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Society and companies


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Society, and companies


FAE is a worldwide Commonwealth now (Yes, including Sentinelese islands, which currently host a garrison of SC's Indochinese troops) and states of the commonwealth enjoy a relative autonomy, while they are way less autonomous, than in British Commonwealth, of course. It kind of works like tributary system from Chinese dynasties - government is split in parts, and each part govern their region. Its capital is Neo Washington - it means "New Washington". Just as name implies, it is way more futuristic, yet houses still resemble 50s in terms of architecture decorations, and design. There are statues of Huey Long, MacArthur, Patton, etc. It is notorious for human supremacism (except for robots), but mostly because it hasn't found any other sentient aliens yet.

SC has a lot of different culture groups within it (Samhain, Day of the Dead, etc.), and their characteristics are used in army divisions as well, but there are so many peoples and groups in the SC, that it is practically impossible to describe them all in detail. However, although SC is decentralized, when you look at it from a world perspective, it is mostly unitary, if you look at it from a regional perspective - local governors often enforce unitary rule in their fiefdoms. Of course, there are exceptions as well. However, things, that all of the cultures have in common now, is the rejection of individualism, and limitation of consumerism, including hate against alien species.

Although there are many religious people, many of the Commonwealth's citizens aren't actually religiously devout, and only practice it as a formality. Also, there are usually youth organizations, which ensure, that new recruits will flood in the party in the future. However, although they can usually operate well with technology, they lack compassion.

Usage of magic isn't that visible at first, because most of the people are taught to solve things, while not using it. Also, it is often used for information transmission, and spying on people, so it is logical, that it would be not so visible. There are also things as tarot cards, and other mystical things. In fact, although many people are highly religious, usage of magic is also relatively common between higher ups.

Some of the magic users can manipulate things around them, and some claim to see through walls. Of course, it is still pretty much an area full with mystery. There are also rumors, that some of the SC's most important victories, and achievements were accomplished exactly with the help from magic.

FAE is a PMT-FT tech Commonwealth, and its Head of Commonwealth is elected by the members of council, and President-Governors of the states of Commonwealth. So, power is distributed through members, most likely in order to prevent one person having too much political power- if someone from an opposing faction would become a leader, they could be easily impeached by the rest. However, Head of Commonwealth can fully govern only the main part of the Commonwealth (America), and council members themselves aren't elected by the people- Silver Commonwealth still remains totalitarian. And although it is kinda diverse, at the same time, ethnicities of it don't really interact with each other.

*You found a note from the Arctic overseer*

Although Inuits have their own region, it seems like, that it is more like on paper - they still are disadvantaged, if compared to Quebecois. I think, that we should improve Native rights in general, so we could utilize 100% from our populace.

*Note archived in your device*

In past, Commonwealth's ideology was fascism. However, now it is a strange mix, and when asked about its ideology, Supercomputer Tom replies "it is our own". Some people have called that ideology as ''Tomist Socialism'', while some Party's secret critics use term " Red fascism". Party was also quite hostile against indigenous peoples in the past, but now it has mostly became more lax on them, with a few exceptions, such as Renier's South Africa, which still maintains the SC's decentralization system, however.

Although ''Project Newspeak'' failed, an another project was set up instead, which was way more successful- written, and spoken English were supposed to be the same now.

Although there now is a constitution, SC still isn't democratic, and SC's constitution doesn't have any amendments. Also, word's ''State'' first is capitalized, in order to show, who is in charge, and who is not.

Commonwealth is supposed to keep the administration of the world together, prevent revolutions, support trade between the members of Commonwealth, etc. It kind of works like UN, and even its HQ is in New York. However, with no enemy to fight with anymore, Commonwealth as a military alliance has lost its significance. Monroe Doctrine has also been reaffirmed. But knowing the space, it is fairly sure, that Commonwealth one day will be waging war with aliens. Of course, if they manage to get that far...

Internet now has been improved quite a lot, along with computers, and smartphones, and it is very popular, especially between youngsters. There is also a website similar to Youtube and Facebook, which actually combines them both, and is fairly universal. However, there is usually only one large, government managed website for a certain task (news site, gaming site, etc), and those are all highly censored by the government, and when someone connects to internet, they must be careful. (Fallout S.P.E.C.I.A.L videos also exist in SC's timeline, but often adjusted to the Commonwealth state - for an example, in South African version, vault boy wears a slouch hat, and narrator speaks in Afrikaans. Terrain, and animals are also adjusted to the local area. In Canadian version, terrain is snowy, and mountainous, and main character is actually a female.)

In some ways, life is somewhat similar to modern day- offices, browsing of the internet, large shops, junk food, etc. Also, generations have started to change in SC, as old guard passes away, and new people come in politics. However, there are differences- in this timeline, junk food often is the last straw, if people can't afford anything else. Although it is a bit less unhealthy than in OTL, and has organic products, it can still create obesity over time, and still contains tons of calories. In fact, this might have serious side effects - amount of diabetic patients has increased at a rapid rate since 1980, when junk food started to become way more common. And speaking of health, most of vaccines issued by government are mandatory.

Also, most of the food shops and restaurants, along with offices, are owned by only one, state company, and internet is also pretty homogeneous in terms to offer, at least the visible part. There is also deep web, but that is often risky to access. One from the most common snacks is called "Farmer's Joe's potato chips". Those chips, and other of their flavors are perhaps the only produced chips in SC.

In fact, there has been a steady rise of anime in the Commonwealth, especially Hetalia, which usually shows Commonwealth States as high school, or elementary school students. Sometimes provinces are shown too. However, even with anime, SC is still conservative, and most of the drawings have actually to be approved by the ''morality'' police- a part of the Ministry of Art, which also does the same for other paintings, and styles in both internet, and outside from it. On the other hand, an another art style, called as "Tomist realism", has become pretty popular- basically Socialist realism, but readjusted to the Commonwealth.

Some drugs are manufactured by government itself, but those are mostly used for soldiers, as they help to enhance strength for a short period of time. In fact, private drug manufacturers are usually dealt with swiftly, and in some places, they are punished in horrific ways. Drug users in more reformist places like Pacifica undergo a forced medical treatment. In other places, where they are not so lucky, they usually are sentenced to labor.

Most of city houses are now Khrushchyovka esque - concrete paneled apartment buildings.

In process of creating Megastates in US, SC tried to create a special identity for them, depending on their assignment. It also has some similarities to Panem from Hunger Games in this case.

FAE still has a pretty large autonomy for its states, though- for example, Deep South's flag is the confederate flag, and you can often hear "Dixie" in the Deep South's streets, and you can hear the Southern accent as well, even if confederates themselves are hated by the government. Their equipment is nothing out of ordinary, and rather similar to average American soldier. Pacifica, on the other hand, is governed by intellectuals, who are similar to Brotherhood of Steel, which is a state megacorporation- most of the inventions, and upgrades of power armor come from the Silicon Valley In fact, Pacifica often is called as ''corporation with a state''. Rockies, on the other hand, are governed by insane militarists, which also sometimes use Roman symbolism, and uniforms, although don't go as far as Caesar's legion, and their technology is relatively up to date, actually. However, soldiers from Rockies are often considered to be ''one from the worst equipped American soldiers''. Their technology is still weaker than BoS technology, and their advantage is only really in numbers. If Rockies, and Pacifica would go to war, Pacifica would triumph in the end.

Eastern Columbia is considered as a "capital region" of FAE, so it is a place, where most of the leaders meet, and secret meetings happen. New England is ran by organization similar to Minutemen, but it is rather like a paramilitary unit, which serve's federal governments interests. Lone Star's cowboys provide a lot of meat for the rest of FAE, and basically run the place as well, with a distinct ''Cowboy'' local culture, which is ran by a skilled marksman. Most of the ranches are owned collectively, however, and soldiers themselves have few cattle at best. Great Lakes Institute officially mostly generates electricity, and Professor Oliver likes to portray himself as a curious scientist, although his, and Great Lake's Institute's actual goal is rumored to be more sinister. Institute also has cooperated with government in creation of securitron troops, and sentry bots.

Midwest farmers provide most of the grain of FAE, and they feed militias in their own territory as well, which are supposed to protect them- they are similar to minutemen in Maine, although their uniforms vastly differ. And Trinity... Well, it is mostly controlled by a mix of lumberjacks, and literally the Great Khans- a group of crazy militarists, which are awfully similar to their ''Roman'' counterparts in the Rockies in some ways. However, their warrior group is a different one- Mongolian one. Now, model for the Commonwealth has been applied to FAE's, and Canada's provinces too- only East Columbia is controlled directly now, and it is considered as ''government's region''.

Canada, along with America, Australasian Confederation, and European Federation, have become the main centers of science, technological advancements, and military- most of researchers are from there. However, it has issue with aging population, so in future, it might lack workforce.

Centroamrica, along with Amrica do Sul, are way less advanced, but they have more population, and are the places, where most of industry is located, although previously mentioned states don't lag behind in this case. Although there are workers from this region in America, those are usually only temporary ones, and they have to return to their homes, once their contract has been expired.

*You found a note from a anthropologist*

SC basically goes against basic human nature, and psychology - such a system, full with flaws, can't exist forever. Also, how the heck nationalism, and world government are supposed to work together? Aren't they like... complete opposites? Also, I wonder, for how long SC will be able to keep cultures separate - after all, they couldn't stop the wheel of progress. It is pointless to fight something like that. Eventually, this mechanism will need repairs too, as it only fixes the previous mechanism's mistakes, not its own.

*Note archived in your device*

South Africa now controls all of Africa (on paper), and is actually more unstable than ever. It is regularly plagued by attacks from rebel groups, and for most of the time, Renier leaves regional governors to deal with the issue, although even they not always can handle the situation. In fact, Boers are still a minority, and although South Africa has achieved its goals, it needs to spend enormous sums for the military, in order to keep peace. Some from the more liberal factions (Between Renier's northern partners in particular) suggest just abandoning apartheid as a whole, and focus on civic nationalism, and LinkUnited States of Africa instead. Some from the radicals propose using more drastic methods instead. However, for now, the ruling part of South Africa's government has made no dramatic change, and just keeps apartheid. On the other hand, Renier's government really controls only Madagascar, and some parts of the Southern Africa, along with South Africa. Rest of the provinces are governed by other, local movements. Renier's government's authority up north is small, if any, and local movements are practically independent.

Rest of the world is divided by other Commonwealth nations, which were created, while Silver Commonwealth was gobbling up the World. For now, those nations are the most underdeveloped, as they need to recover from drastic effects of disputed zone. For example, Siberia is one from the most poorest nations from the Commonwealth, and despite its resources, it still needs funds from other Commonwealth states. However, once things will get better, there is a potential over there. It also is the only Commonwealth state, which's representative is a robot. It also has the largest robot population from all Commonwealth states. Most of the humans there are indigenous people, which live in small towns, villages, or are nomads, and are under robot protection. It kind of works like a large ''homeland'' for robots. One of its proposers was Renier himself. Also, thousands of forts, and outposts have been set along borders of Siberia, in order to be prepared, if a robot uprising somehow would happen. Also, robots were programed to have some human thinking as well, in order to better understand SC's "needs".

Most of the cities in old disputed zone were devastated pretty much, and for both original Commonwealth States, and states former on the ashes of disputed zone, lots of money went for rebuilding the country's cities. In new disputed zone, situation was less tragic, but houses were still in bad condition- some were in so bad condition, that it was cheaper to tear them down, and build new houses, instead of repairing them.

Indian Confederation, similarly to Turkestan, and Middle East, is fairly poor, but slightly richer than Siberia. Indian Confederation has a potential for being a superpower, just like Arabia, but for now, infrastructure needs to be repaired, local raider clans need to be defeated, country must be fully connected to internet, etc.

China is midly advanced, as it wasn't damaged that much from the war in disputed zone, and was able to repair itself faster. Ring of Fire (Japan), on the other hand, is one from the most richest new states, and is a rising technological power, which could compete even with America, and Canada.

Antarctica's population still remains extremely low. It has its own government as well, but it is more of an overseer, than enforcer. Antarctica is also one of the most lawless places in SC. Despite that, local government has tried to create an ''Antarctican'' identity.

Style, and culture certainly has evolved, but it rather looks retro-futuristic, a.k.a with WW2 elements. Some from uniforms, and guns resemble WW2 weapons, even if they are sci fi. Although, there are some elements from 2000s too, like winter coats, and stuff like that. Music is a mix of 80s (Mostly vaporwave), and 50s songs, but various period music can be found there.

*You found a note from a historian*

SC is definitely an interesting case in history - it shines as an exceptional miracle on the mountain of most of the fallen empires. Yet, I am not sure, if it has long outlived its supposed lifespan - it is still not stable at all, in the end. Also, it seems, that at least one part of our history was falsified - so it would mean, that our history books, a.k.a the very basics of our education, would be false! But if so, then what actually happened before the reform period?

*Note archived in your device*

Now, although SC's army hasn't improved a lot after its conquest of the world, it has found a new goal- space. After creating a power armor, which can be used in space, it has invested into space shuttles, because it is interested in resources of moon. If a colony would be formed there, it could extract them. It also has prepared a protocol in case of possible meeting with aliens, if it would stumble upon them in universe.

One of the most important principles in Party's member's life is the "Internal Revolution", or "Revolution of the Self", through which a man is encouraged to stop thinking only for himself, and instead start to integrate into the idea of a giant family.

Issue of poverty, and crappy life level has finally been fixed a bit, due of Party's extensive reforms. Ohh, and FAE is an autarky, because there are no other nations around now, and it produces everything for itself. But even before the creation of World Commonwealth, FAE was largely self-sufficient.

Economy is still largely controlled by the state, however, now it is controlled in a form of state controlled labor syndicates. It is largely self-sufficient, and there is usually an one, very big government company, which produces everything, or most of the stuff, which is available- for example, there is one large game company, which produces games from various genres, an one clothing company, which produces various kinds of clothes, etc. And although there are de iure megacorporations, in de facto, the branches of mega-corporations actually compete with each other.

Education is surprisingly modern, with robots as educators- yeah, FAE has got pretty advanced in terms of synths! Here's also huge welfare, and funds for sports, as FAE has time to finally do something else, other than fight a pointless war. But FAE, despite that, and all funds for education against things like anti-vaccination, and flat-earth, still was, and remains a totalitarian place.

Commonwealth's policy is also environmentalism, surprisingly, as it believes, that a part of its nationalist policy is to care about environment too. Also, Silver Commonwealth is nationalist, and hates nationalism at the same time- it likes it, because it can appease the local governors, and give them an illusion, that it is their friend. From other side, it hates it, because it potentially can lead it to a break, similar to Yugoslavia. It has become very actual now, since Commonwealth is a world government now.

Things like bubble tea, nuka-cola, fast food, cheap biscuits, and instant noodles are already becoming popular, as they usually are way cheaper, and poorer people can afford them. However, due of ingredients used, there might be some side effects there.

"̯͠Be̥̗̟̞f̛̠͇̬̦͓͔̙o̲̥̱̠̝̘̜r͉̟̟̺̹̩e ̗̫̼m͈̥̘͕͜o̮͓re̟ ̺t̬̩̦̦͇̣͢h̻͎a͕̯͔͓͎͢n͖͘ ̞͇̮̩̖̪̟͞h͓̞͖͜u̹̙͔̮̟͘n̮̺̯͎̭d̻̗̫́ͅr̡̭e̴͔d̤̰̠͓̖̦ ͔̭͡y̻͓̗̳e̼͙̜̰̘a̢͙̮r̟͠s̶͍̪̯ ̭̞͈̫̣̣̹a̼̬̯g̝̟̬͉̘̟o̳̖̖̥͉,̲̝͝ G҉̩̻̟o̧̹̺͇̫ͅd̡̟̬͓̜̮͉ ̬̫͕s̶͎̳͎̤ȩ̝nt͍̣ ̧͇ḁ̛ ̜m̻̳͓̠̞a̬̜̠̼̼̰͠n͙̳͍͘ͅ ̦̪w̸͙̩̦̲i͚̦t̰̥͝h͚̞̠ ͍͝a͠ ̀mi̪s̱̜̻͈̹͝s͍̹͚i̧̻̼̩͕̯̼o̼ͅn̢̲͍̺̜̗̺-̰͇̗ ̢w̡̺̝e͎̼̬͉͇ ̬̭͓̣̠͙̝͘a̼̥͙͍̰̫r͓ę ͇̤̭̦̝͓͠h̲̦͇͈͍̭́i͎͕͈̯ͅs̮͚̪̦̺̳ f̬͝o̹͎̲͈l̻l̀o̲̦͉̖ẃ̫̦̞er̫s̶.͇̲͙̫̥̖ ̢̜W̺̳e̹̝̘͕̟̘̖ ̮̪h̸̖a͈̪v̧e̟̖̳͈̣͚ ̟̬͙̭͍̖be̵͙̜̗̘̗̥̠ę̮͉͉ņ̘͍͖̮̹ ͚̤̳̘̜͍̺c̘̩h̙o͚̰̺̠̟s̟̼͖̖e̵͉̯͚̘̯̲̙n͇̖ ̨̻͎̠͚̭̩b̛̫̭̮y͙̺̖͔͚͈ ̞͙t̖͕͍͈h̶̭̟̻e̩͍͓̬̰͕ ̘͍̦̤ͅs͔̠͍̻̼͖ͅk̜̼i̟͈̹̼e̹̦̠͔̘s͏͍,҉̟͔̜̟̟̤̰ ̫̰̦̯̮̞̮̳̻͚̲͙n̖̺͚̠̳d́ ̠͇͙͜a̺͞r̲̝̬̲ę̫ ̖̘t̠̞̜̞h͎͙̼̺e͎̝̲̜̬̰ ̛͎c͏̞̱͖͖h͈̤͕ͅo̮̗̩̞̙̹ś͍̗̮͎͇̝̤̙n̘̯̪̫̝̼̫ ̗̥̲̙͘o̳͖̰̮n҉̻̹͚̬̠͚ͅę̗͎͍͈ş͉͖͚͙̩,̯̞̪̟̭̀ ̷̪̫̬̖̼̳̖w̡̯̠̼̗ḫ̗i̡̠̙̦̠̻̪̻c̟͓̜̗̣̯͙h̶͈͚͎̯̬̗̯ ̶a̰̳̲͚̖̝̲͟r͍̰̪e̦͕͚̼̯̻̦ ͓͈͎s̸̞̳ų̱͕͔͚̙ͅp͏͎͎̥̫͎̱p̤̲̹̠̣͎ọ̡͓͍͚s̝͘e̩̟͜d̛̻ ͈͝t͝o̵̻̰̠ͅ ̸̥̩l̺̳̮̼ͅe̫͎̘͈̝̟̱̤̭͚͖͝d ̭̻̘̖̹̜̟͟h̥̹̪͎̩u͢m̘͉̮̩̼a̖̠̗͈n̸̮͙̣̱͉͇i̥̣͈̬͕̱͜t̹͎͍̫̠̜̘͢y̮͙̭̕ ͉̘̬͓̮̘̜to͝ ̶̝u̩͔̯̣͈̻n̮̦̰͇͟it̜͞y̛͍͓̙͍,̴͙̜ ̦̼̺̣̜̩̞͡a̵̝n̫̘̪͇̭d̮̟̪̞ͅͅ ̨̳̰̙a̗̳̕n͍͇̮͙̥͟y̟o̖̗͜n̲̖̳̩̮e̼̬̣̣̤̯͠,͍̱͇͘ ̫̤̲͟w̛̲̗̝h̘̼̟̪͔͍o̵̥ ̰͝o͕̼̻p̲̪̱̹̥p̩o̡͈̣͈s̻̞̼̺̮͎̟͟e̜̦͈s҉̖̙ u͟ͅș̫̺͙̯,̶͚̙ ̺̟͠sh̛̖͕̜̤a͕͔̠͍̘l͙͕l̥̠̤̺̳ ̜̯̞̗̥͓͎b̧̟̭̬̞e͚͙͞ ̘̳̹͔̯ţ͎̗͚̪̞͍u̻̝̥͔͍r̡̖̫̠ͅṋ̞̮̟͞ͅḛ̪̦d ͏̹̹̫͔̗̰͕i̶͙̙̲n̲t̥̞͘o̺ du̩̳̠͖͉̟s͎̼͔͈͉͓t̶̝͔͇̞̘̲!̨̲̦̯̞̱

̟̰̘̟̲͘S͓̹̜̠̳̀k̮͓͎͓͓̣̖i̝͚̪͓͞e̸̻͔̹s̨̘̟͓͖ͅ,҉̣̭͈ͅ ̨̼̖a̧̩n̩d͏͈ ͏G͙̜͙͍̩̞o̙͇̩̮͢d̦̠̲̥̟̀ ͈̲͎a҉ḷ͈͎̼͓̠̫s̪̮o̹̱͔̪̯̼ͅ ̸͍͇͈̻p̙͔̹͜i̼̣c̩̲̬͚͟k̘̭̺͕̯̺e̶d̦ ̹̩͇̞1̜͈̩̙3̣̭̭̩͚ ҉͉̪͚̫̭ͅͅg̦ṛ͈ͅọ͙̫̼̮ụ̙p̭̜͡s̥͖̘̞͍̣, ͓͎͙̝͇͡ͅa͕̲̺̩͕͠ǹ͔̫̻͈̹d̮͖̱̲͍̫̟ ̖a͡ ͙̮͖̖̠̮p̢̳ͅr̞̘̰͕͓̬o̻͎̼͖̺̯̟ṕ͙̺̝̥̠h̠̠̪̹̕e̻̼̫̯c̘̩̹͉̗̩̺̝͞ ̱̻̳͉̱͖͉s͙͇͙͕̣̩͉a̬̣̱̱̮ͅi͈d͇̻ͅ,̷̥̖̭̬̩ ̧t̙̫͔̲̫̪͎h͔̟̺a͈̮͞t͓̰̺͙̙̬̭ ͎̮͓̣̪̙t̟̺͇̝͔͢h̶͙ę̯͈̟̦r̩̠̟̤ ̣͙̞̯̥d̖e͕̜̗̣̪͚̞s̯̯̩̦̖͇̭t̢͓i̲̱ͅͅn҉͙͙̹̬̲y̠̝̞͇ ̜͙̹̜w̡̯o̢̫͓u͍̗͔̜̭l̤̙̭̜̪d ̱͚̙̘͓͈͢ͅb̤̖̼̺e͔͙͢ ̼͚̗͙̙́g͍ͅo͕̦̠͔̠v̭e̷̦r͓̼͉n̠̻͖a̗̗̠͔͖̘n͉͕͔͘c̞̮e҉̲͇͙̞̮̳̼ ̟̀o͏̬̻̥̦̭̥ͅf̦̗̠̥͍͞ͅ ̤̣̬̞t̛̬h̷̺͉̹̫̼ͅe̟͖̥̠̲̜ ̶̰̗u͕̗̤̰̙͝n̞̪̤̭i̶̞͈̪̺̘̪ͅt̞̳̫̙̯͙̭ę̺͇d̫̝̫͕̠̹̼ ̱̝̫̱̯Ȩ͖̞͚̜̫̦a̗̯̥̤̟r̴̗̣͍͎̘̙t̹͡ḫ̵,̴͖̱͇̲ ͍a͈̻͇ͅṋ̰͈̬ͅd̜̳̥̺̼̰͓ ͖̰̠͖͙̘̻ọt̼̱͕̦̗͘he̺r̡̤̹̯̲̭͙s̟͓̤͉ ͈͇̼͍̖̫̱̕w̖̪̮͔̙̖͉o̷̟̯͕͕u̸͍̻̬̮̬̩̙ĺd̹͍̬ ͉̱͚̱b̩̘͖e͍͈͓͙̭ ̼̀t̡h̯̫e̲͉̞̘̯̜ ̱̼͈̞͝a̰̼̪͍̩̱̖s̵̫̮̫s͕̫i̷̻̜̯̬s̼t͔̺̩͓̦a̖n͏̖͇̖t̠ṣ̴̝͉̳̪ ͕̙͉o͖͇͝f̝͉̥͔̼̙ ̺̞̫t̰̦͓͚̖͢h̘̩̲͖̤̀ḙ̢͇̥̞̦m͉.̺ ̧̠͉͓̩̫̣͈Th̖̳͚̥͟ͅi̢s̤̯ ͉wa̘̞̕s ̭ͅͅw̴͉̗r̴̻͍̤̝̤̪i͕t͠t̢̺̬̥e̮͉̤̗n̼̥ ̶̖͖̼̯̦͚̝iņ̣ ̗̤̺̻̣͔t̺̖̮̖̥ͅh̬̙͍ ̲̹͚s̱̫̜̹̟̰t̗͙̩̙͎̫ͅa͎͉͔͍̫r̸̝͚͕s̹̬̜͘.͇͙
͎͕̹̙̞̺Ạ̤̣͓̼̹̗͝l̶̘̘͉͔̬͓m̥͍o̞͖͍s̭͓̰̲̪t͉́ ̷̞̲a͕̜͞ ̸̩̟̟̱̼͖h̀u̬͓̣͈̤ͅͅn̜̻͓̤̹̠̕d̶͕r̭̺̰e̫̖̫d̀ ̳̦y̗̣̰͈̭͍͕͜e̞̤̟͚͎͕ͅa̛r̝͉s͚ ̛̬̥͍a͕̹̗̗g̮͎̣̪̻͢o̟,̞̙ ͕͈̫̫͕͈̮a̡̟ s͜t̳͖̖͚͇ͅa͈͔͚̯͔͞r͇̯̠ ͙̭̰̘̲͖f̶̪͉͖͍̳̖͚e͓̫̗̪̫͎̕ḷ͍͇̞l̦͖̝͈͇̳ ͇̞̯̟͢f̞̝̖͞ͅͅr̮̙̜̦͢o͇̪̠̬̳m̧͚̹̼̥̟͎ ̳͖͓ṯ̟̥̺̥̬ḫ͕͍e̜̟̘͈̤̪̳ ̼̳̣͉͠ͅş̥ḳ̭̜̰̬̼̻͜i̙͚̜͇̩e͖͈͉̙̖͕s,̭̮̙ ̟͇̠ͅn̥͢d̷̝̭̭͇͕ͅͅ ̻w̖e͏̰̭ ͏̮̜͔̹̣t͏̳͔͈̲o̩̘ọ̩̯k̮̩͍̼ ̺͉͘i҉t͏̠̲͍ ̠̟͠a͙͉̺̝̲̠s̝̖ ̳̜̠̺a̩͙̖ s̘̙͍͚͕̹i͟g̢̖̤̗̥ͅn̬̰̬,̤͚̟̼̲͙ ̵͚̳̦̼̖̼̳t͚̲̭̯͡ͅͅha͓̳̻̘ţ ̩̻́we͏ ͈͇̘̹͖͜m̛̟̫̟͓ͅṷ̻͚s̪͉̭̬t ̖̮͚͜s͖͚̖t͎̹̩͙̺r̨̰̹̠̹͉ͅͅt̟͍̠̞̘̪͈̕ ̵̫̤̭̘͚t̼͖̰͢h̪͈̺e̘͓̜ ͉w̥̺͖̦͓̩͞ḁ̱̠̦̬r͇͇͙̠ a̺̗g͚a̼i̧̟n̴̰͔̗ș͉͇̥͔̖̲t̸ ̛͖͚̟̙̣̲ͅo̮͔ͅu̴͍͈̳̪̝͈̬r̭̗̪ ̞͔̪͔̮ͅe͕̫̜̮̭̤ͅn̮̲̝̘̥͎em͜ie̲͓̺̙͓̼s̛͎,̧ ͙̗͚̝̳͡a͈̙̙n̲̠̱d ̼ͅu͏̪̮n̢i̢̻t̹̻̲e͏͓̰ ̩̺͚͇̝t͍̜͕h̰̰̹͜e̞ ̠w̱̩̹͍̩̭͕̹̯r͏͕̝̪̥l̙̯͔̲̺̰̮̕d҉̫.̲̦̤̼ ̳̫H̦̲̝̙o̟̗͓̘̳̭̲w͖̠̤͕̙͔͠e͇̤̻̻͍͘v̱̲̼͈̮͜e͕̜̕ŕ,̬̫̜͈̳̘̳̀ ̪̞s̲̙̫͕̦̞o̦̝ͅm̢̬e̥̼̫̺̥͢t̺̬̼̘̰̘hi̘͖̩̗̰̜n̥̯̤̭͕ͅͅg͔̪͈̞͕ ̻̱we͓͙̙͢n͏̬̤t҉̲ ̷̝w̘r̷͙ͅọ̱͖̝̬͕n͖̗͕̯̥̮g,̸̖͇̹͇̤ an̶͎̭̻ḏ̹͜ ̴͙̺̻͎͍a҉̱̟͖f̦͈͡te҉̞͖̼̫͇r̘͉ ̯̙͕̼̲g̨̥̥r̭̼̥͚e͚̙̲ͅąt͓͔̠͞ ̴̺̤s̺̭͙̮̝u͏̦̣c̵c̬̳e̳̞s̸͇s̰̫̯̼͖ͅe̥̥̘͙̘̥̣s̞̟͖̫̼̩̳,̞̲̭͎ ̹͜ͅw̨e͕͓̼̘̯̳ ̘̬͚s̯͍̤t͞u͕͚c̵͓̫̣̻͓k̤͟ ͘i̛̬n ҉̱͇̭͚̪͖ͅa̛̺̙̘ ͙̯̙̪̥̻͡b̘̼̮̣̦̲̟͈͡g͘ ̼͍̥̯̘̝̗m͓̹̦̜̭u҉̩̞̼̬̱̺d͓̖͖͎̘̝,̜̼ ̫͚ą̰n̖̫̲̙͈͓̗d͎̥̫͈̳ r̗̜̘̬̝͚̀e͇̟̳m͚͔͍a͔̼̗͖̻̯i̻̤̻͇̪̱͔ne̟̞̪̭d̠̼̖͎ ̣͉͍ͅͅt̵h҉̦e͏̙͔̭̦̤̺͉r̟̥͖̺e̯̼̥ ̛͚̞̲̜̦͖f̛o͏r̖̲̺̘͉ ͍̮̫a̶̯̺̺ͅ ̬l̼̖͚̱ọ̗̖̲͔̯ṉ̖̥̻͘g̤͎ ̦̝͇͙̦͖̘t̨̜̦i̸̯m̧̠͕͉̰e̥̟.̫̯̖̭̗͇̝.̼͕̳̩̯̥̯.̸̼
̶͉̻̟̥̲̭H̨̝͓͔̱̱w̩͖̖͠e͏̜̘v͙͕͈̮͔̮e̼r̹,̩̦̥̭̤̙̕ ̘̱͕s̢̮͍̭͕̼i͘t̛͎̟͕̯̠̙u̫͙̺̣̮̜͔a̰t͕͞ị̗ͅo̸̟͙̼͎̫̺̺n̼͉̟͇̼͞ ̞̪̦̼̝̮c̼̱̕h̦̞̰a̹̠̜̤͡n͇ge͕͖̠d̮̦̰ ̼̤̲a̘ ̠̼̱̫͙̦̭l̩̳o̶͉̩̩̲̫̜ț̙̣̻͉͠ ̢̼ju͏͖̺s̷̺͍̙̳t̝̬ ͏a̡̭̗̞̬̬ ͓̟̭f̢͙̯̲̹͉̣͈e̖̲̭̘w҉͇̺̻ ̴̼̲͎͕̖̺y̸̩̰̱̯̯̺ea̱̝̣̳̝̼̗͜r̞̼̹s͈͘ ̠̭a͉g͕̗͇̯͠o̷,̹͎̦̭͜ͅ ̼a̮̗̱̲̮̘͍͟n̪̹̣d͍̱͕ ̧͉̤̯s̺̠̱̤̳͎̘t̥̮̦͖a̯r̹͘ ͕̘̣f͖͇e̼͍̭̹͙̺̪l̞̙̣͞l ̗̰̦̩̲́f͓͓r̶͙̱̜̯o͏̠͕̜͍ͅm̝̝ ̷̝̳̖t͔͠h̖̰͖̩̲̲̹e͍̹ͅ ̠͇͖̬̞̗͇s҉̘k̗͓͖i̧̗̞̣̱e̜̤̟̮̜̜s̨͓̠͕̦̱ ̩̙̜̣̪a͜g̟͎͈̼̹͢ͅa̫̳̪̻̹i̙̼̪̪̦̰̠͟ṉ̟̹̟̖͚, ̵̤̝̲̗an͏͖̩̪̻̟d͓̮̳̭͉͔͚ ̣̮̠̝̞̱w̕e̺̳̖͍̩̪̥͡ ̠̟̣̠̻̞̜͠t͇͍̗̮͡o̹͙̮ͅo̬̗k̸͍̻ ͇̝̝̖ṯ̡̰̗̟̟̲h̥͔̘̰̦̜̭͠i̭͇̟̱̘͕s̮̹̱̺̘̠͟ ̢͚̻ͅa̙̗̺̺s̳̞͓ ͖̞͝a̰̹̬̖͘ ͙͉̳̤̯̰̙͠s̤̯͉̹͍į͔̖̗͖̪͈̤g̮̦̰͇̹̪ͅn̜̖̙̣, ̯̕t͔͉͎͉̜ͅh̹̥̯̼͕̟̹a̱t͙ ̶̣̰w͓͈̯̩̖e̪̟͇̕ ̭͈̹͔͈̫m̟̮̼u̜̱s͕̭̟̲t̷͚̳̻͍͇͔ ͚̩͈̮̳͚̫͠f̡͓ị̦n͘i̩͔̥͉̤̗͈s̨͈̙̼͇̰h҉ ̶͈̳̟̟͓o̤̠̯̣̱͜u̼̖̘̠ŗ͚̠͈ ̣̰̠͙̬̭ͅq҉̥̭̳̮͔̬̳̣̯͖e͈s̥̫̮̗ͅt͉̲͍͡, ̜̳̥̞̩̜a͔͟n͕͎̦͢d̤̪̝͕̗̙ ͈̀t̸͕̯̪̹͔̝̼h͟ị̤̞͇͇̙̗s͉͎͡ ̶̤͔̙t̛̟̞̗̜͖̹̭̩͎͉m̹̬e̵,̻ ̺̙͓͉͠no̹͎̳̰͇͓͈t̤͔̱h̯̮̯̦̥͟ing̶̹͇̥̝ ̞s͍̩͉͓̰̣͝h̤̩o̖͙̰͎̘̳u̵̮̱̭̗̼̣l̦̻d̲̙͈̫͎̼̫ ̹̙̩̙̼̦g̮̯̀o̡̤͉̱̠ ̖͙̮͕̤ͅw̴r҉̳̺͇̣̘̞o̹͔̤̱͎n̴̞̱̠g̖̠̙͈͕̫.̧͔̜̙̫
̹̬̮̙̻N͓̜̠̘̭̰o͎͜w̭̹̦̹̥̭ͅ,̜͇͈͓͜ ̛w̼̺̗͖͎̠͘ ̘̭̗̭͎a̛̭̱͔̤̘͖re̘̰̫͈ ͡s̶t̵͕r̫͙̜̳o̶̹̩̲̥ng͠e̤̖̯̪ͅr̻̱͚̳͍͜ ͓͙̱̩t̟͈͙hͅa̩͚n͇̖̗̼ ͔̻̜́e̹̗͖͢ve̡̹͖̠̻̬̦r͚̤.̨̤̖̦̫̫ ̣A̺͜n̞̮̮̲͢d͙͇͈̜̗̣̠ ̗̠w͖̜̤̝ͅe̴̯̠̭ͅ ̝̘͇̰̟d̼on̖̱'͖̭̫̹͉̣ṭ̶̱͍͉̜̟ ̴̹͕͎̣p̘͢l̸̻a̧̯͉̻̺̩ṋ̵ ̸̤̺̖̰t̮̠̤̳͚͙͍o͜ ̞̮͍s̤͙̦t̶̰̭o͖̯̣ͅͅp-͇ ͜t̶͍̟h̖̪͖̲͕͠e͍͇̳͍̼͕̙͝ ͉͇̟s̻̪̠̯k͍̤i̛e̱͙̬̼̤͇ś͔,͉ͅ ͉͚̟͇ͅa̳̥n҉̱̭̝̖͈̞͕d̨̹ ̯̺͚͙̠͖̠s͙͍p̭̹̮̣̜a̖c̴̗̬̣̲̣̮̙e̶̘ ̩̱̤̬̻͖̰͜s͔͕t̼͉i̭l̝̘̻l͏͎͙̳ ͈͍̫̜ha̹v̥̰͎e̲̟̕ ̯a͇̮ ̫͓͔̪l̶͉̤ot̛͙̲̟ ̫̬̞̫o͉f̥̙͓̮͜ ̠t̫͓̮͙̘ḩ̙̠i͈̦͕̞̬̱̜n̳͖̜̱̺g̝̳̼̖̥ş̖ ̷͇͍̲̖̬̬t̻̞͇̳̙͍o̮͠ ̢̝̪̥͓ͅe̘͈̬̱̬͇x̨p̬͔̹̱̱̞͟l̪̫o̜͈̱̻̬͈̘͝r̡̩̘͕e͖̦̠͔̠̲͓,͇ ̤̰̠ͅa̙͈̝̼̬̳̤n͢d҉ ̫̰͕̗͖c͉̭o̙̟̤̬̩̫͡l̶͔͉̜̬o͍̱͚͖͟nįz̪̲̲e͓͔̳.̶͕̳ S̲̲̟̙̞̰͟h̜̦͢ͅa̱̤͔ll̨̫͈̜̳͚̝ ͉̬̫͚͍ͅG̹̼̘̹o̱̹d͙̠ ҉͓h̡̥ȩ̤͇̺̞͙l̠̝̜͈p̸̤̳̳̩̰ ̳̙̞̤u̹̝͙̘s̜̙̩͉͓̲!̰͖̤̟͘"̷̳̙̯̳̥ͅ"

- Party's encrypted transmission

South African desert police member

Touareg techno-tribal


Room of UCN security council (A similar, yet smaller room is designed for local governments)

Uniforms the Party's members at march

An important party's member

Finnish military police

Canadian farm

Drone swarm in the streets, used by SCPS in order to maintain low crime levels

Chips production

Patriotic Oil Company

Patriotic Oil Company


Motto: ''Drillin' oil for the Homeland since 1956.''

On every oil field, that Commonwealth controls, a.k.a every field on the world. Other question is, how directly it controls them.

Oil workers:Approx 1,000,000

Main HQ:Washington D.C.
Reserve HQ:Denver

Official Language:English

National Language:English

Demonym:Oil worker

- CEO: Brent Zimmerman
- CFO: Oscar Henderson
- President: Brooke Perry
- Board of Directors: Henry Price, Tommy Clark, Sandra Ford, Ethan Wood, Maverick Wright, Isabel Kelly
- Local Affairs CEO/Advisory: Joseph Jenkins
- Disputed Zone Affairs CEO/Advisory: Mollie Parker

Establishment: April 17th, 1956 (From dissolved Oil companies)

GDP (nominal): $170 trillion


Time Zone:Many

Patriotic Oil Company

The Patriotic Oil Company, commonly called as POC(Will be refered to POC in continuation of text), is a mega-corporation of the Silver Commonwealth, and is the only oil corporation, who exists, and controls the entire oil business. It has an enormous budget, oil wells and rigs in five continents, and an enormous amount of workers. It drills oil both on land, and near coast. However, POC also has started to build ships, who could drill oil from fields in ocean, which is far from the coast. High depth of ocean still remains a problem, tho.

POC has workers not only from Silver Commonwealth, but from Russian Empire, and China as well- those are prisoners of war. Even Natives from former Disputed Zone are often used as oil workers. POC has pretty well trained units, who can suppress worker strikes, and guard oil wells and rigs from intruders, or attackers. Workers get paid as much as CEO of POC wants to pay.

However, that doesn't mean, that POC is the puppet master of government, and can do whatever they want. It is rather the opposite- POC is under a large supervision of government, and government can decide, what wage pay to CEO, and administration. Government also usually takes a lot of POC's money for itself, and can fire the whole administration, including CEO, whenever they want.

*You found a note from a oil rig worker*

POC has recently started to test new oil drilling robots, which might make us either jobless, or being sent to other oil rigs. If something will not happen, FAE will turn into a corporate dictatorship, and unions will be gone. We must do something, before it is too late!

*Note archived in your device*


In 1956, Father America ordered to dissolve all private oil companies, and merge them into one- Patriotic Oil Company. It would be under state's control, and would work for the state, rather than for its own gain.

At first, it took over the oil fields in Canada and America. It placed its guards in every well, and ordered to keep out any intruders. It was important to have an absolute monopoly on oil.

Later, POC expanded into Central America, and European Federation. After that, it strengthened its positions in Southern America.

Later, POC took over the South Africa's market as well, and was starting to have a quite good profit. At this point, POC's CEO turned his sight on Disputed Zone's resources. To extract resources in such a hostile area, POC's engineers construed a special well- mobile ground well, which could be easily planted on the ground, and after all oil would be pumped out, mobile well would be taken away, and drilling place- sealed.

Australasian Confederation was the last place, where POC took over. However, at this point, POC was very strong.

After all oil fields of Silver Commonwealth were taken over by POC, POC's CEO started to look at oil fields in Arctic and Antarctic. At first, POC sent explorers to localize the oil fields in Arctic and Antarctic. After that, mobile drilling teams were sent to them, and oil drilling started there as well. Of course, Arctic was in disputed zone too, and Russians tried to drill out oil there too, so there were often violent clashes between Russian and American soldiers in Arctic's front.

After collapse of two superstates, POC has now ventured into former territories of two superstates, in order to man the abandoned oil platforms. Some of them were captured by workers, some were held by militant CEOs, and POC needed to clear them out from the plants first, in order to man them.

There are approximate to be 1 million workers in POC. most of them are from various Regions of the Silver Commonwealth, although there are POW's as well, and even Natives of Regions. All workers must wear the same uniform, and there is a strict discipline.

Oil workers.

In a workplace, official language is English, and is one from requirements to get a job. Speaking in other languages in work is not legal, and although workers can speak in their own language, while not working, they still choose English, especially when they are living with other workers.

As religion is not an important matter in CEO's eyes, and administration itself is quite secular, no one really knows, how much followers of any religion oil company has.


Corporation is structured like any normal corporation. However, government is always more powerful than CEO in POC, and usually serves as a true leader of the corporation, with CEO just doing the main work.

Its military mostly consists from oil well guards, who are patrolling with boats around sea oil wells, and around the perimeter on the ground. Some of them also dive underwater, to prevent a possible damage from below. They can be used for war as well, but their performance is usually worse than regular soldier performance, so they usually just guard the wells. They also crush worker strikes as well.


It operates under a state economy, so it usually has a limits, how much money it can get to itself for a profit. Sometimes government lets company to have the most part of profit, however, in some cases, government seizes quite a large chunk of it. However, building mobile oil well ships, exploring for oil, paying wages to workers and soldiers, building wells itself, and paying taxes takes quite a lot of company's money, so government usually lets it to keep at least a medium part from the profit.

Its infrastructure mostly consists from oil wells, and pumps. However, oil pipes are also needed, to transport the oil. Railroads, ships, and roads are also important. However, all mentioned things are owned by the state, so company can't get profit from them.
Although it is an oil company, it uses other resources, to sustain itself, to save as much oil as possible, and increase possible profit.

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Connor Perry

LinkBasically like this (on the right)

LinkConnor's Theme

Connor was born in Arizona. He read history books in his childhood already, and his interest about it grew only stronger, when he reached age of 16. After completion of studies, he joined the army voluntarily - something like that was unexpected. However, unlike most of the soldiers from Rockies, which preferred melee fights, Connor decided to pick sneak attack training, and diversion tactics. This knowledge helped him later on, when he returned back to the former Arizona, and restructured the army unit. However, he didn't always hold his current views - in past, he was a social liberal/social democrat, due of his parents being a part of an undeground group. However, eventually Party's excessive propaganda, along with brainwashing, radicalized Perry, and made him into a backstabber, and eventually - into a monster. His ''family'' now was the Party, his ''brothers'' - other Party's members.

When he returned to Rockies from the war in Asia, he had achieved a significant war experience, and fame already. Hence why his first act was in favor of army - he got more laser rifles for them, and started to train them with sniper tactics, and ambushes. He also started ideological indoctrination, with mixing socialist and fascist works together. However, in the end, he was still a member of the Party's conservative wing, so he is skeptical against stimpaks, and a part of his program is also the protection of status quo as well.

Connor is one from most notorious conservative wing members, which were against reforms performed by Carter. He is a great friend to the leader of Trinity, as they both share similar views. He hates the Elder of Pacifica, on the other hand, as Pacifica has traditionally embraced reforms the fastest. Connor also prioritizes melee fight more than other governors, and until recently, stimpaks weren't allowed to be used for soldiers of the Rockies. Of course, Connor's soldiers might be physically more fit, but the conservative stance on weaponry has also hurt the technological advancement in Rockies - for example, power armor is almost unavailable there, and although laser rifles do exist, most common used rifles still use bullets.

Connor has a mild interest in Roman customs (He still is a devout Christian, however, but a Mormon, unlike most of American Megastate leaders, and has agressively pushed the usage of Deseret alphabet over traditional English script), and his army has some elements of them, although it more resembles soldiers from the 50s. His units also typically use Latin names, and some of the common phrases in Rockies are in Latin. They also have red, and golden stars painted on them often. His economical views could be described as somewhat socialist. However, at the same time, he is very reactionary in social issues, and has gone so far in his militarism, that he has been accused of ''creating a cult of war'' within the Rockies. However, no one in government really knows, how socialist he is. His army also regularly carries the flag of Rockies with them - an eagle with circle sun at the top, and fasces.

Cousineau has described Connor as ''A man with honor'', and has partially been inspired by his law ideas. However, Connor has also received a few criticisms, as he often treats prisoners of war pretty horribly. Also, instead of a 50s US soldier uniform worn by average soldiers, he wears an uniform similar to modern US marine (Veteran Legionaries wear Marine uniforms). He, similarly to most of other regional governors, is a radical republican, at least on paper. However, there is no democracy in his republic, just as in most of other republics, from which SC consists. He also sometimes jokingly is called as ''Second American Caesar''. He considers Reformist period ''as mistake'', especially the allowance of Party's Liberal Wing to form, as in his opinion, ''it encouraged underground rats like UDU to become more active, like sharks who have smelled blood''.

Karma: Very evil

S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats:Strength: 6
Perception: 5
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 4
Luck: 6

LinkPerry's 8Values results

Pro: ''Reactionary socialism'', nuclear energy, Roman symbols, Christianity, art of occult sciences, syndicalism, fascism, world government, decentralization system, honor, harsh justice for criminals, laser rifles, mysticism, state capitalism, ''organic state'', robots, history, conservative wing, Lone Star, statism, totalitarian republicanism, absolute monarchy (depends).

Anti: Mercy, power armor, liberalism, globalism (with exception for totalitarian variants), weakness, free market capitalism, atheism, primitivism, technocracy, reason, synths and androids,most of other sentient species, gender studies, freedom of the internet, reformist wing, Pacifica, anarchism, constitutional monarchy, ''mutants''.


''My parents taught me manners, when I was a kid. Yours seemed to not.''

''Colorado is a natural beauty... And a resource.''

''How socialism can be democratic? Every socialist, what I have met, seems to disagree.''

''Human, and AI centric foreign policy should be applied to space.''

''All forms of anarchism are the bane of the society. Yes, including national anarchism.''

''Being tall equals strength. Either be tall, or you will perish in this wicked world.''

''See those men? They are my, no, our police. They can punish an entire city for its sins. You wouldn't want to get on their bad side, would you?''

''Casino is a good way how to earn more money for the region, and state, as all ties lead to the government.''

''At first, you will learn to stab that target, and only then - to shoot it.''

''Who doesn't love a pint of beer?''

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