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Most Nations: 155th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 168th Largest Black Market: 1,362nd+6
Most Influential: 1,756th Largest Information Technology Sector: 2,039th Most Cultured: 2,106th Most Inclusive: 2,140th Smartest Citizens: 2,229th Most Scientifically Advanced: 2,231st
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Welcome to Anteria

We are a casual, modern tech, closed-world region, open to all ideologies and nations alike.

Current roleplay date: July 2018

Featured Region: 2/1/2017

Please refrain from targeting this region for recruitment.

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Please endorse our World Assembly delegate Hatstheput to ensure regional stability.

This Week's Theme: End of Season 1 (Theme Weeks)

Regional News Thread:Today in Anteria

New Concord is under development! LinkCheck it out here

The Albith Convention can be found here. (Contact Albithica to become a signatory)

Later this week: Invade Gaul.
Best Ally: Poland.

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Regional Power: High

Anteria contains 86 nations, the 155th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Safest in Anteria

World Census agents tested the sharpness of household objects, the softness of children's play equipment, and the survival rate of people taking late walks to determine how safe each nation is to visit.

As a region, Anteria is ranked 8,784th in the world for Safest.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Grand Republic of AlbithicaLeft-wing Utopia“Liberty, Endurance, Unity”
2.The Confederation of Inner Mations AststanDemocratic Socialists“Per Aspera Ad Astra”
3.The United Kingdom of ReichschlossLiberal Democratic Socialists“Ein Reich, Zwolf Kaiseren”
4.The People's Republic of EudaemonicsLeft-wing Utopia“There is no crime in being kind”
5.The Holy and Beautiful Republic of GhijukoLeft-wing Utopia“This is Paradise, Make it Yours”
6.The Republic of AstariaxInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ab aeterno, ab antiquo”
7.The Republic of Par VaiLeft-Leaning College State“Vo Besdo Au Keru RÓ Se - May The Gods Protect Us”
8.The Grand Republic of KilowattCivil Rights Lovefest“Scientia potentia est”
9.The Federation of MilintiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Every Man A King, Together.”
10.The Theocracy of WataniyaPsychotic Dictatorship“In God we trust”
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Anteria Regional Message Board

Everyone who didn't like my birthday post is dead to me.

Only time will tell if I'm just kidding.

Sibantis wrote:Everyone who didn't like my birthday post is dead to me.

Only time will tell if I'm just kidding.

You know how much Aziallis wuvz you. :P

19 hours ago: The Corporate Republic of Razmistan arrived from Lazarus.

OwO what's this

Post self-deleted by Gabrielland.

Post self-deleted by Xingyue.

The PM had been all busy since morning. After escorting the King of Xingyue to the Residence of the Governor where he had been given the guest suite. After getting him a change of clothes and a warm shower, the two of them escorted for lunch.

The PM took the King to a Sorlk Eyal Street Cafe to have lunch. The Ojelbenada was a very famous Vyareid Cafe in Brushella who's owner knew the PM personally and was more than happy to have the King of Xingyue for food there. "Honour" was the term he used, as many Azillians would. The Cafe had traditional Thukazepa Soups and Dazimpungs which were a Vyareid delicacy. They had been given a Special Booth overlooking the cobblestone street of Sorlk Eyal and the daMel Bridge over the Arigua River (a distributary of the major Shelong River) and the Auxillia Gardens in the distance with colourful Autumn flowers in this season.
The owner of The Ojelbenada had made the effort of decorating the Cafe with special East Vyareid (Undeiro) style decorations with Paintings made my weaving silk. And even the plates were made out of Usetra- a kind of stone famous in Kyonei, Laxim and Manjira.
The King and the Prime Minister, with the help of some basic vocabulary and sentence skills and hand gestures talked, just to get to know each other's perspective better. The PM wished to avoid the use of a translator to the maximum and hence his Official translator was seated in the room, but was asked to translate only complex sentences. It was very obvious that the King had figured out that the PM did not speak his language. After all, the King was a smart man. The talked of their lives and the worlds they had the fate of governing. The Lunch was amazing and the soft hum of the Arigua that once could hear during the silent moments made the lunch even better.


Post Lunch the King and the PM had more talks, but in a more official setting, in the Lurei Palace Court Room. The talks were long and lasted till evening. There were many differences met, many bridges built and roads of understandings constructed.

The PM invited the King for Dinner with him in the Ball Room of Laserviang Palace at 8:30 PM. He reminded the King that as they parted ways in the galarey of the Governor's residence for a few hours.

The PM had asked for the King's fine robes to be laundered and be given back to him by evening. That order had been met. His Royal "Kingly" silks were fresh and fragrant with 'Mayestha', an indigenous flower found in East Frankoiva.

The Ball was Set for Dinner.


The Laserviang Palace had been decorated to the hilt. Especially the Ball Room. There was a red welcome carpet outside of the Palace. The PM had escorted the King towards the Ball Room, which had been decorated with Paintings and Glass Lanterns and Fairy Lights and the floor covered with a brown rug that made it resemble mahoghany wood with Red geometric patterns in at regular intervals. In one corner was a large square table that could easily accomodate 12 people covered in white silk cloth and red cloherets at each seat. Three seats were arranged at each of the four sides of the table and a four sided candellia jutted out of the table, with small fragrant candles in them.
There was an Orchestra playing on the Cello, the Violin, the Violla and a few wind instruments. There were minor percussion instruments (a speciality of Azillian Orchestra).

The PM asked for the King to be seated comforatbly at the table and went out to recieve the other guests he was expecting for the meeting. He saw a car with the flag of Gabrielland approach.

"And so the meeting shall begin, and so another era...", the PM thought to himself.

My economy reached its all time highest amount! Which is still below average but the point still stands!

"...The Prosperan vintage, signore?"

"That would be lovely." As an elegantly dressed attendant carefully poured a pale yellow wine into a fine wine glass being held out by Cosimo Donfelda, he spoke nervously of the past month. "We have been sitting still for weeks. What for?"

"Every once in a while, one must take some time to themselves to determine what they will do next." The Astariaxi Septimo sipped his wine, savoring the multitude of flavors. "A true work of art! You know, my wife's family owns the vineyards where the grapes for this wine were picked. It has been aged for so long... perhaps when we were young and ran freely among the grape vines, we touched the very grapes I drink now!" Donfelda laughed to himself, his eyes warm with reminiscence. His attendant was nervous. When the Septimo went off on a tangent, he was usually about to say something quite important.

"H-how long will we be waiting before business returns to normal?"

"Rest easy, signore, for you are in luck! It just so happens that our gears will start turning the moment I drain my glass." As he finished off his wine, he stood up and walked out of his office without another word. Cosimo Donfelda walked through the innumerable, labyrinthine marbled halls of the capital building and came to the exit door. He threw open the doors and felt the bright light hit his face. Some people turned and stared as he looked around eagerly. Once they realized who had finally stepped outside, they began to cheer. He bowed lightly towards the small crowd that was forming and shouted three words to them.

"We... are... back!"

(I mentioned before that I was going to keep this nation around in case I came to regret my decision to switch over. To the surprise of... probably not that many people, actually, I couldn't part with the history made on this nation. Too many memories made, especially since this one has been around since the beginning. I gave it a month, and I might look ridiculous for switching back this soon, but I came to regret the decision like I said I would a few weeks in. Astariax is back - - I will be changing a significant portion of Astariaxi culture and language as a whole, though. Sorry for... I dunno, sort of invalidating a lot of RP right after the same thing happened to the war we did with Neuewland before, but I've sorted most of it with the people involved. Thanks for sticking through my flip-flopping, even if you don't read any of my posts. <3)

Breaking news from neuewland: "Shouldn't a bunch of people have died in the past month?"

Breaking news from Irrelevant Supreme Empire of Everything the Light Touches: "We hereby claim Sibantis."

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