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Some goods and stuff


Brought to you by the Ministry of Plenty

Some goods, and stuff

State produced goods (Mostly PT), and PMT stuff

(Now most of those products are available to the middle class at least. However, for poorer classes, it is still pretty hard to get them.)

''Patriotic American's Car''.

''Proud Eagle's Cigarettes''.

Laser pistol.

Geiger counter.

''American's Chainsaw''.

Mobile homes, usually used by more poor Americans.

''Patriotic Coca-Cola''.

''Game Boy'' console.


''Polaroid'' camera.

Regional goods

A bowl of blended Açaí berries.

Brazilian tires.



Canadian ski puffer jacket.

Northern hunting rifle.

Afrikaner rifle.

Afrikaner meat.

Australian nuclear reactor, who produces electricity for Pacific Frontier.

Cars of Pacific Frontier.

British bowler hat.

Fish from Icelandic fish farms.

PMT stuff

Other stuff

Some from the things can be bought in black market. Some are distributed for free by some megacorp producers, mostly food stuff. Some criticize the megacorp economical model, however, as they consider it as ''not beneficial for economy at all, and perhaps even harmful'', as there is often little to no competition in this model, and end results often are bad products. 3D printer technology is still less advanced than OTL, and mostly used for military needs, and limited use for household goods. Vending machines are also common, and on every street, at least one can be found.

Cars have become more available in the last years, although there still aren't such large traffic jams yet. However, the crime in streets is still rising at pretty alarming rate, and some of cities slowly are starting to become like in GTA franchise. SC has actually made some progress with nuclear powered cars, and some of the bikes are heavily armed. (NASCAR has also become popular lately.) Some of the produced things also include rocket boots. Perhaps it will put most of its efforts in production of space armor in the future, if SC would expand into space.

Some things can be earned through state lottery, and gambling, especially chips, and things like wrist watches. Casino culture has also made a resurgence of some sort, as state discovered, that it could be a possible way to earn more money, and Vegas was rebuilt from nuclear ash. However, most of casinos are state-owned, so there are strict rules. Society is a weird mix of 50s, modern, and sci-fi.

In fact, the term "panem et circenses" fits SC as well. Its /silver boards serve as discussion, and recruitment boards, and mass produce memes as well.

There is a special department in SCPS, which deals with counterfeit goods, and they can either be destroyed, or added in state's stockpile. Police officer uniforms themselves differ, depending from region. Southern state uniforms are grey, but equipment isn't that different.

Some from the roads are built by workers, some - by prisoners. (Enemy prisoners in particular). Some from the higher-ups of other two former regimes have been recruited into SC's army, and research projects.

As for sports, baseball is one from SC's icons, and most commonly found in American states, although it is popular in some Asian territories, and other parts of Americas as well. There have even been proposals of implementing something similar to hunger games, to keep regions in control. For now, it hasn't gotten anywhere far, but some of the prerequisites have already been laid - the Eastern Columbia can be compared to Capitol, but the rest of Megastates - to districts, which focus on a specific mean of production.

However, baseball is not nearly the most popular sport in the Commonwealth - cricket, ice hockey, American football, and basketball are popular as well. In fact, Commonwealth's most commonly played sport is football. There are a few other sports, which are a bit popular as well, but they don't receive as much spotlight as others do.

Boxing is popular as well, and professional boxing tournaments are widely attended. However, while box gloves are used, SC's box is less similar to modern boxing, but rather to Greek Pankration, which had few rules, and was a pretty brutal sport. Pankration is practiced widely in SC's army as well, especially in Rockies.

In fact, global trade still exists in some kind of form - however, it is the regions, which are trading with goods, not other states. Of course, spent, and earned money still comes in the SC's budget earlier or later. One of the most popular goods is menthol, and
eucalyptus flavor chewing gum, actually.

In terms of art, SC hasn't really evolved from 50s - it is still widely traditional, and modern art is unpopular. In fact, most of the remaining art is American Realism - a variation of ''Socialist Realism'', which serves a similar purpose at the same time - ideologically oriented, which is supposed to spread SC's ideals. Similar variations, like ''English Realism'', have evolved out of this realism over time. Umbrella term for all of these variations is ''Tomist Realism''.

An example of ''Chinese Realism''.

Most of the copyright goes to government institutions, which can reward the artists whatever they want. If state wants so, it can release a song, or something else in public domain, or keep it under State's hand.

*You found a note from a young kid*

Yay, today I won a brand new wrist watch in a lottery! It has a better mechanism than my old one, and actually I can use a GPS call with it! My only issue is, that it glows kinda green at the night, and I don't know, why! Still, it is a good lottery prize!

*Note archived in your device*

Random dump from F&NI

Those are a few threads, where we have storaged extra info, which we couldn't find place for in a factbook, but which is still useful, if you want to get a better insight on our nation, especially about magic, and mythological beings. Of course, we haven't listed all of threads, just those, which we view as the most important. If someone wants to specifically see all the posts and responses in F&NI, it can be done here. Same for NationStates (yes, subforum) posts there.

Democracy Index
Random details on YN's society
International Civil Equality Index (ICEI)
'Freedom house' index
Native Populations
Commonwealth's opinion on socialism and communism
Commonwealth's states
Antaros Similarity Index
Deserts in SC
Regional sovereignty
Leader survey
Legal age
Morality in SC
Another power index
Public Transport
Meaning of the flag
Miscellaneous Worldbuilding Thread
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Religious Tolerance Survey
You know you’re from SC, when
Manners and etiquette

Sweets of the Commonwealth

(Now middle class can afford this stuff. Lower one can too, but it still has to tighten the belt, when it comes to spending more. Also, this is IC, so expect some stuff to be exaggerated)

Nuka Cola
Nuka Cola is like the symbol of Commonwealth- its formula, taste, and image is just amazing! Its formula was created after merging all soda companies together into an one super-company, and nowadays it brings happiness to every citizen's face! Find the nearest shop, sit on a chair, relax, and enjoy a little bit of a nuka-cola- you will not regret it! From cherry to grape flavor, to even an alcoholic drink- choices are almost limitless! It tastes good both with pizza, nanaimo bars, chips, and many more stuff!

Nanaimo bars
This beautiful Canadian recipe now has been adapted to mass production, and is produced by the finest company- ''Beaver's Sweets''! The chocolate, and peanut butter simply melts in the mouth! You can make an one in home, if you want, but you can also buy them from a sweet machine, with a nice foil package, and a picture from Canada's wilderness.

This fried dough product is a popular Central American snack, and it often is eaten with either coffee, or hot chocolate. It also has sugar sprinkled on it often, and it can be bought in most of the Caribbean, Mexican, and Central American shops. It is mostly eaten in breakfast, but you can eat it at any time!

This South American dessert is similar to a truffle, and has slowly started to become popular in the rest of South America too, not only in Brazil. It is made of condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter, and chocolate sprinkles. It usually is cold and solid, but it is warm/hot, when consumed with a spoon. This has become the national icon of not only Brazil, but the rest of South America too. If you want to try out them in South America, you can buy them at state bakeries, or sweet shops. Or if you want, you can make them at home too! However, most of those goods can be tasted only in their home states. Yeah, there is import, but it is very low between regions, and mostly only for military, and natural resources.

Although nuka-cola is becoming popular in South Africa too, some sweets like Melktert still hold strongly there- this sweet milk tart is said to be approved by Renier himself! For a long time, it was available only as a large cake, but now there are small, rectangle-shaped milk tarts too. You can often see people eating small, rectangle-shaped tarts on the street, but a larger one, which is baked according to the finest grandma's recipes, is worth trying too!

Jummy Energy Bar
This is a common European snack. Feel tired? Just buy an one Energy bar, and you will soon regain your energy back! It is full of sweet, very sweet chocolate, small fruit cubes, and corn flakes. Find the nearest sweet machine, put a few European Credits in, and voilà- not only you will like this snack, but other members of your family too! It is also available with other flavors, like strawberry, and cocoa flavor.

Sweet Chocolate Dragees
This new Australasian sweet is just as popular as ANZAC biscuits- it has really grown into popularity, in a red, striking package! It is kind of similar to skittles, just with more chocolate, and nuts! Ohh, and you can buy a ''fruit boom'' version too- a mix of refreshing fruit tastes for a very cheap price! This sweet can be found in most of Australasian shops, and sweet machines. In fact, you can combine with ANZAC biscuits, for a better taste!

This dessert is based on a dense milk, and is popular within the most of the Indian Confederation. It mostly consists from sugar, and condensed milk. It is also sometimes made with pistachios. Although a fairly simple dessert, it still has a special place within Confederacy. The texture, and color of them varies, though, and they can be adapted to special circumstances. Mostly you can buy all the ingredients you need to make it in home, but if you are lazy, you can go, and buy them in government owned company shops, or pubs. Definitely worth to try out, if you manage to get to a trip in there!

Green tea cookies
Those Japanese cookies are a popular snack in Ring of Fire- A Commonwealth state, which stretches over the most of Eastasia's coast. Those cookies with matcha (green tea) powder, and with white chocolate chips will leave your tastes absolutely delightful. This is usually made in home, but they sometimes are distributed by the state too, as they are very popular!

Pandan cake
This cake is popular in China, and consists from pandanus extract, flour, eggs, sugar, and butter. It can be usually bought in state-owned bakeries, or large stores. It is a fluffy, and light cake, which is a good desert in hot weather. It is also sometimes made from juice of pandan leaves. If you live in Zhōngguó (China), don't forget to try it out!

Battery Acid (Robots)
Although humans can't drink it, of course, for robots in Siberia, this is a nice, refreshing drink for robot workers, soldiers, and Aykhan himself- it is kind of like a robot nuka-cola! With a bit of a sweet taste, it is often essential for robots to work, as it is a part of the batteries, which prevent robots from shutting off. However, if you are a human, please, please don't touch this drink! It might look like a variant of coke a bit, but it is not safe for a human!

Omichka (Humans)
Yeah, even Siberia has desserts! This one is a mix of salty cheese, and sweet buttercream. Yeah, it is a fairly unusual dessert, but still worth a try. It should be available in most of the Siberian cities, except in Sector-1, which is a mostly robot city. (In fact, in there you might see battery acid in stores way more often than Omichka)

This Central Asian fried dough consists from lour, yeast, milk, eggs, margarine, salt, sugar, and fat. It is often eaten together with sugar, butter, or honey. They sometimes are dipped into tea, and some people have tried to eat it together with nuka-cola too. It is popular in all of Turkestan, but without sweetening, it is pretty tasteless. As it is deep-fried, mutton fat is the best choice for it, but vegetable oil works too.

This sweet originated from Ottoman Empire, but now it is popular in all of the Middle East. At first, this sweet was available for the rich, but now middle class can afford it too. This pastry is made from multiple layers of filo, and is filled with nuts, and sweetened with honey. Honey also keeps it together. You can mostly buy them in local McDonalds, or large shops. It is worth a try to bake them at your own house, though. Remember to have a napkin, though- it is a really sticky sweet!

*You found a note from a factory worker*

Rubbish! Don't believe SC's shiny package, and propaganda - this is still awful! If anything, I think, that the foodstamp ratios have been decreased. And this new ''junk food'', as it is called... It is so full with fats and calories, but poorer workers often have no other choice. And that soda... It is dangerous for teeth, and in the long run - for organism as a whole.

*Note archived in your device*

Commonwealth's Space Agency

Motto: CSA's star yet has to shine, mate!

CSA (Commonwealth's Space Agency) is a successor of the NASA, and has absorbed the remnants of other superstate space programs. It suffered from too low funds for a long time, especially during the war in disputed zone, as more funds went towards the army. However, recently it has experienced more funding, as Scramble for the World is coming to its end stage, and that SC will now need new opportunities to expand and gain resources. It, similarly to megacorps, is the only space agency, and private agencies are not allowed to be created either.

CSA was founded in 2030, after NASA was dissolved. However, in its first years, it hadn't got much use. However, when it started to team up with military, it received lots of funding. In fact, it has participated in some... questionable medical, and army experiments. However, it has also made some satellites, which can provide Commonwealth with GPS system not only in safety in America, but in places such as Maghreb as well.

Most of its members are scientists, and are considered as ''apolitical''. In fact, being apolitical is one of the requirements for working in the agency, because it is said in CSA's manifesto, that ''being political drifts us away from exploring space.'' However, CSA has traditionally aligned with reformer wing, as it is more likely to fund it, than conservatives would.

Being an astronaut requires good knowledge about medicine, astronomy, and a good physical shape as well! Also, attendant must be at least 18 years old, and there are tons of other requirements too. However, it could be said, that corruption is an issue of CSA as well. Still, only a small part of the attendants get accepted in this world, although it is one from the most popular future job pick for young kids. Sadly, most of them end up in factories, or worse - with a rake on the street...

CSA has members from all places around the world, although they are typically split into regional branches. Also, it has its own armed forces, indeed! However, they are mostly trained against hypotetic battles against possible aliens in simulators. They have been used in front line as well, but it seems, that their performance for potential space warfare is better than current grand warfare. Some military experts, especially high ranked generals, have said, that ''CSA's army is a waste of money'', and that ''it should be dissolved''.

After the unification of the world, it has started to work on a shuttle, which could possibly land a human explorer team on the Moon, to establish a resource mining base there. It also works on smaller shuttles, which would extract resources from asteroids. It also has more ambitious plans - to colonize Mars some day, and perhaps even the rest of the Solar System. Of course, such plans are in such far future, that they are not the top priority atm. However, smaller shuttles could be entirely possible within 10-20 years, and they perhaps could even establish a colony on Moon as well. In fact, some of the military designers have already started to work on blueprints of a shuttle, which would be armed with lasers, and space guns, and would be able to resist possible alien attacks, despite the fact, that no sentient alien life has been encountered so far, but only bacteria. Also, some probes have been sent out in space already, in order to map it out better.

*You found a note from a physicist*

Scarlett is a fine woman, and she has been frankly the best leader of our space program. I am sure, that CSA will do well under her administration. She is perfectly what leadership needs - an apolitical, neutral worldview.

*Note archived in your device*

Scarlett Newman

Early life

She was born in Yellowknife, in the depths of Greater North, and was the only child in family, so she felt a great pressure from her family members, who wanted her to succeed. She had a big interest about astronomy, and often visited the observatory in Greater North, because it was easier to see starts from the skies of far north, than further south. So, many thought, that she would make a great astronaut for the new space program.

She got most of her education in Yellowknife, but then she moved to Inuvik, in order to study there. At that point, observatory was taken by the Canadian military, and it was used for possible research purposes, so she couldn't access it for a while.

After she completed her studies, she was finally able to actually apply for this job. She had to undergo a bitter competition, as cosmonaut was a job, that had a high prestige, and demanded a lot. However, she was able to shine in the new competition, and she got accepted into the agency.

Career in space agency

As a first female CEO of the agency, she faced many hardships, and stereotypes. Most of the staff hardly tolerated her. However, by sticking to Tom, and playing her cards right, she managed to keep the position, and convince skeptics, that she is fit for her role.

She started a program, in order to raise awareness about the benefits of space program, and to encourage more youngsters to if not to become astronomers, then at least to ''realize the benefits of space exploration.'' She has visited a lot of universities in North America, especially in Canada, and America. Once she visited an university in Rockies, and was shocked about the ''backwardness'' of students there, just as about of ''barbaric'' personality of soldiers there. After that, she said, that ''If SC is going to be like Rockies, it will have no future''.

One of her highest accomplishments is actually the increase of CSA's budget as a whole. She managed to convince Tom, that ''Space research is necessary for our survival'', and Tom gave some funding to the cosmonauts, and promised to ''give the rest funds after the Commonwealth will be created.''

As space technology isn't quite advanced for feasible space colonies yet, she has put effort into concepts, and experiments on Earth. She has also expanded the satellite network around Earth, which has made more precise GPS maps. She wants to travel one day to moon in a space shuttle.


She often calls herself as ''an average Joe'', and doesn't consider her to be either very nice, or rude - she thinks, that she is neutral, with a bit leaning to the good side. However, others have said, that ''she is fairly kind hearted'', especially those, who are long-time friends with her.

She has become basically like an icon of the SC, just like successful generals, or scientists have. However, she doesn't let her fame get into her way.

One from posters, and a part of her ''Space awareness campaign''

Political opinions:

She is perhaps one from the most commonly known liberal wing members (As liberal as SC allows, of course), but she mostly hides her political beliefs from others, as it might be dangerous for health, or even endanger her life.

She supports free market, but with regulations, and wants to make sure, that workers wouldn't get screwed over by corporations, and sometimes protects lower rank workers from being yelled at. She could effectively be called as ''center-left''.

She staunchly opposes the current system, and would like to see it reformed further. She currently has aligned with reformist wing, but she has concerns, that in future, reformists will become more conservative themselves.

She is also quite progressive, and a globalist. While she supports idea of colonizing the space, and especially the Solar System, she is against conquering of more primitive aliens, and instead favors either diplomatic ties, or uplifting them. She also is sometimes complaining about the lack of funding for space, but she also knows, that money comes from somewhere, and that she has to be content with current situation. In fact, she doesn't let politics get in her job, and sometimes even doesn't allow anyone talk about them in the room.

LinkScarlett's 8values test results

(Officially, she is ''apolitical'', mostly because of concerns about her security. That is far from the case, though.)

Pro: Social liberalism, space exploration, progressivism, peace, limited democracy, technocracy, critical thought, limited government economical control, social democracy, globalism, individual rights, space colonies, transhumanism, extended AI rights, environmentalism, atheism.
Anti: Totalitarianism, nationalism, fascism, conservatism, war, mindless submission, extremely large government, collectivism, anarcho-capitalism, socialism, conscription, prejudice against possible aliens, theocracy, neo-reactionaries, unquestioned authority, corporate monopolies.


''Trying to stop progress is like fighting with windmills - you can slow them down, but not stop them entirely. Well, unless you break the mechanism.''

''We should not enslave possible aliens, or declare war to them - we should observe them instead, maintain healthy relations, and try to fix our own mistakes. After all - what if they are stronger than us? What we are going to do - try to negotiate with our dollars, which would be worthless for them anyway?''

''Some say, that nationalism is silly. But it is more than silly - it is dangerous. It is what brought us into this mess in the first place. Hence why I am against it.''

''When sh*t will hit the fan, our space colonies will provide a backup of essential resources. Without them, we would be screwed.''

''I am tired from this government, let's be honest. It sits on my neck all the time, and I can't focus on my damn job. Couldn't it be just a tad smaller?''

''Let's be open and honest - most of the leaders of so called ''Silver Commonwealth'' aren't religious at all, and use religion as a tool to fool masses.''

''If this nation has any hope, it lies within democracy, not authoritarian rule.''

''Could you stop saying, that ''my place is in kitchen''? That shtick has become old and boring - we now are slowly moving towards equal position.''

''I don't understand, why Tom hates constitutional monarchy so much - after all, if people have a free voice, king is just a mere figurehead, and parliament isn't oppressive, it is better to live under it, than under a totalitarian jacobin regime.''

''Our future is in the stars.''

Some stats

Karma: Good

S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats:Strength: 4
Perception: 6
Endurance: 6
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 8
Agility: 4
Luck: 5



Country Name:

    ‣ Official Form: The World Syndicalist Republics of Silver Commonwealth
    ‣ Short Form: Silver Commonwealth

    ‣ Local Official Form: See above
    ‣ Local Short Form: See above


    ‣ Noun: Human
    ‣ Adjective: Human

Official Language(s):

    ‣ English, Afrikaans, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Kazakh, Yakut, Japanese, Chinese, Arab

Capital City:

    ‣ Neo Washington, United Megastates of America

Type of Government:

    ‣ A decentralized, syncretic Commonwealth of Republics (Personal dictatorships); Radical republican totalitarian world government


    General Secretary Tom, Supercomputer Tom, The General Secretary, and Eternal President of the Silver Commonwealth
    | Factbook Link


    ‣ Party's members only (Politicians, CEOs, militarists, clergy, etc)

National Anthem:

    ‣ Battle Hymn of the Republic

National Holiday:

    ‣ Independence Day, July 4, 1776


National Values:

    ‣ Selflessness
    ‣ Courage
    ‣ Strength
    ‣ Nationalism
    ‣ Ascetism



    ‣ Earth, Sol System


    ‣ Depends, as there are various climate groups across the Earth, but most common is dry, tropical, continental, temperate, and polar climate


    ‣ Depends, it can vary from plains, to tall mountain ranges. Only about 30% of the surface is land - the rest is water.

Land Usage:

    ‣ Arable Land: About 11%
    ‣ Permanent Crops: About 1%
    ‣ Other: About 88% (Including agricultural land)

Natural Resources:

    ‣ Water
    ‣ Air
    ‣ Coal
    ‣ Oil
    ‣ Natural gas
    ‣ Phosphorus
    ‣ Various minerals
    ‣ Iron
    ‣ Soil
    ‣ Forests and timber
    ‣ Others (Like Uranium, sand, stone, manganese, clays, etc.)

Natural Hazards:

    ‣ Earthquake
    ‣ Blizzard
    ‣ Drought
    ‣ Heat wave
    ‣ Ice storm
    ‣ Flood
    ‣ Wildfire
    ‣ Tornado
    ‣ Sinkhole
    ‣ Avalanche
    ‣ Others (Like Geomagnetic storm, disease, landslide, etc.)


Native Ethnicity:

    ‣ Native Americans - the original inhabitants of the Americas continent, which ancestors arrived from Siberia during the Last Ice Age, and they eventually spread all across the continent. Ruled over the lands until the arrival of Europeans, and suffered greatly from diseases brought by Europeans. Percentage of descendants of Native Americans isn't the same in all regions - for an example, in America, Native descendants make up for about 1% of the population, while in Bolivia - even 50%. Still, if compared to the Americas, and world as a whole, they are a very small minority. Modern Americans are mostly from European descent. (Section narrowed down to SC's Americas, as on SC's Earth's scale such questions become more muddled)

Native Language:

    ‣ Various Native American languages - most widely spoken ones being Navajo, Inuit, Mayan, and Tupian languages. Modern languages of Americas are either Spanish, Portuguese, or English. On world scale, there are thousands of various languages and they are theoretically all native, considering that Earth is home of humanity.

Native Religion (Only of SC's America):

    ‣ Native American religions. They can be animistic, totemist, or polytheistic. However, they aren't nearly the most popular religions in America, and SC as a whole, and are often practiced only in special Native American Autonomies, as most popular religion in SC is Christianity, along with Islam. (Recently, magic has slowly started to become more prominent again, and the old mythological creatures have reminded of themselves again. Is SC entering a new age?)

Religious Statistics:

    ‣ Christianity (39%)
    ‣ Islam (23%)
    ‣ Unaffiliated (6%)
    ‣ Hinduism (17%)
    ‣ Buddhism (9%)
    ‣ Folk Religion (6%)
    ‣ Other (1%)

Patronymic/Matronymic Names:

    ‣ Patronymic names are used. They are based on the given name of one's father, grandfather, or an earlier male ancestor. In English, suffix is usually ''-son''.

Maternal / Paternal Preferences:

    ‣ In most of the SC, cultures have a strict paternal preference, and family trees are traced through paternal line first.


    ‣ Most of SC's stories have either morally grey, or dark characters, and ''good vs evil'' trope rarely appears in SC's literature. Most of its stories are about nature, or about Wild West, although it depends on the region.


    ‣ Most of SC's music puts an emphasis on both instrumental, and vocal parts, especially drums. A lot of SC's songs are patriotic songs, or folk songs, but pop has a hard time to survive there.

Performing Arts:

    ‣ Various, dances can differ from region to region. Most popular are folk dances, however.


Traditional Clothing:

    ‣ Highly depends on region - in places like Arabia, clothing is similar to the Arab clothing in 50s, with some retro-futuristic elements added in. Common colors are red, orange, blue, and gray, although clothing tends to be more dull.

    ‣ In fact, military style clothing is popular in SC as well.


    ‣ Mostly consists from meat, corn, soups, and tons of junk food, although it might be different in other regions.

Sport and Leisure:

    ‣ Most popular sports are basketball, football, and baseball.

Popular Culture:

    ‣ Mostly a mix of working class culture, and nationalist one, while promoting internationalism to an extent, with state movie and book industry being around.


Population (2052):

    ‣ Approx above 5 billion

Fertility Rate:

    ‣ 3.4 children per woman

Infant Mortality Rate:

    ‣ 23 deaths per 1,000 births

Life Expectancy at Birth:

    ‣ Female: 72
    ‣ Male: 68
    ‣ Overall: 70


    ‣ About 80 %, perhaps even lower.


Armed Forces:

    ‣ Official Name: Armed Forces of Silver Commonwealth
    ‣ Abbreviation: AFSC

    ‣ Local Official Name: See above
    ‣ Local Abbreviation: See above

Service Branches:

    ‣ Army
    ‣ Air Force
    ‣ Navy
    ‣ Marines
    ‣ Coast Guard


    ‣ Ministry of Defence Building, capital, Silver Commonwealth


    ‣ Commander-In-Chief: Supercomputer Tom
    ‣ Minister of Defence: Noah John

Military Age:

    ‣ 18-60 (Although voluntarily can join at 16 already)


    ‣ Mostly during wartime, although can be implemented at peace time as well.

Number of Active/Reserve Personnel:

    ‣ Active: 5 million
    ‣ Reserve: 30 million (Reserves also includes more poorly trained units)

Main Suppliers:

    ‣ Colt's Manufacturing Company (Weapons)
    ‣ Boeing (Aircraft)
    ‣ Land Rover (Tanks, and other military vehicles)
    ‣ General Atomics (Nuclear and chemical weapons)
    ‣ BAE Systems (Navy and submarines)
    ‣ CSA (Space technology)

Country, in gifs! (Some serious, some not)

UCN headquarters

When there hasn't been food for 2 days

Cape Town - one of most advanced SC's Africa's cities

Aurora Borealis in Greater North

SC's resource state megacorps mining out valuable minerals

Our computers in a nutshell

The left wing of our Party

Our police in a nutshell

Our religious families in a nutshell

Worst nightmare of SC's War Room during the ''Three Superstate'' period

Our universities in a nutshell

Planning military operations

SC's internet

Factory workers cranking out weaponry

Ultra-deluxe restaurants

Commonwealth's weapon arsenal

When your military service finally ends, and you can return home

Government in a nutshell

What we think of libertarianism

Our /silver boards in a nutshell

A dose of patriotism - what could go wrong?

Party's members in Christmas

Yes, we have vintage (and not only vintage) car aesthetic!

SC trying to repair the damaged former disputed zone

When you live in one of SC's pagan regions, and it is celebration time

SC's environmentalist wing

Our schools on internet

Relations between Commonwealth states and regional administrations in a nutshell

Our brave soldiers during the war against Allies in 50s

Our curfew in a nutshell

When you see a socdem, or demsoc

Although there are no more foreign powers, the world is still not at peace

SC's Cowboy units

What would a World Commonwealth be without units from all over the world!

When you find out, that there is still a monarchy on Earth, or somewhere in space

When someone confronts SC with its list of past crimes and sins

SC's drill sergeants

Preston Anderson

Preston is the President-Governor of Midwest, and one of the oddball leaders of the SC - he has described his system as ''communitarian agrarianism'', which some call as ''nationalist anarchism'' instead. However, the later is more often used by his more authoritarian opponents in both Midwest, and outside of it.

Early life

Preston was born in Iowa, in 1995, when SC was still undergoing massive reforms. During that period, food shortages were common', and Tom often took grain from rural communities to provide for the bigger cities, which created a massive pressure on the rural communities, and even sparked protests. His family mostly consisted from farmers, or people related with jobs in agriculture, so his education was focused in the same direction.

It is said, that his fairly unique system of beliefs for the Commonwealth was mostly formed during his childhood - as he was born in a rural, conservative family, he was schooled in traditional values, and nationalism was drilled in from very early age. However, he also saw several government acts of totalitarianism (One of them being forceful confiscation of the wheat from farmers, and fish from the local Inuits), and life in the cities, and he found peace in his rural community.

He went to a government's specialized university, to get a degree in agriculture. He was also advised to perhaps seek a position of Minister of Agriculture as well. He had already began to develop his own political idea back then, and decided to try his opportunity in Party's ranks. Of course, it didn't just gave pass out of blue air, so years of long, and tiring studying followed, and tons of practical jobs as well.

As a Minister of Agriculture, and President-Governor

His political career's first large accomplishment was in field of agriculture, as expected. Before becoming a regional governor himself, he gave advice in matters of the crops for farmers, and argued in SC's council for increased demobilization, and more money for farming techniques. At first, he was a supporter of the Party's conservative wing, but after seeing them drifting more and more in the supportive direction of totalitarian statism, he started to support reformist wing instead, due of his agrarian communitarian beliefs.

He also met Scarlett Newman - the head of the Commonwealth's Space Agency, during one of her presentations in Midwest universites. While not being too interested in space exploration himself, he still wanted to find more contacts, and possible support. During conversation, it became clear, where they had common ground, and where they did disagree with each other. Later, Scarlett said, that "While Preston is a man with a good heart, he is misguided at the same time, and actually isn't ready for a deep reform of the Government''. Some others have been even more critical on him, citing his other traditionalist and authoritarian takes of past, which implies that he isn't that supportive of democracy either.

Also, thanks to his effort in studying the politics as well, he was later able to be elected in the Midwest President-Governor elections by the Party's members, as "Preston had the most knowledge about politics", according to one of the Party's members.

One of his first implemented policies was cuts of military spending, and diverting money for agricultural sectors instead - a move, that wasn't common in SC. Other regional governors weren't fond of this idea, and accused Preston of ''weakening the Commonwealth's military power'', to which Preston responded ''But how I am weakening it? I am doing exactly the opposite - giving more for food industry, so more soldiers could march with a full stomach! Besides that, Midwest army wasn't that useful anyway.''

He also started to slowly merge farming groups together into communitarian guilds, and ''farming field campaign'' - a campaign, where some of the larger city inhabitants would be taught, how to work in a farm. At the same time, Preston expanded the membership of the factory guild syndicates, and cut SCPS functions to very important, and most necessary needs - most of the internal security matters are now handed by vigilantes, which is unique for the SC, as it hasn't been really tried yet, and in other Commonwealth state, SCPS feels almost omnipotent in a way.

At the same time, he has started to work on a decentralized military command, with state militias protecting the towns, and cities, in order to slowly replace the regular army. He also allowed a bit more economic freedom, particularly for farmers, while still keeping control on some parts of the economy. He also upgraded Russian version of tachanka for his own Link technical (vehicle), and added laser weapons on it. He calls it ''The weapons of the worker, and farmer''.

Personality: Preston is somewhat stubborn, like most of the SC's citizens. He often says, that "it is in our (Midwest) blood". He also prefers negotiations over confrontation, and often will try to find a peaceful solution, before using fists. He can be often seen working on the field, or reading a magazine. He wears a fanciful farmer's suit - a special order from the Commonwealth's retail, as he wasn't a fan of formal suits.

Despite being sure about his political stance, he finds it hard to argue for it in debates, so he mostly prefers to avoid them. That is one of the reasons, why he also prefers working with robots, as they "don't ask stupid questions", according to his words.

Political opinions: Although he isn't a luddite, Preston has a strong agricultural preference, as a large part of the Midwest consists from farmlands, and often is called the ''Breadbasket of the SC''. He also is an non-interventionist, and somewhat of a pacifist - while still keeping military around, and ready to defend himself, if war would break out, he supports cuts for military, and diverting more money for food sector instead, as ''military has grown too big by now, and eats away resources, which would be more useful elsewhere''.

Economically, he supports a guild model, and has careful supported anarcho-syndicalist model in the past. He envisions, that ''in future, Midwest economy will be ran by farmer, and industrialist guilds, which will decide matters in local councils, and will work together in a synthesis''. While he has been critical of the current planned economy model, he would prefer breaking the monopolies as well.

Unlike for most of the other SC's governors, liberty is very important to Preston - he has been a supporter of rights to own firearms, and legalization of a few drugs for limited use, and has been often described as a ''proto-anarchist'' by the rest of Midwest leaders. However, he is also a nationalist at the same time, which has also often got himself in debates with the Party's liberal opposition.

Socially, Preston is pretty conservative, and religious, however, and unlike most of the other opposition members, isn't too fond of the liberal wing. While he thinks, that ''revolution is sometimes necessary'', he also thinks, that ''it is the best, if we try to negotiate our way as much as possible, because revolution spills blood, taking away workforce''.

LinkPreston's 8values results

Pro: Gun rights, communitarianism, agrarianism, nationalism, traditionalism, anarcho-syndicalism, guild socialism, mild industrialization, Christianity, georgism, non-interventionism, vaccination, ''common sense'' ethics.
Anti: Totalitarianism, corporatism, warhawk diplomacy, excessive military, rapid industrialization, enormous government, chauvinism, command economy, absolute monarchism, cruel experiments.


''Think of the money, that has went for military during the last few years - an enormous sum. If at least a part of it was spent for agriculture instead, we would be more fed nowadays.''

''Totalitarianism wasn't what brought the change - reformism did. Now, we must move forwards, and abandon the rigid system as a whole.''

''Ideally, world would be made of agrarian, and rural communes, with local militias protecting the land, and society education, without much government interference. Sadly, utopias don't work as well in practice, so perhaps we can just reduce government's influence as much as possible?''

''Just because of my anarchic-leaning stances, I don't think, that laissez-faire is the way to go. It paves way for corporatism, which paves way for corporatocracy, and authoritarianism in the end.''

''Every hardworking human should have a right to carry a gun in self-defense.''

''If a community can ensure traditional values, and patriotism, then they don't need to be forced upon the citizens.''

''Have you thought, about how much souls have been lost in our conflicts? Perhaps sometimes it is better to just back off, and don't pull our hands in matters, which aren't ours.''

''As a farmer, I can tell, that a smell of your homemade corn soup is one of the best in the world.''

''Some have called me an ''anarcho-syndicalist''. Perhaps one of the reasons, why I still walk on this planet, is because I am a proud Christian, and a nationalist.''

''Socialism has got some good points, but flaws in it can lead to extreme authoritarianism. Some systems, however, are built on oppression cornerstones.''

Some stats

Karma: Neutral

S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats:Strength: 5
Perception: 7
Endurance: 7
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 6
Luck: 3

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