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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Iymârivshen of Lesser Velutaria (elected )

Founder: The People's Republic of Zhengan

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Welcome to Anteria : a casual, modern-tech, closed-World Region, open to all Ideologies and Nations alike!
Est. September 28, 2015
Featured Region: 2/1/2017 and 8/25/2018 | ⛔ Please refrain from targeting this region for recruitment ⛔

Endorse our delegate Lesser Velutaria for regional stability.
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Regional Power: High

Anteria contains 334 nations, the 48th most in the world.

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As a region, Anteria is ranked 2,047th in the world for Largest Black Market.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The National Socialist Empire of HadianIron Fist Consumerists“Prosperous and great country!”
2.The Crown Plutocracy of NeuewlandCorporate Police State“Xiimt opisja ridit nixani”
3.The Mutation Island Hive of Vengeful Queen ChryssiMother Knows Best State“Hail the Vengeful Queen!”
4.The United States of QedrilPsychotic Dictatorship“War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength”
5.The People's Republic of AcadaniaPsychotic Dictatorship“Stay Still And Say Your Line”
6.The Free Kingdom of AteeniaIron Fist Consumerists“Long live the Queen! Long live the Kingdom!”
7.The Principality of ThreadyIron Fist Consumerists“More thread for the loom”
8.The Autocratic Stratocracy of SharkdoniaFather Knows Best State“Ostendit nullum misericordiae!”
9.The Necropolis of KynopolisFather Knows Best State“Every second is a grain of sand that is lost in time.”
10.The Constitutional Monarchy of NorkantionIron Fist Consumerists“Freedom is not given, it is achieved”
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Anteria Regional Message Board

Acriae is now shipping in tanks (which will take a while) Acriae also is trying to send in more soldiers by air, but since the planes werent fast, they were bombers, they couldnt send them in fast enough

Halsuntria Condemns Apple Landia (or Acriae I have no clue what it is) in his actions supporting the Neferheim Dictatorship. The Head Council is currently debating as to entering the Neferheim Civil War.

Wall of Mines


Only few hours ago, reports came that the Riki navy has finaly deployed ships to the sea, after having those ships hiding in port for weeks now. The Regent council of Riki has confirmed this and warned all civilians to avoid the seas of Riki, because those ships are tasked with laying mines on the sea to decrease the Ateenian Royal Navy activity at the coasts.
The Regent council refuses to give details on the locations of those minefields, however it has been reported that there have been sightings of the navy dropping mines at the less rocky parts of the sea where the enemy is most likely to sail, to ensure that should the enemy spot and avoid the minefield, their only other option will be dangerous rocky parts of the sea where they risk sailing into a rock or just risk getting their ship stuck.
There have also been sounds of fighting in the sea, combined with the sightings of fighter jets flying in that direction, indicates that first skirmishes between Ateenian and Riki ships are already happening.

Runni Front


The bombing runs in the area around the city of Runni have intensified recently, after the city of Runni and its surroundings have been mostly, if not completly evacuated of civilians. Ateenia confirms this increase and points out that this is all made possible because of the evacuation, because no longer do the brave Ateenian pilots have to worry about accidentaly hitting a playground full of children or a hospital full of people, but instead have a wider choice of targets. It is expected that the Ateenian airsuperiority should start showing soon and it is expected that the tides of war, will turn completly in the favour of Ateenia because of it.

In other news, the Riki forces had their artillery bomb their own troops today which is a clear example of how unorganized and fragile their unity realy is. This shall be their downfall.

How do I make my Civil Rights 0?


A statement released earlier from the Council of Four Elders

"Fellow Lessers, today is the beginning of the Second Day of Recital, and it begins with the reading of the Second Tenant of the Order. Let us bow our heads in a moment of self-reflection so that we may reflect upon our lives to see what we can improve upon to better uphold the Tenants we all believe so strongly in."

Several minutes of silence pass.

"The Second Tenant: Understanding. You must always understand the world is more complex than it seems. Truth is many-sided, and different for each person - What works for you will likely not work for others, for each wound is as unique as the harm that created it, and as such, will require a remedy that is just as unique. All creatures begin life like polished silver - Pure, clean, and whole. But life and its struggles, the turmoil and violence of the world, tarnishes our shine, wears away our intricacies, chips and dents our edges, and soils our purity. Each path has value, no matter how wicked it has become, for just like repairing a vase with gold to fill the cracks, what was once broken can be repaired to have more value than before, because it has a unique story.

Remember this Tenant as you go about and live your lives. Know these words and live in Peace, my Brothers and Sisters."


Desert Regions: Temperatures are expected to reach near 42°C today, 4° less than yesterday. Sandstorms are still raging near the Southern Coast.
Tropical Regions: Temperatures are expected to reach near 39°C today, 1° more than yesterday. There are no storm warnings for later tonight, so expect the skies to be clear.

The Government of the Federation of Lusatian Lakes greets the people of Anteria.
The recent elections in our beautiful country have again led to a peaceful transition of power and a highly regarded National Council, that will sustain wealth and liberty for all.
We invite the leaders of all benevolent nations to celebrate with us, and to engage in fruitful trade and diplomacy. We invite the people of those nations to travel to the Lusatian Lakes, to see its breathtaking glory with their own eyes.

In best regards,
Kalee Oppest
Council Chancellor

Battle of Hesoluo Officially Starts
Dead: Approx. 1,550
Injured: Approx. 2,720

After the Revolutionists released mustard gas in the city, the Kistolian Armed Forces hurried over to Hesoluo to battle the revolutionists. The battle has blown up major parts of the city and the Prime Minister has issued an evacuation of Hesoluo. Many doctors are on the scene, but most of them are killed by grenades. Other military forces have tanks to safely remove citizens from the city. The battle is showing no end in the near future.

San Calian Space Center, Emerate Island, Launch Pad 2
Time: 2:58 PM
Weather: Clear, Scattered Clouds

The Orion 15 rocket stood high up above the space center, still attached to the launch tower. the 3 Astronauts aboard had been waiting for this moment for nearly 3 hours now. They were 2 minutes to liftoff for the first of the 3 new moon missions announced by the SCSP dubbed the Lunar Holidays Missions. The first being on Halloween.

Center: "Orion 15, T-Minus 2 minutes till launch."
Commander Lewis Johnson: "Center, we copy 2 minutes."

Lewis looks up at the the window on the door of the command module, looking at the sky above the rocket. Smiling as he does.

Lewis: "You guys excited to walk on the moon?"
Module Pilot Frank Raiko: "Yeah, you and Brian are going to be walking on the moon, Im just gonna be in orbit waiting to drag you both back home."
Lunar Lander Pilot Brian Coca: "Oh Zip it Frank."

The three chuckle as the timer in the cockpit counts down to a minute before launch.
Lewis reaches up and pushing a few buttons and switches priming the final navigation flight computer for the launch.

Center: "Lewis, Flight computer is good to go."
Lewis: "Copy Center, all looks good here too, we are green."
Center: "Flight Is Go. T-Minus 30 seconds."

Three of the stability arms slowly detach from the rocket and swing back to the launch tower.
The timer continues to click down.
Frank reaches forward, holding his finger over a big green button.

Center: T-Minus, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five..Main Engines Start."

Frank pushes the green button on the control console before sitting back in his chair. A low rumble can be heard by the three astronauts with the rocket lightly shaking.

Center: "..Four, three, two, one. Launch."

The rumble gets extra loud along side the rocket shaking more, 3 loud chuffs are heard over the rumbling with the final stability arms detach, letting the rocket go.
The rocket keeps shaking as it slowly start to rise up from the launch pad.

Center: "Orion 15 has clear the launch tower."

Outskirts of Scathelocke Harbor
Scathelocke, Scathelocke Provincial District, Azureden
October 27th, 2020
1340 Hours, Local Time (-3)

BrigGen. Alexander ("Alex") Leblanc
Azurite Liberation Army - Armored Corps
1st Combined Battalion, Battle Group Center
Callsign; "RED 2"

Operation: Mortal Vengeance, Final Phase
- Break the BLUE COATS last line of defense.

"Thus it may be known that the leader of armies is the arbiter of the people's fate, the man on whom it depends whether the nation shall be in peace or in peril."
The Art of War - Ch. 2, Line 20


It had felt like an eternity since the first Azurite tanks had rolled into the Blue Coats' domain.

Quite frankly, it had been.

Without any foreign assistance, the Azurites had thrown themselves at the Blue Coats' stalwart bastion. Twenty-one days in the blood-laced streets of Scathelocke had brought them within sight of their goal despite the ruthless slaughter.

The harbor.

A final wall of steel was waiting for them, daring them to come forward into the inevitable meat grinder.

There was the muffled scraping of Alex's teeth in the tank as he studied the line through his binoculars. His stoical, stone-hard expression held one emotion, and one only.


Twenty-one days of hell. Twenty-one days of blood-washed stalemate. Morale was falling rapidly with the unending death and pain around them.

But he knew.

The Blue Coats were desperate and faltering. He had the manpower, the resources. The resolve.

And they didn't.

They were going to break if it was the last gods-forsaken thing he did.

Just an hour prior, he'd called for their surrender. Demanded the weak secede from the stubborn, to come forward.

There were a lot of gunshots behind the Blue Coats' line. His lip had twitched with each echo that rolled through the buildings.

He'd adequately warned them. And yet they still didn't bend. Not even to his hospitality that he'd tried so many times to warm to them.

He set the binoculars down on the scratched steel of the turret roof and heartily cracked his knuckles.


Hard way it is, then.

He checked behind him at the defensive palisade of debris that had been assembled around the harbor. A several-mile-long wall around their victims. A chokehold.

The emotions he could see in his men were... mixed. Some had a gritty complexion. Others had the seeds of doubt. Others were... tired.

With a garnish of collective sadness.

Giving up here was not an option. He didn't need to tell himself that.

One last assault was all they would need to end this. The end was in his hands.

He looked down into the tank's compartment, clapping Lucien on the shoulder, as the gunner was holding the radio receiver.

"Gimme that."

His fingers nestled around the black prism as he rose the speaker close to his cheek.



"All of you, listen up."

The heads behind the line all came up all at once, like a herd of spooked deer.

Their eyes were fixed on the tank with the two red stripes.

"--We've been in this city for twenty-one days. Three f*ckin' weeks spent in this final fortress of our enemies, and... I won't lie to you all, it's been hard. Everyone has suffered... lost something trying to end this thing. A lot of us lost everything."

He paused as his eyes fell back to his enemy's line.

"--Look around you. We've only made it this far because you love the men and women standing at your side and your hope, because you fight for those who fell in your place. The ones who gave their all are watching us, and what if we were to give up now? Their sacrifices be in vain?"


"The end is within our grasp! Right f*ckin' now!"

His eyes flashed with the flames of anger, and his subordinates could see that through the gunsmoke.

"Do you want to let them down now!?"

The rising shout was as short as it was ferocious.

"NO, SIR!"

"Are we going to give up now!?"

"NO, SIR!"


A grin of confidence stretched onto the general's complexion as the crew looked to each other.

They were going to end this. Right here.

Right now.


The Azurites let out another shout of approval, rising to their palisades with the vehicles in tow.

"Archer, Longbow, this is Apex. Got synchronous fire missions here. Sound off when ready to receive."

There was a pause.

"--This is Archer, we're ready."
"Longbow, on station. Fire away."

"Archer, fire mission is as follows-- two-times smoke round on all entrances to the harbor. Longbow, fire mission is as follows-- every motherf*ckin' round you have on that harbor. I want you to pound the everliving sh*t out of them until I give the order to stop, is that clear?"

"Archer copies. Standby."
"You bet'cher *ss. Will be ready in a moment."

Alex scanned the Blue Coats' line down at the harbor. They were staring back, almost expectantly so.

He could see it through his binoculars. The solemn whites of their eyes accepting what was to unfold.

They knew it was time.

These weren't his enemies-- these were countrymen like him. Someone he could have called a friend.

But despite his pleas for their surrender, to stop this bloodshed, they still cowered behind their weapons. It was all in spite of his efforts.

And now, his patience was long dried up.

A sizzle of anger went through his veins.

These WERE his enemies. And he was going to make them suffer for their choice.

"This is Archer. We're ready-- just say the word."
"Longbow here. We got everything in the kitchen sink loaded up. Ready to fire."


The wind died down to nothing.

It was blissfully silent.





The city's gray, war-torn streets shook with the roaring thunder of cannons, mortars, and rockets. The sound shook the shattered stones.

And then he could hear it. They all could.

The raining screech of shells with the ear-splitting rumble of explosions tearing through everything in its way. The harbor vanished behind a cloud of white smoke, boiling flames, and flying debris.

The walls around them shook mercilessly as the flaming deluge refused to relent.

Alex raised his left arm above the tank, the thousands of men and women around him waiting for his mark.

One last steadying breath.

All eyes were on their foes ahead.

With a drumbeat like thunder, he speared his hand out over the battlefield.



The wave rose over the palisades with a vengeful roar as the diesel engines screamed towards the smoke clouds.

Alex slammed the hatch down over his head as he descended into the depths of the crew compartment.

"DuCasse! Put one through the smoke!"

Red 2's main gun initiated the five-shot volley of 120mm HEAT shells through the white shroud, the four other tanks cutting loose with their gun batteries.

"Longbow, friendlies approaching the target area! Cease fire!"

"Affirm. Last shells out, ETA twenty seconds."

The descent to the harbor felt like an eternity with the sensation of... controlled chaos. But when the tanks pushed through the smoke, that control vanished like the wind.

No sense of war anymore. The next ten minutes were a fight for survival as the Azurites crashed down on all sides.


Cannons roared over the battlefield.

The gunshots were a constant sizzle in the air coupled with the cracking and screeching of 65-ton steel beasts sinking their fangs into each other.

The Blue Coats made them fight for every inch.

But the Azurites clawed for those inches no matter how bloody the wounds.

The Scathelocke Mercantile Administration Office was the last bastion of the remaining slivers of their enemy's strength. A four-story fortress. Or then, a death-row prison.

They were so close.

"Red 2, the tanks can't go any further, it's breach-and-clear from here on."

"Affirm, Red 1. If you spot hostiles above our guys, light 'em up with the HMGs."

"Roger that. Red 3, Red 4, break off to the rear side and watch the windows."

"Right-o. We're movin'."

The three- and four-striped tanks split from the group, circling the building via the debris-ridden pier.

"Friendlies breaching the ground floor. All callsigns, watch your fire..."


Without the muffled cracks of rifles and grenades, the salty sea air was... silent.

Carcasses and wrecks were strewn all over the harbor, friend and foe alike.

Alex felt a somber sting down his back.

"...But they were all compatriots."

The driver's head reared up at the remark. "What?"

The general grimaced as he realized he'd said it out loud.

"These guys, Damien. Blue Coats. They were just like us."

His subordinate squinted back at him.

"Politically, I doubt it, but--"


His cut-off left an awkward air hanging in the compartment as Alex stewed on the thought.

"...They were human. And they were Azuri. Just like us."

Walter spoke up from his long silence at the back of the turret.

"--They fought for what they thought was best for their country. And yet our beliefs didn't go hand-in-hand. Despite what they did... it still hurts, you know?"

Alex merely nodded from his perch in silent acceptance.

Lucien inspected his prosthetic arm.

"Did it really have to come to this?"

Damien shook his head.

"Whatever the answer, we're really f*ckin' late. Damage is done already. Can't bring back the dea--"

A voice chirped through the radio set.

"--Apex, Archer. SITREP?"

Alex shook the discussion from his mind, if just for a moment.

"Alive. The last of them are holed up in the SMAO. Infantry's clearing it now."

"Affirmative. Keep us posted."

"Will do."

Alex's eyes peered back into the monitor, guiding the hovering barrel of the .50cal autonomous turret that obediently followed every whim.

"First floor is clear! Stairwells are barricaded!"

"--Can you break through?"

"Most likely--"

There was a barrage of shouting and gunshots through the receiver.

"--Can't get close enough! They got guys on top shooting down at us!"

"We got four tanks waiting outside. Can you direct their fire?"

"With the machine guns? I think so!"

Alex was taking mental notes.

"Which side of the building are you on?"

The guy finally took a second to breathe.

"We're... on the north side stairwell, first floor. Hostiles are right above us."

Alex took a second to think.

Floor is 9 feet, the foundation is another 2... tank is 7.5 tall... 3.5ft difference...

"--Red 3, come in."

"Here. What's up?"

"You're on north side?"

"Facing it right now, why?"

"How far away from the wall are you?"

"Uh... hang on... about fifty feet."

"Is that exact?"

There was a burp of engine noise from around the corner.

"--Is now."

"Alright, standby. Friendlies are pinned down on the first-floor stairwell by hostiles on the floor up. You can shoot through the wall, I reckon."

"With the roof gun? Sure can, but... where on the wall? We don't see sh*t over here."

"Finding that out now, wait one."

Alex started scribbling a right-triangle on a piece of his notepad.

side a = 3.5 ft
side b = 50 ft
angle A = 90
firing angle θ = ?

Thank the Six for geometry.

After a solid minute, he finally circled the number he's scrawled on the page.


"--Red 2? What's the word?"

"I got an angle for you. Listen carefully..."

He took a second to double-check his cosines.

Looks solid...

"Train your gun up to four degrees and spray everything below that until the turret's leveled out."

Alex could hear the guy's gears turning.

"Uhh... four degrees... fire downward sweep until turret is level. Yup, we copy. Tell the friendly boys to hit the deck. This is gonna be close."

"--All friendly callsigns inside the building, be advised... we're gonna hose it down with the machine gun. Get your heads down as low as you can."

"Affirm. We're huggin' the floor here. Waiting on that fire."

Alex gave the nod.

"Clear to fire. Let 'em have it!"

Around the side of the building, there was the bristling thunder of a machine gun cutting loose into the side of the building. The volley went on for ten full seconds of controlled bursts, holes strewn everywhere in weatherboard.

"That should do it."

"Ground teams, SITREP?"

"Perfect. Not even a d*mn mouse left. We're moving onto the second floor."

Alex tried as hard as he could to avoid grinning from ear to ear.

"Affirm. Keep it up, we're almost done here."

The second floor was just like the first. A barrage of gunshots and bursts of grenades for every room.

But outside, it was silent. The breeze off the strait blew across the ruins as calm as it had been.

"Second floor is clear... moving up to third."

The guy sounded tired.

Alex's lip twitched.

He had every right to be tired. They all were.

"Resistance is dying out. Third floor ain't got much company..."

"I wouldn't take that for granted if I were you."


There was another long minute as engines idled outside. The rest of the soldiers were already tending to the wounded and cleaning up.

Cremating the dead.

"Fourth floor--"

More shouting. No shots yet.

The guy still had an open mic.

"--Drop the gun. Let him go, man. No one else needs to die here--"

There was a muffled reply across the room.

"What about all the others you killed on the way up? What does it matter?"

"They shot first. Look, I don't wanna kill you or any of your buddies here. And I sure as sh*t hope you don't wanna kill that guy."

"--Hiding behind those you killed. You defile this country."

"What's done is done. We're all lucky that we're still breathing right now. Do you wanna throw that away?"

It was silent for a long time.

"--Listen, we're not good people. None of us are. Not you, not him, not me. But we'd be d*mned if we didn't try to be our best for this country. There's still room for redemption."

Again, silence.

"--You can earn it if you put that gun down. Come on. Give it up."

There were footsteps. It was the soldier with the open mic walking up...

The captor wasn't firing.

It was followed by a yelp and a thrashing of movement, plus the clanking of gunmetal and the hurried mess of chatter.

"--Apex, got a SITREP."

Alex breathed a tense sigh.

"Let's hear it."

"Rescued one hostage here, captor is disarmed. No other hostiles evident."

Alex lowered his head as the weight of the relief pushed down on his neck.

"Affirmative. Is the place completely secure?"

"Wait one."

There was another long minute of silence.

"--Clear. We've got it."

A voice called out from near the tank.

"Look, up there!"


And then he could see it.

One of the soldiers was waving their banner in the fourth-floor window.

The infantry that looked up immediately recognized the sight as the realization set in.

They'd done it.

The roar of victory was as vigorous as it was sporadic. Hundreds of fists and rifles all rose to the sky at once.

Alex wasn't even trying to hide his relief when he flipped the switch on the radio console.

"Apex to all callsigns. Looks like our flag's flyin' over this city. Stand down... it's finally over."

"It's over!?"
"D*mn sweet music, right there!"
"Hot d*mn!"

He opened the hatch of his battle-scarred tank.

Damien nudged his foot with a joking elbow.

"Can we get out now? My back hurts."

"D*mn right you can. Dismount, all of you."

The crew disembarked, warmly accepting the chance to get out of the cramped confines.

Despite their joys, Alex retained a solemn expression as his gaze looked west.

The Blue Coats were as good as destroyed, but still, one foe remained.

The Coalition.

The name rang in his ears. And as he looked around at the piles of the dead and dying, he knew.

They would put up just as much of a fight as the Blue Coats had. If not more. And that meant more of them had to die.

He sighed, almost dishearteningly so.

He was prodded in the bicep. Hard metal and plastic.

"--You good, Al?"

His gunner poked him with his prosthetic again.

"...Yeah, I'm good. Glad this is over. But..."

Lucien gazed at him expectantly.

"...There's still work to do. This war isn't over yet. I can't just ignore that."

"Aye. But at least half of it's over. The bloodshed on this side of the country is done. These people can recover now, at least."


Alex shrugged his hands.

"Y'all can run along and mingle. Revel in the victory a little. I gotta let our mutual friend Salinti know that we're done here, and figure out what we're doing down the road."

"Sure thing. Was a nice ride."

Lucien turned away, but then glanced back one last time.

"--If there's any beers out there somewhere, I'll save ya' one."

"Heh. Appreciated."

And his crew vanished into the bustle, leaving him alone to ponder on top of his 65-ton steel perch.

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