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The General Secretary: Montserrat Zorilla (Retconned as Non Canonical)

General Secretary
Montserrat Zorilla

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Personal Info


24th of December of 1959


La Habana, Las Palmeras


39 (in 1998)


Roberto Zorilla Aragón


Rosa Lavalle



Sexual Orientation:

Preference for Men

Military Service


ex-Socialist Republic of Las Palmeras


Military Intelligence Directorate





Ideology Info

Political Ideology:

Centrism/Modern legalism

Economic Ideology:

3rd Way Economics


"A state should be run by law and law should be run by its peoples' needs." - Montserrat Zorilla

"Their leader is basically Anime Tony Blair."- Van Hool Islands

Montserrat Zorilla is a former military intelligence operative and stateswoman, known for being the 7th General Secretary of the Socialist Republic of Las Palmeras/Second Palmeran Republic under the People's Liberal Democratic Party (Partido Popular Liberal-Demócrata) since the beginning of 1998, and then retaining the title under the (moderate faction of the)Tory Party (reformed PLDP) following the Great Monarchic Restoration.

She is the youngest and the first female with that title; obtaining all this after a shaky but close public relations campaign which won her the eligibility of being elected by a coalition-dominated Parliament.

Despite hailing from a service background -which from an external point of view solidifies Las Palmeras as a "Linkspookocracy"- Zorilla's term has been characterized by an extensive personal cooperation with civilian members of Parliament and a revision of laws pertaining to certain Cold War era policies while proclaiming to follow a "realistic" approach to foreign policy.

Early Life and Education
Montserrat Zorilla was born in Christmas Eve in 1959; the daughter of Roberto Zorilla Aragón, a bureaucrat turned high-ranking intelligence chief of the Ministry of State Security, and Rosa Lavalle- a former night club dancer: a likely reason she's only used her father's surname. Her parent's personal lives was nonexistent or dysfunctional, and Montserrat lived the majority of her youth at the care of her paternal grandparents in a collectivized pig farm despite her father's privileged position. During the Experimental Economic Policy of the 70s a young Montserrat learned to operate and repair tractors and trucks while attending a rural school.

Zorilla left the outskirts of the capital city at her father's behest when she was 14 in order to be tutored, however she had to attend a technical school in the city due to previous low scores; she nonetheless got a certificate acknowledging her abilities in mechanics and electronics. She managed to enter the National Palmeran University/Universidad Nacional de Las Palmeras through a test at the age of 17 and had problems adjusting to what she wanted in the humanities branch but ended up coursing several foreign languages and excelled in English while maintaining some unfinished amount of knowledge in Russian. The indecisive Zorilla ultimately ended up with a licentiate in journalism at the age of 21.

Military career
Montserrat Zorilla was recruited by the Military Intelligence Directorate (Directorio de Inteligencia Militar)and was deemed favorbaly for her technical background and knowledge of foreign languages. She began her military carreer as a worker within military intelligence's LinkTECHINT branch, a job which automatically assured a desk job. However despite (or because of) her father's profile within the rival Ministry of State Security, Montserrat was chosen by her superiors to pose as a journalist in mid-1987 with a mixed group of senior intelligence officers and hired outsiders as a part of Proyecto Rayo-Lunar (Project Moonbeam); an initiative to procure an American FIM-92 Stinger MANPADS by working with a national news agency present in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. An act which was possible by having contacts within the Soviet army that accepted to sell an example.

The mission succeeded however Zorilla's "neutral" journalistic company was caught in a firefight between Afghan insurgents and Soviet traffic troops on the outskirts of Kabul. Despite initially taking cover and cowering, in the event she inadvertently saved a high ranking GRU official in their company by helping him out of a burning car and was later awarded the Order of Lenin by part of the USSR in 1988; though back then the public cover story was that because she rescued fellow journalists from the Novosti news agency. Even after the mission was publicly exposed the event would come to give her some prestige in the future.

Though the mission only lasted 2 weeks, it marked a tense moment in Zorilla's life. Montserrat had previously been on a lengthy leave from her somewhat leisurely desk-job as she was married to Carol Ciobanu since 1983 -the son of a Romanian diplomat, and later confirmed spy, while also maintaining a close friendship with Thomas Roberts, the assistant of the cultural attache of the United Kingdom. Furthermore she was a mother since 1984, giving birth to her son José. She lived a superficially idyllic life with her husband and was discharged honorably in that same year -though likely because of security issues- and lived the life of a housewife even if her marriage crumbled by the mid 90s due to Ciobanu's womanizing. Thus her career was marked by a mostly uneventful trajectory which kick-started to ambitious heights and ended just as abruptly as it rose.

Political career Administration
By 1992 Montserrat began her political affiliation as a lobbyist and later popular representative for the centrist People's Liberal Democracy Party (Partido Popular Liberal-Demócratico)- later a faction of the Tories; through her looks she captivated many and a simple speak also won over a larger lower-class base and may have been one of the few Palmeran leaders to consolidate right-leaning urbanites and rural leftists. Her detractors compared her to a "sexy but useless weather girl" or a neatly-dressed simpleton pig-farmer who hit it big. Despite these claims Monserrat attained a spot as a representative of the Coabana region.

Zorilla's personal life was a large obstacle to her PR campaign, largely because of her unstable marriage and her son's questionable fatherhood (her son José's physical similarities -red hair- to Roberts). On the other hand, her reputation because of her participation in the Afghan-Soviet War gave her some sense of public admiration and also some degree of popularity within the service cliques of the Central Committee.

By the dawn of the millennium she was Las Palmeras' youngest leader and second female leader; however the coalition government that controls the Central Committee have marked much of her internal politics- which oscillate between center-left and center-right to the dislike of the neoliberal 'Revisionists' and the socialist 'Conservatives'; however her economic project seems to be based among supporting local consumption and exporting Las Palmeras' vast automobile and entertainment products to the 3rd World (especially South America and Africa) and sometimes even industrialized countries, placing some degree of importance to 'Soft Power' policies.

Despite her defense-branch background and experience, she seems less in line with the typically conservative Military and seems to adhere to theoretical realpolitik- her detractors have accused her of further LinkFinlandizing Las Palmeras to the USA and turning LP's back to traditional allies like Russia or China, while supporters claim this plan is keenly taking advantage of piggy-backing bigger nations and competing for their deals, seeing as how Las Palmeras has many direct and indirect dealings with the former Communist block in strategic areas and in a sense hasn't ever ended it's friendliness with it's Cold War allies.

Zorilla's administration has enacted a series of policies, they have resulted in:

  • The legalization of private defense companies.

  • A restructuring of the Ministry of Tourism.

  • Continued trade with former Second World countries.

  • An expulsion of Wahhabist preachers and spokespeople under national security pretenses.

Political Opinions

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Modern Legalism, syncretic economic politics, strong national security policies, free markets, 3rd Way Economics, legal positivism.

  • Neutral/Mixed: Social conservatism, LGBT issues, immigration, interventionism, democracy, authoritarianism, 3rd Wave Feminism.

  • Anti: The far-right, the far-left, anarchism of any type, minarchism, totalitarianism, Sharia law, American neoconservatism.

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Personal Life


1.1The promotional image of the PPLD's Zorilla with her son José and his pet rabbit; done in a 1989 promo. She disliked the image because of it's contradictory nature as different campaign staff either wanted to present her as attractive or as a homely mother and tried doing both, leaving nobody satisfied.

Sketch of a flashback from Kabul, 1987.

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