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1.The Empire of ValcouriaIron Fist Consumerists“With God, for Emperor and Fatherland”
2.The Confederation of Inner Mations AststanScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Per Aspera Ad Astra”
3.The Demokratische Republik of JunterlandDemocratic Socialists“Für die Republik!”
4.The Grand Republic of KilowattCivil Rights Lovefest“Scientia potentia est”
5.The Fake World Wonderland of KinokoIron Fist Socialists“The day is breaking, day is breaking, look it's dawn.”
6.The Grand Republic of AlbithicaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Liberty, Endurance, Unity”
7.The Colony of Vermilion SnowInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unity in Diversity”
8.The Democratic Republic of ArireeLeft-Leaning College State“If you can’t convince them, confuse them…”
9.The Crown Plutocracy of NeuewlandCorporate Police State“Xiimt opisja ridit nixani”
10.The 2nd Tsardom of TiskaiyaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Цар веде нас до світла!”
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Anteria Regional Message Board

Insergency wrote:The Curium Crisis
For unknown reasons, the government of the FRoI has entered a state of crisis due to a lack of Curium-244. Estimations say that less than a months worth of Curium-244 is remaining. It is unknown why this is as the original stockpile statistics have dropped however it can only be assumed something is going on behind the scenes.

Curium-244 is a strange element, because its practical use can be only realistically in synthesis of Plutonium-240 or its use in RTG. Neither of those things is worth creating a national emergency over. I have concluded, that there are three possible scenarios:

1) You want to start a civil war over the energy crisis, which is not possible yet, because you are not around in the region for 28 days (for reference, see "So you want to wage wars" and "Anterian Rules of War"

Alright, scenario is clear. Your nation has decided to start a war, launch a coup d'etat or stage an armed insurrection.
Although Anteria doesn't prohibit such an activity, there are some things which should be generally avoided. If you don't want for the Roleplay Council to get involved

Section 1: Know the rules

Anteria, being a present day realistic region, has relatively strict rules regarding the waging of the war, which are summed up in the Neuewland's dispatch "Anterian Rules of War"

Those rules are non-negotiable and can not been broken without a stated approval by the Roleplay Council. Those rules were specifically designed to make the region more realistic and crafted to fit the present-day rules. The 28 days cooldown is specifically crafted to deter lower quality players, which start multiple unrealistic wars in the first 24 hours of their presence in the region, so to all people asking, it is not a bug, it is a feature deterring newcomers from starting an overexaggerated civil war.

Simply said, it is generally annoying to the community, if a new nation arrives and first five posts by them are "Emperor Kaiser God President Gregory XXIV cracks down on *national minority*", "Protest erupt into riots in *capital city*", "Military of *nation* stages a coup d'etat", "Civil war erupts in *nation*" and "Chemical weapons used in *national* civil war", it not only kills the atmosphere that both regulars, veterans and admins of Anteria wish to see, but it is also futile, as there are literally regions on NationStates focusing on unrestricted warfare.

--==≡≡≣≣⪢Good roleplay⪡≣≣≡≡==-

The "Good" roleplay is a roleplay, that is not problematic regarding the lore of the region and that is not regulated by the RP Council.
Zhousheng wrote:Vultesian seizing of Zhoushi trade vessel demands a response
As a response to Vultesian army seizing Zhoushi trade vessel in the Hagalaz Ocean on Monday, the Ministry of Defence of Zhousheng announced sanctions on multiple sectors of the Vultesian economy. From the evening tonight, all Zhoushi vessels approaching the Vultesian sovereign territory would be followed by Zhoushi military vessels.

Zhousheng wrote:Zhousheng to send military contingent into Kentalis
With the new insurgent group establishing itself in Kentalis, a strategical ally to Zhousheng, Zhoushi Ministry of Defence as well as Zhoushi government approved deployment of a support regiment of the MUFETA (Mustelarian Federal Task Army) in the rear of the Kentalan front. This unit would be operating as a rear backing unit, being deployed to the front in case of a collapse of Kentalan units on the front.

--==≡≡≣≣⪢Questionable roleplay⪡≣≣≡≡==-

The "Questionable" roleplay is a roleplay, that may be problematic if done sporadically, without proper research or with no buildup leading to such an action.
Zhousheng wrote:Zhousheng undergoes a coup d'etat
Earlier today, part of the Zhousheng's military stormed the Parliament Building in Kandan, occupying the Kandan International Airport and searching for the president, which is as of now missing. A demonstration against the action was met by police force, but no fatalities have been reported yet.

Zhousheng wrote:Military raid on the facility of Vultesia
Overnight, Zhousheng's special elite units conducted a night raid on the facility in Kentalis owned by Vultesia that was suspected of being a undercover uranium enrichment plant.
Zhousheng has reported 2 killed and 3 wounded men, Vultesia hasn't released a statement yet.

--==≡≡≣≣⪢Bad roleplay⪡≣≣≡≡==-

The "Bad" roleplay is an example of roleplay, that will not be accepted no matter what, as it breaks the basic principles Anteria is built on.
Zhousheng wrote:Total war!
Today, at around 5:20 AM, first Zhoushi units crossed the border with Vultesia. The casus belli of the conflict is annexation of Vultesia into the Great Empire of Zhousheng. Over two million troops crossed the border, catching the Vultesian military off guard. Over twenty thousand Zhoushi paratroopers occupied the inland of the country, quickly disarming most of Vultesian militiamen, policemen and armed personnel.
Long live the Empire!

Zhousheng wrote:Zhousheng falls into a civil war!
Zhousheng, after a series of violent protests last month and a military coup d'etat on Tuesday, has descended into a 9-sided civil war. The communist rebels in the Commune of Kandan have engaged in an open skirmish with the Military loyalists in Ukadsk and Fascist militias in Plavlino. Haldenian separatists operating in Orlobirg officially declared their secession from the state, which encouraged the Vultesian-backed imperial guard to get involved in the Minimalstrit-Orlobirg sector, fighting the Christian mountain rebels.
In the first 48 hours of the war, almost 20,000 deads are reported.

Note: Zhousheng, Kentalis and Vultesia are in reality strategical allies and all of those reports are only demonstrational.
Note 2: All of those examples need prior escalation and can not stand on their own
One of the honorable mentions of a civil war done well is Azureden, which is doing their civil war for over a year and a half now and the sides are realistically constructed.

Section 2: War never changes

We all know, that war, military technology as well as tactics and strategy has evolved. The large military formations of World War II or fighting over trenches of World War I is mostly over. So are the formations from the middle ages.
Do not act as if the war you are in is a World War II, because it is not. Current wars are not fought using millions of soldiers or flooding the front with bodies, but using strategy, maneuver technology, rebellions and raid operations. Poisoned gas is not the norm, nor is bombardment of civilian targets or occupation by sheer amount of soldiers. Currently, the tendency is rather to use smaller units and use the maneuvaribility of them to your advantage and target almost exclusively transport nods and military installations.
Simply said: Do not use tactics from World War II, because it kills the scenario, war has evolved with technology and shift in strategical thinking.

Section 3: War crimes

Due to obvious reasons, war crimes should be approached with the upmost carefullness. Unfortunately, we live in a world, where war crimes are still common during the war. If you are not sure if the war crime you are planning to include in the war is acceptable, feel free to ask the RP Council, it would be easier if you asked first than if you played it out wrong and maybe got banned in the process, as due to the nature of the topic, everybody playing with it is standing on a thin ice. Even if you report on the war in-character, there are some things to avoid if you do not want to get the war vetoed or yourself banned from Anteria.
List of general guidelines if war crimes are involved is:
  • Do not glorify the commitment of war crimes or war criminals

  • Do not speak only about the war crimes and do not go into much detail, that makes it seem that you are glorifying them

  • Make sure that the war criminals are brought to justice or that there is a outrage over them

  • Do not commit an excessive number of them

  • Simply state, that war crimes are not good and that you are not supporting the happening in the scenario

  • Do not double down on the war crimes if you are questioned about them. If the reason why they are there can be questioned, they are not necessary

  • If your nation is fascist or any other authoritarian and you are giving news in-character, make sure to state OOC, that you are glorifying it only by the mouth of your nation and if possible, do not mention them at all

  • If the trial on war crimes is held after the war, do not be barbaric in it and make sure to give it some sense of legitimacy by playing it realistically

  • If you want to sweep the war crimes under the rug in-character, make sure to question the legitimacy of the message as a afternote OOC

Section 4: Realisticallity

Do not exaggerate the numbers of your soldiers or numbers of casualties and if you want them to be exaggerated due to IC reporting, make sure to leave an OOC note, that the number is probably lower. You can not mobilize millions of soldiers for the conflict during several weeks without ruining your economy and destroying your country in the long turn and you can not have exaggerated casualties in the war (For example: NATO estimates on the possible casualties in the conventional attack made by the Warsaw Pact on Western Germany, including the Fulda Gap attack, amphibious landings in Schleswig-Holstein, fighting in West Berlin and full-scale bombardement of NATO installations, transport corridors and civilian airports estimated the first day casualties to 15,000 and we are talking about World War III).

If you are not sure what the realistic casualty count may be, search the conflicts on wikipedia and rank them by the relatability, preferring the more recent ones similar in situation to the older ones.

Next, do not invent superweapons on the run. Superheavy tanks, modern aircraft carriers, enormous cannons or EMP weapons are all off the table for a local conflict, most of which can simply be disregarded as they are not realistic. See the militaries of the world and really ask yourself, if your nation really has the said amount of super-modern equipment. Also please consider, that no country can be realistically good in all branches of the military, some would have to be weaker (For example, French military in the interwar period had major problems with mobility and communication capabilities. North Korea has problems with equipment and Americans generally have large problems with logistics...).

And last but not least, not every unit is elite. If you army is conscripted, be aware that drafted units generally have worse capabilities, lower morale and tend to be exhausted more quickly than all-professional military. Elite units are also rare and due to the costs of maintaining them, your nation can not have a large army consisting of only elite units.

Section 5: Practicalities and Realities of War (by Vultesia)

So, you've decided to go to war. You've found a willing opponent, and your newly minted iiWiki on your nation's military has been signed off as realistic by the RP Council. It's go time! it?

'The line between order and disorder is logistics.' -LinkSun Tzu

'Amateurs discuss tactics, professionals discuss logistics.' -LinkNapoleon Bonaparte

'Logistics are the ball and chain of warfare.' -LinkHeinz Gudarian

Here are some boilerplate truths about modern warfare. Firstly, in a modern fighting force, only around one in ten men are frontline combatants. Take this into account when you're figuring out your deployments; if you want to deploy one thousand infanteers and their accompanying fighting vehicles, you're looking at several more thousand mechanics, supply specialists, medical staff, military police, signallers, transporters, cooks, clerks, sappers, storemen, technicians and intelligence personnel; this is the immutable nature of 21st century warfare.

'Okay!' You say. 'My force isn't going to be a thousand fighting troops, it'll be a limited incursion of a hundred or so ground troops and tanks, with all the necessary support.' That's great, so let's consider some overlooked practicalities of warfare.

  • Planning (and minutiae):
    Do you have up to date maps of your opponents' nation? Do your forces have any grasp of the local language, or potentially languages? Is the military of your alpine nation equipped to deploy to your desert enemy - are your vehicles and clothing appropriate? Have your soldiers undertaken any specific pre-deployment training, or acclimatisation? Does your nation have enough vaccines ready to immunise your soldiers from local diseases? Does your average citizen approve of this war - if so, why? How long could you keep this up for? Does your nation have anything more than a token force at readiness? All these questions, from little to large, affect your ability to deploy, plan accordingly.

  • Projection:
    If your opponent doesn't share a border with you, how will you get your force to the theatre of operations? If they're landlocked you'll have to pass through or over other sovereign nations, who may not be happy with foreign military transport or aviation crossing their territory. If they have an open coastline, are their waters contested by other states, are their beaches capable of supporting landings, are their ports able to support your shipping?

  • Sustainment:
    Your marines have hit the beach and established a base of operations, congratulations! The only thing is, they've now taken casualties and are running low on ammunition; in 48 hours, food too will be running low. How are you sustaining your force away from home? Where are your casualties being evacuated to and how are your men being resupplied and reinforced. This point is expanded exponentially when dealing with armoured vehicles; not only do you need ammunition for its armament and food and water for its crew, but in combat operations a main battle tank needs thousands of litres of fuel, hundreds of litres of coolants and lubricants, and likely a solid tonne of spare parts. How are you getting thousands of litres of fuel and other chemicals, tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition, tonnes of food, medical aid, spare parts, spare clothes and batteries to the front?

  • Ability:
    Have a look at some of the most capable militaries of the real world; The U.S, France, the U.K, Japan. These are generally considered some of the most modern, adaptable forces in history, but who are their soldiers? Chances are, young men, on the lower end of the secondary education ability tier, from working class, low income backgrounds. This is an abject reality, and nothing is more immersion breaking than when Private Smith leads your forces to victory thanks to his innate knowledge of Alexander's or Caesar's strategy, or Private Bloggs converses fluently with the local resistance after a week in theatre. These are people, they have doubts, hopes and plenty of fears, and no matter their training, they're limited by the human body, be aware of that.

All this goes to say, ground warfare is a supreme headache, so maybe, there are other options available. From NATO's campaign over Yugoslavia, to the Coalition's efforts against Daesh/ISIL, air warfare, by manned and unmanned assets, is increasingly the norm in the modern battlespace. Air warfare removes much of the logistical strain, risks, casualties, and preparational headaches of land warfare -and while it comes with its own trials and tribulations- and you are encouraged to explore this option before committing to some Anterian equivalent of Desert Storm. Ask yourself the question, if your objectives have even an outside chance of success without sending hundreds of men into the line of fire, when a handful cruise missiles and jets could create equivalent gains, why on earth would you?

Section 6: Scripting
Escalation of Conflict
  1. Peace state

  2. Protest note

  3. Threats, allegations

  4. Ambassador consulation

  5. Ambassador expulsion

  6. Serious threats

  7. Threats of sanctions

  8. Limited sanctions

  9. Threats of embargo

  10. Total embargo

  11. International action demans

  12. Demonstration of strenght

  13. Partial mobilisation

  14. Limited engagement

  15. Full mobilisation

  16. Severing of all diplomatic relations

  17. Ban on travel and civilian communication

  18. Formal blockade

  19. Evacuation of citizens

  20. Ostentatious demonstration of force

  21. Controlled local war

  22. Limited global conflict

  23. Depopulation of a large area

  24. Local war including WMDs

  25. Total global war

  26. Global thermonuclear war

Escalation of force

Armed conflicts generally do not start overnight, nor do they start without previous buildup. Even surprise attacks are often generally proceded with a set of small incidents and severing of diplomatic relations.

You should not start a conflict with another country, but also a civil war or a coup d'etat, without previous buildup. The included list is an escalation of force list, the lower you go, the deeper the crisis is. Some IRL examples may include:

  • The LinkBerlin Crisis of 1948 reached level 18, as the West Berlin exclave was de facto blocaded from the east

  • The LinkBerlin Crisis of 1961 reached level 17 because the Berlin Wall de facto destroyed the connections in Berlin

  • The LinkCuban Missile Crisis reached level 20 when the Americans started flying missions above Cuba, pumping it up from level 18.

  • The LinkWarsaw Pact occupation of Czechoslovakia reached level 20, as the invading armies didn't shoot local troops, showing only the demonstration of force.

  • The LinkNATO bombing of Yugoslavia was a level 21 action. It was a local war in Yugoslavia in which the NATO got involved

  • Hypothetical Indo-Pakistani Nuclear war would reach the level 24, being a localised nuclear conflict

  • Both LinkWorld War I and LinkCold War (especially the early pre-Linkdétente Cold war) would classify under the level 22 - Limited global conflict

  • The LinkWorld War II is the highest we ever got on the list in real life, reaching level 25, as every single continent was fought on (yes, including both Americas and technically Antarctica)

You should not escalate the conflict unrealistically, skip 4 points tops if you want a quick escalation, but in real life, the escalation is often sluggish and in the very most of cases happened in the span of months. Anteria is a present-day real-time region, so escalation in the span of few days would be generally vetoed by the RP Council for not being realistic.

If you want to start a realistic war and have no problems with the RP Council, after you get a consent from the other side, decide on a one-two months long buildup of relations freezing before shots are actually fired.

Creating a script

In Anteria, consent is essential to the game. Any country effected by the war, including economical downturn, refugee crisis, border clashes, or political stagnation must be asked for their consent before war can begin (via the rule 7 of the Anterian Rules of War).

The moment you have the consent of all affected countries, you can start working on the script. To prevent the arguments over who should win the war, RP Council demands the war to be scripted by the countries before it begins, including the outcome and major ripple effects. Of course, the outcome can be later changed, but it must be consented to by all involved and affected countries.

The script should include also casualties, info on the movement of the front, major battles behind the movement, information on further essential things happening during the war, such as assassinations, terrorist attacks, usage of weapons of mass destruction and the way media report on the conflict.

The script should include:

  • The outcome of the war and the general date when the war ends

  • Prepared ripple effects and calculated economic downturn on all participants

  • Number of casualties and some general idea how much of them are civilian

  • Movement of the front and major battles effecting the front

  • The general way the war is presented (who is the goodie and who is the baddie)

  • Further important things happening during the war, such as air raids, protests

  • If and where there were used weapons of mass destruction (if you do not have a really good reason to have them used, avoid them)

  • What will happen in the winning and losing country after the war (protests, trials...)

  • If there were some attacks, diversion, fifth column attacks etc...

  • How would the OOC information be delivered to the community (there should be an objective reporting on the war besides propaganda outlets)

Section 7: Playing out the scenario step by step

The general OOC timeline of the conflict should generally follow pattern similar to this one:
  1. Find an opponent. Get a general agreement that you wish to engage in a military conflict.

  2. Fabricate an incident (it can be anything minor, from spy uncovered to a terrorist attack)

  3. Observe if there is a country that can get directly involved in the conflict or would inevitabely be affected by the scenario you plan.

  4. If there is such a person, contact them and ask for their consent or rework the scenario to not get them entangled

  5. Develop a script, leading to the war, the military actions during the war, and development after the war

  6. Start the escalation of force via the list. Do not skip more than four steps at the same time

  7. If your conflict is affecting a large area or has more than 5 actors, contact the RP Council and ask for their approval of the scenario

  8. If your conflict involves any weapons of mass destruction, ask the RP Council for their approval (nuclear devices would most likely be vetoed as their usage is simply a no-go in Anteria, unless given a real good reason to create an exception to the rule)

  9. If your conflict involves multiple war crimes or one side plans to commit war crimes via the script, contact the RP Council for advice (you can technically skip this one, but it may cause troubles if the RP Council decides to veto the scenario due to excessive war crimes later down the line)

  10. The moment you get an approval from the RPC and your scenario meets all the Anterian Rules of War, you can start escalating beyond the point 15 and enter a deep crisis

  11. Fabricate a casus belli (in case the buildup until now doesn't cover it)

  12. Create an opening fight. If your countries declare war officially, state it. Explain when and where were the first shots fired and what that means to the conflict

  13. Escalate the skirmish into a full blown local conflict

  14. Set a precedent to how the war would evolve. This can be done by one side starting the push or giving a general view in the future development

  15. Give regular reports on the development of the front and label the casualties

  16. Start an endgame move, be it a final offensive, a bloody nose operation, bilateral negotiations, stalemate or a bill suggesting surrender

  17. End the conflict by declaring a surrender of one side or by announcing a ceasefire or an armistice

  18. Specify the destruction

  19. Set the outcome by signing a peace treaty (or ship it like Korean war, although that one is rather problematic)

  20. Run an economical crisis as agreed in the pre-war script

Read dispatch

1. A valid reason for war (Casus Belli) will be necessary for declaring a war on another nation; Invalid reasons include:
-Anything which is stated to be OOC (out-of-character), or anything taking place in a website other than NationStates (Discord, IIwiki, etc)
-Individual roleplay not affecting another player
-You were bored

2. Wars cannot be declared out of the blue; Both nations must agree to it prior to the war being declared, as well as three roleplay post minimum of buildup* by both of the parties involved occurring before the declaration of war (an exception being to if this war was provoked by one of the parties involved; in this case, a war can be declared out of the blue, per the concordat)

3. A war map must be submitted by all nations involved before combat must begin; A war map includes terrain, major cities, roads/highways, and fortifications; this map can be changed during the course of the war, but must be shown to all parties before it is official

4. The strength of all parties involved must be decided on before combat can begin during a conflict

5. Similarly, the outcome of a conflict must be decided beforehand. A hard-set script is not required, but the nations must have an agreement on the ending in order to prevent argument during the war.

6. The usage of Nuclear weapons MUST be approved by the RP Counselors or RP Director, any and all attempts without approval will be declared null and void

7. Countries participating in a conflict should not create a situation that directly affects another non-participant country without that country’s consent (such as roleplaying a refugees stationed on that country’s border, giving that country a de facto ultimatum to either let them in or let them get slaughtered despite not consenting to the said situation).

8. To prevent absurdly unprepared and unrealistic conflict, new coming countries should not start a new war (be it internal/civil or external), or get directly involved in an already existing war, in the span of the first 28 days of their presence in the region, unless explicitly approved by all participants of the war and RP directors.

9. A nation’s government must be determined before any sort of conflict buildup will be recognized by the Directorate and RP Council. This most notably includes a nation’s leader(s), basic political structure, basic government functions, and other such non-negotiable parts of a state.

10. These rules will be enforced by the Directorate at their discretion, and shall have the ability to encourage nations to follow the rules set forth in this document, and possibly force a retconning of the war or other consequence if the parties involved still refuse to abide by these rules

*Buildup is defined as "a roleplay post alluding to a declaration of war"

Credit goes to: Vultesia, Zhousheng, New Sebronia, Kiyortza

Read dispatch

2) You want to do a nuclear catastrophy, in which case, you may have serious problems with the RP Council as this needs to be debated first

3) Possibly other scenario involving an escalation.

There is no logical reason for a national government to do such an action without breaking the Anterian rules in process. If I am mistaken, please explain it in a OOC note. (Players are encouraged to send a behind-the-curtain notes labeled as OOC, which are not included in a canon roleplay and are just informational)

1st in the future of technology
The bullet and the entirely of the green energy bill is surprisingly going she's of schedule as the bullets first passages took a 5 muite trip from one end of the capital to another

[Dispatch from RBL overseer Obsidian to RBL agents Onyx, Jet, Pitch, Shade, and Nox]

[Comrades, we have succeeded in our aims to secure control over Rohyn's civilian government, and combined with our infiltrations of the army, we effectively have total control over Rohyn. As such, it is time to begin our plans for the exportation of the revolution. To our north lies a state which, so far, has been disconnected from the rest of the East. Xzavaria, being so close to the heart of the revolution while also being opposed to our stateless ideals, cannot be allowed to exist in such a form that is antithetical to our vision.]

[As such, we have elected to assign the five of you to a mission to pull some information out of Xzavaria. All five of you will be stationed in the closest major city they have to our border. How you decide to hide is your decisions to make, but your goal is to identify any anarchist movements within Xzavaria, and report back to us with your findings. If you are successful in finding an anarchist movement, aid them in establishing ties with Rohyn proper. If you fail to find any anarchist movements, we will agitate the RPG to intervene against them for the sake of "spreading the revolution".]

[Glory to the Overseers]

San Calia International Channel 5
Fred: "The San Calian Space Program Looks to other nations for possible future assistance."

Fred: "Good Evening Everyone, Im Fredrick McLain. I have returned to the news after a long break."

Fred smiles brightly at the camera, straightening some papers on his desk before turning to another camera across the room.

Fred: "This week, the SCSP has announced possible plans to request help from other nations with the upcoming restart of the Sola Shuttle Program.
Now what does this mean?"

Fred turns back to the center program with a small image appearing next to him of a shuttle on the launch pad.

Fred "This means that the SCSP is planning for possible emergency abort situations. Say if the shuttle launched and it had 2 of its 3 engines were to fail, it wouldnt be able to reach an orbit successfully."
"Incase of this happening, the SCSP will plan to land the space shuttle at possible airports or airbases across Anteria for a safe recovery of the crew and orbital vehicle."

If you want to put your nation and possible landing zones, Please put it in the form here:

San Calia wrote:"The San Calian Space Program Looks to other nations for possible future assistance."

Letter to the San Calian Space Program

Paslin is always open to offering cooperation to any nation's space program. They happily offer possible landing locations at Kaine International Airport, and the Paslin Aeronautics Center's own runway that they use to test-launch SSTOs. Paslin watches the space launches of San Calia closely; in the event of any abortion being needed to offered landing sites, Paslin will ensure that the space shuttle will land safely by clearing landing areas in advance and assisting astronauts in guiding for touchdown.

Paslin wishes the San Calian Space Program the best of luck in their restarted Sola Shuttle Program. In the far future, perhaps humanity will explore the vast stars thanks to the initiatives and programs of today.

The Sixteenth Earl of Čadina, Ivon Likar announces that Aleksander Likar, Viscount Jezero will be taking over daily operations at Jezero Palace

My beloved son Aleksander will be taking over the day to day running of Jezero Palace. The tasks of overseeing everything have gotten to be to much on my health and I am often in the capitol to help the Royal family, mainly the young Crown Prince. Being a guide to him as I was to his father and my own son.

The grounds are still open to public at sit times Tuesday through Saturday and closed for national and local holidays. We thank the public for always having supported our family. Appointments can be made to have meetings with Aleksander about the needs of Čadina(a town of around 4000 in the Pitonec region).

Gregory Spencer has not been seen in 18 hours. The 25 year old tech genius has not been seen since he left the Macro headquarters in Une Grad 4 yesterday.
The young man who’s invention claimed to make banks redundant. Conservative MHP Laurence McSweeney was quoted on saying “good riddance”. Laurence Bank stock has plummeted from $127 a share to $62 a share.
President Marcus and the CNP have still made no comment on the issue.

Applications to join in the First Anterian International have been released

Xinuria reports missing Fossil records of several documented Anterian extinct animals

The Xinuria Museum of History has reported several missing Fossil records after it suddenly went missing, some of those Fossils were animals endemic to Xinuria and rarely found, furthermore, they don't know their faces nor have fingerprints due to them wearing gloves and some Night-guards were threaten of death if they ever got caught, to add to this problem this Heist was during a blackout so seeing in the dark made it impossible most Night-guards on duty reported Helicopter noises and a small light emanating from it as it goes away.

Sayarat finds a home in Abjekistan:

The nations of Qui Latine and Abjekistan have been historic allies and friends for an incredible amount of time, even before the 19th century. Sayarat is an influential company within Qui Latinean society, but it rarely takes expeditions out of the country in business; That changed today when Sayarat Saghith announced they’d be opening a large auto store in the city of Nurek, which he said he was attracted to because of the “city’s apparent love for cars like ours, sort of old looking, they say it feels more real.”. Upon hearing this, the citizens of Nurek cheered, having long-awaited the company’s role in nations other than Qui Latine. Sayida and Sama-Allayl commented later in the day saying, “They beat us to it, but don’t let that be a message that we won’t follow suit with our cunning brothers in the Sayarat family.”. Whatever that meant for the Sayarat family, it also meant for Abjekistan, hopefully, an increased co-operation and economy. Seipor Basha later commented that he had been waiting for a moment like this for a very long time, and now that the time has come, he wishes to go to Nurek to talk to people about it and potentially meet the National Rep.

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