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His Majesty, Kaizer Luka von Alterz

Kaizer of Letheny
Luka von Alterz I

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Personal Info


February 3rd, 1996


Alterz, Lethen Empire




King Ran von Alterz IV


Queen Rita



Sexual Orientation:


Ideology Info

Political Ideology:

Enlightened Absolutism

Economic Ideology:


"For thousands of years, the globe has seen no greater time than when there are hegemons. Us Europeans possess superior civilization and technology, and thus it is our duty to not only spread this civilization, but to guide those whom we have spread our civilization under our wing in a beneficial relationship: where in turn for carrying the burden of enlightening the world, our new subjects help us work for a better future for our nations. The sun shall never set on Letheny, and that is our God-given destiny for as long as we are faithful and steadfast in our duties." - King Luka von Alterz IV
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Luka IV (Luka von Alterz, born 3 February 1996), sometimes called the Stalkaizer (Steel Emperor) or, posthumously, Luka the Great (for both his size and accomplishments) is Kaizer of the Lethen Empire and its Dominions and colonies. He can speak Lethen, German, and when the multiverse is involved, English. His rule so far has been marked by several wars and victories that hail him to be a soldier-king of sorts.

Kaizer Luka was originally notable for his belligerent, harsh, if not violent behavior towards foreign leaders. His reign began to show an upward trend of increasing radicalization, until Luka became extremely sick after a trip in Zudafrika. He survived but was left mentally and psychologically scarred. Luka's belligerent behavior has been replaced with simple grumpiness and tiredness.

Early Life
He was born in Alterz as the eldest of the late Kaizer Ran's three children, as well as his only son. He was heavily privately tutored and was found prodigious in writing capability as well as reading. He took several law classes and heavily studied law in preparation for the degree he wanted.
He attended University of Waldenland and graduated with a law degree. He wanted to serve in the military for sometime but it was forbidden by his father, so he alternatively took to studying the subject in a vast scope.
Reign and Ideology
Luka was coronated on December 10th, 2017. While his rule is considered less strict as his father, it's still rather authoritarian or even totalitarian in nature.
Since taking power, Luka IV has enacted a series of policies, they have resulted in:
  • Extreme militarism

  • Exacerbating the indoctrination of Lethen children that his father first began

  • The reconquest of Australia and invasion of Louisiana (AKA an attempt at the reconquest of the Oest-Amerika colony)

  • Persecution of political opponents and dissidents, who were already few due to the above indoctrination system

  • The creation of a strict surveillance state

Political Opinions
Luka is a radically right-wing, militaristic absolute monarchist with extreme nationalist tendencies.

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Capitalism, monarchy, colonies, extreme militarism, absolute monarchies, autocracy, maintaining a large navy, patriotism, nationalism, benevolent absolutism, interventionism, Christianity, religious freedom, moralism

  • Neutral: Constitutional monarchies, non-interventionism, neutrality

  • Anti: Anti-monarchism, communism, socialism, jihadis, pacifists, anarchism, robots

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Personal Life
In his free time, Luka enjoys fine sports, such as golf. He owns a variety of country clubs that he visits often. Every year, he takes a trip to Africa to his colony in South Africa for a big-game hunting trip. He is a decent shot with a rifle. His interest in such activities is rather visible, as his already large stature (6'4", or 193 cm) is matched with a muscular and athletic toning to his body.


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