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Ridgefield RMB

WA Delegate: The Golden Liberty Hounds of DiRito-Opolis (elected )

Founder: The Town of Ridgefielders

Last WA Update:

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 3rd Most Influential: 130th Most Nations: 223rd+2
Largest Black Market: 1,740th Largest Information Technology Sector: 2,421st
World Factbook Entry

Ridgefield is a small town that serves as the capital of the Meritocratic League, a politically-neutral organization characterized by mandatory World Assembly membership, unrestricted trade, and a sacrosanct community where the leaders of each member nation live and conduct diplomacy with otherwise distant members of the union.

• If you're a resident and you'd like to get involved, take a look at the Information Center for tips on getting started.
• Interested in opening relations with Ridgefield? Please read our Embassy Policy.

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Originally settled in October 2010, reclaimed in January 2017.

Embassies: Augustin Alliance, Conch Kingdom, Cape of Good Hope, Lands End, Narnia, Dawn, Anteria, Carolingia, The Union of Democratic States, and The East Pacific.

Tags: Game Player, Independent, Issues Player, Large, Offsite Chat, Regional Government, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: High

Ridgefield contains 63 nations, the 223rd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Mining Sector in Ridgefield

World Census experts measured the volume of stuff removed from the ground to determine which nations have the largest mining industries.

As a region, Ridgefield is ranked 7,699th in the world for Largest Mining Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Golden Liberty Hounds of DiRito-OpolisCapitalist Paradise“Trade in gold, be free, and be economically aware.”
2.The Holy Red Zombie Land of BrokemiaPsychotic Dictatorship“Suffer, puny peasants!!!!”
3.The Retired Chain Gang of Whitcomb KingdomNew York Times Democracy“Be the Bigger Bear ”
4.The Town of RidgefieldersAnarchy“Eight Years of Ridgefield”
5.The Galactic Country of GreenfeatherAnarchy“If it bleeds, we can kill it.”
6.The Holy Red Lucky Zombie Nation of VortIron Fist Consumerists“Friendship is Nationstates”
7.The Republic of Reformed DraconiaCorporate Bordello“By The People For The People”
8.The Holy Empire of Jaeger CityCapitalist Paradise“I will not lie cheat nor steal”
9.The Republic of DreedsbaneFather Knows Best State“From thought to paper”
10.The Republic of Santo ThomasInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Be a little kinder than you have to.”
1234. . .67»

Regional Poll • Do you support a change to the flag?

The People's Democratic Republic of Panem and Circensis wrote: other submissions are welcome.

Voting opened 10 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Regional Happenings


Ridgefield Regional Message Board

ANN broadcast:

Antarcticaon hero and Emperor David II has just revealed that the assassination of the The city or Rlyehian general was perpetrated by disturbed ex-Crimson Officers. Due to their bravery and undying support for the empire, they are being honored and reinstated later tonight.

In other news, all Rlyehian vessels are now banned from either entering or leaving the Empire. Any found will be shot down without warning. We ask the citizens of the Empire to report Rylehian citizens to the authorities so that they may be expelled from the empire.

Hail to the Empire!

1 hour after the announcement, the Emperor’s approval rating rose by 23%.

The President of Rlyeh and her brother, chief diplomat to the ML, stands before a massive crowd of people. She looks like she's been crying.

"People of Rlyeh. Today is a grim day. After hearing the announcement made by Antarcticao I have been pushed by the council and my vice President to make war appon them. But it is my unfortunate duty to say we cannot. For several reasons we may not make war appon our former allies and friends. The laws of this great League we are a part of forbid it. We cannot make war upon the traitors to our kindness. But. We can still harm them. We will be seizing all property owned by Antarcticoan businesses and immigrants. Now. All Antarcticoan property is forfeit to the state. This is what happens to traitors."
All the people begin to clap. The sound is thunder.

As the President moves away podium a loud CRACK is heard. The President stumbles. Then she falls.

She has been shot by an assassin. She was proclaimed dead within minutes.

ANN Update

Currentaly Mink Lide is at the lead with 56% of the votes, in second place is Alkaptar who has 40% of the votes, and in last place is Hal-Mine with an astoundingly bad 4% of the votes.

2-Mink Lide is out of the vote, he died earlier today in a car crash, the car was too damaged to tell if their was any tampering. So the new roster is Alkaptar at 78% of the vote and Hal-Mine with 22% of the vote.

3-The Voting proses is finished, Hal-Mine backed out for unstated reasons Making Alkaptar the new Leader of Arul.

4-Mark Ulo was found dead hanging from the side of his Government office building, Mark was one of the 6 most important Government officials. Police say that their was a big struggle but he ended losing to the aggressor by being beate by a metal pipe ton from the wall, he was still alive when he was thrown off of the building with a rope around his neck. Poice also found nothing that would lead to the Person that did this.

Thousands of helicopters fly over the city of Rlyeh as men in black suits storm over impromptu barricades, as they completely overrun the city's defenders. They raise a tricolor of a deep crimson, tan and blue, with a black cross over them. This is the infamous mercenary corporation Death's Hand. There leader stands on a podium in front of a massive crowd. he is wearing a immaculate red uniform.
" People of Rlyeh! long have you toiled under the oppression of the mob rule. Now it is time to destroy this corrupt system.For I am your new King! I, AM Shaiond'druxz Ghioralbh! AND I AM YOUR NEW KING! NOW KNEEL!"

as he says this the crowd, fearing for there lives, bends at the knee.
Long live the king.

The Dictatorship of Arul

A video tape starts playing showing a Government building where the other 5 important officials are holding up then all of a sudden a woman gets thrown out the window and the foundation of the building explodes causing the whole thing crash too the ground with the screams of people in the backround, soldiers and police in riot gear are quick to the scene looking for the GROUP that caused it.

Video ends

2-The ANN Broadcast starts by showing 3 of the 5 High Generals being interviewed, 2 men who are in suits are being brought out with 4 soldiers, all dead.

“We were just having a meeting about what we should do with you know the guy going around and killing Government workers, so we were about to come to an agreement when a soldier came in with a really messed up left side of his face. He held up his gun then I knew who he was. The man started firing killing all of the soldiers and 2 of the High Generals, we three only survived because we pretended to be dead. We will be leaving to a secret location later this week.”

Broadcast ends

3-The security Cam in a car, it shows the 3 High Generals sitting in the back getting taken to their secret location, the driver starts talking with a very raspy voice that sounds very familiar like you someone that you once knew but you can’t put your finger on it.

“Wanna know something, you guys are saddest bunch of men I have ever seen.(One of the men in the back gets offended)”Hey, do you know who your talking to, I am very powerful and if you think you can talk to me like that we-“(The driver starts talking calmly but firm)”I know exactly who you are”(The driver turns the mirror in the roof the show the left side of his face that kinda looks Freddy Kruger)”You are the ones that tried to kill me, you all where on it, I had something you wanted and you were not gonna stop tell ya got it”(The Generals in the back looks scared and uncomfortable)”That is all lies if you believe that for a seco-“(The driver yells furiously)”SHUT UP, You guys tricked me into going to that place. You even had a friend of mine be the one to shoot ME”(The driver gets a little emotional for a second but when he starts talking again, it is as cold as ice)”Wanna know something else.(The 3 men in the back look at each other nervously)”You should have made sure I was DEAD”(The driver dives out of the car rolling as the car smashes into a tree killing the 3 Generals inside and destroying the camera.)

Video ends

ANN broadcast starts by showing Alkaptar standing behind a podium ready to make s speech.

“Hello people of Arul, it is your Great Leader Alkaptar. I know you all have been worried about the recent murders of Government Officials. But not to worry, everything will be all right, I am going to get the best of the best to continue the search for the corporate. And we the people in the Government will make sure that the public will know everything we discover.”

Broadcast ends

5-The security footage starts by showing the 4 Counsel members sitting in the plane with 3 Crimson soldiers patrolling the plane then all of a sudden 2 of the soldiers turn and shoot the other solder many...many times. One solder goes over to the cockpit and shoots the pilot throws the body to the ground and proceeds flying. The soldier that stayed in the seating area takes off his armor revealing a blue button up stained in a red substance and a terrible burn scars that go down the left side of his body but this time you can see the right side of his body and face, it looks like Walter Lighre just with a big scar acrossed The side of his head that looks like an outline of a bullet.(Mafia lll style)

“Well what a nice surprise, we got the four little traitors that serve their little master for what exactly.(Walter starts pacing)Was it for power?”(The four Counsel people look terrified)”So, you would lie to me and tell me that their was a rebel uprising but when I got there were no rebels and because I believed you I walked into a farmhouse where you said they be, BUT GUESS WHAT”(Walter seems to get angrier and more unstable for Avery passing sentence)”You have my friend, a friend of mine Alkaptar come up behind me and when I looked at him HE. SHOT. ME. IN. THE. HEAD. Which knocked me unconscious when I woke up a few seconds later you were dragging me to a side of a river and tossed me and I landed on my RIGHT SIDE. And you GUYS STARTED POURING GAS ON MY LEFT SIDE.(One of Counsel people start pleading with tears)”I’m sorry j-just please forgive US”(Walter fires his gun and the bullet lands right beside his head)”SHUT UP, you will never get forgiveness for lighting me ON FIRE, luckily you put me next to a river so when you guys walked away I rolled into it and flowed down stream and went unconscious and if it wasn’t for the kindness of a Little old woman I would have died from disease, starvation and bleeding out.”(The soldier walked out of the Cockpit and nods, Walter then grabs a parachute for him and his soldier and throws out every other parachute)”Remember”(One of the counsel members starts speaking a little sarcastically)”What are you going to say “Say hi to the Devil for me”(Walter sighs and looks back with fire in his eyes)”No, I am the Devil” Walter and his soldier then put on their parachutes and jump out. A few minutes later of the counsel members scrambling around and crying the plane crashes into the ground with rocks and boulders tearing and bending the plane killing the remaining people inside.)

Video ends

6-ANN Broadcast starts by showing Alkaptar making a speech

“I know the last month has been rough but we will prevail, we will catch the corporate for all evil falls eventually”(The camera turns as it shows Walter walk down stone steps)”Wouldn’t you know, you tried killing me. All evil falls, yea buddy it is your time.(Alkaptar looks shocked as he is surrounded by soldiers as Walter walks up to the platform he is on, Walter pulls out a pistol and says)”See you in hell”(Walter pulls the trigger hitting Alkaptar in the head, Walter then walks up to Alkaptars body and shoots him two more times in the head)”Now that that is over, I can finally get to business. Hi people of Arul do not resist because there will be a change that I think will be beneficial to all of us, and David ll, one I am sorry but it had to be done and two, no I am not meeting you. All I want is for there to be peace in Arul before my passing cause I don’t know when I’m gonna die, also my new office is going to be somewhere where not even my own Government Officials know. Long Live Son’s of Liberty.”

Broadcast ends

7-ANN Broadcast starts by showing a thin and sickly looking Walter that looks like he hasn’t slept in days standing behind a podium in public.

“Hello people of Arul I am well aware of that you do not like how tight of a ship we are running bu-“(Walter as a small coughing fit)”But the new rule and regulations but I am sure that they will he-(A rifle shot can be heard in the distance and Walters head flys back as he flops unto the ground dead. A man the long-ish hair and a big scar on his right cheek steps out from behind the stage and up unto the platform rolling Walter’s corpse to the side with his foot)”Jesus that guy got real crazy real quick, anyway hello Arul you are now under supreme rule of the Son’s of Liberty, whoever fights this rule will either die or get sent away now bow down to your almighty rulers.”(All the citizens in fear kneel before the man and his merc’s.)

Broadcast ends

SOL Report

Crime has gone down by 40% and the economy is booming. Arul is currently having the best years sense Saddam Abdel and Justin Kenoth, also in a few weeks is Justin Kenoth day will take place.

SOL Report

“A Nuclear Power Plant had a meltdown earlier today and caused a fallout around New Arul contaminating the capital city, most of the people evacuated made it out alive but 8,000 people died making this one of Aruls worst disasters.

As his first act as king, King Shaiond'druxz Ghioralbh, is reinstating the law that foreign leaders may be granted royal titles, as such the King grants the title of Grand Duke to Emperor David the Second of Antarcticao, Grand Duke stands at 2nd in the line of succession, just after the Crown Prince. He also Grant's the Title of Lord Protector to Emperor Mikhail the First of Tiskaiya. This title is placed as 3rd in succession. The duty of The Lord Protector is that in the event of the death of the king while there is a legitimate heir, but said heir is under the age of 16, the rightful heir is to be placed under the watch of The Lord Protector, until the rightful Heir reaches 16.. The duty of the Grand Duke is to act as King until a rightful Heir is found or said Heir reaches 16 years of age.

SOL Update

Jones Abdel is the one who has been acting leader of Arul for a few weeks now, but now he has been kicked out of Leadership at age 49 for unknown reasons and was replaced with the Leader of SOL.

SOL Update

Recently the police have found that a local science lab that particularly deals with chemicals has been broken into with chemicals like methylamine and others being stolen as well as a plethora of other chemical related instruments, the police are still looking into it but they don’t think that much will come of it.

The city or Rlyeh wrote: He also Grant's the Title of Lord Protector to Emperor Mikhail the First of Tiskaiya. This title is placed as 3rd in succession. The duty of The Lord Protector is that in the event of the death of the king while there is a legitimate heir, but said heir is under the age of 16, the rightful heir is to be placed under the watch of The Lord Protector, until the rightful Heir reaches 16.. The duty of the Grand Duke is to act as King until a rightful Heir is found or said Heir reaches 16 years of age.

The Emperor begins a broadcast. "I would be honored to accept the the honor of Lord Protector, and will accept all of the title's duties. The Crimson Dawn grows ever stronger."

SOL update

Two men have gone missing in the last few days, they had a criminal record including most in drug trafficking and 1st degree murder and second degree murder. They were gone for about a week until one of their friends called them in missing. Apparently it wasn’t unusual for them to go away unannounced but by now they would have called or come back. And in other news a wild fire almost started on the outskirts of Kadjenwell, when emergency services got there a good 10ft were ablaze but were ultimately was stopped, the Police are looking into it and one piece of evidence that also led into the disappearances is that just a few feet away from the blaze they found an empty car with traces of illegal substances, and a few guns, also there were tire tracks that suggest that another vehicle was their and it sped away in a hurry, the car that was sitting there belonged to 33 year old Todd Isenhall and they found his friends phone in the car, the friends name and the owner of the phone’s name was Enrico Fernandez, bullet casings were also found at the scene.

Hey there folks. Please be sure to vote on the flag referendum. It can be found here: page=poll/p=141519

Edit: We’ve dropped to our lowest population in months. We do have a few people recruiting but it isn’t always consistent. Please consider using the “>recruiter” function in the Discord server (link is in the WFE) to be placed in the recruitment channel. The process is easy. The bot sends you links to telegrams where you simply paste your template code and send to new nations. Recruiting is incredibly easy with this feature, but not everyone can take all the time in the world to do it. If we split it up between a few more people that can take turns, that will help greatly.

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