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Regional Power: Very High

The Western Isles contains 200 nations, the 111th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Furniture Restoration Industry in The Western Isles

World Census analysts spend quiet weekends in the countryside in order to determine which nations have the largest Furniture Restoration industries.

As a region, The Western Isles is ranked 9,066th in the world for Largest Furniture Restoration Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of San MontagnaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Deus Vult”
2.The Großeurannien Königreich of EuraniaIron Fist Consumerists“Dei Gratia Rego Eurania Major”
3.The Parliamentary Republic of ChasiaAnarchy“Veritas. Aequitas. Libertas.”
4.The Kingdom of MichasCapitalist Paradise“Might Makes Right”
5.The United Republics of Dormill and StiuraLeft-Leaning College State“Freedom, Unity, Democracy”
6.The United Prefectures of NoronicaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Adh Dutchaichn Realas | A Nation Reborn”
7.The Crown Colony of PittisleCapitalist Paradise“Strive for Discovery”
8.The Commonwealth of VidalInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We shall endure”
9.The Imperial Republic of WeslandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Liberty and Justice”
10.The *judges you in pagan* of North RukoniaLeft-Leaning College State“Live strong, die free”
1234. . .1920»

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The Western Isles Regional Message Board

Solaryia wrote:Now we just need 69 nations on the map

I count 53 player nations, 62 for the listed Bold Territories.

Vancouvia wrote:

Map Rules - Read Before Applying

Actively Updated List of Nations on the Map by Location

Map Notes

The Western Isles, like many regions, exists in its own separate reality or plane of existence in order for members to reconcile their own histories with each other. We are Earth-based humans with Earth weapons and Earth culture, although we do not exist on the map of Earth itself. Although Earth's countries exist in our reality, we do not typically interact with them nor do they interact with us; we almost exclusively interact with only the nations in our region.

The Western Isles is very roughly 7000 miles long and 4000 miles wide (10 km by 10 km per pixel). We exist in a northern hemisphere, with the nations at the north typically experiencing colder climates and the nations at the south typically experiencing equatorial climates. If it helps, you can picture our map as being the area between Japan, the western American coast, the Aleutian islands, and Hawaii, although we do not actually exist in that realm. Nations are given free reign to decide their inner geography, so long as it does not bend too deep into unrealistic territory. Similarly, nations may decide their own resources or lack thereof, so long as it is kept reasonable and realistic. We are modern time, specifically current time, meaning that the real-life calendar day is the same as our role-play day.

The central island is named Argus; the large island to the northeast of Argus is called Gael.

LinkGuide to calculating land/water area
LinkWhite blank map
LinkColored blank map

Bold Territories - A Special Type of Role-Play Entity

Information and Guide to the Table Below

Bold territories (marked in bold on the regional map) are essentially NPCs, in the sense that they are used primarily as locations for role-plays that would be too difficult, awkward, or cumbersome to have in one of our nations, and they are not directly controlled by any nation. The idea behind these bold territories is that they perpetually serve to increase the overall degree and flavor of role-play in the region. Major themes with these territories include imperialism and depravity, since often we are reluctant to place our own nations in a disadvantaged position.

Although typically these territories are "run" by one person in the region (i.e. typically the person who comes up with the idea for them, creates factbooks, sets up role-plays, heavily participates in role-plays, and is the contact person for information on them), these territories should be thought of as essentially battlegrounds or loosely-held contestable territories. A major difference between a bold territory and one of our nations is the idea of OOC consent. If I wanted to invade another nation, I would have to ask permission from the other role-player to do so and they would have to agree. If I wanted to invade a bold territory, I would not have to receive permission, but I would face heavy IC resistance. It is in this way that we can raise the stakes and importance of IC alliances. Although no one can destroy your nation without your consent, others can still greatly help or hurt your goal of expanding your influence on the regional scale.

In a perfect world, these bold territories would be permanent and active locations that would have strong, in-depth histories and uses. Ideally, these should not be used for just one role-play and then tossed aside and forgotten about. The goal when creating and using a bold territory is to involve many nations and increase the role-play opportunities with all of our nations. If a bold territory has sat for months with no real activity or is too directly tied to only one nation's role-play(s), it may need to either be shaken up and transformed into a better role-play environment or removed from the map.

Name is the common map name of the bold territory, linked to either a thread or dispatch that has the most information about the territory overall. Typically this will be a dispatch written by the creator of the territory that has updated information about it.

Description is a paragraph of information that should describe the past, present, and likely future of the territory and give a true, honest depiction of what the territory's purpose is.

De Facto Rule is a true answer to the question "Who is in charge?" If the territory is currently undergoing a war, this may be multiple nations or factions. Note that this may differ from the stated or legal rule (de jure). For example, although the International District is legally ruled by a Council, a constant and overwhelming foreign military presence makes the situation more murky than it appears.

Status is a description of what major events or themes are currently occurring in the territory.

Major Nations Involved is a list of nations most actively operating or emitting influence in the territory. The bolded name, listed first, is usually the person who "runs" (see above) the territory and who would be the best person to contact for getting involved with anything involving it.

Notable Links is a list of links to threads or dispatches in which the territory is mentioned or involved. All territories will have a link to "In the News," which will have a chronological list of all mentions of the territory in our regional news thread.

List of Active Bold Territories



De Facto Rule


Major Nations Involved

Notable Links

The International District (I.D.)

A neutral, heavily forested chain of islands situated between Argus and Gael, the I.D. is ostensibly "neutral ground" used for regional HQs (including the League & CoFN), treaties, business ventures, recreation, and other gatherings in the centrally located "City." In late 2015, noting growing corruption and lawlessness, a multinational coalition led by Vancouvia occupied the I.D., restored order, and installed a Republican government and police force, the Island Guard. However, a Vancouvian military base remains in the southeastern corner of the island, growing larger with Noronica, Ainslie, Covonant, and other nations building permanent installations.

The I.D. Council, Supplemented / Influenced by Vancouvian Military Support

Occupied and Heavily Patrolled, Transitioning to Self-Sufficiency

Vancouvia, Noronica, Ainslie

The Occupation,
Current Day Meetings and Intrigue,
The League,
The CoFN,
In the News


Ever since colonisation in the 16th Century, Keverai has been a place which has turned its eyes out to the Isles at large. It has had a turbulent past ever since it gained its independence in 1931 amidst a moratorium on colonisation and the invasion it soon was subject to in the Imperial War One. In the wake of the war, Keverai sharpened its focus on the Isles at large - significantly deregulating its economy and looking to become a nation deeply integrated in all aspects with the rest of the region. However, the dark side of its former government caused a short revolution which harmed its reputation. Now, the young pragmatic and democratic government is looking to forge a new identity for the nation - one that forces them to confront the deep challenges they face head on.


Politically stable, with minor civil and social unrest

Ainslie, New Aapelistan, Roendavar, Aizcona

Collaboration Thread, In the News


Lövsk is a rural, cold, and rocky island close to the northern tip of Gael. Most of its 300,000 inhabitants are native Lövskians who mainly live in agricultural-based communities and towns, but a few of them are Osters who migrated to Lövsk following many years of Oster mining, extraction, and production activities on the island. In 2015, following a chain of violent events involving Lövskian insurgents - Ostehaar took control over the island and significantly increaed its economic and military presence there, de-facto turning Lövsk to an Oster protectorate. Since then the island has seen periods of calm and periods of violence, bringing the situation closer and closer to a boiling point.


Occupied and Heavily Patrolled

Ostehaar, Vancouvia

The Crisis and Takeover,
Planning thread for a future war in Lövsk,
In the News

San Javier

An unstable nation in conflict since the 70s, infamous for drugs and war. Constant battles between the local communist and capitalist governments destabilized the nation and paved the way for backwardsness and criminal cartels. The destruction of communist forces and subsequent events has cause the local paramilitaries and Republican Army to oust the president and congress, leading to a military junta.

Cartels and Independent Military Junta

Placed Under Direct Control of Generals and Paramilitaries Following Ousting of the Communists, Critically Unstable

Corindia, Covonant, Ostehaar, Vancouvia, Athara Magarat

The Conflict, In the News


The Dominion of Arván was a Noronnican Colony from 1768-1973, gaining uncontested independence due to the Civil War in Noronica. The small peninsula since then became a festering pool of corruption and crime. The populace was subject to both the whims of the regime and the rampant human trafficking system in Arván. Both concerned over the increasing international support of the cartels and terrorists in Arván, and with internal support for the annexation of Arván, the Noronnican Government leaned towards intervention. The final straw came after the attack of Noronnican aircraft over Noronnican airspace by Arvanan fighter jets. Encouraging the construction of a large international coalition and mobilising a large invasion force, Noronica led the invasion and occupation of Arván. Now a Noronnican Overseas State, Arván is being cleared of crime and instability, while also being subjected to the rise of an autocratic Governor. The peninsula is also a hotbed for international espionage operations.

Noronnican State Government

Stablising and recovering after the Arvanan War

Dormill & Stiura

Occupation of Arván OOC
Occupation of Arván IC
In the News

Charbagnian Federation

Throughout history, Charbagnia remained an independent nation, buying off and securing the wealth of nations and empires. It was known for its famed neutrality, maintaining a small but fierce defence. Through a very short war and a treaty, half of the country was annexed by Noronica in 1780. Charbagnia and Noronica maintained cool relations and border disputes were rare. In 1945, the country became whole again after decreased Noronnican imperialism. In the 1950's, Charbagnia underwent a military coup, installing a Soviet Government. With increasing militancy, Charbagnia became aggressive, toting its military might as a force to be reckoned with. The state collapsed in the 1980's and Charbagnia became a Federation, yet its authoritarian routes remained in full-force. Several occurrences of ethnic tensions sparked in the 1990's, with some of the French Minority in Charbagnia protesting against the Government favouritism of those of Germanic descent. Protests lead to violent clashes and soon any mention of dissent towards the German people was enough to land a person in the hands of the State's Secret Police. With the recent protests leading to the use of chemical weapons and the tense League investigation over Charbagnia's Weapons of Mass Destruction programme, the country is in the eyes of the international stage.

Independent Federation

Under League review after supposed use of Weapons of Mass Destruction, and a hotbed for clandestine activity.

Dormill & Stiura
Verona Beach

A Nation Divided OOC
A Nation Divided IC
In the News

The Wake Isles

It has been 19 years since the first major modern war in the Wake Islands, with the nation of Wake Sud slowly recovering from the destruction of that first war over this period of time. It's native allies in the region have been absorbed by their great enemy, Polar Svalbard, which has resonated greatly with the natives all around the Wake Isles and with the ideals that come from Athara Magarat their government and even Svalbardian control in the region is facing great threats. There are the natives, who are becoming more and more hostile when viewing international influences and are becoming more and more emboldened in their resistance movements. There are nations and governments trying to maintain their hold on the region. Additionally, there are also nations trying to support the natives to grow and prosper into an international entity built on the fundamentals many nations hold dear - but yet are met with hostility by the natives. This a story of many end goals, many plots, and many characters, all trying to find their way through this mess in their quest for a unified identity, peace, or power.

Polar Svalbard/Wake Sud

Mostly occupied by Polar Svalbard although Wake Sud is independent

Polar Svalbard, Ainslie

Wake Sud
Wake Isles
News Wake Atolla
News Svalbardian Patrols

Illa Isle

A historically isolated island, Illa was peacefully invaded by Vancouvia in 2015, which thereafter implemented massive humanitarian initiatives while simultaneously constructing a military base on the outskirts of the island's largest city, Westilla. Shortly thereafter, it was absorbed into the Vancouvian state. Although Illa Islanders have, for the most part, tolerated or even appreciated the Vancouvian presence, major protests began in early 2018 following a Vancouvian refusal to agree to sign a region-wide declaration of indigenous rights. Many Illa Islanders consider themselves underrepresented in Congress, ostracized politically, religiously, and economically, and secondary citizens to mainland Vancouvians. It is in this wake that a growing contingent of Illa Islanders plan their revolution...

Underrepresented in the Vancouvian Congress

Growing dissatisfaction with Vancouvian rule


Occupation of Illa during Bhumidol War,
Illa Revolution,
In the News

Sawneeak Atoll

The Sawneeak Atoll is a disputed group of islands, islets and cays with more than 50 reefs. It lies off the coast of the southern-most tip of Gael in the east of the Western Isles, in the Southern Sea. This small geographical area in the region has often been dubbed by foreign officials as a 'geopolitical nightmare', as several of the region's historical and current political heavyweights have sought to dominate it through the intensive use of claims and military might. As it stands now, the atoll is claimed by various powers and shows no sign of relief. The territory is locked in a constant stand-off, where even the strongest of allies are at each other's necks. Through diplomacy and increasing military presence, the atoll has seen some prosperity for its populations, yet everyone knows that the unofficial ceasefire may not always last. As politics ebbs and flows within the region, tensions can only grow in the atoll.

See Dispatch


See Dispatch

See Dispatch



De Facto Rule


Nations Involved

Major Links

Read dispatch


Doravo off the map.. With all the nations that appeared and disappeared over time, the map makers among us could perhaps create a database of maps made for this region, listing which are currently 'in use' and the ones that are available to be reused.

I love when there is drama within the British royal family bc it's like a sneak preview of a later season of the crown

Roendavar wrote:Gday TWI! Get your inner linguists out because the nation-building prompt for this month is LANGUAGE. You can discuss about your language in the OOC thread or you can show us your dispatches or factbooks about language if you do have them (highly suggest you create one if you haven't). Hope to see more participation on this prompt.


Chuuṣoostee is the official language of the native people of Remodio. The following tables use IPA pronunciations.




m(bilabial), n(alveolar)


p, b(bilabial), t, d(alveolar), ʈ, ɖ(retroflex), k, g(velar)


ʄ(palatal), ɓ(bilabial), ɗ(alveolar)


ts, dz(alveolar), ʧ, ʤ(palato-alveolar), ʨ, ʥ(alveolo-palatal)


j(palatal), l(alveolar)


f, v(labiodental) s, z(alveolar), ʂ, ʐ(retroflex), ɕ, ʑ(alveolo-palatal), h(glottal)




i, i:

u, u:

High-mid[/[td]e, e:

o, o:


a, a:

Chuuṣoostee uses the word order Subject-Object-Oblique-Verb. Adjectives are before the noun, for most cases except for number placement(i:e first, last)For example, the sentence, "Great Visqua hanged the traitors with barbed wire" would be "Great Visqua the traitors with barbed wire hanged." or "The first dead man was buried in Ghorthiid." would be "The dead man first in Ghorthiid was buried."

Articles include: rhu (the) and buh(a, an)

The word for you is "dzii", us/we is "dziu", and he/she is "dzie/dziei". I is "dzier". Feminine nouns have an "i" at the end of them. For example, a female cook is an "iichyi" whilst a male one is an "iichy". To indicate possessiveness, a "ne" is added at the very end of the word that is possessed, for example, a female cook that you own is called an "iichyine". There are words that also indicate possessiveness, such as his(deeg) and her(mud'), but they still follow the "ne" rule. Past participles use the prefix -ko on the verb. For example, "His cook was dead." in Chuuṣoostee would be "Deeg iichyne kochyaagbuuspooptii.

To make a proper noun into an adjective, it must follow the word that it describes, along with the preposition "hu", often translated as "of." For example, one of Remodio's leading tourist destinations is "Rhu Dejaa hu Bruuit", or "The Grave of Bruuit". A noun may become an adjective by adding -lai at the end of it. "Nation" to "national" would be "taa'zi" to "t'aazilai".

To negate a verb, you simply put sh' in front of the verb(the word for no is shuri). In terms of past-tense negative words, the "ko-" prefix always come before the "sh'-" prefix. For example, in order to say "I wasn't his friend.", it would be "Dzier deeg nuch kosh'dhii."

To make a word, it depends on if it ends with a vowel or a consonant. Words that end with consonants add the suffix "-iez". Vowels add the suffix "-tez". For example, multiple potions would be "jishiez", but multiple periods of time are "pipaapatez"

0 = ukpe
1 = guu
2 = braa
3 = 'jembuu
4 = aa'j
5 = 'ziiv
6 = chyii
7 = shiib'
8 = prok
9 = naambii
Double digit and up are just the words put together, Chuuṣoostee keeps it simple. For example, 42,069 would be aa'j-braa-ukpe-chyii-naambii. Fun fact, until 1977, writing numbers in Chuuṣoostee did not use hyphens. Imaging seeing aa'jbraaukpechyiinaambii and trying to pronounce that as a foreigner!

To make a number into an adjective, "-di" is added. First is "ukpedi", second is "braadi", 42,069th is aa'j-braa-ukpe-chyii-naambiidi, etc. The for last is 'zestudi, which is the word for "late" with the suffix -di.

Buuj = and
Ha = for
Abaha = nor
Grii = but
Vu = or
Criistu = yet
Eeteei = So
Chuuṣoostee - English Dictionary (constant W.I.P)
a /a/ conj. if
aad’i /ˈaːɗi/ v. press
aaj'j /aːʥ/ v. stand
aash /aːɕ/ nm. sign, signal
abaat /əbæt/ adj. bad
ach /aʧ/ nm. spring (season)
agb /agb/ nf. military
ak /ak/ prep. into
ambob’ /ˈamboɓ/ nm. meeting
anfiig /ˈanfiːg/ nf. answer
asoosti /ˈasoːsti/ nn. brass
b’ekp /ɓekp/ nm. average
b’od /ɓod/ nf. hood
b’ogb /ɓogb/ nn. footprint
b’oj’ash /ˈɓoʄaɕ/ nn. emphasis
b’okpoon /ˈɓokpoːn/ nf. repetition
b’on /ɓon/ nf. appearance (act of appearing)
b’oṭ /ɓoʈ/ v. raise, boost
b’oyuuflaaj /ˈɓojuːflaːʤ/ nn. training
beeb’ /beːɓ/ nf. alcohol
beem /beːm/ nm. party
boog /boːg/ adj. new
dziu /buː/ pron. us
buugugbu /ˈbuːgugbu/ nn. armoury
buusaa /ˈbuːsaː/ v. deserve
chaaf /ʧaːf/ v. go
chenmere /ʧenmer/ n. information.
choof /ʧoːf/ nn. poison, venom
chuudeed’oo /ˈʧuːdeːɗoː/ conj. because
chuumoosa /ˈʧuːmoːsa/ nf. athlete
chuuṣuṭ /ˈʧuːʂuʈ/ nf. company
chyaad’ /ʨaːɗ/ nn. hand, palm (of hand)
chyaagbuuspooptii /ˈʨaːgbuːsˌpoːptiː/ adj. v. dead/die
chyaamba zeem /ˈʨaːmba zeːm/ nm. village
chyaa'z /ʨaːʑ/ nm. magic
chyuukso /ˈʨuːkso/ v. visit, attend, show up
chyuuṣaaj̈ /ˈʨuːʂaːʥ/ adv. up
d’echyu /ˈɗeʨu/ adj. quick
d’egli'z /ˈɗegliʑ/ adj. difficult
d’ekpum /ˈɗekpum/ v. burst, explode, blow up
d’endodz /ˈɗendoʣ/ nm. capital
d’eṭ /ɗeʈ/ v. do, make
d'eynt /ɗaɪnt/ n. moon
d’iich /ɗiːʧ/ v. create
de /de/ adv. as
deetoi /deto/ n. police
ḍeeb’ /ɖeːɓ/ nf. season
ḍeeḍ /ɖeːɖ/ nf. leaf
ḍeeg /ɖeːg/ pron. his, its
ḍeekp /ɖeːkp/ nm. face, side, expression
ḍeen /ɖeːn/ adj. certain, convinced
ḍeeṭ /ɖeːʈ/ adj. possible, plausible
dejaa /ˈdeʤaː/ nf. grave
dela /ˈdela/ nn. candle
desh /deɕ/ nm. factor, variable
dhii /daɪ/ v. to be
ḍi /ɖi/ nf. program
ḍiji /ɖiʤi/ n. finance
doj /doʤ/ adv. meanwhile
ḍoo'j /ɖoːʥ/ v. damage
dzaa /ʣaː/ adv. also, as well
dzaayi /ˈʣaːji/ prep. above
dziij /ʣiːʤ/ nm. front
dzie /ʣi/ pron. he, it
dzuugadz /ˈʣuːgaʣ/ nf. lot
ea /ˈea/ nm. risk, threat
eaudz /eauʣ/ n. education
egbu /ˈegbu/ v. mix
ekeento'j /ˈekeːntoʥ/ adj. slim
ekwuu /ɛkwu/ n. battle
endits /ˈendiʦ/ v. seek
ets /eʦ/ v. wind, weave
faa /faː/ v. can
faal /fal/ n. war
fii /fiː/ adj. old, ancient, antique
fiik /fiːk/ nf. month
fiinu /finu/ n. coast
gboob’ /gboːɓ/ prep. including
gboom /gboːm/ det. another
gbuuj’oozi /ˈgbuːʄoːzi/ nf. hair (of body), fur
gbuupuudz /ˈgbuːpuːʣ/ nn. elbow
goch /goʧ/ nf. guest, patron
guchy /guʨ/ v. hear
gufud’ /ˈgufuɗ/ adj. middle
guk /guk/ pron. one
ha /ha/ prep. for (the purpose of)
hadeg /ˈhadeg/ nn. bureau, committee
haduf /haduf/ n. attorney/lawyer
haha /ˈhaha/ nm. letter (of an alphabet)
haptu /ˈhaptu/ nn. coat, jacket, cloak
ha'z /haʑ/ v. fix, mend, repair
hi'j /hiʥ/ v. stretch
hi'yui /hiyu/ adj. free
iaaṭ /ˈiaːʈ/ nf. law
ichy /iʨ/ v. cook (heat food)
iḍeestuu /ˈiɖeːstuː/ v. sing
igb /igb/ nm. world
iichy /ˈiiʨ/ nf. chef, cook
i'j /iʥ/ v. lose
ikpee /ˈikpeː/ nm. author, writer
imak /ˈimak/ v. open
inuḍ /ˈinuɖ/ nm. florist
iṭedzob’ /ˈiʈeʣoɓ/ v. bore
iyoosh /ˈijoːɕ/ nm. driver
iyuj /aɪeɪʤ/ adj. great
j’a /ʄa/ v. send
j’aguuts /ˈʄaguːʦ/ n. business
j’amii /ˈʄamiː/ nf. data
j’aspeespaach /ˈʄaspeːspaːʧ/ nm. pile, heap
j’ichyi /ˈʄiʨi/ v. reveal, expose, uncover
j’iz̈ /ʄiʑ/ adv. once
'jekii /ˈʥekiː/ nf. record
'jembri /ʥˈɛmbri/ n. country
'jentoomaa /ˈʥentoːmaː/ nm. end
'jimat /ˈʥimat/ n. legislation
jid’ /ʤiɗ/ nm. evidence
jill /ʤɪl/ n. island
'jiib’ /ʥiːɓ/ nf. campaign
'jiin /ʥiːn/ nf. color, hue
jish /ʤiɕ/ nm. potion, elixir
kebi /ˈkebi/ nf. spoon
kef /kef/ adj. firm, solid, dense
keke /ˈkeke/ prep. between
kenteetchaa /ˈkenteːtʧaː/ nm. rib
keto /ˈketo/ v. listen
ke'z /keʑ/ adj. rare
kiig /kiːg/ adj. only
ko /ko/ part. past tense particle
koḍ /koɖ/ adj. white, blank, clear
ko'z /koʑ/ nf. idea
kpeeḍ /kpeːɖ/ nn. bridge
kpee'ji /ˈkpeːʥi/ v. boil
kpeembi /ˈkpeːmbi/ v. save (put aside), collect
kpeenteḍ /ˈkpeːnteɖ/ v. miss (long for)
kpeesii /ˈkpeːsiː/ nm. eyelid, eyelash
kpood /kpoːd/ v. murder
kpruu /keɪpriu/ n. mountain
leeb’o /ˈleːɓo/ v. claim, allege
lee'jooḍuk /ˈleːʥoːɖuk/ adj. deep
leepom /ˈleːpom/ nn. mathematics
leespid’ /ˈleːspiɗ/ v. snap
leeẓa /ˈleːʐa/ v. cost
liḍ ko'j /liɖ koʥ/ nf. restaurant
lik /lik/ nm. stomach, gut
mach /maʧ/ nm. skull
magloojee /ˈmagloːʤeː/ pron. everyone
mam /mam/ nn. lock
mapto /ˈmapto/ nm. magazine
ma'z /maʑ/ nf. effort
mik /mik/ adj. fake
miẓi /ˈmiʐi/ nm. sock
mud’ /muɗ/ pron. her, hers, its
muf /muf/ v. run
muko /ˈmuko/ nm. bug, insect
mush /muɕ/ nm. result, outcome
mu'zi /muʑi/ v. to have
nab’eedzod’ /ˈnaɓeːʣoɗ/ v. aim
naḍooṭ /ˈnaɖoːʈ/ adv. recently
nachti /naʧti/ adj. foreign
naj /naʤ/ prep. onto
nats /naʦ/ nn. brothel
nuch /nuʧ/ n. friend
nuchoo /ˈnuʧoː/ adj. friendly
nudon /ˈnudon/ adj. violent
nu'j /nuʥ/ nn. screw
nundaadz /ˈnundaːʣ/ nn. scale (skin of reptiles)
nusa /ˈnusa/ nm. glasses
nuspaj /ˈnuspaʤ/ nf. pillow
nutchi /ˈnutʧi/ v. spend
nuzi /ˈnuzi/ adj. divine
od’ /oɗ/ det. each
om /om/ nn. siege
ood’ii'je /ˈoːɗiːʥe/ nm. interior
ood’iiṣiṭ /ˈoːɗiːʂiʈ/ nf. perfection
oohiiyuuj /ˈoːhiːjuːʤ/ adj. careful
pagbii /ˈpagbiː/ nn. slope, slant, ramp
pantug /ˈpantug/ nn. factory, mill, laboratory
patsa /ˈpaʦa/ nm. class
paunii /pɔnaɪ/ v. adv. n. yes
peehu /ˈpeːhu/ adj. drunk (inebriated)
peendaf /ˈpeːndaf/ v. ring
pibi /ˈpibi/ nn. hag (old woman)
piepik /ˈpiepik/ adj. legal
pik /pik/ v. screw (vulgar)
pipaapa /piˈpɑpə/ n. period, referring to time
pipama /ˈpipama/ adj. medical
sef /sef/ v. investigate
sej /seʤ/ v. roast
sem /sem/ nm. team
sestuu /ˈsestuː/ adj. late
shod’ /ɕoɗ/ nf. manner
shots /ɕoʦ/ nm. office
shue /ˈɕue/ nf. security
shume /ˈɕume/ v. warn
shuptu /ˈɕuptu/ v. might
shuri /ʃʊri/ v. adv. n. no
shutseeṭosh /ˈɕuʦeːʈoɕ/ nm. station
ṣib’ /ʂiɓ/ nm. art, craft
ṣig /ʂig/ nm. door
ṣits /ʂiʦ/ v. prove
sof /sof/ nf. plate, tray
son /son/ nm. evening
taachy /taːʨ/ adj. sure
taam /taːm/ v. contain, incorporate
taa'zi /ˈtaːʑi/ n. nation, state
tiij /tiːʤ/ adj. naked, nude, bald
ṭoo /ʈoː/ nm. use
ṭoo'z /ʈoːʑ/ adj. gay, homosexual
tsuchyi leepuk /ˈʦuʨi ˈleːpuk/ nn. eyeball
tsuhaan /ˈʦuhaːn/ adv. just
tsumbi /ˈʦumbi/ nm. order
tsush /ʦuɕ/ nn. profit
tsuts /ʦuʦ/ pron. him, it
ṭuubeeyud /ˈʈuːbeːjud/ adj. angry, mad
tuuka /ˈtuːka/ nf. enemy
tuuno /ˈʈuːno/ adj. very
ṭuunooḍeej /ˈʈuːnoːɖeːʤ/ det. every
ṭuutii /ˈʈuːtiː/ nn. bread
ud’ /uɗ/ nf. cork
ugeetuu /ˈugeːtuː/ nf. fan (enthusiast)
ukp /ukp/ adj. black, dark, purple, green
umu /ˈumu/ nn. goat
upem /ˈupem/ nf. riot
utchu /ˈutʧu/ nm. hat
uvoontun /ˈuvoːntun/ nn. debt
uzu /ˈuzu/ nm. chalk
wazu /wazu/ n. grace
vagb /vagb/ v. behave (well)
vaksii /ˈvaksiː/ nm. fish
vanton /ˈvanton/ adj. fun
vazu /ˈvazu/ adj. awful, terrible
yaaḍ /jaːɖ/ v. squeeze
yaaz̈ /jaːʑ/ nm. democracy
yaatia /jatiɑ/ n. land
yeej̈ /jeːʥ/ nm. gate, port
yoochy /joːʨ/ v. charge
yookp /joːkp/ nm. thunder
yuuch /juːʧ/ nm. cake
yuuj /juːʤ/ nm. care
yuundu /ˈjuːndu/ v. perform
yuuẓii /ˈjuːʐiː/ v. affect
'ze /ʑe/ adv. least
zeed’ /zeːɗ/ nm. lesson, lecture
zeekaa /ˈzeːkaː/ adj. thick, dense
zeendekp /ˈzeːndekp/ nm. relationship
zeeshe /ˈzeːɕe/ nm. luck, fluke
'zefish /ˈʑefiɕ/ v. lean
'zemi /ˈʑemi/ nf. coffee
'zestu /ˈʑestu/ adj. slow, late
zi /zi/ nm. god
'zoj /ʑoʤ/ v. hate
zoon /zoːn/ n. ocean
ẓa'zi /ʐaʑi/ n. council
ẓuk /ʐuk/ v. offend
ẓula /ʐula/ n. below

Pronunciation - Spelling

j - y

ɓ - b'

ɕ - sh

ɖ - ḍ

ɗ - d'

ʂ - ṣ

ʄ - j'

ʈ - ṭ

ʐ - ẓ

ʑ - 'z

dz - dz

ʤ - j

ʥ - 'j

ts - ts

ʧ - ch

ʨ - chy


Heart - jhest

Lung(s) - jhuurinobi(tez)

Arm(s) - 'joorot(iez)

Leg(s) - 'jooriet(iez)

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Happy International Women's Day to you all.

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