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Prime Minister Mayweather & Friends

Michiko Fujimori Mayweather

Political Information

Michiko Mayweather is the Prime Minister of Antarctica, a position which she has occupied since her first inauguration in 3015. Her political career began in 3010, at age 26, when she stood as a contestant for the Grand Council. She was elected again in 3011 and 3012, increasing her vote totals each time. Then, in late 3013, Mayweather's party, the Antarctic National Congress, was engulfed in a corruption scandal, and when voters went to the polls in December, their intent was punishment. The Prime Minister and all the other Ministers were swept out of the Council, and as a result, the ANC slate of 3014 was a prime specimen of political chaos. This was the perfect opportunity for one of the dirtiest, most duplicitous schemers ever to enter the Grand Council: Tomio Batra.

A delusional armchair economist who had just barely been elected to the Council by the skin of his teeth, Tomio Batra's economic views were an insane combination of idiotic policies from a variety of extremist movements. To top it all off, instead of presenting his views in a forthright manner like any Councillor is expected to do, Batra instead used the dirtiest and most underhanded schemes to insert his agenda into apparently benign proposals. By July 3014, the economy was in free fall, and Batra was removed from the Council by a vote of 999 to 1. Out of the chaotic ANC slate, a new leader came to the fore: Mayweather herself.

Mayweather had always touted a unique brand of politics: practical, honest, and forthright, with no commitment to ideology or dogma. After the damage that Tomio Batra and his views had done to Antarctic policy, the voters were desperate for someone with a more neutral approach to politics, and in late 3014, Mayweather's popularity skyrocketed. In the election that year, she was the most-voted councillor, both in her party and in the Council at large. She was sworn in on January 1, 2015, and together with Finance Minister Krishna Han, she developed a grand economic proposal that passed with over 800 votes, sweeping away the mad patchwork of Batra's policies and returning the Antarctic economy to its proper state. Since then, she has continued to administrate the Council and help determine policies with her signature approach.

Personal Information

Mayweather is most well-known for her astoundingly beautiful appearance. Her stature is strikingly tall, at 6 feet and 2 inches, and is accompanied by a very shapely figure, with long legs and a remarkable chest and hips. Her peach-colored skin contrast with her deep, vivid blue eyes and jet-black, straight hair, which she wears in a variety of styles. Underneath her smooth, attractive appearance, she is quite well-muscled, and is physically the strongest among her group of close friends. She celebrated her 34th birthday in September 3018, and her beauty shows no signs of fading.

In terms of personality, Mayweather is notable for her impressive speaking talent, which is often the second thing to be noticed by people who come to know her, whether personally or politically. She is most often recognized for her speeches, which expertly combine beautiful and inspiring rhetoric with down-to-earth facts and ramifications. She is equally talented with witty one-liners, which often figure into her speeches as well. Mayweather is also notable for her nerves of steel. She is never highly emotional, remaining calm and level-headed even in situations of extreme crisis, a trait to which she credits much of her political success.

Mayweather is also known for her group of close friends: Krishna Han, Azuma and Amelie Sawant, and Parvati Page. The five of them can frequently be found watching baseball games together or enjoying a meal at Sushi Saanvi, a restaurant close to the Grand Council building. They also like to show up at each other's flats to chat and enjoy themselves. Her favorite food is chocolate, which she occasionally eats to improve her mood. She is a marvelously skilled dancer, but a terrible singer, often extremely off-key.

Krishna Ardouin Han

Krishna Han is the Minister for Finance, and a very old friend of Mayweather. Both from Concordia, they met in elementary school, and became fast friends almost immediately. They attended middle school and high school together as well, attempting a romantic relationship several times before both deciding they liked each other better simply as close friends. When they attended Concordia University together, Mayweather studied political science, and Han went into economics. They both stood for election to the Grand Council in 3010. Han eyed the position of Finance Minister, a position that he achieved in 3012. From there, he witnessed all the tumultuous events of the decade: the Congress corruption scandal, the exploits of Tomio Batra, and the rise of Mayweather. In 3015, the two were instrumental in creating the proposal that swept away Batra's policies and restored the Antarctic economy.

Han is the smartest among his close friends, and is very intellectual and contemplative. He likes to spend time reading books, writing, and thinking, and is fond of quoting literary works. However, he is also open to sports and exercise, and can sometimes be seen playing baseball with his friends, despite his total lack of skill at it. He is very fond of tea, and has mastered the art of sipping it with a thoughtful elegance. He has dark brown, wavy hair, caramel-colored skin, and amber-colored eyes, which combine to give his face a mesmerizing and sagacious appearance. His body is well-muscled, with a decently broad chest and shoulders, and is of average size, at 5 feet and 11 inches. He is 34 years old, the same as Mayweather.

Azuma Gilpin Sawant / Amelie Gilpin Sawant

Azuma and Amelie Sawant jointly occupy the position of Minister for Foreign Affairs - truly two of a kind. They were born as identical twins to a family of old-money wealth. Azuma identified with his birth gender, male. However, Amelie always identified as female, and underwent all the standard procedures, with the end result being that she is indistinguishable from any other female. Despite the gender difference, the two have always been otherwise identical, and even today they are virtually inseparable, appearing together more often than not. Despite being raised in wealth, the twins were not arrogant or snobby. However, they were unaccustomed to anything but the best, and when they were 13, their parents took them to see what remained of the world's other continents. Their worldview was forever changed by the chaos and poverty that they saw, and they have said many times that it was what spurred them into a life of public service. They stood for election to the Grand Council in 3016, and were soon jointly elected as Foreign Co-Ministers. This was when they met Mayweather, who was intrigued by their story and charmed by their personalities, and the twins were soon counted among her close friends.

In matters of personality, the twins are most well-known for their sweet, cheerful, and happy-go-lucky demeanour. Their favorite drink is milk. They are very skilled artists, and they like to draw for fun, often depicting the foreign countries and leaders that they encounter in their work. Neither one, however, can cook to save their lives. Their hair is black and straight, and their skin is the color of milk chocolate, while their eyes are wide and emerald green. Overall, they have a very cute appearance, which, combined with their joint role as Foreign Minister, makes them rather well-known internationally. They are decently tall and substantial - Azuma is 5'8'' and Amelie is 5'7'' - but are shorter and thinner than Mayweather and Han. They are 26 years old.

Parvati Matsumoto Page

Parvati Page is Mayweather's long-serving intern, and one of her close friends. The two met during the 3010 election, in which Mayweather was standing as a contestant for the first time. Page stumbled upon an ANC campaign rally in the middle of a speech by Mayweather, and was mesmerized by her eloquence and honesty. At the end of the speech, she ran backstage and intercepted Mayweather, who was flattered and took her on as an intern. As Mayweather rose in status, both of their duties grew, as did a close friendship between the two.

Page has straight black hair, khaki-colored skin, and black eyes. Her diminutive stature, at 5 feet 1 inch, her round, girlish face, and high-pitched voice all contribute to the impression that she is much less than her real age of 22 years old. As a result, her very strong sex drive is rather unsuccessful, because her childlike characteristics make people uncomfortable. She is also quite mischievous, often playing practical jokes on the other four. She is quick-witted, like Mayweather, and the two enjoy bantering while they're at work. However, she is quite clumsy, and when she is trusted with stacks of paperwork, they frequently end up all over the office floor.