7.The Floating Nation of ShinganshinaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Pacem et cuncta evenient prospera .”
8.The Pacific Imperium of AleisyrLeft-Leaning College State“Defend the Revolution! Defend the Pacific!”
9.The Virtual Reality of AnoziaNew York Times Democracy“Further beyond imagination”
10.The People's Republic of Boyzka TriaCivil Rights Lovefest“Twirling Toward Freedom”
1234. . .762763»

Last poll: “Of course everybody should endorse Emperor Aleisyr, but who's your favorite Senator? ”

Regional Happenings


The Pacific Regional Message Board

Pelagis wrote:Tell me sensei. Why the flags are not changing anymore? (´・ω・`)

Been busy with college :(

Shinganshina, Pelagis, and Jar Wattinree

Southern Baptist Autonomous Free State wrote:

East Lubatuck this morning arrested, tried, and executed dissident Petrock Revneck for the assassination of former President Amy Chamberlain. The East Lubatuck government issued the following statement; "We apologize to the people of the Southern Baptist Autonomous Free State that this dissident evaded our security protocols. Let his confession, trial, and execution stand as testament...."

Deep in the bowels of the subterranean labyrinth that lies beneath The Bible Baptist Republic’s capital of Bunyan, the Pastoral Council meets:

SP = Supreme Pastor: Robert For-The-Righteous-Shall-Live-By-Faith Smith
DF = Minister of Foreign Affairs: David I-Will-Get-Vengeance-On-My-Enemies Farrell
JC = Minister of Defense: General Joseph Who-Trains-My-Hands-For-War Collins
SO = Minister of Justice: Colonel Sherman Go-And-Sin-No-More Oakes
JM = Minister of the Treasury: Jude A-Tithe-of-Everything-of-the-Land Miller
SC = Minister of Education: Sandra I-Will-Instruct-You Connors
HG = Minister of Human Affairs: Harold Not-By-Sight-But-By-Faith Green
KG = Minister of the Interior: Karen Consider-The-Lilies-Of-The-Field Gordon
RP =Minister of Environmental Protection: Rachel Seek-Peace-And-Pursue-It Peterson
MA = Minister of Intelligence: Mark The-peace-of-God Anderson


SP: Mark, any possibility that Petrock Revneck actually pulled the trigger?

MA: Highly improbable. Petrock Revneck was a dissident, mostly known for badly photocopied anti-government treatises. Nothing in his past indicates he had the capability of obtaining a rifle let alone the marksmanship to pull off this assassination. His "confession" and subsequent execution smells of East Lubatuck's State Police taking care of two problems at once.

SP: At the very least the "official version" of events will take the wind out of Davidson's anti-Bible Baptist rants.

DF: Somewhat. Polling shows he lost some support with Murdock and Kitchner improving their numbers while White's campaign is in free fall. The changes with Kitchner and Davidson are within the margin of error. In a run off between Kitchner and Davidson, it's too close to call.

SP: Keep a close watch on Murdock's campaign. I want more information on her. The only thing surprising about Davidson is his polling strength. He's been a political nuisance for years. Murdock's a complete cypher. A minority party back bencher whose greatest political accomplishment to date is a floor speech about public transportation funding should not be polling 26 percent. And David, be prepared for an influx of Emmalinians applying for asylum now that Alexander has reopened the borders. I want a lot of red tape and processing delays to keep them in country until we can figure out what Alexander is going to do about his father and his father's supporters. I will not send people back to their deaths. If Alexander has a snit about it, well, we may have to rethink testing Project Wormwood. Now on to the preparations for the convention...

Jar Wattinree

Shinganshina wrote:Why? Because.
*receives 100 on college essay

Answer me! I demand!

Shinganshina, Pelagis, and Jar Wattinree

Jar Wattinree wrote:So there are things called WA Elections in regions, now.

Ale is still the top dog :3

Shinganshina and Jar Wattinree

Volga Bulgars wrote:how can l leave

Are you sure? The Pacific is definitely the most bestest region of them all :3

But if you really want to go, here's how (the green text is link).

Shinganshina and Jar Wattinree

WesleyWestlandia wrote:I don't look at my nation for a few days... and 12 people endorsed me. I'm 7 over the cap now. 7!!!

I think it's time to change my name to DO NOT ENDORSE again... :|

Aren't you an officer? Your endo cap is supposed to be 20, right?

If you put on that title again, I'll... endo you within the endo cap, lol

Shinganshina and Jar Wattinree

Aleisyr wrote:Last WA Election: 2 hours ago

Saw that and nearly had a heart attack.

Vote Aleisyr! Vote NPO!

votes NPOically

The Bible Baptist Republic wrote:Say what?

It's probably an indicator of the Minor (12PM) and Major (12AM) Updates for everybody who's not playing in the R/D game. The updates are when the servers process information in large chunks -- this is the reason why you have "X nation is ranked X amount in the world" or "X nation's influence rose from X to Y".

WesleyWestlandia wrote:I don't look at my nation for a few days... and 12 people endorsed me. I'm 7 over the cap now. 7!!!

I think it's time to change my name to DO NOT ENDORSE again... :|

Pelagis wrote:Aren't you an officer? Your endo cap is supposed to be 20, right?

If you put on that title again, I'll... endo you within the endo cap, lol

What Pelagis said. If not, then I'll gladly unEndo you right away.


Pelagis wrote:Aren't you an officer? Your endo cap is supposed to be 20, right?

If you put on that title again, I'll... endo you within the endo cap, lol

He's not an officer in that way.

Subsonia wrote:Answer me! I demand!

I honestly don't know. I just see you a lot but I have no clue on what to put your title as so I did that.

Overdosed crackheads is ranked 169,971st in the world and 7,620th in the Pacific for Largest Welfare Programs, scoring -121 on the Safety Net Mesh Density Rating.

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