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The Municipalities of Antarctica wrote:It must have lost enough to be considered a third of a braincell instead. Might want to go steal someone else's to add to it.

franken-braincell? that's uh..
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Bosnua wrote:Hello and hi everyone I'm a new nation and i hope any of you will guide me to greatness and power😊

Welcome to The Pacific.

I'd encourage you to read our rules, both related to the regional laws, as well as the RP rules, which can both be found here.

Intro :
This is the official Roleplay Guidebook for the Pacific's Regional Message Board (RMB). It forms the base on which nation capabilities are set, ie the mechanisms of the RP, and also contains concepts unique to this RMB Roleplay. Information about the Roleplay and its IC universe can be found in the Roleplay Portal.

Why the need for a Guidebook:
As more & more members joined the roleplay, some of which didn't have prior experience, the necessity to have atleast a basic common set of rules or guidelines was realised.
While the RP goes on fine, conflicts arise; either due to misinterpretation or by dissatisfaction. The rules are designed to prevent this.

Uniformity for all players is also necessary, and since NS already gives stats for our nations, they have been adapted for roleplay with appropriate modifications. This is one of the main purposes of the guidebook.

The Guidelines :

  1. Nation Statistics
    All nation stats shall be taken from NationStates (NS) only, and the standings of all nations shall be based on these stats.
    The following stats are considered critical :

    • Population - Taken as 0.1 times NS population for all, except new & ancient nations. So a nation with 1 billion NS wise would be converted to 100 million.

      • Till 50 million : Considered as a constant 5 million.

      • 51 million to 15 billion : Considered as 0.1Χ(population).

      • Above 15 billion : Considered a constant 1.5 billion. (That is the maximum population achievable by 0.1Χpop.)

      A player may opt for a population lesser than what the formula gives them, and/or reduce the growth rate, if one so wishes.

    • Economy - As it is. The value of money is relative, so the economies are not unrealistic. The various levels of economy are already categorised by NS (from Imploded to Frightening).

      Converting currency is a simple. Divide your economic output by another's. The result will give its currency in yours. Example :
      Nation1: Economic Output- 500 trillion C1s
      Nation2: Economic Output- 1000 trillion C2s
      Conversion (by nation1): 500χ1000=0.5
      So 0.5 C2s = 1 C1, or 1 C2 = 2 C1s.
    • Defense Forces - Equivalent to a nations military strength. War Bearing is for a general idea with Enforcer as a standard.

      1. -∞ to 1,000 : Protectorate
        Military doesn't figure in the nation's economy. It is dependent on others for even the most basic protection (like Coast Guard). Moderately stable.
        War Bearing : Nothing. Depends on Protector Nation.

      2. 1,001 to 3,000 : Struggler
        Barely able to defend oneself, such nations are highly unstable. Difficult to contain rebellions or militant groups.
        War Bearing : Very Low. Easy to overpower.

      3. 3,001 to 6,500 : Contender
        A rising nation. Usually engaged in arms races, their military is in the nascent stages. Have to choose between exerting influence or self defence. Uncertain Stability.
        War Bearing : Low. Vulnerable to Surprise Attacks.

      4. 6,501 to 8,000 : Enforcer
        Developed military. Good defence capabilities. Capable of using military to further its goals internationally. Stable.
        War Bearing : Moderate. Can withstand attacks, but takes time to recover. Vulnerable to consecutive wars.

      5. 8,001 to 12,000 : Protector
        Powerful Military with much to spare after self defence. Engage in alliances and have protectorates to increase their clout. Very Stable.
        War Bearing : Good. Can defend & attack simultaneously. Multiple or frequent wars can defeat it.

      6. 12,001 to 18,000 : Warlord
        Very Powerful Military. Fearless nation. Can sustain independently. Stable. Frequent wars may cause rebellions.
        War Bearing : High. Can engage multiple nations simultaneously. Prolonged multi-front wars can weaken it.

      7. 18,001 to 25,000 : Dominator
        Extremely Powerful Military. Arms based economy. Frequently uses military internationally. Extremely Stable.
        War Bearing : Very High. Multiple wars required to affect it considerably.

      8. 25,001 to ∞ : Juggernaut
        Unstoppable. Militaristic society. Has presence throughout the world. Frequently uses brute force. Legendary Stability.
        War Bearing : Extremely High. Multiple wars barely affect it.

    • Scientific Advancement - As it is. Certain technologies require appropriate levels of Scientific Advancement.
      The laws of Physics are immutable. Any technology that transcends them is forbidden. So no FTL, Time Manipulation, Infinite Energy/Matter, Alternate Universes, and the like. Contact Samasbhi if you're uncertain of where your technology lies.

      • -∞ to 0 : Primitive (Till Industrial age)

      • 1 to 50 : Basic Tech

      • 51 to 100 : Moderate Tech

      • 101 to 150 : T1 Modern Tech (Cold War)

      • 151 to 200 : T2 Modern Tech (Millennial)

      • 201 to 250 : T1 Near Future Tech (Prototyping and small scale testing)

      • 251 to 300 : T2 Near Future Tech (Commercial mass scale implementation)

      • 301 to 350 : T1 Intermediate Future Tech (Prototyping and small scale testing)

      • 351 to 400 : T2 Intermediate Future Tech (Scientific and military implementation)

      • 401 to 450 : T3 Intermediate Future Tech (Commercial mass scale implementation)

      • 451 to 500 : T1 Far Future Tech (Prototyping and small scale testing; Planetary)

      • 501 to 600 : T2 Far Future Tech (Scientific and military implementation; Planetary)

      • 601 to 650 : T3 Far Future Tech (Commercial mass scale implementation; Planetary)

      • 651 to 700 : T1 Technocracy (Prototyping of global scale tech; Spacefaring)

      • 701 to 750 : T2 Technocracy (FFT Scientific and military implementation; Spacefaring)

      • 751 to 800 : T3 Technocracy (Nationwide deep FFT integration & global operational capability)

      • 800 to ∞ : Stagnant Singularity. (Highest tech penetration and scale. No further advancement possible.)

      Legend :

      • Primitive — Everything until the Industrial age, 2650 UC (350 BCE) onwards.
      • Basic Tech — Comparable to RL WW1.
      • Moderate Tech — Comparable to RL WW2.
      • Modern Tech — Equivalent to RL Cold War for T1 and Millennial Tech (you're witnessing this era IRL) for T2.
      • Near Future Tech — Viable tech that is being researched now; the technology being prototyped or better. Expected to be operational in 40 years or less.
      • Intermediate Future Tech — Plausible Hypothetical Concepts. Prerequisite technology exists. Estimated to be invented in 100 years or less.
      • Far Future Tech — Implausible yet believable Hypothetical Concepts. Not sure of viability, since based on NFT & IFT inventions, but has proposed approaches.
      • Technocracy — FFT, but on the spacefaring and global scales. Technology permeates most aspects of life.
      • Singularity — You are the Technology. Having reached the pinnacle, the focus has shifted to other aspects such as global welfare, world philosophy, or stability.

    • Influence - Shall only be considered for nations newly introduced to RP. The rest have eventually gained (original) influence in the RP.

    • Human Development Index - As it is. Determines the development of a nation.

      According to the NS Human Development Index -
      1. 0-25 : Dystopian (Barbaric)

      2. 26-50 : Underdeveloped

      3. 51-65 : Lower Developing

      4. 66-80 : Upper Developing

      5. 81-95 : Developed

      6. 96-100 : Utopian (Alpha Nation)

    Other important characteristics :

    1. Government Type -
      One can adopt any government type that they want, irrespective of whether it is available in NS as a classification.
      But the NS classification should be relevant. For instance an Inoffensive Centrist Democracy can't call itself a Heirarchial Monarchy. One can have any pretitle one wants, unless it explicitly contradicts your government form.
      Anyone choosing a unique &/or self designed government system must describe it accurately in a factbook. This should also (at least) loosely be relevant to the NS classification.
      In short, one should attempt issues such that you form the government as per what you have chosen to adopt.

    2. Geography, Climate, & Location -
      All of these should be mentioned in factbooks, only if one desires to RP with these factors. Location is relatively important, with respect to other roleplaying nations.

    3. Puppets & Lore Nations -
      Any or all of the above should be mentioned in relevant factbook dispatches if one wishes to RP with them, with adequate descriptions regarding relations, history, government type, & such.
      Lore nations are entities which were previously sovereign, but are now part of a player controlled nation. Usually made for lore, they exist as vassals, principalities, or non-sovereign states/provinces.

      Everyone is requested to not create more than 2 puppets for roleplaying (1 for MegaVerse), even if casual, as it crowds the roleplay and may create confusion if not depicted properly. Note that this applies only to roleplaying. Non RPing puppets are inconsequential. (See Mandate M04.)

    4. Non-Player-Controlled Nations -
      These constitute nations present in the Mega Verse (RP universe) but not controlled by any single player and existing as independent entities. Any player can use it to generate events, but no one can destroy it or do major damage without a realism approval from the Overseer. Minor incidents, or speculative plotlines are permitted, which assume NPC intentions and even enact them. Any use of NPC nations is public & open to all. They are not to be used in Solo Plots, to prevent confusion.
      Currently, the Mega Verse has East Lebatuck as an NPC nation.

  2. Policies

    • Policies is the latest feature introduced in NS gameplay, which helps us track landmark decisions that have major repercussions on the nation. The policies are also dependent on issue choices, like NS stats, but are different from the stats themselves. They are just characteristics of one's nation, so there is no "superior or inferior policy". Policies just present a players opinions and nation preferences.

    • Yet, one usually finds a few policies that are later undesirable or of the "when did I install this!" type. Some of these greatly affect how the nation is run. And hence, for the RP, one is allowed to ignore one policy in order to avoid complications, grumbling, and a skewed nation.

    • The number of policies available is limited. So a few factors may not have appropriate policies. For instance, one may have a custom designed government type, but policies mainly cater to various democracies, monarchies, and dictatorships. So such policies may also be modified with proper explanations (factbooks) and then used for the roleplay.

  3. Actual Interaction
    This entails the actual roleplay, consisting of news posts, transnational communication, & such. The following protocol should be followed to greatly increase the authenticity of the roleplay :

    • Consent - If one nation wants to post the results of an incident/exercise/decision/war, or anything which involves other nations, then that nation will have to take their consent before posting details regarding them. For instance, if a nation at war with another wants to destroy an enemy carrier, then it will have to take the other nation's consent (telegram) before posting.

      This doesn't apply to situations when one nation is significantly powerful or better disposed than another and has previously warned about the consequences.

    • Timeline - This concept comes in useful when multiple nations are involved in crucial parts of a plot. The owner of the host nation in which the plot is ongoing, or the plot creator are ideally the timeline controllers. All others should take their Consent before altering times, but consent of other participants may also be required.
      So one can't just say, "15 days later" and do a post when others still want to continue in the current time era.
      This consent type can be bypassed by making arrangements with the host nation / plot participants, but this is the default protocol.

    • Realism - Care should be taken to ensure that realism is always maintained in all scenarios. For instance, an "extremely brave" coast guard ship can't defeat a destroyer singlehandedly.
      Official exchanges and responses of nations should be appropriately worded. Don't say "Why did you ban oil from my country ?" or "You can defeat me only in your dreams" while in character.
      All RMB roleplay should compulsorily use NS stats as mentioned above, for uniformity's sake.

    • Representation - Nations in an active roleplay should post content either officially from the government,via news media or stories. Else, one can always be in RPing mode and not require the above but instead use OOC (Out Of Character) when posting out of the roleplay. The same applies to the reverse, with IC (In Character) to be used. Content pertaining to M04 should compulsorily use the IC marker.
      One can also authorize another nation to post news about its internal events, with the rules of Consent being applied.
      Any content without proper representation is a mark of improper roleplay & stands to being voided, as it is a cause for confusion.

    • InterPlayer Control Relations - While players can set up mutual IC relations involving one as protectorate/vassal/similar and the other Overlord, such arrangements have some prerequisites to be considered for the MegaVerse:

      1. The same activity levels are required from all players for admission into the MegaVerse, irrespective of their IC predicaments (vassal, protectorate, federation, city-state, or otherwise).

      2. Vassal players may opt to limit RP to internal affairs, but should take cognizance of international events and respond to other nations as required (especially when MegaVerse nations approach them). Else the plots are considered Isolated Plots.

      3. It is the suzerain's responsibility to take a stand on every international event, so that their vassals can act accordingly.

      4. In the event that the suzerain player is unable to fulfill Point 3, they will be banned from having vassals for 2 months, and only reinstated if their activity is acceptable after that. The former vassal will turn sovereign and assume full responsibility of plot activities. They may take up a different Overlord after one month.

      5. In the event that the vassal player is unable to fulfill Point 2, they shall be put in the Tentative RPer list, and given a second chance with 1 month deadline. The suzerain or any other players may assist here. Failure will result in removal from the MegaVerse.

    • Telegrams & RMB Posts - Roleplay is primarily expected to be carried out in the RMB. So telegrams are to be used for consent, queries, OOC discussions, and the like. It may be used for RPing too, but any such plots & their events will not be considered MegaVerse (canon).
      Liking RMB posts has nothing to do with the RP. Liking does not stand as an IC response and intends to instead promote friendliness among the RPers. Yet, liking posts can stand for approval when consent comes into picture. If a nation that you included in your RP likes the post, you can consider its OOC approval.

  4. Types of Roleplays
    There are mainly two types of Roleplay: Active and Passive. Most players use either one of these two. While there may be a few 'hybrid' ones, the assigned guidelines of atleast one shall definitely fit such players.

    1. Active Roleplay : This type of roleplay is what most newbies think roleplaying is about. It involves the participating parties communicating both IC (In Character) and OOC (Out Of Character) with no communicating guidelines, simultaneously. The story is not discussed previously, and is rather made up on the spot by each player, for their own characters (or nations).
      It requires all the players to be online simultaneously, and respond to others posts, to carry forward the RP. Realism is usually ignored as the only motive of most such RPers is having casual fun, usually resulting in hundreds of posts in a day.
      Such RPers are not mandated to use all the aforementioned rules like consent and realism if you use Active RP casually, but are advised to use the Statistics for preventing godmodding and harassment.

    2. Passive Roleplay : The more advanced, refined type of roleplay. This type of roleplay has the participants posting events and conditions of their nations/characters. The story is taken forward by other nations who post their reactions and the events' repercussions. This type of RP proceeds in a planned way, and the plot is frequently discussed before posting to refine the story. The language used in Passive RP is also considerably more professional that Active RP. While this RP is too done for fun (obviously), those opting for Passive RP gain satisfaction from accurateness, realism, and detail imbued in the roleplay. Such RPers are mandated to use the Statistics as well as other rules of realism, interaction, consent, & others. In fact, this roleplay automatically integrates the rules, without which it won't work smoothly & fairly.

  5. Types of Plots
    Plots categorisations arise due to varying RP genres, and storyline limitations which cause either participation restrictions or Guidebook deviations.

    1. MegaVerse Plots
      Plots which are open to all MegaVerse roleplayers are the MegaVerse Plots. These plots follow RP rules (this Guidebook) in detail, and so do all the participants. The plots take place in the MegaVerse, the universe where all roleplaying nations exist simultaneously; and the events occurring in one nation are recorded as a part of its history. Players can make RP posts referring to any & all other players in the Mega-Verse, without taking participating consent; essentially inviting them to act on their posts. Regardless, all other rules of consent remain unaltered. All plots by members of the MegaVerse are by default canon and open to the rest of the MegaVerse. Plots that would require all other nations to act, referred to as Global Events (like an apocalypse scenario) require Overseer approval.

    2. Isolated Plots
      Plots whose storyline is limited & dependent on the events of one nation (player), with others being reactionary participants are Isolated plots. Up to five nations are permitted to have an Isolated plot. RP Guidelines are followed, but stats may be only loosely adhered to. Events occurring in such plots shall be considered in nation history only if the plot follows RP Guidelines. Plot initiation (creation) permission isn't required, but it is recommended that you inform the Overseer beforehand.

    3. Solo Plots
      Plots which have only one participant, with or without one's puppets, are Solo Plots. Other players are forbidden from reacting to these plots. Following RP Guidelines is optional for nation stats and advancement. Events occurring in such plots shall only be recorded in nation history if the plot follows RP guidelines. Plot initiation permission is not required.

  6. The Mandates
    Every system needs a set of rules that are to be followed by all. Even for a roleplay, this is the surest way of preventing system abuse, hence reducing conflicts and wasting time in endless debates. The Mandates are just such a set of rules that all RPers need to follow. They are so designed that there would be almost no ramifications on the RP itself, so nothing would change. Rather, they would only augment the approach towards the RP, and set up a code of conduct.
    The Mandates have been designed keeping in mind the Civil Code (M01), so no worries about code violations.

    1. M01 - Civil Code
      Under no circumstances (IC and OOC) must any roleplayer violate the Civil Code. Code violators shall be penalised as per protocol. Penalties include banishment from all of RP and/or even the region itself.

    2. M02 - PacificaRegion in Roleplay
      Concepts of secession from the Pacific, or of rebelling against the government are not permitted in any roleplay. Roleplayers are advised to only make nominal use of the region in RPs.

    3. M03 - Unsuitable Content : Material
      Some content is not conducive to a healthy RP suitable for everyone, and usually dampens moods. Such content involves description of : Graphic violence (detailed body damage & the like), 'Gross things' (bodily discharges & the like), Heinous crimes, Barbarism (cannibalism, human sacrifice & the like), Tortures, Effects of lethal weapons, Erotica, and related things.
      Roleplayers are asked to not indulge in describing any of the above. While mentions are occasionally permitted as per situations, excessive use &/or descriptions of such content is not allowed and would incur penalties.

    4. M04 - Unsuitable Content : Conceptual
      While a player nation has complete freedom to RP as any culture & ideology, care needs to be taken to ensure that the content is depicted as strictly IC. RP of radical notions requires being especially careful to avoid OOC offense. Players are advised to do so with fictional elements rather than RL ones, wherever applicable.
      Examples of what does not work:

      • Believers of [ideology] are animals.

      • IC: All of [ethnicity] should be killed!

      • My master race nation shall eradicate all others!

      This is a big NO. Such posts shall be interpreted as personal views and the player will be penalised for violating M01. Simply appending an IC tag doesn't make a post roleplay either. A plot is essential.
      We RP as nations, and our posts should always reflect that. Examples of what can work instead:

      • IC: The Empire of [nation] condemns [ideology/culture] in the strongest of terms and wishes to have no association with anyone harbouring elements who support it.
      – Ministry of External Affairs

      • IC: Commander [name] has always despised [race/community]. He sees them as a violent people only concerned with self interests. Rumours speak of him plotting to cleanst the nation of them when the old king dies.

      These express either the official stance of a nation, or the views of a character. The indication of a plot/motive is also crucial for distinguishing IC from OOC. To ensure this, M04 establishes that:

      1. Excessive RP (and description) about discrimination/hate/harrassment of an RL culture/ideology/people constitutes an OOC malice and is ground for penalties as per M01.

      2. All RP posts of the nature described in this mandate shall always follow the Representation section.

    5. M05 - Puppets
      Regulating puppets is essential to prevent godmodding by entire puppet coalitions formed by a single player, thus imbalancing the RP and dispiriting others.
      All role players are permitted to only have one puppet for Mega-Verse RP purposes, with proper references to the said nation being a puppet. This also applies to fictional puppet-nations which aren't actual NS nations, as they are equally important from an RP point of view.
      Nevertheless, considering the amount of efforts that go into constructing ones main nation itself, it is adviced to not create a puppet unless one is confident of maintaining consistency in quality.
      All puppets shall have a cap on their stats. That is, their stats can't rise beyond a certain limit, to prevent imbalance.

      • Human Developing Index : 65

      • Scientific Advancement : 150

      • Defence Forces : 3000

      • Economy : Half of the main nation's economy.

      • Industries : None greater than the equivalent of the main nation's primary industry. And only one industry worth economic consideration.

The guidebook is dynamic, and actively updated with modifications and additions as the need arises. If you have any suggestions, feel free to tell me.
Support the Guidebook by upvoting this dispatch!Green arrow above the number at the top right.

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    The Civil Code for Uniform Justice and Order in The Pacific

    These offenses are punishable by sanctions up to and including a permanent ban from the region, at the sole discretion of the Tribune, by the Consul and Emperor, or, and only in emergencies, by other members of the Senate.

    Section I - Civil Disobedience

101: Spreading falsehoods in regards to The Pacific or any of its residents via any communication medium.

102: Posting of spam on the Regional Message Board, official government forum or regional Discord server.

103: Posting about an inappropriate subject on the Regional Message Board, official government forum or regional Discord server.

104: Harassment or blackmail of a Pacifican, whether in public or in private, by any means.

105: Unauthorized use of another nation's flag or other details as your own.

106: Objectionable and/or spammy nation name, pre-title, currency, animal, flag, motto, dispatch, or factbook.

107: The posting of foreign recruitment ads on the Regional Message Board.

108: Use of excessive profanity on the forums and Regional Message Board and/or bad grammar to the point of complaint.

109: Causing the destruction or limiting the functionality of any region’s message boards, chat rooms, or other regional infrastructure inside or outside of the NationStates realm.

    Section II - Security Accountability

201: Continued, flagrant refusal to become aligned with the Emperor via World Assembly endorsement.

202: Providing classified information to unauthorized persons outside The Pacific.

203: Giving your endorsement to a nation with whom you are not familiar personally. (All nations in the Pacific are familiar with the nations that govern them, and may share endorsements in a very limited way with one another.)

204: Pushing a resident nation over the endorsement cap.

205: As a member of the New Pacific Order, pledging loyalty to a foreign entity or entering a foreign region without the knowledge and approval of the Senate.

    Section III - Treason

301: Seeking many endorsements without permission or breaking the endorsement cap.

302: Assisting those seeking many endorsements without permission.

303: Belonging to a subversive organization.

304: Knowingly and intentionally supporting an enemy of The Pacific operating within by means of but not limited to a nation’s World Assembly endorsement, a campaign to encourage other nations to endorse the enemy nation, or providing succor to the threat by granting them protection, information, aid, or material advantages within the New Pacific Order.

305: Voting on World Assembly Resolutions in favor of the enemy.

306: Aiding an external subversive organization or individual to interfere in internal Pacifican processes or affairs.

307: Actively and deliberately operating or working against the laws, customs, and structure of The Pacific, or assisting an individual seeking to do so.

    Section IV - Crimes against the Public Justice

401: Perjury or breaking an oath.

402: Falsifying evidence or attempting to subvert the justice system. This includes obfuscating information provided in an investigation either of oneself or another nation.

403: Being the puppet of a banished nation.

404: File Not Found.

405: Claiming association, affiliation, or representation of The Pacific government in any act without authorization.

406: Planting a foreign nation whose allegiances and affiliations violate the laws of The Pacific within the region by concealing their origins and loyalties from the appropriate authorities.

    Note: The Civil Code of the Pacific is subject to the rulings and enforcement of the Censor, Tribune, and the Emperor. Section III, Articles 301 and 303 in particular, are subject to the rulings and enforcement of the Emperor. The endorsement maximum is subject to revision and adjustment without notice.

Read dispatch

News in Jar Wattinree...

  • Every worker receives exactly the same pay regardless of productivity.

  • Professionals are ready to retire by the time they receive permission to use their credentials.

  • Bins outnumber trees in city parks.

  • Hiding wrinkles with make-up is illegal.

  • Jar Wattinree is ranked 239,359th in the world and 6,053rd in the Pacific for Largest Trout Fishing Sector, scoring -16.78 on the Nemo Depletion Efficiency Index.

The court system in Embauba has ground to a halt since the record-breaking divorce case of serial-polygamist Matt Trimony, who has decided to divorce all 47 of his wives simultaneously. The case has become so lengthy and complex that lawyer-filled encampments have sprung up outside the building, preventing any new cases from being processed.

Sure, it’s a problem and all, but the fact he made it one... quite the madlad.

Embauba wrote:The court system in Embauba has ground to a halt since the record-breaking divorce case of serial-polygamist Matt Trimony, who has decided to divorce all 47 of his wives simultaneously. The case has become so lengthy and complex that lawyer-filled encampments have sprung up outside the building, preventing any new cases from being processed.

Sure, it’s a problem and all, but the fact he made it one... quite the madlad.

Or he has worryingly good charm... he might be a sociopath.

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