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The Germanien Kaizerreich of
Capitalist Paradise

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Kaizerina Solarya I (Work in Progress)

House von Ziethen-Helianthus-Altenburg
Дом фон Зиетен-Хелиантус-альденбург
Kaizerina of Vadterland
Solarya I

LinkTheme: Motherland, Forever
Personal Info




Julius 17th, 1880


Sonnenpalais, Ziethen, Schwarzen


High Germanian






Kaizer Wilhelmus V


Kaizerina Anri


Kaizer Aleksandr


Crown Prince Siegfried

Imperial Princess Aureliya



Dynastic Info


House von Ziethen-Helianthus-Altenburg

Reign Began:

August 13th, 1916

Ideology Info

Political Ideology:

LinkEnlightened Absolutism

Economic Ideology:

LinkRhine Capitalism

”Our priorities lie first and foremost in winning this long and terrible war, however more important still is that we win the peace that comes afterwards...And that may prove more difficult yet.”
- Kaizerina Solarya I

Solarya I (Solarya Viktoriya Adelheid Matilde Aureliana, born July 17th, 1880) is the current reigning monarch of the Empire of Vadterland. She is the 53rd monarch to rule the Empire, and the 7th of her line according to the traditional order of succession. Solarya ascended to the Imperial Throne following the death of her father Kaizer Wilhelmus V and the short reigns of his three subsequent successors in the Year of the Five Emperors.

The fourth and last child of Vadterland’s first Kaizer, Solarya was never seriously considered as a future monarch and was rarely considered as a serious contender for the Imperial succession. However, her ambitious nature, coupled with great discontent with her position as a mere ornamental princess of the Empire led her to pursue higher education and a career in the upper echelons of the Imperial administration. From there she learned the inner workings of Vadterland’s bureaucracy, and gained a reputation for her no-nonsense attitude and an innate talent for working through and resolving the logistical nightmares of the early war against the Gallian Republic and Nordic Union.

Having a genuine purpose and possessing an aptitude for her work, she worried little for matters of succession until her father, the aging and elderly Kaizer Wilhelmus V, passed away in February 1916. From there, the throne passed to the Kaizer's sickly and infirm firstborn son Leonhardt, who reigned for five months before succumbing to an outbreak of influenza. The secondborn son, the healthy but aloof and artistically inclined Dietrich, was ill-prepared to be ruler and did not wish for his passions to be dulled by the burden of the throne of a country at war, and he abdicated after serving barely a week as Kaizer. Thus the Kaizer's third son, Maksimilian, ascended to the throne. Though of good health and eager to rise to the throne, he held delusions of grandeur, believing that under his leadership Vadterland would be able to conquer all of Europa and that it was his destiny to rule the world. When this lofty vision came into conflict with the Imperial War Cabinet and Chancellor von Altmark, Maksimilian immediately dismissed all those that stood in opposition to him, denouncing them all as traitors and that he alone could save the Empire by waging war against the rest of Europa. This prompted a coup d'etat by a cadre of young officers led by Solarya, who arrested the Kaizer on charges of treason and gross incompetence. As the last direct successor to Kaizer Wilhelmus, Solarya took the throne with the help of the military, reinstated the fomrer War Cabinet and Imperial Chancellor, and was officially coronated in August later that year.

Since then, her reign has been characterized by a dramatic increase both in Vadterland’s industrial capacity and its ability to wage war in the face of the two front war with Gallia and the Nords, but also several attempts to end the Great War and broker a lasting peace. Though these efforts were to no avail, the Kaizerina’s ultimate goal remains; to bring an end to the conflict and see the Fatherland recover from its five years of bloodshed.

Early Life




Reign and Ideology

Her full title is “Her Imperial and Royal Majesty Solarya, by the Grace of the Gods, Kaizerina of Vadterland, Praesidium of the Empire, Lordess of the Eastern Marches, Sovereign and Supreme Duchess of Sudentor, Queen of Nordwald, Faithful Defender of the Fatherland.”

Since taking power Kaizerina Solarya has enacted a series of policies, which have resulted in:

  • Successful transition of the Imperial civilian economy to a war economy.

  • Gradual relocation of Imperial industry to the center of the nation, away from the main fronts.

  • Establishment of a new branch of the armed forces focused around magical warfare.

  • Crackdowns on nepotism and corruption in the civilian government.

  • Expansion of the public school system and educational programs.

  • Increased funding being dedicated to the nation’s development of science and technology, resulting in several new technological breakthroughs.

Political Opinions
Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Monarchism, benevolent authoritarianism, Imperial nationalism, mixed economy, militarism, realpolitik, scientific advancement, mage acceptance, egalitarianism.

  • Neutral: Colonialism, expansionism, LGBT+ acceptance, capital punishment.

  • Anti: Republicanism, fascism, socialism, war, fundamentalism, weltpolitik, ethnic nationalism, corporatism, liberalism, luddites, illegal immigration, atheism.

Five Dimensional Political Compass
Solarya is a Centrist Authoritarian Total-Isolationist Nativist Traditionalist.

Collectivism score: 0%
Authoritarianism score: 50%
Internationalism score: -83%
Tribalism score: 50%
Liberalism score: -33%

8values Test

Personal Life

With her famously stern and serious demeanor both in and out of public life, Imperial war propaganda often portrays Kaizerina Solarya as a stoic and dutiful figure wholly dedicated to the defense of the Empire, as well as an exemplar of virtuous Imperial qualities such as efficiency, honesty, and a stubborn work ethic. While these depictions are for the most part true of the Kaizerina's character, in her private writings she reveals herself to be a pessimist in regards to the future of Vadterland and Europa as a whole, as well as contemplative and deeply regretful over her failure to end the war on favorable terms.

In conversation she tends to be blunt and somewhat laconic, generally to save time, and places little faith in pomp or ceremony outside of formal occasions, however she takes great care not to be abrasive or rude.

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