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Kyoki Chudoku Detailed Supreme Overlady of All Reality

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Aozora Chiyumi
Supreme Overlady of All Reality

Age: 25 (according to her)
Years Of Rulership: Unknown

Species: Tenshi (believed)/Neko (at one point)
Ethnicity: Chudokuren
Main Language: Japanese

Head of State
Head of Government
Supreme Commander of the Military
Matriarch of Necerierra

Racism: Against
Gender Discrimination: Against
Torture: Varies
Capital Punishment: For
Religion: Against
Militarism: For
Immigration: Against
Atrocities: For

Democracy: Against
Tyranny: For
Communism: For authoritarian, Against liberal
Monarchy: Neutral
Theocracy: Against
Capitalism: Against

Related to: Sagiri Axelford-Hoffmahn (adopted daughter)

Military development
Supporting the Warsaw Pact
Securing reality against arcane threats

Enjoys: Cookies, tyranny, purple
Dislikes: Romance, traitors, stalkers, freedom, capitalism

Aozora Chiyumi

"I am not an idiot! You may see me as unstable, but I assure you, I'm better than most people. I've created races, you know. I managed to secure an entire civilisation, and become its ruler. What greatness has democracy given you? People in democracies spend weeks arguing over pointless things like whether there's enough parks or whether torture should be restricted or whether they should not develop deadly weapons of mass destruction. My way is far more efficient. And entertaining, too."

-Aozora Chiyumi, Supreme Overlady of All Reality

“That is my duty. To ensure order! To protect my nation! To oppose chaos, whatever form it may take! And rest assured. No matter my own struggle, no matter if I am wounded or tortured or broken or shattered outright, I will not rest in my responsibility! That much is my promise to the world. That much is my promise to myself. And I do not betray my promises.”

-Aozora Chiyumi, Supreme Overlady of All Reality

Aozora Chiyumi, Supreme Overlady of All Reality is the absolute ruler of the Supreme Ultimate Country of Kyoki Chudoku. She is known for her tyrannical rule, her former love of torturing traitors and continued errors to destroy treachery, her hatred of democracy and her magical capabilities. Aozora is also known as the creator of tenshi and nekos, and served as a Hegemonic Consul of Necerierra (formerly Co-Imperiestrino). She is the most notable Chudokuren ruler to date, having brought her nation from obscurity to a major and well-known world power.


Little is known about Aozora Chiyumi's childhood. What is known is that she had effectively no contact with her family from a young age, and at some point was able to obtain magical capabilities. Some speculate she was able to develop the tenshification process this early in her life, and used it to give her magic. Some say she originates from a different dimension entirely and arrived in this world later on. Another fact that she has confirmed is that she used to be more murderous with no empathy whatsoever for those around her.


Aozora was a part of a revolution to install a military regime in Kyoki Chudoku, which was at the time known by a different name. The mysterious girl with her scythe at first seemed like little concern. However, she soon proved that her magical capabilities and lack of care for her enemies made her a dangerous threat. At some point early during the revolution, she was able to produce nekos.

Across the nation, she became a symbol of terror and destruction. Some believed she was a demon. She exploited this fear and used it to her advantage. With her magical potential, dominating attitude and ability to torture, she became a notable figure of the revolution itself. She also began to produce tenshi, powerful magical warriors loyal to her.

The civil war was brutal, and she was responsible for many deaths. Eventually, she was able to claim victory over the conflict.


Aozora Chiyumi declared herself Supreme Overlady of All Reality, and renamed the nation to the Supreme Ultimate Country of Kyoki Chudoku. She began enacting tyrannical policies immediately. She also created the Densetsu, a group of nine powerful tenshi, to rule her newly organised districts. Aozora renamed many cities in this time.

However, her reign was not yet secure. Several insurgencies appeared across the nation. Each one was brutally cut down, with massacres soon becoming commonplace whenever rebellion threatened Aozora's rule. She changed the judicial system to use nekofication as a lesser punishment, execution as a moderate punishment and torture followed by execution (or eternal torture until death) as major punishment. She ordered modernisation of the military and shut down access to her country.

Chudokuren doctrine and policy was heavily altered. Aozora ensured that war crimes were no longer considered abhorrent, but rather useful psychological tactics. She also began bioweapon research and further study of the arcane, developing several specialised military divisions along the way.

The World Stage

Seeking to keep her nation safe from potential enemies, Aozora Chiyumi decided to join the Warsaw Pact, founded by Lord Gray of the Sanada Clan. More military expansion was performed, and she did her best to avoid getting involved in conflicts. She also forged an alliance with the Supreme Authority, although distance meant that this nation did not have a major impact locally.

However, this would only last so long. During this time, the Nakusika Rebellion caused Aozora to have to crush rebels. She also authorised a counter attack on the Akhara Islands, after they attempted to invade Kyoki Chudoku.

Gradually, she become closer to Lord Gray, the two eventually becoming intimate. This was, however, not the only lover Aozora had acquired. During an international summit, King Alphonse Kaiser of Solestia attempted to corner and kiss her. She responded by using her scythe to stab, carve and otherwise mutilate the King's body. However, using cloning technology, he managed to live on. His obsession with her would continue for some time, disturbing many.

Gray was eventually found dead. Upon discovering this, Aozora become enraged for some time, followed by depression. Fortunately for her, she was at this time given Sagiri Axelford-Hoffmahn, who Aozora tenshfiied and trained to rule. The Supreme Overlady hoped to use her to effectively place Necerierra under her rule.

Eventually, Aozora found out that Lady Lala was responsible for Gray's demise. The two had a violent confrontation, with Aozora trying to kill the one she perceived as a traitor. However, overextending, Aozora lost the fight, although her life was spared. She was given Lord Gray's Journal, which she decoded to discover that her lover had in reality planned to betray her and was only using Aozora for her magic.

The Supreme Overlady would begin considering Sagiri her adopted daughter at this stage. She was a harsh mother, but ultimately saw what she was doing as necessary and beneficial. As planned, Sagiri would eventually go on to rule Necerierra, with Aozora allowing her a large degree of autonomy.

As time progressed, Aozora would go on to participate in many conflicts, primarily to assist the Warsaw Pact or defend herself from attempted invaders. She was also involved in several duels and other events. Aozora would often emerge from this considerably injured, but always alive.

As result of an event where Aozora believed her daughter to be lost forever, but she eventually returned, Aozora ceased personally tormenting people, as she found it unsatisfying and unhelpful. This did not last, but it did have a slight mitigating impact on her sadism.

At the beginning of the Extermination of the Traitors (also known as the Great Chudokuren Civil War), Aozora was forced into the hands of rebels for a short time. An attempt to avert them deploying bioweapons from a captured facility resulted in the weapons being unleashed, Aozora being disessed and hospitalised, and war commencing. After awakening and coordinating attacks on the enemy, she has since revesled that she also suffered nekofication, and therefore was considered a neko, though she hoped to soon eliminate the excess organs and return to normal anatomy.

During a duel with a Lady Lala (in which the Sanadan was supposedly killed, causing considerable outrage across the world), Aozora's overuse of magic caused her flesh to be burnt, and her neko features were entirely incinerated. After recovering, she decided to adopt a new, more optimistic outlook in hopes of never being driven to such desperation to win that she kills a friend again. Despite this, she remained paranoid and prone to strong responses of misery at times. This also led to her becoming dedicated to enforcing order not just in her nation, but in terms of all domains of the arcane as well.

The Nightmare and Beyond

After the events of the Nightmare War, in which Aozora confronted a twisted alternate version of herself who sought to conquer all realities, the Supreme Overlady of All Reality became rather more reclusive, only recently returning to international communications. Her perspectives on maintain the stability of reality had become more extreme, and she has come to consider herself an opponent of chaos and an enemy of those who seek world conquest. However, she remains rather depressed and somewhat traumatised by the events of the conflict, which saw much of her nation destroyed and several of her associates killed or brainwashed.

While not especially active in international affairs for a time after the Nightmare War, Aozora oversaw Kyoki Chudoku’s reconstruction. She appointed replacements for the lost Densetsu (two of whom were killed, and another two of whom underwent a form of Tengokuren brainwashing known as reincarnation and so were kept in cells until treatment could be found). She also authorised several arcane investigations. One such investigation uncovered the use of magical mind control in the tiny nation of Sartinaynia. Aozora personally led an invasion, apprehending the Monica- the woman responsible- and annexing the country in the name of protecting it from anarchy now that its believed source of order was apprehended. Aozora would go on to conduct a torturous interrogation in the search for any other magical threats, but ultimately succeeded only in shattering her prisoner’s mind. Since that event, Aozora refused to personally torture any prisoner.

Indeed, Aozora allowed her subordinates greater autonomy after Operation Mindbreaker, becoming more reclusive overall. Despite occasional visits to her allies, she grew less and less prominent in international affairs, and even in national administration. Over the course of this time, several allied states of importance to her collapsed- most notably Necerierra, the country her adopted daughter ruled. The two had a somewhat strained relationship at the time, but Sagiri’s fate remains unknown.

Aozora Chiyumi was known for being highly sadistic. She enjoyed the suffering of those she doesn't care about. However, she is also known to be vengeful towards those who hurt people she does care about. This is especially true of cases of betrayal, due to her past experience with such. Aozora enjoys torturing people, especially by using what she considers to be ironic punishments, but also just by carving them apart. This was satisfying and stres-relieving to her. Despite this, she is also prone to bouts of despair and depression, and doesn't take loss well. Aozora is known to experience bursts of rage in such situations, followed by a large amount of time spent in a rather miserable state. Notably, her sadism fails to bring her much satisfaction when she is in such a state. Over time, her sadism has been reduced due to her experiences, and she is no longer often enthusiastic about torture. Indeed, after the Nightmare War, she no longer finds herself able to gain any enjoyment from it whatsoever, and only uses it as a desperate necessity. She does, however, remain merciless to those she considers enemies.

The Supreme Overlady of All Reality's insanity extends beyond sadism. She is also capable of experiencing delusions. These mostly manifest as voices in her head, but on occasion her perception of reality and short-term memory is affected as well. This can make her extremely unstable, especially when stressed, as such stress can trigger the delusions. However, she is improving at recognising and avoiding such delusions. Her stability in this area has increased dramatically over time, and she no longer suffers delusions or hallucinations, though she does struggle with her rage and desire to control.

Aside from her insanity, Aozora is generally a very stubborn individual, refusing to concede or give in when challenged. She has a low opinion of the average intelligence of humanity, and therefore often sees people who disagree with her as idiots. She is also rather controlling. Aozora absolutely despises anybody who she sees as betraying her, or those she cares about.

Due to a combination of her psychological instability, general distrust, and past experiences, Aozora is known to be extremely paranoid. She feels that whenever she is vulnerable, somebody will exploit it and often feels that when she does care for people, it only ends up causing her more suffering. As a tyrannical dictator, she has also undergone several attempts at assassination. As a result, she is slow to trust, will bring security wherever she can, and will always leave herself the ability to have access to a weapon.

At one stage, she cared little for those around her. However, her history led Aozora to grow more capable of compassion. This soon shattered, and she was left in a state where she viewed suffering as inevitable. Gradually this shifted into a philosophy where she embraced her pain and misery and used them to fuel her determination. She attempted to adopt a more optimistic approach, although she remained weary and paranoid. Currently, Aozora considers it her duty to ensure order regardless of her own happiness, and believes that she may never be truly happy with how the world is, but that is all the more reason for her to try protect what good things there are within it.

The Supreme Overlady of All Reality is a tyrant, and takes pride in this fact. She sees democracy as a weak system that promotes division instead of national unity, and as one where arguments are made instead of decisions. She somewhat dislikes many monarchies due to their inheritance sytems causing conflict and making it possible for unfit leaders to gain power purely because of their blood.

In terms of economics, Aozora supports state-controlled industry, however does not associate herself with communism. She simply believes that she should have as much control over her country as possible. Despite this, Aozora views economic system as less important than the authoritarian governance of a nation.

Aozora Chiyumi cares little about war crimes, and sees them as valid tactics. She also supports the use of torture for interrogation purposes, and utilising methods of psychological warfare against her enemies. Despite this, she does not endorse ethnic genocide, seeing it as a pointless waste of resources and killing people based on something that doesn't matter.

The Supreme Overlady of All Reality promotes rule through fear. She justifies her constant use of torture, her promotion of war crimes, and the development of dangerous weaponry such a bioweapons by stating that they discourage potentially problematic individuals or nations from attempting to create dissent or attack Kyoki Chudoku. To her, fear is a weapon to utilised as a method of maintaining order, whilst causing her potential enemies to dread any conflict against her.

Aozora disallows immigration or tourism to Kyoki Chudoku, believing it to be a massive security risk. She is adamant on this point, to the extent that unauthorised vessels and aircraft will be shot on sight regardless of origin. She prefers to avoid risks whenever she can, and as such will take drastic measures to keep her country, and herself, safe. This includes massacres of suspected insurgents and their suspected affiliates, the burning of corpses to ensure death (which also provides power) and the immense surveillance within her nation. Aozora also prohibits weapons being owned by any individual not employed in the armed forces or police forces.

Despite her tyranny, Aozora does not discriminate based on gender, sexuality, or ethnicity. The Supreme Overlady sees doing so as wasteful and ignoring what is truly important. She is against religion, regardless of whether the deities in question actually exist or not. Since the Nightmare War, Aozora has banned religion in Kyoki Chudoku, especially including worship of herself.

As a result of Aozora's history, Kyoki Chudoku has adopted a new stance on use of the arcane. Aozora supports limited and careful use of magic, and sees tenshi as perfectly stable. However, she has experienced enough attacks by arcane abominations to be very paranoid any time they are created, and has a firm belief that overuse of magic damages the fabric of reality. Since the Nightmare War, Aozora has become more interventionist in this regard, actively emplying the Himitsu no Shakai to examine various forms of magic and seeking to destroy any dangerous examples of such before they can do too much damage.

Aozora Chiyumi appears fairly average for a Chudokuren in terms of skin tone, though she is slightly pale. She is of average height, neither incredibly tall nor extensively short. However, the most striking aspect of her appearances is her hair and eyes, which are a bright purple colour.

In terms of clothing, Aozora generally wears a red cloak with more comfortable purple garments underneath of it. It is suspected she does this to keep herself warm, and to make bloodstains less noticeable on her. Aozora also generally wears boots, and finds it difficult to keep balance with shoes that aren't flat. Another curious feature of her appearance is fake cat ears, which she generally wears on her head. It is unknown why exactly she does this, however many say it gives her a distinct silhouette and it is possible that she simply wishes to have such a recognisable appearance.

Aozora Chiyumi is known for her arcane abilities. Unlike other documented tenshi, her abilities don't seem to have a fixed manifestation. Rather, they are versatile and she is capable of gradually developing new ones. Her magic invariably appears in the form of vibrant purple energy.

She will often use this magic to enhance her speed and agility, allowing her wield her scythe effectively in battle situations. She can fire orbs of magical energy which cause notable wounds and burns on impact. Aozora can also generate blazing infernos of purple fire which can spread based on her command. The Supreme Overlady of All Reality has been shown to create barrier, magical shields that protect her from ranged attacks such as bullets. Aozora can also use magic to conjure certain items, such as her scythe, and seems to possess some telekinetic capabilities, though these are minor and rarely noticeable.

However, Aozora's magical energy is not unlimited. After using it for several minutes, she will become drained rapidly as her reserves run out. Additionally, should she exert herself too much without regard for consequence, she will begin using her own flesh to power her magic, effectively burning herself in an extreme form of tenshi burn that is fatal if undergone for long.

Perhaps Aozora's most iconic weapon is her scythe. She is very proficient in the use of it, both as a combat tool and a toture device. The symbolism of the weapon is something which Aozora appreciated and exploits. Despite being powerful, it is somewhat cumbersome, and Aozora preferd an agile and rapid fighting style to prolonged clashes.

For dealing with combat at range, Aozora has taken to carrying an SB SnS pistol. This is a standard issue Chudokuren weapon. The Supreme Overlady of All Reality has poor aim naturally due to lack of training, but uses magical bullet guidance to make up for it, usually having average accuracy with the weapon as a result.

Despite not being weapons in of themselves, both the Lake Superior Scroll (although this was returned to its original owners later on) and Lord Gray's Journal are arcane artefacts within Aozora's possession. The former is capable of opening interdimensional rifts, however is very unpredictable and has since been destroyed entirely. The latter contains classified information and studies of the arcane.

Perhaps the most notable hobby of Aozora's was “stress relief", otherwise known as torture. Aozora enjoyed using what she considered ironic punishments. For example, she used fire to torment arsonists. Generally, she would use her scythe to carve into people, often leaving deep markings or even messages in the wounds. In some cases, she would write a message in a corpse and then send it to the streets as a warning. However, over time she grew less comfortable with this habit, and now she has become too paranoid to engage in it at all, finding no satisfaction in the activity.

Aozora also enjoys baking, especially that of cookies. The food has become symbolic of her and her nation. However she will often place poison in her cookies before giving to them to the unsuspecting. Despite this tendency, many agree that the quality of her cookies is high and that when they are not poisoned, they are delicious. Aozora herself eats many such cookies.

When not torturing, baking, or performing her duties as Supreme Overlady of All Reality, Aozora enjoys playing games and watching animations. She finds these things a distraction from the hardships of her reality, and also finds inspiration for many new ideas within them. Despite this, she isn't particularly good at gaming.

Although rarely mentioned or performed now, Aozora was also known for a love of experimentation earlier in her life. She invented two unrelated processes for physical transformation- nekofication and tenshification- and referred to many of her victims as “test subjects” for a considerable time. She is also responsible for the invention of the mental inhibitor, and she took a considerable interest in pain projection technology.

"The issue I have with the everyone is equal stuff is that people aren't equal. I mean sure it's unfair to judge entirely based on race or whatever but you have to judge based on something. Take me for example. People view me as different to you. Why? Because I am different to you. As for no crime, well, easy. Just make everything legal. Then make sure every person undergoes the exact same government indoctrination and is cloned from the exact same DNA, and congratulations, your have your utopia."
-Aozora Chiyumi, Supreme Overlady of All Reality on equality

"Fortunes favours those who do not test my patience."
-Aozora Chiyumi, Supreme Overlady of All Reality making a threat

“This is where my compassion gets me! It tries to kill me! And those I do care for, most dearly? Even own daughter? I love her,'s only because I have control over her that I can trust her. That's what I want, I suppose. Control over my own life, so I could finally reach a direction worth taking it in. But reality is rarely so convenient. I've dealt with so many crises...every period of peace ends with me in this bed, barely alive. I don't want to die. I just don't know how else to live.”
-Aozora Chiyumi, Supreme Overlady of All Reality, speaking to Zakiron Tsune of Sunaiya after her duel with Lala

”To those who thrive in anarchy and seek to tear down the foundations of nations, to those who threaten my allies and my country, and to those who desire the subjugation of all beneath their own misguided you, I am a monster. And rightfully so. For I am the nightmare that sweeps away your hopes! I am the warrior who never yields and never surrenders! I am the incarnation of order and the embodiment of your terror! The slayer of dissent, the purple death, all of these are honours I have upheld. Consider what I’ve endured. Consider what I’ve conquered. Consider what I’ve overcome! And then, see your reflection in those images, those recordings. See yourself beneath a battle tank’s treads or engulfed in fire or left suffocating on toxic gas as the world turns red around you. That is the fate of all who bring disorder to the world. It is not pre-ordained. It is not some guiding destiny of the world. It is the merely the result of testing. My. Patiencel”
-Aozora Chiyumi, Supreme Overlady of All Reality, during her first international address since the Nightmare War

”Aozora is...well, she's competent. Competency is something I respect, something other buffoons that wallow around my glorious Imperium have a definite lack of."
-Autumn Rivers, Empress of the Imperium of Edwerlantin

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