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WA Delegate: The Serene Mercantile Republic of Nerany (elected )

Founder: The People's Republic of Zhengan

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Welcome to Anteria

We are a casual, modern tech, closed-world region, open to all ideologies and nations alike.

Current roleplay date: November 2018

Featured Region: 2/1/2017 and 8/25/2018

Please refrain from targeting this region for recruitment.

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Please endorse our World Assembly delegate Nerany to ensure regional stability.

This Week's Theme: Malicious Groups! (Theme Weeks)

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Regional News Thread:Today in Anteria

Best ally: Poland
Later this week: Invade Gaul

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    The Concordat of Anteria

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    Anteria Regional Information Hub

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    Featured Articles

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    Keeping NationStates Safe: A Campaign Against Harassment

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    Role-Play Ideas

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Regional Power: High

Anteria contains 369 nations, the 30th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Nudest in Anteria

After exhaustive surveys, the World Census calculated which nations have the greatest acreages of flesh on public display.

As a region, Anteria is ranked 8,468th in the world for Nudest.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Free Land of UgauhaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ugæ ulařu!”
2.The United States of Tercessuinotlim of NulgathNew York Times Democracy“No pain no gain”
3.The Democratic Republic of Shmuel NationInoffensive Centrist Democracy“SWGM”
4.The Republic of ClasvadinjaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Es abrella up diventum”
5.The United States of World TradeFather Knows Best State“Pecunia per potentiam”
6.The Demented Wasteland of Adorable BunniesCorporate Police State“We're your friend!”
7.The Dictatorship of Underground KekistaniaMoralistic Democracy“Peace and Justice”
8.The Republic of Franc-castelPsychotic Dictatorship“La Nation ! La Nation ! Mon Cheval pour la Nation !”
9.The Eternal State of The Step ForwardIron Fist Consumerists“Sivv felcaq Forwwardia, Sivv patra Ordio.”
10.The Kingdom of IoromIron Fist Consumerists“If idiots can fly...this place will be an airport”
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Regional Poll • What is your favorite Classical Civilization (Europe, Near East, and North Africa)

The Crown Plutocracy of Neuewland wrote:Classical Civilization, in this poll, is going to be defined as Civilization from 600s BC-1 AD

Voting opened 1 day ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “Anterian Demographics poll: What is your favorite month?”

Regional Happenings


Anteria Regional Message Board

The Federated Arstotzkan States wrote:I agree. That idea could work. I’ll ask the other members if they cI took your idea to a vote and the other two member nations accepted it. I made the change to the proposal, which can be seen in my Factbook. I hope to welcome you to the Union soon.

Great! The empire wishes to join.

Norsinaynia are now actively destroy rebel associated craft and blockade to rebel territorys (besides refugees and philanthropic aid). The Luftflåte (air fleets) are now conducting air strikes upon strategic positions, full scale urban bombings, and jamming radio frequencies. Propaganda leaflets are dropping from the airships to demoralize and hinder the rebel war effort. Full scale invasion is immanent within the month.

Again Norsinaynia reminds the international community that Norsinaynia will be acting separately and independently of Demitor, and will not send them aid of any sort because of international resentment. Norsinaynia will try at all costs to not be at war with any nation at odds with Demitor. As such the empire refutes any alliance or agreement with Demitor. To provide evidence of this, once full occupation of the Demitorian Free State occurs, Norsinaynia plans on giving full sovereignty to the occupied territory, unattached to the current ideologies of the rebel state. Any alterations of this plan is very much possible, as the international community involved in this issue is free to make objections, and the empire will gladly oblige with the majority dealing with this topic.


Hundreds of Demitorian M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tanks have slammed into the front all along the government and rebel border. The rebel's sentries holding watch over the border were quickly overrun, though some parts of the line were able to sound the alarm to their comrades who were asleep. Led by the fires of burning buildings, and burning vehicles, the advance pushed through on all fronts, though a few were slightly bogged down near the fortress town of Fenar. Fenar's formidable defensive lines, as Demitor's main communications servers are housed in and around the mountains and hills of Fenar Point ar eproving tough for the regular army, as what few mountaineers Demitor's military has are mostly posted to the mountains on the border with The Step Forward and aren't really equipped for a massive relocation that would be needed to move them into position. The armor bypassed the town, with a few units serving as highly mobile short range gunnery for the infantry slugging it out in a siege that will probably last quite a few days. Over a hundred thousand mainline infantry and over two hundred thousand reservists are reported to be engaged along the entire front, but reports also state that the infantry is having trouble keeping up. The armor, having started at around midnight yesterday, has reportedly advanced almost thirty miles, while portions of the line deemed completely controlled and devoid of resistance is hovering around fifteen percent of the entire front. The rebels are reportedly hurriedly digging in around their provisional capital of the old city of Koli. The Demitorian National Army has reported casualties of only hundreds, and with conscription now a requirement, suddenly the numbers have begun swelling as more and more people report for their mandatory service. The new recruits are mostly sent into the trenches as rearguard and "last resort" infantry. Numerous Demitorian Free State Army units have been completely overrun, and the government has declared all rebels do not deserve mercy, so are not captured, are just killed where they are found by the government forces. From the front line, over three divisions of the rebel army have been either destroyed or scattered. In the south, the front has almost totally collapsed in favor of the government. Thirty thousand soldiers of the government were rushed to this breakthrough, and soon encirclements have been reported all across the south, a company there, a regiment there, whatever encirclement occurred were immediately compressed and the units killed off. The armor again pushed through, destroying anything that opposed them in their past. The rebel armor consisted of only a handful of Abrams, mostly being equipped with a M-60 main battle tanks. These have put up what little fight they could, but most that were sighted by M1A2's have been swiftly dealt with. A handful of Abrams have been knocked out among the entire front line and more troops are reported inbound from the north of Demitor. Field commanders have orders to either capitulate every town that they come across, or burn them. Every single building must be torched. So far, only a handful of towns that showed reluctance to the approaching government forces have been torched. The remaining rebel forces have been forced to retreat, with every defensive line they stop to prepare at being overrun at some point in the line forcing everyone to retreat back to hopefully prepare whatever defensive line their commanders had planned out for them. The defensive line they had picked, however, wasn't ideal as most of the ground had begun to freeze since it was going into winter, and since most of the ground was plains, there was no real natural cover besides what small fortifications and barriers could be made out of dirt and what little wood the rebels could find. After about twenty straight hours of fighting, the rebels' defensive line held against few small pushes by mechanized infantry, as the armor was forced to stop to let the crews rest and some of the tanks to cool down to prevent overheating. Storms had rolled in, preventing a lot of air power to be used. However, the F-35 squadron and numerous squadrons from the island air force base off the coast have been moved to Carrack, to easily attack the rebel held positions. Demitor has also reportedly activated it's eight airborne divisions, though it will take them three days to prepare for deployment. Same with Demitor's crack troops, the Demitorian Guard Divisions. The three divisions will be ready in about a day for deployment, even if they are needed, which is unlikely. It looks like it's going to be a landslide victory for the government, as it looks to be around 3.5 million soldiers, with reserve, border guard and regular army all contributing to the total number on the frontlines.

Hey everybody, im new here, i hope you can accept me into this community! do you guys have a discord or reddit?

Middle Elfington wrote:Hey everybody, im new here, i hope you can accept me into this community! do you guys have a discord or reddit?

Welcome to Anteria! The Discord link is in the regional factbook, but I've reproduced it here for your convenience:

Post self-deleted by Norkantion.


Soon there will be roles about the "Demitorian War" in which only the following nations will participate:
- Anatea
- Shadoveil
- Wolfgalia
- Nerany
- New North Yorkshire
- Jondanavia
- The Western Atracia League of Defense
- Demitor
- Dulando
All other countries are requested not to interfere with the ongoing conflict as they are not participants or not eligible for participation. Thank you for your attention.

Casually ignores wall of text I wrote

Demitor wrote:Casually ignores wall of text I wrote

Neuew said that only WALD,Anatea and Dulando are allowed to partecipate .o. i'm only referring what we said in ministry .o.

The Cethicalistic Order wrote:I'm Letpotia btw. I don't have discord on my laptop only on my phone and I never charge my phone. Can I roleplay without discord?

Tronik! Do you remember me?

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