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Military Dictator Lahja (WIP)

Lahja Aasmae Eskola

Lahja Aasmae Eskola

Eskola's Symbol


Military Dictator of Roulons
Assumed office
9 August 2038

Civil Dictator

Amaki Astela nar Suurewie

Preceded by

Position established

Personal details


Lahja Aasmae Eskola
26 July 2004 (age 37)
Ylora, LinkMilky Way



Sexual Orientation







Allar Eskola


Kirsti Eskola (née Aasmae)


Fort d'Roulons


Master's in Military History



Military service





Service branch


Years of service

2031 - 2038




War Against Heaven

Ideological details

    "Inspiration can often be dead."
    - Lahja Aasmae Eskola

Lahja Aasmae Eskola (born 26 July 2004) is an Aquariian politician and former professor of history at the South Ylora Metropolitian University. During the early years of the War Against Heaven, Lahja was a member of the National Military Simulations Department, known colloquially as the 'War Games Unit'. In this role, she assisted in the development of new methods of waging war on the tactical, operational and strategic levels. On 9 August 2038, she became Roulons' Military Dictator; she shares the Office of the Dictators with Amaki Astela nar Suurewie, who serves as Roulons' Civil Dictator.

Early Life

Lahja was born on 26 July 2004 in Ylora City North as an only child; her parents were Julian Allaris Eskola, an officer in the Albalian Army Corps of Engineers, and Kirsti Eskola (née Aasmae), a mechanic. Her maternal grandfather was a member of the Albalian Senate. Lahja lived in Ylora for her entire childhood and early adult years. She began studying at the University of North Ylora in 2022. During her time in university, she was a member of the university's gymnastics team, and was part of the team that won the under-21s Albalian Gymnastics competition in 2023. For 2023-2024, Lahja studied her course at the National Regalian University for History as an exchange student, and also joined that university's gymnastics squad. She graduated from UNY in 2026 with a Master's in Military History.


After leaving university, Jahja landed a job as a teaching assistant at the primary school she once studied at. Jahja soon proved to be a great addition to the school as she was considered to be quite knowledgeable, good with children, and was popular with teachers and students alike. After a year, Lahja was approached by South Ylora Metropolitian University, where she performed several lectures for students studying various history courses. Lahja applied to become a professor at the university, however her application was denied due to her relative lack of experience. Instead, she was given the option of becoming a teaching assistant at the university with the opportunity to become a professor afterwards.

She began her role as a TA at South Ylora Metropolitian University in December 2027.

Military career

Political Views



  • MP-001 - 'Military Readiness Policy'
    MP-001 was the very first policy put into place by the Office of the Dictators; under this policy, a lengthy period of conscription was put into place, as were quotas for arms production. Those working in the defence industry are not subject to conscription, though they may still volunteer.

  • MP-002 - 'Law & Order Policy'
    MP-002 allows the military to act in a law enforcement capacity for things such as riot control, despite that being the responsibility of the Civil Dictator. The reasoning for this is that it would give soldiers some vital experience that could not be learned elsewhere, and could help them if they find themselves in combat in the future.

For & Against (For her politics, not her ideals)

  • For: militarism, educating the population, isolationism, autocracy

  • Neutral: democracy, nationalism

  • Against: pacifism, gun control, overworking oneself (coughAmakicough)

Personal Information


Personal Trivia

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Left: Lahja in her military uniform, 2036. Right: let's not talk about it.

In alternative uniform.

She drincc

She s t r e t c h

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