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Regional Power: Very High

The Western Isles contains 188 nations, the 125th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Primitive in The Western Isles

Nations were ranked by World Census officials based on the number of natural phenomena attributed to the unknowable will of animal-based spirit gods.

As a region, The Western Isles is ranked 21,882nd in the world for Most Primitive.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Foolish Blue Dreamscapes of OrrorinDemocratic Socialists“Yabba Dabba Doo!!!!!”
2.The Kingdom of WellsiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Good Deeds, Good Words, Good Thoughts”
3.The Holy Empire of AmberlenaCompulsory Consumerist State“Blessings upon your family!”
4.The Confederacy of Hospitaller West IndiesCompulsory Consumerist State“Par Dioa it Libertate!”
5.The Island Republic of CosieCivil Rights Lovefest“Ubi bene, ibi patria”
6.The Democratic Republic of ThePolandballsCivil Rights Lovefest“An unjust law is no law at all”
7.The Free Land of RieloviaAnarchy“Man Is A Canvas”
8.The Eternal Realm of AgadarFather Knows Best State“Live forever, die whenever”
9.The Library of Town Beside the SeaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“This is totally not an account for procrastinating.”
10.The Republic of WachoviaaCivil Rights Lovefest“Pro Christo Et Humanitate”
1234. . .1819»

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The Western Isles Regional Message Board




1.I got an telegram

2.My country is an Union from the Alkomdofikus "peninsula". Its formed by Alkadebra, Alkol, Alkson, Trompanian Empire(democracy) (kinda), the bananas Federal state and by Militaria. This Union was created to form peace and money, corruption, equality, war against Militaria and Nationalist rebels etc.

Ark is an culture and religion. Its about hugging Threes. This idea I created with an school friend. It wasnt about NS but then it bekame NS(atleast secretely) soooo yeah I still didnt made an Factbook but yeah

3.An 1920's nation New after an union tat hás to suffer with instability of Nationalism tat was popular on tat time and etc. The goverment is corrupt and uses an mostly Trompanian Democratic system wich is lets say sh**. There are 2 parties you NEED to vote on one dictator. He will reign for 50 years and iff die his son or daughter will do tat. The first partie is the Social Democratic partie. Its popular and not so corrupt. Then theres the Dictatorial Democratic partie wich likes to slaughter its peopel. It unpopular so the social Democrats always win and are basicaly an monarcy. From son to son from daughter to daughter.

3. Profit

Nortied wrote:3. Profit

Profit every step of the way PeepoGlad

The funny thing is tat my issue thing nation sayer is actualy right.

Alkomdofikuns enjoy great individual freedoms in everything except elections, which, where they exist at all, are populist shams for a dictatorship government that has no intention of ever giving up power.

Emm is Vankonia an dictator or why was He elected 1 year and something ago? Tats a long time. Dont tell me its like real elections. And I wanted to run for office as the Workers Mixed Economy partie.

Welcome to TWI, new friends. Feel free to orient yourselves with the welcome dispatch and start up some nationbuilding with an overview factbook and a map application.


LinkHello there. Thanks for joining the Western Isles!

You must be wondering what you can do here and how, what is expected of you and how to start role-playing... I'll try to answer these questions in this dispatch.

First of all, if you haven't done so already - go ahead and introduce yourself on our regional message board (RMB). You can post things like what country you're from, if you're new to NationStates or to role-playing (RP), what kind of a nation you want to create, and anything else you'd like to share.

About the Region

Where do we communicate?

  • IC communication (in-character, meaning role-playing) is done on the NationStates forums

  • OOC communication (out-of-character, from general chatting to world-building) is done on the RMB and the forums

  • Telegrams are usually OOC

We don't have offsite forums, but there's a "mostly unofficial" Discord chat.

How does this region work?

We use the NationStates platform to create fun and interesting stories, about our nations, peoples, and leaders. We usually discuss ideas and plan RPs on the RMB and in OOC forum threads, and then co-write them as RPs, news, accounts, information, and history in dispatches and IC threads.

We have a democratically elected government (you can run for office) in-charge of several aspects of the region:

  • Facilitating RP and promoting world-building and cooperation in the region

  • Managing the region in terms of regional rules and standards

  • Recruiting new players and managing our embassies with other regions

For more information, you can read through the following dispatches when you get a chance:

  • The Constitution - It details the responsibilities of the various government officers and the Founder, as well as the processes of legislation and elections in the region. Of course, there's no need to remember it all, but it's there if you need it.

  • The Regional Rules and Conduct - That's just... The rules. You know, don't be a jerk to others, don't spam the RMB, and so on. The map rules are also there, but we'll get to that in a minute.

  • The Monthly Report dispatch - Contains current and updating information about the region (recent stats of the region, weekly updates, important daily events, etc.).

This is confusing... Can anyone help?

Of course, most of us can. If you still have questions, you can do either of the following:

  • Post a question on the RMB; you'll likely get an answer not long after.

  • Send a personal TG to any of the officers (listed in the WFE) or to an active member

Your address for questions regarding specific RP rules is the Sec. of RP (Roendavar). Feel free to tag him in your RMB post or to TG him.

About Role-Playing in the Region

How do I get a spot on the map?

Our regional map is the basis of our RP, and it is therefore reserved for nations who actively engage in RP or plan to do so.

To be added to the map, send Ainslie a telegram with answers to several simple questions - they are listed under "Map Rules" in the Regional Rules and Conduct dispatch.

How do I develop my nation?

Here in this region we don't use NationStates stats at all. Population, economic status, main industries, defense budget - All of those things are up to you, the player, to decide! Make factbooks or dispatches describing your nation's culture, history, religion, government, economy, climate, military, science, industries, people, corporations, trade deals, and anything else you can think of.

Are there limitations?

RP in this region is based on realism and modern-technology, so keep your nation in those limits. There are a few other guidelines we have in place to keep things balanced, for example:

A while ago I attempted to summarize the realism-related guidelines in our RP in a dispatch. It explains the certain limitations on size and population, size of military and economy, WMDs and such. These are not rules, but I encourage you to read them.

To sum up: Be humble, think balance.

Other than that - the limit is your own creativity. Feel free to look around and read other nations' factbooks and dispatches for ideas. See for example:

Take some time to look around, get to know the other players and the region as a whole, and develop your nation. I recommend doing that before getting into RP.

Alright, what now? Where do I RP?

You can get to the region's ongoing RPs and events in either of the following ways:

  • Through the "Ongoing Events and Perpetual RPs" in the region's World Factbook Entry

  • Through Ainslie's RP Directory, which contains the region's RPs, alliances, and collaboration threads

As a start, I recommend reading the recent posts in the regional news thread and posting some of your own, before moving on to more complex RPs. This would allow players of the region to get acquainted with your nation and your style.

NS is full of useful guides on RPing and writing. This one, for example, is short and to the point. This has all the NSCodes. This thread explains about RPing warfare. There are many more RP guides and tip dispatches or threads around the site - feel free to explore and learn more about RPing.

For any question on the region (or not), feel free to ask on the RMB or to any of the active members.

Read factbook

Welcome energetic new comers:)

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