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Hi welcome to Chile's...

Region closed(ish) for the summer. Seriously, donít you all have anything else to do?
Telegram Captain Lard or Pinochet Executionists if you want something, like the password and stuff.
Please spread and upvote the factbook pinned in the WFE.

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Zemstatand wrote:I have significant poverty!? Lies!



Announcements: IM starting a monarchist revolt i don't care what ppl say time for a coup d'etat to restore activity -Spaceanian lard

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    Lardyland news 10th edition

    BulletinNews by Spaceanian lard . 51 reads.

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    Lardyland is closed (kind of)

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    Articles of Spammy Powder

    FactbookLegislation by Pinochet Executionists . 255 reads.

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    History of Spam/Lardyland

    FactbookHistory by Captain Lard . 167 reads.

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    My Ideas for World Assembly Statistics

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    One-stop guide to Lardyland

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    List of Lardyland new's

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    How to make embassies really really fast zoom zoom

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    Things that you can do on NS if youíre bored

    FactbookOverview by Captain spam . 3,271 reads.

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    NS Links

    MetaReference by Spam Spam Spam . 132 reads.

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The embassy with Existence is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

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Lardyland contains 52 nations, the 271st most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Scientifically Advanced in Lardyland

World Census researchers quantified national scientific advancement by quizzing random citizens about quantum chromodynamics, space-time curvature and stem cell rejuvenation therapies. Responses based on Star Trek were discarded.

As a region, Lardyland is ranked 10,728th in the world for Most Scientifically Advanced.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Social Democracy of Nova HarumDemocratic Socialists“Rights make might”
2.The Incorporated States of 228Capitalizt“224 forever”
3.The Memes before 2013 of Captain LardCorporate Police State“Racism is Whack”
4.The People's Republic of Greater West MichiganNew York Times Democracy“At least we have water”
5.The    of Ray AlionsCorrupt Dictatorship“  ”
6.The United Socialist Imperium of The GrandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“👌 Ottenuto Il Vostro Collo”
7.The Spammy Junta Dictatorship of Pinochet ExecutionistsCapitalist Paradise“My library is filled with UN condemnations.”
8.The Person whom is QUITTING of New GrandMoralistic Democracy“Ja, Oui, Si, Da, and Yes”
9.The Assembly of WAnivivInoffensive Centrist Democracy“ORANGE!!!”
10.The Republic of West KravicIron Fist Consumerists“begone thot”

Last poll: “Do I have a life?”

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Lardyland Regional Message Board

Adryvia wrote:I don't think so. But there isn't much he can do to me. Actually there is something but it won't do much.

read his latest post on AN it says that lily and her allies will run the region and we're allied withthem so we're good!

ok adryvia, spaceania & GWM go ahead and move to AN and endorse

also space i'll supprt your coup if it's real

Lilys 124th puppet wrote:ok adryvia, spaceania & GWM go ahead and move to AN and endorse

also space i'll supprt your coup if it's real

lol might as well be at this point though i wont do anything crazy or banjections

now all who support this revolt yell VIVA LA REVELUTION

Spaceanian lard wrote:VIVA LA REVELUTION
now all who support this revolt yell VIVA LA REVELUTION


Spaceanian lard wrote:VIVA LA REVELUTION
now all who support this revolt yell VIVA LA REVELUTION

Say VIVA LA GOUVERNEMENT if you don't support it

Post by Starco thermystii suppressed by a moderator.

Starco thermystii wrote:Okay adylica u realize this is lardlardlardlardlardlard right and u realize I no longer have instant powder itíll take time and I need To know why tf Lardyland broke ties with u again because if u did something bad this is the last strawYesYo WHAT THE SHIIZZZ since when were we allies with lily scum do u realize how many raids they interrupted and how many times they raided the holy land Okay yeah thatís BULLL
tf did u get that from I havenít revealed the reason and they canít track u if u do that get your head outta your arse fish tuna

hey at least i'm not dedx18

Starco thermystii wrote:Okay adylica u realize this is lardlardlardlardlardlard right and u realize I no longer have instant powder itíll take time and I need To know why tf Lardyland broke ties with u again because if u did something bad this is the last strawYesYo WHAT THE SHIIZZZ since when were we allies with lily scum do u realize how many raids they interrupted and how many times they raided the holy land Okay yeah thatís BULLL
tf did u get that from I havenít revealed the reason and they canít track u if u do that get your head outta your arse fish tuna

also we both moved past our differences to accomplish a goal they'll give us military protection which is a great plus since they're so big

Spaceanian lard wrote:Say VIVA LA GOUVERNEMENT if you don't support it

Noone is against it so im going through

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