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Child of Adam and Eve, you are entering a realm unknown, one filled with wonder. You may return to your own world, but none will believe your story. This is the kingdom of legend, home of Aslan, land beyond the lamp-post. Welcome, traveler, to Narnia.

    Narnia is a magical country, but not always a peaceful or predictable one. Rather, it is a living story, molded by its inhabitants for good or evil. You are now a part of this story, so start exploring with the links below!

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Narnia contains 32 nations, the 422nd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Gambling Industry in Narnia

The World Census tailed known underworld figures in order to determine which nations have the largest gambling industries.

As a region, Narnia is ranked 5,064th in the world for Largest Gambling Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Seven Kingdoms of Realm of WesterosIron Fist Consumerists“Ours is the Fury”
2.The Armed Republic of TraftranFather Knows Best State“Grow, Live, and be smooth”
3.The Holy Empire of Of santaFather Knows Best State“Santa clase is come to town”
4.The Kingdom of AlatinieInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ensemble nous pouvons, seul nous mourrons”
5.The Kingdom of Gator TribesIron Fist Consumerists“No work, No food”
6.The Calf-Ruled Country of DoggorInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Good Doggers Worship”
7.The Allied States of BigattiLeft-Leaning College State“For everyone”
8.The Republic of Elven KingdomNew York Times Democracy“Live long and with nature”
9.The United Kingdom of Marijuana420New York Times Democracy“Peace and Justice”
10.The Free Land of DnnstukNew York Times Democracy“Yabadabaduuuuuuu”

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Narnia Regional Message Board

(OOC, 24 or 48 hours from now, just post you are at the flower patch, we'll see what happens. First to post is the first there, make deals, plans introduce yourself, whatever.)

Tawny traveled across the land, hoping that things were not getting too violent back at his home. He was wondering if he had made a mistake, maybe he should have split the bottle between people. Maybe he could have promised to breed to flowers for a vial for each group. Wars had been a major problem, with evil arising from every corner. It would be nice to heal himself & other warriors to keep fighting. His followers were also having doubts. The birds reported no signs of enemies while they traveled. They made baskets out of grass while resting to put the flowers in. Tawny was in such a rush he forgot to bring something to put the flowers in. He hoped he wasn't going to make anymore mistakes. He continued onward, hoping his leadership could prevail in the coming times.

The security system blocked my RP post. I'll post something after someone else reaches them. Mention Seachia please.

Tawny & his gang had finally were within sight of the flowers. The plants were on the other side of the river. Just then, Tawny heard some screeching. He signalled for his small gang to get down in the tall grass. The screeching grew louder & louder, until Tawny saw two birds he recognized.

"Stephen & George! Down here!" Tawny bellowed. The birds came down hard & fast. They talked rapidly, all at the same time. After several attempts, Tawny got to gist of the message; home wad divided & had self up camp on opposing sides. Some were injured, but everyone was civilized enough to break it up & wait for Tawny to get back to debate like animals. That was not good.

The other news made it even worse. Gossip had spread all across the world about the flowers. Tawny decided to wait in the grass to make some deal with the incoming groups sure to come.

Just as he thought this, a group of unkempt men came running beside them with scythes. Tawny jumped up & yelled for them to leaven The men turned the blades on Tawny, but were tripped by the beavers while the mice sliced their hands. Tawny told his group to leave them, & the group ran away without their instruments. He hoped they weren't all this hostile.

Tasidaslea traveled up the mountain in her iron and gold carriage, pulled by spark-horses. As she made her way through the swamps that surrounded the western wilds, she noticed something hiding in the shadows. Two Harpies, Five Bat-Winged Bird, and Six Ankle-Slicers laid in hiding, presumably waiting for nightfall. Tasidaslea slid past them to the bank of the river. The fire-flowers stood in her grasp, tantalizingly waving in the breeze. Barely resisting, she threw a message to the other side and waited. It would be a while until she and Tawny would meet up. At the last pub she was at, she had heard of a 'Tova' who was also searching for these things. She waited in her cart, crossbow and halberd in hand.

((OOC: Where is Opina? - Also the carriage is basically a small fortress on wheels.))

Tawny & company go over to Tasidaslea to discuss options. Tawny talks with company along the way to plan options. The group agrees to ask for more than half the flowers, as they had found them first. Some birds scouted & mice hid for an ambush if the other party became hostile. Tawny lays out that he aims to use his portion to heal the sick instead of war purposes. He asks what the other wants to do with their share

Noble nations of NationStates,

Okay. This. Is. Epic.

Our quest to determine the greatest style of French fry has reached its final stage. 10 fries entered. Only one will remain.

The two semi-final champions who will fight for the title of 🍟🏆WINNER OF THE FRENCH FRY SMACKDOWN🏆🍟 are the two following styles:



Conservative or liberal, socialist or capitalist, democracy or dictatorship, raider or defender, no matter the background, we can agree to put aside our differences in favor of this greater good.

And share it with your friends and family:

Vote Curly
In the audition round, 260 people from across NationStates chose the top 4 styles of French fries, which made it to the semi-final round. We surpassed that in the semi-final round, where 524 cast their vote for the top of the top four. Now the top two remain.

Thank you very much and may the best fry win!

- Nationalist Gold Union
Founder and Supreme Autocrat of APSIA
Dictatorial and Dear Leader of a Triply-Featured Region
Faithful and Undying until the End

Hello Narnians! Take a break from answering issues to hear the news!

August is back which means The Great Lion is also back in service.

What does this all mean? That Narnia may have a chance at revival. The chance may be big or small. It also means that our beloved Doggor will probably be kicked, Snowman may or may not. Please endorse eachother to help stop raiders who seek to undermine the AA

Check out this thread I created!

Anyone is free to join the economic roleplay as Narnia's delegate to the roleplay as long as they contact me.

Can I just store this here until it ceases to exist, DiRito doesn’t want it

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