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The Holy Grand Duchy of
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Grand Duke Herman XIII

His Holy Apostolic Majesty, Grand Duke
Herman XIII, PhD.

Personal Info


June 7, 1987


Ducal Palace, Knessniet




His Grace, Grand Duke Herman XII


Her Grace, Grand Duchess Matilda



Sexual Orientation:

Straight, like the rest of Knessniet

Ideology Info

Political Ideology:

Feudal Monarchist

Economic Ideology:

Protectionist Capitalism

Political Compass:
Economic: 7.88
Social: 7.64

"Think about it, if there are no elections, then there can't be a bad candidate." - Grand Duke Herman
More quotes may be found here.

Herman Obediah Jedediah Kness was born on June 7, 1987. His reign has been one of enormous growth for Knessniet. It has also been the first time Knessniet has played a major role internationally.

His full style is: His Holy Apostolic Majesty, Grand Duke Herman XIII of Knessniet, by God's Grace, Count of Litchfield, Baron of Litchfield, Lord-President of the Knessian Silver Company, and Lord-Protector of the Faith.

Early Life
Grand Duke Herman grew up in the Ducal palace, like every other Duke since it was built in 534 AD. He was educated by a private tutor enlisted by the Ducal family. He had a close relationship with both of his parents, unusual for royalty. Other than this, little is known about his childhood, as he hasn't written an official memoir yet.
Once he reached the age of 18, he studied at the University of Knessniet in the Capital. He holds a PhD in Finance, with a focus on investing. His doctoral dissertation has caused great impact on the current system in our country. It proposes a mixture of free market capitalism with serfdom. Before ascending the throne, he used considerable portions of the national budget to invest in major companies. So far, the companies pay the government a dividend approaching 2 billion Knessmarks yearly.

During this time, he also served in the Army Logistics Corps as a Major. He was in charge of preventing officers from using their unit's supply budget to buy drinks and the like.
Reign and Ideology
Upon ascending the throne in 2012, he began a major reform of the country's systems. He dealt with major modern issues, such as banning gay marriage on a national level in 2013. He also began implementing the system he wrote about in his doctoral dissertation. So far, the effect has been staggering growth.
Since taking power Grand Duke Herman has enacted a series of policies, they have resulted in:

  • The Department of Special Services receiving a larger budget than the Ministry of Education.

  • Knessniet has become a true member of the international community.

  • Knessniet has entered a regional agreement with it's neighbors.

  • Environmental protections instated by Herman IX have been eradicated.

  • The judicial system has been streamlined greatly.

Political Opinions
Grand Duke Herman has been described as an American Conservative minus democracy. He firmly remains steadfast in his Christian values.

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Christianity, capitalism, monarchy, feudalism, military.

  • Neutral: International agreements, other nations.

  • Anti: Socialism, LGBT, Abortion, Islam, Democracy, Welfare

Five Dimensional Political Compass
Conservative Authoritarian Isolationist Ultranationalist Fundamentalist

8values Test
Capitalist Fascist

Personal Life
Since Grand Duke Herman are a feudal monarch, every decision they make affects the country. They really don't have much of a life outside governing. However, it is noted that Grand Duke Herman like the following things: Chocolate, Giving Orders, Chess, Watching Golf, Minor League Baseball, Socializing with dignitaries, and asking random useless questions about everything to experts.


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