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Regional Power: Very High

The Western Isles contains 258 nations, the 82nd most in the world.

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World Census staff pored through World Assembly records to determine which nations were the most endorsed by others in their region.

As a region, The Western Isles is ranked 25th in the world for Most World Assembly Endorsements.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Free Lands of VancouviaNew York Times Democracy“Prosperity, Freedom, Efficiency”
2.The Dominion of NhoorInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Crime related luck has gone to the moon!”
3.The Second Spring Republic of SolaryiaNew York Times Democracy“Laavide lekkien”
4.The Edgy Fempire of KeomoraCivil Rights Lovefest“Democracy is a tool used to placate the masses”
5.The Unified Electorates of AinslieDemocratic Socialists“Alert, Prudent, Steady”
6.The Estral Republic of AizconaDemocratic Socialists“No better friend, No worse enemy”
7.The United Republics of Dormill and StiuraCivil Rights Lovefest“Freedom, Unity, Democracy”
8.The Federation of Hangates of Athara MagaratDemocratic Socialists“Unity in Diversity.”
9.The Blue Islands of CorindiaLeft-wing Utopia“Of the people, for the people”
10.The Utopian Kingdom of the Union of RoendavarScandinavian Liberal Paradise“oth Roenar, Althoros cartha Eleathil”
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Shidei wrote:Now I'm not saying it's a coincidence that a lot of those dumb ads on mobile games showing someone completely incompetent at a game tend to show a hand that's clearly supposed to be feminine, but

Probably because female hands are, in general, nicer to look at than the average gamer hand.

Dormill and Stiura wrote:According to canon developed by myself, Vancouvia, and AM; the League is a VACES member but is governed by an independent directorial republic under a five-person council. The Council is responsible for the administration of the ID including any property of the League in its territory. Security is provided by the Council's own security forces reinforced by the VSF and ARSF.
Originally Authored by Dormill and Stiura and Vancouvia

International District (English)

Flag of the League of the Western Isles


Unitary Semi-direct Democracy under a Directorial Republic

Council of the International District

Motto: For International Peace, Brotherhood, and Security

Location of the International District
- in between Argus and Gael, The Western Isles

Population: 5,036,286 (2018 Estimate)
Density: 26.92/km2

Capital (and Largest City): "The City"

Official: None
Common: English, Ahnslen, Dutch, French, Nyssic, Spanish

Ethnic Groups:
40.5% Primarily Ipachi
40.2% Mixed
12.6% Gaeltic Native
5.4% Argean Native
1.3% Others

Demonym: Islander, Ider (Slang), Middider (Antiquated)

Legislature: Unicameral
Council of the International District (5 Councilman)

- Free Middides/Free Haven: Antiquity - 1739
- 1740 Coalition Occupation - 1740 - 1768
- Free International Island/District: 1768 - 2015
- New Coalition Occupation - September 2015 - December 2015
- Council of the I.D.: January 1, 2016 - Present

- Total 192,698.45 km2
- Water 3.02%

GDP (nominal): $72.8B
GDP (nominal) per capita: $14,450

HDI (2018): 0.705 (above average)

Currency: Isles Dollar ($)

Time Zone: Western Isles Time (WIT)

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: +64

Internet TLD: .id

The International District (I.D.) is a Unitary Directorial Republic island nation in the Argean, Gatadpatigan, and Mechi Seas. The population of the International District primarily resides in "the City," a massive urban sprawl in the center of the largest of the three islands. The island is dominated by the headquarters of international organizations, namely the League of the Western Isles, but for centuries has been known for its general lawlessness and corruption, which lead two international coalitions to invade it in its history, the most recent in 2015.


The I.D. has historically been an quasi-anarchic state since its first populations arrived on its shores from Gael and Argus in the Bronze Age. Commonly known as Middides for its central location, the islands grew as an important trading hub during the Medieval Ages, as its location between the two sub-continents enabled a sort of quasi-independent status where traders could sell their goods without being taxed by kingdoms on either side of the straits. These kingdoms were generally reluctant to invade, realizing the value of a large, profitable locale to purchase and sell exotic goods from all corners of the Western Isles, and thus a de facto neutrality existed for centuries. During the late Medieval Ages, a handful of half-hearted invasions from various powers (many directly or indirectly prompted by Athara Magarat were repelled by the merchants on the island, who were almost always assisted by volunteers and mercenaries from opposing empires in an effort to keep the Middides free.

During the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, a series of pirate captains made the Middides (now commonly referred to as Free Haven) their base of operations, taking advantage of the neutral status and easy access to sell their plunder. Although existing in relative harmony with the neighboring nations for decades, the actions of the pirates, who increasingly scavenged and hunted close to Free Haven's shores, eventually brought a force to repel them from the island. This alliance, known as the 1840 Coalition, consisting of armies and navies from a variety of countries including the TBD, and Vaenland mercenaries eventually blockaded, starved, and massacred the pirate outlaws in one of the bloodiest wars of the century, thus significantly contributing to the end of the Golden Age of Piracy. The Coalition attempted to restore order with an agreement of rotating occupation, and renamed Free Haven to the International Island (and later, officially, the International District), but as the years passed and casualties mounted from a major guerilla effort by the remaining pirates, traders, and prisoners, nations began to pull out of the agreement.

The I.D. gradually returned to its previous state, but now grew even more nefarious than before, becoming infamous as one of the few locations in the Western Isles where slavery was still legal. Slavery was its dominant "industry" for almost a century until demand decreased, and the I.D. grew a reputation as a morally corrupt backwater, where only criminals and missionaries braved to visit.

This changed in the early 20th century, when the rise of organized crime brought at least some semblance of order, with each syndicate establishing relatively steady control of blocks of the City in the middle of the largest island. This incentivized many companies and industries to expand on the I.D., preferring the lesser protection money to the higher taxes they would have paid in their home countries. The I.D. remained relatively anarchic, but the gangs had gone so far as to create separate police and firemen brigades to establish a degree of stability. In this wake, many international organizations chose to establish their headquarters in the I.D., being promised security and neutrality by the ruling oligarchical mafia leaders, which was almost always upheld. Foremost amongst them, The League of the Western Isles was founded in the 21st century in order to provide a forum for all nations to resolve international disputes.

In 2015, a new Coalition formed, somewhat mirroring the one from almost 300 years prior, with the goal of finally stamping out the rampant corruption and lawlessness that had continued to thrive, determined to have a safe and secure area for the League and other international organizations to operate. This group, which included forces from Vancouvia, Miklania, Ostehaar, and Athara Magarat, and Razzgriz, fought against an ad-hoc alliance of organized criminals, mercenaries, anarchists, and black market dealers who conducted vicious guerilla attacks on the Coalition forces in both the urban environment and the forests at both ends of the island. By the start of 2016, thanks to widespread and somewhat nondiscriminatory anti-terrorism strikes and assassinations, order was restored enough for an official government to be created. With heavy Vancouvian influence and pressure, a five-person elected Council was formed, an Island Guard was erected and began to be trained, and taxation was enforced upon the populace for the first time in history.

Gradually, Coalition forces withdrew from the island as the Island Guard took over for security operations. Significant Vancouvian forces remained, helping to train the Guard and assisting in anti-terrorism operations, operating out of Camp Plymouth in the southeast corner of the island. In 2017, Noronnican and Ainslie forces constructed neighboring sister bases on the island to assist in the reconstruction and anti-terrorism operations. Although nowhere near their previous influence, organized crime has continued to have a significant hold on the City, and a black market continues to thrive.

In late 2018, the I.D. Council and the Vancouvian Congress signed a VACES agreement, signaling continued Vancouvian influence on the island's affairs.


The principal island of the International District, known by its twin names of Purvalok (Magarati for "Eastern Realm) and Bezrus Oda (Agadarian for "Other Side"), is characterized by its hilly and densely forested areas north and south of "The City," mostly made up of coniferous trees. Its highest peak is Mt. Hellmore among the Black Mountains in the north.

People and Society

The ethnic makeup of the International District is very diverse, with the majority of the population having moved to the island in recent decades. There are sizable population of European-descent, Gaeltic and Argean natives, and Ipachi. The International District has no official language, but recognizes Ahnslen, Dutch, English, French, Nyssic, and Spanish as "diplomatic languages." The majority of street signs and official government documents are in English.

In terms of religion, the International District is equally as diverse, with laws protecting the practice of any faith within its borders. However, Christianity is the largest faith in the International District with about half of the religious population belonging to some kind of Christian church or sect. There is also a significant minority of non-religious (agnostic/atheist) citizens.

As a collective society, Islanders can be generally divided based on their cultural roots, and this is most often reflected in the divisions in the City. In the Legation Quarter and the League Quarter, both of which are generally cosmopolitan, there exists the most diversity, but the remainder of the City divides itself according to culture, ethnicity, or religion. These divisions, stoked by the crime lords of old, have been the source of the near rampant crime that plagues the city and the Island Guard. Ever since the Coalition invaded in mid-2015, crime has fallen significantly, but tensions between citizens of the International District, fueled by the remains of the criminal element, remains notable. Significant sections of the city remain de facto in the hands of gangs, cartels, and the criminal element.


The I.D. is ruled by a five-person elected Council invested with executive, legislative, and judicial powers, which has actively exercised their power since being established in 2016. There is no one particular leader of the Council as all five members serve co-equal roles throughout and each serves a five year term, with the first re-election to begin in 2021 and one every year thereafter. Under Coalition protection, the Council has focused on developing the islands and solidifying their power, culminating in a 2018 signing of a VACES agreement with Vancouvia, further tying the two states together.


The economy of the International District is fueled mostly by the service industry, relying on the presence of the League of the Western Isles and other international organizations to function, while other industries, such as fishing, logging, and tourism. The black market remains sizable and is one of the largest in the Western Isles.


The International District's energy needs are met mostly by wind power, with notable offshore wind farms in Lake Sausset and the west coast. There are also other power generation sites in Camp Plymouth and the northern woodlands.

Military and Security

The defense of the International District ever since the beginning of the Occupation has been handled by the Armed Forces of Vancouvia, principally the Vancouvian National Army and the Vancouvian Special Forces; the remaining members of the Coalition also have provided for the District's defense over the course of the Occupation, with Noronican and Ainsliean soldiers still actively operating out of the I.D. Aside from Vancouvian protection, the District has employed the paramilitary Island Guard for defense and policing, which has gradually taken over from Coalition forces since the establishment of the Council. The International District at present also has no significant navy or air force to speak of, relying on the Coalition for defense from external threats.
Read factbook

Happy to replace Noronica and/or Miklania in the canon.

This is a last call to all League members to cast their votes for Resolution No. 24, Dissolution of the League of the Western Isles. Voting will close after 24 hours.

Sorry to go off topic, but since I have setup TotoMishin's economy to export cars, steel and other vehicles (buses, trains, planes and other civilian ones not anything military) would it be fair to say that we export to the majority of the Western Isles?

I doubt if we are the no.1 exporter to anywhere but would it be realistic to say we frequently end up in the top 10 for most countries (specially for vehicles and steel)?

TotoMishin wrote:Sorry to go off topic, but since I have setup TotoMishin's economy to export cars, steel and other vehicles (buses, trains, planes and other civilian ones not anything military) would it be fair to say that we export to the majority of the Western Isles?

I doubt if we are the no.1 exporter to anywhere but would it be realistic to say we frequently end up in the top 10 for most countries (specially for vehicles and steel)?

ill sign off on cars, steel, buses for ainslie - i'd have to look closer for trains and planes

The League of TWI wrote:This is a last call to all League members to cast their votes for Resolution No. 24, Dissolution of the League of the Western Isles. Voting will close after 24 hours.

Nhoor won't cast a vote until there is clarity regarding the status of Thromsa's amendment.

Shidei wrote:Now I'm not saying it's a coincidence that a lot of those dumb ads on mobile games showing someone completely incompetent at a game tend to show a hand that's clearly supposed to be feminine, but

I have a theory about those adds.
I think they're designed to use reverse psychology to get you to download those crappy games, which by the way are nothing like Tha ads. And play them out of spite. If you're within the percentile of people who get hooked on them, then you're kinda screwed at that point.

Aizcona wrote:Anybody else a bit worried about all the drought and famine inbound? 2020's really looking to be a sh*t decade.

I mean, as a afarmer I can allready tell you that the global agriculture market we built up since ww2 is in the verge of collapse due to the sanctions against Russia, since they produce like 1/3 of the world supply of artificial fertilizers.
So if I were you, I'd start plowing my garden real soon!

Alteran Republics wrote:Probably because female hands are, in general, nicer to look at than the average gamer hand.

Ugh hairy sausage fingers covered in cheetos dust.... Lord have mercy

Aizcona wrote:Anybody else a bit worried about all the drought and famine inbound? 2020's really looking to be a sh*t decade.

add in the massive floods taking out australian agriculture after it all got burnt out a few years ago

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