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Antifa Voluntary Member Regions

The following regions have made a commitment to standing up against Hate and Intolerance (Alphabetical Order):

- Argentina (Representative: Consejo de Indias)

- Federation of Anarchist Communes/The Federation of Anarchist Communes (Representative: Autonomous Titoists)

- Freedom and Justice Alliance (Representative: BlackGreenWhite)

- In The Flesh (Representative: Warm Gun)

- Libcom (Representative: Tachanka)

- North Korea (Representative: Zulanka)

- The Communist Bloc (Representative: Trabardia)

- The Glorious Peoples Red Army (Representative: The libertarian state of freedom)

- The Leftist Assembly (Representative: British Accia)

- The MT Army (Representative: Vippertooth33)

- The Internationale (Representative: Proletaire)

- The Red Fleet (Representative: Timchi)

- Union of Socialist Soviet Republics (Representative: Irish peoples republic)

Note: Representatives are encouraged to post successful Anti-Fascist operations and refounds, achieved by the region they represent, within the Antifa Regional Message Board.

Embassies between Antifa and the successfully taken or refounded fascist region is also encouraged.

Please do not post operations or refounds that are not related to the Anti-Fascist fight.