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Welcome to Anteria

We are a casual, modern tech, closed-world region, open to all ideologies and nations alike.

Current roleplay date: January 2018

Featured Region: 2/1/2017

Please refrain from targeting this region for recruitment.

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Please endorse our World Assembly delegate Albithica to ensure regional stability.

This Week's Theme: What are the societal norms surrounding courtship in your nation? (Theme Weeks)

Regional News Thread:Today in Anteria

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The Albith Convention can be found here. (Contact Albithica to become a signatory)

Later this week: Invade Gaul.
Best Ally: Poland.

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The embassy with Turkic Union is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Audax is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

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Regional Power: High

Anteria contains 137 nations, the 96th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector in Anteria

World Census analysts extensively tested concept muscle cars in empty parking lots in order to estimate which nations have the largest auto industries.

As a region, Anteria is ranked 6,529th in the world for Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Merchant Republic of Hofflandian UnionNew York Times Democracy“The union within a union!”
2.The Island of Novaya ZemljaAnarchy“A Change in Plans”
3.The People's Republic of ZhenganCompulsory Consumerist State“Worker's Revolution Through Commerce”
4.The Grand Duchy of GelielandtRight-wing Utopia“Nobility and Virtue”
5.The Northern Duchy of JovanskoruInoffensive Centrist Democracy“A Naked Man Has Few Secrets; A Flayed Man, None”
6.The Grand Conglomerate of Mulierum CapitalismiCapitalizt“Embrace the future ”
7.The Theocracy of LadreaIron Fist Consumerists“God, Homeland, Liberty”
8.The Jingoistic States of KvonarCorporate Police State“Give us your money.”
9.The Democratic Corporatocracy of PrybourneCapitalist Paradise“It's not what you pay a man, but what he costs you”
10.The Theocracy of Duche PanIron Fist Consumerists“Strength Through Compliance”
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Regional Poll • What is your Siblings' Status in the family?

The Grand Duchy of Aziallis wrote:This is Anteria Demographics Poll Number 3! (ADP#3 for short) How many siblings do you have? And what position do you have among your siblings?

Voting opened 3 days 4 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

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Anteria Regional Message Board

Deados wrote:I will soon have me and Nerany collaborate on our spots. Maybe I will be near you!

Both Goldfluss and Nerany were once conquered by Aziallis, maybe some shared history would work.

Nerany wrote:Both Goldfluss and Nerany were once conquered by Aziallis, maybe some shared history would work.

Oh I was a colony of Aziallis and all former Aziallis colonies are now apart of the commonwealth AKA ACCO. So we all have some history already and will have diplomatic ties.

Samaehroh wrote:The President received a letter from the Aziallian Prime Minister in the morning. The some error must have caused the delivery early as the seal said it should have been delivered after 4 days. Still, the President opened the letter and read it.

When he was done. He got up from his seat, took his coat and left his office and entered the Residence. He sat on his kitchen table and asked his wife to make Azil tea as he read the letter once again. He fell pale.

"...Aziallis shall take back the money it loaned to Samaehroh and claim back the ownership of the Daaraawi Canal..."

This line kept ringing in his head.

The letter that the Azillian Prime Minister had written was very informal and personal, which made him feel even more scared. It was not just his country's greatest ally that was threatening him, but one of his greatest friends on the international forum that was.

"...Aziallis shall take back the money it loaned to Samaehroh and claim back the ownership of the Daaraawi Canal..."

The line rang again in his head.

"You look very pale Tim. What is it?", his Wife Agana asked very casually.

"I think I would have to go to Zigberg", he said in a heavy voice.

In the afternoon, the Presidential Palace wrote to the Office of the Prince of Goldfluss as well as the Prime Minister of Goldfluss asking for an immediate meeting regarding something of great mutual importance also attaching the legal documents which the Azillian Prime Minister had sent claiming ownership. The Palace also wrote to the Azillian Prime Minister asking for the presence of the Representative of the Azillian Office for Parthonian Affairs for the meeting as and when it happens.

The President called a meeting of the Department of Finances and asked for the treasury to be stocked up "just in case". The Herald of Foreign Affairs was asked to submit a report and an explanation for the said turn of events.

"Samaehroh has to be ready to make peace with it's allies" the President wrote to his Heraldiate.

IC: Letters

The entire issue of the two exiled Aziallian nobles was a headache for the Barons. Mostly stemming from the fact that they weren't able to voice there disapproval without a looking like cowardly hypocrites. After all under Principal jurisdiction they had royal immunity from the law,so they couldn't really argue against the one thing keeping them safe from charges of corruption...

Erwikke Sthal knew this very well,after all private letters pleading him to throw the duo of nobles under the bus were on his table almost daily now. For all he cared though it kept the fire lit. But before throwing another letter into the fireplace he noticed the stamp was different,seeing the stamp make him grin ear to ear.

The next day he summoned The Council of Barons. Erwikke held the letter in his hand,almost waving it around,and then he addressed the barons.

"I called you today to talk about a letter that arrived at my table. I normally choose to ignore them,but this letter made me have a change of heart"

Just that sentence made the barons' eyes wide awake.

"I have thought about this matter for a long time and I decided to heed this letters request. Today I wish to announce..."

The barons and baronesses were at the edge of there seats,they couldn't believe what they were hearing. Fixating there gleeful gaze at Erwikke Sthal they waited with held breath to applaud for his announcement.

"That I accept the meeting that the president of Samaehroh requests from me! We shall discuss the issues with the Daaraawi canal and solve them in a way as to still protect the noble rights of Lord Vinorh and Lady Larien Grarina Asiya!"

The relived smiles of the barons shattered alongside with any sliver of hope they held. Ewe II,Erwikke's aunt,particularly yelled profanities into her hands that Erwikke decided to ignore. The Great Prince was too busy laughing into his councils faces as they just stared dumbfounded and facepalmed.

The Prime minister of the Principal Parliament and The Great Prince scheduled a meeting with the president of The Federation of Samaehroh to discuss issues with the Daaraawi canal's final stages of construction.

OC: Considering the IC time that has passed I think I'm not wrong in imagining the canal's construction is close to finishing. Right?

Following several delays, the Astariaxi legions loyal to Cosimo Donfelda have begun to surround Aenagea. An ultimatum was delivered to the Council with its specifics unknown, however the Council has been unable to organize any formal response to the ultimatum. In their place, the Tribune (A rank created by the Council, above that of an officer) of the last legion remaining in Aenagea has surrendered in hopes of spurring a response. His men were promised fair treatment due to their surrender almost certainly prompting the Council to follow.

As the Council met in an attempt to organize themselves, the Septimo was consulting maps of the city. He was impressed at how difficult it would be to take the city if it was garrisoned up to standard. It would take days to soften up the defenses that were strewn throughout, and weeks of fighting in the streets. Bridges would collapse, and the only way to traverse would be through metro tunnels. Donfelda was very pleased that it seemed he would not need to put so many to death by telling them to push in. He would simply surround the city and wait. The last legions had already surrendered, but they warned that Aenagea was rigged to blow. The damages would be extreme, and the costs... oh, the costs. It would put a dent in the city budget to make sure that the place was clear of any explosives once it was reclaimed. He was glad, however, that the greatest of his worries were the monetary costs rather than lives lost. His approach had ensured that casualties were at their absolute minimum, and public opinion reflected that. If he were to enter the city, the entrances would fly open.

The entrances flying open was exactly what the Council worried about. They wanted out. Their best bet was to surrender, but they would make him wait until tomorrow to make it seem as though they were weighing their options. The truth was, they did not see any other options.

The Hofflandian embassy in Aenagea was not paid enough for what they had to go through the last week.

Ever since the beginning of the Astariaxi crisis the Hofflandian government wanted to keep a pulse on the whole situation, and they were the finger on that pulse. They had been fruitlessly trying to document any and all actions from both sides of this ordeal. The diplomats knew, the whole Hofflandian Government knew that without outside intervention any hope of keeping Astariax free and democratic would be gone. They had waited for fellow DU members, or any other country, to take action but to no avail. The request to allow Hofflandian military divisions into the city was still pending by the remaining council of seven members, but until any form of confirmation came through there was nothing the embassy could do except to start shredding papers and closing up shop.

The Council of Seven has accepted the Hofflandian Union's request to allow divisions to enter Aenagea.

Cosimo Donfelda has doubled down on his formation surrounding the city, with the ultimatums delivered having been ignored. Citizens of the city have tried to make contact with the legions, asking them to move into the city before food stores ran out. There was currently nothing protecting the city, but the Septimo's obsession with preventing collateral damage to the capital means he will not enter until the last stages of the occupation are over.

Following months of nothing but pure silence from the office of Nathaniel Moore, many citizens have expressed their concerns. One pedestrian asked, "No, seriously, where in the hell did he go? Other countries have leaders posting every two seconds on Tweeter, meanwhile our 'leader' has been silent for months!" Another citizen ranted, "I'M TELLIN' YOU, HE'S NOT HUMAN! HE'S A REPTILE, JUST LIKE ALL OF THE OTHER LEADERS IN THIS GODFORSAKEN REGION! WAKE UP, YOU SHEEP!" The recording had to be cut short as the local police force was called onto the scene.

In the meantime, King Nathaniel Moore himself responded to the concerns when we knocked on his door this morning. After about ten minutes of knocking and waiting, he finally answered:
"What? I can't stay inside and play video games for a couple days without everyone freaking out? ... What?! What do you mean it's been months?!"

The Azilllian Council of Ministers had been on it's feet since the beginning of the entire Crisis. The Minister of State for Parthonian Affairs had been working very had with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to prepare for his meeting in Zigberg. He would be representing Aziallis in the tri-party negotiation meeting.

The Azillian Prime Minister was now on the brink of his patience. Because of the negligence of his Secretaries, the letter for the Samaeh President was delivered much before it should have been and hence his Ministry was not prepared for the meeting. He may have forced Sir Vaigas, his MoS for Parthonian Affairs, to work his blood and sweat out, he had no guilt. He loved the stability of his country much more.

On the other side, he could see Eucatan boil up. The Astariaxi issue was reaching a point of seriousness he did not think it would. And he was very concerned. If the invasion of Aenagea would lead to the Executive Body- the Council, to call upon the DU Charter, his men would have to go to war. That was something he wanted to avoid at all costs.

He had ordered the Ambassador of Aziallis to Astariax to try and talk to the Council. He would have wished for nothing but being in Aenagea himself.

His last resort must be to let Aziallis become a part of the crisis.

"Respected Member of the Council of Seven of Astariax,

Aziallis, being a strong supporter of world peace feels strongly that the current political crisis in Astariax can be dealt with using peaceful diplomatic channels without involving militaries and spilling innocent blood of our hardworking soldiers and citizens we are responsible for.

Hence, I, Sir Irwin Dawnehan Dagger of Auserviga and Munotte, the Prime Minister of Aziallis and a peace loving resident of this world offer to you the good offices of my nation. I would not request but beg of thee to accept this offer we make. We would be more than glad to moderate a negotiation between the Members of the Council and the former member.

All people of Aziallis would, with folded hands, ask for you to stop this aggression and accept our proposal to reach a conclusion peacefully.

With great regard and a hope of being heard,
Sir Irwin D. Dagger
Prime Minister of Aziallis'

He wrote a similar letter addressing Donfella personally. He put in all his real emotions and hope for the best as he signed each letter.

The Prime Minister's Office sent the letters using a Transient Emergency Delivery System (TEM-Sym).

Dagger summoned his MoS for Eucatan Affairs and his Attorney General as well as his key negotiator Lady Bradsmi. They were given the duty of preparing for the negotiation talks. He was sure they would accept. They HAD to.

With that, he diverted his attention to the new issue that had cropped up: "What to do with the Grand Duchess"
She had lied under oath to the Parliamentary Committee. But there wasn't much he could do as the Prime Minister. All he could do was write off letters to each House of the Azillian Royal Family and ask them to prepare an heir "just in case". The Parliament would really HAVE to do something. The public shall not forgive him if it doesn't. But all he could do was sit and hope he could lobby well enough.


Upon confirmation from the council of six that they could begin to garrison Aenagea the unstopping motion of the Hofflandian embassy only got faster. Several hundred troops were airlifted into the city to begin preparing for a possible assault and an entire full convoy of men and equipment was shuttled in via convoy on the last road not yet taken by Donfelda's forces, a total of 2,400 men were able to make it into the city and the few dozen armed "embassy guards" joined them. The main ambassador, under orders from the Bürgermister herself, sent a message to Donfelda over private channels.

Both parties of the ongoing dispute in Astariax have accepted the Aziallian proposal for negotiations. Donfelda has promised not to advance the troops surrounding Aenagea and keep them in their current location. The Council of Seven made Donfelda aware of the presence of Hofflandian regiments in the city following the semi-ceasefire being put in place. This complicated the matter, as the Council was not directly responsible for any actions taken by Hoffland. The Septimo was not pleased and demanded that the Hofflandians leave the city in case the situation deteriorates.

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