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The South Pacific contains 7,578 nations, the 3rd most in the world.

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As a region, the South Pacific is ranked 10,356th in the world for Most Inclusive.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Eternal Misfortune of ThalasseLiberal Democratic Socialists“Stop reading my motto!”
2.The Technocracy of The Clockwork RepublicLiberal Democratic Socialists“The Way Forward”
3.The United Socialist States of EmailistanLeft-wing Utopia“Collectivization of Labour is Most Beneficial to All”
4.The Republic of KohliCivil Rights Lovefest“Eht Dlrow Si Erauqs”
5.The Pacifist States of The United ExpanseLeft-wing Utopia“Some causes are worth dying for, but none worth killing”
6.The Dictatorship of The Benevolent Nation of WinterlandScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Everything will be just fine.”
7.The Republic of SerenoaCivil Rights Lovefest“Reason is our guiding star”
8.The Most Bodacious Republic of MontagnaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Be excellent to each other.”
9.The Valkyrian Kingdom of QvaitLiberal Democratic Socialists“We are the defenders of peace and democracy.”
10.The Coascendancy of CalloarCivil Rights Lovefest“For those we cherish, we serve in glory”
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The South Pacific Regional Message Board

Aramanchovia wrote:Are you sure it is 60 days? Last time it was only 28. Depends if you turned vacation mode on or not. Guessing these will be read in another 2 years time?

Edit: Found Kris' post on the forums and it will be 2018.

Indeed, and all Kris' post has been added to the festival dispatch, complete with a link to a dispatch containing all the telegrams (without commentary), for anyone who hasn't read them yet.


Time-Capsule Opening Ceremony

Well, the time is nearly upon us.  It is Saturday 21st October, 2017, and, later this evening, Kringalia will resurrect the Back to the Future Time Capsule nation and publish the historical telegrams from the dark and misty past that was 2015.

But what might those telegrams hold?  What messages from a bygone age will we receive? What ancient and terrible secrets might they reveal?

Well, here at the Ministry of Regional Affairs (elect), we didn’t want to leave anything up to chance, so we asked a few prominent TSPers what they thought we might find inside the capsule.

Sandaoguo: “I honestly don’t even remember that, lol”

Farengeto: “Kris mentioned it to me a few times…”


Well, 2015 was a very long time ago.  Perhaps we should remind ourselves of what a different world it was back then…

LinkScientists found water on Mars!

LinkIreland became the first country to legalise Gay marriage through popular vote.

LinkISIS took the ‘war on terror’ back to the west and has not looked back since.

But, hilariously, 

LinkDonald Trump announced that he would run for President.

Ha, ha, ha.  That’ll never amount to anything at all.

Moving on…

Well, I think it’s time to dim the house lights, flip the spotlights around and focus on @”Kris Kringle” as he opens the time capsule up and reveals the mysteries of the past…

Kris may not be posting immediately.  You may struggle to find the toilets whilst the house lights are dimmed.  There are no refunds.  Your house may be possessed if you do not keep up repayments.

From Kringalia:

After a great deal of effort, opens a rusty door and clumsily enters into a darkened room. Fumbles on the wall, trying to find a switch. Damn! It doesn't work anymore. No surprises there, considering that the building was abandoned over two years ago. Grabs his flashlight and carefully steps forward, looking around.

Where is it?

Taking a look down at the paper in his hand, he reads the instructions.

Walk straight ahead. At the centre, right against the wall, there should be a safe. The telegrams can be found there. Use the key provided to open the capsule.

He shone some light ahead, and sure enough, there was the safe. It was covered in dust, probably had some vermin inside, but it was there alright. He walked, his feet leaving footmarks on the dusty floor, until he was in front of the safe. Outside he could read some words:

[align =center]Back to the Future Time Capsule[/align]

[i]Alright then, here it was. He tried the key that had been given to him, and he heard a click. It worked! He quickly opened the safe, some cockroaches escaping as soon as he did, and there he saw several old files. A little less than a hundred, by the looks of it: messages, old communications by the South Pacificans of old, hints from the past, hopes for the future, their aspirations and appreciations, their collective hopes. It was all there.

He sat on the ground, ignoring the cloud of dust that lifted as he did. He grabbed the first file, opened it, and started reading.

Welcome to the future!

A few minutes ago I opened the Back to the Future Time Capsule. It has nearly 100 telegrams, all from the South Pacificans of 2015. They are all very interesting, and I will try to publish them all. I'll start a couple of threads for that purpose, putting the shorter ones in a single thread, and making separate ones for the longer or most interesting telegrams.

Sit back, grab a glass of SPIT, and enjoy the ride!

You can also read all the time capsule telegrams in the LinkBack to the Back to the Future Festival forum with commentary from Kringalia.

From Kringalia

This was quite the trip down memory lane!

We read messages from prominent South Pacificans from the time, sharing their views on the region back then, and their hopes for what the future might have in store for us.

We read the messages from everyday South Pacificans, nations who never held elected office or showed greater interest in forum participation, but who had important things to share with their future selves and our region. Some were random and fun messages, others had inspiring messages and valuable advice on how to lead better lives.

Regardless of who might have sent a message, how well-known they might have been, how long or short their message was, all were published here, for all to read and appreciate. This is a reminder of how historied our region is, how important its members are, how every single member counts, regardless of how rarely we hear from them.

This region is great not because we have a government, a military or a newspaper. It's great because there are awesome people ready to staff them, to contribute in any way they can, and even if they limit themselves to posting quirky content, that makes our region richer, more fun and an altogether better place to play this game.

To paraphrase Doc Brown, your future in this game hasn't been written yet, so make it a good one!

To continue this trend, you are all welcome to send telegrams to Back to the Future Time Capsule. It will be left alone until it ceases to exist, 60 days from now, and it will continue to store all the messages sent in 2015, as well as those you might want to send now, to be opened on 21 October 2018. Whatever happens in the region, whoever holds leadership positions, whichever people make up the community then, the Time Capsule will be opened, and we will see which things have changed, and which remain the same.

If you have a message for your future self, or to our future region, make sure to send it!

Read dispatch

Mostly Benevolent Tyranny and Volaworand

Erinor wrote:If you mean 'why are they leaning backwards?', it's meant to be the Back to the Future font.

Yes, but those letters are leaning the wrong way. All the other letters lean the right way.

The Solar System Scope wrote:Yes, but those letters are leaning the wrong way. All the other letters lean the right way.

Well, in the original logo, all of 'Back' leans backwards. Since that wouldn't work very well for a general use font, I guess the creators of this font decided to make the principal letters, B and F, lean backwards to give a flavour of the logo without making your text look really messy. At least, that's what I'd assume.

Post self-deleted by Islamic France.

A Tarantula wrote:The beautiful creature, hardly larger than the average dinner plate, and still growing, watches with its marble eyes. It stretches a hairy leg, pounces, then settles again, chewing on a mouse.


*exhales a sigh of relief* My Lamp Shades are safe.

Curlyhoward, Erinor, and Mostly Benevolent Tyranny

So, is anyone taking part in NaNo, or an approximation thereof, in November? If you are, please consider joining us in the NaNo_Hangout in the MoRA Discord server, or why not talk about your writing projects here on the RMB? We'd love to know what you're working on!

Here's what I'll be writing:

Chronicles of Dust and Air is an anime-inspired fantasy tale which I came up with over a decade ago, but this is going to be my first serious attempt at writing it. You can read an excerpt from the first two chapters (which I wrote in 2007) and see what you think. I'll be keeping you posted on my progress throughout November!



Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month

The new Ministry of Regional Affairs term is just around the corner and just around the corner from that is the month of November (what, really!?), which you may know as National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short.

If you haven't heard of it before, it's a challenge to complete 50,000 words of a novel in just thirty days. It might sound really hard - and there's no denying that it is a challenge - but it's also a great deal of fun!

This year, TSPers, myself included, will be taking part, helping each other along, encouraging each other, giving each other inspiration, writing prompts, silly suggestions and more! You don't even need to be a great writer - it's the attempt that matters, and maybe you'll learn something along the way? Also, you don't really need to be writing a novel - any writing will do, so long as you're writing something!

If you'd like to take part, why not head over to Linkthe Ministry of Regional Affairs Discord server and visit the NaNo Hangout on the Fourth Floor!

LinkLearn more about NaNoWriMo here!

Read dispatch

Mostly Benevolent Tyranny

Woah, I just woke up to a ton of endorsements.



Tilipria wrote:Woah, I just woke up to a ton of endorsements.

Congrats, enjoy

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