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WA Delegate: The Commonwealth of Canadianal (elected )

Founder: The Morning Star of Dawn Founder

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Welcome, φίλος. In the name of the goddess Eos who shows us the way, we know this land as Dawn.


All incoming nations are highly encouraged to endorse the delegate.

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RMB Topic: Are you interested in joining our region's military?

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    Augustin Alliance [AA]

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    Information Center [DN]

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    While you were sleeping...

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    Dawn RMB Policy

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Embassies: Augustin Alliance, Ridgefield, Cape of Good Hope, Conch Kingdom, Lands End, and Narnia.

Tags: Democratic, Game Player, Independent, Map, Medium, Monarchist, Offsite Chat, Regional Government, and Role Player.

Dawn contains 11 nations, the 1,310th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Average Tax Rates in Dawn

Although some nations have a flat tax rate for all citizens while others tax the rich more heavily than the poor, the World Census used averages to rank the world's most taxing governments.

As a region, Dawn is ranked 7,303rd in the world for Highest Average Tax Rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Dictatorship of The Chikaran FederationCorrupt Dictatorship“Por Virto, Libereco kaj Sendependeco!”
2.The Armed Republic of TexarkanadaNew York Times Democracy“Come and Take It.”
3.The Commonwealth of CanadianalInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Glory to the west”
4.The Theocracy of ScaguaDemocratic Socialists“Ut summa tueatur Otyx”
5.The People's Republic of KuglaryFather Knows Best State“A civil war is not the end”
6.The City-State of NovellaCorporate Police State“parvum nisi lenta”
7.The Holy Empire of Eastern Peo PownIron Fist Consumerists“Pride and Industry”
8.The Rogue Nation of Johann SchmidtPsychotic Dictatorship“Meine Kämpfe um die Unterdrückung”
9.The Republic of Dont eject me from Pony LandsCapitalist Paradise“I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice”
10.The Morning Star of Dawn FounderInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Precede The Rosy Gate”

Regional Happenings


Dawn Regional Message Board

Texarkanada wrote:May I make a suggestion for our ZA strategy?

Close our borders immediately, for one

Texarkanada wrote:Close our borders immediately, for one

Yes, close the borders.
Nearly everyone should research a cure.
A few nations should build military power, but they will only be employed against nations that embrace the horde in order to wipe them out.
Then we use cure strikes to purify Dawn
At least, these are my suggestions. Do whatever you like, really

Yes, that is the best plan we can cook up. I suport it, and I am ready to take up role of military defender.

A little help needed

After extensive studies of our zombie issue, my scientists have determined that, and I quote, "we are f*cked".

The latest Force Flyer is out!


The Heart Government has been dismissed, elections for the House of Representatives have been held, elections for the Court have been held, and more Ministers have been dismissed and replaced.

Heart Government Dismissed
In an unexpected series of events, the Heart Cabinet narrowly voted for intervention into the region’s affairs by Force. Following this vote, Prime Minister Libertatis Regalis of Force dismissed the Heart Government and appointed a caretaker government. The caretaker government consists of Farallaracks, Lashnakia, Vamperiall, and Waltonburg-Vallonheim. Their primary job is to establish a new Constitution for the region, facilitate new elections, and oversee the next government for its first few weeks in office. This whole dismissal of the government though, has not been without controversy. The government willingly gave up control in the first place because of its inability to make the region more active and a declining regional population. Many say that the government should have stayed in place to fix things for itself rather than having Force once again interfere. Whatever the result, Heart is in for an interesting next few months.

First Elections for the House

The first Elections for House have concluded, resulting in the creation of a Legislative Branch in Force. Six people announced their intention to run, they were Great Latinoamerica of Force, Seoul-Pyongyang of Force, Marcelli of Force, Salibaic of Heart, Western Chosetus of Force, and Wracobia of Force. All six were elected, but for some of them it was very close.

Western Chosetus: 7-0
Seoul-Pyongyang: 4-3
Wracobia: 5-2
Great Latinoamerica: 6-1
Marcelli: 6-1

Salibaic: 3-0

Emergency Court Elections
Due to the absence of a Judge in the Court and the Prosecutor's job being heavily changed by the new Constitution, Emergency Court Elections were held this month. Only one citizen sought the position of Prosecutor, Sword BJ, and there were three contenders for Judge, Lashnakia, Western Chosetus, and Seoul-Pyongyang. After an unusually civil debate, voting was held. Sword BJ was unanimously elected Prosecutor and Western Chosetus was elected Judge.

For Sword BJ: 7
Against Sword BJ: 0
Abstain: 2

Western Chosetus: 6
Lashnakia: 3
Seoul-Pyongyang: 0
Abstain: 0

Cabinet Shake-Up
Three ministers, Seoul-Pyongyang (Minister of Defense), Fortis Draco Islands (Minister of Communications), and Mokkland (Minister of Culture) announced their resignations in October. After speaking with them, it is clear that none of them would be able to maintain activity, or complete a satisfactory level of work. The new Defense Minister, Vamperiall, has already ramped up things in the military, conducting several operations already, and getting people involved quickly! Lashnakia, the new Minister of Communications has been working hard to produce high quality content for The Force Flyer and Quantumland, the new Minister of Culture has created a new map for Roleplay which will be implemented in the coming weeks.

Opinion Editorials

"I think that the people of Force should be able to have more of a say in Democratic elections. This is because the citizens who aren't on the Force Chat on The Force Regional Forum are unable to vote. So I think that you should put a vote on the Force homepage on NationStates. Make it easier for the citizen to vote, and whats more, a telegram can be sent to everyone in Force to notify them about an election. This is just a thought to make Force a better place to be."


"Less than a week ago the Heart government voted to let Force intervene with the government to help Heart recover from the last few months of emigration. Libertatis Regalis, the prime minister of Force, also deemed that a rewrite of the constitution was necessary and that their goal was to get 75 residents within the region.

Heart has had a rocky relationship with recruitment in the past anyway, primarily because any recruitment it has ad, it lost because Force was the region in charge. Many residents left because this is where the action was at. Libertatis will not be able to reach that lofty goal of 75 members and be able to keep it for long.

Kicking out the government is also an unnecessary action. How does Heart have any leadership in the future if Force overtakes the region without retraining or future assistance? The answer is that they can’t. All of the previous government officials are left in the dark and have no way of learning how to run a region, therefore leaving the region to fail in the future.

It seemed the only way to keep recruitment up in the region was to draw attention to it. My first governmental job was under the controversial Bennisia as the Minister of Communications (MoCom). He at least brought the desired attention to the region that it needed to get people to stay, even proposing regional mergers to keep the community strong."

[161 nations; 41 WA nations] Force
[54 nations; 4 WA nations] The New Kingdom
[38 nations; 5 WA nations] Heart
[22 nations; 8 WA nations] RGBN

[275 nations; 58 WA nations] Total (excluding provinces)

Read dispatch

Dawn Founder

Your region, Dawn, no longer meets the following embassy requirements:

  1. Active RMB

  • 1. Must have at least 15 nations, 1 World Assembly Member, and have an RMB with posts by residents that are less than a week old

  • 2. Embassy collectors will not be granted an embassy

  • 3. Embassy cannot be of extremist (i.e. Nazi, Terrorist) ideology

  • 4. Embassy must receive approval from The Diplomacy Council


  • 1. Nations in embassy regions are allowed to post on the RMB.

  • 2. Embassy regions are allowed to form or join alliances with Force as well as send both diplomats and ambassadors for peacekeeping


  • 1. Violating embassy posting usage will result in bans of the nations that posted the messages, or in extreme cases, immediate embassy closure

  • 2. Violating alliances can result in embassy closure if the region is violating embassy conditions, or other consequences that may be mentioned in the alliance treaty document(s)

  • 3. Using harmful language will result in consequences, such as embassy closure

Read dispatch

We will check back in one week's time to see if these requirements are once again met. If so, our embassy will remain, but if not, we will have to close the embassy.

Thank you,


Founder & Emperor of Force

Rozwi empire

I must say, it’s a bit of a nostalgia trip to reactivate this nation to see posts made a year ago.

Rozwi empire wrote:I must say, it’s a bit of a nostalgia trip to reactivate this nation to see posts made a year ago.

Yes, this region is dead. I have no idea why I haven't moved out yet.

Estigolsela wrote:Yes, this region is dead. I have no idea why I haven't moved out yet.

It is a shame indeed. The only thing harder than running a region in this game is finding other people capable of doing so.

Anyone looking for something more interesting is welcome to move to one of the other active regions in this Alliance: Ridgefield, Cape of Good Hope, Conch Kingdom, and Lands End. The Discord server linked in the WFE is also highly active.

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