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The State

The feds will be screaming, but you'll still be beaming, because you'll never pay taxes again!

The State Government

From the State run ministry
State Portals

The glorious State Parliament is where you will find stuff about our glorious Leaders and Ministers. News about them, their positions they hold, and many more. So go and explore the definitely 100%, not fake, but real news and positions.

State Occupation

State Portrait

State Emblem

  • Ultimate Supreme Leader of the State

  • Supreme Chairman of the Socialist Communist Party

  • Supreme Commander of the Army

  • Supreme Prankster of 'DICE'

  • Vice President of the State

  • Deputy Chairman of the Socialist Communist Party

  • Minister for Climate Change

  • Eternal hunter of ManBearPig

  • Minister of Defence

  • Head of the 'Yamete Kudasai!'

  • The Ultimate Supreme Leader's plaything

The Minister of Defence

  • Chancellor of the Treasury

  • Minister of Bananas

  • Minister of Engles Island

  • Minister of "Doing you slowly"

The Chancellor of the Treasury
Paul Keating

  • Minister of Supply

  • Minister of Agriculture

  • Minister of Food

  • Minister of Preventing Starvation

  • Minister of Tourism

  • Member of the Executive Council

  • Minister of Pony Tail Pulling

  • Minister of Three Way Handshakes

The Minister of Tourism
John Key

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs

  • Minister of the States

  • Former Governor of Connallygrad

  • Secretary to the Chancellor of the Treasury

The Minister of Foreign Affairs
John Connally (yes that Connally)

  • Minister of Church Affairs

  • Minister of Energy

  • Minister for Internal Affairs

  • President of the Church of Haruhi Suzumiya God

The Minister of Church Affairs
Ynot Rialb