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Warzone Asia is a Warzone! The WA Delegate may eject nations as it pleases, but bans are temporary. The region cannot be password-protected and has no Founder.

WA Delegate: The Holy Grey Matriarchy of Jean Rowe (elected )

Longest-serving Delegate: The Holy Grey Matriarchy of Jean Rowe (431 days)

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Welcome to the Amyralty of Warzone Asia!
The Native Regional government have been Founded on July 1st, 2019.

Useful links : Regional Map | Government | LinkMembership Application | LinkRegional Discord Server |
Military Orders: Join the World Assembly and endorse Delegate Jean Rowe to ensure regional security in the name of the Lord Amyral.
Endorsing other nations than the Delegate may result in an ejection from the region for security reasons.

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Warzone Asia contains 92 nations, the 252nd most in the world.

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The Most Advanced Public Education in Warzone Asia

Fresh-faced World Census agents infiltrated schools with varying degrees of success in order to determine which nations had the most widespread, well-funded, and advanced public education programs.

As a region, Warzone Asia is ranked 5,441st in the world for Most Advanced Public Education.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Holy Imperial Realms of Last VelneriaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Formed by Many, Forever as One”
2.The Federation of RajifikistanLibertarian Police State“hard working people, under a strong leadership”
3.The Allied States of DuullDemocratic Socialists“There can be no harmony without equality”
4.The Sentai Team of PR Mighty MorphinFather Knows Best State“It's morphin' time!”
5.The Rogue Nation of Far EdenFather Knows Best State“We Will Endure”
6.The Union of AngruniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Colonization of warzone asia, is PERFECT”
7.The People's Republic of DonestkIron Fist Consumerists“Free From Ukraine”
8.The Empire of Recreated Irish RepublicPsychotic Dictatorship“No tomorrow without sacrifice, no hope without work.”
9.The Dominion of New Roman SiberiaCorporate Police State“No Quarter.”
10.The Dictatorship of Greater Seregin RicacPsychotic Dictatorship“A Great Nation is nothing without its people!”
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Regional Roleplay - Turn 50 (Roleplay Event - Last Call for the Great East)

The Second Great Asian War

Attacking Side: The People Republic of the Great East, the Asian Defensive and Economical Pact (the Admiralty of Alnorud, the Peoples Republic of Donestk, the Union of Angrunia, the Allied States of Duull, the Confederacy of Tiongkok, the Democratic Republic of Northern Xeod Naks, the United Socialist States of Quaratka, the Republic of Centriolia, the State of LiterallyEverythingistan, the Allied States of Mol Morgatopia, the United Socialist States of Punjab and Sindh) the Community of Llanfair gogery siliogogogoch, the Federation of Lumpia, the Armed Republic of Fidos Water Dish.

Defending Side: The Commonwealth of the Great East, the North-Eastern Security Treaty (The Recreated Irish Republic, the New Roman Siberia, the Dictatorship of Jentor, the Lorth Corporation of Lorth Westerbitiptopion), the Free Land of Xilin Gol, the Kingdom of Kroaka, The Order of St Eustachios, the Kingdom of Himalaya Nation, the Republic of Kobbans, the Federation of New south dublin.

- Northern Theater (PRGE versus NEST)

The northern Dictatorship of Jentor has fallen. The Scarlet Tide of the People Republic of the Great East expended into the upper regions of the nation, sweeping off defenses on its way. Most of the Jentorian armed troops went southward in order to join the frontlines held by the new governmental administration of the Commonwealth of the Great East, while others embarked from the coasts to join the front of Vladivostok. The frontlines now established between the People's Republic and the Commonwealth are causing another tenseful but still confrontation as the two Asian superpowers are not yet at war.

On the rest of the northern front, the progress of Operation Last Gambit continues with a renewed enthusiasm for the forces of the North-Eastern Security Treaty. However, the communist superpower answered equally. The assault led by the forces of the Recreated Irish Republic on the weakened front of Vladivostok ended up in failure, violently repelled by the defensive troops of the People's Republic. This victory allowed the PRGE to reform into an offensive posture facing Vladivostok.

The People Republic of the Great East also enters with full force into the region of Lower Heilongjiang. The ruins of Harbin have been taken after a fierce resistance from the garnisons in place, and the city of Mudanjiang have been bombed until there were no longer been any fortification to hold. The Scarlet Tide continues its course to the north.

The armies of the PRGE also confronted the defensive infrastructures of the anarchists forces within the Free Land of Xilin Gol before the city of Xing'an. The large majority of the anarchist troops seems to have vanished, some analysists are predicting their dissolution and abandon of combats by Xilin Gol, while others affirm that a great gathering is happening in the last major free city of the country, Hulunbuir. In any case, Xing'an fell in front of the PRGE's advance and its habitants have been placed under military occupation.

On the western front finally, the powerful strategic attacks led by New Roman Siberia have resulted in numerous damages. Nonetheless, the concentration of the armies raised by the PRGE were finally achieved and the communist superpower have been able to confront its opponent with a multiplied efficiency. Several Siberian troops have been massacred or taken as prisoners while the frontlines are once again pushed back towards the north and the abandonned city of Altay. Futher south in the region of Xinjiang, the frontlines remained balanced.

- Southern Theather (CGE versus ADEP)

After a joint revival of military forces on the side of the nations of the Asian Defensive Economic Pact and the Kingdom of Kroaka, the front lines are now stagnating as the armies of Southeast Asia started to divide across the region while Kroaka's reserves are dwindling.

After the Federal Republic of Angrunia changed its strategy to a defensive and fortified approach in the face of the enemy's advance, the army of the Kingdom of Kroaka found it much more difficult to continue its advance southwards. The town of Kujuagung fell despite everything, as well as the surrounding localities, at the cost of many lives. Despite the support of its now optimal air force, the Kingdom of Kroaka preferred to adopt a more defensive strategy in its turn. The two fronts are therefore in balance around the borders of province of Lampung.

Further north, the armies of the Kingdom of Kroaka are facing a more advanced offensive from the Admiralty of Alnorud. Acknowledging the further failure of their opponent's invasion, the armed forces sent to the regions of Yala and Narathiwat withdrew to their defensive lines. The fortress island of Langkawi continues to hold thanks to the support of the fleet and the protection of the Guardian Birds, but the army of Alnorud has managed to take advantage further north and entered the region of Kedah through the province of Perlis. The assault led from Yala was, however, repelled by the fortifications of Kroaka.

The assault of the large fleet of the Allied States of Mol Morgatopia on the Republic of the Maldives continues to rage on and several minor islands have been taken by force alone. The multiplicity of military defences, however, makes it difficult to get close to the very heart of the archipelagos, and the chemical agents used by the Kroakan laboratories cause enough damage to their opponents to keep them at bay despite their superior numbers.

The confrontation between the forces of the Asian Defensive and Economical Pact and the armies of the Commonwealth of the Great East is now fully open. On the Laos front, repeated violent assaults by the Admiralty of Alnorud are keeping the vanguard at bay and prevent it from entering the territory. The progressive advance of the Great Astrum having however resumed within Laos itself, now rid of its thick jungles and the majority of its great fires, attempts to repeat the same strategy proved unsuccessful. Indeed, the ground aviation of the Commonwealth managed to keep the United Socialist States of Quaratka's air force at bay, while not taking the risk of going ahead of the rest of the heavily defended Great Astrum to support the damaged vanguard.

Further east, results remain mixed for the People Republic of Donestk. The landings of the Commonwealth of the Great East in the cities of Dagupan and Palanan ended in failure thanks to the solid resistance of Donestk's troops and the air support of the United Socialist States of Quaratka. Incendiary bombardments were launched by the Commonwealth as retribution for these failures, which were partially prevented thanks to the anti-aircraft defences that escaped prior destruction.

On the other hand, the landings launched on the cities of Laoag and Santa Ana proved to be a fair success, costly in lives and resources, but which allowed the Commonwealth to gain footholds in the metropolitan territory of Donestk. The local population was placed under military occupation. The island of Palawan continues its attacks on the island of Mindoro, which holds firmly on its defences. Assaults by the Confederacy of Tiongkok prevented the Commonwealth from taking further action regarding that situation.

The confrontation between the forces of Operation Glass Floor and the defensive forces of the Asian Defensive and Economical Pact also resulted in mixed results, where the two opposing sides did not find themselves at an advantage. The fleets of the Recreated Irish Republic and the New Roman Siberia finally finished organising themselves to face the equally organised response of the defenders.

None of the assaults and counter-attacks carried out in the last few weeks have proved productive, due to the measures and plans held by both opposing sides. Only notable changes: The North Sulawesi insurgency was brought to a halt by the People's Republic of Donestk, in return for which the province of Utara fell under the control of the Recreated Irish Republic. Large armed forces are also gathering around the city of Palu, firmly held by the NEST.

The only real military victory of the Commonwealth of the Great East was the confrontation between the naval forces led by the Dy zhī guāng and the large fleet of the Admiralty of Alnorud. The battle lasted for almost a week with rare moments of truce. The rapid establishment of the Alnorudian fleet gave it an advantage, especially against the floating Behemoth class fortresses, and for several days the fleet of Alnorud proved to fight on an equal level to that of the Commonwealth. The support of the Confederacy of Tiongkok also played a notable role in this battle. It was finally the arrival of more ships, accompanied by stealthy submarine squads and air intervention directly from the Republic of Kobbans that unbalanced the fight. The Commonwealth of the Great East was thus able to advance south-westwards by forcing the Alnorudian fleet to retreat.

It is also reported that minor confrontations took place between the forces of the North-Eastern Security Treaty and the Asian Defensive and Economical Pact in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. While the NEST-held islands have held firmly, possible further attempts to land on ADEP territories are largely undermined.


The Moth counter-attacks. After the first attack on the Recreated Irish Republic, it is now the city of Kitakyushu that is attacked in its very heart by the force of explosives directed against the Golden Army local troops. New recordings by the person of interest known as Moth denounced the government of the Great Leaderess and openly mocked the ineffectiveness of the troops in protecting their own people. No trace of the terrorist individual or group has yet been found.

An economic crisis may also result in the last strategy developed by the North-Eastern Security Treaty by the launching of Operation Cashback: Air raids focused on speed and stealth instead of attack were launched through the PRGE and the Admiralty of Alnorud. They dropped monstrous amounts of money, illegally printed in the official currencies of the two targeted nations, on large urban centres and in the countryside. After it was established that the funds were indistinguishable from those legally produced within the territories, that by yet unknown means, the populations massively seized the money that had fallen from the sky.

The nations of the Asian Defensive and Economical Pact all adopted different strategies to deal with military confrontations with the armies of their adversaries. The Confederacy of Tiongkok promoted the security of its population by implementing evacuation, containment and advanced defences. The Federal Republic of Angrunia, for its part, opted for a propaganda strategy designed to motivate the population occupied by the Kingdom of Kroaka to rise up against the invader.

The Recreated Irish Republic distinguishes itself by a vast propaganda campaign aimed at both galvanising its own population and affecting the morale of its southern rivals. The methods used range from the execution of prisoners of war to parodic criticism in the media to the powerful speeches of the charismatic Great Leaderess.


As always, diplomatic affairs never cease, especially in times of war. Despite the emergence of more and more war economies and limited trade between many Asian nations, international trade continues to flourish. A lot of trade deals are concentrated around the Holy Imperial Realms of Last Velneria, being the last great power and member of the "great five" of merchant nations not to participate in the great continental war. Velnerian products are now exported as far as Alnorud and the Recreated Irish Republic, but also the People's Republic of Donestk and the Commonwealth of the Great East. Another notable trade exchange is the one signed between the New Roman Siberia and The Order of St Eustachios to introduce technology of radios within the western nation.

The nationalist government of the Lorth Corporation of Lorth Westerbitiptopion begins a series of reforms designed to reorganise the nation into a more authoritarian and centralised system. The role of the army and territorial ambitions take a more prominent place within the nationalist government, while the population is encouraged to follow the new programmes while benefiting from reduced taxes. International trade continues to be a central aspect of the Lorth Corporation through heavy exchanges with NEST and neutral Asian nations.

Donestk wrote:Oh? You're interested in joining the Asian Defensive And Economic Pact?

yea i kinda want to

Lumpia wrote:i dont want disagreements,i want to be allies with you. i just have to be honest. my army needs to be improved in order to be brought back to the front lines. i will give the faction economic aid,so don't worry.

And I have started purchases on equipment and the Army is my main spending,so i am coming back earlier than expected

Hello there! I am a new nation. How can I be in the roleplay map,could somebody let me know please?

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oh i know now. could I get Papua please?

Hindi and Bengal wrote:oh i know now. could I get Papua please?

Oh, you wish to join the regional rp?
And claim Papua?
Sure thing, Ill notify Jean right away. Also I'd recommend you too join our Regional Discord Server, most of the rp happens there along with events, discussions and debates! If not, you can still do rp here.

Donestk wrote:Oh, you wish to join the regional rp?
And claim Papua?
Sure thing, Ill notify Jean right away. Also I'd recommend you too join our Regional Discord Server, most of the rp happens there along with events, discussions and debates! If not, you can still do rp here.

Ok,sure thing!

Hindi and Bengal wrote:Ok,sure thing!

If you have a Discord account, here is the invite if not, but you're interested in getting an account, its totally free!

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omg north hanta is so good!!! i created a comic for him he is so cool!!

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