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Welcome to The Alliance of Dictators, the NationStates nexus of totalitarian, autocratic and authoritarian nations. We are an active roleplay community of diverse players, but all of us agree that the right to govern should be reserved for exceptionally gifted and intelligent individuals - like ourselves. Together, we will lead the ignorant masses to a glorious future! Join us, and be part of that future.

ALL WA NATIONS MUST ENDORSE Peoples Republic of the German States!

The endorsement cap for non-Delegate WA nations is 15.

LinkRegional Map: Send a telegram, or a ping in the regional Discord server to Peoples Republic of the German States for a map spot!

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    Basic Law of the Alliance of Dictators

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    Newcomers' Guide to the Region

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    Alliance of Dictators Rules and Guidelines

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The Alliance of Dictators contains 118 nations, the 180th most in the world.

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The Highest Unexpected Death Rate in The Alliance of Dictators

The World Census paid their respects at cemeteries in order to determine how likely citizens were to die each year from unnatural causes, such as crime, preventable illness, accident, and government encouragement.

As a region, The Alliance of Dictators is ranked 2,471st in the world for Highest Unexpected Death Rate.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Exalted Supremacy of East BorlandIron Fist Consumerists“Crush Their Spirits and You Will Control Their Minds”
2.The Imperial Fortress World of Empires EmpireBenevolent Dictatorship“Sorry, we can't hear you over all these Baneblades.”
3.The Empire of Neo-liberal OppressionCorporate Police State“Making money by any means necessary”
4.The Holy Czarate of KolvokaslaviaIron Fist Consumerists“Kill the shepherd and you control the flock.”
5.The 6-Pack Ras-Putin Empire of Mutha Russia IICorporate Police State“YYYYYYES, I AM INVINCIBLE!”
6.The Equestrianic Imperium of Twilight SparkleIron Fist Consumerists“Friendship is Magic!”
7.The Republic of RodinsconCivil Rights Lovefest“Unity, Discipline, Work”
8.The Rogue Nation of KadosCorporate Police State“Work for the Fatherland, work for the future!”
9.The Greater Republic of NatviaIron Fist Consumerists“Everything for the General”
10.The Rogue Nation of NezlandCorporate Police State“Work for the Fatherland, work for the future!”
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Regional Poll • 3rd Regional Delegate Elections (11-18 September 2021)

Poll called by The Republic of Vistulange

Voting opened 6 days ago and will close . Open to WA member residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Regional Happenings


The Alliance of Dictators Regional Message Board

OOC: Regarding Elections

For the elections slated to be held between 11th September-18th September, the only candidates I am aware of are:

The Greater Antipodes
Spiritual Republic of Caryton

If you would like to be a candidate and your nation name (with which you are registered and eligible as a voter) is not on the list above, it is imperative that you contact me as soon as possible with the nation you intend to run with.

OOC: Regarding the Map

Due to some circumstances, Vistulange is unable to work on the map at the moment. In this absence, or until I am replaced as Delegate, I will be taking over the map effective immediately.

You may notice some changes to the font, and I apologize. But the font used by our wonderful Vistu seems to not want to cooperate with my computer.

The first of my edits adds the nation of Urdunistan to the map! So let's welcome them!

OOC: Apologies for the onslaught of announcements.

As we prepare to head into regional elections, please check your status on the electoral roll, available in the WFE under "Voter Registry and Elections". The first sheet displays a roll of registered voters, and more importantly, their eligibility as voters.

It is imperative that you check for discrepancies in that data, and notify me immediately if you notice any. If your vote is displayed as "invalid", your vote may not be counted. The system uses an AND code to check for simultaneous registration, WA membership, and region residency. While this database is generally up to date, it is still important that voters control their voting status to prevent mishaps.

Once more, I'll summarise the voting process below.

A regional poll, available only to WA member resident nations, will be opened for the duration of seven days. People will cast their votes through this medium. Votes cast through the RMB, or by private correspondence to me, or through messages in the Discord channel, or through any other way, will not be counted. Only votes that use the regional polling system will be counted.

As votes are cast, they will be tallied by me, manually, in the second sheet of the publicly available "Voter Registry and Elections" Google Spreadsheet. Once your vote is tallied by me, you will not be able to change it. I will disregard post-tally changes in the in-game poll system. I may end up tallying your vote just after you cast it, or it may take a day: it depends on my real-life schedule and what I am doing at the time. Therefore, it is safest to assume that once you cast your vote in the poll, it is final.

Any questions you may have regarding the electoral process and voting, please do not hesitate to contact me through in-game telegrams, the #town-hall channel in the Discord server, or far less preferably, Discord private messages.

OOC: Inshallah, we will win.


I have one question for candidates Spiritual Republic of Caryton and The Greater Antipodes

In the short what is your political plan/program/agenda ?

Independent Federation of Croatia wrote:OOC:

I have one question for candidates Spiritual Republic of Caryton and The Greater Antipodes

In the short what is your political plan/program/agenda ?


My agenda is wholly based around activity and community maintenance. The growth of the AOD is only as valuable as it's members are active. I plan to take the AOD once and for all away from a NS-stat based region by ejecting obvious puppets and nations who contribute nothing in the way of roleplay. While large members do attract attention from potential new roleplayers, seeing only a tenth of them actually roleplay actively is a sobering sight to say the least. I plan to do this until we find either an equilibrium of appeal-by-size and ratio-of-activity or until we are a homogenous roleplay community. Limiting the size of inactive nations will also benefit us in game-wide events, like N-Day and Z-day- both of which are coming soon.

My main point is that the community of roleplayers needs to be totally active, first and foremost, before we can expect the AOD to grow at all. This means frequent cartography updates, frequent region-wide roleplay events, frequent thought-provoking OOC discussion by way of the #themes channel, and an activity quota on all participating nations. Noting the region's small size, this activity quota will be lax at first such as 1 post per 3-4 weeks, but as we grow it will be slimmed down to a more standardized time, such as one post per two weeks or the nation would risk removal from the map.

Despite the fears of losing valuable members, I stress that keeping them around does nothing to incentivize new nations joining or existing nations to participate. The moment we normalize a culture of participation is the moment we will finally break stagnation and grow.

If this policy works and we grow, I intend to implement my "citizen council" idea at least on a small scale with one elected region member to be tasked with revitalizing the community, as an unofficial "community manager" of sorts.

Regarding existing legislation, outside of a few changes-of-semantics, I propose no major changes.

Regarding embassies, I propose a deletion of all non-roleplay embassies and a specific outreach to roleplay-based regions for partnerships. I also propose recruitment telegrams to new nations and a general advocacy for our region on specific forum boards.

Regarding events like N-Day and Z-day, I propose the AOD make these days regional holidays and genuinely get the population to participate in them, to forge an OOC bond with the region greater than simple roleplay.

Regarding the official factbooks, I propose introducing a list of standardized rankings/details of nations to encourage nation factbook creation and more detailed roleplay. I also propose an optional grid-based expansion system to appeal to a broader spectrum of roleplayers and raise the stakes of roleplay for new members, providing a standardized path of growth.

Regarding exiled members, the one nation on the map (you-know-who), and splitoff regions, I propose returning to them with genuine goodwill and a lack of any grudge to increase cooperation. However, egregious offenses that break actual TOS will not obtain amnesty. Therefore, I propose a standardized blacklist of offenders from other regions to prevent drama and further breaches of rules. So far, I only know of one nation from another region who deserves such a place, so this measure will increase our own border security. This will also promote cooperation between regions as generally-reviled people are kept out.

Regarding the MT/PMT divide, I feel like we as the AOD need to standardize a roleplay date to increase cohesion and stop splitting our timeline. It will most-likely either be the current year, or a compromise date not too far in the future if PMT nations express objections.

Finally, I propose a change to the region's flag and WFE to better appeal to more roleplayers, decorate the texts, and make more information available.

Twilight Sparkle wrote:"Just a Friend," the presence replied in not quite words.

A gentle gust of wind blew past the Inquisitor. The dreamlike forest had no real temperature but somehow Lyra felt suddenly warmer. The presence felt like an old long lost friend from her fillyhood, someone who was always there to listen to her worries and offer words of wisdom and encouragement. She could not remember the friend's name or face but that felt more and more trivial with each passing second.

The presence continued, "You've been through so much already, my dear Lyra. It pains me that I can only show you more death and destruction but it is no coincidence that we meet in this desolate place. I have called you here for a reason. I did not compel you, you chose to come here yourself, of which I am most grateful and relieved. I have so little time and so much to tell you..."

Somehwere beyond the forest a distant rumbling sound could be heard. It was not quite like thunder, but something more ominous.

"Look around you, Inquisitor. Do you know what this place is? I wouldn't blame you if you didn't recognize it, after all, it used to be such a beautiful place..."

Infinite regret and sympathy was radiating from the presence. For a moment, it felt like something almost materialied in Lyra's field of vision, but perhaps it was just a trick of the light.

Lyra looked around as the presence asked, wanting to please it for some reason. The dead forest with scattered bones did not cause any memories to leap out in her mind. Sad as it was to say, there were a great many worlds in the Diarchy that would’ve been described by what the presence had said, scoured of life and littered with bones by the actions of xenos, heretics or by themselves in the face of some greater threat like a controlled burn for a forest fire. A bubbling of remorse welled in her as she thought about what planets she had ordered destroyed herself as the rosette weighed on her neck again and again she went to pull it off when the harsh, authoritarian voice of her mentor sounded again. “There is no place for the weakwilled or hesitant. Only by firm action and resolute faith…” “Can we survive in an uncaring galaxy.” She finished as a crack formed in the clouds.

“This isn’t real, this is…” The ground shifted under her hooves, forcing her to let go of the rosette as her knees buckled. The clouds closed up again and the presence returned to her, pressing closer around her as her clarity disappeared like the sunlight.

Twilight Sparkle wrote:Rainbow could barely keep up with the sudden turn of events. Was this part of the memory simulation? Had somepony hacked it? Were they trapped in Shadow's warped memories? Or were they really in the distant past on some other world in an alternate reality where things had taken a darker turn millennia ago? Things sure felt real as she jumped back on her hooves from the gore pile and instinctively assumed a fighting stance.

Her only weapons were the wingblades that were part of her armor and a thin ceremonial sword (still lethal when used by a professional like her, provided the target could be harmed by weapons in the first place). She knew painfully well that she was woefully underqequipped and unprepared to deal with a hostile Discord... In fact, she wasn't certain even Twilight could have dealt with a hostile Discord... But if she was going to die here, she wouldn't give the creature the satisfaction of her showing an ounce of fear.

And she sure as Tartarus wouldn't let Alula be the braver Pony.

"Discord," she said, managing to keep her voice steady and her gaze locked with the yellow eyes of the Draconequus. "You don't look nearly as friendly as our Discord."

The daemon chuckled as he stared down Rainbow. “I can see you’ve encountered a shard of my magnificent self. I would avoid comparing me to that pale imitation.” He ducked back into the portal as Alula’s armour glowed before she swiped in Discord’s direction, launching a blade of light that impacted against the wall. “Begone, monstrosity. Whatever twisted designs you have will not come to pass.” She shouted as she scanned the room for wherever Discord would come from next.

The ground tore open, forcing the two pegasi to leap apart before another portal appeared behind Alula and a giant lion’s paw slammed her into the floor. “You Elysians have no manners, interrupting my conversation with your friend here.” Discord taunted as his head followed his arm, smoke rising up from his paw where it touched Alula’s blessed armour. He lifted her up, threatening to crush her. “Now I’m feeling magnanimous, so let’s have a little chat between ‘friends’ and then I’ll let you go. Sound good?” He asked Rainbow as Alula struggled in his grasp. “Oh and try anything foolish and I’ll snap her neck which will also send you back.” Discord tighten his grip, more smoke rising up as bones cracked and Alula grunted, unwilling to give the daemon the satisfaction of hearing her scream. “Blessed is the soldier, inheritors of the Night’s Fury. They who defend the defenceless…” She prayed as Discord smiled at Rainbow. “How about it, ‘friend’?”

Independent Federation of Croatia wrote:OOC:

I have one question for candidates Spiritual Republic of Caryton and The Greater Antipodes

In the short what is your political plan/program/agenda ?

OOC: My agenda is, for the most part, 'libertarian' as far as regional governance goes, and this train of thought stems back to the very foundation of when the governance of the Delegate began; namely that there were fears that those elected would turn everything into Big Brother where everything is rigidly policed and creative freedom is strangled by excessive regulation. I think time, feedback and practical experience has given the region a perfect balance of the the two ends of the spectrum and it's my intention to maintain those freedoms for our members.

Underpinning all of this and the reason why I bring it up, it's been under routine discussion leading up to the election whether activity should or should not be maintained by means of kicking inactives. I totally disagree with the plan for quotas, I don't think we should make a chore out of participation when so many of us - who were much younger when we first joined - now have jobs, study, family commitments. It's not a question that anybody just doesn't want to, we just live in a different time and are put under different kinds of pressure, and nobody should be penalized for circumstances that are outside of their control. Additionally, these nations who have not been actively participating in RP have nevertheless been in the region far longer than most of us have ever come along -- and evidently if the Despot never booted them in all the time they have been here and the region is thriving, then it should be self-evident that evicting them does absolutely nothing. The numbers those players provided were the reason why some of the earlier players even found the region in the first place, it is none of our business whether they stay or go. It should be to the discretion of the Despot.

Other solutions for encouraging participation, imo, would be things like short RP 'events' where an appointed GM - this can be a Cabinet member or somebody in the region who is generally trusted to host events and be a fair GM - will act the role of a storyline narrator and allow other nations to collaborate together or against each other in a set scenario. These can be canon or non-canon events and can be short or long-term, but a break from the long hibernation of diplomacy RP is required either way.

Finally, I frankly think the "citizen council" is a waste of time and effort, and I believe this was reflected on by some voices of the region in discussion earlier this year. In fact, I think this truth alone reflects why the New Democracy Initiative implimented by the Regional Progressives at the commencement of DPR's first year as Delegate proves that it works, and there is no need to reinvent the wheel if that's the case. We need more of the NDI, that said, as it was resident input that got us to this level of democratic participation to start with. The Party Committee on the New Democracy Initiative, if I am elected, will commence on an officially mandated basis at the beginning of each month and last as long as required until all feedback, complaints and suggestions are addressed. Participation is completely voluntary, but the ability to do so has been, and will continue to be on a greater level, available to everyone.

The past two years has come with highs and lows but ultimately I believe it's a course that has been decided for the better, and the worst that can be done is to now throw caution to the wind and allow irreversible changes that could mess up the AoD for good. That all said, the Cabinet that has faithfully served this region has grown busy in their responsibilities irl and it's my intention to bring a fresh set of faces to the Cabinet who will be eager to contribute to the foundations that have been built for us; and I'm very suspicious that we have among us many bright minds who can look at the seemingly impossible and say that they have the answers to the current issues our region faces.

Where in the years prior to the governance of the Delegate, the way of the region was hostility and contention, but the solution today is cooperation from all ranks of our region. To entrust our citizens in building our region is to have faith in their abilities, that is why I believe our more liberal methods are ultimately the true path for the AoD rather than excessive regulation.

Q&A below if you have anything you want to clarify.

Givatayim, State of Artzharut
14 September 2021

The night overlooking the port city of Givatayim was calm and serene. The water of the ocean was still, with only the lights of the Artarumen supercarrier HMS Ventnor, anchored in the distance along with the 3rd Fleet that accompanied it, reflecting in the water. The HMS Ventnor and its fleet had become a typical view for Artzharutans who lived in Givatayim. The 3rd Fleet had suppressed the coup attempt in Artzharut—and then it had promptly began facilitating the transfer of more and more Artarumen soldiers into Artzharut. In its disarray, the Artzharutan Armed Forces had been unable to put up any resistance, paralysed even more so by their leaders' compliance with what was, practically, Artarumen occupation.

For many Artzharutan citizens, the independence from Artarum they had enjoyed since 1994 had effectively ended in September 2021. However, other things had ended as well, these ones more welcome: Artarumen soldiers directly delivered basic goods and services to the impoverished denizens of the port city. To be sure, it was a strict order. Curfews had been established, and Artarumen soldiers, dressed in their impeccable uniforms, patrolled the streets in large groups, twenty-four hours a day.

Everybody noted that the Artarumen had learnt their lesson from their previous debacle in neighbouring Beyt: They were dedicating far more resources to this ordeal, whatever it was—occupation, restructuring, invasion?—and they were not hesitating in what they were doing. The Artarumen Armed Forces had become a standard fixture in daily Artzharutan life, not only in Givatayim but throughout the country. Beveridge Aerospace F/A-18 Vultures, the most advanced aircraft flown by the Artarumen Empire, often flew in Artzharutan skies in a display of power and a simple indication of their presence; even the deserts were notified of the Artarumen presence.

Of course, in the more wealthier and influential sections of Artzharutan society, inherently connected to the ruling Moledet party, tensions were high. Many were—rightfully so—incensed at State President Galit Halevy for allowing practical Artarumen domination of their country. For her part, Halevy was not pleased with the situation either, the situation which had been forced upon her by diktat, as a foreseeable but unavoidable consequence of her inability to deal with a coup without Artarumen assistance. Arguments between her and Admiral Chester Harwood, the commanding officer of the 3rd Fleet, had become a daily occurrence.

Still, the Imperial Navy was like a mountain. Harwood knew that Halevy could not move a finger to oppose his designs. For his part, Harwood was a shrewd man. While he knew the massive physical power the 3rd Fleet granted him, he was also acutely aware of how precarious the Artarumen situation was. He knew how many men, armaments, and equipment he had at his disposal, while Halevy—or other, more radical components of the Moledet party—did not. And that made all the difference. If the Artzharutans knew that Harwood was working within tight limits, coming directly from the Prime Minister in Liudan, they may have been compelled to mobilise the common people against the Artarumen Armed Forces, whose willingness to shoot into masses of civilians was very, very questionable.

Therefore, Harwood's entire strategy of keeping Artzharut stable as the civilian components of the operation prepared to arrive was established upon forming the infrastructure, both physical and psychological, for the Artarumen to deliver goods. He had found Artzharut in destitute conditions, save for pockets of influential neighbourhoods in cities such as Yerushalayim, Bethlehem, Rehovot, and Givatayim. Potable water, food, basic healthcare, and sanitation were often in short supply, and merely establishing reliable delivery of such made the Artarumen far more tolerable for the average Artzharutan.

Admiral Chester Harwood was aware that it was his provision of such basic needs, not the constant patrols on the streets or aircraft flights overhead, that kept the peace. The patrols and aircraft made it possible for these needs to be handled effectively, of course, but it was those provisions that kept the order. It had been some time since they had deployed, and yet, for the first time in his career, Harwood felt that this time, there was some plan in mind, some end foreseen to it all, unlike the disastrous Beyt campaign in 2019.

Dorothy Shirleyton to consider retirement by 2022, fate of Federal Gospel Authority and Caryton ambiguous.


In the fuzzy and nostalgic hue of the television screens across the Ecclesiastical Meritocracy, the tender and grandmotherly leader of the nation and the church would sit in that humble wooden chair before sun-lit yellow drapes to address the nation in her spontaneous tradition of "televised postcards". Dorothy Shirleyton notably struggled to sit down before her desk, leaning her cane against the wood. On the table, a simple arrangement of her favorite tangerine tea and thumbprint cookies.

She would smile towards the camera and lift up an aged piece of paper, with formal cursive bleeding through the sepia-toned parchment.

"Good evening to the residents of the country, and all believers worldwide. I address you with a somewhat bittersweet remark on the status of the nation. Amid a worldwide silence, our reverent and humble home has finally managed to break through stagnation and show some form of economic progress through agricultural and economic reforms, population mediation, and the maintenance of our lifestyle all while doing so. Our military is steadily obtaining the tools it needs to properly defend itself, from Westbeech of all nations when our friends in Artarum have maintained relative radio silence potentially out of hesitation. I assure all of my compatriots and countrymen that regardless of who does or does not support us, we will continue to live by our means and we will see tomorrow's dawnlight.

The church has seen considerable growth within the nation and even beyond, to a lesser extent. This is an age of miracles that we live in, and I urge all of our missionaries and travelling members to bear witness of the truth which founded this nation. The Gospel Church of Caryton is willing to take on the hearsay rhetoric of the world by it's horns and bear witness that simplicity is truth- with a prayerful patience of heart. Cary is in good health, and reflecting on the shattering reality of the transformation of our people since the regime of old- her example has definitely assured me that we abide in an age of peace, and we must become that example for the rest of the world. I plead with you to act in goodwill towards our neighbors, so that these blessings may someday return our way.

The truth of the matter is- is that geopolitics is cruel. I do not expect our church to be internationally recognized or join the ranks of other beliefs anytime soon, even despite there being little in the way of controversy. The world is cruel, but when we remember that our Lord, Christ Jesus, bore all burdens for our salvation- the deriding remarks of foreigners shall have no merit. We shall see them together in heaven, in the by and by.

As we anticipate the 4th anniversary of our founding on October 5th, and the beginning of the 5th year of our existence- we will be a steadfast and reliable presence on the world stage. I am confident that there are those who mock us and do not wish for our success. My answer to these souls? We persist, we love you all- but we shall persist. If we will be taken lightly, then we will endure the burdens we are dealth until the very end. Independence and sovereignty are blessings enough.

It is with this persistence and this faith in my brothers and sisters' ability to continue the work, that I formally announce that I am planning on my retirement by or at the start of the year of our Lord- 2022, depending on the success of my work and the need for my continued direction. If Caryton continues to grow by then, then I shall join you all once again in small talk and community gettogethers. If not, then I swear to you that I shall labor until either a solution is reached- or my very end. As of now, that is why the date is not set. I am faithful with the outcome being an expedient retiring, but not yet convinced of the safety of our positions in the short-term. It goes without saying that upon my retirement, the merit exams shall open up and the Federal Gospel Authority shall be sorted once again.

I hope that our allies in Artarum and Island Zero are content with my position and leadership until this point, because I can not promise that my successor will operate in similitude.

Regarding our western neighbors, I will not comment for posterity's sake- as regimes like that are purely Satan's influence made manifest.

Regarding the emerging nation of Satross, on behalf of the Gospel Church and the nation, I extend a welcome to your kind- and wishes of godspeed for your development. We do not understand your people, nor do we understand your anatomy- but the spirit of Christianity is a universal love and a universal sacrifice- so you may rely on us in times of need.

May you all be blessed in this life in the next, and let God keep you all.
Good night, friends."

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