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Welcome to Anteria, home to premier NationStates Roleplay, Worldbuilding, and International Brotherhood! Together, we create our own world and cohesive narrative in which members from all four corners of the world can call their own.

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Current Roleplay Date: September 2023

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    Anteria-TWP Declaration of Friendship

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Regional Power: Very High

Anteria contains 168 nations, the 159th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Subsidized Industry in Anteria

Nations ranked highly spend the most on developing and supporting industry, a practice known as 'corporate welfare.'

As a region, Anteria is ranked 4,553rd in the world for Most Subsidized Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Xoghnyafas of NeuewlandFather Knows Best State“Xim opisja aonixaniridit”
2.The Confederation of Inner Mations AststanDemocratic Socialists“Per Aspera Ad Astra”
3.The Armed Republic of True SpainCorrupt Dictatorship“Everything for the people, nothing by the people”
4.The Democratic Republic of ArireeScandinavian Liberal Paradise“If you can’t convince them, confuse them…”
5.The Principality of ThreadyIron Fist Consumerists“More thread for the loom”
6.The Eternal Forthright Republic of The Trilla Gang MafiaCorporate Bordello“Trilla 'til the End”
7.The Republic of MorrawiaCivil Rights Lovefest“Truth always prevails”
8.The United Communist Empire of Sheboyganite UnionPsychotic Dictatorship“Sheboyganites Of The World Unite”
9.The Armed Republic of Charge IslandIron Fist Consumerists“Long Live Charge Island”
10.The Kingdom of GavriliaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Patria, Orden y Progreso”
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Regional Happenings


Anteria Regional Message Board

The The Community of Tech Zern is saddened to announce the death of our head of state, the esteemed Governor Lia Tora-Zern. A full dispatch is available.

We hope that all the nations of Antoria will join us both in mourning our late Governor, and in witnessing the selection of her successor.

Tresnistan National Television
Brought to you by the Aleshenko-Berenovich Corporation, leading Anavero's innovation for a better tomorrow
Ruthless bombardment from Vedoti Pact forces on Anavero's souther province!
The past following days has seen brutality from the unrightful and barbaric forces of the Vedoti Pact as they relentlessly and unjustfully bombarded Anavero's souther province, known for its quality farming throughout the nation. Yesterday, shells and missiles from ships belonging to the Vedoti Pact rained down fire upon innocent and peaceful farming towns and villages, killing many and injuring much more. The Ministry of National Defense has informed us that it is suspected Morrawia carried out these actions with Zhiguryia in retaliation for the just and reasoned terror attack on the Morrawian capital of Králowec. The Premier has reassured the people of the glorious People's Republic that this action will not be forgotten and that generations to come will sing of the merciless Anaveroan soldiers on Morrawian soil, slaughtering their people. He has added that for every Anaveroan killed in the uncalled for bombardments, 4 Morrawians will be executed and each injured Anaveroan equates to 2 Morrawians executed. Yields are suspected to be significantly lower from the souther territory and the Central Committee has released a statement saying that in order to account for such reduced yields, they will need to do three things that have been given permission from The Premier:

1. Overtime work - Citizens are required by local enforcement to work overtime in order to increase production. Failure to do so will result in arrest and heavy penalties.
2. Increased security - Law enforcement and military officials have been given permission to enforce laws they think are being broken. A martial law is to be enforced and no one is allowed out after 9pm unless with an official government permit. Those caught in violation are to be arrested on sight. Anyone who resists arrest or attempts to flee will be shot.
3. Repurposing of necessary goods - The Premier has permitted soldiers to take any and all food to be redistributed, ensuring enough food goes to fighting against the hordes of brutal invaders. Anyone refusing to give up goods or suspected of or found hiding or illegally distributing food and supplies will be executed or sent to hard labour with a months ration deducted.

With rationing in effect, the Central Committe and The Premier have made it illegal to travel from Anavero to any other country and for any commercial and civilan aircraft to enter Anaveroan airspace: air travel for any and all aircraft, except military aircraft or aircraft transporting necessary goods across the nation, has been banned. Anyone found to be in violation of this rule will result in the aircraft being shot down and any and all survivors executed on the spot. In order to ensure full compliance, every aircraft that does not serve a military purpose will be dismantled and the components used to make glorious and reliable tanks, weapons, ships and military fighters and helicopters for our brave and valiant defenders. All pilots are to report to the nearest recruitment station to be enlisted into the airforce so they may serve their great country: there are no exceptions.

The Premier and Central Committee on sentences of loyal Anaveroan patriots
3 days ago, the six brave, loyal and fearless ANB Agents that carried out the terrorist attack on Králowec were sentenced for their valiant actions, proving that although Morrawia and its allies attack our homeland, we can and will do the same. The attack served as a warning that their own country is not untouchable as they tread on our soil and taint our beautiful and righteous country. It also served as punishment for their transgressions against The Premier, our country's just, rightful and powerful leader and that all who cross his path will crumble, whether the threat be domestic or foreign. The Morrawian President, Tomás Slawinský, has used his cowardly powers to use his "emergency powers" to allow for a swift arrest and judgement of the courageous ANB Agents. As the Agents were in the corrupt courtroom without a lawyer given to them by the perfect state tgat is the People's Republic, they heard testimonies from unworthy survivors and witnesses while observimg clearly fabricated evidence. As the sentence was read, the Agents stood unwavered, emotionless, knowing they had done their duty for the People's Republic of Anavero, going above and beyond to ensure the stability of our great and prosperous nation! Families of the victims broke into tears and the people of Králowec sighed their relief and cheered in triumph while two Agents were given death by lethal injection and the remaining four sentenced to maximum security in Winarow prison but yet our Agents stood, resilient as the people they represent: wrongly persecuted, just in their cause for victory and willing to lay down their life for The Premier, our eternal and great leader, and his mighty Central Committee!

"I find it ridiculous how a nation priding itself on freedom and equality gives our Agents a clearly rigged and biased trial towards Morrawia! The ANB Agents didn't even get an official Anaveroan state lawyer to represent them in their "independent and just" court! The Morrawians deserved the attack! They and their puppets in the Vedoti Pact got involved in a war, our war, to eradicate democracy on our soil, our territory! They come here and take our land, kill our soldiers and servicemen?! They shall pay with their blood and our flag hoisted on their capital!" Said Lev Serenkov, a local store owner in Tresnistan. Lev's store has been hit hard because of the war and its consequences on the Anaveroan people. With the bombardment and blockade of Anavero's souther region, he has seen a reduced amount of goods in his store that has been open for 4 generations. Lev and his family are patriots and have already donated whatever supplies he has in his store to the cause but it has unfortunately left his store empty. However, hearing his kindness, The Premier plans to visit Lev and his family to suprise them amd thank them for their duty to Anavero and to the state. The 6 ANB Agents did their duty to the fullest and are contempted with their sentences, knowing it has contributed to Anavero's great victory and for a brighter future for the nation!

"Let the scars be a reminder of the suffering we can inflict! Let the injured forever remember who gave them their injuries! Let the deaths of their loved ones serve as a lesson for their ignorance for our conquest to eradicate democracy!" Said Officer Anton Forkovsky, a police officer in Tresnistan. Officer Forkovsky is another patriot who loves his country and has done his duty by assisting ANB Agents in their arrests and enforcing curfew. He was also present during the protests in Tresnistan Square and was one of the mamy officers who made sure that no further protests would happen. Before becoming an officer, Anton worked in a factory, producing Anavero's finest steel for our noble construction workers and engineers making our tanks, planes and warships. Both Forkovsky's and Serenkov's fathers served alongside The Fiunder to help establish the great state: Forkovsky's father running his store and secretly providing food for The Founder and his great followers while Serenkov's father gave them excess steel to build crude but effective weapons. Both men now uphold the work of their fathers by assisting the state in its righteous struggle.

In other news...
- Minister of Health to allocate certain hospitals and medical facilities to essential defenders of Anavero as well as medical equipment for emergencies
- The Premier to order fullscale construction of numerous defences and defence installations in and around Tresnistan and its harbour to protect the country's capital
- Aleshenko-Berenovich Corporation to increase producyion of armour such as tanks, IFVs, APCs and more after orders to dismantle unneccesary civilan aircrafts for war effort

Long Live The Premier! Long Live the People's Republic of Anavero!

Heya!I'm new but i have been on your Discord for a Month Actually!
Don't ask how I even Got there in the First place...

How do I join the RP?

Arandalle wrote:Heya!I'm new but i have been on your Discord for a Month Actually!
Don't ask how I even Got there in the First place...

How do I join the RP?

Everything important happens on Discord, so if you´re already there, choose a spot on the map and people there will be very happy to work with you on RP.

51 years of peace: the Commission of Truth reaches a final conclusion about the Anahuense Civil War[/u]
A special report brought to Imevisión by Gabriela Krautze.
Noticias Imevisión - Thursday, September 21, 2023

SAN JORGE XAYACATLÁN. – Peace is a fairly abstract term in the local sphere. Today is used for political reasons to declare one of the most prosperous times in Anáhuac since the times of Ángel Lenoci's dictatorship. But being objective, peace never lasts more than a quarter of a century in such an unstable and unique world. The terms of war and peace today are very emaciated in the post-Great War Anteria. Under them, a subjective story has to be written to delineate virtuous deeds from bad deeds. History, concerning this, is quite subjective and never objective.

The last days of Anahuac

Yesterday, the Anahuense government held its annual ceremony commemorating 51 years since the end of the civil war. Although it was a majestic spectacle, with a view that would only be repeated at the Independence ceremony, something in the joint speech of the current leaders, Matías Larrazabal Torres (president), and Fernanda Hernández Alanis (prime minister) did not sit very well among the few who still lived through one of the most brutal conflicts in Olivacia. Political polarization had reached what was supposed to be an event to promote pacifism and the prosperity of Anahuac. Shortly after his speech, Torres received an enormous shower of criticism both on Twatter and in the plaza, supported by the abolition of the so-called Khan Doctrine, and what many assume, opens Anáhuac to threats that, in general, looked the other way when they saw us.

While this concern was happening, the Truth Commission for Anáhuac silently announced the publication of the Reporte final de la Comisión de la Verdad de Anáhuac sobre la guerra civil (1968-1972) (Common: Final report of the Truth Commission for Anahuac about the civil war (1968-1972)), which according to the commission's advisor when it was established in 1978, “would be published in 2100, due to such inefficiency.”

Harsh truths

The Truth Commission for Anáhuac has been in existence since the final stages of what is known as La Limpieza. In this period, President Luis Carlos Arreola dealt with remnants of the military junta of the National Reorganization Process that were scattered throughout the national territory. Since then, the Truth Commission has been tasked with "finding and disseminating the truth about acts of violence committed by both sides during the war." Furthermore, the commission and the new Arreola government agreed on the need for a public report on its conclusions. Despite being urgent, the government's priorities soon shifted, especially after the Lost Decade in the eighties and the so-called Tequila Effect in the nineties.

Over fifty years, the Commission's main leader, Francisco Sepúlveda Martínez, claimed to have collected testimonies from around 22,000 witnesses to the atrocities on both sides of the war, a sizable number of human rights organizations, and former members of the branch of the AWA in charge of supervising the reconstruction of the country between 1973 and 1981. In summary, the most notable facts that became known:

1. Eighty-seven percent of the abuses committed between 1968 and 1972 were committed by the military junta that governed Anáhuac after the deposition of President Susete Hernández, including the infamous Santa Arca massacre.

2. Of that 87%, at least 60% involved murders, 25% disappearances, and 20% torture.

3. The remaining 12% of abuses were committed by forces loyal to the federal government. As in point two, at least 70% involved indiscriminate murders, 35% forced disappearances, and 10% torture.

4. A detailed list of the foreign support that both sides received during the conflict.

5. Analysis and conclusions of abuses with ambiguous authority such as the chemical bombing of Zaragoza, the massacre of Riojanians in the border city of Surconia, and the shipwreck of the S.S Tlalpan in Lake Girón.

Even though this report was presented quietly during the September 19 celebrations, the few journalists who dared to cover it have called this great report nothing more than “an empty and unfinished report for the people of Anáhuac, who we are sure want to forget that past.” Others, direct descendants of people like Gala Graffigna or Anastasio Müller, or people who proclaimed so much for justice, have described the report as “unfair, incomplete, illegal, unethical, partial and insolent.” This report would give a sense of justice and redemption to those powerful who, living or dead, had their training in the most destructive conflict in our history. However, much of what is concluded in this report of more than two thousand pages would fall into the category of harsh truths or uncomfortable truths, between now and our grandchildren's generation.

Concluding thoughts

In the end, will the victims be able to say that they get justice? Who knows. Fifty-one years have passed since the Anahuense Civil War, and within this period, many things have happened in this world. Numerous wars and territorial disputes, environmental problems, economic disparity, natural disasters, and reconstruction. The injustice that has been done to the commission is comparable to the abuses that many people committed during their time in this world.

However, it would be unfair to say that there is no better feeling than justice well served, as well as objective truth. At the end of the ceremony on September 19, a fragment of the autobiography of the former president and Mother of the Nation, Susete Hernández Niño, came to mind.

An objective truth hurts, but will it be different from a lying truth? I admit to having sinned by undermining the pursuit of knowledge and progress in the name of avoiding uncomfortable truths, but today, as someone who must now profess knowledge to the young, I recognize and forgive myself for that mistake. Eventually, you will have to learn that the harm many fear from objective truths is only serious for those who have something to fear.

With information of Noticias Imevisión.

Continue Reading

National: September 19th demonstrations continue across Anáhuac.

Politics: Paula Gálvez assumes the presidency of the Senate amidst applause.

Transportation: Line A of the 2030 Master Plan has begun construction in station San Bernabé.

CDSJX: City opens new architect contest for the Cosmópolis railway station. See requirements.

International: Trial of Králowec bombing concludes.

Written by Gabriela Krautze.
(Twatter: @GabyKrautz)

Gabriela Krautze currently has 22 years of experience in the journalistic field. She has been the recipient of the “Ernesto Award” in the journalism category in the years 2017 and 2020 for her reporting, with articles such as The privatization of FNA is not the answer, is it? and A day with Samara Mireles: The anxiety and responsibilities of being a former president.

OOC : dont worry im still here so i remind everyone that i will be always THE GRIFFIN OF THE SEAS ! MUHAHAHAHA !!!!

The FLA have taken up arms once again in protest over the parliament refusing to hold a national opinion poll on wether to re establish the monarchy

so i'd want to just ask if i can be finally unbanned and given a 3rd chance at joining the Anteria Discord? I promise i wont break any rules or say anything offensive/racist/anti-semitic and i swear i'll follow the rules and behave in the server forever. please consider it, yall. Thanks always

**Khawazih sends economic support to the brother nation of Pohnpenesia amid the crisis it is facing**
*The Salamati Evening, Sunday September 24 2023*
After the E.C rule for over 40 years which impoverished the country, and the tsunami of June 2023, the country has became more and more vulnerable to crime, and shortages in all domains. Pohnpenesia also suffers due to the recession and its pile of debts which conduced the country to declare default last year.

Upon those news in a brother country, Karim Khawazih, Minister of Foreign Relations, announced sending 1.8 billion ACU as an aid to the Pohnpenesian govt.

Some Salamatis, however, denounced the act and called for the money to be spent in infrastructures, which are defectuous in some parts of Salamat.

Along with this economic aid, Khawazih also desires to help rebuild the Harpan Port to alleviate the economic difficulties by restauring trade with other countries, which could be a step out of the current situation.

*Other news*
• **Salamat** : Iron mine closed in Bani Dasser arouses anger from locals.
• *Anahuác* : Military parade organized on September 19th, national day of Anahuác.
•*Morrawia* : Trials of the Kralowec bombings end.
"The world one click away"

Round of referendums approved for voting on the 7th of October by Metro Politics, 24/09/2023, 08:27.

The following referendums and plebiscites have been confirmed by the Assembly of the Union, for voting on 07/10.

Federal referendums:
[071023-A01] - Referendum on the transition to an opt-out organ donation system, effective 01/01/2024;
[071023-A02] - Popular initiative referendum on the standardization of USB-C ports for all chargeable electronic devices;
[071023-A03] - Popular initiative referendum on the inclusion of physical education to the high and middle school curriculum.

Federal plebiscites:
[071023-B01] - Plebiscite on the abolishment of the policy of armed semi-neutrality in favor of more active foreign affairs.
[071023-B02] - Plebiscite on the removal of President Mauro Caviezel from the Pantheon of Heroes.

Major corporations meet in Regenza to discuss possible actions in Pohnpenesia, Councillor Antonio Giordano attends by Economs Magazine, 24/09/2023, 09:51.

Heads of the major corporations of Galeteri met today at the Unidas Twin Towers to discuss ways to adress the economical disaster in the archipelago nation of Pohnpenesia. Executives of Ochse, Valetto, Teleaudiophonica, Akela Security, Unitara, Novorizon, Trais Monts, SAE and Conaerem were in attendance, along with Councillor and Minister of Finance, Antonio Giordano.

The consensus in the Transnational Association of Good Business seems to be that the government is not capable of the daunting humanitarian task alone, and that it will require help from the private sector if further reconstruction of the archipelago nation is to be made. To this end, the nine corporations proposed the formation of a consortium and the seeking of a mandate from the Pohnpenesian government for providing security, financial and humanitarian aid. Shareholders are optimistic about the plan, saying that the companies will reap whatever economic benefits come with helping the vulnerable nation. Rumours in the business world are that the government will gladly work to further the well-being of the people of Pohnpenesia, and have pitched in representatives for the Consortium. According to sources, foreign companies are being contacted for a possible international coalition for the reconstruction of Pohnpenesia, where national governments will be able to work together with companies for the betterment of humankind, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is reportedly also working towards that goal.

Galeteri will put forth an offer of 50 million ACU in financial aid to the Pohnpenesian government, with the possibility of increased funding and loans from the Galet banking system upon further negotiation. Valetto and Ochse engineers and architects are working on a possible plan to rebuild and even improve key infraestructure in Harpan.

One thing is for certain, it seems like the start of a beautiful friendship.

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