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Hetman Symon Vasylyk of Ruthenia and Legate of the Legion

Hetman of the Ruthenian Host
His Senior Grace

Hetman Symon Vasylyk

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Hetman of the Ruthenian Host


His Senior Grace

In Office

17 July 2047 - Incumbent


17 July 2047


Anatoliy Skoropadsky

Legate of the Intermarian Legion


Konstantyn I

In Office

15 October 2049 - Incumbent


Position Established


21 August 2028 (a. 21)


Princess Anastasia Rudowski (Paramour)


Alexei Vasylyk (Illegitimate Child)

Full Name

Symon Kliment Vasylyk




Ivan Vasylyk


Helena Stetkevich


Ukrainian Cossack


Odessa Military Academy
(Degree in Military Science)


Eastern Orthodoxy



Military Service


Zaporizhian Host
Polish-Lietuvan Kingdom
The Intermarian Order

Service Branch

Intermarian Legion

Years of Service

2046 - Present




The Steppes War
Third Polish Partition
Intermarian Civil War

"There is nothing more shameless than having to inherit a dignified position on a silver platter by the rights of royal blood rather than earning it with merit. In this post-apocalyptic world, royal blood and divine rights do not matter but the dominance of animals on top of the food chain. The Rudowski dynasty undoing was the fact that its patriarch let an incompetent successor in the form of Crown Prince Bogdan to succeed him in order of secession. Dooming it into the pages of history after a series of failures. Does this sound like a sustainable form of government? I have my palpable criticisms regarding the Intermarian monarchy but there is no one as deserving of the royal throne as His Majesty, Imperator Konstantyn. For all my years serving unworthy masters, His Majesty is the only man I cannot beat both militarily and politically. That speaks volume of his prestige and my loyalty to him. Yet I fear there won't be any future for the nation after his untimely death without a line of seccession yet again."
~ Hetman Symon Vasylyk

    Symon Kliment Vasylyk is an Intermarian senior army officer of Zaphorizhian Cossack origin in the Royal Intermarian Army. He is popularly known as the Black Baron for his fast-paced warfare that combined the mobility of cavalry and motorized units with tanks and air support. Symon is one of the first "tribals" to attain a high-ranking position in the empire as post-apocalyptic tribals including Cossacks were a persecuted bunch under the Rudowski dynasty. Other than a Cossack tribal, Symon is a cyber-Evolutionary Man whose superhuman strength are granted through artificial means such as cybernetics instead of evolving naturally through radiation exposure and adaptive genes. He also holds the title of Hetman of the autonomous Ruthenian Host after being elected by a council of Cossack remnants from the west Dnieper bank and the Caucasus. He is the Legate of the Intermarian Legion in charge of military operations in Intermarium's future war against the West European Federation and later the New Soviet Republic. The Hetman is also a close ally and confidante of the Imperator after the Intermarian Civil War where he switched side to the Neo-Royalists. The friendship between them goes back into the Third Partition where they fought in the same side. Hetman Symon is noted for his right trans-implanted eye as well as his composed yet ruthlessly cunning demeanor in battle and politics that instills both fear and begrudging respect from his comrades. His status as a war hero and military genius is equal to Imperator Konstantyn where he was the main architect in the empire's successful war against the West European Federation and the New Soviet Republic to unify Europe in 2058 under the banner of Intermarium. He is the main proponent for Intermarium's brand of homogeneous nationalism and mobile warfare doctrine as well as the supporter of its industrial-military complex.

    Born into the lower-ranks of the Ukrainian nobility, Symon served in the Steppes War against the surging New Soviet Republic just at the age of 18 under the famed General Pavloyvch that resulted in total Soviet victory as well as the subjugation of tribal Ukrainian lands which drove the Cossacks and other tribes away from the region. Its previous Hetman died in battle alongside his father during the Soviet offensive on Zaphorizia. Symon would then take the mantle of Hetman and led the remnant Cossacks to safety in the then Polish Lietuvan Kingdom. The Cossacks would be then integrated into the ranks of the Polish-Lietuvan Army where a Cossack Hetmanate was formed in the region of Galicia-Volhynia. Afterwards, the Cossack cavalry forces under his command would then deployed around the Intermarian Order in border patrol duties as well as pacification operations in remote wastelands against raiders under the Rudowski dynasty in exchange for providing refuge in Ukrainian Galicia. Even though the Cossacks were invaluable for the internal order of the empire, they were treated as second-class citizens as King Kladiusz regarded them as backward and barbaric mercenary tribe. Symon was discontent with the kingdom's treatment of his people and grew a desire to cease aggressive Polonization and Polish dominance of the kingdom.

    The May Uprising in 2048 showed cracks within the Rudowski dynasty where King Bogdan abdicated and a Sanation provisional military regime ruled by Marshall Joachim Pilsudski was proclaimed. However, a civil war ensued led by Konstantyn and the Sanation 'Neo-Royalist' faction against King Bogdan and the Sanation 'Old Crown' faction. Symon would then support King Bogdan with his Cossack forces with the promises of granting privileges to the Cossack but planned on switching sides throughout the war. Battle after battles were won under Lieutenant General Vasylyk against Neo-Royalist forces. But later on, he would switch allegiance to Konstantyn after fighting an inconclusive battle against his forces as Konstantyn grew to respect him as a military commander. Afterwards, the two became fast friends and Symon supported the Neo-Royalist forces efforts by commanding his Cossack forces through battles in Wilno, Bialystok, Bydgoszcz, and Warsaw against his old "allies". With Konstantyn's victory at hand, Symon was promoted to General and appointed Chief of the Army to rebuild the newly founded Intermarium's military after the devastating civil war. His close personal relationship with the Imperator as a friend and military aide also contributed to his rise to power. Symon would also get elected as Hetman through his connections as well as his status as a war hero.

    Content as the right hand man of the Imperator at first during its early years of rebuilding, the Hetman would grow even more ambitious and brutally calculating to achieve his goals of usurping the Intermarian monarchy after Konstantyn's assured early death from his illness as the empire grew stagnant with its goals of unifying Europe achieved at the cost of political stability. An era of peace meant an era of social stagnation and degeneration in favor of materialism for the warhawkish Symon. Transforming the Intermarian empire into a homogeneous statrocracy as the antithesis to the multicultural, liberal autocracy of Imperator Konstantyn. What isn't known is his connections with the Society of New Evolutionaries as well as his plans in ousting its leadership and controlling the affairs of the Earth from behind the scenes as future Imperator as part of his grand scheme of plans to evolve humanity into Evolutionary Men.

Early Life

    Young Painter Turned Cossack
    Symon Kliment Vasylyk was born on 21st August of 2028 in a Cossack stanitsas in the quaint city of Tarnopol, surprisingly untouched from the nuclear warfare of the Five Days of Fire. He was born into a lower-ranked Ukrainian noble family in the House of Vasylyk. He belonged to a proud tribe of warriors called the Cossacks that were glorified as fearless horseback fighters on the right bank of the Dnieper river. Symon's father, Ivan, was a Cossack who previously served as the Hetman of the Zaphorizhian Host while his mother worked as a simple housewife caring for their only child. Unfortunately, his mother died while giving birth to Symon on that faithful day. His father immediately fell into depression and became an alcoholic where he blame his wife's death on young Symon. Even outright stated that he was never born to prevent the death of his wife in front of him. Relations between him and his father was tense where he was regularly beaten by his drunk father. This made him grew reclusive and aloof around people. As a result, Symon was given into custody by his grandfather, Yuri, who spent the remainders of his life as a painter. Unlike his father, his grandfather Yuri showed compassion to the young Symon where some of his personality passed on to Symon in later life. From his grandfather's beautiful arts in realism, Symon grew a passion for painting where he often painted the Seret River from the balcony of his grandfather's estate. Being an avid painter, his works were considered mediocre but astute in interpreting works of old world fine art. He thought that the prospects of him establishing a career in the arts would infuriate his father greatly who wanted to continue the Vasylyk's family legacy by becoming a Cossack and later a Hetman of his Host. Nonetheless, he grew to disregard his father or as he call it, the "old man", and peacefully lived his teenage life with his grandfather while practicing his equestrianism and painting skills. Nonetheless, on that one faithful day, his innocence would forever be shattered on the age of 16 when his grandfather was killed in a raider attack from roving Crimean Tatar hordes in their "Black Trail". The estate was plundered and burnt down including his grandfather's works of art. Symon was devastated by his grandfather's death and mourned his death as he buried him in a local cemetery next to his grandmother's grave out of respect. With nowhere to go, he was forced to join the Cossacks although he believed he wasn't fit for the warrior lifestyle. Through his relations with his estranged father as well as attempts at begrudgingly courting him, he was initiated into the Cossacks. He was given an uniform, shashka, and a horse of Russian Don breed to fight like one of his Cossack kin. Makes it clear that he wasn't fighting to appease his father but rather to avenge his grandfather's death and fulfill his obligation as a Cossack. With a growing vengeance in mind, Symon wouldn't be aware of what fate has to offer to him in the future as he undergoes his horseback training.

Rise to Power

    Long Distant Memories
    Symon began his training as a cadet in the Zaphorizhian Cossack Army at the age of 16. He was trained to use a saber and a Mosin-Nagant hunting rifle while riding a horse. Despite being a painter for all of his life, he grew a natural talent for horseback riding that impressed many. Many cadets and officers previous views of him as a spoiled brat turned into camaraderie respect. Symon was one of the best students in his class and this caught the attention of Colonel Pavlovych, his mentor. The relationship between Symon Vasylyk and Pavlovych goes way back to his father, Ivan, who was a fellow compatriot to Pavlovych during the Cossack-Tatar War. He served under the Hetmanate of his father, Ivan, but grew distant when Ivan's incompetence as Hetman began to show. Reinforced by his ill-treatment of his only son, Symon. However, it was only natural that the bond between the son of a fellow compatriot and Pavlovych was strong as the latter hoped that he would grow into a decent human being at the very least. Nonetheless, Symon's hard work and tenacity in his training paid off when he graduated and was assigned to a Cossack Plastun unit responsible for scouting areas surrounding the city of Zaphorizhia of potential Tatar raider movements. Symon was involved in numerous ambushes against Tatar raiders in his Russian Don-bred horse which led him to attain the rank of Lieutenant. Together with his Cossack men, he made the trade routes between Zaphorizhia and Odessa a safe place for caravans to cross. His unit were popularly called as the Black Devils by the Tatars for their imposing black horses and large Papakha hats. He was a little-known, low-ranking Cossack officer at this point but that one fateful night at the village of Hnativka where his units were stationed would change his military life forever and indirectly, change the path of Ukrainian history.

    The Events at the Hnativka Village
    Continued to Haunt His Dreams

    Lieutenant Symon and his 87th Plastun Troop unit were exhausted from their recent skirmishes against Crimean Tatar raiders on Interstate H15 between Zaphorizhia and Donetsk, they went to a nearby quaint little settlement called Hnativka to lay down their heads and enjoy the company of women. Symon, being a naive and an inexperienced 16-year old he was, refrained from actively pursuing romantic relationships with girls to become his partner. His aristocratic status and enigmatic stature made him appealing to a lot of younger women in his village but he tried his best to ignore them. In Hnativka, the soldiers would hold feasts with local villagers and soldiers would dance and serenade the village girls. For once, Symon felt peace in his mind ever since his bonding days with his grandfather. It was a peaceful and an isolated village that was seemingly safe from threats of Tatar raiders. While at the village, Symon as commanding officers of his unit was responsible for the action of his subordinates. He is intent on maintaining discipline and prevent any cases of violence of military conducts towards civilians. He became close with the village chief during his stay at the village and the chief was fortunate to have Symon in charge of the safety of the village in the meantime. His personal friendship with the old village chief indirectly led him to his daughter. She was a half-Tatar who was adopted by the village chief after losing her parents to a Cossack offensive. A black-haired and brown-eyed girl with puffy cheeks that Symon took a liking to. He affectionately called her the puffy-cheeked girl, a woman that could've become his future wife to straighten his priorities in life. He was afraid in approaching her first but had grown some confidence to ask her out for a dance. Their relationship grew and it seemed that Symon had found the love of his life even if the interaction was short. Before he could have had the chance to ask her name, Crimean Tatar scouts discovered the whereabouts of the 87th Plastun Troop and took them off-guard by ambushing them on the night. His unit suffered 12 casualties out of 45 soldiers and it seemed that their haphazardly-made defenses were falling apart. Cossacks and villagers took part on the defenses but it wasn't enough to withstand a whole battalion of Tatar raiders. The puffy-cheeked girl insisted on riding her horse and take part in the defense with her bolt-action rifle but Lieutenant Symon rejected her pleas, concerned for her safety.

    He had the options of retreating from the village to reorganize his troop's position or stay to defend the civilians where he would face imminent obliteration. It was hard choice for Symon to make but ultimately, he retreated from the village while facing shame from the villagers. Hnativka fell to Crimean Tatar forces but it was pyrrhic victory for them as Cossack forces exploited their lack of rear defenses, threatening to encircle them. The Tatars were then driven away from the village but they left a village razed to the ground with all of its villagers killed and its livestock taken. Symon scoured the ruined village in search of the village chief and the puffy-cheeked girl but only to found her raped and shot to the head by the Crimeans for tainting her virginity by dating a Cossack like Symon. He was devastated by the loss of the girl and this had a consequence on him. He became more withdrawn from social life and now lacked commitment in marrying a woman or maintain a steady relationship as he feared that the fate of the puffy-cheeked girl would inevitably fall upon them. The victory at Hnativka came at a great cost of civilian life but it was nonetheless a victory for the Cossacks over the Tatars. He was promoted to the rank of Captain, now having him reassigned to the 81st Cossack Cavalry Squadron. The promotion meant nothing to him as he felt guilt for abandoning the lives of civilians to the barbaric Tatars. The Battle of Hnativka served as his first proper introduction to war and how he became desensitized from the bloodshed of war afterwards.

    The Steppes War and the Trail of Horses
    After the Battle of Hnativka, Symon was left as a jaded man who has now realized the horrors of war and how it wasn't he envisioned to be in his romanticist mind. Hnativka was a victory for the Cossacks yet at a great cost. The battle tainted the public perception of the Cossacks and it was a moment of great embarrassment for Symon as he saved his and the lives of his men at the expense of the civilians. Symon could only do a bit of soul-searching and pondered deeper into his thoughts about the effects of that event had on his mental psyche. After the war, he joined the 81st Cossack Cavalry Squadron primarily composed of Haidamaka under the command of Captain Kushnir. A noble in a Haidamak unit was considered out of place and Symon was considered as the odd one in the group for being an enigmatic loner yet a charismatic one at that. During battles in the trenches or military trainings, he carries his paint kit around to paint the landscapes of no man's land and the military situation at hand. Young Symon was peculiar within his unit but he was lauded by his superiors as a perfectionist and a craftsman in war. Always the charismatic figure to draw rhetorics between war and painting. The love Symon gets made others in his team envious and there were rumours that he was going to be promoted to Lieutenant merely due to his royal ties with the previous Hetman. Yet Symon was never the type to flaunt his aristocratic titles nor bring up his royal blood to his advantage which eliminated the commoners' worries of cronyism and noble favoritism. During this time it was a period of peace for Symon and the Hetmanate as the numbers of Tatar raids died down as the Cossacks increased their presence in the wastelands. The 8th Cavalry Squadron became an effective unit in responding to all skirmishes conducted by the Tatars and this is where Symon was deservedly promoted to the rank of Lieutenant for demonstrations of bravery and courage in saving his team-mates. He always took one for the team and never let anybody get left behind after the traumatic experience in Hnativka.


Legate of the Intermarian Legion

Symon on the Night of Personally
Pledging His Allegiance to Konstantyn

    Symon was appointed to the position of Legate of the Intermarian Legion as well as promoted into the rank of General after the Intermarian Civil War that ended in a Neo-Royalist triumph under Konstantyn's forces after switching sides. Many in the military found his sudden switch of allegiance to be shameful and considered it as a mere act of saving face which isn't far from the truth. Nonetheless, many in the Intermarian Army's old guard disparaged his promotion as petty cronyism while junior officers of commoner and noble origins came to fear yet respect his enigmatic persona of a ruthless and calculating, chivalrous general. The young General considered most of the military old guards as glory-seekers, outdated, and rigid in military planning. In contrast; he is self-controlled, adaptive in rapidly changing situations, and unorthodox in his advocacy for mobile warfare. The old guard were resistant to changing the status quo where he deemed changing the army's doctrine was necessary. He deemed that infantry warfare would be a thing of the past and that massive mechanized warfare in shock and awe psychological warfare was the future. He is a staunch believer in the old saying of "the end justifies the means" by undertaking acts of questionable trickery and subterfuge to manipulate the enemy's defects in order to achieve his military objectives without moral considerations. He doesn't care how shameful it would be to employ such tactics as long as it would minimize casualties on the Intermarian side. Symon spared no time for trivial partisan bickering and court intrigues within the military based on his experiences with King Bogdan's Old Crown forces that contributed to its military downfall. The military was crippled with issues of factional divide between the old guards and junior officers as well as facing unhealthy competition from the increasingly ambitious Intermarian Navy and Air Force.

    Symon has proven his worth as a capable military commander as well as being a cut-throat yet benevolent to his enemies. The General strictly adhered to a code of chivalry where he treated his West European and Soviet POWs as well as civilians with mercy. Even going as far as executing soldiers that raped women or loot properties under his command. Units under his command would be tasked with patrolling the borders between Intermarium and the New Soviet Republic as well as maintaining military presence in the wastelands. In the post-apocalyptic wastelands, he treated raiders and slavers within the wastelands of the empire without mercy and viewed them as sub-humans. A popular method in punishing and deterring further raider attacks were crucifixion and displaying their mutilated heads on pikes to set an example. He also conscripted raider and slaver POWs into forced labor in the colonies. The General found thin supply lines and over expansion of Intermarium's military territory to be a major problem with the military in Intermarium as excessive military expenditures became a burden to the Intermarian economy. Nonetheless, the General managed to reform most of the General Staff by replacing most of the old guards by forcing them to retire in a military purge with promising junior officers who were revolutionary and unorthodox in strategy. He would assemble these promising officers to form the bulk of the army's General Staff.

    He opposed acting as a military commissar within the military when asked with filling the General Staff with loyalists and ideologues, citing that the military was no place for politics but merit. Although he was popular among more younger officers and his tactics considered "unorthodox" by most of the military, this only flamed the fuel tensions between the army and the navy which were dominated by old guards. Many in the navy were resentful of the army's increasing influence and military power while the army's purge of military old guards only exacerbated the situation. General Symon would then make his move and forcefully integrated most of the Air Force into the Army as the Land Aviation Corps. Thus, inheriting most of its ground support aircraft to support his maneuver warfare strategy. Continued tensions between the Army and Navy could potentially lead to an open military revolt to combat the influence of one another before the Imperator could step in.

    Symon Being Pierced by a Lance
    Before Shrugging the Pain Off

    His chance to shine as Legate, however, was during Intermarium's Great Continental War in 2057 by conquering the territories of the West European Federation and the New Soviet Republic. The Imperator viewed the war as a chance to revive Europe's prestige by spreading the ideals of Enlightened Royalism but the General only viewed it as a chance to demonstrate his revolutionary military tactics as well as feeding Intermarium's military-industrial complex. Intermarium's defining use of lightning warfare composed of concentrated armoured and mechanized offensives to act as its spearhead supported by artillery and aerial ground support followed by infantry charges thereafter in order to cripple the enemy into submission without a chance to react. Even though his lightning warfare strategy represented his energy and ferocity during battle, he is pragmatic in that he would not waste the lives of thousands of his men in a military operation with no chance of success. This strategy was successful in forcing the West European Federation into surrendering when its forces advanced deep into northern France through the plains of northern Germany and the Benelux countries. The government surrendered although morale was high among its forces under their charismatic military commanders. A guerilla war was waged in the west as Intermarium planned its operation against the NSR.

    On 2057, the order declared war on the NSR and the strategy proved hard to overcome the New Soviet Republic's forces with its massive territory, military, and industry. General Symon, often considered as a genius tactician and a rather poor strategist, faced troubles with its already thin supply lines and poor infrastructure to transport resources. This forces the General into a defensive war of attrition with great casualty inflicted against the NSR's human waves counter-offensives. However, Intermarium's military managed to penetrate deep into Volga and central regions of the weakened NSR with effective anti-partisan tactics, manipulating ethnic tension and growing internal turmoil, and reinforced supply lines from reinforcements of the west in spite of over-expansion and growing discontent inside Intermarium due to its inefficient war economy. One particular moment was his encirclement of Leningrad, the stronghold of Soviet communism defended by zealous Red Army Soldiers. He cut off supplies and intentionally the frontline in a stalemate in an attempt to starve their populace. This would force them to revolt against their communist governors as an offensive against their well-defended position would prove to be extremely costly as he feared that it would be re-enactment of Germany's Battle of Stalingrad. Hundreds of thousands starved to death due to poor rationing from the Soviet authorities and its civil populace grew restless against their governor. It was when they had enough that they overthrew their governor and surrendered to the Intermarian forces. Goes to show the brutally utilitarian nature of Symon. Intermarium's military advances and capturing of Moscow granted an advantage over the NSR in peace talks where the European regions of the NSR up until east of the Urals were annexed into Intermarium although further political instability and ethnic tensions inherited from the NSR ensued. Thus forcing the NSR to relocate into Siberia, scheming for their day to reconquer their European lands in the west. The war proved to be a defining moment to Symon's career as a military genius with Europe unified under the order but further reinforced his ambitions to one day usurp the Imperator's throne after Konstantyn's death.

Hetman of the Ruthenian Host

    Symon was elected as Hetman of the Ruthenian Host by the All-Cossack Rada in Halych Stanitsa at the age of 18. He was responsible for leading the Cossacks and other tribals to safety by seeking refuge in Polish-occupied West Ukraine after the Soviet invasion of Ukraine. Symon was chrismated as the Hetman of Ruthenia and Ukraine as a whole by Bishop Yevheniy. The title of Hetman was merely a ceremonial title and much of its power vested on the pro-Rudowski Cossacks in the Rada per Polish-Lietuvan agreement in return for Polish-Lietuva to respect its autonomy within the empire as a self-governing subject. Symon had plans for major reforms to modernize West Ukraine socially and economically to his liking but this would meet opposition from the Rada trying to maintain the status quo. In spite of this, it didn't stop Symon from concocting a plan to seize power for himself in the Hetmanate and purge the influence of the pro-Rudowski nobility. The tribals such as Cossacks were viewed as sub-humans under the eye of King Bogdan but were exempted from the Racially Impure Cleansing Act under the empire because of their services in putting down peasant rebellions. Nonetheless, the Ruthenian Hetmanate was backward and its population regularly faced famine in the face of unequal trade agreements from Polish-Lietuva.

    There were popular discontent among the peasantry with Hetman Symon but he knew he was powerless to do anything yet. To alleviate most of the economic burden, he passed a legislation that would divert most of the military funds into social programs and giving incentives to Cossack soldiers to work as farmers in exchange for field promotions and a raise. But then, he was forced to work with the feudal nobility and provide the kingdom with serfs working in forced labor. This made him unpopular for a short while among the populace and he was regarded as an "Ukrainian Puyi". Being Hetman was merely a balancing act in satisfying the Ukrainian peasantry, the feudal nobility, and his Polish masters in which he found such collaborations with the arrogant Polish to be shameful for the proud Cossack warriors. His years working as a collaborator for the Rudowski dynasty would remain as the darkest chapter in his governance and became a subject of contention among historians regarding his "benevolent" warrior image.

    Some might say that he was trying to save the Cossacks from genocide under the Racially Impure Cleansing Act by serving the Rudowski dynasty but others would say that he was profiteering off the social strife inside Polish-Lietuva during National Chief Pilsudski's presidency to help cement his private rule over Ruthenia Hetmanate. Nevertheless, news of a military coup in Warsaw and later elsewhere by Rudowski-loyalist with rumors that his friend Marshall Konstantyn would lead revolutionaries under the Neo-Royalist banner will set a huge precedent for the Hetman and his place in Intermarium.

    When the Intermarian Civil War erupted after King Bogdan's restoration into the throne, Hetman Symon initially sided with him out of obligation for the treaty and the royalist Rada. The Ruthenian Host remained loyal to the Old Crown forces led by General Wojtek Bierut and King Bogdan due to political collusion. Deep in his heart, Symon had no intentions to preserve an archaic royal relic that would refuse to wither and were conspiring to join the Neo-Royalist forces under Konstantyn. News of his allegiance to King Bogdan shocked many Neo-Royalists but his best friend and rivaling commander, Konstantyn. Konstantyn knew that Symon had plans to defect and seize the Hetmanate on top of the ruins of the Rudowski dynasty. The Hetman and his Cossack forces were ordered to put down Neo-Royalist forces in Lithuania. Battles after battles were won by the Old Crown against the Neo-Royalists but this only served to disenfranchised the Cossacks as General Bierut feared was gaining more influence over him.

    The Old Crown victories brought upon by Symon's shrewd tactics came to an end when the Polish-majority units that served under him deserted in the masses during the Battle of Klaipeda in Lithuania while facing against Marshall Konstantyn. Symon's unit positions collapsed almost instantly and he was left for death all as part of General Bierut's conspiracy to dispose of Hetman Symon. A gravely injured Symon was infuriated at such shameful acts of subterfuge and immediately pledge his allegiance to his old friend, Konstantyn. With the combined might of two tactical geniuses; Cossack forces defected to the Neo-Royalists to serve their beloved Hetman against the orders of the pro-Rudowksi Rada. Symon's lightning offensive had captured Wilno, Bialystok, and Bydgoszcz one-by-one thus securing Lithuania and northern Poland. Together with Konstantyn's forces, Symon's units attacked Warsaw from the north and successfully captured the city. The Old Crown forces capitulated and surrendered to the Neo-Royalist. Symon and Hildegard was present during Konstantyn's coronation on the ruins of Grand Warsaw in a public ceremony to which he raised a toast for the future of Intermarium and Ukraine in it under Imperator Konstantyn's rule.

    Symon Feeling Conflicted About Seizing the
    Imperator's Throne to Preserve Intermarium

    When Konstantyn ascended to the throne as Imperator, Hetman Symon immediately set on to purge reactionaries and Rudowksi-loyalists within the Rada to secure his rule. The Rada that once controlled him as a puppet now became subservient to Hetman Symon. Imperator Konstantyn gave Hetman Symon the green light to execute a self-coup and grant even more autonomy to the Hetmanate as a reward for his services in the Intermarian Civil War. People of Ukraine once saw him as a puppet of a foreign dynasty and a disgrace but only to grew to support the Hetman after defeating the Old Crown faction. Immediately he took a face-heel turn and modeled himself as a reformist within the Ruthenian Host. His notable policies included: seizing the lands of the pro-Rudowski landlords and redistribute them to the people through land reforms, transformed West Ukraine to the breadbasket of Intermarium and Europe with extensive mechanization and subsidies to maximize production thus endings it year-long famine, spearheaded industrialization efforts in Ukraine with achieving a semi-automoted economy in mind, revamping and expanding infrastructure on the generally impoverished areas of western Ukraine, accepting Ukrainian refugees fleeing from Soviet Ukraine with open arms, and abolishing serfdom in a whim. These reforms were more pragmatic in nature rather than doing it out of altruism.

    The popularity of these reforms greatly benefited the Hetman who began to overstep his boundaries as a mere military commander of Cossacks into acting as a Head of State that issued royal decrees. He ruled the Hetmanate as a personal dictatorship albeit a benevolent one under military jurisdiction without any proper constitution. Effectively ruling it as a stratocracy. His will is expressed through royal decrees sent to the Rada. The autocratic stratocracy of Ruthenia was an affront to the spirit of Cossack freedom and democratic decision-making but these values have since eroded long before Symon have ever became Hetman. Efficiency and societal order began to be highly valued as such. Symon despised the tribalistic, libertarian, and luddite beliefs of the Cossacks and he sought to reform their mindset. All of these were made possible by the Imperator's allowance of self-governance in West Ukraine and his close personal friendship with the Imperator. Nonetheless, the reforms within West Ukraine greatly impressed Konstantyn. In addition, Symon isn't the type of local leader to oppress his people with sheer brutality just to secure his throne which he considers such blind oppression as counter-productive to the overall internal security of the Hetmanate. It was this quality that made him a rather lenient leader of a de facto stratocracy.

    General Symon has closely followed two political ideals during his years as Hetman: Prometheism where he advocated for the dismemberment of the New Soviet Republic (Russia) into several independent states and was a great supporter of non-Russian independence groups. Since the very first day as Hetman, Symon's desire was to liberate all of the Belarusian, Ukrainian, and Caucasian lands for the establishment of a greater Ukrainian Cossack state. The latter is to resume co-operation with the Poles and sought to create an Ukrainian identity that was loyal to the ideals of Intermarium. He is opposed to the Soviet-sympathizing communists and found ultra-nationalists of the OUN to be an useful tool in rallying the Ukrainians against the Russophiles. The arrival of Osadniks, Polish settlers from Kresy, into western Ukraine and racial-motivated terrorist attacks only exacerbated racial tensions. He was initially supportive of the ideals of a multi-ethnic state in Intermarium but his opinions on multiculturalism soured. Instead of viewing cultural diversity as a strength of Intermarium's boiling pot of ethnicities, he found it to be a hindrance to his views of an homogeneous Intermarian identity. Multiculturalism was a liability towards Intermarium's existence and it would fragment apart as past empires has shown such as Austria-Hungary and the Roman Empire. Despite being born a Cossack tribal, he held low opinions on wasteland-dwelling tribals as well as the lesser cultures of the empire. With such differing cultures within the empire forced under one nation, it was only natural for them to feel little for the empire as a whole while remaining zealously prideful of their native culture. If Intermarium were to collapse then it should be rebuilt by a single culture; not fragmenting it into a multitude of self-serving and weak ethno-states in its corpse.

    Hetman Symon in His Blue Cape Uniform
    Discussing Military Plans at the Hallway

    Hetman Symon's vision for the empire conflicted with that of the Imperator with Konstantyn firmly maintaining the multicultural identity of the empire. Both men hail from the same rags to riches backgrounds yet hold differing radical ideologies for Intermarium. With two overly ambitious and prideful men leading the empire at its helm, there's not enough space for the two to co-exist in the same position inside the status quo. He is highly critical of Konstantyn for having no long-term plan nor an heir to put on the throne as he continues to bask on the glory of the present day. The death of Imperator Konstantyn would represent the death of Intermarium as a nation and he predicted that a power struggle among nefarious elements would occur and a Balkanization would ensue. He is determined in preserving the Intermarium Konstantyn built by usurping the Imperator's throne after Konstantyn's death and mold Intermarium to his ideals. As twisted as his vision for the preservation of Intermarium may be. For Symon, loyalty towards the nation and ensuring its future comes first over his allegiance towards a single figure such as the Imperator. Even if it pains him to act against his closest friend's (Konstantyn) will by seizing power to prevent a divisive power struggle in the future after his early death.

    Symon's vision for the empire and his true endgame for Intermarium is to usurp the throne after Konstantyn's untimely death at a young age. He'll effectivelly assimilate all cultures within the empire and coalesce them into one "Intermarian" national identity of Eastern Europeans. Symon is a man who believed in one own's merit and he believed that a technocracy of the most qualified were to fill in the position of government. Symon wanted to abolish the decadent system of monarchy in spite of his royal blood but didn't necessarily advocated for republicanism. Like Konstantyn, he believed in a central authority figure to govern the nation but Symon made sure to have a designated successor. Not a system where the leader is chosen by royal blood. He aspired to drive Intermarium's economy into semi-automation, eliminating the need for a labour force and establish a post-scarcity economy, and advance scientific progress in the fields of transhumanism and positive eugenics by governmental intervention which he considered as important. For his time, Symon is a revolutionary mind and an unorthodox political thinker but he is hesitant in pulling off his desires as he feared that he would ruin the monarchical legacy laid down by his friend Imperator Konstantyn. A source of conflict between his loyalty or the future of the empire.

The Garden of Eden and the Human Instrumentality Project

    Main Article: The Evolutionary Man
    Behind that chivalrous and brutally calcuating exterior as Hetman lies a noble yet twisted visionary of a Cyber-Evolutionary Man who's hellbent on evolving mankind to its next stage of evolution through genetic mutation. In addition to getting rid of human fallacies such as nation-states, organized religion, and foreign culture. He views that those qualities only serves to divide humankind and pit them into a cycle of never-ending, self-destructive conflict throughout history. With Earth far too divided over petty conflicts without adressing the threat of extra-terrestials would pose; he is determined on unifying humanity to better prepare itself for the inevitable inter-planetary conflict. Symon blamed man's primal nature and faults for the Five Days of Fire that brought living hell on Earth for the next generations. Despised the old world as a time of social degeneracy and despised its past governments for putting their interests over human lives.

    Symon Planning for His Next Move in LinkSymon's Counterattack

    Even after a devastating nuclear has scarred much of the continent; the delusions of ideologies such as communism, democracy, and reactionary traditionalism still persisted on the human mindset much to his disappointment. Thought that a nuclear war that nearly wiped humanity would implant consciousness onto man and set them on a proper direction. Yet it gave rise to a new type of enhanced humans called the Evolutionary Men, born out of nuclear radiation and mutation, which gave him hope that this would be mankind's redemption. These Evolutionary Men were mutated by adapting to the harsh climates of this wastelands and for this; they became resistant towards radiation, had telekinetic abilities, and possessed a superhuman-like strength. This made the Evolutionary Men more than capable in living the never-ending post-apocalyptic wasteland world that is the "Paradise Lost" multiverse compared to urban-dwelling humans. Symon views the Evolutionary Men as superior than that of humans because of those traits and regarded them as the "Regressive Man" who are ought to be forced to mutate in order to enter the last and perfected final stage of metamorphosis that is the Evolutionary Man. Furthermore, he absolutely loathed human purists who boasts superiority on the basis of their pure genes. Far from being an idealist nor a supremacist; Symon wants to evolve humanity into Evolutionary Men through any means necessary and considers it as merely the right thing to do in order to ensure a future for Earth.

    His views and persona as Hetman was only farcical, and served as a disguise for his true self. What Symon truly desires is a world where man has evolved to its perfected stage as Evolutionary Men to better adapt life in the wasteland with their strength. In the sea of great powers such as Intermarium, the West European Federation, and the New Soviet Republic; Symon is an unpredictable wild card that would achieve his dreams of the Garden of Eden through any means necessary. This world he was striving for was known as Earth's Garden of Eden. The collective unified identity of the Evolutionary Men would also eliminate differences that divided mankind as well as getting rid of the aforementioned human fallacies that brought about nuclear war. What Symon prioritized in this new age was the survival of humanity in the post-apocalyptic world, technological and scientific progress that stems from research in the Evolutionary Men, as well as uniting them under the Evolutionary Man identity in the face of an extra-terrestrial threat. Space colonization was also a matter that piqued Symon's interest and he finds it that worldly resources would inevitably dry out in the face of overpopulation which is precisely why he supports space exploration and building settlements outer space. Thanks to the physique of the Evolutionary Man, this makes it possible for them to colonize space. In Symon's eyes, he was a providing a future for humanity and was striving for its long-term success unlike post-war so-called "national leaders" who are blinded by honor and self-interest. He despised totalitarian leaders that used state-oppression for the sake of maintaining political power and are only striving for short-term successes in waging petty territorial wars. He is even disheartened with human's exploiting the potentials of Evolutionary Men for their nefarious interests as well as their wasteful nature that degraded the environment for their materialistic needs. Even then, he believes that an autocracy is necessary in maintaining socio-political order in this new world. All to rebuild the world after a devastating nuclear war.

    "Even After a Nuclear Holocaust, Humans
    Haven't Learned Their Lessons Yet"

    To achieve this end, Symon has established numerous connections with other shadowy groups who are willing to assist him. Ranging from the cabal technocratic Brussels' Circle of the West European Federation for the technical know-how (even going so far as to struck a deal with them in preserving their organization) to the Society of New Evolutionaries in garnering political support. Symon is a beneficiary of the Society of New Evolutionaries but he had plans in ousting its incompetent and short-sighted leadership in order to become its true visionary leader. He found his career as Hetman to be a stepping stone towards his meteoric rise in the military and that his participation in the Great Continental War that resulted in the creation of an unified Europe or Intermundus to be his greatest deus ex machina where he could seize power as Imperator, the most powerful man on Earth, after Konstantyn's early death. With the Imperator's absolute political power, Symon was free to enact his will and direct foreign policy on a global scale. Symon would go to such length in achieving this vision but wouldn't step over the line. He finds brainwashing and turning humans into mindless hivemind to be absolutely tasteless and counter-productive to his ideals of the Garden of Eden. Even more so with stripping away their free will in which Symon believes that it was necessary for societal progress instead of creating a world of men with no substance or individuality.

    In spite his belief that the Evolutionary Men are the chosen people to rule Earth and the heirs of humanity, he is well aware of their physical defects that makes them unsustainable for the long-run. To this end, he has recruited scientists from the cabal Brussels' Circle in order to fix these genetic defect that all Evolutionary Men suffers from through numerous scientific experiments, be it humane or inhumane. His cybernetic implants also took a toll on Symon's mind as an unstable Cyber-Evolutionary. Wondering if he could maintain his sanity long enough in achieving his dreams. Nonetheless, he finds it inhumane in forcefully evolving humans against their will by dipping them through FEV. He instead tries to positively influence public perception and increase their awareness on the matters of Evolutionary Men. Washing away long-held beliefs of human superiority and diminishing the influence of human purists. Believed that using vaccines in mutating humans into Evolutionary Men and eliminating their human illnesses was the proper course of action instead of conducting needless genocide nor eliminating the individuality of man. Believing that the individual strength of each men would forward the progress of society. However, if that doesn't work, Symon would simply launch clandestine strategic nukes from space inside his tactical nuclear power armor to irradiate the atmosphere so that humans could mutate with varying results and would result in massive casualties which could be described as mass murder which he describes it as mercy for living in such world.. Regarding the matters of nation-states inside the Garden of Eden, Symon finds it unrealistic for an one world government to take hold after achieving his means. Which is why he strove for the creation of an united world governmental body like the United Nations in keeping nations in-line for the next decades. Inside his mind, he was laying the foundations and template for a successful post-apocalyptic world for itself to build upon. Not necessarily an utopia but a world that could prosper. Wether or not this noble yet twisted visionary goal was bred out of well-intentioned personal ambitions or from his slow descend into insanity as a Cyber-Evolutionary. His endeavors would be known as the Human Instrumentality Project. No, it's not an Evangelion reference.

    Pro: Autocracy, Usurpation, Paternalistic Conservatism, "Homogenous Intermarian Identity", Patriotism, Political Pragmatism, Machiavellianism, Utilitarianism, Cultural Assimilation, Economic Autarky, Mechanization, Semi-Automation, Universal Basic Income, Scientific Advancements, Positive Eugenics, Transhumanism, the Evolutionary Man, Unitarianism, Militarism, Realpolitik, and the usage of nuclear bombs to wipe the slate clean and forcefully evolve humans into Evolutionary Men

    Neutral: Enlightened Absolutism, Organized Religion, Extra-Terrestrials, Humans, and Julius Evola's Hyperfascism

    Anti: Jacobins, Hereditary Monarchism, Ethno-Nationalism, Democracy, Ultraconservative Reactionaries, Multiculturalism, Separatism, Religious Radicalism and Dogma, Theocracies, Laissez-faire Capitalism, Libertarianism, Communism, Anarchism, Slavery, Feudalism, Luddites, Serfdom, Incompetent Aristocracy, Pacifism, and Corruption

Power Armor

Imperator Konstantyn I

Technical Specifications


Custom Close Quarters
Powered Armor




700 Kilograms

Armor Material


    The ESP-01 'White Devil' is the personal power armor prototype of Imperator Konstantyn for military use in the frontlines. It was personally granted to him as a gift to the Imperator on 2053 in order to put him at an equal footing with the Federation's power armor in battle during the Great Continental War. Instead of leading a cavalry charge like he used to in the 13th Hussar Division, Konstantyn changed the cavalry-based Hussar unit into a heavily armoured one. It was born out of previous failed experiments on their endeavors in attempting to create a direct successor to the TR-55 as well as supplementing the TR-60 in the military arsenal stockpile. While the TR-55 was heavily resilient and durable, it lacked mobility and was rather prone to overheating. The TR-60 in the other hand was highly agile but lacked any protective plate. So the ESP-01 was intended to be commissioned into the Legion with the intention of combining the best qualities of the previous TR-55 and TR-60 models which are its endurance and agility without sacrificing both qualities. When the Imperator caught wind of the secret project, he ordered a power armor unit for his own personal use. Soon enough, the project evolved into granting His Imperial Majesty a custom power armor for wear and tear in the frontlines. Researchers and developers were interested in making their new power armor even larger than what the Legion had in its stockpiles while the Imperator was involved in designing the model to fit his romanticist views of military chivalry. Already it faced structural problems due to its complex mechanisms in running its revolutionary features as well as tall stature. Nonetheless; past researches on the design faults of the TR-55 and TR-60, constantly pushing the design specs over its limits, as well as technological advancements made in power armoury has perfected the ESP-01 in its rather slow developmental stage. By the time the ESP-01 rolled deployed into the western front during the Great Continental War, it was one of the most advanced power armors for its time. Konstantyn dueled with his friendly rival, Ltg. Levigne of the Federation, using this power armor against the GT-35R and GT-40SX.

    Sporting a modernized European knight motif, it was only designed for land-based combat and its heavy weight makes it less than ideal for it to fight in aerial combat while attached to an Aerial Dock. The ESP-01 was more or less inspired by the past design of the TR-55 but massive changes and overhaul were made to better fit Konstantyn's combat standards. It still had its motion-assisted servos, medic pumps (especially useful for his health condition), and reactive plates but it functioned in a manner that was more efficient than past models. Its plates are made out of reinforced layers of vibranium alloy owing to its focus on defense as well as slow yet devastating melee damage. One major innovation of the ESP-01 was its radio jamming feature, nuclear blast-resistant plate armor, and a Bio-Sensor which basically used the mental psyche of its wearer in order to interact with the power armor surroundings. A feature that Konstantyn used to its full extent. For a prototype, it is quite unstable and prone to abrupt shutdowns when pushing its design specs over the limits but Konstantyn has somehow managed to overcome all of these defects as he became more experienced in armor brawling. A specialty of the ESP-01 is its size, which is a bit taller than the average power armor ever produced. The ESP-01 is armed with a large melee weapon dubbed the "Excalibur". The unit is usually a close combat unit armed with an ornate long-sword dubbed the "Excalibur" as well as a shield but sometimes uses its Lance for greater attack power and reach. Despite its tall and gigantic appearance which gives the impression that the ESP-01 may perform sluggishly, it is actually quite mobile and agile due to the after-thought addition of rocket-propelled boosters on the sides of the limbs of the power armor which gives it enhanced mobility to make up for its heavy weight. The longsword ornate "Excalibur" is the primary melee weapon of the ESP-01 although it also comes with a lance and shield.

    Armaments and Quirks

    • The "Excalibur" Longsword
      The ESP-01's primary melee weapon. Konstantyn uses it to cut down enemies in one swing with great knockback and range due to its large and tall stature. Unlike ordinary energy beam sabers, it doesn't need energy to use it. The Excalibur is decorated with complex patterns as well as having a long sharp blade made out of sharp steel alloy to supplement it. The primary disadvantage of a steel-forged blade is that it could be broken due to intense pressure unlike an energy beam saber but the Excalibur is reinforced with anti-beam reflective plates to counter such possibility.

    • The "Gungnir" Ornate Lance
      A long ornate golden-plated lance that is modeled after the ones wielded by the legendary Polish Hussars. The aptly-named Golden Lance is used for taking down powerful enemies. Just like the aforementioned Excalibur; it has reinforced anti-beam reflective plates but there's a certain quirk into it. For example, the lance can emit beams of energy shaped in a cone as well as could be heated to penetrate armored enemies just like a Poczet lance.

    • "Aegis" Shield
      A standard shield used by the ESP-01 which is made out of Chromium. Nicknamed the "Shield of Vienna" after Jan Sobieski's victory in the Battle of Vienna, it can withstand any type of explosive or armor-piercing projectiles as well as heavy-hitting melee swings. It has withstood a lot of wear and tear but this doesn't mean it is invincible. Sometimes, Konstantyn uses this shield in conjunction with the Excalibur but he prefers to fight with a lance instead in combat.

Hetman Symon Vasylyk

Technical Specifications


Custom Stealth Close
Quarters Powered Armor




200 Kilograms

Armor Material


    The ESP-02A 'Fallen Angel' is Symon's personal power armor that he rarely uses during his time in the Intermarian Legion. Preferring to fight with his own skin in the frontlines and has the Cyber-EV cybernetics to compliment it which eliminates his need for a power except for a few circumstances. Nonetheless, the ESP-02A 'Fallen Angel' is a significant upgrade over the ordinary mass-produced TR-60 'Night Reaper' for numerous factors. The Fallen Angel is better suited for the frontier wasteland at night and foggy environment. Unlike the ordinary TR-60, it has stealth cloaking abilities, it has flight capabilities, and its Vibranium alloy materials adds for another layer of defense which makes the Fallen Angel more resilient towards hard-hitting attacks such as tactical missiles, armor-piercing bullets, and beam saber attacks without sacrificing agility. The wings that are implanted on the back of the Fallen Angel acts as both an ordinary wing and a cloak. It allows for flight at extremely altitudes with impressive speed and its cloaking capabilities allows for stealth by making the power armor invisible. Symon's favorite strategy is to use the Fallen Angel's enhanced hyper jammers and its invisibility to sneak close to enemy units and catch them off guard. This tactic is usually good for taking out at least one or two enemy units, after which Symon will uncloak the power armor.

    The primary weapon of the Fallen Angel is its Plasma Scythe just like any ordinary TR-60 unit. However, it is upgraded to include a small rocket engine on the end as well as a second plasma beam on the scythe. The second blade gives the weapon a greater reach, while the rocket engine increases the power of the swing, allowing Fallen Angel to cut through multiple enemy units with ease. The Fallen Angel's secondary weapon is a Beam Shield on the left arm which can launch from the arm to be used as a projectile weapon and launch small missiles. Like its original derivative version, this buster shield also has a plasma blade emitter mounted within. Despite its upgrades, the Fallen Angel lacks options for sustained ranged attacks except for some missiles mounted on its shield. However, this is primarily fitted for Symon's melee combat style.

Armaments and Quirks

  • Plasma Beam Scythe
    The Plasma Beam Scythe or called by its edgy nickname, the Devil's Judgement is the main melee weapon of the ESP-02A. It comes in the form of a sycthe that would emit a highly-penetrative beam of plasma after being activated when drawn from the backskirt of the power armor. The Devil's Judgement is an significant upgrade over the more conventional steel-branded scythe the ordinary TR-60 unit utilizes. Featuring a rocket boosted thruster, it gives an extra momentum and increase its power. The sycthe is also cannot be broken like any ordinary metallic melee weapon, owing to its plasma-based energy weaponry.

  • "Death Shield"
    Another upgrade of the titanium alloy shield featured in the TR-60, the Death Shield is a offensive-defensive gear of the ESP-02A. It has a coffin-like exterior and two thrusters on the back of the shield. The shield has a retractable built-in blade made out of Vibranium that could seemingly cut through anything. It can withstand any heavy-hitting melee swings and projectile blasts at the expense of durability.

  • Monarch's Wing
    The decorative cloak that both serves as an invisibility cloaking device and enables flight when configured into a wing. It is aptly-named the "Monarch's Wing" due to its resemblance to a butterfly's wing. Contains four field generators which makes the power armor invisible for a long period of time. Functions similarly to the "Stealth Boy" found on American Delta special unit soldiers as well as the elite Chinese Dragoons. The cloak is strong enough to repel shots from missiles and a barrage of lasers, and the armor itself is coated with an anti-energy weapon coating. When the cloak is extended into becoming a wing; it allows the ESP-02A to fly which enhances the suit's mobility.

Technical Specifications


Prototype Tactical Nuclear
Assault Powered Armor




800 Kilograms

Armor Material

Molten Vibranium

    The SGX-108 'Psychotic Titan' was the second power armor operated by Hetman Symon after the ESP-02A before reverting back to using the aforementioned ESP-02A power armor. At first glance, it looks more like a "darker" version of a Federation power armor rather than a Legion one. It is an heavy assault power armor that entered its late stage of development as a prototype before being rushed to service in the Great Continental War in the North German military campaign at the Western Front. Nicknamed the "Psychotic Titan", it is a beast of a power armor with its massive imposing stature as well as the threat it poses with its nuclear-launching capabilities which cements its status as the power armor equivalent to a fortress. The SGX-108 came to existence after the success of Operation Atomdust where the Federation's GP-02 tactical nuclear prototype unit (a clear violation of the Bogota Accords) was hijacked by the Legion of Frumentariis led by Hetman Symon and the design specs were reverse-engineered to create the SGX-108. The SGX-108 which was developed in the mid-stages of the war was the most powerful power armour in existence to date but this didn't stopped it from being destroyed after Symon's fight with Lieutenant General Emile's GT-35 power armor that saw both power armours blown up into ruins in the Battle of Sedan. Just before Symon could use its nuclear capabilities in contaminating the atmosphere with radiation launched from nuclear bombs as part of his grand scheme to forcefully evolve humans into Evolutionary Men. Nonetheless, Symon returned to using the ESP-02A in most heavy battles as a downgrade in the face of more stronger power armors constantly being developed.

    At 10 feet tall, it is more than twice the size of a regular power armor. This is due to the sheer bulk of the Bio-Sensor, and the addition of features like a built-in shoulder-fired Nuclear Assault Launcher (a MRV launcher), an anti-energy weapon barrier as well as complex mechanisms that keeps its elaborate augmentations running optimally. In spite all of its complex features and bottlenecks on overall mobility, the SGX-108 was rather energy efficient and deadly as it has a a greater amount of weapons, especially nukes and the X-25 gatling laser, despite having a fusion reactor that produces less energy than the average power armor which means less mobility due to weak kinetic servos. The plate armor of the SGX-108 is made out of vibranium which is highly resilient towards heavy-hitting attacks and reflective towards rapid high-velocity projectiles. Due to the relatively short range of the tactical nuclear nukes fitted for the SGX-108, its armor was designed to be both heat and shock resistant to protect itself from the nuclear blast. Its bulky appearance makes the SGX-108 a rather slow power armor and vulnurable to highly mobile enemies but with Symon's Cyber-EV telepathic traits and the armor's excellent damage resistance has covered those defects very well. The SGX-108 is entirely controlled by a Bio-Sensor which used the mental psychic powers of its operator to interact with the power armor's interface. Greatly optimized for Cyber-Evolutionaries like Symon. Being the tactical nuclear assault power armor it is, the SGX-108 has the ability to launch long-range tactical and strategic nukes. It could even be attached to an MLRS launcher at the back of the power armor for equally devastating nuclear attacks.

Armaments and Quirks

  • Laser Blade
    The Laser Blade or the "Terra-Breaker" is the large melee weapon of the SGX-108 that looks like Linkthis but imagine it emits penetrative laser beams instead out of steel. It comes in the form of a blade that emits a red laser light that could penetrate through anything as well as hitting large amount of enemy units in one area. Its heavy nature is complementary to the SGX-108 imposing status and it also gives the sword greater knockback and reach at the expense of overall mobility and ease of use through the Bio-Sensor.

  • Mobile Nuclear Assault System
    The primary weapon of the SGX-108, it can load a single nuclear warhead that is carried separately in the backpack. Although the atomic bazooka only has a single shot, its effect is not to be underestimated. Even then, the self-defense mechanisms employed by the power armor could only defend itself from the edges of a nuclear blast. Due to the nature of nukes, it was designed to launch long-range warheads and it could only launch one payload so as to allow the use of tactical and strategic nuclear warheads. An even more overpowered version of the MNAS system would be its MLRS attachment that could launch multiple tactical nuclear warheads simultaneously.

  • Scattering Gatling Laser (X-25)
    20 mega beam cannons are mounted all over the Psyco Gundam Mk-II's body. There are 3 guns mounted in each shoulder, 4 mounted in each leg, 2 mounted in each side skirt armor, and 1 mounted in each front skirt armor. Their high-velocity, quantitive, and penetrative nature of laser weaponry makes it a lethal treat towards thinly-armored enemies as it could shred through anything in any direction.

  • The Laser Battle Rifle (AGL-3)
    The primary ranged weapon of the SGX-108, it is a battle rifle that could be configured into selective and semi-automatic. It shoots rounds of laser microfusion cells and it also could be used as an anti-materiel rifle if retrofitted with a scope and overcharged cells. When turning it into a makeshift anti-materiel rifle, it could shoot down small Leviathan destroyers iat long-range.

  • NR-003 Ceramic Shield
    The SGX-108 is equipped with a specialized shield. This large shield is not only a defensive measure against physical and beam attacks, it also protects the SGX-108 from the heat and shock of a nuclear explosion. It also features a powerful liquid nitrogen cooling system to cool the mobile suit, and is where the launcher's barrel is stored when the weapon is not in use. Thus, damage to the shield can hinder the SGX-108 ability to launch a nuclear attack.

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Cyber-Evolutionary Power

    "I will add your colors to this rose. The red blood of a weakling and the tears of your humiliation."
    ~ Hetman Symon's LinkBadass Boast to a Federation ace

    Unbeknowst to everyone within the Legion or the empire, Symon is an all-powerful Cyber-Evolutionary. It has been stated that Symon is a walking anamalgation of cybernetic implants, augmentations, and prosthetics that earned him the name of the "Iron Prince" as a cyborg. Compared to weak human "fleshlings" that encompasses the characters of the Intermarian universe, Symon is the strongest of all of them as a Cyber-Evolutionary who has fought in numerous battles. The nature of this superhuman physique and growing unstable state of mental health is kept unknown to his colleagues as well as the public. Only the empire's top surgeons assisted by robots are able to keep a check on his daily health records and continue on maintaining this body that the scientists have been experimenting and working on. Science's attempts at playing God and twisting the sanctity of a man's body led to the rebirth of Symon as a cyborg muddled in intricate wires and circuits. Scientists frequently implanted augmentations on his body in order to rid away of human "imperfection" as they believed that transhumanism was a model for humanity to follow on the 21st century. Symon would be that example. Equipped with cybernetic implants on his organ that increased his stamina, endurance, and immune system tenfold as well as slowing down the aging process (which made him nearly immortal) and augmentations that increased his physical strength. After much installed bio-mechanical implants and surgeries conducted on his body, Symon is a walking half-machine among men. The perfect harmony between organisms and the mechanical. As a self-labelled "Cyber-Evolutionary", he sees his newfound powers have gave him purpose and have abandoned his humanity alltogether. In spite of his enduring and all-powerful physical strength, Symon is without problems and side-effects with those newfound powers.

    Symon Going Up Against an Ax-Wielder With a Dagger

    First of all, not all of his implants on his organs can handle the excess power level Symon wields. Often he can be found burned out and experiencing fatigue simply due to his body cannot catch up with the ever so increasing power from the kinetic energy that Symon's organs has been pumping ferociously. It may could even prove fatal to his health. Wasteland cybernetics are rudimentary and his cybernetic implants are more often that not breaking down or not working properly at the face of excess concentration of kinetic energy within his body and constant battlefield injuries Symon has accumulated. When injured, his mechanical body may emit some sparks depending on the severity of the damage he endured. There's also his deteroritating mental health to consider. The disconnect between his largely human brain and his cybernetic body are significant enough to render it incompatible and bottlenecked his performance. As Cyber-Evolutionary, he didn't went through mental reconditioning as all Cyber-EV soldiers are expected to face through when made into the perfect mindless machine of war. Symon still retains his human conscious, self-autonomy, and rational logic but the taxing conditions his physical reconditioning led him to has put a toll on his mental health. He is prone to psychotic breaks that would lead him to indulge himself in mindless violence and adrenaline in the battlefield which is a trait shown on Cyber-Evolutionary soldiers. To counter the growing threat of his slow descend to mental insanity, he has regularly took pills and sometimes overdosed on them under a psychotic state of mind. Symon is just a ticking bomb waiting to explode coupled with a wreck of a mental psyche and self-fatalistic personality. In addition, he relies of a steady supply of transfusion like all experimental cyborgs to survive or being threatened by his growingly unstable body rejecting his artificial construction.

    Symon's fighting style is based on mixed martial arts of the Cossack Hopak variant. Putting an empashis on box-kicking, perrying, and locks and chokes on the ground. His sheer strength as a Cyber-Evolutionary makes him devastating and extremely dangerous to wrestle. True to his equestrian backgrounds, he is an adept fighter with the horse as he is able to tame a horse (basically mind-control them) through his psionic bonds with horses. Due to his ultra-quick reflexes and absolute beast of a bulletproof metallic body, he is primarily a close-quarter melee fighter due to these advantages. He has shown aptness for duelling where his strategy is to perry and avoid attacks from his opponent and strike when the time is right when his opponents grow tired or caught off-guard. A juxtapose to his brutish style of hybrid martial arts fighting, Symon plays strategically with his moves and exploits the defects of his opponent to gain the upper-hand. He would also resort to psychological warfare and using his silver-tongue to lower the morale of his opponent. Even when fighting in his base form, his power level is equal to that of a standard grunt power armor. In battle, he doesn't acts out of blind pride and he rarely ever loses his cool. But his psychotic breaks and episodes would prove otherwise. Symon is a battle-hardened military veteran who has seen the adrenaline of warfare up close on the frontlines and has frequently been training on the Hyperbolic Virtual Reality Chamber (HVRC) to push his strength to the limits at taxing environmental conditions.

    Symon's Interior Bio-Mechanical Body Behind the Flesh...
    Unidentified Lifeform #2 or Mirage Stribog

    Techniques and Cybernetic Implants

  • Bionic Eyes: His mitchmatched eyes came from a past traumatic incident that haunted him years ago. During the Steppes War, he lost his right eye to a Soviet commissar when he was interrogated. After being rescued, his right eye was replaced by that of his father's (whom he loathed) and put on a eyepatch on his right blue eye for a while to cover his shame. Leaving a mismatched blue and brown eye akin to that of Heterochromia. After retrofitting those eyes with cybernetic implants, he settled for wearing aviator glasses.

    His Bionic Eyes has several functions. First is to provide greater eagle-like eye-sight and to increase precision with its higher resolution functioning in the same manner as a camera. Second is to gather information on his target as well as the statistics on the current battlefield situation. Lastly, his eye is a tool for many of his secret techniques.

  • Neuro-Link Wire: Built inside of his hands, the Neuro-Link Wire is a wire made out of carbon that is used to gather data on his opponent's characteristics and use those data to emulate their power and techniques (though they are weaker than the real deal). It is also used to establish a psionic connection with a person so that he can telepathatically communicate with them as well as a lace to strangle his opponent with owing to its resilient carbon material.

  • "Perfect Harmony" Body: As a bio-mechanical cyborg, Symon's body is made out of intricate wire patterns bounded by circuit boards and computer components together with organs made out organic human tissues. Both the mechanical and organic body parts work seemlessly in harmony as a cohesive system and each part of his body have a role that compliments with one another's. This cyborg body grants him greater pain tolerance, slows down the aging process, and strengthens the immune system. Making him nearly immortal.

  • Virtual Assisted Targeting System (VATS): VATS is a system planted inside his brain to calculate the chances his melee attacks would land a critical hit. In turn, this increases efficiency and accuracy with ranged attacks.

  • Heat Vision: He can emit a heat of ray miniaturized in a what is basically a lethal laser pointer from his eye that can penetrate through anything. This weapon is prone to discharging and he has to wear aviator glasses to avoid collateral damage. It is weaker than the Death Beam but it is easily conceivable.

    Symon's Organs Inside the Perfect Harmony Bodily System

  • Flesh of Steel: A trait of being a Cyber-Evolutionary, Symon's metallic exterior makes him nearly bullet proof. He can take a lot of damage from stab wounds, tremendous amount of heat, or deadly energy attacks from Godly beings with superpowers. But there is a certain treshold for him to not being able to withstand all three devastating attacks altogether.

  • The Ubermensch: Symon is both blessed and cursed with superhuman strength that comes with being a Cyber-Evolutionary. He is able to carry heavy weight with one hand with ease (like how he carried a tank) and crush objects with his bare fists. Yet it is difficult for him to adjust to normal life with all of this strength without causing collateral damage.

  • Emperor's Death Beam: Symon can use his augmented index finger to fire a deadly beam of purple laser in cutting through an enemy. There are variations to it such as a selective fire version that is devastating when targeted on vital organs, a rapid firing one that is both devastating as well as wasteful, and a bigger version of it that can target a larger crowd of enemies.

  • Omnicidal Slash: A melee rush attack utilized by Symon. He transfers a great amount of energy all concentrated on his shashka's blade. When used, his blade is indestructible for a period of time and he can cut through anything with it (even the strongest of materials) as well as leaving a devastating explosive blow or blood loss to his opponent.

    The Emperor's Death Beam in Action

  • Asclepius' Blessings: Unlike any other Cyber-Evolutionary, Symon has the ability to regenerate his lost body parts by simply having his wires to do the work in knitting his lost limbs. But if you just continue attacking so much so that he doesn't have the chance to regrow it then you can use that to your advantage.

  • Psionic Bond: A quality unheard of in any Cyber-Evolutionary is Symon's ability to telepathically communicate with other organisms, particularly animals like horses, as well as Evolutionary Men which made him so distinct from the others. He needs to plant his Neuro-Link wire to a host in order to establish psionic contact but there is a certain length and duration to their communication.

  • Afterimage Technique: It is an ability to move so swiftly that an image of the user is left behind to confuse one's opponent.

  • This is like writing a Dragonball Z character...

Personal Life

What Goes on Inside Symon's Mind

    Hetman Symon currently resides in the Korniakt Palace in Lviv only by himself and few palace staff members to accommodate his day-to-day needs as well as his trusted military adjutant, Captain Lazarenko, to give him news regarding military affairs. However, he also has a personal guest room in Wilanow Palace to keep in touch with his friend, Konstantyn if he has any free time. Once being an avid painter during his childhood, his interest in the arts diminished over time but he still holds some appreciation for fine arts. Nonetheless, he spends most of his time in his office whether it be it contemplating for his next political maneuvers or deal with top secret military paperwork. If there is any free time however, he would most likely go visit military colleagues to keep an eye on their personal life and sense any auspicious signs of disloyalty as well as visiting his old friend, Konstantyn, to catch up with his daily life and reminisce about the "old times" during the Third Partition and the Intermarian Civil War.

    Symon isn't a man who doesn't like to waste his time by going outside but by his obligation as Hetman and to secure his throne, he conducts visit into farms to inspect on their productivity and make his presence known in the Ukrainian community. With a busy schedule and overall lack of interest for leisure, he has little time to attend royal events held by the Intermarian aristocracy. As Hetman, Symon is reclusive and always retired himself in the Korniakt Palace. He doesn't bother himself with searching for a hobby as he likes to concern himself with more pressing matters in his life such as the future of Intermarium, dealing with one of the many women he cheated on, and being overall concerned with his hold on the Hetmanate. With such stressful life, he would go undercover and drown his sorrow with two glasses of Horilka for him and his friend, Konstantyn, on an old-fashioned makeshift pub. A notorious alcoholic by Ukrainian standards, it is common for him to stumble and let out an emotional outburst while intoxicated. All the while trying to forget his past and miserable life.

    Mini Gallery

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    Fallout: New Vegas SPECIAL Stats

  • Strength: 7 (Beach Bully)

  • Perception: 6 (Alert Coyote)

  • Endurance: 8 (Flame Retardant)

  • Charisma: 4 (Peevish Librarian)

  • Intelligence: 9 (Genius)

  • Agility: 7 (Catlike)

  • Luck: 2 (Broken Gypsy Mirror)


"There are many many complex characters in anime. A very underrated example would be an PTSD-suffering bishounen, a cyborg edgelord and Kamen Rider reject, and German Monica Lewinsky from the popularly acclaimed children's Japanese cartoon: The Intermarian Order."
~ LinkSynthcool's Anime Character Analysis

Imperator Konstantyn

    Konstantyn in His Boredom After Every Second
    Passes by Without Fighting in the Frontlines
    Konstantyn is an lionhearted, decisive, ambitious, and prideful man whose pride always gets the best of him as a military commander. Susceptible in letting his emotions influencing his political decision-making. However, this doesn't mean that he is blinded by his excessive pride as he tries to be down-to-Earth and maintain a composed persona in tough situations. Konstantyn maintains a warrior-king exterior and he doesn't come across as particularly politically shrewd or being knowledgeable but he has grown a habit to partake in intellectual activities as Imperator. He isn't necessarily an idealist (Countess Hildegard) or a cynical realist (Hetman Symon) but Konstantyn is a healthy balance of both as he is both pragmatic and moralistic in his political dealings. He wouldn't be quick to befriend and favor someone only due to the petty flattering compliments but rather by through merit and conviction, however. Sometimes, he could come across as ignorant but this is mostly due to his youthful inexperience. Konstantyn's stature as a charismatic and imposing figure as well as a man who knows how to instill compassion and discipline among his people has largely covered his administerial inexperience as Imperator. He relies on his judgement as Imperator and although he has a seemingly incorruptible nature, his blind faith in his benevolent autocracy and his delusional image of his infallibility could lead to his downfall as Imperator.

    He is benevolent and down-to-earth to his subjects as Konstantyn prefers to live a life of frugality instead of one filled with decadence and debauchery just like the past Rudowski kings as it would only weaken him as a strong-willed Imperator. Nonetheless, he prefers to go about his daily life doing the things he love and tries his best to manage the realm to the best of his abilities. Konstantyn can be easily bored when he is outside of fighting in the frontlines and is emotionally volatile if you easily manage to anger him in which calming him down would take a lot of effort and time. To the foreign leaders who he generally respects; he can be courteous, flattering, and would sometime acknowledge some of their particular characteristics are superior than that of Konstantyn in a show of humility. His traits of personal modesty stems from his humble upbringing as a peasant child and soldier. But he could be malicious and hateful towards the people he loathes ranging from oppressive tyrants to people who've crossed him once. He is blunt towards those who he personally despises and isn't afraid to speak out his mind against them by calling out their personal faults in a sharp and critical way. In spite of this, Konstantyn lacks any diplomatic skills and that his over judgemental attitude, blunt style of critique, his zealous autocratic beliefs, and how he is quick to come into conclusions has made him less than optimal in partaking in dignified diplomatic forums.

    Nonetheless, he could be merciful towards the enemy he respects and is easygoing towards his commoner subjects as he used to be one of them and it was this quality that made him popular among the people of Intermarium in spite of his autocratic tendencies. Despite being a prideful man himself as well as being zealous in his ideal, he recognizes strength and intellect in his rivals and highly respects those who are willing to risk their lives for the sake of fighting for one's ideals. It may sound contradictory for Konstantyn to respect one's rival but his chivalrous nature helps him realize that there are strength in certain people regardless of their ideals. Konstantyn is also always in the need of a formidable rival for him to fight in a worthy battle and to keep him busy with to which the west provides in the form of a blue-haired man. The measure of someone's worth as a leader to Konstantyn is his political conviction, benevolence towards their people, as well as their overall personality.

    Konstantyn Looking Out the Window
    While Experiencing Another Existential Crisis

    As it stands, Konstantyn is suffering from Post Traumatic Disorder after witnessing his mother's death (indirectly due to him) as well as the violent death of his comrades due to meaningless military politics. The idea that Konstantyn was able to survive for so long while his closest friend and families have died around him has contributed to his suffering of the survivor's guilt syndrome. The thought of him inevitably dying at a young age has only made him hopeless of the future and exarcebated his mental health which he is barely holding it together. With a deteriorating mental health, it seemed that Konstantyn was about to become an emotional wreck but his charismatic and imposing stature that he desperately maintains only covered his personal anguish. Konstantyn has to relive past and distressful memories of his comrades dying and especially when he found his mother's corpse on the ruins of a raider settlement. He doesn't like to discuss those memories and he rarely talks about his emotions which he views it as a weakness. Konstantyn may come across as a caring ruler and a warrior king to his men but those identities were just a way to deviate much attention from his unstable mental health. He has to constantly remind himself of his great military achievements and his prestigious position of Imperator just to keep him mentally sane and for him to have a purpose in life.

    In his social life as Imperator, he can be emotionally detached from his professional associates and is known for his emotional outburst. Though, he often ponders about his chaotic life if he is left alone. Konstantyn like Symon, is someone who is more used to war rather than living the civilian life. But unlike Symon, Konstantyn at least has made efforts in attempting to integrate into society by doing mediocre intellectually-stimulating hobbies and indulging himself in worldly leisure even if he doesn't have much optimism for this kind of life. He finds those activities rather superficial and fake for Konstantyn to undertake such change in his life but those things are the only thing that keeps him pre-occupied. While Konstantyn may be an emotional wreck, his fragile mental health doesn't interfere with his rationality and wisdom as Imperator as the presence of the most important individuals in his life (Symon and Hildegard) has helped him focused on his work and helped him realize how preciously life is as well as being reminded of his duties for his subjects has stopped from doing any acts of self-harm out of self-guilt as he has an entire populace to serve under a nation so reliant on his autocratic rule. Although you could say that Konstantyn's insistence on fighting the front-lines and risking his life is a way for him to express his suicidal tendencies and to die with his last shred of honour as a warrior-king.

    Konstantyn is a hands-on and overly-assertive type of man in battle which contributes to his autocratic leanings but prefers to let his people go about their days which presents a disparity in his personality between his life as a military commander and Imperator. He is used to commanding an army formation in a more hands-on manner that have produced satisfying results for him when everybody in his unit are on the same board as him but this sentiment doesn't translate well to governing an entire individualistic populace which helped him realize that people are best to be left at their own devices.

    Konstantyn despised the corrupt and oppressive Rudowski dynasty and the feudal nobles due to their display of arrogance and contempt towards commoners through repressive archaic laws designed to put them in their place. As well as valuing their own well-being and wealth instead of the needs of the common man. He grew to despise the dynasty ever since he was integrated into their aristocratic ranks after seeing the plight of their subjects as well as having several disputes with the late King Bogdan who he loathes. The thought of King Kladiusz using the political system to his favor and seize power encouraged Konstantyn to do the same with King Bogdan's regressive autocracy. He criticized King Bogdan for misusing his autocratic powers only for the sake of the survival of his dynasty and argued that democracy would fail again in Intermarium after many previous attempts (the Third Polish Republic and the Intermarian Commonwealth) due to the populace's political apathy and ignorance that shallow politicians would take advantage of in an election. After overthrowing King Bogdan in the Intermarian Civil War, he reformed the empire with the values of the Intellectual Reawakening as its political foundations and has used his autocratic powers for the benefits of the people. To him, a leader must use his unprecedented political power for the good of the people and that it is character defects that prevented from doing so.

    Konstantyn After a Long Day of Work

    His history of great achievements began when his mother was taken to sexual slavery and his father was killed in a Kievan raid. This filled him with a sense of a burning short-sighted vengeance and he has been exposed to the horrors of reality in the wasteland as a child when the two closest people in his life has died. When his mother died at the hands of her captors indirectly due to Konstantyn's role in capturing the besieged city, this implanted a sense of self-guilt and emptiness for awhile inside of him. Because of this, Konstantyn is a man of personal ambitions and isn't willing to make compromise at the expense of achieving them. Even if it takes the lives of men to achieve his grand political project and dreams for the future of Europe.

    Konstantyn is an excellent tactician in battle and could be considered as a military genius at that. He has pulled off many grand feats of shrewd tactical military maneuvers and enjoys being grandiose and overly-pompous in battle. War and violence gave him strength and drives him to overachieve in his short life which made him keen on waging wars just to satisfy his pride. He isn't the type of a commander to back down easily and is highly noted for his perseverance in battle in spite of all odds against him. For a high-ranking military commander, Konstantyn prefers to get directly involved in the front-lines of battle so as to impose his warrior-king persona on his men and doesn't personally like to come across as cowardice by letting his men to do all the battles for him in his comfort zone. Konstantyn is beloved by many who served under him or the ones that had the chance to fight alongside him. He could be merciful to his military subordinates when they fail in a particular operation and takes some time in getting to know the lower-rank grunts that serve under him. His military colleagues has called him the Intermarian Alexander the Great, the Second Polish John III, Frederick the Great Reincarnated, and other flattering titles all tied to historical military conquerors for his tactical ingenuity but he prefers to maintain a distinct persona of his own as the unifier of Europe, a feat that other past ambitious European leaders could not achieve.

    Even though his purpose to wage or to fight in war is for the sake of personal glory or to achieve a "noble" cause of increasing Intermarium's stature into a great power, he holds an adverse towards military commanders who value their personal glory over the lives of their men as well as criticizing them for sending men into their deaths in a futile military campaign out of sheer incompetence or conflict of interest all the while remaining comfortable inside their comfort zone. He has seen through how war has affected the average civilian and desperately tries to prevent military atrocities on civilians by enacting a strict code of chivalry into his men. Konstantyn doesn't like to toy around the lives of his men just to achieve his personal ambitions and takes great effort in minimizing casualties. He may understand that his primary interest and purpose in life, war, has brought upon terror and misery but he is a firm believer in a chivalrous battle that would test the strength of their political ideals and forwarding it. This makes his view about war conflicted and only serves to implant a sense of guilt into him for the bloodshed and misery that comes with the war he wages.

    Konstantyn Visiting His Deceased Mother's Grave

    Konstantyn is someone who struggles to find peace with himself as well as finds it difficult to overcome the fact that he might die some day at an early age due to cystic fibrosis. He is more comfortable with being concerned about the present situation instead of the long-term and the future because he is afraid of when his life would end which is a major flaw to his personality as Imperator. His condition has made him gravely ill and he is bed-ridden on several occasions but due to much of our world's technology knowledge on medicine has all been but lost, it makes it harder for his doctors to treat him. Konstantyn knows for certain that any day he could succumb to his illness and this instill a sense of fear and denial to him. He seldom thinks about the future and tries hard not to worry about as he enjoys the highest point of his life at the moment. Right now, Konstantyn is just following the Kubler-Ross model of Five Stages of Grief. Which are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance and he is just barely scratching the surface of it. The thought of him dying young has motivated Konstantyn to achieve stunning feats in his lifetime before his death such as becoming Imperator of Intermarium and later, conquering much of Europe.

    Everyday, he wakes up from his bed with the daily mindset of "what will I achieve today?" and contemplates about rewriting history in his favor. This leads him to overachieve in the short period of his life and has diluted his rationality and senses to a certain extent. He believes that there is no future for the Marszalek dynasty if its heir were to die young. In the moment he dies from his illness, he shuddered to think that Intermarium would cease to exist due to the lack of a charismatic unifying figure and this made him holding several doubts regarding his autocratic beliefs. While he would rather die in a glorious way such as through a life or death battle in the frontlines as he sees it a fitting end for the warrior king, the ideal type of way to die according to Konstantyn would be the one where he grows old enough to see him getting married to Fraulein Hildegard and having children while he dies in his bed surrounded by his closest friends especially Symon.

Hetman Symon

    Symon is a multi-layered and walking enigma to the people around him. He is both feared and respected by both friends and foes alike. Outwardly; he is polite, soft-spoken, and comes across as overtly-phlegmatic. Ambitious and prideful in his military achievements, he serves as the guardian of the ideals of Intermarium. Symon maintains a sophisticated demeanor to maintain his dignified image that he began to cultivate for himself. Despite that, he is more down-to-Earth once you have the chance to be accepted into his inner circle. He likes to explain in a long-about ways with verbose choice of words in an eloquent manner like old world aristocrats to enchant people around him or to make a point. For a man born to a rowdy Cossack tribe, he is a man who is restrained in his emotions and prefers subtle approaches during conversations. Nonetheless, this doesn't stop him from being such a drunkard. His contempt for shallow and morally corrupt personalities has led him to despise demagogues who are willing to exploit political ideals. He likes to thoroughly learn the personalities of people and is superb in interpreting them but isn't known for being emphatic either. His benevolent actions screams more as acts made from pragmatism rather than altruism. Symon is also known for his dry humor and pondering about philosophically regarding his life and the state of humanity. He is highly intelligent considering his poor upbringing and quite possibly even more so than the Imperator. He is prudent and is meticulous in his planning, something that the Imperator lacks.

    This is Peak Narcissism Displayed by Our Dearest Hetman

    Nonetheless; he is generous, protective, and courteous to his few close friends and people that have earned his respect but would try to maintain certain distance from them in fear that he would invite unnecessary trouble into their life and to observe from afar. While he would often insult towards the people he genuinely despises and thoroughly chastise certain traits of their personal qualities to belittle that person's worth. Furthermore, Symon is the type of man to manipulate a (power-hungry) person to do his bidding and depose of them if they outlived their usefulness. Although he wouldn't do such a thing to his closest friends such as Konstantyn and Hildegard nor any the person he cares about, however. Above all, he is a brutally calculating man and a rationalist in his strategies just to complete his objectives with the best possible outcomes. All the while maintaining a calm facade to detract any suspicion to his inner struggles.

    Born and raised a Cossack, Symon is a man who glorifies war and sometimes to the point where he is blood-thirsty in his adventures. He has no intentions of adapting to society's normal life nor compromise his nature just to conform with society's expectations. You could say that his greatest enemy is society and conformity. His existence for living according to him was to wage war. He finds peace and harmony would make man more comfortable with their situation and would lead them to their degeneration and apathy. He regards raiders and slavers as below human and actively hunted them down in a gruesome manner based on his experiences with Tatars. Nonetheless, he is a man who holds the conduct of chivalry very tightly into him as a well-respected military commander. His self-composed and easy-going attitude on surface makes him likable among the lower-ranks of the military and his stature alone raises e spirit de corps but detested by the older military old guards for his lack of fervor. In warfare, he held a disregard for fighting for a noble yet superficial cause and loathed the old guard's suicidal attacks in the name of preserving one's honor. He is a pragmatist foremost in the military and politics where he values flexibility and practicality over that of rigidness and the abstractness of doctrines and ideologies. A direct and concise approach has made the lightning warfare doctrine so appealing to him as it would stagger the enemy and minimize casualties on his part. True to his Cossack spirit, he is flexible and has a clear disregard for hierarchy during his early military years but a hardcore statist and collectivist as Hetman. He has always been a staunch defender of the autocratic status quo put in place by Konstantyn and a man who would do evil for the "greater good of the collective" if necessary. Even when his opponents would lambaste him for it but Symon wasn't the type of man to be concerned with maintaining his image unlike Konstantyn to begin.

    A hardcore utilitarian, he doesn't consider moral considerations as part of his grand scheme of things but knows his limits. Despite that however, he is reluctant in using the lives of thousands of innocent civilians as a tool to achieve his goals. He finds the many dishonorable and underhanded methods he employs to produce minimal losses and the best outcomes for the benefits of the majority of people on his side. His aversion to wasting the lives of his men all boil downs to this quote "what use are you all to me in the future when you're dead?". His devious practices is what made him an object of criticism by the bullheaded military old guards. The cloak-and-dagger tactics is contradictory to his more direct lightning warfare strategy in the battlefields, however. Being extremely utilitarian, he merely sees people as numbers and wouldn't be hesitant to kill a man's life to save millions. While many of his calculating has earned criticism from many, he believes that such modus operandi was necessary for the benefits of the nation's continued existence. For this, he is a devout believer in the old saying of "the end justifies the means". The means is his underhanded tactics and the empire to enforce his will while the end is the fruit of labor that such devious schemes would produce.

    Symon's greatest reason for living is to be in the adrenaline in the front lines of war. He views leading cavalry charges with motorized units and a display of artillery fire works with great romanticism in his depiction of war. He found his years being sheltered in a royal estate only fostered his weakness and when he became a Cossack and waged wars against enemies where he found his greatest strength and will to achieve more. His believe that war would turn weak-minded men to physically and mentally strong "Superlyudyny". Superior than that of intellectuals, artisans, or politicians. Alas, this viewpoint comes from the lenses of a twisted man who has been desensitized from war at an early age.

    His Scandalous Philandering Affair With
    Princess Anastazja of the Former Rudowski-Dynasty

    Symon is an overly-ambitious man filled with self-obsessed pride. Although, unlike the Imperator, he is a man who is able to keep his pride in check and wouldn't let it overcome his rationality during decision-making for the most part. Even then, Symon is constantly in search for military victories to boost his pride as shown by his feats in battle. This obsession with proving his self-worth began when his father abused him for being weak as a child and their relationship grew estranged. His father believed that this would motivate him to become a warrior but it only planted a personal demon and inner struggle inside of him. He also began to feel that much of his existence and the reason he enjoys life is owed to his mother who gave birth to him at the expense of her life and that right eye he had was trans-implanted from his father's who he despised to the very core. It was tales of his military triumphs that led him to gain his new found purpose in life and gratification for his hard work. His life is one filled with personal failures and tragedies that he tries so hard to forget and would drive him to become a man distinct than his past self. Nonetheless, Symon tries hard to restrain his personal demons of being an over-achiever for his own good and his insistence on keeping a personal distance from his closest friends has only made him harder to do it. This may spell a rebellion for Symon to seize the Imperator's throne in a power struggle after the death of Konstantyn.

    His life is filled with great military victories to boost his personal pride while past memories of distant military defeats and the difficult choices he has to make has made him more careful and grounded in reality. Nonetheless, he is contradictory in his beliefs as he has shown sorrow in throwing away the lives of men all to satisfy his thirst for war but would try to minimize casualties on his side as possible. Without war and for an age of peace to reign, Symon would have reached the end of the road of his life and would rather die gloriously in battle. The peace in Europe brought by Intermarium after the conclusion of the Great Continental War as well as the subsequent stagnation of Intermarium during the last years of the bed-ridden Imperator only reinforced his views that peace alone could not maintain the existence of an overly-imperialistic nation like Intermarium. His glorification of war and his grand ambitions to achieve the highest position of Imperator of Intermarium is self-destructive yet it only satisfies Symon. He finds it hard to compromise his blood-thirsty and brutally cold calculative nature that would slowly overtake his senses.

    On a more personal note, Symon is a notorious womanizer whose philandering exploits are barely covered by media censorship. He is known for running affairs with other women as well as sleeping with them for an one-night stand before ultimately discarding them. He sees women as easy to manipulate and short-sighted which only lowers his perception on them. He has to constantly deal with former lovers holding a grudge against Symon for abandoning them sometimes verbally or through violent means. Symon is a proud chauvinist on the surface but deep inside, he despises it and admits that he could not control his lust for constant sexual gratification. His refusal to find a wife and settle down with a family is due to his failures of protecting the puffy-cheeked girl he took a liking to was killed in a Tatar raid due to his military inexperience when he was sixteen. He is haunted by the event and the duties of a Cossack man was to protect their partner at all cost. He declared celibacy at first but it was all too much for Symon before resorting to a life of lechery as he deem himself unworthy to act as a father and to raise a family that would prove to be in the way of his military life. His philandering attitude was a way to cope his personal failures. His failures to settle down and producing a royal heir is what Symon considered to be a disgrace to the proud Vasylyk family of Cossack warriors and nurturers. However it is rumored that he fathers an illegitimate child with former Princess Anastazja of the deposed Rudowski dynasty which would've been a massive scandal for Symon.

    Symon holds a particular distaste for nature and the weakness of man's physical abilities. Nature to him represents harmony and naturalism which goes against the Italian futurist ideals of youth, machinery, and violence in art. He doesn't like how one's genes determines the characteristics and physical ability of a person. It is for this reason he decided to get numerous surgeries to enhance his physical strength for war. Ranging from getting a right trans-implanted eye with the ability to emit heat vision, replacing both of his arms with cybernetics that would allow him to carry heavy weight and crush objects, to replacing most of his organs with artificial ones to ensure immortality and resistance towards transmittable diseases. His cybernetic augmentations has given him enhanced strength, stamina, endurance, and agility compared to the normal human which is handy for melee combat. Symon considers himself more as a machine than a human which is quite fitting for his calculating personality. Thanks to his prosthetic, he can move with such agility and could take quite a punch due to his durable skin. Symon is experienced with his shashka Cossack sword in a duel and is graceful in his swings and dodging as a fencer. He focuses more on the defensive by avoiding swings at him with great agility and strike at his opponents during the right time with his quick-thinkingness. Often exploiting the defects of their opponent's technology and placing them at an equal balance with his cybernetic augmentations to assist him.

    Symon isn't an easily approachable type of person in spite of his reserved attitude, he holds two particular individuals the closes to his heart. Both Imperator Konstantyn and Countess Hildegard. Symon holds a deep and immense respect for his military comrade Konstantyn as an excellent military commander and a person whom he could confide to in order to express his personal anguish. He has shown willingness in aiding Konstantyn's reign over Intermarium by acting as his protective bodyguard on some occasions and conducting political maneuvers to secure his throne even if such acts are morally questionable for Konstantyn. Nonetheless, he is obliged to be put the blame on for some of Konstantyn's political and military blunders even if it would damage his pride. To him, Konstantyn is a shining light to his otherwise miserable life. He considers him as a bigger brother figure or some sorts for him to spend time drinking alcohol with and drowning their sorrows away in secret while exchanging life stories and finding solace within each other. Their relations goes way back to the Third Partition and the Intermarian Civil War where they fought together as brother in arms in many military adventures while facing the horrors of war together. Konstantyn's charisma and Symon's shrewdness both compliment each other very well in the battlefields. Symon's allegiance always lay in Intermarium and doesn't consider it to be a personal possession of Konstantyn. He criticized Konstantyn at times due to his recklessness in political governance and has always reminded of his duties as an Imperator. Nonetheless, Symon has always been personally and undyingly loyal to Konstantyn both as a leader and as a personal friend, and the thought of him dying soon only brought resentment to his heart. With Konstantyn dying as well as the empire crumbling with it, he would see no reason to live anymore without those two. Symon has taken steps to prevent his majesty's empire from crumbling and to preserve it for later generations even if his methods of doing so would only sully the Imperator's legacy which made him conflicted on the matter. Symon's pride and slow descend into a brutally cold and calculating man made their relationship slightly distant when Symon became slightly unrecognizable to Konstantyn.

    He isn't content with acting as a junior nor as a number two in every hierarchy which would motivate him to overthrow any incompetent fool in government that he deems unworthy to rule a nation. However, he finds Konstantyn to be a man of incredible and towering stature that he himself deems unable to one-up over. This only brews a sense of inferiority complex around him with Konstantyn and it was this reason that he initially sided with the Old Crown forces during the Intermarian Civil War at first just to test Konstantyn's strength in battle but his defeat at the hands of him only shattered his pride and put him in his place once more as a man second to that of Konstantyn. This made him an insecure man around his best friend of greater stature. Nonetheless, he deeply cares about Konstantyn and isn't willing to see the empire he built just to meaninglessly crumble after his death which would force him to take drastic measures to preserve even if it goes against Konstantyn's wishes.

    Symon Drinking Wine in Leisure

    As for Countess Hildegard, Symon considers her as a politically astute woman of great intellect (that even rivals him) as well as an exception to his personal misogynist view of women. Even though their bonds aren't particularly close like that of Symon and Konstantyn, they are good friends nonetheless. Both are seemingly aloof people on the surface but it was that quality that made them stick together. Much of their friendship pretty much began with Konstantyn and it only grew from there when Hildegard assisted Symon in his military campaigns against the West European Federation and the New Soviet Republic. Symon's wisecracks and gentlemanly aristocratic persona is what made Hildegard so allured by his personality while he is particularly interested with Hildegard's extensive knowledge on academia as well as for her tomboyish personality. Symon had conflicted romantic feelings about her but ultimately, gave up on his romantic advances towards her and stated that she was too good of a woman for a morally corrupt and unfaithful man like him. In spite of that, Symon began to fear that Hildegard is slowly influencing Konstantyn both political and personally which he feared that he may be discarded by Konstantyn especially when their relationship grew slightly distant after the Great Continental War. Still, Symon is a supportive friend of the Countess and has considered Hildegard to be a worthy Imperiatrix and bride of Imperator Konstantyn regardless of her infertility and opposing political views for the future of Intermarium.

Countess Hildegard

Hildegard in Formal Secretary Clothing

    Personality-wise; Hildegard is a gentle, intelligent, and compassionate person all around on the surface if you are on her good side and become an acquaintance at best with her. A humble woman who holds a disregard for personal pride and could be humorously self-deprecating just to lighten the mood. Often reserved in conversations with other people which is typical of her working-behind-the-scenes nature and politely courteous towards those who she holds an interest over or admires. But could be passive-aggressive or even outright hostile towards people she absolutely loathes but knows how to control herself and is notoriously bad at throwing insults. Hildegard is only comfortable with spending time together with only two people in her life (Imperator Konstantyn and Hetman Symon) and it would take a lot of time to earn her trust and admiration. She is often overburdened with great stress, pressure, and anxiety that both stems from her work and her personal past that still continues to haunt her. Leaving her with little self-confidence and having trouble with expressing her feelings around anybody.

    Behind that goody two shoes, gentle and collective demeanor of both an aspiring nurse and professionally-minded political advisor, lies a fragile tormented soul and an aloof woman after years of childhood abuse as well as being overburdened with the fact that he personally murdered his father out of self-defense. Her abusive aristocratic father represented everything she hated about reactionaries which reaffirmed her liberal convictions. She has suffered a great deal from a sense of self-guilt for what she done and felt responsible for mentally scarring her mother. So much so that her mother clinged onto a doll who she consider it as the "real" Hildegard and refused to acknowledged her existence. Occasionally, she visits her mother when she is asleep in a mental ward so as not to mentally disturb her with her presence. Barred from a nurturing family and shunned from her mother, Hildegard has to rely on herself to succeed in life and this implanted a feeling of selfishness and ego-centrism inside of her. Also having been mentally scarred from an attempted rape, she had to come across as domineering by being very condescending and unapologetically blunt which is just a way to cover her insecurity. She doesn't like to come across as weak or submissive which explains her masculine mannerisms and affection for firearms. Her shooting her father with her own gun also helped her implant a twisted sense of dominance that she so desperately needs after being told to be submissive as a woman. She desperately tries to maintain a normal quiet life together with her ward and her cat but her insistence on participating Intermarian politics just to changing history with great enthusiasm has barred her from achieving her dreams. Quite far from being an idealist and romanticist, she understands the need of fluctuating her morality to complete her objectives. Even if the thought that contradicts with her personal nature pains her so much. Beneath that moral righteousness, Hildegard is as calculating and cold as Symon and would resort to dirty underhanded tactics if the situation is dire enough to warrant such things. Despite that, however, she is selfless and affectionate towards the people she deeply cares about while struggling with being forthcoming about her personal anguish towards her closest friends.

    She doesn't like being called by her title "Countess" and prefers if someone calls her as "Fraulein Camilia" since she holds little to no love towards the uptight aristocracy and the nickname "Camilia" is very endearing to her since her mother calls her in a tribute to her maternal grandmother. She speaks eloquently just like any noblewoman, extremely blunt and overtly-descriptive in her analysis as a political advisor. Due to her being well-read in nature, she is knowledgeable and versatile in many subject matters but her true expertise lies in politics and military science. Bright in political science since she's an adolescent, she displays a political acumen and is known to overly-analyze situations even if such things seem superficial at first glance.

    Hildegard as a Mother at Home

    Other than being highly shrewd and perceptive, she's also has a high level of emotional intelligence where she is able to decipher the complex personalities of people, being the observant woman herself, and use it to her advantage by providing leverage in many political manuevers. One example shown is her insistence on Imperator Konstantyn to act merciful and forgiving towards his military subordinates when they fail at their military objectives so as to discourage a sense of grudge and prevent any self-destructive behaviour in gaining clemency. In contrast to Symon's Machiavellianism, her political decisions are one based on both political pragmatism and trying not to compromise morality in order to keep a dignified image. Hildegard is often right on most matters in backhanded politics and battle stratagem but her insistence on maintaining any sense of humanity has made her fall short on many of Symon's backhanded tactics.

    She isn't cut for rousing the masses with fiery speeches filled with rhetorics and prefers to keep a level-headed persona in politics with unabashed starkiness like that of a typical Intermarian technocrat which makes her a rather unpopular figure among the Intermarian masses. With those qualities, she prefers to work behind the scenes and indirectly assist the Imperator in a number of personal ways which only made political officials weary of her influence on Konstantyn. Her primarily downfall was her lack of interest in achieving media attention and her lack of public recognition which made the average Intermarian oblivious of her political contributions. Hildegard rose to power in a manner which is unlike of many in the government owing her status as a woman of non-military backgrounds. She caught Konstantyn's attention due to her frankness, drive, enthusiasm, and persistence as well as knowing how to impose herself at an equal level through sheer fearless charisma in a business relationship. This cements her status as an outsider of Intermarian old guard politics and made her a worthy subordinate and personal advisor in the eyes of Konstantyn.

    Despite her adept politicking, she lacked any convictions in her political ambitions and has shown a lack of willpower to forward her political visions into motion. Often citing that she wasn't worthy of a political position out of humility or self-doubt. Other than having the brains to advance in a patriarchal society like Intermarium, Hildegard has to also concede her feminity in favor of more masculine hobbies and mannerism just to establish a relatable image for her otherwise, chauvinistic male co-workers. Ranging from dressing with formal collared suits to practicing with her personal gun and reading books on military science. Although this type of behavior was already well-established since her childhood and she lacked any interactions with noblemen of the aristocracy. Speaking of aristocracy, Hildegard is indifferent towards her aristocratic title and held a strong dislike for arrogant nobles in the Intermarian royal court, viewing them as "overpriviliged parasites". She took little time in chatting up with noblewomen who were conceited and spoiled due to their royal lineage, and prefered to keep things by herself during royal events. Royal events that she is compelled to attend to just to satisfy her aunt's romanticism of royal life. Often standing from the crowd of noblewomen by wearing a tuxedo for a royal galla and being overall awkward around others.

    Here is Some Intermarian Fanservice,
    You Disgusting Twit

    Hildegard has two important people in her life that she holds dearest two (other than her ward and cat). Konstantyn is her superior and a personal friend who she took a liking to ever since their fateful meeting during the Third Partition. With Konstantyn saving the Blumenthal family manor from being looted and saving her life from an attempted rape by killing the perpetrator (who happened to be a noble). Even risking his entire life and military career for doing so which gave a good first impression towards Hildegard that Konstantyn is a honourable and just man. It also made her felt indebted towards him. Her observant attitude also managed to discern Konstantyn's ambitions of overthrowing the old aristocratic order and unifying Europe under a single banner to which Konstantyn only responded with great shock and recognized her potential. Their relationship grew more interesting from there when Hildegard willingly assisted Konstantyn's reign as Imperator by lending her service as a personal advisor. Hildegard thought that their relationship would be a professional one between servant and master but she wasn't prepared for the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being inside his social circle. Hildegard's political views of constitutinal democracy conflicted greatly with that of Konstantyn but this only provided an insight to each other's mindset. Nonetheless, Hildegard's compassionate personality as Konstantyn's informal personal nurse greatly reflected on Konstantyn who was devoid of any maternal figure. Implanting a sense of benevolence onto him as well with proper guidance from her judgement that provided another viewpoint to his'. She is particularly enchanted by Konstantyn's benevolent traits as an uber-autocrat and she began to question her faith in democracy as the failures of the West European Federation has shown. Even then, she has held true to her principles but would still keep assisting the Imperator along the way in a perilous political journey. Hildegard is utmost worried about Konstantyn's health and the future of Intermarium after his inevitable death. Fearing that his death would spell the violent end of Intermarium and didn't wanted to lose a close friend. Often times expressing sorrow if the Marszalek dynasty were to go extinct by genetic lottery and regretted that the Blumenthal royal family weren't the ones to be burdened with that fate in a show of great self-deprecation.

    She has proven her competence as Konstantyn's political advisor especially after her decisive military involvement during the Great Continental War that secured Konstantyn's ambitions of uniting Europe. This only made Konstantyn realized how Hildegard is detrimental towards his success and has trouble in swallowing his pride and acknowledge her superiority over him. Konstantyn had no personal romantic experiences and had troubles in expressing his emotions like the same way Hildegard does. This feeling coalesced with Konstantyn's romantic feelings towards her in a form of a marriage proposal with her becoming an Imperiatrix-Consort but she fears that rejecting his advances would shatter him and especially didn't like to toy with his feelings. Considering that she is infertile and her German identity would be detrimental towards the public's perception towards Konstantyn's reign. One and foremost, she considers her professional relationship and national stability as more important than personal feelings but she does in fact, also had some sort of crush on Konstantyn.

    Hildegard and Konstantyn Walking Down the Aisle

    Hildegard's relationship with Symon is complicated to say the least and presents an interesting dynamic. For starters, Hildegard knew Symon for a long period of time since they first met after the Third Partition. Symon along with Konstantyn saved the Blumenthal family and estate from widespread looting that occured after the Polish counter-invasion. In a way, Hildegard owed a debt to Symon but Symon never brought up the matter. The cold cynical demeanor of Symon and the pragmatic idealist mindset of Hildegard repelled each other at first like magnets of the same pole but slowly their feelings warmed as they began to interact with one another more. Symon is what Hildegard considers as her first and true intellectual friendly-rival with each other constantly debating about their political views in a civil discussion that would drag on for hours until the night. They also have done intellectually-stimulating activities such as playing a game of 4D chess, reading and discussing books by their personal libraries, and meditating together. When they've grown bored out of it, they may venture to more physical activities such as archery, equestraniasm, and swimming. Hildegard has also become the unwitting co-conspirator to Symon's antics in the imperial palace where they get involved in hijinks with other members of the military and the Imperator himself. Leading to some sort of an innocent partner in crime reputation for the duo.

    When looking at a superficial level, their relationship may have been smooth at first glance. Certainly with the time spent together, both Hildegard and Symon had developed feelings of intimacy and compassion for one another. Yet the truth is far much deeper. Symon may have developed some sort of odd feelings for her but is well aware of the Imperator's feelings towards her and vice versa. Symon feeling threatened by her presence at some times when she is around the Imperator with a desire to keep Konstantyn's eye all on him. With Hildegard's observance of Konstantyn's friendly yet borderline romantic intimate relationship with Symon as a "romantic friend" has led to the conclusion that she best kept distance in Konstantyn's private life. Combined with her personal insecurities that pushed her away from Konstantyn in spite of his subtle romantic advances and her innate feelings towards him. Both trying to maintain the friendship trio between her, Symon, and Konstantyn that they have formed and endured throughout the years. Between her and Symon, they had their moments of romantic intimacy behind their supposed "platonic" co-workers relationship. With her feeling relatable to Symon and vice versa. Yet it is Konstantyn, the man that brought them together, that stood the way between the development of their romantic relationship(?).

    As her duties as Royal Secretary, she is well-aware of Symon's personal anguish over his ambitions to seize power after Konstantyn's death to mold Intermarium into his vision after deciphering his enigma of an emotion. It is certainly hard for Hildegard to turn on a close friend and possible romantic partner and she feels conflicted about intervening which would jeopardize the friendship between the trio. Furthermore, Symon's slow descend into sanity owing to his secretive Cyber-Evolutionary status has wholly concerned Hildegard. Often providing him comfort in the form of intimate hugging in bed and maybe fixing his cybernetic limbs while they're at it and perhaps digging through his health records to discover the secret Symon is trying to hide from everybody. The circumstances in the empire has made their relationship .

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