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Most Nations: 66th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 140th Largest Black Market: 181st+28
Most Corrupt Governments: 298th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 472nd Largest Mining Sector: 584th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 639th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 666th Highest Wealthy Incomes: 749th Highest Average Incomes: 753rd Lowest Crime Rates: 772nd Most Avoided: 793rd Highest Unexpected Death Rate: 808th Highest Economic Output: 827th Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 926th Highest Drug Use: 1,011th Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry: 1,059th Most Influential: 1,075th Most Devout: 1,113th Largest Governments: 1,195th Largest Insurance Industry: 1,295th Most Subsidized Industry: 1,314th Largest Furniture Restoration Industry: 1,475th Most Advanced Public Transport: 1,555th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 1,581st Most Authoritarian: 1,631st Largest Information Technology Sector: 1,663rd Highest Poor Incomes: 1,726th Largest Retail Industry: 1,867th Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector: 1,938th Fattest Citizens: 1,959th
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Welcome, we do not yield to the demands of the masses, we keep our weapons as destructive as we like and enjoy a military parade every now and then. While we are diverse in our governance, all agree that: 1. Hippies will be terminated on sight; 2. No democratic nations allowed; 3. Respect your fellow dictator; 4. No Nazis


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Regional Power: High

The Alliance of Dictators contains 167 nations, the 66th most in the world.

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As a region, The Alliance of Dictators is ranked 1,959th in the world for Fattest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Exalted Supremacy of East BorlandCorporate Police State“Crush Their Spirits and You Will Control Their Minds”
2.The Psychotically Cute Empire of Kannibal KittiesCorporate Police State“Those who are loyal, will have catnip.”
3.The Pharaonic Empire of CyrodIron Fist Consumerists“Rise to Destiny”
4.The Corporate Dictatorship of JosephlandCorporate Police State“Oderint Dum Metuant”
5.The Democratic Free Republic of PretitoaCorporate Police State“Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain”
6.The Glorious Empire of StormstauCompulsory Consumerist State“From the Ashes We Rise to Glory!”
7.The Despotic Dictatorship of DespoticaniaCorrupt Dictatorship“God was a dream of good government.”
8.The Empire of Neo-liberal OppressionCorporate Police State“Making money by any means necessary”
9.The Militarized State of FlammalandCorporate Police State“Pro nobis; Potentia. Sibi hostibus adverso; Mortem.”
10.The Rogue Nation of Dragonic OverlordsFather Knows Best State“Death is but a simple swing of the sword”
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The Alliance of Dictators Regional Message Board

The United Empire of Phlegethonei wrote:went missing, now living no survivor

OOC: *Leaving

Post self-deleted by Bowah.

OOC: my first RP post. If you have any suggestions, contact me.
The starship Pathfinder approached the unexplored planet not knowing what they would find.

Something hidden within the structure?
The exploration party sent into the ancient ruins found not too long ago have found a secret unknown object. The object appears to be lance-like, white to the look with small engravings, spelling out something in an unknown language. The object also had a small discus-like object with small bumps on it. All items are being sent directly to the dictator, who is currently in Nantes. Further reports are saying that in the ancient language written on walls could be the location of another one of these objects as there are clear steps written on the wall. No one knows what is to come from this discovery, but it might lead to something never before seen by the people of Westbeech.

The Garda de Fier Republic of Free States of Agnosicstan wrote:"Tell me some of your policies." He said, bluntly. "Because, let's face it, you're in quite the bad spot. You have no supporters." He smiled quite casually.

"On the contrary I am nearly guaranteed victory in the selection... My supporters are few, but they are in high places... Very high places. Those being people powerful enough to take hold of Vespergale alone, I am just a far more simple, and bloodless means to do so. As for my policies they're quite simple. Anything I can do to achieve a new age in Vespergale, what my wielder has instructed of me..."

The Republic of Greater Imguria wrote:The transport jet began making its approach to Bowah.
Meanwhile, reports of the massacre have been confirmed; however, footage of Imgurian journalists, covering the Apremont war but captured and executed by Apremont militants have surfaced. An Imgurian Joint Task Force of 500 Army Rangers, Downvote fast boats NFB-001 to -006, Gallery corvettes Gallery and Paroda, ten ImFL-1 Raptors, ten ImAL-2 Lightnings, five ImCL-2 Boxcars, and five ImKN-1 Drums have been deployed to the Imgurian-controlled Apreguria-1 and -2 Islands (OOC: These two islands circled in garish green here:

Negative Imguria. Due to the war, Wilhelm is stationed on the largest island in Apremont, near our coast. You are to head there instead. We can assure you it is fortified, and you do not have to fear any danger.

The Presidential Residence, Ravnensby

"Goodness gracious, they are all busy killing each other, these people, are they not? It was a bloodbath before, now that China's joined in that bloodbath, the blood is going to run out very, very quickly. I honestly don't see the Vietistanis making it out of this particular pinch they are in."

Anton Sokolov scratched his goatee, looking upon the report passed to him by his chief of staff with his round spectacles resting on his nose. He was old, almost ancient, at eighty-nine years old, but he still led the Vistulangean Republic with a fervour that many younger men would have killed for. Across Sokolov sat a much younger man, Tallinn Ström, the Chancellor of the Republic. Normally, Ström would be chairing the cabinet meeting at the Chancellery, but Sokolov had called for an emergency meeting as this issue - the war - was of a level concerning the highest echelons of the Vistulangean Republic, and that meant Sokolov was involved.

"So, Chancellor Ström, what is the situation? I have not had the time to read the report in detail, though I do commend the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the extraordinarily quick preparation of this meeting. Ladies and gentlemen, do not think that I am not aware that it is eight o'clock in the morning. Chancellor?"

Ström opened a dossier labelled "classified" and cleared his throat, beginning to talk in his strong, reverberating tone that was known by much of the Vistulangean people, as he often delivered long but necessary speeches in the Stortinget and occasionally the Nordic Party Presidium, on behalf of Sokolov, whenever the President was unavailable.

"It is all somewhat murky, Mr. President. Foreign Affairs is working on the details, but it's a downright mess out there. It seems that the Viennese Republic and Vietistan have been fighting for some time, and the Viennese have rejected a peace offer from the Vietistanis. We also had, apparently, Japan demanding that the Viennese submit to them as a puppet state. We are trying to understand how Japan exactly intends to control that massive country. We're talking about one and a half billion people and almost eighteen million square kilometres of land."

Much of the cabinet was either skeptically gazing at Ström, or shaking their heads silently. Japan's population was merely around 177 million, perhaps around 700 million with their Manchurian colonies included. Vienna had double that population, nearly, and probably the economic power that came with it. It simply did not make any sense to any rational statesmen, but the cabinet had to make sense of it. Sokolov, despite his bemusement, nodded for Ström to continue.

"Aside from that war going on in Vietistan, we also have potential. We have two natural courses of action to end our isolation and open up - one is, naturally, Vienna. Seeing they are our only land neighbour and a powerful nation, it is advised to maintain good working relationships with them. We have reason to believe that we may have many things they may want, and vice versa. The second is Israel, which is off our coast. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has preliminary reports stating that the Israelis may be worked with. In fact, they may end up to be good partners. Again, it is advised to maintain as good relationships as possible with Israel, perhaps mutual co-operation on various levels - but that comes in the future, naturally."

Closing the dossier, Ström leaned back and looked at the wizened President, who was busy stroking his goatee, deep in thought. After a minute of consideration, Anton Sokolov spoke in his signature soft, clear voice, stating out Vistulangean policy.

"Very well, Mr. Chancellor. Our data is limited and we do not know what exactly we are facing on this international stage. We will declare that we are neutral in all global affairs, are welcome to trade and immigration, and try to establish as many diplomatic relations as possible. It would be somewhat useless, as I am sure that members of this cabinet will agree, to try and flex our muscles in such a world, with all these colonial empires and oddities. No, we must become a safe haven of peace, economic prosperity and diplomatic dialogue, allowing any and all nations come to us, to aid them with their issues, while we make deals with them. Win-win relationships, ladies and gentlemen, and flexibility. That is how we will prosper in this new world."

Sokolov rose, prompting the other members of cabinet to rise as the old man marched out of the office. "Make it happen, Mr. Chancellor. We need to get working immediately."

The Militaristic state of Eastern vietistan wrote:Styx,Phlegethonan front
The Indomitable class tanks rerouted their positions to the divisions left behind in the smoldering ruins. Soldiers left behind in the ruins attempted to take cover from the enemy divisions, snipers left hiding in the ruined buildings attempted to scatter the Reich's soldiers by firing into the bulk of the division's these attempts were unsuccessful at first , but provided remaining division members time to regroup and coordinate an attack against the surrounding divisions. They wouldn't be relieved anytime soon so it would either be a final stand or no stand at all. This would be their finest hour. The C45's continued bombing the city's major infrastructure this in turn led to the loss of many civilian lives who had taken shelter in the many caves and mining sites surrounding the city endless dogfights in the sky hindered efforts to destroy the major city's value, bullet shattered the once peaceful air as they tore through reich planes and dually as the reich tore through theirs of course soldiers stationed on the ground would make efforts through the use of flak cannons to disarm planes that were closing in on several C45 divisions, but these actions certainly did not prevent all friendly casualties. In fact due to the Reich's highly advanced air force many were shot down in the scramble to capture Styx. Meanwhile in the city urban warfare prevent all evacuatory measures by the Phlegethonan government leaving many disheveled and broken. The air fell silent for moments allowing for the reich divisions to perceive surrender. As they advanced towards the tanks positions many ran out of the building in unison yelling as they never hindered for one step many fell to their death as they armed themselves for close combat, rifles were armored with advanced bayonets, as they charged the enemy. Reich soldiers were shot and stabbed in short bursts as they were surrounded by delusional soldiers all willing to submit their lives to the fatherland than to die in the face of cowardice. Of course many of them died. but, they did so in honor whilst crippling a division or two the tanks would continue their attacks on Phlegethonan regiments as well as the Reich's even in light of heavy enemy fire.

The C45's were struck fiercely by ZZ-16 mobile anti-air as well as Japanese-imported Patriot missile systems whilst the Luftwaffe doubled back around with its remaining Kampfjets to the nearest friendly airfield. In response to the enemy charge, many of the Statzpunkt merely moved back behind the Dobermen tanks which incessantly unleashed a miasma of gunfire from their turret-mounted MG14z machine guns that ripped through flesh like a hot knife through butter. PzH 2000s meanwhile adjusted their trajectory and began firing artillery shells at enemy tanks that were hampering Phlegethonian regiments.

The Militaristic state of Eastern vietistan wrote:Part 2 Eastern Vietistan
civilians scrambled to get to government mandated bomb shelters to prepare for the coming storm surrounding business ssent their supplies to a remote location in the mountain and many government officials were evacuated to a specially designated bunker in the far east of the country many had already been displaced by the coastal atacks that wrecked some major ports along the western coast following the attack martial law was declared to minimize further civillian casualties military diviosn from surrounding bases had been moved in to deal with further reich attack areas across the city's of Kleistboch,Mansfeld, and Strassburg were fortified to prepare for an inevitable Reich invasion prisoners were ordered to begin a mass fortification campaign to hinder reich movement across the nation following these orders full completion, a message was relayed to the Kreigsmarine battalions. So, it seems our fatherland has been threatened once again by our own imperialistic tendencies, so be it we brought this upon ourselves. But let me remind you that we will not stop fighting until even the last inch of our nation capitulates to you, we will only submit to your will when Brigmore falls.

In response to the stubborn message by the Vietistanis, the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht could only happily oblige. A PzH 2000 was wheeled into position and loaded with a DAMF shell before being fired at Kleistboch in order to deliever a demonstration of total destruction. The Schwimmensoldaten pushed on through around what was left of the city and moved in a south-easterly direction to surround Strassburg and cut it off from the rest of the nation. The Fallschirmjager meanwhile advanced on Mansfeld with the aid of Panzerhunds to lead the initial disruption charge before the enemy was then met with explosions and gunfire afterwards.

The Empire of Bowah wrote:Negative Imguria. Due to the war, Wilhelm is stationed on the largest island in Apremont, near our coast. You are to head there instead. We can assure you it is fortified, and you do not have to fear any danger.

The ImVC-3 changed course and headed towards Bowapremont.

The Queendom of Vespergale wrote:"I have many tricks up my sleeve, placed upon the ship. Many weapons that Japan could never obtain, that is unless you start using the power of magic. But I do believe she can withstand very much firepower and still stay afloat whilst it still cruises at an excellent speed for it's size. Mhm, I have also taken into consideration the effectiveness of aircraft while studying you and other naval commanders. Soon enough a small aircraft carrier will emerge from the docks shortly, but nonetheless we are ready to fight against any amount of planes thrown at us. During the skirmish against Agnosicstan a few months ago I've already tested one of the naval doctrines I created. To remain hidden among the waves. Agnosicstan launched hundreds of fighters to search for our ships and engage them, while sending out a barrage of missiles at any bleep upon their radars. The Agnosicstanian naval commander would be bested when he discovered as our land based anti-air missiles destroyed his jets not a single missile would hit, or even come near to my fleet. I kept my fleet in an unorganized formation, facing varying directions and followed slowly along mercantile lanes in the area. With the radar they couldn't tell if we were civilian fishing vessels, cargo ships, organic life such as whales, or warships. Without visual contact it would be nearly impossible unless we were in tight formation. And I gave the order not to engage any aircraft unless they were nearly in range of sight, which luckily no Agnosicstanian planes came near. If they had the sky would've been filled with missiles."
"I never have any time to talk about my exploits to others... Mhm..."
"I've also ordered work on a new techology... A missile you fire off in one direction before it enters a second stage, turning and heading towards an enemy off from a totally different direction, far away from where it was initially fired from. Once it's fully developed I hope I can use to to fire missiles without endangering the ship by giving away it's location."
She would begin speaking quite nervously, "Oh uhm... Nagano I have much I want to talk to you about... And I was thinking about possibly showing you around Brest... I don't want to take you away from your duties, but if possible could you stay in Vespergale a while?"

"I could stay in Vespergale for a few days as long as I have my war fleet in Brest, where I can quickly board the "Yamato". As I must be prepared to ship out on a moments notice as of current, due to the expected Germanian assault at any moment. Until diplomatic relations smooth, I am to be ready 24/7. I guess this would be a beautiful opportunity to discuss plans for such an assault, in between you showing me around this lovely town of course. I do not wish to bore you to death."

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