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Sultana Sara Aisha Al-Hazarid

Sultana Of Hazarid
Padishahbanu Of Hazarid
Queen Of Anatolia
Guardian Of Palestine
Khatun Of Khatuns
Shahbanu of Persia
Sara Aisha Al-Hazarid

Without Armor
Personal Info


3 Nov 1341






Shah Muhammad Hamid Ibn Al-Hazarid


Sharzarh Daylikk


Muhammad Syahar III[Deceased]
Al Mansur Muhammad



Sexual Orientation:


Padishahbanu Of Hazarid


None[Position Established]

Sultana Of Hazarid



Guardian Of Palestine



Grand Vizier Of Amlak


Jaafar Shah Muluk


Shah Buyuk[Later as 1st Grand Vizier Of Hazarid]

"If I,a 19 year old girl can stand still like everyone of you,hold a sword,a bow and arrow,ride a horse and stab a man two times the size of me,why are some of us,even the strongest one retreating!?" - Sultana Sara Aisha:Battle Of Delhi,1360
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Sultana Sara Aisha Al-Hazarid is the 1st Sultana and ruler of Hazarid.She founded the Hazarid Empire after several conquests and diplomatic successions on her neighbors.

Early Life
Sultana Sara Aisha Al-Hazarid was born on 3 Nov,1341 to a pair of farmers in Isfahan.Despite her having male-like attitude and favor,she was kept inside her home,helping her mother due to her,being too"inappropriate"to do such heavy things.Despite this ,she gets along well with her school friends and her neighbors.
After an inspiring speech by a famous Muslim scholar,the residents of Isfahan were inspired with the dream of an Islamic unification once again.This also gave her hope aswell,to which she was at first ridiculed and made fun of,especially by her male friends for her dreams,due to her being a female,to which her dream as a unifier or a conqueror was far away from reality by their thoughts.Due to this,after gaining hard permission from her parents,she travelled far to Cairo,ending up in a Mamluke military school.After 2 years,at only age 18,she returned to Isfahan,hoping to fulfill her dream.She then asked the local Sultan for permission to lead their small army for their unification,but was ultimately denied due to her very young age and again,due to her gender.
Reign and Ideology
After the local Sultan's,Muhammad Syahar II's death 3 months later,his successor,Muhammad Syahar III,who was quite around her age was offered with the same offer that she made 3 months ago.Due to the young Sultan being both unsure and unprepared,he eventually accepted her offer,and thus,she was made and became the youngest military commander of their 200,000 army,also the youngest in history,close to the historical figure Joan Of Arc,who became a military commander around 100 years later.After several successful conquests on their neighboring states,she was promoted to the rank of Grand Vizier,to which her promotion,despite being cheered by her parents,it received very great sense of despair among the elders,who were unsure of a young girl becoming a Grand Vizier,a very powerful and influential position.She then immediately propose such reforms that were accepted automatically due to the young Sultan,owing her a great favor.She then asked the young Sultan into a marriage,as to secure her position and keep,mostly the elder's animosity at bay,thus becoming a Sultana-Consort of the young Sultan.Despite their very loving and affectionate relationship and marriage,their marriage didn't last long after the young Sultan's sudden passing at a young age,just 5 months later.Due to this,she was inaugurated solely as the only ruler of the Amlak Sultanate.Benefiting from this,she then launched a serious and a very progressive trail of diplomatic missions and conquests to expand and to unify Islam,to which she finally managed to conquer and to establish her medium-sized sultanate in just 2 years and a half estimated.The Battle Of Delhi in 1360 ultimately sealed and locked her final expansion into Central Asia and Eastern Asia.While in the east,the Treaty of Jerusalem and the Battle Of Izmir sealed her westwards expansion for the time being.
Upon taking the royal throne,her full dynastic and royal name is proclaimed below:
"Padishahbanu Of Hazarid,Khatun Of Khatuns,Sultana Of Hazarid,Queen Of Anatolia,Guardian Of Palestine,Sara Aisha Ibn Shah Muhammad Hamid Al-Hazarid"

Turkish:"Hazarid'in Padişahhabanı, Khatun'un Khatun'u, Hazarid'in Sultana'sı, Anadolu'nun Krališesi, Filistin Muhafızı, Sara Aisha İbn Shah Muhammed Hamid Al-Hazarid"

Persian:"پدی شاهبانو از هزاره، خاتون خاتون، سلطان حصار، ملکه آناتولی، گاردین فلسطین، سارا ایشا ابن شاه محمد حمید الحرز"

"Guardian Of Palestine"
After managing to conquer Palestine from the Mamlukes,at first,her recognition as the inaugurated Guardian Of Palestine was unofficially recognised,but after a long discussion with the Mamluk Sultan,An-Nasir Hassan,thus,after strict promises of her promising to end her expansion into Arabia,and her sincere condolences to those innocent involved in the conflict,she was finally and formally recognised as the 1st"Guardian Of Palestine",while the Mamlukes continued to hold the title of the"Custodian Of The Two Holy Mosques".

Byzantium:Conquest Of Western Anatolia
Her animosity with the Byzantiums started after the Byzantiums felt threatened by their spontaneous conquest and expansion into Anatolia.Thereby,the Byzantium emperor,John V Palaiologos called a desperate Crusade towards the Hazarids,but the Europeans were too busy and occupied with their own local problems,especially the Franko-English wars.The call was only and eventually answered by Louis I Of Poland,and the Sardinian King,Peter IV Of Aragon.The crusade somehow miraculously failed after a sudden conflict among the Sardinian admirals with the Aegean islanders.The 5th Crusade as it had chronologically occured was deemed a failure and was said to be even unknown to Sultana Sara Aisha as it was called off from only 1 and a half week before she would receive the news and arm herself up.This would pave way for her unopposed peaceful conquest of the Western Anatolian beyliks thus raising the bar of fear for the Byzantiums.On one occasion,the Byzantium emperor once sent one of his generals to her to ask for her hand in marriage.It quickly failed due to her not willing to do so as the Byzantium general refused to convert.

The Hashashiyun
During her early years of rule,she had also met into conflict and animosity with the Nizairi Ismaili Shia fanatical sect,the Hashashiyuns.Reportedly,the Hashashiyuns were thought to had fall during the Mongolian onslaught on the Levant.However,the Hashashiyuns,now stationed and based on the city of Sofia which was under Bulgarian sovereign rule had re-surfaced under a new leader,Jokossus Krovnas,nicknamed"Emperor Krovnas"by his subordinates.They had at first attempted to assassinate the Bulgarian king and also reportedly,the Byzantium emperor himself.All failed and finally,they went after a new target,dubbed "The Queen Of Anatolia".Their first attempt occured during one of the Sultana's expedition to the city of Trebizond.After noticing that the latter will only sleep after she had done her prayers and read the Holy Book for a moment,they soon made their way in.Due to the lack of guards near her tent,for which she had asked for herself,the lone assassin,sent out to assassinate her had her in his grasp.Just as the latter was about to plunge his dagger into her chest,the sound of an incoming soldier from afar shook him and it ultimately saved her life,but leaving the assassin enough time to plunge the blade beside her,completed with a note.However,she was said to had fall asleep deeply and didn't wake up until dawn.
The letter of the lone assassin:
"Greetings,the Queen Of Anatolia.Know that one night had almost attempted to sacrifice you and take you away.But the night was shielded by your men's presence.If none of your men ever cared to protect you,know that you'll be already reading this,with your chest filled with blood."

This letter had utterly and had greatly shocked and scared her greatly.She finally went to consult with her generals who were not very welcome of her rule.Despite popular askings for them to abandon their mission to settle a revolt in Trebizond,she eventually continued and after a week and a half,in around June of 1632,the Trebizond uprising was succesfully quelled and she miraculously managed to return home safely.

The Battle Of The 5 Vassals
At one point,a rumor had circulated around the palace people that the Sultana is ready to marry a new person and that she is looking for someone new.This in turn spreaded to the people and to the rulers of the sultanate's vassals.They all,who had adored and wanted her for her beauty decided to come to Isfahan to marry the Sultana.However,en route to Isfahan,those who were interested:5 vassal rulers met in Zahedah.At first,all 5 of them were clueless in the other's destination,but then all of them revealed their common goal,the Sultana's hand in marriage.When they all couldn't decide who's going to marry the Sultana,it all turned out to an all-out war between all 5 of them,with each of them already springing into combat with their own armies,numbered to be atleast 5-7k each.When this reached the Sultana's knowledge,she was horifically terrified and led a 30,000 strong army to settle the conflict.After some reverses,the conflict between the 5 vassal rulers settled peacefully,with the Sultana who openly and strictly declared that she's never into anyone at the moment.All parties eventually reached their own home cities safely before night.

Since taking power Sultana Sara Aisha has enacted a series of policies, they have resulted in:

  • The conquest and the diplomatic missions of succeeding their neighbors peacefully

  • The improvement of the economy and social welfare

  • The strengthening of their small,but efficient military

Political Opinions
She was believed to be solely,a moderate Islamists,whlist rejecting secularism

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Islamism,Unification,Peace,Feminism

  • Neutral: ???

  • Anti: Brutal Conquest,Secularism,Byzantium,Assassinatios

Personal Life
Currently,she is living a happy life,but due to her not bearing a child with her deceased husband,and due to her husband's death at a young age,and only 5 months after their marriage,she is said to be very moody and easily offended when an another man wishes to marry her or accidentally or sometimes purposely slept with her,which has never occured.Recently,she has been married to the neighboring Mamluk Sultan,Al-Mansur Muhammad as part of their mutual and shared alliance between the two despite recent animosity coming from her conquest of Jerusalem.Like with her past husband,both had shared a very loving and also,quoted interesting relationship.Despite being married,she never lived permanently with her husband due to him being in Cairo;hers in Baghdad,but she was said to have visited him often while the latter did the same.


Colorized portrait of the Sultana

Sultana Sara Aisha in her full body armour and her sword

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