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Mordor RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Autonomous Collective of Gonzlandia (elected )

Founder: The Evil version of Evil Lord Sauron

Last WA Update:

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Most Nations: 453rd Largest Black Market: 541st Fattest Citizens: 631st+21
Highest Wealthy Incomes: 650th Most Avoided: 830th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 961st Highest Economic Output: 1,053rd Most Armed: 1,104th Highest Disposable Incomes: 1,146th Most Influential: 1,237th Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,270th Largest Mining Sector: 1,328th Most Corrupt Governments: 1,385th Highest Unexpected Death Rate: 1,394th Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 1,488th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 1,534th Largest Retail Industry: 1,544th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 1,619th Most Subsidized Industry: 1,659th Highest Average Incomes: 1,804th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,907th Most Devout: 1,914th Most Advanced Public Transport: 2,257th Largest Information Technology Sector: 2,368th
World Factbook Entry

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them,
In the Land of LinkMordor! where the Shadows lie

LinkJoin our Forum and our Link discord channel!

One does not simply walk into Mordor...
And get away with it!
Please endorse our delegate, Gonzlandia.

Endorsement Cap: 10 endorsements


Will Wop ever notice that I edited this in here? Only time can tell.

LinkMoRNaR! Our first official nation based Roleplaying Game!

LinkRoleplaying Map for Mordor

Mordor's Official Theme Song
LinkNazgul Theme

How long do you think it will take Alancar Notices? Started on (26/01/2020)
Oh no they CTEd on us!

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    The Comprehensive Guide to NationStates Cards

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    Welcome To Mordor: A guide for newcomers.

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    Sauron Wants You!

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    Collection of LotR Memes

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Regional Power: Moderate

Mordor contains 35 nations, the 453rd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Crime Rates in Mordor

World Census interns were dispatched to seedy back alleys in order to determine which nations have the highest crime rates.

As a region, Mordor is ranked 3,384th in the world for Highest Crime Rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Capital City of MogadishuCapitalist Paradise“Determination”
2.The Autonomous Collective of GonzlandiaLeft-Leaning College State“Don't start none, won't be none.”
3.The Missing Whole of Left Butt CheekLeft-wing Utopia“We Are The Better Half”
4.The Stalwart Soldiers of SillimaniteMoralistic Democracy“Just Give it Time”
5.The Theocracy of Dreaming RlyehCompulsory Consumerist State“And with strange aeons even death may die!”
6.The Vast Pinions of Fell BeastCapitalizt“A creature of an older world maybe it was”
7.The Mount Doom of Volcano OrodruinAnarchy“Mount Doom”
8.The Hosttower of The Arcane BrotherhoodCompulsory Consumerist State“Behold the power of the dark side!”
9.The Mordorian Borderlands of Ravania IthiliaAnarchy“United we stand!”
10.The Republic of Agricultural NurnFather Knows Best State“Food for the armies of the Dark Lord”

Regional Happenings


Mordor Regional Message Board

Hello. I am here to expand my project of my country's embassies. To get included, quote me.

In Free Land of Malopolska those countries have embassies:

Embassies in Kraków all are in the same district, shown by the following map (flags might be a little bit dissorted, but they should be able to resemble individual countries):

Free Land of Malopolska has embassies in following countries:

Read factbook

I wonder which one could be Mordor's favourite.

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky...


Hello all!

We (from Middle Earth) are starting the (DnD-like) Middle Earth Roleplay this Sunday, the 14th of June! We decided on 2 map updates per week, on Sunday and on Wednesday. Later we can change this to 1 per week if there are enough people willing to do this (or to any other combination of values and dates).

Right now we have 3 that signed up (from a total of 14 possible slots on the map) and are going to play starting Sunday - however we would love to have a few more. To have more fun (as we have more that play) but to also take the load off the Game master (that'll have to represent 7 to 9 non-playable factions with his close to zero roleplaying skills).

Moreover, I am actually a very good-hearted person, so I'll give a shiny ring to whomever joins the RP. I have 9 possible rings to offer, all golden and suitable to satisfy any of your demands! Each of the 9 rings has some inscription on them, but you must not worry too much. Those that have already joined are not eligible anymore, sorry! (Trust me, its better this way.)

If you are interested please check the map over at (please wait a bit for it to load) and see if there's any spot on the map free for you. Then telegram me or Tatarica and we'll walk you over the steps to join. You can always join at a later time (we have at least 2 people that are interested to join but can not do it now), after the RP start. But to be sure that you get what land you'd like (and the golden ring I mentioned earlier) do consider joining now, until Sunday.

** Being a part of the RP means that you are to use a new nation (less than 300 million population) to join Middle Earth Roleplay for the duration of the RP, and you will post your In-Character messages with that nation on the Regional Message Board of Middle Earth Roleplay.

Amazing news everyone!

UPDATE 00 for the Middle Earth Roleplay has been posted !

Thanks to all that made this possible. There are also some spots still free on the map, if you wish to join.

Please feel free to check it out at the following link:


More info:


Nothing to post from earlier updates as the roleplay just started!

What has been done until this update :

Nothing to post from earlier updates as the roleplay just started!

The Map of Middle Earth Roleplay - Update 00:
The Map of this Update can be found LinkHERE.
** IF you want to check out the other updates, go LinkHERE **


    • Kingdom's Name: Broken Tooth Tribe

    • NS Player: Dwarf

    • RP nation: Wild Hunt

    • Race: Orcs

    • Leader: Snicklefritz

    • Hero: type D, Snicklefritz (same as Leader)

    • NS Stats: -5% effectiveness

    • Favouritism: 50 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (2) : Horse Plains (C), Upper Nurn

    • Armies under command: 3000 Orcs in Horse Plains (with Hero)

    • Kingdom's Name: Clan Frostbeard

    • NS Player: Dwarven Mines

    • RP nation: Clan Frostbeard

    • Race: Dwarves

    • Leader: Dralvik II

    • Hero: type D, Balur

    • NS Stats: +10% effectiveness

    • Favouritism: 50 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (2) : Forochel (C), River Lhun

    • Armies under command: 1000 Dwarves in Forochel (with Hero)

    • Kingdom's Name: Elvea-Falasse

    • NS Player: Kingdom of the Unicorn 02

    • RP nation: Elvea-Falasse

    • Race: Elves

    • Leader: Cirdan

    • Hero: type D, Gannoriel

    • NS Stats: +5% effectiveness

    • Favouritism: 50 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (2) : Northern Lindon, Mithlond (C)

    • Armies under command: 1000 Elves in Mithlond (with Hero)

    • Kingdom's Name: Empire of Coldvar

    • NS Player: New Margaux

    • RP nation: New Margaux

    • Race: Humans

    • Leader: Nikolai Nāves

    • Hero: type D, Nikolai Nāves (same as Leader)

    • NS Stats: +10% effectiveness

    • Favouritism: 50 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (2) : Andrast (C), Anfalas

    • Armies under command: 2000 Humans in Andrast (with Hero)

    • Kingdom's Name: Rohan || ** Not currently playing **

    • NS Player: Echoriath

    • RP nation: ** no RP nation yet! **

    • Race: Humans

    • Leader: Theoden

    • Hero: type A, Theoden (same as Leader)

    • NS Stats: +0% effectiveness

    • Favouritism: 50 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (2) : Anorien, Rohan (C)

    • Armies under command: 2000 Humans in Rohan (with Hero)

    • Kingdom's Name: The Defender's Fjord

    • NS Player: Wille-Harlia

    • RP nation: -Wille-Harlia-

    • Race: Dwarves

    • Leader: King Alexius Comnenus

    • Hero: type C, Erasmus Dragonsword

    • NS Stats: +10% effectiveness

    • Favouritism: 50 (+ 0% effectiveness)

    • Regions under command: (2) : Iron Hills, Withered Heath (C)

    • Armies under command: 1000 Dwarves in Withered Heath (with Hero)

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Etyangoldi Alliance

    • Race: Elves

    • Leader: Curufinwe Fallenstar

    • Regions under command: (3) : Cardolan, Dunland, Hollin (C)

    • Armies under command: 800 Elves in Hollin

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) The Variag Order

    • Race: Humans

    • Leader: Ulwarth the First

    • Regions under command: (2) : Near Harad, Sutherland (C)

    • Armies under command: 1600 Humans in Sutherland

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) The Woodland Enclave

    • Race: Dwarves

    • Leader: Barazturg (female)

    • Regions under command: (3) : Hearth of Mirkwood, Western Mirkwood (C), Woodland Realm

    • Armies under command: 800 Dwarves in Western Mirkwood

    • Kingdom's Name: (NPC) Trollshaw Realm

    • Race: Orcs

    • Leader: Torogok

    • Regions under command: (3) : Ettenmoors (C), Rhudaur, Upper Rhudaur

    • Armies under command: 2400 Orcs in Ettenmoors

    • Kingdom's Name: N/A

    • Kingdom's Name: N/A

    • Kingdom's Name: N/A

    • Kingdom's Name: N/A


  • Broken Tooth Tribe

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Clan Frostbeard

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Elvea-Falasse

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Empire of Coldvar

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • Rohan

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • The Defender's Fjord

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • (NPC) Etyangoldi Alliance

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • (NPC) The Variag Order

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • (NPC) The Woodland Enclave

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • (NPC) Trollshaw Realm

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • (Unfilled Slot)

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • (Unfilled Slot)

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

  • (Unfilled Slot)

    • Official Allies: -none-

    • Official Enemies: -none-

Wars status throughout the realm:

  • Nothing happened so far !
    (The Roleplay just started ..)

RANKING: Most Provinces Controlled:

- (1st): (NPC) Etyangoldi Alliance (3 of 7)
- (2nd): (NPC) The Woodland Enclave (3 of 7)
- (3rd): (NPC) Trollshaw Realm (3 of 7)
- (NPC) The Variag Order (2 of 5)
- (Player) Broken Tooth Tribe (2 of 5)
- (Player) Clan Frostbeard (2 of 5)
- (Player) Elvea-Falasse (2 of 5)
- (Player) Empire of Coldvar (2 of 5)
- (Player) Rohan (2 of 5)
- (Player) The Defender's Fjord (2 of 5)
- (Unfilled Slot)
- (Unfilled Slot)
- (Unfilled Slot)
- (Unfilled Slot)

NPC talk and decisions of this update:

Etyangoldi Alliance:
The land of the Etyangoldi Alliance is quite mysterious to the outsider, as there is not a lot of information regarding them. The reasons for this are currently unknown. What is known, however, are the following.

The lands of Etyangoldi Alliance are rumored to hold great treasures, artifacts and even some enchanted items. The ruler of this kingdom is an elf of royal bloodline, named Curufinwe Fallenstar. He is very charismatic, a true demagogue, knowledgeable in the art of war and has a reputation for being cunning, self-absorbed and even resentful. Quick to anger and easily provoked, he is rumored to often employ unorthodox (unconventional) tactics and to have little care for the lives of those under his command when he sets a goal in mind. In the same time, the armies of the Etyangoldi Alliance are elite, not necessarily due to their personal prowess in battle but rather due to some top tier armor and quality weapons.

Curufinwe Fallenstar and the bulk of his army was last known to be found in the province of Hollin, the capitol of the Etyangoldi Alliance. They are resting there after the successful conquest of Cardolan from the descendant kings of Numenor.

No army movements


The Variag Order:
The many clans of Southern Mordor have, apparently, united under Ulwarth the First, ruler of the Variag Order. A legitimate claim for unification in this part of the world is usually related to how big your sword is, how far can you swing it and by how many die before you. And Ulwarth is shy in no aspect; he rules the clans with an iron fist and is sure to provoke some serious damage. So, now, with the clans united he looks elsewhere to increase his gain. And the only way is up.

But walking on a path of war and death may not be sufficient in these greener pastures of the world. Allies can prove to be a necessary evil, at least for securing a front; be it northern, eastern or western. Important decisions are to be made. Until then, Ulwarth the First and his armies reside at the capitol, Sutherland, and have sent a few messages.

"To the kingdom of Rohan,

This is in part a notice and a demand. The free folk, under my rule, wish riches and wish land. Here, we lack both riches and land. As such, we are expanding. You can be our allies or you can be our enemies.

The Variag Order"


"To the empire of Coldvar,

The Variag Order salutes you. Some southern kings left our lands for Andrast, Belfalas and Anfalas, and I'm sure you're a descendant of one of them as the blood of a southernern runs through your veins. Or I hope it does, for if it does not, then it means that my folk perished to the blade of your folk. And if such a case is true, then I must seek retribution.

I hope not, as my plans are to expand and I wish to have allies that I can trust. Or enemies that are worth my blade.
What say you?"

and, finally, one last message.

"To the ruler of the Broken Tooth Tribe, Snicklefritz,

I hope that this message reaches you in good omens. My folks and your folks surely fought alongside, at one point in the distant past, around the plains of Mordor. Now, its up for the taking. What are your goals, your desires, your plans? Are you interested in reigniting some sort of lost connection between the freefolks of Khand and Sutherland and the orcs and goblins? Or are you decided to take glory in your own hands and test the waters? I warn you, they're quite muddy.

Hope you get the meaning of my message. Understanding or a good fight. For Nurn, for Mordor, and, why not, for the rest of Middle Earth. Or the seeds of an alliance, a bigger clan and glory for the both of us.

No army movements
Send a message to the Kingdom of Rohan, discussing cooperation, non-aggression or a sentiment of war
Send a message to the Empire of Coldvar, discussing cooperation, non-aggression or a sentiment of war
Send a message to the Broken Tooth Tribe, discussing cooperation, non-aggression or a sentiment of war


The Woodland Enclave:
If you're not a dwarf then you would not believe it if you were not to see it with your own eyes; but if you were to see it with your own eyes, you wouldn't be able to speak about it afterwards - as you'd either be dead, have your tongue and eyes cut out, or, if you're lucky, you'd be working for the rest of your life in the harsh mines of the Iron Hills.

I'm talking about the dwarf queen of the Woodland Enclave, Barazturg. The name means 'red beard' in the popular language but few would assume that its a female they're referring to. Yet here she is, in all her glory, at the spearhead of a dwarf battalion; beautiful contraptions, war machines and heavily armored warriors wielding powerful rune weapons and skirmishers proficient in crossbows and axe-trowing, their ever-lasting loyalty to the cause and to their queen makes for a powerful foe or a sturdy ally.

Alone, isolated in the woods, the Woodland Enclave slowly grows in power. But the craving for an united dwarf front is still a powerful cog in the dwarf mindset so Barazturg plans to try to connect with other dwarves. As such, she sends a few emissaries to other places of Middle Earth, namely to the Iron Hills, to the Grey Mountains, to the High Pass and to Moria, to Forochel and to the Blue Mountains. She wonders if there are any dwarves residing in these lands ...

No army movements
Send emissaries with gifts to the Iron Hills, the Grey Mountains, to the High Pass, to Moria, to Forochel and to Blue Mountains.
* emissaries can reach the Iron Hills and Forochel if the players that own those provinces want to


Trollshaw Realm:
Ettenmoors and Rhudaur are known to be desolate marshes, woodlands and mountains filled with dark creatures, and as such many castles and towers were built on top of hills all around the realm by the good folk wishing to protect themselves against the perils of the land. But without a good coordination, a central power or at least an influencial noble to keep the reigns and assume some sort of command, bad things happen.

And in this case, those bad things had a name. Trolls. Trolls. Trolls. Big trolls. Trolls smash. And not long after, the built towers were just a pile of cracked bricks and the castles of Rhudaur looked much like small stone ruins, a reminder of old times. But these trolls are not just smash and smash and smash. You can say that they're quite smart. Especially this particular troll, Torogok. Not a big talker, but a real do-er. He realized that instead of eating folk they could thrall folk. And make the folk fight for them. Or be eaten if they refuse, of course. There's no glory in being eaten (not to mention that its quite gruesome) but there's some glory in a death on the battlefields.

Trolls, with the help of slaves, captives and servants, managed to have a good hold on Ettenmoors and Rhudaur and are now planning to expand.

There's just a small issue. Torogok the troll heard from some captives that there's a king to the South that may prove to be a small nuisance. And why fight a kingdom when you can continue to smash around, own townsfolk and conquer more land? After all, its quite nice to be a troll and not be a thrall but own a thrall.

"Send a message to the elf Curufinwe", Torogok said to one of his human servant (that appears to be quite healthy, well fed and with all his limbs still attached).
"Glory to the Etyangoldi Alliance,
The trolls of Ettenmoors salute you.
We have no quarrels with you.
You're good folk."

"And be back quickly. Or else ...", Torogok added to his servant, before to get his dinner.

No army movements
Send a message to Etyangoldi Alliance about a non-aggression pact.


Read dispatch


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Railroad Crossing wrote:helllo

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