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Warzone Asia is a Warzone! The WA Delegate may eject nations as it pleases, but bans are temporary. The region cannot be password-protected and has no Founder.

WA Delegate: The Lucky Holy Matriarchy of Jean Rowe (elected )

Longest-serving Delegate: Zagerzot (315 days)

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Most Nations: 192nd Most World Assembly Endorsements: 586th
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Welcome to the Amyralty of Warzone Asia!
The Native Regional government have been Founded on July 1st, 2019.

Useful links : Regional Map | Government | LinkMembership Application | LinkRegional Discord Server |
Military Orders: Join the World Assembly and endorse Delegate Jean Rowe to ensure regional security in the name of the Lord Amyral.
Endorsing other nations than the Delegate may result in an ejection from the region for security reasons.

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Warzone Asia contains 88 nations, the 192nd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Lowest Crime Rates in Warzone Asia

World Census agents attempted to lure citizens into committing various crimes in order to test the reluctance of citizens to break the law.

As a region, Warzone Asia is ranked 6,227th in the world for Lowest Crime Rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Funhouse of Terror of TomieFather Knows Best State“Servility always curdles into rage in the end”
2.The Grand Ultranationalist State of The Final Sith OrderPsychotic Dictatorship“Hell was a great vacation trip for us!”
3.The Kingdom of FarshoniaFather Knows Best State“Unity and Progress”
4.The Dictatorship of Greater Seregin RicacPsychotic Dictatorship“A Great Nation is nothing without its people!”
5.The Theocracy of The Messianic MonarchyAuthoritarian Democracy“Be'ezrat Hashem may we have a part in Olam Habah!”
6.The Sentai Team of PR Mighty MorphinCorrupt Dictatorship“It's morphin' time!”
7.The Empire of Recreated Irish RepublicAuthoritarian Democracy“Fascism yes”
8.The Federation of RajifikistanCorrupt Dictatorship“hard working people, under a strong leadership”
9.The People's Republic of HaoguoPsychotic Dictatorship“好国最好!”
10.The Dictatorship of SoobkrainPsychotic Dictatorship“The deed for the state, is a deed for humanity”
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Regional Happenings


Warzone Asia Regional Message Board

Europa Universalis 2 is the best paradox game as you don't have to pay for DLC

Treytonland wrote:I demand the annexation of Rajifikistan or you will be assaulted with all my forces

I donít think you know how the war is lookin right now chief. A white peace and economic agreement would work well for both of you while also reflecting the current situation of the front. Annexation seems a bit silly atm. You are just motivation their soldiers to fight harder for freedom.

The Final Sith Order wrote:Also we lower our taxes greatly

Nice change of pace from the last one there. But Iíd bump up the taxes if I were you so you could fund the army

LiterallyEverything wrote:REEEEEE

Ok, you're back. Now. Sign. My. Peace. Treaty.

LiterallyEverything wrote:REEEEEE

Send the war admin a telegram or discord dm describing your plan for the turn (3 days). If you wish to finish the war you can negotiate peace with your enemy through dms and telegrams aswell.

Quaratka wrote:Send the war admin a telegram or discord dm describing your plan for the turn (3 days). If you wish to finish the war you can negotiate peace with your enemy through dms and telegrams aswell.

He isn't going to be back on NS for another 2 weeks probably

Quaratka wrote:Nice change of pace from the last one there. But Iíd bump up the taxes if I were you so you could fund the army


Ignore the last part

My taxes shall remain high and lower down when itís post war

Regional Roleplay - End of the Turn

The War of East Asia continues between the Dictatorship of LiterallyEverything and its three neighbors, the Dictatorship of Jantor, the Recreated Irish Republic and the Peopleís Republic of the Great East. Jantor and the Recreated Irish Republic are still keeping their armies in position, in the event that the enemy government decides to sign the peace treaty previously requested. In several places, however, the troops started fighting again. On the southern front, the armies of the PRGE pierce the lines of defense which had been little defended so far.

The conflict between the Republic of Treytonland and the Federation of Rajifikistan reaches its culmination. Determined to regain the advantage over his enemy, Treytonland sends all the firepower at his disposal to overthrow the enemy's lines of defense. Rajifikistan responds by sending his most competent special forces to divert the excess of soldiers from Treytonland. Violence is at its peak on the battlefield, both nations inflicting huge damages to each other. Many soldiers are killed or incapacitated and much of the military machinery is badly damaged. Following these events, the two nations entered a period of crisis and recession.

In accordance with the expectations of the international community, The Final Sith Order carries out its threats and declares war on the Allied States of Mol Morgatopia. The patiently reinforced armies of The Final Sith Order easily confront enemy defenses. No breakthrough has yet been inflicted, but the advantage already seems in favor of the eastern dictatorship over its western neighbor. Many foreign eyes are observing these events from the political scene or from the shadows.


Fortunately, the Asian continent is free from international political crises and conflicts of interest.


As the main socio-diplomatic event of the moment, the East-Asian Alliance wishes once again to demonstrate its good intentions towards the international community. After the establishment of an extensive sports program, the Kingdom of Croaca and the Peopleís Republic of Donestk are now focusing their priority on the establishment of a space program. Many satellites are beginning to be prepared to help organize such scientific and technological progress.

The Free Land of Xilin Gol wishes to negociate with the Recreated Irish Republic. In exchange for recognizing its sovereignty over the former northern region of the People's Republic of the Great East, the inhabitants demand strong regional autonomy and the right to bear the name of Land of Xilin Gol.

The United Socialist States of Quaratka set up the organization of their uranium industry located in northern Treytonland. Mining and transporting the mineral resource to Quaratka is a costly investment for the government, but the effort is intended to pay for through the energy and scientific data of this rare mineral.

Debates finally ended within the United Defense Front and the Central Technological Research Alliance over the nature and name to be given to the merger of the two alliances. The Admiralty of Alnorud, instigator of this measure, announced to the international community the birth of the Asian Defensive and Economical Pact.

The Protectorate of Lorth Westerbitiptopion is established on the remains of the Kingdom of -fairytail-. The Lorth Corporation is the sole authority in the territory and immediately invests in stabilizing its economy. After economic and commercial exchanges with the Peopleís Republic of Donestk, the Lorth Corporation joined the East-Asian Alliance and the Asian Defensive and Economical Pact, thus benefiting from the contributions of the two former rival alliances.

Following the invitation from the Incorporated States of Centriolia, the Peopleís Republic of Donestk agrees to attend the Global Liberation Rally. The president Denis Pushilin will appear in person at the leftist rally. In parallel with this event, the sports competition is still continuing in Donestk.

As usual, the internal policy of the Kingdom of Kobbans is focused on increasing its military strength, which is growing slowly but surely.

Rajifikistan launches propaganda to encourage the people to keep on fighting

we launch massive indoctrination campaigns to make our people more fanatical and fight harder, while we just quickly move to bomb AA before they shoot us down

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