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Ennio Joey Barbaro, the 14th Vice-President of Stanier

The 14th Vice-President of Stanier
Ennio Barbaro

LinkTrack: Rip It Up - Little Richard


Sing Scaletta

In office:

January 16, 2016 - January 20, 2020

Preceded by:

Michael McFairlane

Succeeded by:

Connie Smith

In office:

First term:
January 9, 2018 - January 14, 2018
Second term:
January 25, 2018 - February 4, 2018

Preceded by:

First term:
Sing Scaletta
Second term:
Sing Scaletta

Succeeded by:

First term:
Sing Scaletta
Second term:
Sing Scaletta
Dean of The Martini University

In charge:

March 30th 1999 - August 23rd 2002

Preceded by:

Francesco Albieri

Succeeded by:

Marķa Mendoza

Personal Info

Birth name:

Ennio Joey Barbaro Pascutto


May 26th, 1975


Empire General Hospital, Empire Bay, Bay State






Salvatore Barbaro


Francesca Pascutto-Barbaro


Aiko Suzuki (m. 2018)


Takumi Suzuki (1)





Sexual orientation:


Ideology Info

Political Ideology:


Economic Ideology:



"Sing? He don't need a motivation to enter a psychotic fit of rage, the prick's permanently psycho. But he works finely so I won't judge 'im" - Ennio Barbaro

Ennio Joey Barbaro Pascutto (May 26th, 1975 - ?) is the 14th Vice-President of the Mafiosi Republic of Stanier, he was chosen by Sing Scaletta after a conversation they had on a jazz club shortly after Scaletta's victory in the 2015 Stanierian presidential election, he is a single man that is not looking for settling down or having kids anytime soon, Barbaro is passionate about Firearms, 1950s Rock n' Roll, R&B, Vegas scene music and alcohol, his life philosophy is "live at the edge or not live at all", which consists on trying almost every opportunity he's given without any regrets, this has ended on him living quite a life, political and personally-wise.

Life prior to being the Vice-President
Barbaro grew up moving back and forth between Empire Bay and San Dino due to her mother's job, his childhood was pretty hard up as well, raised by a pretty permissive mother with a father on the run that left him as soon as he was born, he mainly spent his time on school and on the streets, one day he met Sing Scaletta during a class on school and they began being friends since then, hanging out and doing many other things on their spare time, although this ended quite abruptly after Scaletta moved out to Little Venezuela on 1989, despite Sing opted for college, Barbaro decided to avoid it and he moved to Empire Bay to keep working for Sing's grandfather Vito Scaletta, despite avoiding the authorities during the early years of his criminal career, he was arrested for a robbery on a clothes store on 1994 and in 1995 for possessing a Tommy Gun on Lost Heaven and then again on 1997 for stealing a car on New Bourdeaux; afterwards he decided to retire from the criminal underworld and he gunned to get a proper job at the Martini University on San Dino, where after a fruitful job interview he was hired as the dean despite skipping college, during his time as the dean of the Martini University, the most important things he did was promoting equality for all the students, eliminating race-exclusive fraternities and giving away scholarships to the poorest citizens of San Dino that desired to study a career; after being arrested on 2000 during a protest against police brutality and finding an opportunity in politics, he postulated himself for congressman of Thompson, competing against Sing Scaletta; his old childhood friend, after losing the election on late 2002 and resigning as the dean of the Martini University, he went back to being a soldato for Vito Scaletta, being his most prosperous time during prohibition, bootlegging alcohol and whacking the competition, although he was arrested twice during this period, on 2004 and 2005 respectively; the last known crime he commited was in 2009, when he tried to steal a car off a dealership, not successfully due to the fact that the car ran out of gas mid-chase; after making a decent amount of money during his long criminal career, he wanted to retire from that lifestyle and start over, but then he was presented with a great opportunity on 2015 when his old friend Sing Scaletta won the presidential election and he offered him the vice presidency of Stanier, he obviously accepted.
Role on Sing's government
Barbaro's role in the government is pretty influential, with regular tasks such as proof-reading every law proposal that the president tries to send to the Congress, helping Scaletta on foreign matters or being an assessor on his public image, to more intensive tasks such as assuming the presidency every time Scaletta disappears (which happens pretty often), has a day off or makes a diplomatic visit to another country, Barbaro has been an important contributor to strengthening the Stanierian economy, with the help of his past economy studies at college, also has proposed many of the progressive social policies that have characterized the Scaletta administration, such as the illegalization of discrimination based on race, age and sexual orientation and the privacy act that prohibited the government of spying on the Stanierian populace.
Political Opinions
Barbaro is pretty much a progressive person in social matters, being an advocate of LGBT rights and inclusion of immigrants in the Stanierian society, in the economic side he favors capitalism as the most reliable way of making a country prosper, although admits that socialism has pretty good ideas on helping the worst off citizens, also favors freedom of religion, technological and scientific advancement, moderate gun control, privacy, and advanced public education.
Pro and Anti
  • Pro: Democracy, capitalism, social capitalism, libertarianism, welfare programs, immigrant rights, LGBT rights, gender equality, technological and scientific progress, freedom of religion, atheism, free speech, moderate gun control, advanced public education, privacy, neutrality of the net, anonymity, extensive civil rights, government transparency.

  • Neutral: Well implemented socialism, constitutional monarchy, religion, feminism.

  • Anti: Poorly implemented socialism, communism, nazism, interventionism, authoritarianism, censorship, gun prohibition, alcohol prohibition, dropping school, racism, white supremacy, homophobia, economy over environment, causing wars for no reason, people that think they're better than anybody else, feminazism, male supremacy, crazy cults, forced atheism.

8values Test

Barbaro is a man that has one big and loud mouth, says whatever he pleases and rarely holds his thoughts on a discussion. He usually comes across as friendly and sociable due to liking to relate to people, he's also quite the comedian, although black humor is his specialty. He is usually pretty daring and careless when it comes to making decisions regarding his personal life, which has led him to have quite the luck considering he is not dead yet. Professionally though, whilst still retaining his 'charm' as he calls it, he is more careful, due to the fact that people are usually looking up to him on keeping the president in check.
Personal Life
Ennio's personal life isn't full of many highlights, he is usually hanging on and about in the cities of New Bourdeaux and Empire Bay, frequenting bars, restaurants and gentlemen's clubs. Something to point out is that he is prone to meet up with Sing Scaletta and hang out as the best of friends, also to take care of the 'familiar' business.

Barbaro is a man that cares for his looks and is usually seen with the best suits and cars that money can buy and sporting the best phones available, he usually takes excessive care of his possessions; he didn't have a significant other before, but during his time in the second highest office of the government he met Aiko Suzuki, an AI citizen who he hired as his secretary and then began a relationship with her, only to not-so-secretly marry her in March of 2018. They finally made their relationship public in August of 2019, alongside the reveal of a child they both had hidden since his birth in November of 2018.
Rap Sheet
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  • Despite knowing how to speak Italian, he doesn't like to speak it often, he says that a second language should be used only when necessary, not to dumb around mixing up sentences in different languages.

  • His sidearm is extremely rare, he owns a modified version of the LinkCole 1911 handgun; the handgun is recognizable due to a nickel plating, different grips, an extended magazine that hold 23 bullets and a significantly higher fire rate; he calls this gun the Link'1911 Special'. Rumors say that Sing Scaletta is in possession an identical weapon.


Barbaro's swearing as the Vice-President.

Discussing some remodelations to the Congress' Building (Now known as "Commissional building").

One of his formal outfits.

His well known casual outfit.

A picture taken by a tourist in Empire Bay, mid-2012

When things get boring, he's prone to falling asleep like this.