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Al Gore: The Vice President

"Front and to the right."- Jim Garrison 1991

Al Gore

From Al Gore's 2000 campaign


Al Gore


Vice President of the States

Assumed office
20 January 2018 - Present

Ultimate Supreme Leader

Kokichi Oma


(Office created)

Deputy Chairman of the Party

Supreme Chairman

Kokichi Oma


(Office created)

Minister for Climate Change

Deputy Minister

James Shaw


(Office created)

Eternal Hunter of ManBearPig


Joe Lieberman


(Office created)

Personal Details


31 March



Political Party

Socialist Communist


American & Worker

Notable for:

Inventing the Internet


Harvard University
Vanderbilt University


185 cm



Blood Type






"Let me here tonight issue a warning to the enemies, or potential enemeies, of Socialist Communist States: you may think you know the location of the lockbox. And maybe you do? Or maybe thatís a decoy, or a dummy lockbox? Only the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, myself and AT&T will know for sure."
- Vice President Al Gore

Albert Arnold Gore Jr (born 31 March) is the current Vice President of the People's Republic of Socialist Communist States. He became Vice President after the Ultimate Supreme Leader, Kokichi Oma, appointed him because of the "LOL's." He is also last in line to succeed to the highest office in the land due to the Ultimate Supreme leader making a law that says so.

A super cereal person, Al Gore has been, for many years, on the hunt to stop and kill ManBearPig. He has been traveling from the open fields of Tennessee, to the harsh wilderness of New Jersey hunting the beast. It wasn't until 2017 that Al Gore, who was on a row-boat searching the seas for ManBearPig, stumbled upon the socialist-communist paradise of Socialist Communist States. Here, Al Gore would be even more cereal.

The one true inventor of the internet, Al Gore brought the wonders of online to the world. He struggled greatly, trying to figure out how to create the internet. It wasn't until Bill Clinton came in, smoking some weed, when he told Gore "What if we, like, connect two computers together, man?" It was thanks to the brilliance of Bill Clinton that Al Gore managed to invent the internet. So, it's thanks to him that people all over the world could enjoy the wonders of the internet and play games like Nationstates. If you ever see him on 'Your Leaders Personal opinion on the AN's Leader,' go and tell the Vice President: "Thank you Al Gore. You're super awesome!"

His Vice Presidency in Socialist Communist States has seen the massive awareness in ManBearPig, the introduction of lockboxes, and the introduction of the internet to the wider population of Socialist Communist States (which is just Kokichi Oma and the State cabinet).

Early Life and Education

Al Gore in his rebellious teen years

Al Gore wanted to be born in a humble manger and be called Gore of Nazareth, but the Ultimate Supreme leader said that was one of his own backup birth stories, so Gore wasn't allowed to use that story. Anyways, official state sources say Al Gore was born on the 31 March in Nashville, Tennessee. He did some stuff for a while. At school, one of his fellow classmates asked the teacher "did they [South America and Africa] fit together?" The teacher replied "that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard." Years later that school child became a drug addict and a Ne'er-do-well, while the teacher became a science advisor to the George W Bush administration.

As a young teen, Gore would always get up to mischief.




Inventing the Internet

Bill Clinton helps Al Gore
Invent the internet

When Al Gore was working for Bill Clinton in the White House, he was facing a very difficult challenge: inventing the internet. Al Gore had been pondering for many many months and years on how to bring the wonders of online to the world. During the nightly Presidential weed smoking sessions, Bill Clinton, who had walked in, saw Al Gore having trouble with his internet inventing. It was at that moment, after Bill had a puff, that he was immediately struck with a stroke of genius. He went up to Gore, wide eyed and said "What if we, like, connect two computers together, man?" Gore, who was amazed by this great man's genius, immediately grabbed some cable wires and plugged it into the two computers. So hence, the birth of the internet. Thank you Al Gore!

Immediately after this monumental discovery, both Clinton and Gore went across the nation to show the wonders of the internet. They went house to house installing the internet. However, Gore's work became so famous that there were those who wanted to steal the credit for inventing the internet. Many people like George W Bush made up claims that they invented the internet. The issue became so heated, that Wolf Blitzer asked in an interview stuff about Bill Bradly and the 2000 election if he was the one who invented the internet. Al Gore replied (which has not been doctored or edited in any way): "I took the initiative in creating [inventing] the internet." So once and for all, the matter of who invented the internet has been settled. It was Al Gore who invented it. Thank you Al Gore! Your amazing!

Today, the internet continues to be a major tool in the modern world. It is used by millions of people around the world, including in th glorious Socialist Communist States by just Kokichi Oma the free people of the nation. Without the hard work and resilience of Al Gore, and the quick thinking by Bill Clinton, websites like the 'glorious SCS State website,' 'KnowyourMeme,' and 'Nationstates' would never of existed. So whenever you think of Al Gore, just know that he invented the internet, so we all could play Nationstates. So don't forget, when you see Al Gore, say: "Thank you for inventing the internet Al Gore! Your totally cool!"

The First Search For ManBearPig


After a bitter and failed scuffle with George W Bush in Florida, Al Gore went on a personal journey to find his own catharsis. One day, while he was traveling through the rocky mountains of Colorado, he saw something very terrible and very dangerous: a Mankilling aBearand aPig. ManBearPig. It was then and there that Gore's life would flip turn upside down. He knew that it was his destiny to stop ManBearPig and save the world from it. However, Gore was not in the position at the moment to save the world from ManBearPig. Gore lost the lockbox containing the billions of dollars of surplus to George W Bush. So Gore had to find another way.

Al Gore traveled from coast to coast, to sea to shining sea warning about the evil ManBearPig to schools and universities all over the US. He managed to fill up his lockbox with enough money to hire a dingy to search for ManBearPig, because reliable sources had told Gore that ManBearPig was riding a seahorse to the South Pacific. Gore set sail for the South Pacific, where all his hopes and dreams would be found, where anyone wanting to join him in his journey would be his friends, and where he would eventually find the legendary one piece ManBearPig.

Unfortunately, Gore got ship wrecked on an island full of cannibals and mutineers. He spent an excruciating 28 days on the island before he managed to build his own Waka (canoe) and sailed off the island.

Gore, who was studying his crayon-coloured map of where ManBearPig was, reached his destination on where he thought ManBearPig was hiding. However, unbeknownst to Gore, he had just landed on the best country in the entire world: The People's Republic of Socialist Communist States.

Vice President of the States

Monitoring Gore's book sales

Al Gore became Vice President of the glorious Socialist Communist States after an election, which the Ultimate Supreme Leader doesn't want mentioned. However, what can be said, without any political repercussions, please help us! is that Al Gore was made VP by Kokichi Oma "for the Lol's," as he so elegantly put it. Gore was sworn in on the 20 January, 2018, and was made the first Vice President of the States.

Gore's achievements as Vice President include his awareness campaign about the threat of ManBearPig, and the wonders of the internet to the States. Although, it has been heavily restricted, so as to protect them from Imperial influences such as, liberty, democracy, and freedom. Anyways, Gore went around the local Gulags re-education camps giving a slide-show to the people. He used fancy graphs and crayon drawings to show the impact ManBearPig had on his internet, which he displayed as being negative. While on the internet, the Vice President passed laws ensuring that his other internet project, the dial-up modem, was installed in all privately owned State buildings.

Gore has been a strong supporter of the State Intelligence Service. The Vice President took personal interest into the service and had even persuaded them to monitor all sales of his books. So, the intelligence service uses State money and resources to monitor all purchases of books across the nation. They look carefully to see if anyone has bought the Vice President's book. When they do get information about someone buying his book, the Director of the Intelligence Service personally runs to the Vice Presidents office to inform him of someone buying his book. When Al Gore hears of this, he proclaims that it is time to "celebrate," while at the same time turning on his record player. The Vice President tends to wait before officially celebrating such a milestone.


Al Gore doing his version of the LinkMacarena

The lockbox is one of the Vice Presidents proudest achievements. Al Gore had, for many years, wanted to protect and put stuff into something secure. He wanted something that could be locked, and something that could be a box..."A lockbox" the Vice President had thought. And thus, the lockbox was invented. Thanks to the brilliance of Al Gore. Without him, we could never of had the lockbox. Thank you Al Gore! You're incredible! Anyways, the Vice President managed to get the Lockbox Act to be put into law, and it is also Al Gore's first invention in the glorious Socialist Communist States. Under the act, the Vice President has the right to put "anything" he wants into an ironclad lockbox. These could include, but are not limited to:
Budget surplus, Medicare, ManBearPig's possible location, Contracts with AT&T, The blueprints for the internet, 18-half minute of tape from Watergate, 537 votes from Florida in the 2000 election, All bad-thoughts, A string, etc

Because of the high importance of the lockbox, the Vice President put security as a main priority for it. The lockbox and its location has been kept a tight secret. Even its appearance has been disguised to ensure the secrecy of the lockbox. Their have been many disguises for the lockbox. One disguise could be a camouflage, which could be a leather-bound edition of 'The Count of Monte Cristo' by Alexander Dumas. Another could be a decoy, or a dummy lockbox. The only people to know the location of the lockbox is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Al Gore and AT&T. Anyone who even dares to look for the lockbox will be seen as an enemy and a accomplice of ManBearPig. Their punishment will be to watch the Vice President do "the Al Gore version of the Macarena." Although, this should be seen as more of a blessing than a punishment.

So to any enemy, or potential enemies, of the Vice President, you will never find the lockbox. It is kept hidden under his mattress at home and you will never be able to sneak through the large window that he keeps open all day, or climb the conveniently placed ladder outside his house to get in his bedroom. So you better watch out, because no one can get through. Thank you Al Gore! Without the top security of your house, evildoers would try to steal the secret blueprints of the internet. So thank you Al Gore! You're so clever.

Gore, although the creator of the internet, knew that he couldn't personally deliver his invention. He needed a company to run his invention for him. Gore was pondering about what to do when he remembered his campaign for President in 2000. It soon struck him that he had a talk with a small company back then, AT&T. The Vice President soon realised that he could use AT&T to deliver his invention, not only to the nation, but to the whole world. Maybe? Anyways, he called AT&T to see if they could help him bring the wonders of the internet to Kokichi Oma's office... and maybe the rest of nation. Maybe. AT&T humbly accepted.Under the agreement, AT&T would provide super slow and very unreliable reliable internet connections for Kokichi Oma and the cabinet (and maybe possibly the rest of the nation. Still undecided), and Al Gore would be promoted as the inventor of the internet. The Vice President has called this agreement, "the most cereal agreement for SCS." Thanks to the partnership, Al Gore can finally use the internet he invented once again in Socialist Communist States.

Man of the People

Al Gore out amongst the people
The Vice President has been know all across the nation as "the Man of the People." He didn't get this name by begging the Ultimate Supreme Leader. No. (well, maybe). He got this name because of his undying passion to be out amongst the people. Ordinary and decent people who enjoy meeting with people in person. Gore is a fine example of this, as sometimes he will emerge in television form to greet the people. The Vice President, being too busy finding ManBearPig, has a portable CRT television of himself, live, from where ever he is (e.g office, room with two flags etc) to personally sit amongst the people and talk to them. However, if their is some difficulty with the CRT (i.e they use a remote to turn it off), the Vice President always has a backup-plan: picture-in-picture technology. Al Gore invented picture-in-picture technology. So, when he is unable to appear in televised person, he uses his other invention to broadcast himself, live, on what ever show he is appearing on. That way, they have no way of getting rid of the Vice President, as he is super cereal on appearing on tv.

Speaking of which, when he does appear on tv, he likes to remind the people of the world about his great achievements, such as inventing the internet. He tells people upfront and directly in their faces: "Remember people: I invented the internet, and I can take it away. Think about it!" Surely such reminder will teach the people that they should listen to him, because he invented the internet. People all across the glorious nation of Socialist Communist States don't use the internet, and so does the Vice President. This clearly shows that he is a man of the people.

Another one is his exciting humour he make. For example, he once made a very exciting joke about the glorious leader (which was approved by the Supreme Court and the Ultimate Supreme Leader himself): "I support the Ultimate Supreme Leader and so do many others. In fact, he got the support from 3 of the 4 Baha men. I guess Kokichi let the dogs out. *LinkMonotone laughing: Ah-ha-ha-ha. Ah-ha-ha-ha. Ah-ha. Ah-ha-ha-ha. Ah-ha-ha. Ah-ha- I had a beard.* That joke had everyone in the glorious nation cringe laugh in excitement. It was one of the most exciting moments for the Vice President since he made a slideshow about the internet.

The Second Search for ManBearPig

The VP travels through
harsh summer snowstorms

Upon becoming Vice President of Socialist Communist States, Gore's main priority was to hunt down and destroy ManBearPig. He managed to convince the glorious Ultimate Supreme Leader to sign into law a bill that would give him the power to use the army, police, and secret service to hunt down ManBearPig at taxpayers - by their own willingness, no threats attached - expense. However, the Ultimate Supreme Leader has the power to override the law if he sees it to be a concern... or if he gets bored and wants to annoy Gore for the hell of it. But do not worry, all the Vice President has to do to fix such problem is to walk all the way back from his location up to the Ultimate Supreme Leader's office, which he must wait in the waiting room for a few hours if he wants to talk to him about restarting the operation again. perfectly normal and effective means of settling the dispute.

The Vice President, along with his search group, have tracked all over the nation to find ManBearPig. Whether it be from the streets of Omagrad, to the harsh summer snow storms of Goregrad. The Vice President will always look at any evidence that relates to ManBearPig. Whether it may be a footprint of a pig, bear skin, or just any man that happens to walk near the Vice President. He will Subpoena any man to find out if he is an accomplice of ManBearPig, and will not be afraid to give a near 2-hour slideshow about ManBearPig to find him. In fact, he will even give a lecture about how he invented the internet to them as well if they don't come clean about ManBearPig. Such actions by the Vice President will surely bore them to sleep excite them, and force them to tell whatever it is they know about ManBearpig. No man, bear, or pig has ever survived such onslaught by Al Gore.

Other ways the Vice President has tried to deal with finding ManBearPig, is with his invention: the internet. Gore will go on his internet and pull up "the maps" from "the Google" in order to find the monster that is ManBearPig. He will use the Google map man and place him in whatever location the VP deems to be important to his search.

Pro's and Against

  • Pro: AT&T running the Internet, Lockbox, Celebrating, Wanting to be President, Memes, one gallon of gas

  • Against: ManBearPig, not being the Leader of this nation, Florida, the Supreme Court that one time

2020 Campaign

Glorious Campaign Website: Gore 2020
On the 9 February 2019, Al Gore announced that he was running for President. This has been seen as a major shock because no one was expecting the Spanish Inquisition Gore to run for President... again. The shock was felt the most by our Glorious Ultimate Supreme Leader, who fell into a comatose state that day.