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Opinions on Licht Koningin Holly Aurora Lilac Starlight (Mark II, it is done!)

Taken from various forums and opinions, this is a semi-OOC entry about the opinions that was made by other countries (or their leaders) Licht Koningin Holly. It will be updated as I go along. Positive or negative, I'll put it up here. If you can't find yours yet, just wait a while. I might overlook some, so... sorry about that in advance! I'll try to include all. Goodbye Mark I, and hello, Mark II!

I might edit your original post to fix grammar, but that's it. Alphabetical order of nations is established.

Special thanks to Escocaria for the inspiration, and Gaozu for the new format of separating the leaders! It's so much cleaner!

Mainly from Your Leader's Personal Opinion on the AN's Leader(s), Mk. 6, 7... But can be from other threads too!

The Nation.

The Leader.

The Opinion (Oldest to Newest).

1 orinia 1

Agent [Redacted]

• Agent [Redacted] from Orinia Intelligence, Department 7. You are an anomaly. As such, I request that you come peacefully so we can research and contain you. No sudden movements.

13 necropolis 13

Fuyu Akai, Agent of the Necropolitan Government

• But where is the harm in that? [affixing a severed alien head upon a solid steel spear that has been firmly planted in the ground] Such totems and trophies are effective for marking one's territory, and keeping out enemies. They make it abundantly clear what the punishment is for trespassing, across all language barriers and cultures. It is a universally understood art form, and one that happens to be close to the heart of Necropolitan culture and arts.

13 necropolis 13

Eurynomos, Necropolitan Gov't Official

• I like the nice, giant blue lady.

13 necropolis 13

Veronica Wright, Agent of the Necropolitan Gov't

• An interesting specimen. She should be studied in more detail.

• Interesting... I wonder what kind of information we could learn from experiments... No, don't worry, nothing that would be dangerous! At least, probably not.

• Ah, yes, Miss Starlight, your existence is of great interest to Necropolis.

Adad Civilization

Nutesh of Adad

• Normally, I try to refrain from using English Vulgarities, but I must. WHAT THE F**K IS THAT HEIGHT? HOLY S**T, HOW ARE YOU NOT DEAD YET? Anyways my opinion is positive, though considering this titan could probably eat entire realms for breakfast, it's leaning neutral.


President Constantine

• Holly is literally out of this world.


His Divinity, Archcenarion Jonés P. Thnitos, Right Hand of Elune

• The word 'pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis' is thwarted by her name. Her personality is obnoxiously joyous as well, I wouldn't see myself having a competent conversation with her.



• Now thats just unfair. She's like a video game boss. Seriously, who has THAT much HP?

Anime soviet socialist republics

Commander-in-Chief of the Anime Soviet Armed Forces, Klara

• I guess the bubbly demeanour of Holly overshadows the fact that she was born out of a couple of atomic bombs detonating at the same time. I’m no scientist but that is just...not scientific. Well, it’s better to have her like this forever than some over-the-edge lord with the desire to kill everyone I suppose.


Felix Mablein, President of Arkaudia

• I don't know what's going on.

Arshanid Deccan

Sultan Arslan Siddiqui Bahadur

• Holly is an extremely powerful being who should not be underestimated, her cheerful and positive attitude shouldn't be considered a weakness either. She is a compassionate leader who cares for the wellbeing of her world.

• Holly is an interesting life form. She has a warm and caring personality. She's polite, friendly and humble. So I'm definitely positive towards her.


Magister Adam J. Richards

• I am actually pretty fond of her, I find that she is a decent leader.


Dr. Khadizhat Chichigova

• She should not be so apprehensive toward technology. A nice android could keep her company so she's not sitting alone in that forest all the time. Holly is a nice woman though. Something of an anomaly, but pleasant nonetheless.



• I sympathize with Holly and I hope that both of our races co-exist in our one and only home.

Azadistan-land of the free

Emir Khaled Khan

• I trust them. They are good peaceful people. I wish my people including me in my youth were less fond of unneccesary confrontation.

Azadistan-land of the free

Emir Sulayman Khan

• Very nice people.

• A lovely compassionate person, never starts any arguments of any sort.

• A nice peaceful leader, I would like to invite you to my nation.

Bengal and Assam

Crown Princess Yuko Ryan

• She's very Kawaii. I would like to meet her...

Bengal and Assam

His Majesty King Adit Ryan

• For some reason I feel that I've seen her somewhere, possibly an American TV series or something....

• It's cool that she's near my country. All I need to do is hitch a flight to Yangon in Burma....

• She should try exploring the world outside her garden once in a while. It's not all that bad...

• She should try to interact with the outside world. A walk out of the garden to a cafe down the road wouldn't hurt, would it???

• I would like to thank her for her comments regarding me. And I would like to mèet her too....

• I agree with her desire for peace....

Bengal and Assam

Minister of Environmental Affairs and Forestry, Michiko Fumikawa

• I would like to visit her garden.I hear that it's one of the only unpolluted places on earth....


Emperor Janius XIV Chrysostom

• A pleasure to see you, once again.

Black Providence

Black Providence

• You are not the only person living in an endless dimension... I am here as well. No, I am not here to say motivational phrases like 'I am your friend' or anything. I just remark your situation and compare it to mine.

Caveman peoples republic

Caveman Ooog

• Ooog like, but me think she is little disturbing. Me think height is scary.

Cluckin bell under big smoke

The Honorable number nine, Big Smoke, Chairman and CEO of Cluckin' Bell

• She seems nice! Lemme ask you a favor baby. Can you cool my large soda a bit? It's gettin' warm. But as on an opinion and that sh*t. I like you tall-ass homegirl! Even if you wearin' Azteca colors.

• 'Scuse me Holly, but if I was ever to go your place you'd mind if I took Ryder with me? 'Cause he's a li'l unpredictable an' all that sh*t... Anyway! You a good, tall and figuratively warm woman, so yeah! I like ya!


PM Vera Yudina

• She's just trying to keep her lovely forest home safe from outsiders who seek to do harm. I can respect that.

Cordrazine collective

Fabiana the Magnificent

• What a long and extravagant title! Nice, but hard to keep track of, I’m afraid. And a being of energy? Well, I don’t know how to even comprehend that! It’s both intriguing and terrifying to think of. That’s all I have to say, really.

• Well! She’s a most remarkable person! A being of energy, very bright in more ways than one. I’m not sure why such a being wouldn’t try to take the wonderful form of a Cordrazine, but I’m biased. She seems friendly enough, if a little isolated. But I understand that desire, I suppose.

Daoine pacaiste

Grand Druid Leader of Daoine pacaiste, Sichan Seabhac

• [Mr. seabahc is quite fond of Ms. Starlight, he consider her to be a sacred woodland animal spirt, and is honored to be in her prescence.]


Her Imperial Majesty, Queen-Empress Umiko Kitiara Hirohito

• Holly emits half of the energy that the IDA’s energized weapons use currently. But Holly is a good soul who I am certain will not harm those who are her closest allies.

Democratic kingdom of greece

King Achileas-Andreas I

• They are quite a cheerful leader and they seem quite progressive in many policy areas, very positive.

• She seems like quite an impressive leader, our stance for the time is very positive.

Deus mercenary leadership

Omni-Theos ΛΩ Ultra-Commander: Zio “Godkill” Ryujin

• *Entering space shuttle, preparing launch, takeoff complete, leaving stratosphere, exosphere, breaking Earth’s orbit, reach 40000km distance from Earth, looks out of window and tosses a radio out of shuttle, speaks.* You’re very beautiful! Farewell my lady, I’ll have to head back to Earth. *begins the 10 day process of heading back to Earth*

Dynastic systems of salir

Vhamlas Naralhi

• I can understand her natural paranoia. But there is a line between innocent paranoia and demented foolishness. She may yet cross it one day.

Earth circa 2050

LinkNATO IMS advisory AI 'AzureShield'

• These numbers are simply improbable. I will have to request additional testing be done regarding this personnel designated 'Holly 'The Bright and Wonderful Light Queen' Aurora Symantha Vreugde Lavender Astrid Lilac T. Marlie Nova Radiant Lapia Starlight'. It is within all of my capacity for reasoning that the numbers provided the tests are almost certainly the result of equipment error.


August Antonius von Eisenhurst-Kohenzellern

• We are completely opposite from each other -- as different as pure, untouched nature could be from artificiality run solely on man-made inventions. It might not make much sense... but that already says something. We probably will not trust each other so much.


President Zabu Floors

• I’m not going to say it, but the word I’m thinking of rhymes with baguette.

Empire of the united states

Emperor Thomas I

• Quite an interesting leader who seems quite capable of being an effective and compassionate lead to her people, positive.


Haisan Uluvan, Lord Emperor's Exeuctioner

• It's good to see she's not made like that other version of her. Despite meeting her personally being out of the question, it is nice to know something like her exists.

• She seems surprisingly less trusting than the Valentians and is far more realistic in that regard. Since she is so reluctant to fight, I could help if she ever needed it. That's not a courtesy I'd normally extend.

Eternal japan

Empress Ran Kotone

• She is strange but in a good way she is the beautiful person I have ever seen.

• Holly is a nice lady she looks like she has more common sense than most leaders I have seen.



• I would like to study her and her home.


High Chancellor Hammond

• Holly seems to be a wonderful, caring individual. To see such beauty and tranquility that is her home, I am thrilled.

• She is dreadfully isolationist and unwelcoming it seems. I can understand that. I just wished she was more open, so that she could better preach peace and compassion.

Fallen Albali

Civil Dictator Amaki

• How do you do this? It can't be technology, right? Well... at least you don't want to kill us all like everything else in the universe does.

• I don't particularly like her; her isolationism is something I can't agree with. We are isolationist because we have to be to even survive - she's isolationist because she simply wants to be, and I cannot abide that.

• She actually thinks everyone would try and conquer her garden? How narcissistic can someone get?

• I can see why people want to invade your home now. I certainly wouldn't mind if you became more isolationist, and never bothered a living soul ever again. Nobody wants you here. You're a liability. Just fade away. You'll be safe then.

• If she's not gonna do anything besides be scared at everyone, maybe she shouldn't interact with anyone at all? Just a thought from my common sense. I mean, with her powers she doesn't even help anyone, so nobody would even notice her absence.

• I guess I could forgive her for her rather disgusting comments... in time. Besides, it's kind of funny that she thinks I could or would attack a garden, while I'm 60 millionlight years away with no way of getting off my planet.

• She's slowly making me change her mind about her. I haven't forgotten what she said before, of course, but... I don't know. I guess she's fine for now.

Fallen Albali

Military Dictator Julian

• Amaki calls her stupid for hiding away because she has no threats to her, but I don't know... sometimes I think that she has the right idea. Just... hide long, until it's safe.


Jia Jingyi, 55th Crown Prince of Foutanxia

• I don't mean to be... well, mean, but I think Holly is a bit too friendly. I mean, I know she wants to be friends with everyone, but being friendly to fascists etc. goes a bit far for me. I like to be friendly myself, but sometimes you have to take a stand you know? I still like her though! :)

Fox shogunate

Okada Kameon, the Shogun

• She is a nice woman, indeed, but she's a tad shy. Anyways, I would shake hands with her, if I could, but she is just so cold... I would need some damn tough gloves.

• And as always, my opinion is a cautious positive on this lady. She kind of terrifies me, actually. Sie ist kalt.

Free american empire-

Renier Langenhoven, President-Governor of Suid-Afrika

• Her cheerfulness has started to piss me off, to say the least.

• Guess what- you can stay in your garden, if you want. I have a mission, for which to strive- all of Afrika is my dream. In fact, one of my future plans is to colonize the Horn of Africa.

• Well, her garden is impressive, but not as impressive as mine's- I have a way bigger garden, in a size of Suid-Afrika, and even more, with more than 30 million people, tons of flora, and fauna... and nuclear waste.

• If someone tells me ''please'', it really gets on my nerves, for some reason. For some reason, I am more content with orders, than requests. Anyways, negative on her.

• I wish, that I could afford to be isolationist... But in this world, it is like a death sentence- either expand, or get crushed by someone else.

• I would say, that your fist is too soft for your citizens, but as you are the only one in that garden, I am going to say, that you don't control yourself too much- I have tons of iron discipline exercises for me.

• She is... ugh, how to say... Too liberal. Yeah, that simple. I dislike liberals. Ohh, and she is vulnerable to temperatures, which exceed 4 degrees in Celsius? Well, tough luck.

• We have stated it for a long time- negative...

Free american empire-

Kayden Watson, President-Governor of British Isles and Iceland

• Ya want a warm tea, chap? And a few cookies too? Nah, British stoicism strikes again.

• If you would not continue to freeze my tea again and again, perhaps we could get along. No, just kidding, let's just stay neutral.

• Well, she isn't my European sister, but she is still a nice person. Neutral, Holly!

Free american empire-

Stanley Johnston, President-Governor of Australasian Confederation

• Ohh, Holly, you are one from the most cheerful persons around there, it is very nice to meet you! Thing is, that you are a bit shy, I can understand that- I wouldn't want anyone in my private house without invitation too. I just wish you Gl, that's all. I am just your average Aussie.


King-Emperor Johann I of Frievolk

• Huh. And Here I thought Holly was a lone wanderer! What happened that you got a guest anyway?

Galactic confederation

Super Tactical Droid Kalani

• A figure of Organic superstitions and illusions.

Great thallands

The Founder

• Another shapeshifter? Count your blessings if it's voluntarily. I can only really influence mine.

• I am not sure what you mean. I am but I am waaaay different nowadays. You're an interesting one, aren't you? At least you seem like a good ruler.


President Edward R. Trent, The Chief

• Is this light-Queen real or have I simply had five goblets of whiskey too many?

• So you're a real entity made of light? And your number one concern is to be left alone? Fair enough.


Arotex Ruhiiv Xesiniik Ibranum, High Doge of Haja-Mishu

• Ah, she one of the weirder ones. A shame I can't meet her in person. She is like a spirit of grace.

• She's wonderful as always, and look at her energy level, Phew, She could destroy my planet just by sneezing!

Hathian Prime

The Supreme Leader Markus Auron-Sirus

• My opinion has changed once again. She is a lovely leader and an excellent being. I look forward to any future meetings.


Sultana Sara Aisha Al-Hazarid

• Well, she seems friendly, might be a good friend and comrade to know.


Imperial Princess Kyria von Alterz

• She has become increasingly skittish and paranoid, as someone has already pointed out...To the point where she apparently thinks that I would want to invade her home. I wonder what I could have done to have given that terrible of an impression…

• Thankfully, she seems to have calmed down a little after I made clear I don’t want to destroy her home. Perhaps I should have made my intentions more clear the first time. In my case, anti-pacifism does not mean that I would wish to conquer my neighbors, but instead have the means to fight or even make the first strike against a neighbor that would wish that fate upon me and my people. I simply don’t like the idea of having my hands tied in such a situation.

• She seems to slowly be coming out of her shell again, and she no longer views me as a potential threat since we’ve come to a mutual understanding. I’m glad that things have come to this...After all, the prospect of seeing her home has fascinated me...


Emperor Mobiyuz

• There should be some sort of metauniversal rule against being the leader of a nation if you're larger than most habitable planets.


Cveta Hodak

• Peaceful, yet strong when you need to be. I think I like you. No need to keep your place so isolated though-- there's a whole world out there, comrade.


Prime Minister Maxim Gorgen

• A massive being of energy, and her admiral characteristics. Create what i see as something i would wish to be, with nature at my tips, for i live in a tundra of ice, so i would of wished to see them. I have a positive feelings about her, but i feel like it is one sided with my cold and scientific nature, for i still wish to know how she works, but i respect her want to be lefty alone, but if she would allow me, i would love to interact with her and share some books. For Hystarians are authors!


High Chief Yewbelluv

• mildly regrettable. don't know what I did, but now there is a forest/garden to use as fuel for the nation. im ok with this. [Wrong thread? Shrugs.]

Imperial zitravia

General Fyodor Kirillovich Miroslavsky

• She does not seem to trust anyone outside her little place. But I admire her nature... it is quite fascinating.

Imperial zitravia

General Mikhail Johannovich Millicent

• No. I find it even harder to trust a gigantic being made of light than an artificial intelligence any day.


Dearest Lady Kanina Phisher

• She's quite benevolent and interesting, I wish we could learn more about this beacon of power.


Prime Minister Michiko Mayweather

• [After swapping bodies] I am pure, boundless energy! I feel free, unburdened by my new form! Imagine what wondrous things I can do for the greater good!

• She strikes me as a very gentle soul as well, and I find that quite lovable!


Grand Duke Herman XIII

• I am honestly not sure what they even are. They don't seem malicious, so I doubt they are a demon. But what are they then?

Konigreiches bayern

Kaiser Oskar von Wittelsbach

• I have a question; Is it considered masturbation, incest or both if you have sex with a clone? I know, not very royal-like, but just curious.

Konigreiches bayern

Prime Minister Günther Windischmann

• I thought it'd get boring talking to yourself in clones after a while. It'd be interesting, though.


• I think the AN's leader is too OP. I know this because i read the AN's Leader Survey.

Kyoki Chudoku

Aozora Chiyumi, Supreme Overlady of All Reality

• She says ‘hmm, hmm’ about as much as Gikochinai says ‘oh!’, but apart from that she’s...a little reclusive but nice beneath it. Like Sawagi I guess. I just hope she doesn’t cause any major problems with those abilities of hers. They’re dangerous. I’d hate for her to go down the Tengoku route...

Las Palmeras

Interim PM Montserrat Zorilla

• Eh...don't piss her off and she'll remain cool. Not sure who'd wanna anger a 10 meter tall energy giant who can freeze people though…

Las Palmeras

Grand Duchess Marianela I

• You're very interesting.

Lethen empire

His Majesty, King Luka von Alterz IV

• [Towards Idiocarasia] If you would attack Holly, I have no qualms with, say, burning your capital to ashes in return. Two eyes for one eye, primitive.

Low bloods

Oni, King of Corpses

• Anyone this nice has my respect. Even if they are deadly, that's kind of ironic if you think about it.

• It's been awhile since I've seen them, still seem to be the friendly face I remember.

• For such a cold creature, her soul is quite warm. She is rather soothing to be around, just try to stay a safe distance.

• I haven't talked with her in awhile, wonder how she's holding up. I'm sure all is well for my friend.

• Holly is a bit cold but I think she's alright if you ask me.

• I always enjoy colder temperatures. Gives me a reason to wear more layers. But as cold as you are I know your soul is as warm as any other.

Magnifico tropico

El Presidente

• What a beautiful garden you have there, mi amiga. Though not as beautiful as Tropico, the jewel of the Caribbean! Perhaps you can visit some time and see the beauty that God and Mother Nature have bestowed upon our proud land? I know you would have a grand time - fiesta!

• This azul girl is a strange thing, and apparently quite powerful and dangerous. It would probably be best if I didn't try to kidnap her and put her in a Tropican zoo so I can make money off her. She might end up freezing Miss Pineapple to death during one of her nude protests, and then who would 'tutor' me?

• I bet she would make a fine power source, might shut Ms. Flowers and her environmentalists up about 'clean energy', too. But then again, Ms. Pineapple and her intellectuals might protest because this lady is technically 'alive'. Then of course there's the issue of being a giant, blue freezer... nah, too expensive. I'll just stick with coal, wind, natural gas, and nuclear power.


Majaham I-Sargo Orda

• This ‘Holly’ is a strange, enigmatic person. She hides away in her home, away from us mortals. She reminds me of our own gods and hidden beings.

Maori empire

Queen Aroha Tapihana

• She is a bit soft, but its' understandable considering she lives in a colorful forest with nothing but clones of herself. A bit sad, I'd say, but she herself is a surprisingly happy character.


Grullengroth, Leader and Chief of Marafel

• Grah. Very posssssitive.


His Royal Majesty, King Alistaire I

• If she is so defensive about her garden being ruined by people, then why is she not bothered by the existence of other ‘invaders’ in her vicinity? I question what goes on inside her mind.


LOM (Leader of Mars)

• Eh, she's a good leader, but she's just too blue for me.

Mardito maduro

El glorioso Presidente de la República Trimardita, Hugo Nicolás Maduro Chávez

• *Hugging an oil barrel* Estei agüei fron dis (Stay away from this).

• Yes yes yes mija alta, mi ser gud, rily gud persona (Yes yes yes tall girl, me be good, really good person).

Martian technocratic state of zitravgrad

Dr. Pyotr Fyodorovich Miroslavsky,Premier of Martian Technocratic State of Zitravgrad

• There aren't many friends and comrades for us even in this day and age we have explored into the vast emptiness we call space. That's why I appreciate get presence, even if she might be in her dimension for most of the time.


King Mym

• Quoting Heavy, the largest Mugle: It is so TINY!!!!!.

Mukuro clan

Mukuro Sadako

• She worries me. What could she possibly be hiding behind her affable facade? When you see a criminal you can relax, because that is probably all they are hiding. But someone like her... is probably hiding something her family could never forgive.

• Everyone is hiding something. That's the simple reality of statesmanship, or indeed any and all powerful people. That you insist that you are not only leads me to believe your deception is deeper than the Abyss.

Mukuro clan

Mukuro Sawari

• I'm worried as well.


President Oliver Hong Cho-kheng

• Oh goodness me, we meet again. Everytime I see you, you're always quite... let's say, lofty. Positive as always. Come over for tea anytime.


The Director Shlan'ak Feran'be Phur’an

• I have a few questions. Mostly about whatever the hell she is, whatever the hell her garden is, whatever the hell her rulership is, etc etc.

• She's always so happy sometimes I'm certain there's more ecstasy than blood in her veins.

Neko-thern cat-teria

Her Imperial Meow-jesty, Empress Nya-nally vi Britan-Nya

• I am very certain that I will enjoy her company very meow-ch.

Neu libertalia

Governor Edward Dorian

• Now don't get me wrong, I hate god as much as the next guy, but is something like 'Liberation from Religion' really necessary? I am not sure if I can find something about this Chancellor that I don't dislike... I've tried, but I have yet to succeed.

New castillan empire

Queen Isabella Celaeno

• Doesn't it get lonely where she is, even with all those clones? I mean, it perplexes me.

• I am personally trying my hardest not to make an Elsa joke. I truly am.

• I like her attitude. She is possibly one of the most upbeat people I have met in a long time. Don't worry, if Pieter comes for your ass, we'll be on the vanguard.

• Positive.

• It's gotta get lonely in there with just clones of yourself. If I was stuck in a world where the only person I could talk to was myself, I'd go crazy. Or all of me would go crazy. Actually, it's an extremely confusing hypothetical. Anyways, positive.

New Excalibus

John Middleton, King of Excalia

• I don't really understand here, but I'm sure we could be friends.

Notovasian tsardom

Tsar Wilhelm von Alterz III

• She's a quite chipper woman, one that can brighten any person's day up. I, for one, am wholeheartedly positive on her, and will gladly invite her to any event I may host. May God bless her and her soul.


Tribune Kozlov

• It's just a creepy. Glowing. Lightbulb.

Ordered Governments

The Right Honorable Chairman, Tomas Dalyell

• Though I find no fault with Ms. Starlight, as she is a being of friendly demeanour, I should keep myself aware in case if something were to go wrong.


Jane Weston

• Your kinda odd, but that's alright.

• She confuses me but she does no harm.

Pax pilartica

Chief Director Oliver Wight

• A being made of pure energy? That must be tough. I personally can't imagine, if I'm being honest.

Persagonian Republic

Mehdi Bazargan, Prime Minister of Iran

• An interesting and delicate creature of some sort. Only if she means well.



• Her care for nature is admirable, but it is too late. The world outside is destroyed because of man-made disasters while she lives in peace in her garden. Not to worry, I will pay a visit to her garden…

Reichsstaaten von germania

Kaiser Konrad I Von Volkheim

• I have no idea WHAT that thing is or could be....although it seems to be pacifist and not a threat to the Reich, I remain suspicious.


Emperor Doran ii Dragonia

• What in Maotelus' name is that?! Have I lost my senses?

S i t k a

President Larisa Anndrasdan

• Holly is a dear friend. I'm glad that she trusts me and my son.

• Holly is a dear friend, one who is welcome here at any time.

S i t k a

Marty Anndrasdan

• I can see her face perfectly! I don't get what all the fuss is about.


Lord-Archon Charles Tore Asher Kensington

• Holly seems to be quite the interesting and kindhearted individual. I can see myself getting on with her quite well.

Satan hate bears

General Colonel Major Lord Fearless Leader, Master of the Proletariat, Bringer of Peace, Lord of all Gummi Bears, King of all the Universe, and Detroit specifically

• And you called him 'friend'... you must be working with the soup cans too! But I out smarted you! Don't you laugh at me, I know nuclear launch codes! Can't trust anyone, they're all сука working for the soup cans... I can only trust Computer... she'll never betray me.

• The more I see you, the less I understand you.

Saunders Global Security

Chairman of The Protectorate of Saunders Global Security, Asher Saunders

• The name ‘Holly’ sure fits her character description. Yeah, and her ability to morph into any shape and/or person gives me the creeps to be honest but the friendly aura she is surrounded by gives me an impression that she is someone that I can approach.

• I can assure Holly that, at Saunders Global Security, we do not invade other nations on a contractual basis. Anyways, Holly is kind and...strangely appealing to my eyeballs. ...Of course, I can understand her fear of my employees since every nation and terrorist organization on Earth is scared to death of my men. Except the Kurds. ...and the Scots. ...and my late-mother.

• I don’t have any intention to ‘invade’ her home, because why would I want to launch some sort of military takeover on a place where it is inhabited by the daughter of Doctor Manhattan?

Second transcaucasian republic

Temo Shervashidze- President of Second Transcaucasian Republic

• Ehh, let's just see, how I should you call... Perhaps an ''Ice lady'' could work? Holly is good enough, though. However, her place is a bit too cold- even Caucasus mountains in winter aren't that cold! Anyways, I am positive on you, as long as we both don't tread on each other.

Silver Commonwealth

Supercomputer Tom, the President of Silver Commonwealth

• So, one of them is ''normal'' holly, and one is ''mad'' Holly... For me, those terms are relative- ''mad'' Holly is a good military leader. But at least ''normal'' Holly is isolationist, which makes it easier to contain.

Silver Commonwealth

Leon Deschênes, Minister of Health

• She is a great example of two different personalities- she is the 'good' side, while her alter ego- 'bad' side. I doubht, that you could even mount an army, if you wanted to go crazy, don't you? Although, there's an another version, that would…

Silver Commonwealth

Raymond Cousineau, President-Governor of Canada

• Have you even seen town of Nipton, Holly? Or Phoenix? Or New Vegas? If so, welcome to Mojave.

Silver Commonwealth

Connor Perry, Dictator of Rockies

• Her creation breaks all laws of physics in the first place. Second, her power has a lot of potential - why doesn't she use it to conquer the world, and build a nice fortress instead?

• I wonder, what kind of mutie you are, Holly? You seem to be made out of light. Still, I wonder, why our own scientists haven't produced any creatures like this, but only those disgusting ghouls...

Silver Commonwealth

Scarlett Newman, main astronaut, and head of CSA

• Honestly, I wanted to apologize, for what my government was done, and tried to do in Zitravgrad. After reading their news, I understood, what they had tried to attempt, even if they tried to censor the words. I apologize in behalf of all of the people in Commonwealth, who still have something good in their soul... Anyways, back on the topic : I quite like you, Aurora. Honestly, I know, that you usually escort your visitors out, but I wouldn't mind living with you. And yes, I am aware, how time goes in your dimension - still, I might find that dimension comfortable, Greater North's cold cuts like knives, perhaps in Garden there will be peace...


Queen Tiva Monistikos I of Sioperon

• I admire this woman. Despite the amazing power she has, she does very well for herself in controlling it, and only using it for good.

• She seems very warm hearted, despite her physical temperature being the exact opposite. I admire her!


Casey James

• Is she an avatar of the Cold One, who is one of the most powerful deities in our pantheon of Refreshment cult? She has to be, as she bears the cold of purest refreshment inside her.

• I hope, that one day, she will demonstrate her grace and benevolence at one of the temples of Refreshment Cult. She is one of the avatars of the Cold One himself, and her appearence will invigorate the followers. I don't know, what to offer her, as she is made of pure light.

• She is indeed one of the Benevolents, she who brings pleasant breeze and tends to her evergrowing garden, cultivating life.


El Presidente Stan Dixon

• I bet she escaped some refrigerator, ha, ha! Now seriously, ain't she lovely, adorable lady, with a knack for gardenin'? I just love her, too bad, this ice queen gonna turn me into a statue of ice, if I try to kiss her.

• While Casey is busy with his religion, I can tell, that she is indeed a cool beer cooler.She reminds me of an ice queen, but with a warm heart. Metaphorically of course...

• She ain't valkyrie, partner, so...


First Leader Seth

• This lady can give people some chills, and has all her drinks ice cold. Such an ice queen with good heart.

• Too bad, we can't invite her to swim at one of our beaches... Cause if we do so, she's gonna freeze all folks in sea. Or maybe... preserve them? I also wonder, can she share some exotic seeds with us? Skyhookedian balconies and gazebos gonna be much more beautiful if she does. In exchange, we have our own exotic non-invasive plants for her garden.

• I still do't know, how is that possible, to be a sapient lifeform made from weird light... Maybe she's actually a projection made by some unusual projector?

• World changed so much since my death... Now I have to get used to it. I guess, this friendly sapient anomlay will help me to embrace it.


John Walker AI

• Perhaps researching this phenomena will give us better understanding of temperature and light. In fundamental physics, she barely makes any sense, so I'll have to apply quantum mechanics for researching her. Perhaps we will have to make more progress in this science, until we can conduct full research on her according to scientific method. Oh, that are my old habits, after all, I still conduct researches, as former research AI.

• A cold, light, sapient anomaly, which needs to be researched. I wonder, how many usual discoveries in physics we can achieve, if we explore this phenomena deeper.

• Whatever she is, this anomaly must be studied. Perhaps, we can research and create innovative methods of transfering energy. Maybe even without any loses?


Bjorn of Steel

• Is she a some sort of valkyrie? If yes, I hope she will be nearby, when I fall in battle, so she can take me to Valhalla halls, to Odin. Or perhaps to Frey.

• Can she take me to Valhalla? Just to see it?

Socialist Communist States

The Minister of Foreign Affairs John Connally (yes that Connally)

• My goodness. I don't trust her! She's probably secretly planning to kill us all.

• ..My God man, SHE'S GOING TO KILL US ALL!!!!

• You can fool everyone. You can fool our leader. But you can’t fool me! I know what you’re planning. You’re gonna kill us all! And I will sat as paranoid of you until everyone says I’m right. You here me? I’m gonna keep being paranoid about you!

Socialist Communist States

The Ultimate Supreme Leader: Kokichi Oma

• She's small, but nice. I can't really be negative at someone like this...or can I?....nah. She's all goods.

• Wow Holly can grow big. It seems I misunderestimated her ability to grow. Hope she doesn't squish anyone from that height.

• Holly is still a pretty good person. When my glorious regime manages to conquer the world, I think her nation will be one of the few surviving puppet states free states allowed to go on.

• I'll always be positive to you Holly. Even though I may do some questionable things, you sometimes look the other way. I will still allow you and your nation to live when I take over this world... just give me a couple hundred years.

• Ah, Holly incredibly long Dutch name that I thought had the word King in there, but must have mistaken. You're still the leader I could never get mad or irritated at. Such is a rarity of mine to bestow such grace upon a person, but you are clearly the exception.

• What. How can you not trust Holly, Connally (yes that Connally)? Holly's a great person. I mean...

• Hmm, I don't know whether if Holly was secretly supporting those rebels. But since she had a cautious gaze on the rebel scums. Still, that doesn't excuse her possible cynical comment towards me. For that, I'm incredibly negative!!!!.....nehehehe. Just kidding. That was a lie! Even if you were against me, I still would never be angry with you Holly. You're like one of the very few people I would never ever get mad at. But I feel like that'll be my downfall one day. Ah, who cares.

• Holly, you're alright now. Phew, I thought you'd always be stuck as a controlling person who'd punish me around. I'm glad to see you're not crazy like me again... unless that's a lie?

Socialist Communist States

The Vice President: Al Gore

• Holly is certainly someone we can never get mad at. Mostly because our glorious leader will send us to camps for ever making fun of your height. Anyways, she is quite friendly and I hope it was just a nightmare when I thought for a moment it was you who was singing a jingle bells rendition of owning our country. That would be scary. Also, would you like some internet Holly? I invented it myself. I'll throw in a free dial-up in the offer.


His Imperial Majesty of Soleanna, Lawrence II of Soleanna, The Exalted Monarch of the Annatolia Region

• At times, I really question my sanity... by fault of this thing's existence.


His Serene Eminence, The Viceroy of Soleanna, Regenar vi Excalius

• As one of many of the Solarian Faith, I find her much to be an insult to Solaris' Divinity.


Aiko Suzuki, Ennio Barbaro's secretary (Not-so-secretly the Second Lady of Stanier)

• *Twitch* Well, I suppose getting near Starlight-sama right now is a bad idea, I sense high levels of anger, but I still like her nonetheless!


Angelina Scaletta, Prima donna di Stanier (First Lady of Stanier)

• Ahhhh... Sometimes Dio lets the most wonderful things happen off a horrible event, and Holly, you are one of those good things.


Ennio Barbaro, the 14th Vice-President of Stanier

• Holly's without a doubt one of our most enigmatic acquaintances, but still, I do think that she's alright and if absolutely necessary, we'd be willing to help in protecting her place.


Sing Antonio Scaletta, the 14th president of Stanier

• I like her, come sempre, I don't think I have to say more than that.

• *Takes a deep breath and basically slaps the air* Sì, Holly, the peaceful and kind light broad that could freeze the whole Morray River with just touching it, I'm fine with her.

• OOF! Finalmente qualcosa di normale...* Well, normale in the terms of what I've already saw in the time I've been around these threads... Ennio is this damaging la mia mente* further?


President Adrian Miroslav

• I guess she's alright... And weird.

• Neutral I guess.

Strength and order

HYDRA Command

• Irrelevant non-threat. Monitoring is recommended for purely scientific reasons, but otherwise we believe action is unnecessary unless her isolationist nature should ever be rescinded, which so far seems unlikely. Hail HYDRA.

• Overtly paranoid and powerful. Non-threat, regardless. Recommend observation teams keep their distance when studying this anomaly. Hail HYDRA.


Rani Sakura Haruno

• I think I might like this one.

Teutonican empire

Empress Lune III

• See, but I'm not a human. And you're too adorable to intimidate me, sorry.

• While I'm not really entirely sure why she dislikes me, I like her style. Always bubbly, and watching her try to intimidate people is like seeing a kitten hiss -- it just comes out rather adorable. Anyways, I'm positive on her.

The Albali Republic

President Astela Jouko Valbe

• Do I even have to say it? Of course I like Holly! She's a wonderful friend, when she isn't hiding in her garden.

• Holly's still one of the better ones. Kind of skittish though.

The ashkeran empire

Emperor Abikara Seiho

• Not evil Holly? Hm. I haven’t a damn thing against her and more so, I would like analyze the environment of her garden. If possible.

The ashkeran empire

Emperor Tiranisu Seiho

• Holly starlight is a interesting specimen. However, despite her shyness, I’m afraid I won’t get to know her very well, personally.

The Burke Islands

President Renata E. Bonnet

• This… being, is very obsessed with protecting her home against invaders? It is not as if there is anything of value there...right?

The city-state of palmont

Lt. Nathan Cross, Police Chief of the Palmont PD

• Without a doubt, Holly's one of the most intriguing beings I've ever seen, I mean she has shapeshifting and touching her is suicide, quite a crazy combination isn't it?

• If she doesn't do anything apart from making herself taller or smaller, I ain't got no qualms with her.

• I have a handful of police jokes that might interest you Holly... You could do with a couple of them...

The city-state of palmont

Jack Rourke, Palmont's No. 1 most wanted and leader of the 'Runners' crew

• *Drifting along a corner with a mountain of cops on his ass* I don't have a problem with Holly, I think nobody has a problem with her, EXCEPT MAYBE YOUR BLACK AND WHITE BUMPERS!... Anyhow, I'm OK with Holly, like almost everyone else, but I wonder if she'd ever let me lay low at her place if I need it?, now, if y'all excuse me, I think this Porsche wants some fresh air... *Jumps across an unfinished overpass*

The city-state of palmont

Nikki Fitzpatrick, President of the Palmont City Council

• Well, Holly's nice, but I'd suggest that she avoided Cross at all costs, but it's not like a sweet soul like her would hang around such a salty man

The Democracy of Red Star

PM Tom King

• Their leader seems very nice , Positive review.

• I like Holly Symantha Vreugde Radiant she seems like a good leader.

The earth systems alliance

President Archer

• I find her alright.

The great-german empire

Manfred Großfürst von Blum, Hochmarschall des Reiches und Kriegssekretär

• Heh heh... A truly noble heart, this Holly. Not like the other one. In the end, the 'multiverse' would be better off without any single being having this much power - but since they do, I'm lucky at least some of them have empathy for us ordinary Men and Women.

The hellgustine empire

Victor Vonstein, the Imperator of the Galactic Federation of Hellgustium

• Zu ihrer vorherigen Erklärung (Behauptung) , nein. // To her, previous statement, no.

• Der Boden ist unveränderlich, aber der Wind ist stürmisch. Zur Beschreibung zu unseren Wechselwirkungen miteinander. // The ground is steady, but the wind is stormy. To the description to our interactions with one another.

The hook islands

President Jennifer L. Harper

• So long as she keeps to herself, I have no problem with her. I mean, she could freeze me to death just by being near me.

• She's still isolationist. She's still tall, too. Anyway, I'm content with leaving her alone - she isn't exactly a target, to put it simply.

The iberian freehold

Ambrosio Coronado Heraclio de Castríllon, Regent of the Iberian Empire

• Surely she could freeze hell over... I know not the nature of this woman, if it can be called that. She does seem benign though, so I see little reason to dislike her.

• She sounds like something an opium addict would claim to have seen.

The imperial reach

Empress Kallistrate VIII The Dauntless

• You have nothing to fear from me, for I am the bane of the wicked and the wicked alone.

• Fair blue maiden, were your home ever to meet some strange disaster that did not also lead to your own destruction, I would gladly offer you a place in the Reach under my own protection. The aura you emulate is simply... euphoric.

• My offer of harborage in the Reach, should you ever require it, will always remain on the table.

• I feel unusually tranquil whenever I think about her and her lovely garden. It's quite a change compared to the thrill of battle, but I enjoy it.

• A lovely woman. We aren't much different really, as we are both defenders of our homes.

• A wondrous being of beauty and majesty.

• [In reply to The sindhusi legions's character] Evil does not lie within every curiosity, my lady. Something of such beauty, grace, and peace could not possibly be demonic in nature. I fear you have allowed your faith to blind you. Good can exist outside what you know best and are familiar with, paranoia and fear of the unknown only lead to superstition and heresy. Do not make the mistake of many religious leaders before you have. Unwarranted suspicion only brings about stagnation, primitivity, and decadence.

• Aroha Herself would smile upon the beauty of this creature. Perhaps She already has...

• A wonderful creature whose very existence brings further beauty to this world.

• She is perhaps the most beautiful thing I've seen spawned from the horrors of war. A blessing from the heavens themselves.

• She is surprisingly cheerful despite being awfully paranoid and somewhat anti-social. I find it odd, yet a bit refreshing at the same time. I'd have to say that Holly is one of the few beings that reside outside the Reach that I could actually trust.

• The beauty and wonder of nature made manifest.

The intermarian order

Hetman Gen. Symon Vasylyk of the Ruthenian Host

• *Is walking through an alley way alone after a long day of being drunk in a pub* Holly is ultimately a prisoner of her own realm. She is paranoid and wary of others while restricting herself into her little bubble. That in itself is a self-destructive behavior and a potential catalyst to many of her paranoia-induced actions without sufficient interactions with the outside world. The fact that no person can crack our enigmatic personality is what binds us together I suppose...

The neckbeard assembly

Chairman Eugene Darwin

• This Holly sounds like waifu material, I think I'll take some time off from the Assembly and pay her a visit. I hope she appreciates my gift of our experimental Mountain Dew.

• Pretty, and capable of growing to enormous sizes. Holly is my dream girl, I've finally found the waifu for me.

• I rate her 10/10, absolute best waifu. I don't even care about the cold, her personality and ability to grow in size outweigh the whole freezing thing.

• Ah, Holly is so perfect. I definitely don't want her to go and hide forever, maybe I could send her some gifts to show her how much I love her and want to be with her. The Mountain Dew thing probably won't work, so I'll have to give it some serious thought.

The new panem state

President Augustus Gallow

• A being made of energy could prove to be a significant threat to us. However, if we could find a way to contain her and harness that energy, theoretically we could have infinite power. I will have the scientists look into that.

• Regardless of whether you intend to allow it, we will contain you and exploit your energy. Our scientists are putting the final touches on a quite brilliant device for just that purpose, so I advise you to enjoy your freedom while you can.

The Rapture Republic

Chancellor Hellion Vonstein

• A Friend to the Republic, and a friend to all, also. She has already broken her shyness in just a few months, very impressive in building those people skills!

• I see no different between her and a sexbot, they both satisfy customers to make them forget of past troubles.

The Rapture Republic


• Very positive.

• Just your friendly and outgoing neighbor next door, Holly Starlight!

• I am a military android, I am designed to function in the coldest places around the world and the hottest place around the world. This includes extraterrestrial, on volcanic worlds and stars, and icey planets. I am fully capable of conquering (Figuratively speaking) her frozen garden. If she invites to her place, as it is now, impossible to schedule a tour of Rapture. Given her colossal height.

• I believe Holly needs to practice figurative language, to avoid awkward situations because of jet miskeading the lines from what people say, otherwise, my opinion still stands positive, regardless of the little incident, we had.

• Speaking of energy. We found a massive energon deposit in the American badlands, south of Old Boston, we had a heated engagement with some bandits and a squadron of Cybertronians. All were terminated and the corpses of the Cybertronians were harvested for spare parts. It was fun on my part, in erasing the savages, to secure the energon reserve for Rapture’s plans. Anyways, my opinion is positive.

• Positive! If I had the right materials on hand, I would create a defense system for Holly to use to protect her garden from the bastards that wish to destroy. But sadly, technology hasn’t advanced to her temperature, not now, at least.

• Another grace upon me, to her face once again, how my spark is filled with warmth before it cools, for the night.

• Holly is a paranoid woman, but she’s my paranoid friend — who has a loyal machine with various weaponry to defend her treasure from those that wish to take it from her.

• Her body may be cold and she may have the power to freeze Hell, itself. But her heart is warm as the sun. Opinion positive.

• Do my eyes deceive me? — or is Holly talking to food now? Huh, strange, it must have been my optics playing tricks me. Otherwise my opinion is positive.

• Oh. She’s back to normal, not insane or bloody thirsty as the other Holly was. She might want to see a doctor to cure her split personality they tend to do unnecessary harm to innocent people. Anyways, my opinion is positive.

• I have news for her light species. We have develop a dyson capture armament, when fired at the abominations such as yourself. You’ll be cased in an armoured-like cage and you start feeling like your body is being harvested of all your essence, until the final minute of death takes to back to the flaming pits of hell, where you belong, Holly. It’s still in beta testing right now, but when it’s officially ready, we’ll mass produce it and sell to various clients across the global market to see your inferior race extinguished. Hue hue hue!

• We’ve started to strike blades against each other so beautifully course in the fate of our destiny, colliding by flames of madness and the frozen winds.

• While, Ms. Starlight has her concerns about me, I’m optimistic we can become potential friends, as we seem to have a shared love for gardening.

• Her trust in me is much appreciated , so I shall return the same.

• Hello Holly! How’s the Garden holding up in this cold weather? Probably well since your entire dimension’s atmosphere is much different from Earth’s atmosphere. Anyways, my stance is positive and I wish you well!

The sindhusi legions

Azima on the Path, High Zealot of Sindhus

• I am very mistrustful of this thing. I am inclined to destroy it in the same fashion that my ancestors did the other nonhumans that walked on our land.

• I believe this creature may be a demon, or perhaps a false idol such as the ones they worship in the west. In any case, I detest affiliation with it.

The transylvanian states

Prince Yosef II

• I personally have never met miss Staarlight but i'm sure the garden is beautiful.

The united nations of europa

Chancellor Linda Schulte

• Stralend is a delight but the last time we met is still mind-boggling to me.

• She a true friend of mine and our nation. We've also been developing for her to use when she visits, it'll be a nice surprise I hope.

• I don't know what else I could say other than she's wonderful. I have big plans for her to come but scientists back in the UNE have also been developing something for her. It's a surprise.

• Holly is such a delight. She has brought so much happiness to our nation that she might as well be considered another wonder of the world.

• Oh Holly, yes she is a wonderful- [Klara slams a stack of documents on the table] Oh my that's a lot of papers. But anyways back onto Holly, she is one of our good friends that we never tire seeing. [Klara taps Schulte on the shoulder and whispers a message in her ear] Oh I almost forgot! Yes, we're having a celebration in the capital and Holly will be our guest of honor! Ooh I can't wait!

• Oh it's you Holly! I swore I just saw someone else [I accidentally used Intelligence Officer Jenny here] but anyways it's great to see you. Everything is almost set and ready, oh you'll love it.

The unknown master

Mercurius A-54

• I have no genuine knowledge of this being in my database, perhaps if we could have this being consume this chip I would be able to conduct a file on her. For now she is rather indifferent towards me.

• Hmm...I suppose it would be beneficial for this supreme being of all sorts of powers to be on our side, of course I would need her permission. However, no need to worry, I am very persuasive. I just hope she doesn't join the harmers and try to use my kill switch.

The untied federation of russia

Tsarina Ksenia Kozlov

• Miss Holly looks like a wonderful woman to talk with maybe some day we can get a chance to talk once I'm done rebuilding Russia.

The Zravvisk

Chief Valstrath Dragua

• A very interesting creature. I'd love to get to know her better and test her linguistic skills. We do have thousands of languages on our translators, I wonder which one would get stumped first.

• A very interesting creature that mystifies even us. I'd love to talk with and study her.


Paramount Leader Zhaoming Yeung

• I'm fairly certain her mere existence violates physics. She's a bottomless pit of thermodynamic entropy, rather like how black holes were thought to behave before Hawking radiation was discovered. Most weirdly of all, this living anomaly seems like a decent person.


Princess of Death, Sirisi Tigrex

• I have no problem with Holly, as she cares for nature and is kind. I have only positive opinions of her.

• A being who can freeze things? Can you freeze whole worlds? Maybe freeze all our colony worlds? They're too hot. Anyway, I have a very positive opinion of her. May she continue in her defense of her Garden.

Tretiy rim

Матушка Россия - Matushka Rossiya - Mother Russia

• Wtf are you a ghost? PISS OFF GHOST!

True south vietnam

Nguyễn Quốc Quân, President of the Republic of Vietnam

• She seems like a good person.


Ophelia III, Queen of Umbræn and the Umbræ

• A being made of pure energy? Amazing!

Umbral lowblood

The Queen of Corpses

• All interactions leave me feeling a bit positive towards them, even if they seem bit dangerous, but then again so do I.


High Jarl Ælla Alfsdottir

• She has the eminence of a being of pure peace and happiness. It's comforting.

Union of socialist american states

Governor-General Hutcherson

• A respectable leader who while we agree on many ideas we will remain neutral for the difference in ideology.

• While our governments will disagree on how to rule the people, I can respect them for having the peoples best interest in mind.


Yuko Yukimori, President of Upslidia

• I hope Holly sees the goodness in me one day. I hope we can be friends.


Kaizerina Solarya von Ziehten-Helianthus

• While she is unusual even in terms of the supernatural, she is peaceful and pleasant. Much more so than her devilish alter-ego.

• Admittedly, I still do not trust her very much given her power and paranoia, however I do understand her state of mind at the very least. She is a good being at heart, with all the flaws and idiosyncrasies one might expect from someone that's been closed off from the outside world...Perhaps she is more human than her impression gives off.


Dr. Timotei Lininsson

• ... I don't know much about her. But that is of a very long name.


Kaiser Eardwulf

• She is a benevolent being of pure energy, kind and strikingly beautiful. Always has her peoples best interests on her mind.


Chairwoman Song Liyuan

• I learned about Holly here from President Sumadi, and I must say that she is quite the site to behold. I would love to be able to conduct more tests with Ms. Holly, but with her permission of course.

• I have no problems with Holly, in fact she's quite helpful as we look to understand the many different beings of our observable universe. I wish her only the best.


President of the People's Republic of India (SUSR), Priyanshi Bhagat

• This is my first time meeting with Ms. Starlight, and I will say that I my current opinion of her is positive. Plus, all of the other Presidents of this union have always had nice things to say about her. So why should I start now?


Multiversal Emperor / Uniter John Relay

• *looks really high up* What the?! Anyways, she's sometimes a little too eccentric, and sometimes a little crazy, like now!


Hannes III Romilda

• Very strange and otherworldly. I can see her as an object of worship to more primitive peoples.


President Ma Jingyuan

• Ehh, long time haven't seen ya, you nice ice lady! Anyways, I am neutral on you, as always! :D


Vice President Biming Bo

• Ehh, she has a potential of being ruler of the Earth, honestly - I know, that she just wants others to keep out of her house, but eventually there will be still intruders, so perhaps it is better to strike back first.


Jinn Fujiyama, Premier of Xiusou

• This Holly is much nicer than the other one! Even though I understand why her bad version is how she is, I much prefer the good one overall. :)


President Mumbles H. R. Charles

• I'll call you Millie.

Zipangese Star Empire

Shogun Mitsurugi Meiya

• Huh well.... Aren't they friendly... I suppose they aren't much of a threat to the Empire, neutral.


Dr. Feodora Alexievna Miroslavskaya, First Lady

• It is always nice to see Ms. Holly stepping (somewhat) outside and making new friends. I can't imagine how lonely it is to live alone in such a vast dimension.

• Holly is one of the loveliest person I know... but that still doesn't make me understand why anyone would want to be 5000km tall... Unless they are a Lovecraftian octopus.

• I rest my case that Holly is beyond calculation and... a little too tall every time I see her. Every single time...

• It is funny to think that sometimes we are friends and comrades with many mysterious and dubious figures. But we are certainly happy to have Ms. Holly as a friend as well, even if she is always inside her little dimension.

• Hello, Ms. Holly. I would certainly love to catspam talk with you whenever we both have the time. But now we are rather occupied with the heavy rain. It has been a while since I met a normal, lovable version of you.

• I am happy that she trusts us and we are certainly friendly with her. It must be difficult to stay completely alone in her own dimension, so we want to ensure that she can find friends in us.